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iRabbitAnyone find a sure fire solution to the NVIDIA GeForce GT 230M driver issue with 10.10? Was working fine until I ran an update 2 weeks ago02:00
Mase_wkiRabbit: which driver are you using ?02:01
Mase_wkthe proprietary driver, nv or neuvou ?02:02
iRabbitI get an error when I boot into GUI02:02
iRabbitthen it defaults to cli02:02
Mase_wkright, so can you just let me know which driver you are using ?02:02
iRabbitI uninstalled all the nvidia stuff, which is what one tutorial wiki had me do02:03
iRabbitso I'm at a bit of a loss for where to go02:03
iRabbitthe error when I boot is.... standby... its short02:03
Mase_wkright so you currently have no driver installed ?02:03
Mase_wkis that correct ?02:04
Mase_wkright well my instructions to help you, require you to be sure02:04
Mase_wkso can you please find out for me, otherwise i can't help you02:04
iRabbitsure standby... if it helps .... the error which has remained the same since this happend is [9.822966] [drm] nouveau 0000:01:00.0: couldn't find matching output script table02:06
iRabbityes, the drivers have been removed02:07
Mase_wkiRabbit: so which driver do you want to use ?02:07
iRabbitone that works02:08
iRabbitI have no preference... one that isn't going to give me any trouble02:08
Mase_wki don't have an nvidia card so i am unsure personally02:09
Mase_wkactually you are probably better off waiting around still someone with an nvidia card is willing to assist02:11
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surunveriis there anyway to edit SWF Files on kubuntu?03:40
surunverior is there a way to force SWF files to use Low quality setting?03:40
surunverii've this crappy computer and some sites with SWF games or other applications are a nuisance when some of them run poorly03:41
Mase_wksurunveri: you can't edit swf files in kubuntu, at least there is no software i know of to do that.  Regarding forcing log quality settings...you would have to talk to adobe about that. It's non-free software unfrotunately and so there isn't a whole lot we can do to support it.03:50
Mase_wkyou could re-nice the plugin container03:50
Mase_wkto reduce the priority if it's chewing up your CPU03:51
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surunvericould someone perhaps point me to a windows software that runs under wine that allows editing swf files?04:20
surunverieven if it's not anyhow officially related to kubuntu :D04:21
Mase_wkas far as i know the only thing that allows it is adobe flash creation suite thing....which doesn't run under wine04:23
surunverialso java based web applets run very poorly after some update04:39
surunveriis there any way to fix that?04:39
surunverisry that wasnt very clear04:39
surunveribut in anycase javadoesnt work quite as it should04:39
surunveriand im not sure why04:39
surunveribut it wasnt always like this04:39
judgenvitualbox can not install additions due to a crappy crack... any help? i just need it once and the 30day trial of XP will work fine05:03
judgenusually the incorporate antiwpa. But this one does not.05:04
judgena link to real windows trial would also be helpful05:04
judgeni only need it to install world of warcraft private server... after the patch is applied i will not need windows any more. This does not work in wine,05:05
judgenany help in this matter would make me very grateful.05:08
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sqwertleI've installed BT4 using the tutorial found at: http://tolearnfree.blogspot.com/2009/07/how-to-install-backtrack4-using-grub-of.html . I seem to be still having a problem with BT4 being read only, I'm not sure what to do about that, and for some reason Ubuntu is giving me an error saying that it can't mount ubuntu, but skipping the mounting process allows it to boot normally as though it's trying to mount some secondary filesystem that06:34
sqwertleis just a copy.06:34
sqwertleSorry guys, wrong channel.06:36
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JackStoneranyone uses ATI cards in here?? I need some help with something07:08
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DaskreechJackStoner: What's up?08:11
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ahoxHi, does someone know a good paper management software that can also use bibtex to add papers etc?11:01
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skamsterhello all.. i've got a problem with my sony-walkman-mp3-player.. yesterday i was able to use it as well, but today it's not able to start nor really detectable as a disk-device.. http://pastebin.com/9GUrr3qV there are some outputs, where i see, that my computer does reconize that it's connect11:41
skamsterbut i couldn't use the storage at all11:41
skamstergot someone a idea?11:41
francesco_i have a problem with kwin render12:39
francesco_i think it is a known bug12:39
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skylarkhii attended kde connff in bangalore.. learned a bit about kde and qt... can we do networking stuff with qt..sockets and all..12:56
skylarkhiii attended kde conference in bengaluru..got to know about qt and kde..can we do networking projects using qt and kde???13:11
rorkskylark: maybe ask in #kde or #kde-dev (if that exists)13:13
skylark@ rork.. ok  ...thanks a lot13:14
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Guest76389hi everybody. when I upgrade kde to 4.6.1 I had a problem with an style in some windows (for example in Additional drivers). Style of system is oxygen, but in those windows style is "Microsoft Windows 9x". Please help me,how I fix this14:02
