jamaltaHey, what was the link to the wiki page for building unity from source? I can't seem to find it anymore.01:02
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jamaltaNvm, found it :)05:49
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didrocksgood morning06:52
jamaltadidrocks: hey there06:57
didrockshey jamalta06:57
jamaltahow's it going?06:58
didrockswell, dell decided to break my nvidia card, so working on a netbook… not the best to do a unity release. 1Gb of ram only… 10' screen :/07:01
didrocksand you?07:01
jamaltadidrocks: ouch :( sorry to hear that07:01
jamaltanot too bad, digging around the unity code07:01
jamaltatrying to figure out how / where ctk is coming from and how the unity-private dir fits in07:02
jamaltajust confused because i had assumed the new version of unity dropped clutter07:04
didrocksyeah, it dropped it07:05
didrocksmaybe we have still some leftover in trunk07:05
didrocksbut the code isn't used07:05
jamaltadidrocks: ah, then maybe i'm looking in the wrong place07:06
jamaltatrying to work out a bug with the search bar in the home place07:06
didrocksoh? which bug07:06
ubot5Ubuntu bug 725678 in unity (Ubuntu) "pressing ctrl+a in text entry inserts unknown character" [Undecided,Confirmed]07:07
didrocksthis should be looked in nux07:07
jamaltaYeah I was looking at the wrong place then. I was abit confused because in unity-private there's a vala class for the search bar which uses Ctk.Text07:08
jamaltalet me dig there, thanks!07:08
didrocksyw :)07:09
jamaltahaha, i feel silly07:12
jamaltai completely missed PlacesSearchBar.cpp07:12
elricLHello.I just installed natty in my system.When I looked at screens of unity launcher,it had quicklists for many items.Mine doesnt have any,is it my fault or the  screens are just misleading?07:24
jamaltaelricL: I can't tell you for sure but the screenshot might've been for the older Unity which ran on Ubunty Netbook Remix.07:26
elricLSo is quicklist implemented now or not?07:26
jamaltaelricL: I don't exactly know what you mean by quicklists, could you link to the screenshot?07:27
elricLsure,gimme a sec07:27
jamaltaelricL: Ah, yeah you should see that menu if you right click on an item.07:30
elricLcan u just check if there is a quick list for trash also?07:30
jamaltaelricL: There is, but the only option is to empty the trash.07:31
elricLNo menu when i right click trash.Any ideas?07:31
jamaltaOh wait I'm running from trunk... it may be that the trash menu hasn't been pushed to the repositories yet. If that is the case then it will be soon :)07:32
elricLOk.that must be the case,gwibber has quicklists.I asked coz i wanted to write the quicklists for trash.07:34
jamaltaelricL: Ah, I understand.07:37
jamaltaAre you trying to look for a small bug to start playing around with Unity?07:37
elricLYup :)07:42
jamaltaelricL: Have you seen this? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Unity/Bitesize07:44
elricLActually yes.07:44
elricLI started out in a VM a week ago,then I had a big test.Now I am determined to fix atleast one bug by this weekend07:45
elricLI primarily develop in python,so its a little slower for me to get around the code.07:45
jamaltaelricL: I understand, it's the same for me. I'm only slightly familiar with C++.07:46
elricLjamalta: Does Alt+F2 work for you?07:52
jamaltaelricL: No07:52
jamaltaI think there's a bug somewhere about making alt+f2 open the search bar from the home place.07:53
jamalta(the one you see when you click the ubuntu logo)07:53
elricLCan i ask how you launch your applications07:53
elricLwithout a mouse07:53
jamaltaelricL: I can't yet :)07:53
jamaltaI think if you press your super key twice you should get the search bar07:54
jamaltaAt least that works for me, although a tad bit buggy07:54
jamaltaWith the search bar selected07:54
elricLIts extremely annoying. Yeah,but the enter button doenst seem to work there07:54
jamaltaelricL: nope, at least not yet07:54
jamaltaFile a bug! (If one doesn't exist)07:54
jamaltaI was thinking about looking into that issue, because I'd like to be able to do the same.07:54
elricLI am gonna file a bug07:56
elricLOne more thing.07:56
elricLHow exactly do u see the panel at the left(not sure what its called) without using a mouse.Currently i use super key + f1 to show that panel07:57
jamaltaelricL: Hold down Super+f1 and you should see numbers appear on the icons.07:58
jamaltaYou can press the number to open / switch to that application.07:58
elricLwithout using keyboard07:58
jamaltawithout using a keyboard?07:59
jamaltaI don't think I understand what you're asking.07:59
elricLAh,nevermind.Just kinda irritating to move the mouse all the way to the left top corner to see the launcher08:00
jamaltaIf you press your keybinding you should see the panel08:00
jamaltaWithout having to use your mouse08:00
elricLThanx for the help jamalta .Going afk now.08:02
oSoMoNgood morning08:05
jamaltaelricL: Np!08:05
mungojerryhello, if an application doesn't launch from the unity launcher, is that a unity bug, or an application bug?09:53
evilvishmungojerry: mostly unity10:18
evilvishmungojerry: there are already a couple of bugs(or maybe one master bug?) regarding that issue, check if your app is already reported10:19
