Reaper50435If I change wallpapers 8 untiled windows open then the background goes blank then things dont show up when I click to open them how to i fix this00:00
aveilleuxReaper50435: What DE are you using? GNOME?00:04
Reaper50435also when I change the background to something different my CPU runs like its running a game00:04
johnny77I'm having trouble with flash plugin. Which should I install?00:52
brandinme too, always.00:52
brandinif you figure it out, and have flash running for days with zero problems, let me know.00:53
aveilleuxI do01:00
aveilleux(using Opera)01:00
aveilleuxI have the flashplugin-nonfree package installed01:01
ddecatorjohnny77: 32 or 64 bit?01:01
johnny77ddecator: 3201:03
ddecatorjohnny77: then the flashplugin-nonfree package should be your best bet01:03
johnny77ddecator: ok. I was thinking that someone told me the flashplugin-installer was the right one, but it wasn't working.01:04
ddecatorflashplugin-nonfree uses flashplugin-installer to install flash, but the package you want to check for installation is flashplugin-nonfree01:05
johnny77ddecator: ok, thank you.01:06
johnny77If I added a beta ppa for chromium browser how do I know it will install that one over the one in the repositories?01:07
ddecatorbrandin: if you're using 32-bit, then the same applies for you. if you're using 64-bit, then i've had no issues with the flash square http://labs.adobe.com/downloads/flashplayer10_square.html01:07
kristian-aalborgany wifi gurus here? ;)01:11
johnny77ddecator: it's playing the videos, but there messed up.01:12
ddecatorjohnny77: could be video driver01:12
kristian-aalborghttp://www.3com.com/products/en_US/detail.jsp?tab=features&pathtype=purchase&sku=3CRSHPW196 <--- trying to get this card going01:12
kristian-aalborglshw lists it as _96, not 196 though01:13
johnny77ddecator: I'm can't be possitive, but I thought I had it working before.01:14
kristian-aalborgI can see the networks when I do "iwlist eth2 scan"01:16
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johnny77when I run sudo apt-get update some lines start with Ign others Hit. Why?01:47
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ddecatorhm, it ignores translations for me, so i'm guessing it just ignores files you don't need01:49
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halpbatmanjoin /tonido02:45
UnguidedHello All! Whats the channels opinion on webmin for ubuntu server administration?02:54
jjay2435since a few days, I've got some problems with my Ubuntu 10.04 updates. I can't reach http://ppa.launchpad.net/http/ppa/ubuntu/dists/lucid/main/binary-i386/Packages.gz anybody knows how to fix that?03:20
ddecatorwhat's that ppa for?03:23
jjay2435i don't know03:23
jjay2435I'm on a laptop where a few months ago I was on a dual boot with Windows 7 and then I dropped Windows only by deleting the partition where Win7 was03:25
ddecatorwell it's definitely not found on the server. try going to System > Administration > Software Sources, then click the tab for Other Sources and see what is listed in there03:25
jjay2435I went there and it isn't on that list03:25
ddecatorit just suddenly started happening?03:26
jjay2435it started happening last week03:26
ddecatoryou could try checking the sources.list file, but i can't remember offhand where that file is located03:26
jjay2435I searched on the forums, I did change the sources.list file today and it didn't change anything03:27
jjay2435does an upgrade towards the 10.10 versions could help? I'm on the 10.04 lts03:28
ddecatorpossibly, but there's not guarantee. is it just giving you a warning when you run "sudo apt-get update"?03:29
jjay2435there and when I do System > Administration > Synaptics Packages Administrator03:31
* ddecator is baffeled that it's looking for a ppa when it's not listed in sources.list03:32
jjay2435but if I add it, could it stop to warn me that my system isn't up to date?03:33
