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cjohnstonI'm getting "bzr: ERROR: At lp:ubuntu-community-webthemes/light-wordpress-theme you have a valid .bzr control directory, but not a branch or repository. This is an unsupported configuration. Please move the target directory out of the way and try again.00:47
cjohnston" when I try to push a branch..00:47
cjohnstonI don't see anything on LP.. how can I fix this?00:48
lifelesscjohnston: did you make the branch by hand ?00:49
lifelesscjohnston: bah, I mean 'in the web UI'00:50
cjohnstonThe other three I did have worked00:50
lifelesstry adding --use-existing-dir to your command00:50
lifelessgenerally speaking, don't create branches in the web UI00:51
cjohnstonI'm using that00:51
cjohnstonoh.. I didnt know there was another way00:51
lifelesscjohnston: easiest thing to do is to delete the branch00:51
lifelesscjohnston: and then just push00:51
StevenKbzr push is magical00:51
cjohnstonso I have to push it to the team branch and then create the series?00:52
lifelesscjohnston: yes00:53
lifelesscjohnston: or create the series, push to the team branch, then link the two.00:53
lifelesswe should make this a little nicer00:53
lifelessthe push to create bit works great00:54
lifelessbut you can't push to create a series branch yet00:54
lifelesswe're kindof-there, but not entirely.00:54
cjohnstonthis one I got: bzr: ERROR: Permission denied: "+branch/ubuntu-community-webthemes/light-django-theme/"00:54
lifelesspush to00:55
lifeless*thats* the team branch url00:55
cjohnstonfixed.. thanks lifeless01:03
lifelesscjohnston: de nada01:14
ovnicrafthello there is any sprint for starred/ following/watch projects for users01:59
ovnicraftwe need know more about project in lp01:59
wgrantovnicraft: We don't have any immediate plans for adding that sort of functionality. Do you have any particular ideas for using that?02:13
ovnicraftso i am looking several projects02:13
ovnicraftrss helps02:13
ovnicraftbut we need in our profile a list with projects marked by user as important02:14
ovnicrafti dont know what concept wants to implement lp02:14
ovnicraftas you know bitbutcket has follow, github has watch google code has starred02:15
wgrantAnd events from those projects show up on your personal pages?02:15
wgrantWe have some plans for that sort of thing. Could you file a bug?02:17
ovnicraftoff course :)02:19
ovnicrafti found this http://doc.bazaar.canonical.com/developers/colocated-branches.html02:31
ovnicraftthis will supported in LP?02:32
wgrantovnicraft: That's not clear at the moment.02:34
wgrantWe may, but it's not clear that there's any benefit in doing that server-side.02:34
wgrantSince there are no working trees, and repositories are handled by stacking.02:34
ovnicraftstacking means it will works maybe w/o changes in server side?02:35
ovnicraftok so will see what happen with this i work in a big project hosted in lp and modules repository start to be too big02:39
ovnicraftthanks for all02:39
wgrantovnicraft: Branch stacking handles that well.02:39
wgrantovnicraft: When you push up a new branch, you only have to push the data that is not in trunk.02:39
ovnicraftyes we working in that way02:39
wgrantYou don't need server-side colocated branches for that.02:39
wgrant(not in bzr, at least. hg and git do)02:40
ovnicraftbut when i need clone our modules need clone all modules and i need just work in one02:40
wgrantIs that a big problem? Don't you already have the whole lot cloned locally?02:41
ovnicraftyes i have many branches02:44
lifelessovnicraft: wgrant: we will support it in lp eventually; its not on our immediate roadmap though: our first priority is making things faster02:44
ovnicraftwhen i need fix something need clone it then propose to merge02:44
ovnicrafti dont want to get all repo just what i will fix02:45
ovnicraftlifeless, it sounds good IMHO 2.3 is faster in 2.1 i was gonna die02:45
ovnicraftmaybe its OT wgrant but write a bzr plugin can help me02:51
ovnicraftif you are in #bzr can tell my idea (and have time )02:51
wgrantI'm in #bzr.02:52
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EvilPhoenixis there a testing environment so that a potentially new project creator can create their project and get used to launchpad in a testing environment (rather than the full non-testing launchpad.net environment)?05:06