jfiHello, is it planned to display the count of unread items of Liferea in its Unity Launcher entry? I quickly hacked it so I wonder if there is some interest that I package it correctly or wait an official support.10:24
evilvishjfi: i'm pretty sure someone would like it.. tedg is a liferea fan, i think he uploaded the indicator-patch10:29
evilvishso try poking him when he is around10:29
jfievilvish,  I don't doubt that it is a useful feature to have for liferea users on unity:) That's why I would like to know if there is somebody already coding it to avoid spending useless time on my version:)10:32
jfievilvish, I will poke tedg, thanks!10:32
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elriclis there a way to reorder the items in the launcher11:51
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njpatelelricl, pull the launcher you want to reorder out to the right12:23
coz_ciao dudes12:38
Cimiaruiz: ping12:50
aruizCimi, pong12:51
aruizCimi, jjardon should join12:51
Cimiciao javier12:51
* Cimi is getting quick lunch, bb really soon12:52
Cimidbarth: let's discuss here12:53
dbarthCimi: taking a quick lunch break here12:59
dbartharuiz: ah awesome, paul told me about it 30min ago12:59
dbarthCimi: go ahead, ask your questions! ;)12:59
elriclLets say I change some quicklist in the desktop file of gwibber.What should I do to look at the change? Restart?13:12
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elricLHello.What should I do to see the change reflect on a .desktop file?13:22
xyuогромный член негра13:28
czajkowskianyone seen ivanka or ianfarrell ?13:29
evilvishczajkowski: iainfarrell is here..13:37
czajkowskiiainfarrell: ahh there13:38
czajkowskimissing an i13:38
czajkowskiiainfarrell: ping13:38
Cimijjardon: ciao javier, ping me back when you're free and refreshed :)13:45
jjardonCimi: ping ;)13:47
jjardonCimi: maybe you already know, but ayatana-scrollbar depends on GTK+2.24, not 2.2213:48
Cimijjardon: yeah13:49
CimiI did not take care of the configure.ac file13:49
Cimiwe might need to udpate the deps if needed13:49
Cimijjardon: I need a help to improve performances13:51
jjardonI'm compiling rigth now13:51
Cimijjardon: so if you have an agreement with dbarth about working with us, it's better to shift to a call (skype?)13:52
Cimiso I can guide you with all the exploration I've done13:52
Cimiand tell you how the code works13:52
kenvandineCimi, btw, please add me to the ayatana-scrollbar-team ?13:55
kenvandineCimi, i am going to take over the packaging from didrocks13:55
Cimikenvandine: you're in13:55
kenvandinethx, let me know when you need it updated :)13:55
Cimikenvandine: this evening maybe :)13:56
Cimithurday -> release day (@dbarth)13:56
kenvandinegreat, right when ted plans to flood me with updates :)13:56
kenvandineCimi, indeed... i am used to it13:56
kenvandineronoc, got i-s planned?13:56
Cimichaotic: important mail!14:00
Kaleokamstrup: https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/580295 what changed in the applications place daemon?14:02
ubot5Ubuntu bug 580295 in unity-2d "Unity: Alt-F2 not working" [High,Triaged]14:02
KaleoJohnLea: njpatel: what's the plan regarding bug #580295 ?14:06
ubot5Launchpad bug 580295 in unity-2d "Unity: Alt-F2 not working" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/58029514:06
kamstrupKaleo: u-p-a 0.2.38 has a "Commands" place entry14:08
kamstrupKaleo: which defines an Alt-F2 shortcut in the .place file - and otherwise is hidden - by setting ShowEntry=false and ShowGlobal=false14:09
didrockskamstrup: btw, the icons aren't shown (which is good as they are not updated from the asset)14:11
didrockson the GroupModel entries14:11
didrocksthey are only there for the "global" mode?14:11
kamstrupdidrocks: oh, they are shown here on my box...14:12
didrockskamstrup: oh really? I'll dig a little on that14:14
didrocksJohnLea: btw, can we have some assets from the incoming (today)  alt + F2 place?14:14
didrocksJohnLea: there are basically two entries: one for results (== completion) and the other for history14:14
didrocksafter today's update, you will be able to see them better :)14:15
JohnLeadidrocks; one sec, I have a queue of irc conversations, let me finish the first two first ;-)14:15
didrocksJohnLea: of course :-)14:15
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JohnLeadidrocks; one of which is with you ;-)  I am looking at https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/723273 atm14:16
ubot5Ubuntu bug 723273 in unity (Ubuntu) "Super shortcuts for application place and worskspace swither conflicts with compiz keys" [Medium,Incomplete]14:16
didrocksthanks :)14:16
Kaleokamstrup: do you have a few minutes for a mumble?14:19
kamstrupKaleo: let me just roll todays releases then i'm clear14:20
Kaleokamstrup: ok, ping me when you can14:20
JohnLeadidrocks; I posted a comment to https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/723273, on to https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/compiz/+bug/507964 now14:23
ubot5Ubuntu bug 723273 in unity (Ubuntu) "Super shortcuts for application place and worskspace swither conflicts with compiz keys" [Medium,Incomplete]14:23
ubot5Ubuntu bug 507964 in One Hundred Paper Cuts "Application Switcher keybinds conflicts with gnome default" [Low,Triaged]14:23
didrocksJohnLea: nice! looking :)14:23
didrocksJohnLea: so, second part are assets14:23
