hajourAlanBell, ^ i not know but maybe you have something about this00:03
CensoredBiscuitg'day mate01:35
Pendulumhiya CensoredBiscuit 01:39
CensoredBiscuitI guess its time to get to work?01:39
CensoredBiscuitPendulum: ping?05:42
CensoredBiscuitWelcome back jono05:57
jonohey CensoredBiscuit05:58
nigelbCensoredBiscuit: she's probably alseep by now05:58
CensoredBiscuitI figured this much ahh It wasnt important anyhow 05:58
CensoredBiscuitI should probably asleep CensoredBiscuit is becoming TiredBiscuit05:59
CensoredBiscuitThank you though nigelb\06:01
nigelbheh :)06:01
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phillwhiyas Pendulum 19:48
MichealHHi Pendulum :)21:23
Pendulumhi phillw MichealH 21:23
phillwPendulum: meet the 2nd admin padawan - he is here to your and the team's bidding21:24
phillwPendulum: he actually 'belongs' to duanedesign but is doing admin stuff with me, and doing a really god job of it.21:26
MichealHPendulum, Prolly like phillw, If you ever need me, ping me or PM me, I do not bite!21:26
phillwPendulum: he is also dev leader for inferno, so not only is he excellent at IRC / wiki  he's also a good programmer https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MichealH (oops, sorry padawan overload, he is one of mine!)22:12

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