Nekois ubiquity-3d going to be happy with GLES2 (i.e. is someone actively finishing Compiz for GLES2?) for Natty release?00:21
Nekois there any way I can know if a bug got reported for the fact that Natty alpha3 doesn't install a working backend (gconf for example) by default, so Compiz doesn't run?00:24
Neko(once you install compizbackend-gconf and reboot it works fine but fails GL and gives you a "working session" anyway)00:24
rsalvetiNeko: linaro is doind the for to port compiz to gles00:26
rsalvetidon't know yet if it'll be ready for natty00:26
rsalvetibut we'll release at least at a ppa00:26
Nekoso on ARM, default desktop will be unity-2d?00:33
Nekoor unity-3d with the compiz falling back to software?00:33
rsalvetiNeko: for now default will be unity-2d00:48
rsalvetiideally unity-3d would be the default when you have your drivers installed00:49
rsalvetiand unity-2d the fallback00:49
rsalvetionly at arm00:49
rsalvetiat desktop the classic desktop will be the fallback00:49
Nekounity-3d does fall back properly though00:49
ScottKunity-2d does 3d just fine if the drivers support it.00:49
ScottK(I'd assume so anyway since it's Qt)00:50
Nekoit just doesn't *today* because of some compiz misversioning halfway-uploaded builder mania :)00:50
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Nekoah well. I guess we had the weekend to get a stable snapshot of the mirror and missed the opportunity :300:51
rsalvetiScottK: well, unity-2d with 3d support, from Qt is a little bit different, but yes, 3d still01:02
rsalvetithe normal unity would be with compiz01:02
rsalvetiand nux, but still need more work to support gles01:02
rsalvetiGrueMaster: cool, webkit bug is finally tested02:16
rsalvetijust running ubiquity again with the slideshow02:16
rsalvetiworking fine02:16
rsalvetiwill update the bug with the debdiff02:16
rsalvetimore than 15 hours per build02:16
rsalvetiand at least 2gb of ram to be able to link it02:17
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GrueMasterNow to fix openoffice.02:17
rsalvetione step at a time02:17
StevenKGrueMaster: I suggest more fire.02:17
GrueMasterThat takes something like 2 days on x86.02:17
StevenKGrueMaster: Uh? libreoffice on i386 finished in 5 hours.02:18
GrueMasterWell, it did back in 2006 when I was at Intel.  That was on 8x PIII Xeon 900mhz with something like 8G ram (32 bit PAE).02:18
GrueMasterSystems are a little faster these days.02:18
StevenKThe armel build started ... yesterday02:19
GrueMasterBack then, we created a 4G ram disk to do the build.  Watching it with -j 10 was cool (for about 30 seconds).02:19
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prpplagueogra / rsalveti  ping03:49
rsalvetiprpplague: pong03:50
prpplaguersalveti: hey, i'm totally brain dead this evening but......03:50
prpplaguersalveti: i need to compile a custom kernel for the panda ubuntu images03:50
rsalvetiprpplague: ok03:51
prpplaguersalveti: what git tree do i need to use, and are there any gotchas to doing a based install on the sd card, and then replacing the kernel with my custom one?03:51
rsalvetiprpplague: http://kernel.ubuntu.com/git?p=ubuntu/ubuntu-natty.git;a=summary03:52
rsalvetifor natty03:52
prpplaguersalveti: is that 10.10 ?03:52
rsalvetiprpplague: ti-omap4-dev gets you to the 38 kernel03:52
rsalvetido you need for 10.10?03:52
prpplague10.10 is what we have on omapedia, but if 11.04 is current that is fine03:52
prpplaguersalveti: any gotchas on doing a basic install on sd , then replacing the kernel with a custom built one?03:54
prpplaguei need to add support for a lvds display via the DPI interface03:54
rsalvetiprpplague: just need to install the kernel package, that will generate the initrd03:54
rsalvetithen you need to generate and copy the uInitrd and uImage files to the first partition03:55
rsalvetior if you're running the board, just call flash-kernel03:55
rsalvetiif it's not called automatically already03:55
prpplaguersalveti: is the procedure documented somewhere?03:56