didrocksJohnLea: can you add to your (busy) schedule making 2 icons for the alt + F2 place?14:24
JohnLeadidrocks, remind me what the alt +F2 place is?14:24
didrocksJohnLea: so, you know about alt + F2 and gnome-panel?14:25
didrocksit's basically "execute a command"14:25
JohnLeadidrocks; no14:25
JohnLeadidrocks; I mean no, I don't know about it14:25
didrocksJohnLea: ok, I'll ping you tomorrow with an updated unity, will be easier for you to figure about it seeing it lives, ok?14:25
JohnLeadidrocks; cool - I updated Unity today, but it doesn't seem to be in yet14:26
didrocksJohnLea: no, will come in a couple of hours :)14:26
didrocksJohnLea: hum, on bug #72327314:26
ubot5Launchpad bug 723273 in unity (Ubuntu) "Super shortcuts for application place and worskspace swither conflicts with compiz keys" [Medium,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72327314:26
didrocksJohnLea: you mean "stability is important", but the sabdfl's proposal change the defaults :)14:27
JohnLeadidrocks; ;-)14:27
didrocksfor super A and super W14:27
JohnLeadidrocks; what is the issue with 507964?  The gnome panels don't exist in Unity, so how to they clash?14:27
didrocksJohnLea: I think that mpt's remark was to have a similar "navigation" between panel and launcher than the 2 gnome-panel "panels"14:28
JohnLeadidrocks; isn't the similarity desirable?  A user who is used to the gnome shortcuts will be able to navigate between the Unity equivalent of of gnome panels (top bar, launcher, etc...)14:31
didrocksJohnLea: I don't think so personally TBH :)14:31
didrocksbut prefer your opinion as well :)14:31
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mterrytedg, heyo.  got a dbusmenu issue I wanted to talk through with you.  It's a race condition between empathy and appmenu.  Basically, empathy loves to recreate its Contact menu (whenever anything in the window changes, even on focus-in!).  This causes a race between clicking on an item in the menu and the focus-in recreating the menu, destroying the menuitem you clicked on.  So the click has no effect when it arrives.  I think par14:41
mterryt of the problem here is that apps don't know when a menu is open and so can't prevent such races themselves (empathy does check if the gtkmenu is visible).  Could we add a property to dbusmenu items to indicate whether their submenus are open or not?  (kinda-like about-to-show, but this also would change when the menu is closed)14:41
ronockenvandine, yes I do, will need to get the playlist  icons working before hand though. Probably won't release for a few hours yet.14:41
JohnLeadidrocks; so shall I reply saying I don't think there is a issue here?14:44
didrocksJohnLea: yes please :)14:44
didrocksthat would be nice!14:44
ronockenvandine, so really I'm waiting on a icontheme support within dbusmenu14:44
ronoctedg, hey, have you some time this morning to look at the icon issue ? It would be good to get this out the door today.14:45
JohnLeadidrocks; done14:46
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ronoctedg, I have filled all the details you asked last night on the bug - > https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity-foundations/+bug/72732514:55
ubot5Ubuntu bug 727325 in The Sound Menu "Broken images on playlist items" [High,In progress]14:55
kenvandineronoc, thx14:58
tedgronoc, Cool, looking15:03
ronocseb128, amarok seems to be broken in the repos -> http://paste.ubuntu.com/578380/15:06
jcastrocan someone review?15:14
njpateljcastro, I've claimed it, it needs CA15:15
* jcastro nods15:15
njpatelgord is sending out the request15:15
njpatelI think all the rest bar one have been merged :)15:15
jcastrothere's some needs fixing but there's nothing you guys can do about that15:16
njpateljcastro, *major* multihead support update today, btw. Everything apart from a rendering issue has been fixed, but Unity should behave like a million times better15:16
tedgronoc, That looks right, let me figure out what's up after doing these merges.15:16
njpateljcastro, right, I have a question for the contributor15:16
tedgronoc, Which branch is that?  The same one as before?15:17
ronoctedg, great, thanks15:17
ronoctedg, yes15:17
ronoctedg, its attached to the bug15:17
JohnLeadidrocks; how do I test https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/676455?15:20
ubot5Ubuntu bug 676455 in unity design "Launcher - Add number notifier to Launcher icons" [Critical,Fix released]15:20
didrocksJohnLea: do you use evolution?15:22
didrocksor gwibber/empathy15:22
* bcurtiswx waves to room15:23
artfwoDBO, njpatel any of you around?15:25
DBOartfwo, whats up15:25
artfwoDBO, could you take a look at the diff https://code.launchpad.net/~artfwo/unity/fix-for-728598/+merge/5252315:25
didrockshey DBO15:26
DBOhey didrocks15:26
artfwoDBO, it extends the HitArea of trash by 4 pixels down (enough to capture the most bottom pixel of the screen). I need an advice on where to continue from now on15:28
njpatelartfwo, hey15:28
njpatelDBO, !15:29
artfwohi njpatel, I was just bringing up the merge you marked as needs fixing - I need a direction to continue working on it :)15:30
DBOartfwo, I am thinking on this15:30
njpatelartfwo, right, DBO is your man, but I'll just steal him for a bit right now :)15:31
artfwonot a problem, I'll wait15:31
