roasted_Hey fellas. Is there a way to customize the login screen of Edubuntu clients?04:13
roasted_on LTSP04:13
doctormoroasted_: Sure, what would you like to do?05:21
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highvoltagegood morning12:37
mhall119good morning12:42
mgariepygood morning everyone13:46
Ahmuck-Srdoctormo: wouldn't roasted just be able to subnet the dhcp3 server on the ltsp box and be golden?15:30
Ahmuck-Srhttp://www.opennms.org/ - i'm curious, could this be used for thin/fat client monitoring?15:37
doctormoAhmuck-Sr: Yes, but dhcp is a funny old thing.16:02
* Ahmuck-Sr really should get his CIS degree16:04
Roastedwhats up fellas17:09
Ahmuck-Srhi roasted17:40
mgariepyHello Roasted17:40
Roastedhey guys18:01
Roastedtrying to do that dhcp swap now18:01
highvoltageso is anyone feeling like fixing some edubuntu bugs today?18:01
* highvoltage got one patch for nanny so far at least18:01
Roastedso... little lost here.18:02
Roastedif I'm adding LTSP and using a Windows DHCP environment, do I need the MAC of EACH machine that will be using LTSP, or just the MAC of the LTSP server?18:02
alkisgAh today is the bug day?18:03
alkisghighvoltage: any specific requests?18:03
alkisgOr we can just pick one we prefer?18:03
alkisgRoasted: do you mind if you send the boot filename to all of your clients, ltsp or not?18:03
alkisgIf not, then you don't need any mac18:03
Roastedis this just to limit which systems can pxe boot to LTSP?18:04
Roastedlike if I DONT do this, and I PXE boot all 500 systems in the building then they'll all probe the LTSP box?18:04
alkisgSo if you don't have a specific reason to limit them, just leave it for everyone18:04
Roastedwell, I don't want to limit it now, because if we set it up it may be nice to walk into any lab and fire one up for demonstration purposes to my boss.18:04
highvoltagealkisg: good question18:05
alkisgRight, so don't specify any macs now18:05
RoastedI was surprised. In my bench test yesterday I ran 10 systems off of my laptop.18:05
Roastedcore 2 duo, 4gb ram18:05
highvoltagealkisg: best would be if you could scratch your own itches18:05
Roastedgranted I maxed out my ram at nearly 3.8gb, but each system had gimp, open office, and firefox running with web browsing.18:05
Roastedthe proc was relatively calm too, with only occasional spikes.18:05
highvoltagealkisg: otherwise you could browse our buglist and find something that looks interesting...18:05
alkisgTy, I'll have a look18:06
RoastedIf I do this with the LTSP Box on the main network, we'll be on a 10.52 IP scheme instead of 192.168. As a result, I would need to change my static IP of the LTSP box. No problem, I can do that. My concern is I tried this yesterday and I wasn't able to PXE boot when I changed my static IP. Do I have to change a PXE entry anywhere to correspond with my new static IP?18:06
highvoltagecool :)18:06
highvoltageRoasted: you'll have to edit dhcpd.conf in /etc/ltsp (if you installed ltsp-server-standalone) or /etc/dhcp (if you didn't)18:07
alkisgRoasted: your dhcp configuration in your windows server18:07
Roastedhighvoltage, I won't be runnign DHCP on the LTSP box, I'll be removing it here shortly. As a result, I would be editing /etc/dhcp, right?18:08
alkisgAnd probably restart the windows dhcp service18:08
highvoltageyou might also have to edit a few other files based on your configuration (wherever you had IPs listed) and at least /etc/hosts18:08
Roastedhighvoltage, what would I need to edit in hosts? just the IP?18:08
highvoltageRoasted: ah, then you don't need to be editing the dhcp file on the server18:08
Roastedthis ubuntu doc says I need to18:08
Roastedby adding those 3 entries to the DHCP service18:08
highvoltagethat doc says to remove the dhcp server18:09
Roastedon LTSP18:09
Roastedthen a few lines lower it says login to your windows server and load the DHCP config screen18:09
Roastedthen add those 3 entries18:10
highvoltageyes, that's on the windows dhcp server18:10
Roastedoh wait18:10
Roasted<highvoltage> Roasted: ah, then you don't need to be editing the dhcp file on the server - you menat the LTSP server....18:10
highvoltageif you use a windows dhcp server then you don't have to configure the dhcp server on your ubuntu machine18:10
RoastedI thought you meant the windows server...18:10
Roastedmy apologies18:10
