doctormohey cozziemoto01:13
cozziemotodoctormo,  hey guy :)01:20
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coz_ciao dudes12:39
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mi-keyhi i am new to artwork, can anyone help?17:50
evilvishno mi-key, in 3 mins you cant help ;)18:13
evilvishnor can anyone help you ;p18:13
thorwili disabled quits/joins. makes evilvish look evil, indeed, here :)18:24
doctormothorwil: Are you going to be doing some code around design?20:01
doctormoI had a design/sharing concept involving svg and javascript.20:01
thorwildoctormo: yes, i have emacs open right now, playing with some erlang20:02
doctormothorwil: I'm a python devel myself, don't know anything about erlang. Why this language rather than any other?20:03
thorwildoctormo: erlang has been designed for long running processes. it's code hot-swapping ability might come handy. nitrogen seems to be a nice little framework that makes ajax/comet very straightforward. it happens to be written in erlang20:04

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