DBOartfwo, Launcher::MouseOverBottomScrollExtrema () and Launcher::MouseOverBottomScrollArea () would need to be adjusted to return false when at the bottom left corner15:32
artfwoDBO, will try that now, thanks!15:32
yeahyeahyeahhow come the appmenu doesn't work with eclipse?15:34
magciusyeahyeahyeah, because SWT15:36
yeahyeahyeahno that can't be the case15:36
yeahyeahyeaheclipse is supposed to backend to gtk15:36
magciusThat's what it looks lile.15:38
magciuser, like15:38
yeahyeahyeahJono said it would backend to gtk :S15:38
magciusuh, so libbamf is failing for me:15:40
magciusWARNING **: Failed to fetch view type at /org/ayatana/bamf/window134217733: Method "ViewType" with signature "" on interface "org.ayatana.bamf.view" doesn't exist15:40
DaekdroomHave you guys blacklisted audacity on appmenu already?15:40
yeahyeahyeahDaekdroom, audacity works with the appmenu15:41
yeahyeahyeahso why would it need fixing?15:41
Daekdroomyeahyeahyeah, it wastes CPU cycles15:42
DaekdroomThere's a bug report on it15:42
ubot5Ubuntu bug 731451 in audacity (Ubuntu) "audacity not working in Ubuntu 11.04 Alpha3" [High,Confirmed]15:42
yeahyeahyeahoh, thx15:42
yeahyeahyeahhow much % of ALL apps out there do you expect to work with the appmenu?15:43
DaekdroomHonestly, I have no idea.15:43
yeahyeahyeahtake an educated guess15:43
mterrytedg, did you see my dbusmenu/empathy question way up above, about an hour ago?15:44
yeahyeahyeahonly 80?15:44
tedgmterry, No, sorry.  Missed it.15:44
DaekdroomWell.. All GTK+ and QT apps should work with appmenu... the rest..15:44
mterryDaekdroom, and firefox, thunderbird, libreoffice.  hopefully eclipse too15:45
tedgmterry, Yeah, I think that'd be good to add.  chrisccoulson would also like it for FF support.15:45
tedgmterry, Apparently they have an event in their DOM for menu closed.15:45
tedgmterry, Though, I'm unsure how you're going to do that in the case of Empathy?  Just old refs to the menu items?15:46
tedgmterry, Hold...15:46
chrisccoulsonbeing notified when menus are closed?15:46
chrisccoulsoni currently synthesize my own notifications in firefox ;)15:46
chrisccoulsonbut it would be good to have those properly15:47
mterrytedg, no, empathy avoids swapping out the menu if it's open right now.  But currently, dbusmenu doesn't set the 'visible' state on its GtkMenus because it doesn't have enough info15:47
mterrychrisccoulson, yeah, there's a race condition in empathy that could be fixed if we knew when menus were actually open15:47
yeahyeahyeahmterry, hopefully eclipse too - yeah, i just tried and it's not supported (yet)15:48
chrisccoulsonmterry - we can know when they're open, we just don't know when they are closed again :(15:48
mterryyeahyeahyeah, that's on my plate, but I'm blocked by another bug that prevents empathy from launching at all.  :-/15:48
mterrychrisccoulson, right  :)15:48
chrisccoulsonbut i worked around that in firefox for now, and my workaround works pretty well15:48
mterrychrisccoulson, how?15:48
chrisccoulsonmterry - you can guess menu closing on several different events:15:49
chrisccoulson1) a menuitem is activated15:49
chrisccoulson2) the window gets focus15:49
chrisccoulson3) another menu is opened15:49
yeahyeahyeahwhen will the API for chrome be ready btw? so it has the same like on osx?15:49
chrisccoulsonthe only case where it doesnt work is where a user opens a menu, and then navigates directly to another applications window15:49
mterrychrisccoulson, that sounds good, but hacky, yeah.  :)  Would be nice to have formal support15:50
jcastrothere's an open bug in chromium for the menu, they just haven't gotten to it yet.15:50
yeahyeahyeahjcastro, but they will?15:50
jcastroDBO: speaking of chrome, did you see the bug about the WM_CLASS thing being fixed? You should be able to match in bamf now.15:51
yeahyeahyeahso we don't have to worry about that?15:51
jcastroyeahyeahyeah: I don't see why they wouldn't, they have some concerns on a dbusmenu dep but I'm sure we can work on that15:51
yeahyeahyeahjcastro, when would it be available? stable that is15:51
chrisccoulsonthey, will probably = me, after talking to evmar15:52
chrisccoulsonbut, 1 browser is enough atm ;)15:52
jcastrochrisccoulson: ah ok then, that settles that. :)15:52
yeahyeahyeahso Google is willing to have a separate Ubuntu version of Chrome?15:52
jcastrono, it's additive15:52
jcastro"If I'm on ubuntu do the menu this way, otherwise don't"15:53
chrisccoulsonwhich is how it will be in firefox too15:53
yeahyeahyeahbut it will be included into Chrome right?15:53
yeahyeahyeahand not only Chromium15:53
yeahyeahyeahNICE ^^15:53
yeahyeahyeahomg i can't wait lol15:54
chrisccoulsonthis is work for next cycle though unless someone else picks it up. i've already got lots to do ;)15:54
yeahyeahyeahdang :(15:54
yeahyeahyeahI'll switch to 11.04 though, its Unity will be almost perfect so I can live with that ^^15:56
yeahyeahyeahdo you foresee Unity to be perfect by 11.10 or 12.04 LTS?16:00
jcastronothing is perfect. :)16:00
yeahyeahyeahlet's call it 99.9% then16:01
jcastroyeahyeahyeah: I appreciate your enthusiam but we're all kind of slammed right now working on this so we don't really have too much time to chat.16:01
yeahyeahyeahoh ok16:01
jcastroso I recommend you just hang out and pick up things from people as we land it16:01