ddecatorthat ppa doesn't seem to exist, so adding it would just give you the same results you have now03:35
ddecatori'm not sure why your system is trying to look for it in the first place..03:36
jjay2435is there something I can do to fix that, 'cuz it's frustrating not being able to update my laptop03:39
ddecatorit won't let you update because of that?03:40
jjay2435nope, 'cuz it downloads up to (about) 75 files, but I can't install them because I got that error03:41
ddecatorso it's not only checking that for updates, but when you install updates it actually tries to pull updates from there as well?03:43
ddecatorthat's even more confusing to me03:44
jjay2435I'll try to upgrade to 10.10 version, I'll come back later03:48
UnguidedHell All! Has anyone used webmin to admin ubuntu server? IF so, what is your opinion?05:16
midnightryder2Can someone tell me where I can find a fax modem for efax-gtk? I am using Ubuntu 10.10.05:26
Leroyhmmm i thougth there would be more discussion in her06:14
aveilleuxLeroy: This is a support channel; discussion generally takes place in #ubuntu-offtopic or #ubuntu-beginners-team06:16
Leroythank you06:17
halpbatmanhey guys06:28
halpbatmanso I'm trying to make a bootable ubuntu on usb so I can have it on the go06:28
halpbatmanI'm reading about full direct install to usb drive06:29
halpbatmanwhat are its advantages/disadvantages over live booting on usb?06:29
halpbatmanor persistent booting from usb06:29
nlsthznhalpbatman: not sure... as long as you have persistancy you can still save any changes etc... I normally just make a live bootable USB with persistancy06:45
halpbatmannlsthzn: my problem is that it won't let you secure it since its live06:46
halpbatmannlsthzn: i was hoping direct install would treat the usb as a hard drive rather than live-boot so that it will be more secure06:47
nlsthznhalpbatman: "secure it" ?06:47
halpbatmannlsthzn: live boot is by default root06:47
halpbatmannlsthzn: so if someone gets my usb drive all my data is accessible.06:48
nlsthznhalpbatman: true... haven't thought about that ...06:48
halpbatmannlsthzn: i was wondering if i install it directly to usb i'd be able to password protect it06:48
nlsthznhalpbatman: outside what I have done so I am sorry, hopefully someone else here can assist06:49
halpbatmannlsthzn: yeah thx for the help though06:50
halpbatmannlsthzn: i just found an article kinda explaining things.. but it won't say pro/cons06:50
nlsthznhalpbatman: well you know the major con of the live disc :)06:51
halpbatmannlsthzn: i feel like direct install would be too hard on the usb due to read/write... but i don't know to what degree06:51
nlsthznhalpbatman: well... it is free right, so why not try...06:52
nit-withalpbatman, the read write on a thumb is old myth basically.06:55
halpbatmancan you access ext4 from windows or os x?07:31
halpbatmanno right?07:31
bioterrorext3 is possible07:34
halpbatmanbioterror: thx07:53
halpbatmanbioterror: so i'm installing ubuntu on my 8gb usb07:53
halpbatmanbioterror: 3 partitions 1:ext4 for ubuntu 2:wap 3:ext3 for files07:53
bioterroryou should have used ext207:54
bioterrorif you used USB stick07:54
bioterrorless writing on the USB07:54
halpbatmanbioterror: oh07:54
bioterroryou can turn off the journaling from ext3 and 4 too07:54
bioterrorI think :D07:54
bioterrorbut I'm off07:54
halpbatmanbioterror: c ya07:54
Darell_Craigheadi am trying to get ubuntu 10.10 to work on my Asus G51Jx.  It starts through the boot process (CD or USB), loads the purple Ubuntu .... screen, then goes to irregular blocks of black and white.  Anyone know how to get past this?08:32
MrChrisDruifDarell_Craighead: Hai, did you check if the ISO was good before you burned it?08:35
MrChrisDruifmd5sum :)08:36
Darell_Craigheadyes - it appears to be a video driver issue...  found one possible solution in forums08:40