rsalvetiprpplague: you mean, to build the kernel package?03:59
prpplaguersalveti: correct03:59
rsalveticooloney: do you know the correct wiki page that describe how to build the kernel?04:00
rsalvetithe kernel wiki list is quite huge04:00
rsalvetiprpplague: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeam/KernelMaintenance may help04:04
prpplaguersalveti: thanks!!!04:05
* prpplague looks04:05
rsalvetiI generally cross build it with debuild -eCROSS_COMPILE=arm-linux-gnueabi- -b -aarmel04:07
rsalvetibut at this wiki you can find all the details on how to maintain your own ubuntu kernel package04:07
prpplaguersalveti: hmm, looks like i need to do some reading tomorrow to come up to speed04:09
rsalvetiprpplague: yup04:09
prpplaguersalveti: well i'll bookmark and have look in the morning04:10
prpplaguei'm totally brain dead04:10
prpplaguegot the hardware for my netpandabook working today04:10
prpplaguersalveti: just need to get the kernel updated for the ubuntu build04:11
rsalvetiNCommander: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/webkit/+bug/72821106:26
ubot2Launchpad bug 728211 in webkit "webkit crashes with SIGSEGV on ARM" [Undecided,In progress]06:26
rsalvetione merge proposal for the webkit fix06:26
cooloneyrsalveti: sorry, just back from lunch.06:33
cooloneyrsalveti: yeah, your URL is right.06:33
* rsalveti gone, back in 7 hours06:36
cooloneyrsalveti: good night06:36
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janimoogra, managed to upgrade your ac100 to natty?10:23
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janimoanyone else with a tegra or other non-NEON capable hardware could test latest Qt in natty to see if it works - it is supposed to be built without NEON except for a few files which should only be used on NEON-capable hw10:24
alfvstehle: rsalveti: Hi! Is there a reason for pvr-omap4 to depend on libgles and libegl? It breaks my workflow (installing libgles, libegl separately under /usr/local and using LD_LIBRARY_PATH to run with them) :(11:00
vstehlealf: yes, the "test" binaries, which are in pvr-omap4 package today11:01
vstehleWhat does this break exactly?11:01
alfvstehle: 1. The ability to have both mesa and pvr installed and select at will (eg LD_LIBRARY_PATH) and 2. the pvr packages don't provide -dev versions so I can't build anything with them (I have to have mesa -dev packages installed which I can't because they conflict with the pvr ones)11:03
alfvstehle: previously I had installed pvr-omap4 normally and manually extracted libgles/egl -sgx under /usr/local/lib/sgx, so I could just select what to use with LD_LIBRARY_PATH11:05
alfvstehle: (and still be able to compile using the mesa -dev packages)11:06
vstehlealf: I am not sure we can have 1. For 2, we now have a -dev package on-going "internally". rsalveti is on it :)11:08
alfvstehle: That's good news I guess. Still I don't think pvr-omap4 depending on libgles is the best approach. Eg you could have eg a pvr-omap4-tests that contains the tests and is suggested by pvr-omap411:10
vstehlealf: agreed. I'll track that.11:16
alfvstehle: Thanks :) Another argument for this is that although there are separate packages for gles, gles2, vg there is no way to install only a subset of them (because they depend on pvr-omap4 that in turn depends on all of them).11:20
ograjanimo, probably GrueMaster can test if i.e. mumble starts on hhis dove, i havent attempted a new upgrade yet on the ac10012:02
ograjanimo, i see that the tsaksel WI was closed, did it just work ?12:06
janimoogra, GrueMaster closed that, I have not worked on that yet12:33
janimoso I don;t think it should be DONE unless things just fell into place by default :)12:33
ograwell, i'll do a test install later today lets see, probably it just runs if the debconf frontend is selected12:34
janimoalf, is GLES 2.0 preferred over GLES 1.1 or they should be picked on an app by app basis and should coexist?12:35
janimosince the API's are so differnet 2.0 does not look like a regular 'improvement'12:35