yeahyeahyeahcan I help with something?16:01
jcastrosure, check out the topic16:01
yeahyeahyeahthose 2 googl links, gotcha16:02
jcastroCimi: I hear you need help testing which apps work/don't work with the overlay scrollbars16:07
jcastroCimi: and that QA is putting something together for you?16:08
didrocksKaleo: ShowGlobal is not that important for AltF2 btw (saw your comment on the bug report)16:08
mterrynjpatel, heyo!  Got a unity panel question for ya16:09
njpatelmterry, hey16:10
Kaleodidrocks: it's important to not show the place's results in the global search16:11
didrocksKaleo: right, but I don't use the globalModel16:12
didrocksonly the entry one16:12
mterrynjpatel, ok, so I'm adding support to indicator-datetime for it's gsetting "show-clock" which basically hides or shows the clock from the panel16:12
njpatelmterry, where "clock" is text?16:13
mterrynjpatel, and when I hide it (by emitting ENTRY_REMOVED), there's a unclickable gap of about  20 pixels between the messaging menu and the me menu.  Is that the indicator's fault or is the panel having a hard time with an indicator with no entry?16:14
mterrynjpatel, yeah16:14
njpatelmterry, why entry removed? just gtk_widget_hide (label) should do the same for you?16:14
Kaleodidrocks: by that you mean that Entry:Runner does not expose a globalModel?16:14
njpatelmterry, seems like a panel bug in any case16:15
mterryI just figured I'd be all fancy.  I can try hiding it16:15
didrocksKaleo: no, it doesn't16:15
njpateli'd try hiding it, it should work :)16:15
didrocksKaleo: and so no globalGroup either16:15
njpatelif it doesn't I think I know what the issue might be16:15
Kaleodidrocks: ok, will see what happens it Unity 2D when the new applications place lands16:15
Cimijcastro: you should ask dbarth I don't know what I could have from QA right now16:15
didrocksKaleo: "what happens", like "a crash" ? ;)16:16
mterrynjpatel, hiding does the same thing, but is simpler, so I'll stick with that code.  and file a bug in unity I guess16:18
njpatelmterry, yeah, assign to me and milestone to 3.6.6 if you can please16:18
mterrynjpatel, k16:18
DaekdroomIs today 3.6.4 day?16:20
njpatelDaekdroom, yep16:29
Kaleodidrocks: not a crash :) but rather a UI issue16:30
Kaleodidrocks: :)16:30
njpatel"Not a crash, issue with user"16:30
didrocksKaleo: heh :)16:30
yeahyeahyeahI discovered a bug guys16:51
yeahyeahyeahthe appmenu always crashes when a new message gets sent to the menubar in pidgin16:51
Daekdroommessage gets sent to the menubar?16:56
yeahyeahyeahthat small icon17:01
yeahyeahyeahnext to Help17:01
yeahyeahyeahindicating a new message17:02
cyphermoxyeahyeahyeah, have you reported it on launchpad? I'd assume that's an issue in pidgin's indicator plugin or whatever17:06
yeahyeahyeahkk cyphermox17:06
cyphermoxyeahyeahyeah, it's obviously just a wild guess there, but you should be able to report it (and do so using ubuntu-bug if possible), then we can look and figure out what exactly crashes17:07
yeahyeahyeahthe appmenu crashes17:07
yeahyeahyeahim using an old version of the appmenu though since there's no ppa17:08
tedgkenvandine, No worries, nothing really changed in dbusmenu, just a merge request for old times sake :)17:16
tedgronoc, FYI, dbusmenu 0.3.101 is released if you want to test with it.17:23
tedgronoc, Probably be a while for distro packages, you know how they are ;-)17:24
ronoctedg, oh cool, will get to it shortly, stuck in an other  nasty bug at the mo17:24
tedgronoc, No problem.17:25
om26erif I try to start unity in a tty under gdb it does not show, if its run out of gdb it works17:29
artfwoDBO, i've adjusted MouseOverBottomScrollArea () and MouseOverBottomScrollExtrema () per your advice, but the Launcher still hides when mouse touches the edge of the screen. Can you help me a bit more?17:31
DBOartfwo, does it hide when you touch the bottom corner?17:33
artfwoDBO, yes. A diff is here: https://code.launchpad.net/~artfwo/unity/fix-for-728598/+merge/5252317:34
njpateltedg, amitk was looking for you earlier as the mumble upstream wanted to get appmenu support but needed docs or a how-to17:34
DBOartfwo, okay will look in a bit17:34
tedgnjpatel, Ah, they shouldn't have to do anything though.  I added that bug to libdbusmenu-qt17:35
tedgagateau, ^17:35
njpatelah cool17:35
tedgchrisccoulson, It seems we don't have all the memory leaks down :-(  "inkscape --verb FileQuit" seems to add about 3MB to the resident size of unity-panel-service per run.17:35
chrisccoulsontedg - right. i'm still struggling with this apparent leak in gdbus17:36
chrisccoulsonalthough, it sounds like you have a good reproducer there :)17:36
tedgchrisccoulson, Cool, yeah Inkscape is a pretty big menu tree, so that makes it a bit easier.  And if you use the verb you can call it in a loop easily to really make it worse :)17:37
chrisccoulsoni'll take another look in a bit, i'm just fixing some thunderbird issues first17:38
magciusunity seems to be freezing here17:38
tedgnp, I have to do a couple releases before I can look into it more.17:38
magciuskilling unity-panel-service seems to get it back on track17:38
magciusunfortunately apport doesn't seem to be catching it17:39
jcastrodidrocks: what's the sniffles tag for?17:41
didrocksjcastro: I have no idea at all :)17:41
