johnjohn101which couchdb is natty going to ship with?01:03
Daekdroom!info couchdb01:45
ubottucouchdb (source: couchdb): RESTful document oriented database, system DB. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0.1-0ubuntu12 (natty), package size 6 kB, installed size 84 kB01:45
DaekdroomWe're past feature freeze. It's highly likely that it's shipping 1.0.x01:45
Jordan_UHow do I synchronize my time with ntp?02:23
rww1) sudo apt-get install ntp, 2) have internet access02:23
rwwand if the clock's very, very off, ntpdate may be useful. otherwise, ntp will slowly bend time until the computer's clock is right (which is a better way of doing things)02:24
DaekdroomBend time? Make seconds shorter?02:28
* rww nods02:28
rwwor longer, depending on which way the computer's clock is off02:28
throughnothingim running natty on a macbook (4,1), and just recently (maybe the past few days) it seems that wifi doesn't want to connect properly unless I have the power adapter plugged in03:08
throughnothingits a broadcom BCM432103:08
throughnothinghas anyone else heard of a similar issue, or possibly know what I could look into?  Dmesg doesnt really show me anything that seems to be useful between being on battery and plugging in03:09
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nlsthznoooh... natty got some new icons :)05:27
nlsthznbest part of an alpha release, every update brings new goodies (and hopefully less crashes :D)05:34
micahghas anyone been able to boot the 2.6.38-6 update?05:57
micahgkernel update05:57
nlsthznmicahg: the latest update... sure05:58
micahgI get Ignoring Xen kernel on non-Xen host: vmlinuz-2.6.38-6-generic05:58
micahgnlsthzn: do you have grub 1 installed?05:59
nlsthzndefault, should be grub 2 (I think)...05:59
micahgk, I still have the original grub, I think that may be part of the issue, was wondering if anyone else ran into it06:00
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micahgof anyone runs into a similar issue, it's bug 69269106:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 692691 in grub (Ubuntu Natty) "update-grub thinks my kernel is a xen one" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/69269106:13
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SeverianHowdy.  I am looking for the term to describe the taskbar or whatever it is called at the top of the screen in Unity.  For the second time today, it went away and so I can't get to the menu of any application.  The icons on the left went away, too.  I don't have any crashes that popped up.  I don't want someone here to diagnose it.  I just want to search bugs and report one, if I don't find something appropriate.06:43
frybyeHi - when trying to install 11.04 on a box with 11.10 on it already - pretty much at the start 11.04 says that the partman hast crashed with fault number 141 and trying again produces only the same result - ignoring the fault did not help...07:14
frybyethe system just hung with an "active-" cursor...07:15
Severianfrybye, How is the future, and what brings you back to our time?07:16
frybyewhat brings me back to reality is the fact that +1 versions of ubuntu are never that kind to use semi-newbies.. but there you are...07:17
frybyeto "us" semi-.....07:17
SeverianI don't know that it is ever a good idea to install an older version of Ubuntu over a newer one.07:18
frybyeoh kool - just got the ff4 rc ... whoosh...07:18
frybyeyou missunderstand.. I have 10.10 now and wanted to add a dual boot with 11.04 not 10.04 eh...?07:19
SeverianAh, you said you had 11.10 now.  No misunderstanding needed.07:19
frybyeeh and we are in #ubuntu+1 which is all about 11.04 or..?07:19
frybyeoh sorry.. a typo...07:20
SeverianI have tried to install the alternate installer of Alpha 3 of Natty several times.  There is a reported bug which causes the installer to crash about where you say.07:20
frybyeok - I was using the desktop version but probably the same...07:21
ubottuUbuntu bug 729556 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "[Natty] Ubiquity takes forever to load partitioner (if exotic file systems are present?)" [Undecided,Confirmed]07:21