alfjanimo: gles1 and gles2 are not compatible12:36
janimoalf, yes I know. But is one preferred over the other when writing new apps12:36
janimowhen peiple tlak about let's port to GLES12:37
alfjanimo: yes, gles212:37
janimodo they mean both?12:37
janimogreat, thanks12:37
alfjanimo: in the sense that programmable gfx pipeline is the future (and there is good support for it even now)12:38
ranisuneela./join #gstreamer13:31
rsalvetialf: yeah, makes sense14:01
rsalvetiwill change it together with the new -dev package14:01
rsalvetishould hit the ppa later today14:01
alfrsalveti: cool, thanks14:01
alfrsalveti: btw, I am getting a Do you want to continue [Y/n]? y14:02
alfrsalveti: E: Could not perform immediate configuration on 'libgles2-sgx-omap4'. Please see man 5 apt.conf under APT::Immediate-Configure for details. (2)14:02
alfrsalveti: on alpha3 image, any ideas?14:03
alfrsalveti: (using omap-trunk)14:03
rsalvetialf: not yet, will try to reproduce14:03
rsalvetiI have a fresh a3 that just booted14:03
rsalvetialf: this is at the first moment you install the packages?14:04
rsalvetior after already installing the mesa ones14:04
rsalvetiincluding the -dev package14:04
alfafter having installed the mesa ones, I do an apt-get install pvr-omap414:05
rsalvetialf: did you installed the -dev packges first?14:06
alfrsalveti: yes mesa -dev packages are installed14:07
rsalvetithat could be the issue14:07
rsalvetiwill try to reproduce14:08
alfrsalveti: FWIW, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/578346/14:12
rsalvetijanimo: would you mind applying merge request from bug 728211?14:12
ubot2Launchpad bug 728211 in webkit "webkit crashes with SIGSEGV on ARM" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72821114:12
janimorsalveti, will do14:12
rsalvetijanimo: thanks!14:12
janimorsalveti, upload too I presume?14:12
rsalvetijanimo: yes :-)14:13
janimooki :)14:13
rsalvetialf: what happens if you remove the -dev packages first?14:13
alfalf: trying that now...14:13
alfrsalveti: trying that now...14:14
alfrsalveti: no improvement :/14:15
rlameiroanyone in here as experience in doing nfs boot using diferent sub-subnets14:24
rlameiroconnecting from 192.168.1.xxx to 192.168.10.xxx14:25
janimorsalveti, I think it is better to keep UNRELEASED instead of natty in branches in the future. Otherwise it creates  a branch for revision name. I am not too good with bzr/debcommit so scracthed my head a bit why it says tag already exists14:25
rlameirobeing that the latter is a router connected to the other one14:25
rsalvetijanimo: hm, ok14:26
rsalvetinot a problem14:26
ograjanimo, ++ (on the UNRELEASED part)14:37
ograjanimo, tasksel runs fine by default, the only two probs i have seen are oem-config not starting at all and colormap distortion during package removal14:38
janimorsalveti, uploaded, fingers crossed. I am really lousy at UDD style sposonring, took me more than 20 min14:39
* janimo awaits the merge triggers pkg upload LP feature14:39
janimoI dislike the need to manually keep in sync the branches and packages14:40
janimoogra, yes I saw the two bugreports. Any idea where I should start looking? Is this in the ubuntu-cdimage or debian-cd project?14:41
janimoI guess where the FS is created14:41
ogranot sure, there is an event entry for "start on oem-config-debconf" but that doesnt seem to exist anywhere14:42
rsalvetijanimo: thanks14:42
ograi think its an ubiquity prob with the upstart job, notthing to do with the image creation14:43
janimorsalveti, yw14:45
rsalvetionce the new webkit package hits the archive we can start using it again at ubiquity14:45
janimorsalveti, great. So one week :)14:46
janimoLibO is 1 day 16 hours, Qt is 1 day 14 hours14:47
rsalvetialf: just installed it here and it went fine14:47
rsalvetialf: after install all mesa packages I installed the sgx ones from the tiomap-dev trunk ppa14:47
rsalvetiand it went find, could be another bug14:48
rsalvetiwill now try to install back the mesa ones to see if it works fine14:48