rorkGuest76389: did you restart kubuntu after upgrading? Which apps use the Microsoft Windows 9x style? Could it be GTK apps?14:27
Guest76389Yes, I restart. In 4.5.1 kde haven't those bugs14:29
Guest76389Additional Drivers, KPackageKit upgrade , X server settings(unsure) and may be in some apps, I still do not find14:33
james147Guest76389: what happen if you change you window style? (and back again?)14:34
Guest76389I try, but problem remains in these windows14:37
james147Guest76389: see if the problem occues on a new user, if not try renaming ~/.kde/share/config/kwin* (files begining with kwin, i would start with kwinrc)  then restart kwin (or logout and back in)14:45
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Guest89388~/.kde/share/config/kwin*  full path to this file is....?14:56
james147~/ mean your home (bash will expand it) ie /home/USER/   * means and number of of character after, so any file begining with kwin14:57
james147^^ i beleave the problem file is kwinrc, so i would start wiht that one, but it could be one of the other files14:58
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Guest89388How restart kwin?)15:00
james147Guest89388: easiest way is to logout and abck in, or you can try running "kwin --replace"15:01
newbie_this bug in Kate too15:19
* genii-around sips15:55
* Daskreech takes genii-around's mug16:22
* genii-around just uses the coffeepot as a mug instead16:23
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Guest73178I have founded! The problem of style always when I started programms as root. "kdesudo systemsettings"  -- don't help16:25
james147Guest73178: This its probally a problem with the ropots configs16:27
james147roots ^^16:28
james147(roots home is at /root/ )16:28
Guest73178And what I should doing?))16:29
elitrouhi all. I need some help with my broadband USB modem.17:12
lusmuswhere is good place to begin learn linux?17:15
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Daskreechlusmus: here might help. How do you learn?17:17
Daskreechelitrou: more info would help17:17
Daskreechscimitar: :-D17:17
elitrouDaskreech: my modem only works when mapped on ttyusb017:18
lusmusi wanna wanna teach me linux from the top to the bottom17:18
Daskreechlusmus: How many years do you have? :)17:18
elitrouDaskreech: is there any way to force it to be mapped to that port automatically?17:18
Daskreechyes check out udev17:18
lusmuswhat you mean?17:19
elitrouDaskreech: can u explain on the newbies level?17:21
lusmuslevel 1 i guess, but i can few commands.. nothing to brag about ;)17:22
Daskreechlusmus: :) ask questions I'll answer as best as I can17:24
Daskreechelitrou: I'm afraid I can't but that's what you need to look at17:24
james147lusmus: there is no one good place to learn all of linux :) ... I would start by getting your self fimilar with the interface (the gui, if you are not already) and fimilarising yourself with some of the programs.... if you are intrested in learning the shell (command line/terminal... or what ever you want to call it) then look up a bash tutorial (bash is the shell ubuntu uses)17:24
james147lusmus: if there is any specific question or part you are stuck with, then you can ask here for further assistance...17:26
ubottuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome), K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE), or Menu -> Accessories -> LXTerminal (LXDE). Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal17:27
Daskreechlusmus: ^^^17:27
Daskreechas I said if there is anything that you would like to know more about ask. If I know I'll try and gloss over how it works17:27
lusmusok :)17:27
Daskreechbut honestly you can either know the top of linux or the bottom. It's not humanly possible to know both17:28
DaskreechI'd argue it's nearly impossible if you are inhuman17:28
Daskreechbut i stopped arguing with my electronics a while back17:28
james147Daskreech: you can know both ^^ at least to some degree :) though it is impossible to know everything ever about it :D17:29
Daskreechjames147: that's my point you can be aware of one side and know the other but knowing both is pretty much impossible17:29
lusmusthe direcction i wanted to go was to get my own dist :P17:29
lusmusits my goal17:30
Daskreechlusmus: ah so like packaging and so on?17:30
Daskreechwhat's the purpose of the distro?17:30
james147lusmus: then a good step would be to learn bash or some other shell ^^17:30
Daskreecha very very goodstep :)17:31
lusmuslol i need to try programming to.. was reason i changed OS :p17:31
* james147 finds programming in/for Linux MUCH simpler then in windows...17:32
lusmusand i  wanted to have my linux so minimal you can get.. + with gui.. ;)17:33
g1bwt_Hello everyone. I have a problem trying to send an email (using kmail) to a group. Instead of expanding the group name to the email addresses in the group, kmail just sends the email with the group name, which bounces :-( Help!17:34
g1bwt_KDE version 4.6.117:34
james147lusmus: you dont need to build your own distro for that ^^ some distros are designed for such builds (arch linux for example, it lets you build a system the way you want from a minimal set of packages needed by the system)17:34
grawchog1bwt: first try thunderbird17:35
james147lusmus: though kubuntu would be easier to start with, arch requires allot of manual setup :) though it does have good documentation, it can be abit much for a new user17:35
lusmuswhat i mean was linux with notthing on that you need to get by you self, so i can get a fresh start :)17:36
james147lusmus: not sure what you mean by that?17:36
lusmuslinux without any apps.. or something17:37