frybyehmm.. 10.10 is not all that exhotic.. on the other hand there was at some stage a win7 on this box that may have not been completly wiped.. hmmm...07:23
frybyeperhaps related but in my case it was not just that it took a long time to load - i crashed immed. with a fault 14107:24
frybyeI was using the daily build from 9-3 which is probably not soooo different to the apha-3 from 3-3 in this respect..07:25
SeverianI don't know what filesystems are affected by this bug.  But, it seems like it could be your problem.  You'll have to decide for yourself.  Good luck.07:26
frybyeno prob - is not so important - just curios to give 11.04 a try.. could have a go at the live variant from the cd i guess... not that one can do much with them...07:27
zniavregood morning07:59
zniavrefirefow 4 is nt suposed to use the globalmenu ?07:59
* nlsthzn thinks all things will change in time... global menu and all :)08:00
DJJeffa major issue with ubuntu 10.10 was using samba to fileshare with windows VISTA/7 will that be fixed in 11.04?10:23
DJJeffthe issue was around logging into windows shares from ubuntu10:24
aLeSDhi all11:44
aLeSDhow could I set up my ssh server to accept the password from the local accounts ?11:44
aLeSDI mean it doesn't accept my local passwd11:44
DJJeffare you using openssh?12:05
DJJefftry looking in... /etc/ssh/sshd_config12:09
DJJeffPermitEmptyPasswords no12:10
DJJeffPasswordAuthentication yes12:10
coz_ciao dudes12:39
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vakauch... during do-release-upgrade I've answered "Yes" to replace the sudoers file... will I be able to make sudo now?13:14
Daekdroomvak, did you edit that file in the past?13:14
DaekdroomIf you didn't, then it's alright13:14
DaekdroomIf you did, unless it was something you needed for your system to work, then it's very likely alright too13:14
vakDaekdroom: I didn't edit anything manually13:15
DaekdroomWell, I was prompted for the same file replacement.13:15
Daekdroomand everything is alright ;)13:15
vakDaekdroom: thanks man! :)13:16
* vak reboots the box13:16
vakoh, #$%&! my Ubuntu doesn't boot in X/unity13:23
vakmanual startx failed as well13:23
vakunity is installed but doesn't run for some reason13:26
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nlsthznthat sucks13:31
vakif X/unity doesn't start, then perhaps runlevel is wrong?13:31
vakanyone can advise?13:34
DaekdroomLook at Xorg.0.log13:37
DaekdroomIf possible, pastebin it13:37
vakDaekdroom: ok!13:38
vakDaekdroom: hm creen not found / device not found13:42
vakdriver seems to get lost somehow...13:42
ryehell, anybody here affected by Atheros ath5k (shows up as AR5001 in lspci, 1468:0428) breaking during the transfer and not coming back until reboot with occasional LED blinking and causing the whole system to slow down during the blinking?14:16
noobhey is there a plan to include debdelta updates in natty ???14:54
Volkodavpidgin ppa is falling behind too14:59
MkaysiUbuntu ONE is telling that "Connection to server was lost" and after ten seconds it says "Conntection to server was restored." This happens every ten seconds.15:43
MkaysiHas anyone else experienced this?15:43
robin0800Mkaysi, yes just now but its much less frequent15:46
DaekdroomI am.15:46
MkaysiWell, now it's having pause but almost so often.15:47
MkaysiIs that bug reported?15:47
jarlathAnybody lost Unity since the latest updates? I keep getting the classic desktop now, even though the Unity plugin is enabledd in CCSM. I'm on virtualbox.15:49
nlsthznjarlath: nope... so far my unity still fine... but mine is a full install16:03
jarlathnlsthzn, thanks. Maybe I should check the vbox settings incase something changed since the install.16:03
nlsthznanything is possible (my natty install is so stable it is scary the whole day)16:06
robin0800using unity 2d now for two days loving it everything just works16:08
jarlathWow, that's interesting nlsthzn. Must be my setup. robin0800 , good idea! I should enable 2D acceleration and at least have unity 2D. I'll do a quick reboot.16:08
robin0800jarlath, its even got notifications in the top panel16:10
jarlathvery nice.16:12