rsalvetijanimo: ouch14:48
rsalvetiwebkit will take more than 1 day for sure14:48
alfrsalveti: :/, this means that something is messed up with my setup, wish me good luck ;)14:49
rsalvetiwe'll see after removing the test applications from pvr-omap and having a proper -dev package14:50
janimorsalveti, last build was 1 day 1h on armel, so not quite as heavy as Qt or LibO14:52
rsalvetisill more than 1 day :-)14:52
GrueMasterjanimo: I tested the headless install yesterday.  Had to launch oem-config manually after manipulating the image to get a login.  oem-config launched tasksel just fine, so I marked that WI as done.14:54
janimoGrueMaster, ok thanks14:55
janimoGrueMaster, any non-NEON hw around you to see if latest Qt works?14:56
GrueMasterYea, but it will need to wait for the caffeine to melt the crud keeping my eyes from focusing.14:56
janimoGrueMaster, 7 AM at you? Sorry14:57
GrueMasterFew minutes left.14:58
GrueMasterBut I have coffee.  :D14:58
* NCommander coughs16:02
* rsalveti out for lunch16:02
* ogra takes a break and will then test the oem-config fix16:03
rsalvetiwow, i386 webkit build takes 53 minutes16:04
rsalvetiand the arm one more than 1 day16:04
NCommanderrsalveti: almost as bad as OOo16:07
janimoOrder of decreasing time-to-build: OO, Qt, gcc, webkit16:07
NCommandershould be on that list16:08
janimoneh, unde 12 hours16:09
janimothe ones above are over one day16:09
janimojust noticed chromium FTBFS two days ago without buldlog16:11
janimolike LibO and Qt back then16:11
janimogiven back16:12
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ogrageeez, the headless image is so fast18:07
rsalvetiogra: :-)18:07
armin76how can you say that being an ubuntu dev :P18:25
armin76thats like saying windows has more market share than ubuntu :D18:25
* ogra doesnt get it ... do you mean ubuntu has to be slow or ubuntu has to have a head ?18:26
armin76the latter18:27
armin76i mean, it doesn't need to have a head, but its the common thing when you think about ubuntu18:27
ograheh, being the number one linux distro in cloud deployments doesnt count ?18:27
ograubuntu server comes headless by default ;)18:28
armin76well, you don't redirect kernel output to serial in the omap4 images :P18:28
ograyes, it doesnt make sense on the netbook images and breaks plymouth18:28
ograthe headless one will have serial18:29
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ograrsalveti, janimo, GrueMaster, any suggestion how to set the default console on headless ? if i set to serial only the installer will default to serial too, if i set serial and tty1 the installer will default to DVI18:39
GrueMasterWell, headless would imply serial console only.18:40
ogrado we want to enforce the installer to run on serial18:40
ograheadles just implies no graphical interface18:40
GrueMasterNo, headless implies no kvm.18:40
rsalvetiI don't think it implies serial console only18:40
janimoogra, can also imply console text mode interface18:40
ograjanimo, yes18:41
GrueMasterI've been doing headless systems for 15 years.18:41
ograthats what i mean18:41
GrueMasterHeadless in the industry indicates no local console.18:41
janimoI mean monitor but no GUI just framebuffer18:41
GrueMasterNo gui is different.18:41
ograwell, the question is what do we want to default to18:41
rsalvetiI believe uart would be better for us18:42
janimobut for the scope of this spec I understood people who don't hook up a monitor just ssh into the hw18:42
rsalvetimost tutorials and such uses uart when dealing with panda and beagle18:42
janimowhat does linaro do for their nano/dev images?18:42
GrueMasterAs do most headless installs.18:42
GrueMasterfor other arches.18:42
GrueMasterWhat does server do for x86?18:43
ograthey dont even set serial by default18:43
GrueMasterFor headless installs?18:43
ografor server installs18:43
ograthe default iso uses console mode18:44
ograyou have to change the default to get serial18:44
janimoDoes modern server hw still have UART?18:44