g1bwt_grawcho: Not an option, I have many thousands of emails in kmail and don't want to change at this time. Kmail used to work okay with groups, but since the 4 version...17:37
lusmusminimal you can get17:37
lusmuscus i have a small computer i dont want it to take such much memory either17:37
BluesKaj!minimal | lusmus17:38
ubottulusmus: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD17:38
james147lusmus: you will need some "apps" ^^ :) but some distros like arch linux give you a minimal install that is needed to boot (and optionally some useful package that your will require later... like text editors)17:38
grawchoK sec17:38
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james147BluesKaj: thats not what he is talking about, the minimal cd still install a full kubuntu install, just has a minimum set of packages on the cd, fetching the rest from the internet17:39
BluesKajlusmus, what are your pc specs17:39
lusmushmm how do i do that?17:39
BluesKajjames147, agreed but without any apps istalled , what is he gonna do with it ?17:40
grawchog1bwt_ : try downgrading to previous version.17:40
james147BluesKaj: the point being you install only what you want/need after the base install is finished, rather then kubuntu approch of installing everything it thinkgs you may need at some point :)17:40
BluesKajjames147, well isn't that what the minimal install does , why else would be named so ?17:41
james147lusmus: what specs dose your computer have? linux is allot more effecient then windows and can handle lower speced computers17:41
lusmusaree they not any command i can use i terminal to get that?17:42
james147BluesKaj: its a minimal cd (in whats on the disk, smaller size, quicker to download/burn) containing only what is needed to boot and run the installer (and connect to the internet...)  and during the installation, it downloads the packages from the internet and installs them... giving you a full system after17:43
lusmusi just want the shell not all these17:43
BluesKajfor memory : free in the terminal , for hdd spac e, df -h , lusmus17:44
james147lusmus: "sudo lshw" will give you all the info you need about your hardware :) add "-c memory" to filter out the ram or "-c cpu" for cpu (ie "sudo lshw -c cpu")17:44
BluesKajjames147, yes, it;s a dumb name in that case17:45
james147^^ also what BluesKaj said17:45
Daskreechlusmus: You don't really need a GUI unless you do a lot of photography or video17:45
james147BluesKaj: its minimal in the sense of the install disk :p17:45
Daskreechhaven't figgured out a good way to do those without a GUI17:46
grawchoknow how to??17:47
BluesKajI have to use the alternate install on my 6yr old den pc , due to the HW's age I guess , the lives-cd is a loss , doesn't get any further than the plymouth blinking dots17:47
Daskreechlusmus: You can apt-get remove xserver-xorg && sudo apt-get autoremove17:47
james147lusmus: ^^ although that isent adised17:47
james147advised ^^17:48
Daskreechlusmus: would be easier to start with the Kubuntu server CD17:48
lusmusi friend told me that i could get the ubuntu server to get further more minimal :)17:48
g1bwt_grawcho: Will try and get rid of 4.6.1 - fingers crossed here... Tnx for ur help17:48
james147lusmus: its more minimal in the sense it dosnt have a gui17:48
james147lusmus: but it still contains allot of packages that you may or may not need.... (although the gui is what takes up most of the space/resources)... but yes it would give you a more "minimal" install17:49
grawchonot entirly i hope ... only the latest kmail version17:49
james147lusmus: what are you planning on doing with the computer?17:49
grawchokde 4.6.1 is a bit twichy but its great ... is the problem only due to 4.6.1 upgrade ?17:50
lusmusstart a new life with a new OS :p begin programming, cus i heard that linux support much of that, get a server up.. learn much things about linux i can handle  :D17:51
alketHi, How can i change the grey color in air theme ?17:52
lusmusget used to linux17:54
james147lusmus: I would advise starting out with a full kubuntu install and see if your computer can handle it (you can down load the live cd to test it first, that will boot form the cd and give you a full desktop enviroment to play with)17:55
lusmusi already got the ubuntu full¸i fixed KDE to it :p17:58
james147lusmus: and how is it preforming?17:58
lusmusgood, its just i dont like all the fancy stuff17:59
james147lusmus: then turn off desktop effects (system settings > desktop effects)17:59
lusmusis that i dont know where to click.. i get confused where to cklick on these buttons18:00
lusmusbut i learn after little practise18:00
james147lusmus: open system settings (a program in your menu) then click "desktop effects" then uncheck "enable desktop effects"18:01
lusmusand its a netbook vers of kubuntu18:02
Daskreechlusmus: Minimal in terms of RAM or hard drive space?18:03
james147lusmus: you should be able to switch to the full versio in system settings > workspace (or Workspace behaviour > workspace) depending on your kde version18:03
lusmusshould i paste all?18:04
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.18:05
lusmusi cant paste in PM?18:07
Daskreechlusmus: No18:07
Daskreechwell I mean technically yes18:07
swairhow to get Qt4.7 on lucid?18:07
Daskreechbut other people are following this18:07
Daskreechthe information being public helps18:07
james147also pastebin is easier to read18:08
Daskreechlots of people just sit in here and watch other people's problems to learn more about linux. Having everyone beable to see it gets you more help and other people more information18:08
Daskreechplus you can bookmark pastebin and come back later18:08
swairRiddell: there?18:08
lusmusbut i have 1gig ram, 160gb hardrive18:09