wgrantEvilPhoenix: Try qastaging.launchpad.net.05:06
wgrantIt runs on a copy of the production database that's erased every couple of weeks.05:07
wgrantIt also doesn't send email, so you can do just about whatever you want there without spamming people.05:07
EvilPhoenixah, so basically the project creator can stage their code there in a testing environment, get used to the launchpad way of things, and then if they dont want to use launchpad, the db in that area (which contains the project that was created) gets purged and no record(s) exist?05:08
EvilPhoenixforgive me for being slightly non-concise or understandable, dealing with lawyers from 5AM until 11PM can be a pita, and messes you up a tad05:08
maxbqastaging's DB is occasionally replaced with a fresh copy from the production instance05:11
EvilPhoenixso any testing stuff I do in the qastaging area will eventually be purged in an overwrite from the production database?   (whenever said purge occurs)05:15
wgrantEvilPhoenix: Yes.05:19
EvilPhoenixthat answers my questions.  thanks :)05:27
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dpmhi lifeless, good morning. I sent an e-mail re: AppDeveloperWeek to the bazaar mailing list yesterday. May I ask you to approve it in the moderation queue? Thanks!08:37
lifelessdpm: hmmm, I don't know if I still have the password08:39
dpmlifeless, ok, no worries. Do you know which admin from the list at https://lists.canonical.com/mailman/listinfo/bazaar I should better ping?08:40
lifelessfound it08:40
dpmeven better :)08:40
dpmok, thanks lifeless08:48
lifelessde nada08:48
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arvind_khadriHi, when will the site be up again?09:29
sorenApart from retrying "bzr push" every 15 seconds, how can I be notified that Launchpad is back up?09:30
wgrantsoren: identi.ca/launchpadstatus09:31
wgrantWe're just waiting for some hardware maintenance to finish.09:31
StevenKThe topic should have been changed, here, too ...09:31
arvind_khadriwgrant, 48 hours ??09:32
sorenwgrant: Oh, that's being used now? I've looked there the last three times I've had LP problems and there was no info.09:32
wgrantarvind_khadri: Hm? Should be back up well within half an hour.09:32
lifelessarvind_khadri: a few minutes to go09:32
evilvishcan we use bzr?09:32
arvind_khadriOh ok :) thanks09:33
wgrantsoren: Occasionally people forget to update it, but we're better now.09:33
sorenwgrant: Coolness.09:33
wgrantevilvish: Launchpad is down for maintenance. It should be back in a few minutes.09:33
wgrantsoren: you can see there's been a fair bit of activity on it lately.09:33
sorenevilvish: Can' push to launchpad, but bzr on its own works fine, of course.09:33
evilvishcool, i'll wait then :D09:33
sorenwgrant: Ah, yes. Excellent.09:34
arvind_khadriIts up :)09:35
sorenNot entirely. bzr push still doesn't work.09:35
arvind_khadriI just want a pull :P :D09:36
lifelesswe're bringing it up now09:36
lifelessthere are 60 or so services to come up09:36
lifelessso its not instantaneous09:36
sorenWow. 60? *boggle*09:36
lifelesssoren: about to increase somewhat in a few weeks09:36
sorenlifeless: orly? Anything particularly interesting?09:37
lifelesssoren: tweakin the load balancer <-> zope instance layer09:37
sorenSo...  no? :)09:38
wgrantlifeless has this crazy idea that Launchpad is slow or something.09:38
wgrantAnd an evil plan to fix it.09:38
lifelesssoren: + 2 of our oldest machines are being swapped out for newer hardware with more memory and cpus - and so more instances will be running on them09:38
sorenYay, codehosting.09:40
lifelesssoren: anyhow numbers - 2xapache-ssl, squid, haproxy, codebrowse, poppy, librarian, then 28 zope appserver instances, 3 postgresql, the code import worker daemons, backend workers for email, merge proposals, branch scanning09:42
wgrantAnd lots of cron jobs.09:42
sorenWhat's poppy?09:43
sorenpublisher, perhaps?09:43
sorenOr would that be too obvious?09:43
StevenKsoren: Poppy is the upload daemon09:43
StevenKThe publisher is the well, the publisher09:43
sorenOh, so close.09:43
arvind_khadrisoren, can I /msg you?09:44
sorenYou can try.09:44
lifelessoh, I forgot the build master09:44