Tohuwis the disappearing until you hover over it menu thing intended?16:12
jarlathIt'll make it easier that everyone has a similar desktop regardless of hardware.16:12
TohuwLike when I'm in an application, especially just Nautilus, the menu isn't visible until I hover over it16:12
genii-aroundThe sysinfo package installs without complaint, but has probs. I think is not installing dependencies like mono and others. http://packages.ubuntu.com/natty/sysinfo shows for some reason the only dependency is nvidia-settings. But compare for instance to the dependency list for maverick: http://packages.ubuntu.com/maverick/sysinfo16:13
robin0800jarlath, yes think so but things with menus that go there do that as well nice INMHO16:14
jarlathFor those of you with a healthy Natty/Unity setup - what kernel are you using? (uname -a). I'm on 2.6.38-616:28
yofel2.6.38-5, but I didn't update today yet, so -6 sounds right16:30
jarlathyofel, I'll be curious to see if you still have a working Unity 3D after the update :)16:34
yofelI don't use unity so I can't answer that, but I'll see if opengl works in general16:35
jarlathAh, okay.16:35
genii-aroundIf I'm not directly affiliated with my LoCo, is there a place I can announce a Natty Release Party besides http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/global/744/detail/   ?16:39
charlie-tcagenii-around: Ubuntu Weekly News? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue219#Additional%20Ubuntu%20News16:42
genii-aroundcharlie-tca: Interesting, thanks!16:43
BluesKajjarlath, same here, generic in my case 2.6.38-6-generic16:44
charlie-tcagenii-around: there will be other places too, but they haven't announced the release party places yet16:44
BluesKajbut I'm a kde user , wm files are crashing amarok .... that's why i use vlc16:45
yofeljarlath: works fine with KDE+nvidia16:46
jarlathBluesKaj, yofel - thanks!16:46
BluesKajyofel, what about you , do you have any windows media music files , if so how are they working ?16:47
yofelBluesKaj: errr, very few, would have to find some first..16:47
BluesKajI transferred some from wife's pc , maybe I should just convert them16:48
yofeltried a different backend?16:48
BluesKajthey work on vlc , crash amarok16:49
yofelno, phonon backend, old one was xine, natty uses gstreamer and there's a vlc one too16:49
BluesKajphonon uses xine from my understanding , just slightly different16:50
yofelBluesKaj: check your phonon settings for what it's using16:50
genii-aroundcharlie-tca: The last one I had was for Lucid, there was a listing of parties I think on the wiki16:51
yofelBluesKaj: if you have kubuntu-desktop installed in natty then you will have at least the gstreamer backend installed16:51
charlie-tcagenii-around: they will announce it later in the cycle16:52
BluesKajit's using xine yofel , but gstreamer is available16:52
yofeltry gst, might help if it's not an amarok issue16:53
BluesKajyofel, yup, doing it now16:53
BluesKajyofel, ok , gst works16:55
BluesKajis phonon suppodes to use gst by default or ...?16:56
yofelthe new default is gstreamer, but xine will stay enabled on upgrades IIRC16:57
BluesKajyofel, dunno muxh about gstreamer but IIRC, wasn't it the default backend for the xmms players and most others a few yrs back....seems like a regression in a way but if it works well then I'm happy :)17:04
lcbhi. does anyone know how to reconfigure keyboard on a server basic install?17:25
lcblocalepurge is not available anymore (with default repos)17:26
yofellcb: dpkg-reconfigure console-setup or keyboard-configuration I think, not sure which one17:29
lcbyofel, i just noticed i'm missing repos on the source.list. i'm manually adding it17:30
lcb...after a clean install, on this particular machine, btw17:31
lcbif i didn't do any mistake (i gess not) ihad problemas on 'tasksel' step, during install. got stuck17:32
lcbbtw, yofel, dpkg-reconfigure console-setup works, thanks!17:36
nlsthznanyone else have there main volume going to zero for the first two songs you play in Banshee... after the second the volume stays put?17:37
