cjohnstonmhall119: yes00:17
mhall119it's not using the new font yet?00:24
cjohnstonno :-/00:30
greg-gdoes the loco directory Description field accept any kind of formatting? Or does it just display plain text?03:21
greg-gLike, does it accept markdown/etc?03:21
mhall119greg-g: just plain text05:07
nigelbhey jono05:58
jonohey nigelb06:01
pleia2http://ubuntu-news.org/2011/03/10/wiki-ubuntu-com-upgrade-update/ wiki update \o/06:01
nigelbpleia2: I just read that on your blog :)06:02
* nigelb does happy dance06:02
pleia2sorry for not posting about this sooner (the CC has been talking with Canonical about this since last month)06:02
dholbachgood morning07:48
kim0dholbach: morning07:50
kim0morning everyone07:50
dholbachhey kim007:51
dpmgood morning dholbach, kim0, and all!07:55
kim0dpm: morning man07:56
dholbachhola dpm07:56
dpmhey :)07:57
dpmdholbach, have you got the id of that bug where you requested to support a sane translations layout for sphinx handy?08:09
dholbachjust a sec08:09
dpmcool, thanks :)08:09
kim0nigelb: morning \o/ :)08:42
nigelbkim0: Cloud days getting closer :)08:47
kim0Yeah they are :)08:47
dholbachdpm, danke für das Followup auf dem Bug09:16
dpmdholbach, kein Problem :)09:16
czajkowskihow are we all today ?09:53
dakergood morning12:21
dpmhey daker, good morning :)12:29
nigelbHola daker12:30
dpmwohoo! dholbach also rocking fixing i18n bugs (bugs 692150)12:30
ubot2Launchpad bug 692150 in gnome-desktop "Untranslated string in a gnome-desktop patch" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/69215012:30
dholbachdpm, it's my patch pilot day12:31
nigelbyou haven't checked in :P12:31
dholbachnigelb, I tried12:32
dholbachtopic was too long12:32
nigelbah, arg12:32
* popey chuckles at http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/65412:44
popey"We handle that very well, I think, though occasionally some muppet calls Kubuntu the blue-headed-stepchild etc etc."12:44
nigelbI should show this to Riddell tonight :p12:47
popeyi suspect he's seen it :)12:47
nigelbnaw, he's at the conf12:48
nigelband there's scratchy connectivity there12:49
AlanBellI see sabdfl is in a strident mood today13:15
evilvishKDE/Kubuntu here we comeeeeeeee!! ;)13:17
popeynot a chance :)13:17
czajkowskiI had to use KDE once already this week13:18
evilvishhehe, yea, fixing KDE will be a lot harder than fighting with GNOME ;p13:18
czajkowskiand I never want to have to do that again13:18
czajkowskithre was much yelling about how I couldnt find things13:19
AlanBellKubuntu lacks the polish of Ubuntu, but it probably wouldn't take that long to fix13:19
czajkowskiand also my buttons were in the wrong place13:19
czajkowskimost flipping annoying13:19
AlanBellyeah, they would have to put the buttons on the left where they belong :)13:19
popeyI dont think its polish kde is lacking13:20
popeya desktop that isn't infuriatingly complex to use is what it lacks13:20
duanedesignmorning all13:26
popeyhello duanedesign13:26
duanedesigndoctormo: ping13:58
dholbach _   _    _    ____  ______   __  ____ ___ ____ _____ _   _ ____    _ __   ___14:28
dholbach| | | |  / \  |  _ \|  _ \ \ / / | __ )_ _|  _ \_   _| | | |  _ \  / \\ \ / / |14:28
dholbach| |_| | / _ \ | |_) | |_) \ V /  |  _ \| || |_) || | | |_| | | | |/ _ \\ V /| |14:28
dholbach|  _  |/ ___ \|  __/|  __/ | |   | |_) | ||  _ < | | |  _  | |_| / ___ \| | |_|14:28
dholbach|_| |_/_/   \_\_|   |_|    |_|   |____/___|_| \_\|_| |_| |_|____/_/   \_\_| (_)14:28
dholbach                                                                               14:28
* dholbach hugs jcastro14:28
m4n1shjcastro: Happy Birthday14:48
m4n1shis it your birthday?14:48
czajkowskiyes 21 again14:48
jcastrothanks m4n1sh!14:50
m4n1shanyone in Jorge's city to hug him ?14:51
czajkowskiwhooo 16 teams are now signed up http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/global/567/detail/14:54
czajkowskiAlanBell: eh ?14:55
czajkowski51 people from 16 LoCos and 12 countries are participating in this event!14:55
AlanBelloh, sorry, I am full of fail14:55
AlanBellI was trying to do /27 to go to window 2714:55