jcastroI am guessing it's a "this bug makes mpt sad" tag17:42
didrocksjcastro: heh, much agreed :)17:45
om26erwhats the irc nick of Jay ?17:46
om26erbug 732678 I face this crash like every hour17:47
ubot5Bug 732678 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/732678 is private17:47
om26erits independent of the GPU reproduced with intel and nvidia17:48
mterrytedg, to go back in time for a second, would you prefer the ability to tell when a dbusmenu is open or not be implemented as a property exposed over dbus or a close signal (to match the about-to-show signal)?18:02
tedgmterry, I think it should be an event.  About to show is special in that it should be able to block the menu showing, closed doesn't need that.18:03
mterrytedg, is event separate from signal?  You mean it should be an event::closed signal?18:04
tedgmterry, I guess I'm think the dbus traffic should call the "event" method on the server.18:05
mterrytedg, would listeners know whether the about-to-show was blocked?  i.e. would they be able to reliably tell when a menu was open?  Or maybe we can add both open and close event calls18:05
tedgmterry, We can see whether there's a response in dbus-monitor, so they would be able to see that.  But, I'm not opposed to having both.18:06
tedgmterry, I think (next cycle) we need to have an event mask to not send events menuitems don't care about.  (not really a mask, but a list of strings)18:07
mterrytedg, my end goal is to be able to have the parser sync these events with menu-widget visibility in the app.18:07
tedgmterry, Yeah, so having both would be handy in your usage.18:08
mterrytedg, don't dbus signals work that way?  :)18:09
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apinheirodidrocks, one question, unity depends on gtk2 or on gtk3?18:14
didrocksapinheiro: gtk218:15
didrockswhy? :)18:15
apinheirobecause I have a problem compiling unity:18:15
apinheirosrc/PanelTray.cpp:34:62: error: ‘gtk_window_set_has_resize_grip’ was not declared in this scope18:16
apinheiroand looking at the documentation18:16
apinheirogtk_window_set_has_resize_grip ()18:16
apinheiroSince 3.018:16
didrocksapinheiro: yeah, we have backported it to gtk2 in ubuntu18:16
didrocksyou don't use the distro package?18:16
apinheirodidrocks, ah ok18:16
apinheirono, as Im working on a jhbuild environment for other things, I also have gtk18:17
apinheirodidrocks, anyway thanks, I will move to use the distro package18:18
didrocksapinheiro: yeah, will be easier for you I guess in that case. I think working of the jhbuild env should do it :)18:18
jaytaokodidrocks: can you find this bug: #73267818:34
ubot5Bug 732678 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/732678 is private18:34
didrocksjaytaoko: you mean, give you access to it?18:35
Omegajaytaoko: That bug is private, we can't see it.18:45
jaytaokoOmega: yes, I was told18:46
NateWIf I may, I'd like to point out bug #689568 . It'd be a really simple fix, and the bug has been lingering since Lucid.18:55
ubot5Launchpad bug 689568 in ubuntu-mono (Ubuntu) "Humanity icon used when copying files" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/68956818:55
NateWI hope this would be the right place to point it out.18:55
NateWubuntu-mono is missing an icon, the fix would be to add one.18:56
aruiztedg, ping19:02
tedgaruiz, Howdy19:02
aruiztedg, I have some questions about dbusmenu19:02
tedgaruiz, It's perfect. :)19:02
aruizbye bye then19:02
aruiztedg, so, once you're done with a window19:03
aruizwhat are the exact steps to take19:03
tedgaruiz, You should unregister it if you want.  But indicator-appmenu will notice the window has been destroyed and free the menus if you don't as well.19:03
aruizg_object_unref (server); then g_object_unref(root_menuitem);19:03
tedgaruiz, You shouldn't need to unref the root item unless you're holding onto a ref for it.19:04
aruizI'm removing that19:04
tedgaruiz, Creating it does cause a ref.  So if you create, then set, you're holding onto a ref.19:04
aruiztedg, I should unregister too right?19:04
aruizah yeah19:04
tedgaruiz, I'd say that'd be nice.  You don't have to though.19:04
aruiztedg, so, another question19:05
tedgaruiz, We have to handle the case where things crash anyway...19:05
aruizthere are some sub windows in LO that are somewhat "special"19:05
aruiza couple of dialogs and the main libreoffice welcome window19:05
aruizI haven't managed to get an XID for those19:05
aruizit just won't let me get to the right interface to get that info from them19:06
aruiztedg, when that happens, the nautilus menus are shown in appindicator19:06
jporsinitedg, Hello, do you know if there is some "ubuntu plan" to display the Liferea number of unread items in the Unity Launcher entry? I have quickly hacked code to do it and I wonder if there is somebody already working on such feature.19:07
tedgaruiz, It shouldn't be the nautilus menus... are you registering an XID of zero?19:07
aruizjporsini, file a bug against the liferea package and submit the patch :-)19:07
NateWtedg: is this channel the right place to discuss what i wrote earlier? ^^19:07
aruiztedg, no, there's no registration for those as far as I know19:08
tedgaruiz, I'm not sure in those cases what we should do... as we don't have a lot of information.  Do you know if they're transient?19:08