arvind_khadrisoren, needed help with bzr :)09:44
sorenWhy not just ask (here or in #bzr)?09:45
arvind_khadrihmmm, bzr branch lp:ubuntu-bots is not working.  Says wrong branch format.09:46
arvind_khadriWhat am I doing wrong ?09:48
arvind_khadrisoren, ^09:49
wgrantarvind_khadri: Which version of bzr are you using?09:49
arvind_khadriwgrant, ^09:50
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lifelessyou will need a 2.something version09:51
lifeless2.3 would be best09:51
wgrantarvind_khadri: Wow, that's really really old.09:51
arvind_khadri:) My OS had only that09:51
jfiUploading to ppa still fail (connection refused), I guess the server is still not available? Or that's on my side?09:51
wgrantjfi: Known issue, just working on that.09:52
arvind_khadriwgrant, so how I can't branch at all using that ?09:53
arvind_khadriI mean can't I branch at all.09:53
wgrantarvind_khadri: Most branches are in a format which was introduced in 1.1609:53
jfiwgrant, ok thx for confirmation:)09:53
arvind_khadriohhh ok09:53
wgrantSo no, 1.5 isn't going to be useful for most stuff.09:53
sorenarvind_khadri: Are you on Lenny, by any chance?09:54
arvind_khadrisoren, yes :(09:54
sorenarvind_khadri: backports/lenny has 2.0.3-1~bpo50+1.09:54
arvind_khadrisoren, awesome, was searching for that now09:54
wgrantjfi: PPA uploads should be back now.09:58
jfiwgrant, hummmm.... got a strange error09:58
jfiUploading to ppa (via ftp to ppa.launchpad.net):09:59
jfi  Uploading liferea-unity-count_0.1.2-0ubuntu1.dsc: done.09:59
jfi  Uploading liferea-unity-count_0.1.2.orig.tar.gz: done.09:59
jfi  Uploading liferea-unity-count_0.1.2-0ubuntu1.debian.tar.gz: done.09:59
jfi  Uploading liferea-unity-count_0.1.2-0ubuntu1_source.changes: 1k/2k426 Transfer aborted.  Data connection closed.09:59
wgrantbigjools: ^^09:59
bigjoolsle sigh09:59
jfiwgrant, it uploads the first 3, but not the last :/09:59
bigjoolsis your changes file signed properly>?10:00
jfibigjools, yes10:00
bigjoolsthen we have a problem10:00
jfiChecking signature on .changes10:00
jfigpg: Signature made Thu 10 Mar 2011 10:34:10 AM CET using RSA key ID 82A3F5F610:00
jfigpg: Good signature from "Jean-Philippe Orsini <jeanfi@gmail.com>"10:00
jfigpg:                 aka "jeanfi <jeanfi@gmail.com>"10:00
jfiGood signature on ./liferea-unity-count_0.1.2-0ubuntu1_source.changes.10:00
bigjoolsok, we'll get this fixed shortly10:03
jfibigjools, do you want the debug log? There is  a traceback if it helps you10:03
wgrantjfi: We've identified the issue.10:04
bigjoolsjfi: no, we know what the problem is, thanks10:04
wgrantFix in progress.10:04
jfiwgrant, ok10:04
wgrantjfi: Could you try again?10:04
jfi  Uploading liferea-unity-count_0.1.2-0ubuntu1_source.changes: done.10:05
jfiSuccessfully uploaded packages.10:05
sorenIs everything supposed to be back? (Read: is it worth mentioning that e.g. http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~zulcss/nova/nova-lxc/revision/758 throws an HTTP 500?)10:05
lifelessbeing looked at10:05
wgrantjfi: Thanks for checking.10:06
wgrantjfi: And letting us know that it was broken.10:07
wgrantjfi: We just deployed some new checks that weren't quite set up properly.10:07
bigjoolsit's checking that the changes file is signed now10:07
bigjoolsI'll be blogging about it later10:07
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james_wdid anyone else see bzr giving "not a branch" messages during the rollout?14:22
james_w(for things that are branches)14:22
james_w(and on LP)14:22
janimoI got this error from dput: "426 Transfer aborted.  Data connection closed." but the uplaod succeeded14:37
janimoI wonder if it has anyting to do with recent FTP server side work which I read about n the blog14:38
janimogpg: WARNING: This key is not certified with a trusted signature!14:48
janimogpg:          There is no indication that the signature belongs to the owner.14:48
janimoI get this as warnings from GPG so maybe this influences the LP side check?14:48
bigjoolsjanimo: it's possible there are some bugs in the new FTP server14:52
bigjoolsif you get gpg warnings that will almost certainly be the cause of the error14:53
janimobigjools, ok. Although the upload succeeds in spite of the error, which is an error in itself14:54
bigjoolsjanimo: not necessarily14:54