robotti^I am trying to install Ubuntu 11.04 latest alpha on virtual box, mut it's get always stuck to where it say: For best results, please ensuse that this computer has at least 2.5 GB available drive space and so on. After I click Forward it just does nothing17:37
robotti^is this normal at this moment?17:38
robotti^it does not work17:38
lcbrobotti^, immo i'll use dynamic space on the initial vbox settings17:39
nlsthznrobotti^: how much space are you allocating the install?17:39
robotti^lcb: I use dynamic space17:40
robotti^nlsthzn: 8GB17:40
Daekdroomnlsthzn, my volume goes to zero when I open rhythmbox or banshee, but that is it17:40
robotti^nlsthzn: when using 10.10, it just works perfectly17:40
robotti^but I cannot get over with this thing when using ubuntu 11.04 alpha version17:41
lcbrobotti^,  with alpha 3 install?17:41
nlsthznDaekdroom: goes to zero when I open, and then on the first switch of a song also to zero... after that it is fine :p17:41
robotti^lcb: yes. latest from http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/17:42
nlsthznrobotti^: I have only has one successful install of natty and it was this full install I am using currently... not sure what the VBox issue is17:42
robotti^lcb: I downloaded it about two hour ago17:42
MTecknologywhat's the default program for scanning images in natty?17:42
robotti^nlsthzn: it works nice when using it on live mode17:42
robotti^nlsthzn: but when I try install it get stuck. and installer is unresponsive17:43
robotti^I have tested 64-bit and 32-bit versions17:43
robotti^and tested it also some days ago with older build17:44
lcbrobotti^, i had some install probs also from a +/- same timing download but not due to space issues. i installed natty on several machines and works fine, so be disappointed. try the image from alpha 3, not the daily one.17:44
robotti^I can test also 10.10 and mint linux, but I am quite this happens only with this natty narwhal17:44
robotti^lcb: can you give direct link?17:45
lcb*so don't be disappointed * :)17:45
robotti^lcb: where I can download that alpha 3 image, because I just found that daily image17:46
nlsthznrobotti^: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/natty/alpha-3/17:46
lcbtks nlsthzn. i was looking for it17:47
robotti^thank you17:47
robotti^I should test it17:47
lcbrobotti^,  clear that vbox machine before install again17:48
robotti^lcb: I always create totally new virtual machine17:48
robotti^and new virtual disc17:48
lcbyeap.. better17:48
robotti^I should set it now, it just downloaded17:50
robotti^how much memory I should use?17:51
robotti^like 768MB?17:51
robotti^or 1024?17:51
lcbrobotti^, start with defaults, might be better17:51
robotti^default was 51217:52
robotti^and I have about 7GB memory17:52
lcbdoesn't matter. you'll see17:52
lcbincrease it if you prefer dough17:52
robotti^now booting17:54
lcbif it smokes don't inhale :o17:55
robotti^should I check checkbox Download updates while installing and INstall this third-party software17:55
robotti^now it is working17:56
robotti^now it does not get stuck17:56
robotti^maybe because of using daily version?17:56
robotti^that was broken17:57
robotti^might be?17:57
lcbrobotti^, natty is in testing stage so be patient.. and test.. and try again :)17:57
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lcbrobotti^, probably. i never had the type of issue i had today17:58
lcbdoesn't mean it happens in all environments dough. could work fine on other machines.17:59
robotti^now booting system18:02
robotti^it is fast install18:02
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robotti^I like it18:03
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robotti^after update it looks terrible18:14
nlsthznso far I am enjoying natty... it is my primary OS at the moment18:15
robotti^nlsthzn: but how to set sound things to top menu bar?18:15
robotti^it deleted default things from menu bar after update18:15
nlsthznouch... I am not sure to be honest18:16
robotti^it works very well after install, but after updates it is bad18:16
robotti^Now I cannot set volume and output things18:16
lcbrobotti^, when you have any probs with desktop logout and use desktop classic18:17