GrueMasterjanimo: most current x86 server platforms also have a special serial over ip system at the hardware level.18:45
* GrueMaster worked on this at Intel in 2006.18:46
armin76which you have to configure :P18:48
armin76at least on hp machines18:48
* ogra wonders what plymouth will do on serial only systems18:52
* GrueMaster is surprised that we don't have a method for installing on a headless server.18:54
ograwe do18:54
ograd-i has one18:54
ograbut you have to tell it to use serial console18:55
ograthrough kernel cmdline and preseeding18:55
GrueMasterogra: As to headless console and output either via dvi or serial, you could check from jasper if a keyboard is present.  dmesg | grep "USB HID" will either show a kb or be blank if none present.19:25
GrueMasterI've tested this twice now on the headless image with break=init at boot before jasper-setup runs.  With usb keyboard it returns a value (... USB HID v1.10 Keyboard...)19:25
GrueMasterReturns blank if nothing found.19:25
ograGrueMaster, hmm, i didnt actually plan to put it into jasper since we will need to add additional info to the image then19:28
ograi.e. jasper would need to know its on a headless image19:29
ograwe have code for setting the default cmdline in the image builder, i would rather like to use that19:29
GrueMasterOk.  That will create an image that *only* works one way or the other.  My idea could be expanded to auto-detect.19:30
ograwell, your auto detection would need to be a bit bigger :)19:30
GrueMasterMight be worth exploring in O.19:31
ogranot all omap kbds are attached via USB HID19:31
ograyes, definitely19:31
ogra(teh blaze kbd isnt usb afaik)19:31
GrueMasterIs there another method for attaching a keyboard?19:31
ograi bet persia could hold a talk about it ;)19:31
prpplagueogra / rsalveti lvds is working, just need to add in the kernel modules to the initrd19:32
ograthe omap3 evm boards (which should boot with our image) only has a keypad for example19:32
rsalvetiprpplague: cool19:32
ograprpplague, awesome19:32
GrueMasterbut how is the keyboard mapped?  It would make more sense to have it connected via usb as the driver base is already there.19:33
rsalvetinot usb19:33
rsalvetiit's a keymap driver19:33
ograits a great idea but definitiely requires more than a grep in demsg19:34
prpplagueGrueMaster: i2c, spi, ps2, smbus, usb, and via the omap3/4 keyboard matrix19:34
prpplagueGrueMaster: thats just to name a few19:35
ograi think you can detect them on the input device layer though19:35
GrueMasterStill could be a grep in dmesg.  Just need to change the search parameters.  The full line looks like this:19:36
GrueMaster[1380061.936154] input: USB KB as /devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:1d.0/usb2/2-2/2-2.1/2-2.1:1.0/input/input519:36
GrueMaster[1380061.936511] generic-usb 0003:05D5:6781.0004: input,hidraw0: USB HID v1.10 Keyboard [USB KB] on usb-0000:00:1d.0-2.1/input019:36
ograit should better be a udev rule that sets a flag or execs a script19:37
GrueMasterAs I don't have HW to test, I don't know what to suggest to look for, but maybe hidraw0?19:37
prpplagueGrueMaster: easiest would be to check the input events, either as part of /dev/input or in sysfs19:37
ograyou can match against the input subsystem19:37
prpplagueGrueMaster: iirc the android framework opens each of the /dev/input/events  and check to see if certain buttons are available19:38
ograthats lame19:38
ograi'm pretty sure there is a way to do it through udev19:39
rsalvetiwell, I guess you can use udev to behave in a similar way19:40
ograwithout having to walk all input devices19:40
rsalvetijust dump all events19:40
rsalvetiand see what can be used19:40
ograi know you can match against SUBSYSTEM=input but i dont know if you get actual info if its a kbd19:41
prpplaguei don't think that is going to help since you could have something like a usb numberic keypad or even just some gpio buttons19:43
ograand that doesnt use the input subsystem of the kernel ?19:43