bigjoolsit could be transient - the final gpg check is done later14:55
jhunt_hi all - are there any known issues with ppa uploads right now?14:59
bigjoolsjhunt_: it would help if you could state what problem you are having14:59
jhunt_so, more than one eh?15:00
jhunt_the error I'm getting is "Data connection closed" on dput15:00
bigjoolsthere are no known problems15:00
bigjoolscan you pastebin your complete dput output15:01
janimobigjools, PPA are handled differently? unaffected by FTP server change?15:01
bigjoolsthere is a new ftp server today that verifies gpg signatures at upload time15:01
jhunt_the first 3 files upload ok, but the .changes file gives the error above. It's only 1.6k15:01
bigjoolsif the changes file is not signed properly, an error is returned15:01
jhunt_The file is signed15:02
bigjoolssigned properly means with a signature that Launchpad knows about15:02
bigjoolsand is not deactivated etc15:02
jhunt_gpg --verify gives "good signature"15:02
janimobigjools, LP knows about this15:02
janimothe warnigns are about not being in the web of trust15:02
janimoI use the same GPG key  for 6 years15:03
jhunt_I've uploaded to this ppa before using the same key, etc.15:03
bigjoolshow long ago did you upload?15:03
jhunt_3 days ago.15:03
jhunt_worked fine, just now failed.15:04
bigjoolshow long ago did you upload your most recent15:04
jhunt_5 mins maybe?15:04
jhunt_do you want me to try again?15:04
bigjoolslet me know if you don't get an acceptance email in 10 minutes15:04
jhunt_ah! just got a mail saying my .changes was rejected.15:05
bigjoolswhat was the error?15:06
bigjoolsjanimo: yours was accepted, right?15:06
janimoyes, just the error was confusing15:07
janimoso I uploaded thrice15:07
jhunt_"File upstart_0.9.1.orig.tar.gz already exists in Upstart test packages", however, even re-running the dput with --force doesn't resolve the "Data connection closed" error, so I don't think that's the main problem?15:07
bigjoolsjhunt_: yes, the rejection is unrelated15:07
bigjoolsI suspect it's the same issue that janimo just reported15:07
bigjoolsjanimo: would you mind filing a bug please?15:08
janimoagainst LP?15:08
bigjoolsthank you15:08
jhunt_if it lets you... sorry! :)15:08
bigjoolsjhunt_: http://blog.launchpad.net/cool-new-stuff/launchpad-package-upload-improvements15:08
bigjoolsthis is a teething problem :)15:09
jhunt_bigjools: that's not the error I get though.15:09
bigjoolsjhunt_: exactly :)15:09
bigjoolssome errors we can ignore, but it needs to be fixed in the server15:10
bigjoolsright now it's warning about any kind of GPG issue15:10
bigjoolsjanimo: it would also be super useful if you could attach your .changes file that caused the error to the bug15:10
janimobigjools, https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/73263815:11
ubot5Ubuntu bug 732638 in Launchpad itself "FTP server prints error on dput" [Undecided,New]15:11
bigjoolsjanimo: thank you15:12
janimobigjools, yw15:13
bigjoolsjanimo: can you attach your changes file?  Or did you just do that?15:13
janimobigjools, I'll attach it15:15
janimobigjools, attached. I thought dput output contains enough info but it does not.15:16
dpmhey, I like the loggerhead facelift, looks a lot more like LP15:17
bigjoolsjanimo: can you try self-certifying your GPG key?15:31
janimobigjools, uhh if you point me to a short description of how to do it or I casn figure it out later today15:34
janimoif it does not break my key, sure why not15:34
bigjoolsuse a key tool (I use kgpg) and self-sign it  (I meant sign not certify earlier)15:35
bigjoolsI think that is what dput is complaining about15:36
janimobigjools, ok I need to read some gpg manpage and see how to reproduce the warning in the first place without dput15:41
maxbErm, isn't the self-signature on a gpg key necessarily existent as part of making it be a key? so should be already there?15:44
maxbbigjools, janimo: Are we talking about the "WARNING: This key is not certified with a trusted signature!" thing here?15:48
janimomaxb, yes15:49
maxbThere's nothing you can do the the uploader's key to avoid that.15:49
janimoand the other line beside it15:49
maxbPoppy needs to stop trying to do web-of-trust checks, because they are irrelevant here15:49