obengdakohelp guys i kind of broke my system i no longer gets my Huawei modem E153 recognised in modem mode by network manager, this happened after i  installed wader-core and betavine connection manager but uninstalling them does not solve  the situation , any help08:54
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tdnCan I select one folder to be encrypted with ecryptfs instead of my entire home folder? Is this possible via Right click > Properties or similar?09:09
MrChrisDruiftdn: Before Ubuntu 9.04 (if I remember correct) it was normal that only certain folders were/could be encrypted. The means to achieve this I don't know09:17
tdnHow do I find out?09:22
tdnI have one folder with sensitive data. I would like to encrypt it.09:23
MrChrisDruiftdn: I'm googling it right now for ya :D09:26
MrChrisDruiftdn: Your on Ubuntu 10.10?09:27
MrChrisDruiftdn: This tutorial might help you: http://www.liberiangeek.net/2010/09/create-encrypted-password-protected-folders-ubuntu-10-10-maverick-meerkat/ :)09:29
bioterrorobengdako, sorry, I cannot help. can you post your problem to ubuntuforums and beginners talk09:36
obengdakobioterror, thanks man09:38
halpbatmanbioterror: hey so i took your advice and installed it using ext2 on usb09:47
geirhaI believe it used to zip the folder, then encrypt it with pgp. If you don't have a pgp-key, the option may not appaer.09:47
bioterrorhalpbatman, good09:48
halpbatmanbioterror: but when i boot.. i get an error saying gave up waiting for root09:48
halpbatmanbioterror: it says dev/sdf2 doesnt' exist09:48
bioterrorhalpbatman, use UUID for the grub ;)09:48
halpbatmanbioterror: /dev/sdf2 is the usb09:48
halpbatmanbioterror: UUID?09:48
ubot2To see a list of your devices/partitions and their corresponding UUID's, run this command in a !shell: « sudo blkid » (see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LibAtaForAtaDisks for the rationale behind the transition to UUID)09:49
halpbatmanbioterror: so go to grub commandline and type that in?09:49
bioterrorif your grub uses /dev/sdf2 for the kernel, then it should be replaced wit UUID09:50
bioterrormy pendrives are downstairs, and I'm about to make food, so I'm not going to get them ;)09:50
halpbatmanbioterror: gotcha I'll give that a try thx09:51
halpbatmanbioterror: i think i fixed it10:14
halpbatmanwhen i ran blkid10:14
halpbatmanit registers my usb as /dev/sdb2 not /dev/sdf210:15
halpbatmanbioterror: i mean not fix.. know what's wrong.10:17
tdnMrChrisDruif, thanks.10:33
MrChrisDruifYour welcome tdn :)10:33
halpbatmanbioterror: got it working! thx!10:35
halpbatmanbioterror: does this mean i have to press e and edit the grub every time i boot? or is there a permanent solution10:35
bioterrorlinux/boot/vmlinuz-2.6.35-28-generic root=UUID=ab2ccc13-c26e-40d5-adf10:39
bioterrora-70aed3e8a78f ro single10:39
bioterroryou might have root=/dev/sdb2?10:39
halpbatmanbioterror: got it it's working now10:58
halpbatmanbioterror: thx :D10:58
bioterrorwith UUID?10:58
halpbatmanbioterror: yeah10:58
bioterrornow you can use it every where10:58
bioterrordoesnt matter how many hdd's that compuer has attached10:58
bioterrorit will always read the UUID10:58
halpbatmanbioterror: sweet10:59
halpbatmanbioterror: one question10:59
halpbatmanbioterror: so the boot loader wasn't able to locate my root folder correctly because it was pointing at the wrong drive or a drive that doesn't exist (i.e. /dev/sdb1)11:00
halpbatmanbioterror: so we fixed that issue by using UUID instead11:00
halpbatmanbioterror: does that mean I have to fix the location of swap space using UUID as well?11:00
bioterroryes, in the /etc/fstab11:01
bioterrorUUID=f20180a3-4b35-47dd-8e38-ef14e3d2dad1 none            swap    sw   0 011:01
bioterrorsomething like that11:01
halpbatmanbioterror: okay thx..11:02
halpbatmanbioterror: yeah i figured since it got one partition wrong it'd get the other one wrong too11:02
tdnMrChrisDruif, I saw your guide to encrypted folder. However, this uses truecrypt and not ecryptfs.12:23