james147lusmus: thats plenty for a full kde install :)18:09
Daskreechlusmus: Wow crazy specs18:09
* james147 has run a vm of xp on kuubntu with that much ram :D18:10
DaskreechI had 600 MB for KDE 4.0 and that was horrible compared to KDE 4.418:10
lusmushaha, its just i want it clean, minimal and you know :o18:10
john____There is some problem if you install these desktops,in the same partition, kubuntu,xubuntu,fluxbox,blackbox,ubuntu??18:10
Daskreechlusmus: You honestly have lots and lots of options. If you don't want a GUI you can do that quite nicely18:10
DaskreechBoth sabdfl and rms do not have GUIs18:10
Daskreechand they seem to get a lot of work done18:11
Daskreechbut try fluxbox first perhaps?18:11
Daskreechjohn____: no18:11
lusmusbut i can show an example how i want it to be18:12
lusmuswith gui18:12
Daskreechjohn____: ubuntu is not a desktop18:12
Daskreechlusmus: ok18:12
john____...I had Slackware and I could start session with a lot of entrances...that was nice...if I had a problem with graphic (KDE) I could18:13
john____start in xfce or others..18:13
Daskreechjohn____: Right same linux. Works the same way here18:14
james147lusmus: there are two ways to get a minimal install... remove packages from a full distro like kubuntu, or build up from a minimal distro like arch... building down is midly simpler, although you can breakthings if you dont know what your removing and often leaves a less "clean" system, but building up is allot more complex as you normally ahve to configure things manually18:14
john____DO Quassel IRC shows amarok musics??18:14
james147john____: why would it?18:15
john____james147...I was thinking...18:16
james147lusmus: arch linux has an excellent biginners guide (https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Beginners'_Guide) ... if your intrested in building up i sugest reading that... if it sounds too complcated then i sugest you stick with kubuntu for now :)18:17
james147lusmus: although, you cant really ask questions about it here :)  ^^ and that arch chanel is less... friendly... then here :)18:18
Daskreechjohn____: Far as I know it can18:19
Daskreechif you mean what I think you mean18:20
lusmusdont mind what his doing on this vid, its just i like his desktop and such :P http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ITWjoWnrhNQ18:20
lusmusi see he using gentoo but whatev :)18:21
john____Daskreech I'm trying some programs here...sorry by asking so much..18:21
Daskreechjohn____: that's what here is for please ask if you need answers18:21
james147lusmus: gentoo is another minimal distro... though I would only advise it if you have about a week free to install and compile everything you need :)18:22
john____james147 have you already try fedora??18:23
BluesKajyeah, gentoo is lotta work for what you get18:24
* james147 cant remember... but if he did it wasnt for long18:24
Daskreechlusmus: that's flux18:24
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Daskreechwith fake transparency18:27
webereincI have kubuntu 9.10 with PHP 5.2.10 and need to upgrade to PHP 5.3... any suggestions where to begin?18:31
james147webereinc: upgrading from 9.10 would be a good start18:32
cosmic303hiya all...i just bought a canon lide 110 and cant get it to work. i already followed several manuals and installed the latest version of sane. sane-fine-scanner tells me it found a usb scanner, but scanimage -L says theres none. any ideas?18:33
webereincjames147: I agree - however when I upgraded from 9.10 to 10.04 on an older machine... the newer version failed to recognize the video card and I lost access to the machine18:34
Daskreechwebereinc: not a problem with ssh :)18:34
webereincDaskreech: Sorry for the newb question (and the missing of the joke) but what would this really mean as a solution?  Are you suggesting it can all be done via a series of command line instructions?18:36
james147webereinc: then try a live cd first18:36
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Daskreechone of the first things i do when i get a machine is ensure that ssh is running on it18:36
Daskreechunless it's a network shutdown you can pretty much fix any problem with ssh running18:37
webereincDaskreech: OK - can you point me at the 'howto'?  PHP says they don't compile binaries for ubuntu anymore ... yet I didn't find PHP 5.3.x on any site... (compiled that is)18:37
james147Daskreech: ^^ ot at least access to recovery mode18:37
james147or *18:37
webereincjames147:  Good idea... but will a live CD verify that it can see my existing RAID array?18:38
DaskreechIt can18:38
Daskreechtakes more work but yeah it can do it18:38
smokyloveranyone can help me to define a udev rule to force mapping a device to ttyusb0?18:39
james147and ALWAYS take backups before messing with your system :)18:39
Daskreechthat and LVM is one of the reasons I kinda like ssh long as you can login it you are ready to start18:39
cosmic303Daskreech: u dont happen to know how i can get my canon lide 110 scanner to work with 10.04 when ur done helping the other guys? :)18:39
BluesKajwebereinc, you may want to consider the Altrnate Install cd18:39
BluesKaj!alternate | webereinc18:39
ubottuwebereinc: The Alternate CD is a classical text-mode install CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD, and can also be used as an upgrade CD.  Look for the alternate checkbox on the Kubuntu download page - See also !minimal18:39
james147BluesKaj: not for testing to see if 10.04 will work or not :) need a live cd for that18:40
webereincOK - so if I were to upgrade Kubuntu from 9.10 to 10.04 then 10.10, what about PHP 5.3.x - as I mentioned, it doesn't seem to be available as an installable package much less as an upgrade for my existing PHP 5.2.1018:40