jhunt_bigjools: still no auth mails received from launchpad...?15:52
bigjoolsmaxb: yeah, I aim to get rid of those checks in poppy15:53
bigjoolsfunny thing is, the checks are identical to the upload processor15:53
bigjoolsjhunt_: auth mails?15:53
maxbbigjools: Different ~/.gnupg/gpg.conf between the two components in production?15:54
jhunt_bigjools: sorry, I meant acceptance email15:54
bigjoolsjhunt_: if there's no acceptance mail it means there's a definite GPG problem15:54
bigjoolsor, the changes file is malformed15:55
jhunt_any clues on how I debug this? "dput -d" gives a backtrace.15:55
bigjoolswhich user/ppa?  I'll check the log15:55
bigjoolsand what time exactly did you upload?15:55
bigjoolsmaxb: no idea, but thanks for the hint15:56
bigjoolsmaxb: oh actually it's the same box anyway, so no15:56
jhunt_bigjools: user is lp:~jamesodhunt, ppa is upstart-testing15:56
maxbbigjools: but is it the same user account15:56
bigjoolsah, no :)15:57
jhunt_bigjools: last dput was at "Thu, 10 Mar 2011 14:23:28 +000015:57
jhunt_" according to the rejection mail.15:57
bigjoolsjhunt_: you got a rejection at 15:5016:01
bigjoolsupstart_0.9.1.orig.tar.gz uploaded with different contents16:01
bigjoolsthat will have emailed you16:02
* bigjools stops doing jcsackett's job :)16:03
jcsackettbigjools: you were doing a better job of it. :-)16:03
bigjoolsjcsackett: I am happy to coach you, this is the #1 ppa-related question :)16:04
jhunt_bigjools: yes, I got that msg too, but as I say, I did a "dput -f" ??16:04
bigjoolsjhunt_: that is not going to help you16:05
jhunt_bigjools: do I have to delete all the existing packages to allow a re-upload maybe?16:05
jcsackettbigjools: which one? you seem to have been juggling three questions there.16:05
bigjoolsjhunt_: you can never upload the same file version with different contents16:05
bigjoolsdon't kid yourself it's the same file16:05
bigjoolsjhunt_: there's 2, the duplicate file rejection, and the upload with no email reply problem16:06
bigjoolsI meant jcsackett ^16:06
jcsackettbigjools: dig.16:06
bigjoolsjcsackett: https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/soyuz/+faq/990 and https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/soyuz/+faq/22716:06
jcsackettand now those are part of IRCSupport wiki page.16:08
bigjoolsjhunt_: can you tell me if you get that ftp error again, we changed something on the server16:17
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ftaall my ppa uploads are rejected since yesterday: http://paste.ubuntu.com/578422/16:36
bigjoolsfta: since this morning actually16:36
bigjoolshave you tried in the last 20 minutes?16:36
bigjoolsthe upload is getting through fine, the error is wrong16:37
ftawell, 4am failed, 5pm failed. last reject at 5:32, it's 5:37 here16:37
bigjoolsthe new ftp server was installed at 10:00 utc, whatever error you got beforehand was not this one16:38
Sarvattbigjools: mvo got a failure that actually succeeded 4 minutes ago16:40
ftahere is the last one: http://paste.ubuntu.com/578425/16:40
bigjoolsfta: ok, let me know if you don't get a successful upload, as I said the error is wrong16:41
bigjoolsthis is bug 73263816:41
ubot5Launchpad bug 732638 in Launchpad itself "Some Poppy GPG signature validity check warnings can be ignored" [Critical,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73263816:41
ftaoh, just got an Accepted, but only the 1st one16:41
ftathe other 4 in the same dput haven't been pushed16:42
fta..because dput failed16:42
bigjoolsmaxb: harmonising the gpg.conf didn't help :(16:42
maxb* hmm16:43
bigjoolsthe uppercase had more impact16:43
maxbHow close is whatever launchpad does to invoking gpg in the shell?16:43
bigjoolsnot entirely sure16:46
bigjoolsit uses gpgme16:46
bigjoolsjcsackett: can you help with this bug?  I need ideas on what's up16:48
ftaok, dput always fail, by 5, or one by one. nada. it uploads and fails before creating the .uploaded file16:48
jcsackettbug 732638?16:49
ubot5Launchpad bug 732638 in Launchpad itself "Some Poppy GPG signature validity check warnings can be ignored" [Critical,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73263816:49
ftai give up, no time for this today.16:49
bigjoolsfta: use sftp for now16:49
bigjoolsjcsackett: yep16:50
