jh3833hi all, just replaced ubuntu with xubuntu and wondering how I go about mounting my windows partition like I can in gnome?00:44
Unit193System > Gigolo00:47
jh3833perfect, cheers00:47
xubuntu016hola se habla español?04:43
xubuntu016necesito ayuda04:43
xubuntu016alguien habla español?04:44
meatmachineAloo guyz and girlz. Just enjoying a little chat while installing Xubuntu :)05:27
Piggiewhere can I get a minimal version of Xubuntu?06:38
Sysiwhat do you mean?06:39
Piggiewithout all the stuff pre-installed06:39
Piggiejust Xorg, xubuntu, the ubuntu base, etc06:39
Sysisame as ubuntu minimal06:40
Unit193https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD <--- might this be it?06:40
Piggieyes that06:40
Piggiebut with Xfce preconfigured and setup06:40
Sysithere are no other disks with xfce than xubuntu06:40
Sysiyou can install from minimal-cd and select xfce-desktop06:41
Sysior do minimal install and later install xfce4 and xfce4-goodies06:41
Piggiewill simply selecting all the same components on the minimal CD cause me to have the same exact thing as Xubuntu?06:41
Piggieor does Xubuntu have any further tweaks..06:41
PiggieWhat I mean is..06:42
Sysithere are packages for xubuntu-artwork and xubuntu-default settings06:42
Piggieis Xubuntu different in any way, or is it really just a selection of some packages06:42
Sysieverything in xubuntu is in the repositories06:42
Sysii just installed from xubuntu cd and removed programs i don't need06:43
Piggiedon’t you find the system to be a bit non-perfect after removal of many packages?06:44
Sysiif you don't have netbook with 4GB HDD it isn't really problem06:44
Sysiwhy would i?06:44
Piggiethey can leave some remnants, modify  some stuff06:44
Sysithey shouldn't06:44
Sysithat's why we have package manager06:44
PiggieI’ve tested in the past on Ubuntu06:45
Sysii think it's easier than gathering all the little programs you happen to need06:45
Piggieremove all the packages so its the same as minimal06:45
Piggiethen compare the filesystem to minimal06:45
Piggietheres a lot of “stuff”06:45
Piggiejust little bits of things.06:45
Sysiif you had something other than basic ubuntu there has been left dependencies behind06:46
Sysior if you didn't really remove all06:46
Sysiuse aptitude, it removes everything06:46
Sysiand/or do apt-get autoremove and apt-get clean06:47
Piggieautoremove removes stuff that nothing depends on?06:47
Sysiand the "goop" is needed for something06:47
Sysianyway, i'm a bit of perfectionist and i can live with 5GB used root partition06:48
Sysithe "overall stuff"06:48
Piggie5GB seems kinda big06:49
Sysiit's nothing06:49
Piggiewell, thats 5x larger than my XP box’s install06:49
Sysiwin7 takes about 10GB bu just windows06:50
Sysiadd programs to that06:50
Sysicompare to modern OS, not over ten years old06:51
Piggiemy Win7 is 2GB06:51
Sysii have 32G ssd and i still don't worry a bit06:51
PiggieI use rt7lite06:51
PiggieI was assuming Xubuntu would be a “lite” version06:51
Piggieso if its a few times larger than my Windows 7 box which has a ton of stuff on it...06:52
Piggiethats bad06:52
Sysibigger than your kinsa highly customized win706:52
PiggieYou customized it to remove stuff on your copy though, right?06:52
Sysiwhy would i06:53
Piggie<Sysi> i just installed from xubuntu cd and removed programs i don't need06:53
Sysithat isn't same as customizing os itself06:53
Sysiif you really want minimal, do the minimal installation then06:54
Sysii removed software i don't use, i don't want them in my menus06:54
PiggieXubuntu 10.10 seems pretty buggy08:49
PiggieI just installed it. I run -- Applications -> Games -> Quadrapassel08:49
PiggieNothing happens.08:49
Piggieprogram does not start.08:49
Sysihave you installed updates08:50
Unit193Quadrapassel doesn't normally seem to work (for me)08:50
Piggieinstalling updates now... will report after08:52
Unit193Piggie: run quadrapassel via terminal, see what the error is08:52
Piggiebrook@ubuntu:~$ quadrapassel09:09
Piggiefailed to create drawable09:09
PiggieFailed to initialise clutter: Unable to select the newly created GLX context09:09
Piggieyeah.. it’s running in VMWare09:09
Piggiewith VMWare tools installed09:09
Piggiein windows 7 at least, with vmware, gl/d3d, aero, etc all work accelerated09:09
PiggieI was assuming that acceleration would work in vmware.09:13
Piggieafter the updates finished installing, there’s a “restart” button09:14
PiggieI press it. Nothing happens09:14
elHannosHi. I deleted gnome from my ubuntu and tried out xfce4.8. I'm experiencing a few issues: In the setting dialog for the autostart jobs, the buttons for "Edit" and "Delete" are greyed out - only one job (made by me) can be modified. Is this normal?12:08
jrxI'm a newbie on Xubuntu... I don't find any Suspend or Hibernate button in the "log out" window... is there a way to have them ?14:17
jrxI have xubuntu 10.1014:18
jrxI don't have checkboxes for that in Applications > Settings > Settings Manager > Sessions and Startup14:20
surreal7z/usr/share/applications    ....how to make these Launchers?17:13
surreal7zor any type of them... i just want to make jDownloader apper in menu17:15
surreal7zdone it... created Launcher on desktop... moved it to /usr/share/applications.. and edited it with mousepad17:21
kukashello. what could be the best way of sharing a folder on my network. i'm using 10.10. thank you18:02
kukasthrough gigolo?18:03
kukasi'm kinda new in xubuntu...18:03
kukashello. what could be the best way of sharing a folder on my network??18:10
drcwhat sort of network?18:10
kukasi don't have the "sharing options" item on the right-click menu18:10
kukasneither "shared folders" under "System"18:11
kukashome network, drc18:11
Sysishare to windows machines or linux?18:12
kukasa mac, actually18:12
kukasshould i install this "Samba" app?18:14
Sysii don't know what kind of share it supports but sshfs should be available18:14
kukaswell,i can reach windows folders, on my mac18:15
Sysiinstall openssh-server to xubuntu and http://superjared.com/entry/mount-ssh-connection-os-x/18:15
kukasthere's this windows pc, on this network18:15
Sysithen samba should wor too18:15
ubottuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.18:15
kukasthank you guys!18:17
opieI made a boot-able usb thumb drive of 10.10 from a virtual machine through windows7. If i choose "install Xubuntu" when i boot from the usb drive, will this install xubuntu on the usb drive only or will it override my windows 7 on the hdd?20:51
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opieI made a boot-able usb thumb drive of 10.10 from a virtual machine through windows7. If i choose "install Xubuntu" when i boot from the usb drive, will this install xubuntu on the usb drive only or will it override my windows 7 on the hdd?21:08
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