Daskreech!printer | cosmic303 That might be a good start18:40
ubottucosmic303 That might be a good start: Printing in Ubuntu is done with cups. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NetworkPrintingFromWindows18:40
Daskreechjames147 or BluesKaj: know anything about udev?18:41
cosmic303ehm..its a scanner, not a printer? cups works for scanners now as well?18:41
james147webereinc: maverick (10.10) has 5.3.3 (http://packages.ubuntu.com/maverick/php5)18:41
genii-aroundwebereinc: The php version in Lucid is 5.3.518:42
james147webereinc: so upgrading will upgrade you to that version18:42
webereincjames147: OK - then I have been reading some inconsistent material that said that ubuntu would no longer have PHP 5.3 in it18:42
Daskreechcosmic303: Bleah :) sorry18:42
james147genii-around: :p then why is maverick lower?18:42
genii-aroundSorry 5.3.2 in Lucid18:42
lusmusHello again18:43
genii-aroundjames147: Because I did an apt-get source on my Natty box and it got 5.3.5 but i forgot I wasn't on my Lucid box :)18:43
james147webereinc: possibally that the php guys arnt building for ubuntu... but form what I know ubuntu builds all its own packages anyway18:43
james147genii-around: :D18:43
BluesKajDaskreech, no , but maybe I should :)18:43
Daskreechhi lusmus18:44
james147Daskreech: not enough :)18:44
lusmusis LFS the best way to get what i want :)18:44
Daskreechjames147: or you know ... debian does18:44
webereincjames147: Thank you very much!  I believe I just need to make my backups, verify my upgrade plans, and then upgrade the server OS and see what comes along for the ride...18:44
james147lusmus: no18:44
Daskreechlusmus: There is no "best way" there is way that you like18:44
lusmushehe, yea i want to make me a my own dist18:45
james147lusmus: linux form stracth is a very complicated and long process deisgned for building linux for spical enviroments... you can do it but it will be allot more effort then its worth... i suggest you start with somethibng like arch... i think its exactly what ou are looking for18:45
Daskreechlusmus: But would be a good experiment. It's a deep end of the pool way to learn more about Linux18:45
Daskreechlusmus: By the time you get anything working you'd be a lot smarter and older18:45
grawchohey guys ... natty and backporst work on maverick you only have to replace the /etc/apt/sources.list.d/*.* to contain lucid sources18:46
BluesKajwebereinc, i guess you talking about a net upgrade , sorry for the wrong interpratation18:46
grawchoit works fine 4 me18:46
Daskreechcosmic303: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=159580118:46
james147lusmus: one of the major problems with linux from scratch and building your own distro completely from scratch, it that it is ALLOT of maintance after you ahve build it18:46
Daskreechjames147: he won't stick to it but he would know a lot more18:47
Daskreechassuming that lusmus is a he18:47
james147lusmus: it would be easier to start with an existing distro and changing it to your needs...  but yes, it is a good way to learn linux :)18:47
webereincBluesKaj: Not sure what you mean by a net upgrade... I need to get an existing server from PHP 5.2.10 to 5.3... don't really care how I do it as long as I don't necessarily have to rebuild/restore the entire server from scratch....18:47
james147Daskreech: I am just saying why it wouldnt be a good idea to stick with it :)18:48
james147(which i think he wants to do)18:48
Daskreechwebereinc: he means doing it from the internet rather than a CD18:48
cosmic303Daskreech: yeah i tried that before, but still xsane cant find any scan devices, neither does scanimage -L18:48
webereincDaskreech: Would that be considered a more risky upgrade path... doing it from the Net?18:49
Daskreechlusmus: in any case both james147 and I agree it's a bad functional idea. you'll get frustrated long before you get anything reasonable working18:49
lusmusthe main is is that i want to work with a distro, and can programming my own stuff on the distro, and those who like to can help and  etc18:49
james147webereinc: What i would suggest is trying a livecd, see if your system works with that version, and if it dose then BACKUP and upgrade your current system18:49
Daskreechlusmus: You can do that with any distro18:49
webereincjames147: Since I have added a lot of stuff that wasn't on an original LiveCD, won't I *need* to upgrade via the net?18:50
james147lusmus: i sugest staring from something that someone has already done... both arch linux and gentoo are designed to do what you want... build up a system from scratch (or near enough) and be easier to maintain18:50
lusmusim just wanna learn about linux isnt it the thing to get LFS18:50
Daskreechwebereinc: No Debian is really good about upgrades18:51
james147webereinc: anything installed via apt-get (or other package manager) will be upgraded with the system18:51
Daskreechit can upgrade core things then on the next normal update will pull everything else up18:51
Daskreechassumung they are managed byt hte package manager18:51
Daskreechlusmus: yes18:51
Daskreechlusmus: if you want to actually do anything?18:51
webereincDaskreech: & James147: since I'm at Kubuntu 9.10, do you know if I can upgrade all the way to 10.10 or do I have to go through intermediary upgrades?18:52
james147lusmus: its a good way to learn... but will be VERY fustrating, espically if you dont know what you are doing, if you try either gentoo or arch you will also learn ALLOT about linux (they are both very transparent with good documentation) and will prvide a more usable system after18:52