alkisgHmm that page isn't very good. Uninstalling dhcp3-server will make ltsp-server get uninstalled when apt-get --auto-remove is next used.18:10
Roastedsomeone here linked me to it yesterday18:11
alkisgThat was me18:11
RoastedI thought so18:11
alkisgBut the page still isn't good :)18:11
Roastedthat's reassuring18:11
Roastedshall I follow thorugh with it?18:11
alkisgSee the other page I linked you to, with the proxy dhcp, and *only* follow the steps to uninstall dhcp from there18:11
Roastedthat one looks like its more of a headache18:12
alkisgSee the *only* part above18:12
alkisgIt's just 3 lines18:12
Roastedthe "only" part?18:12
Roastedinstall dnsmasq, config dnsmasq, create a dnsmasq config file, adjust pxelinux.cfg/default....18:13
alkisg*only* follow the steps to uninstall dhcp from there18:13
RoastedI think I like the other link more :P18:13
alkisgNot the dnsmasq, not pxelinux, not not not18:13
Roastedso I use both guides?18:13
Roastedjust different parts of eahc?18:13
alkisgErm ok18:13
alkisgI thought I'd save me some time18:13
alkisgThis takes longer18:13
alkisgHere let me get you the 3 lines18:13
alkisgsudo apt-get install ltsp-server  # This may update ltsp-server instead18:14
alkisgsudo apt-get install ltsp-server  # So do it twice to be certain18:14
alkisgsudo apt-get --yes --auto-remove purge ltsp-server-standalone18:14
alkisgThose 3 lines remove the dhcp3-server part of the ltsp installation18:14
Roastedbut I'd still be adding those 3 entries to the windows DHCP server, right18:15
Roastedso these 3 lines, the 3 entries to windows dhcp, and aside from changing my LTSP server IP to something within the proper scope, we're done then18:16
alkisgWhen you change your IP you also need to change your /etc/hosts, unless you change it from network manager18:16
Roastednaw I'm using interface file18:16
RoastedI didnt change it in /etc/hosts yesterday. I wonder if thats why I wasnt able to PXE boot.18:16
alkisgHmm no scratch that18:17
alkisgThe default installation doesn't contain the server IP in /etc/hosts18:17
Roastedyeah I just did nano on it and didnt see...18:17
Roastedwonder why I was failing to pxe boot then18:17
alkisgWith which dhcp serveR?18:17
alkisgThe ubuntu one?18:17
RoastedI changed my IP on it18:17
Roastedand I wasnt able to PXE boot from there18:17
alkisgYou needed to change /etc/ltsp/dhcpd.conf then18:17
alkisgAnd restart dhcp18:17
Roastedwhat am I changing, just the subnet range?18:18
Roastedsubnet netmask {18:18
Roasted    range;18:18
RoastedI'd just change the range to (start of windows dhcp scope) to (end of windows dhcp scope) right?18:19
alkisgYou won't be needing this, you'll be using the windows server18:20
RoastedI understand. I'm just trying to understand what I did wrong yesterday.18:20
alkisgThen yes, you would just change the subnet18:20
Roastedgood deal18:20
RoastedI'm going to test it now :P18:21
Roastedjust for sake of learning18:21
alkisgBut, beware, your windows clients will get an IP from that18:21
alkisgSo they won't have internet access etc etc18:21
Roastedoh no, I'm on a secluded LAN with this setup18:21
Roastedhere we go...18:22
Roastedhahaha. bingo.18:22
Roastedyou're the man alkisg18:22
Roastedif you ever come to PA, drinks are on me18:22
Roastedalright, time to get this windows thing rolling and see how we do18:23
alkisgGood luck :)18:24
Roasteddumb question tho. even if I have 64 bit edubuntu installed, Im booting 32b images right18:24
alkisgIt depends on if you put `--arch i386` as a parameter to ltsp-build-client18:25
Roastedwhat's LTSP's default behavior?18:25
alkisgls -l /opt/ltsp/images18:26
alkisgIf you see i386, you got i38618:26
alkisgIf you see amd64... you know18:26
Roastedgotcha. we're on 386. good deal.18:26
alkisgThe default behavior is chroot arch == server arch18:26
Roastedhows that make sense...18:26
RoastedIm on 64 bit...18:26
Roastedon the server18:26
alkisgAre you sure?18:27
Roastedx86_64 is listed under uname -a18:27
Roastedis that 64?18:27
RoastedI mean it addresses 3.9gb of ram18:27
RoastedI wonder how I got 386 for the clients yet 64 on the server18:28
alkisg32bit also addresses 4gb ram18:28
alkisgWith -pae extensions, on by default18:28
Roastedbut if uname -a says Im on 64 bit...18:28
alkisgSo maybe you did put --arch i386 in your ltsp-build-client after all18:28
RoastedI didn't even know that existed until you told me just now.18:29
RoastedSo I'm doubtful that I did.18:29