m4n1shAlanBell: czajkowski Indian LoCo will participate too. Will be finalized in Monday's monthly LoCo meeting14:56
czajkowskim4n1sh: great stuff14:57
dholbachthe LD map looks fantastic14:57
czajkowskithe more the merrier14:57
czajkowskiit does14:57
* czajkowski LOVES the LD :D 14:57
kim0jcastro: Happy B-day man :)15:08
czajkowskiwhat are the list of yer twitter/identi.ca accounts15:09
czajkowskithe Ubuntu dev ones?15:09
czajkowskicloud ?15:09
czajkowskiand any video casts. are they all located someonewhere on one wiki page ?15:10
kim0czajkowski: is this what you want ? http://twitter.com/ubuntucloud http://identi.ca/ubuntucloud15:12
czajkowskiyes thanks15:12
czajkowskiwho else has an account like that ?15:12
czajkowskiand has a internet show ? be nice to just have them all on one wiki page15:13
czajkowskicase I want to mail loco teams15:13
kim0czajkowski: I think same accounts s/cloud/dev/15:13
kim0czajkowski: dpm has accounts too15:13
czajkowskiand dholbach15:13
dpmczajkowski, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Translations/Contact/15:14
czajkowskidpm: thanks15:16
dpmthe videocast URLs are on this channel's topic15:17
dholbachczajkowski, thanks for the RT :)15:18
czajkowskiI just want to put all of your info including any tv casts yer doing in one place and mail loco contacts15:18
czajkowskias I RT yer stuff using locoteams tag but also for folks not on twitter it'd be nice to reach to another audience15:18
kim0czajkowski: if u need the cloud vids also http://cloud.ubuntu.com/docs/videos/15:24
duanedesignany wiki-admins here?15:25
dholbachduanedesign, #canonical-sysadmin maybe?15:25
duanedesignif ound a page on the Ubuntu wiki full of spam attachments15:25
dholbachah yes, they can probably sort that out15:26
duanedesignthank you kind sir15:26
dholbachjust check in the topic who's "vanguard"15:26
dholbachgetting started now16:00
jonohey all16:34
* czajkowski hugs jono 16:36
* jono hugd czajkowski16:37
jonoI miss you czajkowski, we need to have a call sometime soon :-)16:37
jcastrosomeone ask me why I am so happy16:38
czajkowskijono: I saw we missed outr call last night. I slept16:38
czajkowskijon nthe plus side more teams are signed up for UGJ16:38
ubot2Launchpad bug 727823 in gnome-control-center "Enable Gnome-Control-Center in Unity, and add "System Settings" link to the session indicator menu" [Medium,In progress]16:38
czajkowskiI tweeet it once a day16:38
czajkowskijono: ^^16:38
jcastrofinally, a control center!16:38
jcastrousers, rejoice!16:38
* czajkowski hugs jcastro 16:39
czajkowskiDear OFE please go away and leave me alone before I get cranky and you understand my range!16:39
akgranerjcastro, you are way too happy.../me goes to find a tranquilizer dart for you...16:39
jcastroakgraner: it's the simple things akgraner16:40
jcastroyou ever see Zombieland?16:40
jcastroalways enjoy the simple things16:40
jcastroeven if the world turns into a zombie nightmare.16:40
akgranerI do that's why I am married to pgraner..:-P16:40
czajkowskiakgraner: want a link to AW ?16:40
akgranerczajkowski, yes please16:40
* czajkowski is going for a lot of BEER tonight 16:40
czajkowskianother Redhatter has left and gone to Canonical:)16:40
jcastrohey, it must be special if czajkowski's going for the beer!16:40
jonoczajkowski, yeah I have been banging the drum about the UGJ a little16:41
czajkowskijono: the ofe have a way of getting under my skin16:41
czajkowskijcastro: ^^16:41
jonoczajkowski, don't sweat the small stuff16:41
czajkowskiI've also organised the next docuument freedom day16:41
jonoczajkowski, they are a bit of a shabby operation16:42
* jcastro organizes czajkowski appreciation day16:42
jonobut good intentions16:42
czajkowskijono: I've had to deal with one guy for hte last 4 months and suffice to say. he's RUDE!patronising and doesnt like dealing with women16:42
* czajkowski hugs Ubuntu community16:42
czajkowskimuch nicer to deal with16:42
czajkowskiakgraner: scp link in pm16:44
JFosad that some dudes are still like that16:45
jcastroI roll with JFo16:46