aruizI have no idea19:08
aruizI can't get hold of those from the plugin19:08
tedgjporsini, I don't know of anyone working on that.  That'd be cool though.19:09
jporsiniaruiz, hum, I asked the liferea team, but it seems that they prefer to do it outside liferea19:09
tedgNateW, Best place to talk about it is probably on the bug...19:09
aruizjporsini, are you patching liferea itself or is there a way to do it from the outside?19:10
tedgaruiz, Do the special windows have their own menus?19:10
aruiztedg, yes19:10
aruiztedg, but, I can't get hold of them, so no registration and no server is started19:10
tedgaruiz, We've had to distro patch Liferea, they don't want to take the patches upstream.19:10
jporsiniaruiz: actually, I have written a very small daemon which is 'polling' liferea throw dbus and use libunity19:10
tedgjporsini, It'd probably be better to take the distro patch and modify it to use libunity as well as libindicate.19:11
tedgaruiz, Hmm, that's really weird.19:11
aruiztedg, install lo-menubar19:11
aruizand you'll see what I mean19:11
tedgaruiz, I've got it.  Which windows?19:11
aruizopen a terminal19:11
aruizand run libreoffice19:11
jporsinitedg: in term of resources, yes, it should be better to modify liferea than using a separate process19:11
aruiztedg, that launch window19:12
aruizis an example19:12
tedgaruiz, Uhg.  That's frustrating.  Is there a reason they're special?  I mean, could fixing the fact that they're special be a better answer than trying to work around it.19:13
jporsinitedg: but I have never coded in liferea so I am not very confortable with the idea of modifying it19:13
aruiztedg, fixing the fact that they're special would seem like a straightforward thing to do19:13
aruiztedg, there's nothing straigtforward in LO I'm afraid :(19:13
tedgaruiz, Yeah, I'm just curious if there's a reason or if it's an oversight.  "No one would ever need to look at this window..."19:14
tedgaruiz, Let's call it a premature optimization :)19:14
apinheirogord, hi, you have been working on the dash keyboard navigation, right?19:14
aruiztedg, yeah19:14
jporsinitedg: actually the integration of liferea in the indicator is done *in* liferea? not outside?19:14
aruiztedg, I get that all the time19:15
aruiztedg, the UNO interfaces are everything but stable actually19:15
tedgjporsini, Well, there's already a patch there that touches most of the liferea code, so it'd only be exporting the same data a different way.  Plus, someone will review it. :)19:15
tedgjporsini, Yes, inside.19:15
tedgaruiz, Which, honestly, is the most surprising part of this project to me.  I had higher expectations for UNO.19:15
aruiztedg, some people only implement the functions they need and leave the rest of the interface returning empty data19:15
aruizyeah me too19:15
jporsinitedg: ok, I am going to take a look at this patch it should be quite simple to add Unity integration if it is already done for indicator, thanks for the information!19:16
tedgjporsini, No problem, good luck!19:16
aruiztedg, it's not only that I can't get the XID, I can't get the menubar object and hide it either19:17
aruiztedg, what's happening there, is it looking after the parent window's menubar?19:20
tedgaruiz, I'm not sure, I think that BAMF isn't opening the window right.  If you switch focus it goes back to the stub.19:20
tedgDBO, What's the command to dump all the xinfo off of a winow.19:22
DBOtedg, xwininfo19:22
tedgAn, there it is xprop19:23
tedgDBO, Thanks!19:23
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apinheirogord, sorry, connection problem, so again, have you been working on dash key navigation?19:24
tedgHmm, don't see anything odd about those windows.19:26
aruiztedg, nope19:29
aruiztedg, I might be able to fix the problem for that one19:29
aruizbut no for some dialogs that have their own menubars19:29
tedgaruiz, Well, I guess the options are a) try to make those windows not special 2) acknowledge the bug and make sure we don't show stubs for those windows.19:35
tedga and 2.  Nice.19:35
jamaltaHey, so there's no NUX_VK_* for lower-case letters...19:35
jamaltaWell, there is but for example 'a' is 0x61 but that's defined as NUX_VK_NUMPAD119:36
aruiztedg, I think that not showing stuff for a window that is not registered is not a bad idea in general19:36
aruiztedg, regardless of LibreOffice19:36
tedgaruiz, Well, we were showing the stubs so there wasn't a big blank on the panel.  But that's going away in Unity as it'll show the window title there.19:37
aruizshould I file a bug?19:37
tedgaruiz, To not show stubs?19:38
tedgI think there is one, and I believe it's already assigned to me :)19:38
kenvandineronoc, still got a i-s release coming?19:42
ronockenvandine, i just sorted that rb volume setting to bug19:43
ronockenvandine, I want to merge the icon testing stuff also and test against ted's release today19:44
ronockenvandine, would tmrw straight after lunch (gmt) be fine for you19:44
kenvandineronoc, sure19:44
ronocthat way you can release dbusmenu tonight, I pull it in the morning test and package and be ready for at 219:44
kenvandineronoc, i won't run out of stuff to do today19:44
kenvandineronoc, dbusmenu is already uploaded19:45
ronockenvandine, heh19:45
ronockenvandine, great thanks19:45
LLStarksdoes dropbox work with unity?19:46