tdnMrChrisDruif, also, truecrypt is not even included in ubuntu. Not available from standard repositories.12:24
MrChrisDruifAlright...I'll go look again later....now busy with school project12:24
MrChrisDruiftdn: This might be a better thing/guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedHome12:25
wolfpackduanedesign: How to report a bug which is in development phase and has not been released yet?I want to report bug on randy-qt .12:29
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tdnMrChrisDruif, that explains how to set up encrypted home. I just want to encrypt a specific folder.13:20
MrChrisDruifThis should be about private: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedHome#Encrypted%20Private but I'll check later to see if I can find a more detailed tutorial13:22
MrChrisDruifThat part*13:22
johnny77If I used add-apt-repositories to add a ppa should it be in my sources file?13:28
MrChrisDruifjohnny77: Yeah...13:32
MrChrisDruifShould be....but not a ppa:someppa/ppa13:32
johnny77MrChrisDruif: that is what I thought, but I added a chromium beta build that I want to comment out, but don't see anything that I would think is it.13:33
MrChrisDruifWhich ppa did you try to add?13:34
johnny77the file is /etc/apt/sources.list <- is that the correct file?13:35
johnny77MrChrisDruif: ^^13:37
MrChrisDruifIf you go to Update Manager, you should be able to find the ppa's13:38
johnny77MrChrisDruif: oops, I should of mentioned that this is my minimal instalation no update mnanger :)13:43
MrChrisDruifThat sources.list only shows default sources apparently13:45
johnny77MrChrisDruif: I found it.13:48
MrChrisDruifYou too? Where was it?13:48
MrChrisDruif(Other channel also found his problem/file)13:48
johnny77there is a folder /etc/apt/sources.list.d in it is the added lists.13:49
MrChrisDruifAlright...with what program can you open it?13:50
tdnMrChrisDruif, I think that guide is quite dated. Also, I do not see how it describes encrypting a single folder.13:50
johnny77MrChrisDruif: in that folder there are lists just like sources.list. You can open them with nano, gedit or any text editor you want.13:51
MrChrisDruifjohnny77: I tried one of those files and couldn't open with gedit, hence my question...13:52
MrChrisDruiftdn: I don't know.....maybe someone else might know....most of the time in the evening (around 18:00UTC) it gets more active....maybe try again then?13:53
johnny77MrChrisDruif: They are openig in nano just fine. I dunno.13:53
johnny77MrChrisDruif: what error is gedit giving you?13:54
MrChrisDruif/etc/apt/sources.list.d is a directory.13:55
MrChrisDruifPlease check that you typed the location correctly and try again.13:55
johnny77MrChrisDruif: Yes, that /etc/apt/sources.list.d is a directory. In it is individual files like the sources.list13:56
tdnMrChrisDruif, ok. Thanks.14:01
johnny77MrChrisDruif: Did you find the files?14:01
johnny77Can software cause DMA errors or is that just a sign the RAM is going bad?15:44
hggdhjohnny77, usually a sign of bad RAM15:48
johnny77hggdh: thank you.15:49
rajuIAmNotThatGuy: hi16:09
IAmNotThatGuyHello raju16:09
johnny77Is there a way to reinstall Ubuntu without formatting?17:00
charlie-tcanot without erasing / and /etc17:01
charlie-tcaYou do not have to format, though17:02
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johnny77when I try to install/remove anything I get a long list of dependency errors  with a request to try 'apt-get -f install' with no packages - When I do I end in a error says something about a dependency cycle.18:35
charlie-tcaAre you using "sudo apt-get -f install" ?18:49
charlie-tcawith no package names, right?18:50
johnny77charlie-tca: yup.18:53
charlie-tcahm, you got me now. I want to know the answer too!18:54
johnny77charlie-tca: I'm trying to manually install some of the dependencies from the CD18:55