jcastrobeer, guitars, and rock music16:46
jcastrothat's what we need more of around here16:46
JFojcastro is my homeboy16:46
akgraner+1 for jcastro 's suggestion16:46
JFojust sayin'16:46
* JFo gets the guitars and rock music out16:46
* JFo makes a run for the beer16:47
akgranerJFo you got homeboy's...:-/16:47
JFoand home girls16:47
JFothey are all my homeskillets ;-)16:47
akgraneryou mean homeskillet biscuits :-P16:47
JFoI do indeed16:47
JFok, I need food16:48
JFoback in a bit16:48
mhall119now I'm hungry too16:57
jcastroI could use some tacos16:58
mhall119jcastro: when do you move to florida?16:58
mhall119cool, I'll have to have you over for a BBQ16:58
jcastrowe're going to the Boca Raton area16:59
jcastrowhereabouts are you?16:59
mhall119between tampa and orlando16:59
mhall119bit of a drive, but we've had people come from further for our team parties16:59
* jcastro doesn't mind driving to release parties and all that 17:00
mhall119I'd like to do another big team party this year like we did in 200917:01
* mhall119 hates online systems that store passwords in clear text17:01
* mhall119 hates it more when said systems email me my password in clear text17:02
=== dholbach_ is now known as dholbach
dholbachok my friends17:19
dholbachI call it a day17:19
dholbachhave a great rest of your day and see you tomorrow17:20
* dholbach hugs you all17:20
popeyi really should get rid of that "toodles" hilight17:22
doctormopleia2 / maco: Seen this interesting image? http://literatur.deviantart.com/art/ubuntu-women-20013177718:01
pleia2would be interesting to hear the symbolism explained though18:03
doctormoClassy: http://framli.deviantart.com/art/What-s-an-Oneiric-Ocelot-20006626118:05
popeyif any of you have stackexchange logons, (askubuntu) I'd appreciate an upvote on our uupc advert...18:09
jcastrohey popeys18:22
* popey hugs jcastro 18:22
popeyyay, we hit 718:22
* popey tails logs to see when we get incoming links from askubuntu ;)18:23
jcastrowhat kind of specs hw-wise do you guys have for pad.ubuntu-uk18:23
* popey points jcastro at Daviey 18:23
popeyits his box18:23
jcastroah ok18:23
* AlanBell is intrigued that jcastro is asking that question18:24
jcastroAlanBell: I'm just wondering18:25
jcastroI've lost all hope of ever getting rid of gobby18:25
jcastrowe seem to be made to suffer</c3po>18:26
AlanBellit would be trivial to do, nobody uses gobby outside of UDS18:26
AlanBellput pad links on the schedule and it would just happen18:26
JFoI think the first question is, Who mandated that we use Gobby?18:27
jcastrodunno it's always just been there18:27
AlanBellit was the collaborative editor18:27
jcastroI used etherpad for a few of my sessions at UDS18:28
AlanBelland the old version was accessible18:28
jcastroand no one said anything so *shrug*18:28
nigelbetherpad is nice if its properly hosted.18:28
AlanBellnew version is silent to screen readers18:28
jcastroJFo: check out that bug report18:28
* nigelb remembers us killing Daviey's server with AlanBell's lighting talk.18:28
AlanBellyeah, Daviey had cut the ram to it18:28
JFojcastro, do you have the bug number handy?18:28
* JFo sees too many bugs by day :-(18:28
jcastro^^^ this one18:29
jcastrodon't worry18:29
jcastroit's not yours18:29
AlanBellhowever primarypad stays up and schools hit that a class at a time18:29
AlanBelland ietherpad and the old etherpad site18:29
JFojcastro, wow18:30
nigelbAlanBell: yeah, I have an ietherpad account18:30
nigelbAlanBell: if we could write a plugin to etherpad, that could give access to LP teams like ~pad-admin as admins and ~pad-users as members on a pad, that would just rock18:31
nigelbwe would have list of pads and we could actually use it at UDS.18:31
* nigelb thinks its actually quite plausible.18:31
AlanBellno need18:32
* popey would avoid ietherpad for no other reason than that they spam you on twitter18:32
AlanBellI wasn't endorsing ietherpad, just declaring it to exist18:33
AlanBellwhy do you need admin access to a pad? what does that even mean?18:33
nigelbI wasn't endorsing ietherpad, just "etherpad" as a product18:33