james147webereinc: i think you need to do intermediate upgrades18:52
Daskreechwebereinc: probably intermediary18:52
webereincDaskreech: & James147: Thank you both very much for your insights and assistance... I believe I know have a plan.18:53
Daskreechthere are scripts in between dist-upgrades that ease the change of renaming config files etc18:53
Daskreechthey don't work forever though just between certain version18:53
james147lusmus: I would highly recomend tring to install either gentoo or arch before trying linux from scratch...18:53
james147webereinc: and remember... BACKUPS :D18:54
webereincJames147: ABSOLUTELY=-O18:54
Daskreechlusmus: LFS is built assuming certain knowledge and goals you have neither so a LOT of things will break18:54
DaskreechI'll probably go on record saying everything you can break will break18:55
webereincDaskreech: & James147: Thanks again to you both!  Have a great rest of the week!18:55
DaskreechIf you don't have some amount of CS training you will know FAR more about the computer than anyone reasonably should know who doesn't want to build low level systems18:55
Daskreechwebereinc: Enjoy!18:55
Daskreechbut you will know.18:56
james147lusmus: yup... it will be a very very fustrating experience if you dont have a fairly detailed knowledge of how linux already works :)18:56
lusmusi want  very light system not any much memory usage18:56
james147lusmus: linux from scratch isnt the best way to get that... arch or gentoo is (I advise arch as you dont need to waste time compiling everything)18:57
james147lusmus: but even then, its more of a choise of desktop enviroment then anything else... arch with kde will use about the same amount of memory as kubuntu does (probally slightly less)18:58
Daskreechlusmus: join #fluxbuntu18:59
james147lusmus: fast and light weight != you having to build everything your self, its about what programs you use...18:59
Daskreechcosmic303: You tried that repo?19:00
cosmic303Daskreech: i get an error message when i try to update my sources..saying ttp://ppa.launchpad.net/plaxx/random-fixes/ubuntu/dists/lucid/main/binary-i386/Packages.gz  404  Not Found19:00
lusmuswhat you meant with build everyhing? with arch?19:00
cosmic303maybe the repo has changed?19:00
Daskreechcosmic303: I guess your h missing is a bad copy/paste and not the real error message?19:02
cosmic303i missed the h when i c&p ...lol19:02
james147lusmus: with linux from scratch and gentoo you will need to compile just about everything you want to use... its a very long and boring process (and will be very fustrating with lfs as you have to deal with dependencies yourself), where as arch has a reposity of precompiled binaries (like ubuntu does), which you can down load and install easaly... although unlike ubuntu you have to install what you want, and configure it the way you want19:03
cosmic303i found this ... http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1682901 ...but im not sure where to enter that other url?19:03
Daskreechcosmic303: nope it doesn't have lucid19:04
* james147 notes that compiling stuff is a good experence you can do on any distro... but having to compile everything is very tedious19:04
cosmic303that means i have to update to 10.10?19:04
cosmic303to get the scanner working?19:05
Daskreechcosmic303: You might be able to cheat :)19:07
cosmic303sounds awesome, tell me more :)19:08
lusmus_hello :)19:10
Daskreechcosmic303: do you know what package you need?19:11
Daskreechlusmus_: Hello19:11
cosmic303well i know i need the latest sane..but since the repo doesnt work i have no idea where and how to get it19:11
DaskreechLike those?19:13
cosmic303i just copy that in my sources.list and do apt-get update?19:14
Daskreechnot really :019:15
cosmic303eh...nevermind..lol...ill download the .deb from that site :D19:16
lusmus_is ubuntu server a good choice?+19:16
Daskreechcosmic303: Right :)19:16
Daskreechlusmus_: yes19:17
lusmus_its funny that i can use internet in terminal in w3m :)19:18
BluesKajw3m is still browser so it needs the 'net19:23
Daskreechlusmus_: if by funny you mean awesome :)19:23
cosmic303Daskreech: same result... sane-find-scanner detects an usb scanner, but scanimage -L wont find anything19:25
cosmic303this is what sane-find-scanner says found USB scanner (vendor=0x04a9, product=0x1909, chip=GL124?) at libusb:001:00519:26
Daskreechdoes it get a dev entry?19:30
cosmic303where would i check that?19:31
agneseitalia ubuntu chat?19:32
lusmus_its awsome if you just have ubuntu server and wanna surf the net :)19:32
agneseisn't the bot answer me? XD anybody know the channel for the italian ubuntu?19:33
Daskreech!it | agnese19:34
ubottuagnese: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)19:34
agnesesuper thanku Daskreech ;)19:34
Daskreechjono: thanks for your ring in on the GNOME collaboration debate19:35
Daskreechjono: Will there be anyone from Canonical at UDS?19:35
jonothanks Daskreech19:35
jonoDaskreech, oh yeah, a huge Canonical contingent go to UDS19:35
cosmic303ok...im recompiling sane-backends now..lets see if it works19:35
Daskreechjono: ok could there be some PRE convention work at setting some non invite meeting to discuss this19:36
Daskreechcosmic303: not trying a reboot of sane first?19:36
cosmic303too late.19:37
cosmic303if it doesnt work this time, ill give up for today and just plug it into the windows laptop...lol19:39
Daskreechha ha :) ok19:39
DaskreechI'm sure it's somethign like it's not getting a dev entry19:40
Daskreechthe kernel knows it is there but the userland doesn't19:40
cosmic303i found a tutorial for the lide 100 now..hopefully works for the 110 as well19:40
cosmic303ok rebooting now..as tutorial says...i might brb19:43