alkisgHow did you install LTSP?18:29
RoastedI just wanted to make sure we were using 32b images since our hardware is older hardware.18:29
RoastedEdubuntu 10.10 64 bit DVD18:29
Roastedhit the checkbox for LTSP18:29
Roastedran through the installer18:29
RoastedI have a 2nd box here with Edubuntu that I installed from the same DVD. I wonder what that says18:29
alkisgHmm maybe it has a 32bit chroot, I haven't done that as we're using localized chroots here18:29
alkisghighvoltage would know :)18:30
Roastedto be honest it makes sense to me to use 64b server, 32b clients18:30
Roastedsince people would be utilizing older hardware for thin clients in some cases18:30
* highvoltage emerges18:30
Roastedhe awakens!18:31
alkisghighvoltage: on edubuntu 64 bit, the chroot installed is 32 bit?18:31
highvoltageah, yes. on edubuntu we always do 32bit ltsp chroots from the installer (64bit won't work on many thin clients, such as anything Atom based, and there's very rarely benefit with 64bit on clients)18:32
highvoltageRoasted: ^^^18:32
Roastedthanks :)18:32
highvoltageif you use ltsp-build-client after installation, then it will use your current architecture as default, but for the edubuntu installer it made sense to always go for 32bit18:33
Roastedoff topic question18:33
Roastedis there a way to edit the login screen18:33
highvoltagethe LDM themes are in /usr/share/ldm/themes in the thin client chroot18:33
highvoltageyou can add a new one there and specify it in lts.conf18:34
Roastedokay. I thought so. I replaced bg.png and put in a different image, also named bg.png, but it didnt take, so it confused me a little bit18:34
alkisgDid you run ltsp-update-image?18:35
Roastedprobably not18:35
Roastedas root?18:35
alkisgWith sudo, yes18:36
RoastedError: chroot /opt/ltsp/amd64 doesn't exist.18:36
highvoltageRoasted: yeah, the way you did it will be a bit risky because your changes will be over-written again if you install updates18:37
Roastedwell, I did it on my laptop, which is just a test-drive machine18:37
RoastedI got my other box fired up here for real testing18:37
highvoltageRoasted: you might want to add a "-a i386" to let it know that it should update the i386 chroto and not a 64bit one18:37
alkisgRoasted: since you have a different chroot arch than the server arch, you always need to add --arch i38618:38
RoastedI see18:38
Roastedlooks like its owrking18:38
Roastedcreating 4.0 file system18:38
Roastedhighvoltage, is there an official guide somewhere to changing the theme properly?18:41
highvoltageRoasted: nope18:41
highvoltageRoasted: but I'll answer any questions about it if you write us one :)18:41
Roastedwell if you tell me how to do it, I'll make a guide for it. :P18:42
alkisgDon't forget to put your findings to the windows dhcp page as well :P :D18:43
highvoltageRoasted: I just have to look into a few other things too now but we can go through it a bit later18:43
Roastedsounds good18:43
Roastedseems as if I have tanked something badly18:50
Roastedmy login screen is all gray, no images whatsoever, and wont log any users in18:50
Roastedthankfully its my laptop install which... doenst matter18:51
Roastedstill curious on what happened tho. it worked until I ran that command. lol...18:51
highvoltagethat command builds the new squashfs image based on the changes you have made18:51
Roastedthe only change I made was the background image18:52
Roastedmaybe it doesnt like it18:52
Roastedbut theres also a button here, all white with a red X in the center, as if that didnt fly either18:52
Roastedah well, I wont be bothered by that for now.18:52
Roastedis there by chance a way to revert it back to normal without reinstalling edubuntu?18:56
alkisgPut the old background image?18:57
alkisgAnd re-run ltsp-update-image/18:57
Roasteddidnt work19:04
alkisgThen you must have changed something else too19:05
alkisgIf you don't remember what, you can rebuild the chroot19:05
alkisgI.e. sudo rm -rf /opt/ltsp && sudo ltsp-build-client --arch i38619:05
alkisg(will take some time)19:05
Roastedis there a forum for LTSP so I can ask questions there instead of bugging you guys?19:12
mgariepybut most ppl here are in there too :)19:13
Roastedthanks :)19:14
highvoltagewell, what would be faster is:20:01
highvoltagesudo chroot /opt/ltsp/i386 apt-get --reinstall install ldm-themes20:01
highvoltageand then ltsp-update-image20:01
