dscasselThe Ubuntu Hour is happening now(ish) at Whole Lot-a Gelata.00:42
dscasselThere's an OpenData Waterloo Region hackathon at Kwartzlab this weekend.00:45
dscasselwmpedersen: Come drop by. :)  We can't be in Whole Lot-a Gelata too late because I didn't know about their spring closing hours.00:55
wmpedersenAh. well I'm in London right now so maybe it's a little late? I should be there Saturday. Is it Friday as well?00:58
dscasselYeah, they close at 8.01:11
dscassel(they're letting us stay a little later)01:11
wmpedersenI got kind of bored, so I threw together a new banner logo for the site using the orange/white one from Launchpad. The sharp rectangle was bugging me.02:52
wmpedersenI hope that's cool02:52
wmpedersenof course, you don't have to use it02:52
wmpedersenI can upload them somehere if you'd like to take a look.02:52
dscasselwmpedersen: Sure.  That's something that's definitely on the list to do...04:00
wmpedersendscassel: I've uploaded it to ubuntu one. who can I share it with?04:11
wmpedersenThey've also updated the graphics since this morning. Looks nice.04:13
wmpedersendscassel: I put it on my ubuntu wiki profile: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/wmpedersen04:40
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dscasselwmpedersen: Cool, thanks.14:27
dscasselMorning, BluesKaj :)16:03
BluesKaj'Morning, dscassel :) ...how's things ?16:04
BobJonkman1Sitting by the window in the comfy seats for Ubuntu Hour at http://littlebeancoffeebar.ca in Kitchener...16:23
BluesKajhi genii-around , BobJonkman1 ..sitting here in my easy chair with wireless KB and mouse chatting with you guys using the tv as a monitor16:35
BluesKajand having a good strong coffee as well16:36
genii-aroundI'm at work, in my basement closet/office. Probably a good thing I can't see outside though, raining and raining til Sun16:37
BluesKajyeah, we had some snow last nite , now it's sloppy and slushy and it's gonna rain for 2-3 days :(16:42
genii-arounddscassel or txwikinger .. Last year I posted an independent release party for Lucid at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LucidReleaseParties but it looks like now that way is deprecated, the page referenced to announce on is http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/global/744/detail/  ..but I'm not directly affiliated with the Canadian team17:10
txwikingergenii-around: doesn't matter17:11
txwikingerAs long as you are compliant with the CoC I do not have a problem posting something for you17:12
genii-aroundtxwikinger: Could I pm you the details?17:49
BluesKajinteresting, my IP address shows me ni Geraldton, Sault ste Marie, North Bay , Mississauga ,Toronto ,Ottawa even the town live in once in a while :)17:51

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