robotti^and there is no that where I can reboot, log in different user and something else18:17
robotti^only clock and networking icon18:17
robotti^lcb: how to do that?18:18
lcb...and later on, probably the issue you are having it might be solved (if it is natty fault  :)18:18
lcbrobotti^, no menus at all?18:18
robotti^lcb: there is global menu for software, but no menus for different things on right top toolbar18:19
robotti^I just added clock there18:19
robotti^but I do not know where I can find everything else18:20
robotti^should I delete settings nad log in again?18:20
lcblogon again and select classic desktop18:20
robotti^I can try18:20
lcbnot sure if gnome-session-save -- kill will work,  to get the logout dialog18:21
robotti^lcb: how to select classic desktop?18:21
robotti^I just log out from my user18:22
robotti^and there is only my user and no settings to select different desktop managers.18:22
lcbrobotti^,  after select user and before input your password, selec the type of desktop18:22
robotti^ok, now I get it :)18:24
robotti^lcb: there is now global menu and all little nice icons18:24
lcbadd it18:25
robotti^lcb: it is working like should be18:25
robotti^like before update18:25
lcbthat's the classical style18:25
robotti^lcb: that is not classical style, because there is that global menu18:26
lcbif your machine handles 3d you'll have all the features18:26
robotti^this is virtual box18:26
robotti^and it should handle them good18:26
lcbi didn't try on vbox yet18:26
robotti^I can install additions and try with 3D candies18:27
lcbclicking on the pannels you don't get "add to panel"?18:27
robotti^I get18:27
lcbso, you could add whatever you want, not the left natty menu bar though18:28
robotti^lcb: no, I am using classic theme18:28
robotti^and there is all default icons18:28
robotti^what I need, but when using that different system, there is only networking icon18:29
lcbrobotti^, under the hood there are a lot of changes, don't forget that. graphically you'll (we'll) get it in time.18:29
robotti^and I cannot find those little apps to menu bar18:29
lcbnow we have to pay for each one18:30
lcbjust kidding18:30
robotti^now installing virtual box additions18:31
lcbrobotti^,  that's a smart ove... before getting all graphics functions :p18:31
lcbguest additions are not only for sharing and stuff; it affects graphical manipulation too18:32
robotti^lcb: where I cant set up eyecandy?18:36
robotti^lcb: I know :) that why I installed eye candy additions :)18:36
robotti^lcb: how to enable that new unity system?18:38
lcbright click on desktop and select 'change desktop back...'. then 'theme', i guess you'll get it18:38
lcbtry logging again on 'Ubuntu desktop', not classic18:39
lcbno i have to go pee, if you don't mind :)18:39
robotti^lcb: it is totally okay to go pee :))18:41
robotti^lcb: it works now when 3D enabled on virtual box18:46
robotti^that unity18:46
robotti^lcb: how to customize that unity toolbar?18:56
robotti^look and feel?18:56
Nafalloanyone want to walk me through t18:57
Nafallogetting my grub to see the btrfs as root again?18:57
Nafalloit stopped working after this mornings updates.18:58
Nafalloor if it was last evenings... one of the two.18:58
robin0800Nafallo, recover console at grub boot time and reinstall grub18:59
Nafallorobin0800: recover console dumps me in initramfs, just as trying to boot normal does.19:00
NafalloI really need to manually mount this correctly in initramfs and let the system boot normally I believe. at least to start with.19:01
robin0800Nafallo, you will have to use a disk then19:01
Nafalloso ehrm.. the problem isn't grub.19:02
alkisgYup :)19:02
Nafallofixing something that ain't broken is not likely to be a worthy option to explore.19:02
alkisgSpecific error messages might help19:03
Nafalloit's far more likely that my initramfs images got re-spun whenever I last did the package upgrades.19:03
Nafalloif I had any... :-P19:03
Nafalloit's basically complaining that it can't find /sbin/init on /root19:03
robin0800Nafallo, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=22435119:04
Nafalloand that is because /root contains the different mountpoints of the btrfs. i.e. /sbin/init is in /root/@/ :-)19:04