johnny77charlie-tca: I found the error libc6 depends on findutils, but findutils depends on libc6. if I try to install either, they end in a dependency error.19:01
johnny77how do I fix it. Will it help to try to install both at the same time?19:03
johnny77charlie-tca: any ideas?19:08
hggdhjohnny77, did you run 'sudo apt-get -f install'?19:15
hggdhand if you did, what was the output?19:15
johnny77hggdh: yes, and it gave me an error that libc6 could not be installed because dependencies where not met.19:16
hggdhjohnny77, please pastebin the complete output19:16
johnny77hggdh: it changed now it is -> E: Could not preform immediate configuration on 'libgcc1'. Please see man 5 apt.conf under APT::Immediate-Configure for details. (2)19:19
hggdhI still would like to see the command you issued plus *complete* output19:20
johnny77I've got to go now... I'll be back around 3:00 if your still here I'll try to pastebin it.19:21
johnny77hggdh: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/578485/19:25
hggdhjohnny77, I wonder what you have done. Even base-files is being *installed* -- which means something is completely broken on you system19:28
aveilleuxjohnny77: Try running a sudo apt-get autoremove; just clean up a little19:29
hggdhI wonder if there is actually anything left that allows apt-get to work...19:29
aveilleuxjohnny77: Alternately, if you have Aptitude installed, try using that instead19:29
hggdhwell, not even dpkg is installed19:30
aveilleuxoh crikey19:31
hggdhthis is actually an example of a quite hosed system...19:31
johnny77hggdh: could it be some file that lists what is installed and what is not got messed up?20:07
johnny77aveilleux: sudo apt-get autoremove -> http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/578498/20:10
charlie-tcaGood experience for someone trying to learn the command line20:13
johnny77charlie-tca: thanks for the optimism :)20:17
charlie-tcajohnny77: looking at the pastebins, I would say it is time to reinstall completely, including that format :-)20:25
hggdhyes, sounds like it. Your system currently does not even have dpkg, which makes efforts to recover quite difficult20:26
hggdhjohnny77, how did you end up in this situation?20:27
* charlie-tca thinks that was the easy part ;-)20:27
johnny77but it does have dpkg20:27
johnny77hggdh: I have no idea how this happened. Possibly started with a failed attempt to install opera.20:28
hggdhjohnny77, dpkg is in the list of packages to install, from your pastebin20:29
aveilleuxjohnny77: What? Did you not try to install from the Opera repos?20:29
johnny77hggdh: I understand that. That is why I suggested there might be a file that dpkg looks at to see what is installed is messed up or misplaced.20:29
hggdhjohnny77, ok. Do you have the packages you need under /var/cache/apt/archives?20:30
johnny77aveilleux: I downloaded from opera's website then tried to install the deb. It was not in the ubuntu repository.20:31
hggdhindeed it will not be, opera is closed source20:31
aveilleuxjohnny77: Opera has a repository.20:32
johnny77hggdh: there is a huge list of files in that folder20:32
hggdhjohnny77, look at /var/cache/apt/archives for dpkg*.deb; then 'sudo dpkg -i' the latest one20:33
johnny77aveilleux: how am I supposed to know that if opera's website does not tell me?20:33
hggdhthe whole point is we have no idea how much destruction was done to your system; you can try to recover by dpkg -i all basic missing dependencies20:34
aveilleuxjohnny77: I usually Google for a program name + "repository" to see if there's an actively-maintained one20:35
johnny77hggdh: are you saying to install that whole folder?20:38
johnny77aveilleux: +1 a quick search showed that on opera's page there is a repository. But I still say it should say that on the main page.20:40
aveilleuxjohnny77: Unfortunately that's a side-effect of being a company; they're aiming for uniformity across their downloads pages. Though I believe the installed version has an auto-updater.20:42