BluesKajwhat about xsane ?19:43
cosmi303well yay me!19:49
cosmi303and ty Daskreech :)19:49
lusmus_what is the diffrent from desktop and server?19:50
Daskreechlusmus_: one has a desktop19:50
cosmi303i have no idea what was different this time..but who cares..lol19:50
DaskreechI'll leave it to the detectives to find out which one19:50
james147lusmus_: the desktop has a slightly different kernel and has a gui :)19:50
lusmus_i meant the big diffrents19:51
genii-aroundlusmus_: The server install has no graphic interface, all is done by typing in at console. Also some server things like webserver and database server get put on by default19:51
james147genii-around: is the web server installed by default? i thought it could be selected to be install, but wasent19:51
cosmi303well ty again Daskreech ...always a great idea to come here and ask u guys19:52
elitrouhi guys. i need some help in defining udev rule for my broadband mobile modem. anyone?19:52
Daskreechjames147: It is but it's turned off19:52
genii-aroundjames147: In LAMP which is I think the default, you get the Apache MySQL and PHP19:52
Daskreechonce you take X off a CD you getloooads of space19:52
Daskreechelitrou: did you try asking in #udev ?19:53
genii-aroundI usually do a minimal then go with tasksel lamp19:53
Daskreechunless genii-around happens to know udev-foo :)19:53
elitrouDaskreech: not yet19:53
lusmus_the thing was i wanted to begin with programming same time have server.. and it might is a good idea to get ubuntu server?19:54
genii-aroundDaskreech: Not today19:54
Daskreechlusmus_: sure that would work19:54
james147lusmus_: the desktop can do everything the server can and the server everything the fdesktop can19:54
james147lusmus_: having a dedicated server is useful... if you have a spare computer... but there is little point in installing the server and desktop on the same computer :)19:55
lusmus_yea, the thing is the same time i learning linux in bash and stuff i can have a server to play with :)19:56
Daskreechjames147: Disagree about the server doing all the desktop can do :)19:57
james147Daskreech: why?19:57
genii-aroundSometimes too you can only get proprietary drivers for stock kernel and not server kernel, which sucks19:58
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Daskreechcause I can think of a few things that I can do pretty trivially in the desktop that I can't think of a good equivalent for in the server19:58
Daskreechgenii-around: why would you need those for a server kernel?19:58
* BluesKaj has a so called server for media stuff , but no webhosting or apache , so I'll probly corrected for calling it a server :)19:58
DaskreechBluesKaj: Does it serve another device?19:59
BluesKajyup, my tv and HT setup19:59
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BluesKajand the other pcs on the network , of course20:00
Daskreechit's a server20:01
BluesKajwas thinking of installing mythtv , but it's abit over the top for what I do20:01
lusmushow do i clean a full ubuntu?20:03
BluesKajDaskreech, well the ppl at #ubuntu don't think so cuz it doesn't host on the web , that was their definintion and I was soundly criticized for calling my media pc a server :)20:03
DaskreechBluesKaj: There is a reason I don't hang out in #ubuntu20:03
BluesKajanyway we're getting OT20:03
v3ctora server is a process that offers a service. said process can run on any version of *ubuntu20:05
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BluesKajDaskreech, they have some what I call correction cops/members who troll the text looking for insignificant mistakes in definitions/nomenclature etc , but never appear to help anyone20:05
v3ctorif your media pc is offering some sort of a service, it is a server20:05
lusmusi was thinking about getting a server, but still use it almost like a desktop?20:06
DaskreechBluesKaj: It's gotten _a lot_ quieter but lots of people started using kubuntu because we are much more reasonable in #kubuntu than #ubuntu20:07
Daskreechlusmus: You can do that20:07
lusmushmm how do i remove all completely from a app or something20:08
Daskreechlusmus: huh?20:11
lusmushmm.. if i delete pidgin for example.. how do i remove all stuff connected to it?20:13
Daskreechsudo apt-get remove pidgin --purge20:16
lusmusok thx20:17
lusmusi dont think to reinstall ubuntu just cus i going to desktop/server comp?20:17
Daskreechno you can almost apt-get remove xserver-xorg && sudo apt-get autoremove and it should dump all gui stuff20:19
lusmusso if just want to get rid of all i just do that?20:19
lusmusbut i can just remove the unwanted stuff i dont want? :p20:20
Daskreechlusmus: yes20:21
lusmushow do i remove all that comes with the desktop?20:22
DaskreechI just told you20:25
Daskreechthen you can apt-get install ubuntu-server20:25
lusmusoki doki :)20:25
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ctoonis there a possibility to make write protect some selective o office spread sheet colums in a sheet ? and secondly if a cell (which is not write protected) is edited. it turns its color. ?21:22
BluesKajctoon, ask in #openoffice21:24
BluesKajctoon, no one there :(21:26
BluesKajtry #libreoffice21:27
BluesKajctoon, ^21:27
castellinoif i make a flash be bootable using kubuntu, can it be used with windows xp?21:34
elitrouhi, i need some help with understanding udev rules. anyone?21:40
lusmusis it possible to get ubuntu server to wubi?21:43
harmandeepguys, is there any boot time parameter that can set Clock Frequency to 1000Hz on Ubuntu lucid x64 10.04.121:44
BluesKajelitrou, maybe this can help http://linuxcommand.org/man_pages/udev8.html21:44
lusmusharmandeep did answer to me?21:46