* Nafallo checks the link19:04
Nafalloso again. the problem isn't likely to be grub.19:05
Nafallothe problem is most likely mount being called without an argument to select the subvolume.19:05
shaneohow do i turn off this speech thing on my natty desktop19:13
robotti^how to install gnome shell 3? :)19:18
robotti^can I also test it?19:18
coz_robotti^,  not sure but i believe there is a ppa for it somewhere19:18
doodooI have a laptop with ATI card and i want to install natty. Can I install natty on it as I heard there is no ATI driver in natty yet. Thanks19:22
Nafallorobin0800, alkisg: so yeah. adding rootflags=subvol=@ to the linux line in grub fixes my issue.19:24
alkisgNafallo: ah you made a snapshot yesterday?19:25
robotti^I managed crash my graphics driver19:26
Nafalloalkisg: I've got apt-btrfs-snapshot installed. I get snapshots every time I run apt.19:27
alkisgNafallo: heh, cool, but I thought that snapshots can't yet be deleted?19:27
alkisgSo you're stuck with ever increasing snapshots?19:28
Nafalloso no, I'd say someone broke something somewhere :-)19:28
Nafalloehrm btrfs -D SnapshotName /mountpoint19:28
alkisgGot it. I too tried btrfs but its compression is not yet working with grub19:29
alkisgSo I'll ditch it for now19:29
NafalloI've got an SSD. just saying.19:29
coz_Nafallo,  show off  :)19:29
alkisgLet's not start mentioning sizes :D19:30
coz_yes I dont want you all to feel bad :)19:30
Nafallopff ;-)19:31
Nafallowait until I get enough cash to buy a SLC-based SSD for my server :-P19:32
Nafalloright. let's see if I can convince this thing it really really wants a default subvolume if I don't specify one...19:34
robotti^how to revocer password?20:02
robotti^like how to set new password20:02
robotti^because on install I accidently set wrong password20:02
robotti^how to boot password free root?20:02
trismrobotti^: should be able to use the recovery mode, select the root shell option and then use: passwd username; to set a new password for the user, replacing username with your username20:06
robotti^trism: but it ask password?20:08
robotti^that root shell20:08
robotti^root password20:08
trismrobotti^: it does? it shouldn't when the root account is locked20:08
trismrobotti^: if all else fails you can use the live cd, mount the partition, then: chroot /dev/sda1 /bin/bash; replacing /dev/sda1 with the partition where your linux system is installed, then use: passwd username;20:11
robotti^now it works20:12
trismrobotti^: sorry not /dev/sda1, the path to the mounted partition, like /media/sda1 or whatever20:12
trismrobotti^: glad you got it working20:12
soreauToday apt-get update/upgrade/dist-upgrade gives: dpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of apport-gtk: apport-gtk depends on apport (>= 0.41); however:  Package apport is not configured yet.20:19
soreauIs there a way to fix it?20:19
yofelsoreau: can you pastebin the output of sudo dpkg --configure -a20:28
soreauyofel: http://pastebin.com/xCbn9H3a20:29
* yofel thought that was fixed...20:31
yofelis apport enabled in /etc/default/apport?20:31
soreauNot sure, how can I check?20:31
soreauyes it is enabled=120:31
soreauyofel: I am chrooted into the natty partition from maverick however..20:32
yofelah... upstart has issues with chroots I think...20:32
soreaumaybe I need to try while natty's actually running20:32
yofelgive me a sec20:32
* soreau tries20:33
yofelsoreau: edit /var/lib/dpkg/info/apport.postinst and change line 11 to:20:34
yofel 11         invoke-rc.d apport start || exit 020:34
yofelerm, without the 11 at the beginning..20:34
soreauyofel: I just booted into it and it worked20:37
* genii-around wonders if soreau ever got the "don't run as root" lecture20:37
* soreau wonders if genii-around knows what chroot means20:37
soreaubut I cannot get any windows to appear in X, just a mouse cursor and wallpaper20:38
soreauno panel, nothing. But unity and compiz are running20:38
genii-aroundsoreau: Ah, thought was regular prompt20:38
soreaugenii-around: nope. I'm usually the one giving the lecture :)20:38
yofelwhich sounds like my last unity experience...20:38