jcsackettbigjools: i *think* sinzui found some issues with our keyserver two weeks ago; this could be similar?16:50
jcsacketti believe that too was triggered by a server change...16:50
maxbbigjools: Can you point me where in the tree the validation is invoked?16:50
bigjoolsmaxb: yep, one sec16:51
bigjoolsmaxb: oh actually look in that bug, I pasted the location16:51
bigjoolsin my comment16:51
bigjoolsmaxb, jcsackett: the exact same validation done in the FTP server is done in the upload processor.16:52
bigjoolsthe latter seems to work fine16:52
bigjoolslet's move to -dev16:52
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achianghello, if a bug has been marked as affecting a project, but then i decide it actually doesn't affect the project, is there a way to remove the project from the bug?19:24
achiangcurrently, i'm just marking it as invalid for the project19:25
micahgachiang: change the project to the null project19:25
achiangmicahg: you mean literally?19:26
achiangmicahg: i typed in "null" and now it's part of the NULL project19:26
micahgachiang: yes, change project to null19:26
achiangmicahg: seems inelegant, but ok, thanks19:26
micahgachiang: yep, the LP team has plans to make it more elegant19:27
achiangok, thanks19:27
tkamppeterAny progress on bug 732638? Any workaround?19:47
ubot5Launchpad bug 732638 in Launchpad itself "Poppy FTP server returning "426 transfer aborted" errors for .changes files" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73263819:47
jcsacketttkamppeter: bigjools earlier narrowed down the possible issues. i believe work on it is still ongoing.19:50
tkamppeterjcsackett, the uploads worked anyway, so the first of my three uploads of the same package got accepted already and the other two rejected. My package is in place, but the bug needs to get fixed to avoid unneeded upload traffic.20:05
jcsacketttkamppeter: we know, and it's being worked on.20:05
tkamppeterjcsackett, thanks anyway.20:09
blueyedWhat is this about? "426 Transfer aborted" on PPA upload? http://paste.ubuntu.com/578499/20:15
blueyedI've tried it multiple times, also without "-sa"20:15
jcsackettblueyed: see bug 732638.20:16
ubot5Launchpad bug 732638 in Launchpad itself "Poppy FTP server returning "426 transfer aborted" errors for .changes files" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73263820:16
jcsackettwe're currently working on it.20:16
jcsacketthowever, it appears despite the warning, and the last message, the upload *does* successfully complete.20:17
blueyedok. thanks. did not happen with another upload (different dist and version only) though.20:17
jcsackettblueyed: what dist/version? more information could be relevant. :-)20:17
blueyedjcsackett: I've uploaded for natty, which worked fine, then for lucid, with "~lucid" appended to the natty version.20:18
jcsackettblueyed: you did both of these recently?20:18
blueyedjust now.20:18
blueyedexuberant-ctags in https://launchpad.net/~blueyed/+archive/ppa20:19
jcsackettblueyed: okay. thanks.20:19
blueyedjcsackett: to make it clear: the first upload for natty had no error, the one for lucid had.20:20
jcsackettblueyed: that's what i thought. thanks.20:20
blueyedjcsackett: I have uploaded a second revision of the package now, first for lucid then for natty. Both failed with the 426 error.20:38
jcsackettblueyed: you mean they did go through, despite the "failure" message?20:38
blueyedjcsackett: that's mentioned in the bug already.. I have not checked for this upload, but the previous lucid upload went through.20:39
jcsackettblueyed: dig.20:39
kenvandineany known problems uploading packages to ppas?20:51
kenvandine2k/3k426 Transfer aborted.  Data connection closed.20:51
kenvandineis what i am getting20:51
jcsackettkenvandine: see bug 73263820:51
ubot5Launchpad bug 732638 in Launchpad itself "Poppy FTP server returning "426 transfer aborted" errors for .changes files" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73263820:52
jcsackettdouble check this, but the uploads appear to be working despite the "failure" message.20:52
kenvandineyay, it did upload20:53
jcsackettyw. :-)20:53
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lifelesswe're giving an error on every upload?21:10
lifelesswgrant: jcsackett: ^21:13