Roastedalready done :P20:02
RoastedIm working on another issue at the moment20:02
RoastedI just asked it in LTSP if you're curious at taking a gander. it has me stumped.20:02
doctormohighvoltage: Have you had any thoughts about draft4? If you have no more concerns, then we can announce and release?20:04
highvoltagedoctormo: nothing that jumps out at me yet, it's already in today's daily build :)20:09
doctormoFantastic, although I haven't produced all the sizes and aspects that might be required.20:09
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doctormohighvoltage: I had to do some editing to get it to fit widescreen, please review20:39
highvoltagedoctormo: except for some changes in the hills I couldn't see any other changes, but it looks good20:42
doctormohighvoltage: It's 1MB, just so a quick refresh20:43
doctormoYou should see the version with the pink guides20:43
doctormoThat show what each screen resolution would see20:43
highvoltageok, I see the pink lines20:43
highvoltageI think it looks good20:44
doctormohighvoltage: How do you ship it? just ship the widescreen version and set it to crop?20:46
Roastedwhy would my users time out when trying to log in? all I did was add windows dhcp to the mix.20:47
doctormoRoasted: If the windows dhcp isn't giving correct info and the machines are not online... that would be an issue.20:48
doctormoI forget if ltsp does seconard network connections20:48
Roasteddoctormo, I would *assume* that by them coming to the login screen that it would have the proper info.20:48
Roastedlet me do a direct cat5 line from my server to a laptop and see if it does the same thing20:48
Roastedone second20:48
Roastedcrap. I cant. I dont have dhcp on it.20:49
highvoltagedoctormo: currently, it's just stretched over whatever screen you have21:22
highvoltageRoasted: heh, if you took a second to think about that you'd realise that before plugging it in. take it easy :)21:22
highvoltageRoasted: I haven't configured a windows DHCP server yet, but what is the information you put in there? (I thought it was in scrollback but I couldn't find it)21:24
Roastedhighvoltage, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuLTSP/LTSPWindowsDHCP21:29
Roastedtheres 3 lines of info that was put in21:30
RoastedI did not put it in, the network admin here did. He showed me how it works though, as we already have several other "rules" in place since we have VOIP here, and our VOIP phones require similar entries to be made.21:30
Roastedhighvoltage, it took him a matter of 20 seconds to do it.21:30
highvoltageRoasted: what did he use for the IP address?21:38
Roastedof the LTSP box?21:38
Roastedhighvoltage, ^21:38
Roastedhighvoltage, I'm still doing small scale testing. I just grabbed a DHCP IP and had him use that for the entry.21:39
highvoltageRoasted: no, on the Windows DHCP server21:39
Roastedwe're working now21:39
Roastedso technically my LTSP box is on DHCP.21:39
Roastedbut the box Im running it on isnt one Ill actually use in the classrooms.21:40
Roastedwhen I do Ill certainly static it21:40
Roastedhighvoltage, my problem was when I changed the IP I had no idea I had to run the sshkeys command to update them or whatever.21:40
Roastedthat fixed my login hanging problem though.21:40
Roastedhighvoltage, aside from changing the IP and needing to run that command, is there any other instances where running the sshkeys command and image update command would be useful?21:40
doctormohighvoltage: How much space do you have for the desktop wallpaper and is it packaged?22:38
stgraberdoctormo: 1.8GB give or take22:39
stgraberthat's how much we have left on the dvd22:40
doctormoI could make an entire gallery of moving desktop backgrounds with that ;-)22:40
highvoltagedoctormo: I thought that your moving backgrounds are svg and take up very little space :)22:42
highvoltagedoctormo: it's in the edubuntu-artwork package22:42
doctormohighvoltage: Ah those aren't moving, they're just evolving.22:42
doctormoSo the image @ 2560x1600 is ~1MB, that takes care of the biggest resolutions.22:43
doctormoAnd it's at widescreen and I've checked that full screen should take.22:43
doctormoWe'll need to set it to not stretch22:43
doctormohighvoltage: Testing says it should be set to "Zoom" in the xml configuration.22:46
highvoltagedoctormo: ok, I'll update it23:25

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