prpplagueyes those use input subsystem, but the input subsystem doesn't really distinguish between input "types", only the keys/functions that are registered to the device19:44
ograright, thats what i feared19:45
GrueMasterBetter yet, how about we make a simple check based on HW we can test, and let the community add to it?19:45
prpplagueyou could easily take evtest.c and hack it a little to open each of the events, check for the keys QWERTY registered. if it finds one return a known value19:46
ograthe prob will be that you dont see jasper output at all if you dont have the right console before jasper already19:47
GrueMasterWe don't see jasper now, not sure it makes a difference.19:49
ograi see all jasper output in the text splash atm19:50
ograthe missing text on the graphical theme is a bug that will be fixed before release19:50
GrueMasterSo, what happens if you add console=ttyO2,115200 console=tty0?  (other than losing plymouth).19:52
ograyou will see the boot on serial, oem-config will come up on tty019:52
ograplymouth will die and jasper will echo to tty019:53
rsalvetiso can't you be smart enough to just open oem-config to the "best" place for the user?19:53
ograsince thats the default console after the kernel has booted19:53
rsalvetilike if he's using an usb keyboard19:53
ograrsalveti, same issue, you dont see the rezize process19:54
ograwe need a default at image build time19:54
rsalvetifor now I'd put ttyO2 as default19:54
ograi.e. we need a decision19:54
rsalvetigood that now it's the same one for omap3 and omap419:54
ograk, hedless defaults to console=ttyO2,115200n8 now19:58
GrueMasterWell, currently I see nothing on serial beyond u-boot standard output.  I would suggest using both console output additions, or creating a way for jasper output to be mirrored on serial at the least.19:59
ograwe need to cover that in the docs somewhere19:59
ograGrueMaster, if you use both, oem-config will pick tty019:59
GrueMasterThen either jasper or some pre oem-config process can decide were to route.19:59
GrueMasterAlso need an /etc/init/ttyO2.conf regardless.20:00
ograjasper cares for that20:00
ograat least it should ;) if not thats a bug20:00
GrueMasterMust be a new feature.  Not in the latest image.20:00
ograwhile i really like the ideas coming up here, i suspect its all Oneric material20:01
ograGrueMaster, bug number ?20:01
* GrueMaster is currently reproducing 2 other bugs on different systems, checking NCommander's panda to figure out why it is unstable, and chatting on 2 irc channels. I'll get to it.20:02
ograthats the code in jasper20:03
ograyou should in any case have a serial.conf file if you had a console=ttyS* or O* option set before jasper runs20:04
GrueMasterOh, so it only works if I have console=ttyO2 on the boot cmdline.20:04
ograit copies the upstart job in place if it detects that a serial console is used on first boot20:05
ograi simplified the upstart script today, it should work more generically in tomorrows image20:06
ograin case there was a bug in it20:06
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prpplagueogra_: https://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/XBDVyGLKlEfA1qimY9IkpQUEcMIzmiipT-Yyx8698II?feat=directlink22:20
rsalvetiprpplague: finally an omap 4 netbook :-)22:27
rsalvetiif you put natty with unity-2d it'll be even better22:28
prpplaguersalveti: hehe22:36
prpplaguersalveti: think there would be demand for it?22:36
rsalvetiprpplague: I'd like to get one :-)22:36
prpplaguersalveti: with a panda inside?22:37
prpplaguersalveti: this wasn't designed for the panda to go inside22:37
rsalvetiprpplague: what was the original idea?22:38
prpplaguersalveti: basically to do netbook development with a stock panda22:38
GrueMasterFrom the photo, it looks like someone has a laptop connected to a panda.  Nothing in the photo indicates that the laptop is just a display & keyboard for the panda.22:44
rsalvetibut it's nice either way22:54

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