LLStarks*work in the background19:46
jamaltaLLStarks: It works but I don't think you'll see the icon yet19:46
jamaltaNot sure what the status is on custom tray icons with the unity bar19:47
kenvandinei think you will see the icon19:51
kenvandinedropbox added appindicator support19:51
jamaltakenvandine: no, the icon doesn't show up19:51
jamaltai see output that it registers, but the icon doesn't actually show up19:51
kenvandinejcastro, did they not release that yet?19:53
kenvandinei thought they did that like 6 months ago19:54
kenvandinejamalta, http://forums.dropbox.com/topic.php?id=2872119:55
kenvandineit was done a year ago... for lucid19:56
kenvandineseems it might be broken right now19:56
jamaltakenvandine: it's broken with unity19:56
jamaltathe dropbox icon works fine on the standard gnome-panel19:56
kenvandineyeah, because there is no fallback19:56
jcastrokenvandine: yeah it's broken right now19:57
kenvandinein standard panel it is failing in appindicator so falling back to the notification area19:57
kenvandinejcastro, ok... as long as it is known19:57
* kenvandine happily enjoys ubuntuone :-D19:57
jcastrokenvandine: he usually doesn't fix things until betaish19:57
kenvandinejcastro, guess he is afraid we are still breaking stuff19:59
jcastroand they rev pretty quickly so I'm not too worried19:59
aruizgotta admit that the dropbox guys do a really good job at cross desktop integration20:00
LLStarksken, any hope for a new sound theme or cursor theme to accompany unity?20:00
jcastroyeah they're pretty awesome20:00
jcastroI told him about the download and number emblems too20:00
kenvandineLLStarks, not that i know of20:07
kenvandinearuiz, gotta love anyone that loves cross desktop integration :)20:08
aruizkenvandine, I take that as a compliment20:09
kenvandineindeed :)20:09
kenvandinei couldn't resist the comment though, considering all the blogging going on these days20:10
* kenvandine stays out of that :)20:10
jporsinitedg, so... it was easier/faster to patch liferea... than writting a daemon, do the packaging and so on... :) And it works better the unity launcher count is updated directly as it is notified instantly20:12
jporsinitedg, if I correctly understood, the process is to open a bug against liferea and attach the debdiff? Is there somebody to poke for review or something else to do?20:13
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OmegaCan anyone tell me why this doesn't work:20:21
Omegagsettings set com.canonical.Unity.Panel systray-whitelist ['JavaEmbeddedFrame', 'Wine', 'Skype', 'Dropbox']20:21
OmegaI've probably got something wrong in the value20:21
tedgjporsini, Cool!  Yeah, poke kenvandine.20:25
tedgHe feels lonely if no one bothers him daily.20:25
jporsinitedg: he is https://launchpad.net/~ken-vandine ? just to be sure20:26
jporsiniha he is on irc:)20:26
OmegaAw man, you guys make me want to use RSS again.20:27
OmegaIs this Liferea as good as they say?20:27
jporsinikenvandine: what do you want for a review? debdiff or a normal diff? or something else?:)20:28
kenvandineideally a bzr branch20:28
kenvandineor a debdiff20:28
jporsinikenvandine: well, I have never never used bzr so I prefere debdiff, except if you have strong preference to bzr:)20:29
kenvandinethat is fine20:29
jporsinikenvandine, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/liferea/+bug/73284820:53
ubot5Ubuntu bug 732848 in liferea (Ubuntu) "Feature request: add unread items count in the Unity Launcher entry" [Undecided,New]20:53
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DaekdroomHm. appmenu is still losing menus of minimized maximized apps.21:10
DaekdroomBut the non-maximized ones are alright all the time.21:10
artfwoDBO, I hope you haven't forgot about that merge yet :)21:29
DBOartfwo, still on my list :)21:36
DBOsorry for the delay21:36
artfwookay, I'll go have some sleep then21:36
RagasHi. I have a question regarding overlay-scrollbar. could somebody help me?21:49
RagasI've just buildt an ebuild to use overlay-scrollbar in gentoo. so far most seems to work. My Problem is: I've set "LIBOVERLAY_SCROLLBAR=1" globally but somehow not all Applications use the new scrollbar (everywhere). for example I've seen it working for Firefox in one of the videos, but on my machine it still uses the old scrollbar. XChat is the wierdest, since it uses overlay-scollbar for some but not all scrollbars.21:58
jamaltaHi all, I need some input on a diff. It's for bug #725678 https://code.launchpad.net/~jamalta/nux/725678-ctrl-a-text-entry22:44
ubot5Launchpad bug 725678 in unity (Ubuntu) "pressing ctrl+a in text entry inserts unknown character" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72567822:44
jamaltaObviously, using 0x61 is not appropriate, but using NUX_VK_NUMPAD1 isn't either. I see later in the code that there was some intention to use the GDK_* defined keys, but gdk never got included, and I'd want to confirm before I did something like that.22:44
danyRjust dropped by to say that this week's release feels and works great. congratulations! :)22:51
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jamaltaI'll just leave create a MP so that it can be reviewed I guess :)23:34
DaekdroomHm. Firefox lost its menu, and dbusmenu-dumper couldn't find it23:38

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