jcsackettlifeless: i believe so. bigjools took a look at it, narrowed down causes, and i believe pulled in sinzui with the intent that sinzui and thumper would chat.21:13
lifelesssinzui: thumper: ^21:13
keesah, so the uploads are landing?21:13
thumperI've not looked yet21:13
sinzuiyes, that is exactly where we are. we need to talk21:13
* kees expects a bunch of angry soyuz emails now after retrying the same upload 4 times21:14
thumpersinzui: let me finish off what I'm doing and we can talk21:14
jcsackettkees: yes, uploads are going through, per the bug.21:14
lifelesswe did qa this, right ?21:14
keesjcsackett: okay, thanks21:15
jcsackettlifeless: "this" == ftp server upgrade?21:15
jcsacketti believe so, but i do not know who was doing the upgrade and in relation to what.21:15
sinzuilifeless: The first I learned of this was in the TL meeting. bigjools did mention it as something to watch. He tested it but was uncertain of the integration21:16
lifelesssinzui: is there an incident report for this ?21:16
sinzuiIt was not mentioned in the email from bigjools21:16
lifelessso this is in-your-face worrying for [unknown fraction] of uploads21:17
lifelesswe need an incident report21:17
lifelessif we can revert to the old server, we should do so now.21:18
lifelessafter gathering diagnostic data21:18
sinzuilifeless: this is the bug bigjools was working on https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/73263821:19
ubot5Ubuntu bug 732638 in Launchpad itself "Poppy FTP server returning "426 transfer aborted" errors for .changes files" [Critical,Triaged]21:19
wgrantWe can revert, but let me do a few minutes of investigation first.21:20
lifelesssinzui: thanks, yes thats the one I'm tlaking abut21:20
lifeless-> -ops and lets rope a losa in21:20
cody-somervilleWasn't there a 'reply' link on comments in MPs at one point?21:46
cody-somervilleI can't seem to find it now.21:46
james_wcody-somerville, there was21:48
* cody-somerville wonders why it isn't there anymore. :(21:48
jcsackettcody-somerville, james_w: it is still there, in an MP i'm looking at.21:48
=== bac` is now known as bac
cody-somervilleDoes it go away if the MP is marked as merged?21:49
cody-somerville(it would be silly if it did but its the only thing I can think of that might be different)21:49
jcsackettcody-somerville: it would appear so.21:50
donpdonphttps://launchpad.net/desktopcouch => err screen22:06
wgrantdonpdonp: What's the error message?22:07
wgrantDoes it have an OOPS code?22:07
donpdonpwgrant: i imagine it will show you the same msg. no OOPS code22:07
wgrantdonpdonp: No, it works fine for me.22:08
wgrantWhat's the error that you get?22:08
wgrantIt still works when I'm not logged in, too.22:08
donpdonpwgrant: sorry laptop just crashed22:11
donpdonpwgrant: reloading page22:11
donpdonpwgrant: of course, its working now :)22:11
donpdonpwgrant: old message was error connecting to the server, please visit #launchpad22:11
wgrantdonpdonp: Oh, that's not good.22:12
wgrantThanks for letting us know.22:12
wgrantlifeless: ^^22:12
donpdonpok thx.22:13
lifelesswgrant: interrupted request22:14
lifelesswgrant: there is an rt22:14
wgrantOh, of course.22:16
wgrantForgot that was going on, with the other stuff.22:16
=== jcsackett changed the topic of #launchpad to: https://launchpad.net/ | Help contacts: sinzui | Launchpad is an open source project: https://dev.launchpad.net/ | This channel is logged: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/
mptFWIW, I just tried (as a test) to register with Launchpad using a @yahoo.com address and using an @aim.com address, but haven't received the registration mail at either23:32
mptIt's a couple of hours later, so I doubt it's greylisting23:33
elmofwiw, yahoo is one of the providers that frequently blacklists us because of our unbelivably poor story around mail (bounce specifically) handling23:34
wgrantSomeone will need to pester ISD about that.23:34
lifelesselmo: you were looking up that bug number for me23:55
lifelesselmo: is it bug 341927 ?23:56
ubot5Launchpad bug 341927 in Launchpad itself "launchpad needs bounce handling of email" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/34192723:56
lifelessok, its already critical so, within 6 months23:56

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