nigelbAlanBell: admins can delete etc18:33
AlanBellwell that could be done, but I don't see the need for it18:34
nigelbAlanBell: have you got a pro account on any of the pad hosting thingies like ietherpad?18:34
popeyi have a pro account on a few pads18:34
AlanBellI don't have a pro account18:34
popeyi dont see the need for access controls either18:34
AlanBellI only really use pad.ubuntu-uk.org18:34
nigelbYeah, the good thing, which I thingk popey blogged about, is when you have a pro pad, you get to see pad list18:34
popeythere are none on gobby and that's worked18:34
nigelbthat's all.18:34
popeybut if people name the pads sensibly thats a non issue18:35
popeyand if they link to them in irc channels (bots could do this)18:35
nigelbif we worked pad names into summit18:35
popeyits just an http link18:35
nigelbthat'd work too18:35
popeyi think you're overthinking it18:35
popey1) put up pad18:35
popey2) use it18:35
popey3) ???18:35
popey4) profit!18:35
nigelbspread lik18:35
nigelbpopey: I agree.  I'm overthinking.18:36
Davieyjcastro, Were you at the UDS session last time regarding etherpad?18:36
nigelbI wonder if its actually in debian yet18:37
Davieynigelb, it aint.18:37
ubot2Debian bug 576998 in wnpp "ITP: etherpad -- web based collaborative real-time editor" [Wishlist,Open]18:37
AlanBellit would be a trivial patch to summit to make pad links on all the sessions18:37
nigelbAlanBell: yeah, very trivial.18:38
AlanBelland yes, the session on it at UDS was rather negative18:38
popeywhere did the negativity come from?18:38
Daviey*cough* not us *cough*18:38
nigelbI just met a few debian folks today18:39
nigelblet me talk to them tomorrow if they can help me package this giant18:39
AlanBellI don't recall names, but the feeling seemed to be that gobby is packaged, etherpad isn't therefore we won't change anything18:39
popeyi think Daviey had a go at it some while back18:39
AlanBellquite why a single server instance requires packaging I don't know18:40
nigelbDaviey: can help me if I get stuck? :)18:40
jcastroDaviey: how hard is it to spin up etherpad?18:40
evilvishwe could just have the package in Ubuntu, it is not necessary it has to be in Debian18:40
nigelbAlanBell: well, think of wiki update and how it would be easy if it was apt-get update18:40
jcastroI don't get why we just don't fire off an EC2 instance of it and rock it18:40
Davieypopey, Yeah.. but i didn't have enough time to make suitable for upload18:41
AlanBellnigelb: wouldn't help at all, because the problem is that they hacked it about too much. the wiki *is* packaged.18:41
nigelbIts not necessary, but its duplication of work.  I'd prefer working as upstream as possible.18:41
DavieyThere is /possibly/ some licence issues18:41
nigelbAlanBell: exactly.18:41
DavieyThe upstream code ships some binary.18:41
nigelbI've done some work on etherpad some time back, probably should take a shot.18:41
popey(result of me googling etherpad debian package)18:42
* Daviey has commit access to upstream, so i can land fixes :)18:42
AlanBellso it might not be dfsg clean and ready to sit in debian testing for a few years to mature18:42
* nigelb remembers he can poke Daviey for upstream pull requests :D18:42
nigelbAlanBell: hrm, that means direct to Ubuntu or PPA isn't such a bad idea.18:43
Davieyjcastro, I would suggest allowing session leaders to pick gobby vs non-canonical hosted etherpad.18:43
AlanBellI don't think that addresses the concerns that were raised, but I wasn't in the room18:43
jcastroDaviey: well for my sessions I just picked etherpad last time18:43
jcastrobut the gobby server was also not working18:44
Davieyjcastro, Well - we can put auto generated URL's into summit for the sessions..18:44
Davieyeventually, it'll catch on :)18:44
Davieyjcastro, Have you seen etherpad hash tagging?18:44
AlanBelland prepopulate the pages with hash tags18:44
DavieyAlanBell, jinxx18:44
AlanBellgreat minds :)18:44
jcastroDaviey: well, see what IS thinks and guarantee me that it won't explode and I'll propose the idea to jono18:45