soreaubut replacing with metacity has no effect either20:38
yofelI had no panel and no sidebar20:38
soreauafter starting gnome-panel/terminal from tty, it's still nothing20:39
soreaubut it used to work20:39
robin0800soreau, try unity --replace &20:39
soreaurobin0800: actually, I probably should let all updates complete and reboot20:41
bwallumlatest overnight fails to complete install20:46
robin0800bwallum, its an alpha20:48
nperry_Need java sdk, openjdk building fails.20:49
nperry_Now its been removed from partner, where can I grab from?20:50
soreauok it's all updated but after X loads, there are no windows able to be visible, only a mouse cursor and the wallpaper. Nothing else. What could be wrong?20:53
robin0800soreau, have you logged in?20:55
soreauuh, yea it's on auto login20:55
soreaudoesn't matter what wm I try to start from tty, or start windows like gnome-terminal, they do not show in X20:55
soreaunot even the cursor changes to resize or anything when moving over the screen20:56
soreauit's just wallpaper and mouse cursor and all programs are running, it's just not showing any windows20:56
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robin0800soreau, would suspect compiz has crashed no compiz no unity 3d20:57
soreauI just need a terminal.20:58
* soreau tries startx20:58
soreauok with startx I can get a terminal up20:59
bwallum#robin0800 just feedback21:04
soreauno wonder21:04
soreaumy user isn't part of the video group for whatever reason21:04
soreaupretty serious consequence for broken 3D (when not even metacity works)21:05
bwalluminstalling latest upgrade21:06
yofelsoreau: nobody is in the video group, that's unused these days AFAIK21:07
soreauThen why does glxinfo say that it can't open drm because of permissions?21:08
soreauAnd ls -l /dev/dri/card0 is root video21:08
yofelthen some udev rule is broken maybe, works fine here21:08
soreauAre you using a proprietary driver?21:08
yofelah, you're using some open source driver21:08
soreauThen you don't count ;)21:09
soreauIt's not just some open driver btw, it's The Radeon Driver [TM] ;)21:09
guntbertwhat shall I make of the following? : sudo aptitude safe-upgrade .... Resolving dependencies...         .... open: 50601; closed: 62432; defer: 73; conflict: 174                           .Killed21:15
Daekdroom!info libnux21:24
ubottuPackage libnux does not exist in natty21:24
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soreauunity does not work at all22:01
soreauI can get compiz to work, but unity makes it so no windows are mapped and only the mouse cursor shows against wallpaper22:02
Daekdroomsoreau, have you done today's unity updates?22:02
soreauJust finished a few hours ago22:03
DaekdroomSome of them hit the repos less than an hour ago.22:03
Daekdroom(atleast here)22:04
slacksterHi, if I install 11.04 alpha three, I will be able to update everything via the update manager, and not have to reinstall the release by disc?22:38
slacksteralso, is there a page dedicated to show stopper?22:38
slackstershow stoppers*22:40
icerootnatty is the one coming without x-server? or is it ubuntu+2? :)22:43
charlie-tcaslackster: correct, you can update without re-installing and as long as you do, you will have an installation equal to the final release22:44
charlie-tcaiceroot: natty does have x-server, not sure which release will go wayland without X22:45
icerootcharlie-tca: ok, thanks22:45
charlie-tcaYou are welcome22:46
icerootIt’s highly unlikely that the default Ubuntu install in a year will be on Wayland.  shuttleworth november 201122:51
iceroot2010 of course22:51
slackstericeroot, thanks22:56
slacksteroh.. this talk of x-server22:56
slacksterdoes natty have unity by default?22:57
slacksterif so, if there are driver problems, gnome with be able to be used instead?22:58
slacksterif so :P, will that require a separate download, or it is included on the cd?22:59
KM0201slackster: i put natty on another machine that apparently had a "driver issue"... and it defaulted to Gnome no problem23:00
slacksterKM0201, ah, thanks a lot23:01

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