hggdhjohnny77, no, not the whole folder. Right now just dpkg -i the latest dpkg*.deb package you have there20:43
johnny77hggdh: I got a pre-dependency error needs libbz2-1.0 Trying to install that now.20:48
hggdhjohnny77, correct20:49
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johnny77libbz2-1.0 needs libc6 which i already know needs findutils but can't install findutils because it needs libc6.20:52
johnny77aveilleux: I think the problem stems from when I tried to install from the opera deb it did not go and fetch the dependencies which left it all screwed up.20:53
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aveilleuxjohnny77: Failing to fetch deps wouldn't give you this problem.20:53
hggdhjohnny77, from the /var/cache/apt/archive: sudo dpkg -i on latest .deb for libc6 and findutils AT THE SAME TIME20:55
johnny77aveilleux: then I have no idea what cause it.20:55
hggdhjohnny77, not having the deps would not be a problem. This is different, something else you did.20:56
johnny77hggdh: You mean something like sudo dpkg -i libc6 findutils ?20:56
johnny77I really don't want to format/reinstall because I'll have to build up from a CLI again, but honestly if you think that might be easier than I guess that is what I'll do.20:57
hggdhjohnny77, *full* file name for the latest debs under /var/cache/apt/archive20:57
hggdhjohnny77, unfortunately it certainly will be easier...20:57
johnny77hggdh: I just wonder what I did... :|20:59
johnny77starting to format/reinstall.20:59
aveilleuxWhat's the name of the program that runs when you hit Alt+F2? gnome-launch or something?21:36
Axlinfound a site that says it's gnome-run, but i don't see it specifically in synaptic21:41
aveilleuxGoogle says gnome-do21:41
aveilleuxBut that has a ton of Mono deps that I'd personally prefer to avoid21:42
pedro3005gnome-do isn't standard afaik21:42
pedro3005at least it used not to be21:42
Axlinyeah gnome-do is a lot different than the standard run dialog21:42
aveilleux...oh, there's no F2 key on this keyboard anbyway21:43
Axlini'm not even sure gnome-do is being developed any more. it's been a long time since their last release. i think they're focused on docky now21:43
aveilleuxOh, gnome-launch-box looks pretty21:44
aveilleuxand it has no deps21:44
Axlini haven't tried that one yet. i use kupfer right now myself. synapse is nice too, but it's a young project21:45
aveilleux(that aren't already installed with GNOME)21:45
johnny77aveilleux: if you care, I got it reinstalled and it's up and running. Just need to reinstall everything :)21:49
johnny77aveilleux: if you care, I got it reinstalled and it's up and running. Just need to reinstall everything :)22:02
aveilleuxjohnny77: Aw, sorry to hear that. At least it got resolved.22:03
johnny77aveilleux: no problem.22:04
aveilleuxIs there a way to disable an audio device? I have a USB speaker attached to my machine, but Ubuntu likes defaulting to the analog audio out (which has nothing attached)22:50
holsteinaveilleux: i usually go to the bios22:50
holsteinbut you could blacklist it22:51
MrChrisDruifaveilleux: In the sound menu? (System > Sound)22:51
aveilleuxholstein: herp, I totally forgot about doing that. Thanks22:51
holsteinthere are other ways in the menu though22:51
holstein^^ like that22:51
aveilleuxMrChrisDruif: It is, but there's no way to totally disable the option to use that hardsware22:51
holsteinalso, the package pavucontrol has more options22:51
MrChrisDruifJust selecting the source you want to use should make it default, right?22:51
aveilleuxMrChrisDruif: You'd think that, but I've had to change the output on boot every time22:53
aveilleuxanyway brb22:53
aveilleuxDecided to just disable it in BIOS. Thanks for the suggestions, though.23:00
MrChrisDruifYour welcome aveilleux :)23:01
MrChrisDruifDid someone come by asking about Encrypting folders?23:19

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