BluesKajharmandeep, install cpufrequtils21:47
james147lusmus: there any reason you need a wubi install?21:47
harmandeepi meant "System clock of the kernel"21:47
lusmushehe maybe if you need to use both OS :P21:48
elitrouBluesKaj: i'm trying to understand a way to map my broadband mobile modem permanently to ttyUSB021:48
BluesKajharmandeep, cpufrequtils will set Clock Frequency to 1000Hz on Ubuntu lucid x64 10.04.121:48
harmandeepbut i am not talking about CPU Clock21:49
harmandeepi am talking about System Clock which is managed by Kernel21:49
elitrouBluesKaj: currently I only found the following entry in existing rules : "# BandLuxe_3.5G_HSPA_Adapter (pci-0000:00:1d.7-usb-0:3.1:1.0)21:50
elitrouSUBSYSTEM=="block", ENV{ID_CDROM}=="?*", ENV{ID_SERIAL}=="BandRich__Inc._BandLuxe_3.5G_HSPA_Adapter_358094022164538", SYMLINK+="cdrom4", ENV{GENERATED}="1"21:50
james147harmandeep: what do you mean by the system clock?21:50
BluesKajsorry harmandeep , dunno what you mean then21:50
harmandeepComputer timer hardware21:50
harmandeepEvery operating system has its own method to handle timekeeping issues. There are various kinds of timer mechanisms that are used to keep time on a computer. T21:50
BluesKajelitrou, mobile modem ? do you mean a wifi USB adapter ?21:51
elitrouBluesKaj: it's not a wifi, but rather cellular modem21:52
elitrouBluesKaj: and it indeed uses USB port21:52
lusmusjames how do you answer like that? :)21:53
BluesKajsorry elitrou , that's beyond my scope .I'm used ordinary routers with wifi and ethernet21:53
elitroui'm not sure it's about modem at all, just strange to me that it's mapped as cdrom21:54
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james147lusmus: you can install two system side by side without wubi... its called dual booting.... (and can be done with 3 or 4 or as many oses as you need)21:54
elitrouit does works, but only when mapped on ttyUSB0 port21:54
elitroulooking for a way to force udev to map it on that port permanently21:55
james147lusmus: wubi wont let you run both oses at once, its just a convient way to "install" [k]ubuntu 'inside' windows but works in a simlar way to dual booting (you need to restart to switch operating system)21:55
james147lusmus: and answer like what?21:56
lusmuslike that.. it lightups on my screen then you answer :P21:56
james147lusmus: thats your irc client highlighting your username, although i am useing tab completation to complete your name :)21:57
lusmushehe, but im not so pro on parition its why i use wubi :(21:58
james147lusmus: partitoning is too hard, although it is a little dangrous (its easy to delete the wrong partition and lose data that is)...21:59
james147lusmus: most installer will help make it easier, just make sure you dont select the option to overwrite the whole disk :)22:00
james147(thus, its a good idea to make backups)22:00
lusmushehe, but would it not easier to just use wubi and install ubuntu and install server and remove these stuff22:00
james147remove what stuff?22:01
lusmusall desktop22:03
james147lusmus: i would say there is little point in removing the desktop stuff.....22:05
james147lusmus: you can always disable g/kdm so that the gui dosnt start... then you can always start it should you want to use it22:06
lusmusok, hehe22:07
BluesKajtvtime..later all22:08
* james147 notes that diskspace is cheap... and if your are worrying about that then you should buy a larger hdd22:09
scottamungahey, has anybody had problems connecting to wireless with KNetworkManager?22:25
grawchodefine problem22:28
scottamungagrawcho: where it won't connect at all22:30
scottamungaI'm trying to set up either gnome's networkmanager or wicd to replace it, but I haven't been able to get either to work?22:30
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shady__my boot splash turned blue, can any1 help?22:54
shady__i also dl a new boot splash screen but don't know how to install it22:55
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shady__is there a way to reset my kubuntu to all it's default settings like fresh install?23:21
james147shady__: you can reset your profile to the default settings by deleting (or rather.. moving) the config files in your home directory (ones begining with . )23:23
james147shady__: ^^ and copying the contents of /etc/skel to your home ^^ (or just not rename/delete the files in there)23:24
james147shady__: ^^ you can reset just the kde settings by renaming23:24
james147  ~/.kde  ^^23:24
shady__but i have an issue23:24
shady__i downloaded my video driver23:25
shady__but i don't wanna do that again23:25
shady__it's huge23:25
shady__any idea where to find it?23:25
* james147 notes that you shouldnt move or rename .bashrc .profile or .bash_profile if they exist... all other should be safe... though he suggests renaming them so you can move them back23:25
james147shady__: video driver is installed to the system and wont be reset by moving config files in your home dir23:26
shady__1 more quiz23:27
shady__my boot screen dosen't appear anymore23:27
shady__instead of it blue1 appear like the konsole23:28
ubottuPlymouth manages the Ubuntu boot process (before the root filesystem is mounted) and also provides a graphical boot animation.  To change your Plymouth theme use « sudo update-alternatives --config default.plymouth && sudo update-initramfs -u »23:28
shady__will the reset fix?23:28
shady__ohh.. nice bot:)23:29
shady__brother it says nothing to configure23:36
shady__is the file deleted?23:37
james147shady__: make sure you have a plymouth theme installed (search your packagemanager for plymouth... i cent remember what they are called23:40
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