* popey wonders if we could use uds.ubuntu-uk.org as the host for it ;)18:45
Davieyjcastro, last time it was discussed at UDS, - IS - were the nackers18:45
AlanBellif you put #UbuntuTheProject in a pad it will auto link that to a search URL returning all pads tagged thusly18:45
jcastroDaviey: well we should ask18:46
* evilvish gah! got tricked by popey and thought that page uds.ubuntu-uk.org existed ;p18:46
Davieyevilvish, give me 5 mins... :)18:46
Davieyi'm not going to... :)18:47
DavieyAlanBell, fancy making a branch for summit to auto link to a settings.ETHERPAD-URL + "/" + session title ?18:48
AlanBellin a couple of days18:49
DavieyDon't know if we can merge it, but if the code is there we are a step there18:49
jcastrois it possible18:49
jcastroto have a page that lists all the pages?18:49
jcastrobut broken down by hashtag?18:49
jcastrogod, that would be awesome18:49
Davieyjcastro, yes18:49
AlanBellthat would be summit18:49
nigelbwith summit, we can do cool stuff :D18:49
Daviey#uds-o #server18:49
AlanBellsummit then becomes the index to the pages18:49
AlanBellas well as the multiple hashtag things in the pad server itself18:50
nigelband the bot can query summit and announce over IRC.18:50
Davieynigelb, Fancy investigating how feasible it would be to encode a list of hash tags that the pad should be pre-populated with?18:50
nigelbDaviey: yup, can do.  will coordinate with AlanBell.18:50
Davieynigelb, http://pad.example.org/some-page?tags=uds-o,desktop,etc would be AWESOME.18:51
nigelboh what the hell, I'll look right now.18:51
AlanBellwe can set it all up and point at pad.ubuntu-uk.org for testing and then point it somewhere else later18:51
popeypeople use pad. though18:51
popeybetter not to mess with one that people are actually using?18:51
DavieyAnyone know of somone good with css ?18:52
nigelbo/ not great, but can manage a bit18:52
AlanBellpopey: I wasn't talking about messing with the pad, just with summit18:52
popeysorry my bad18:52
Davieynigelb, Well if you want to take on more work :), fancy trying to hack up a nice ubuntu-ish theme? :)18:52
AlanBelljust creating regular pages on the pad18:52
nigelbDaviey: ooooooh, yes yes.  I can poke at that too.18:52
Daviey(i'd like to land that on pad.ubuntu-uk.org at least nigelb )18:52
nigelbI have the source of etherpad sitting right here on the laptop :)18:53
nigelbDaviey: yeah, that'd rock.  Though I thought you ran trunk on pad.ubuntu-uk.org18:53
cjohnstonAll you summit talkers need to attend the summit global jam event: http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/team/729/detail/18:53
nigelbDaviey: did you get those fixes I landed.  I think 2 or 3 bug fixes.18:53
Davieynigelb, uh?18:53
jcastroDaviey: oh hey did you guys sort the mobile client thing with davidm?18:54
nigelbDaviey: I did have a fix for the 'undefined' problem18:54
cjohnstonStill waiting on a call for the mobile client last i heard18:54
Davieynigelb, did someone commit that?18:54
* jcastro acks18:54
nigelbDaviey: yup18:54
nigelbDaviey: redhog did18:54
Davieyjcastro, Think so, it is progressing.18:54
AlanBellnigelb: cool, the undifined window title is annoying18:54
popeyi would _love_ to be able to use etherpad on $unnamed_tablet_shaped_device18:54
nigelbAlanBell: yeah :)18:54
jcastroDaviey: man when that's sorted we'll print out QR codes of the schedule and put them around the venue18:55
nigelbjcastro: omg, that's awesome18:55
jcastroscan, BLAM, UDS Schedule. FTW.18:55
nigelbwe're dreaming big baby :)18:55
jcastro@popey keybuk used summit on unnamed tablet device18:55
AlanBelljcastro: QR codes, check, can do.18:55
jcastroand then accidentally multitouched and ruined the schedule18:55
jcastroso he reverted it and removed himself from summit admin, heh18:56
cjohnstonjcastro: opinion on bug 731443 please18:56
ubot2Launchpad bug 731443 in ubuntu-website "photo slide show on uds.u.c goes too fast" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73144318:56
popeyjcastro: not etherpad he didnt18:56
Davieyjcastro, since then, people have to click 'edit'..18:56
jcastropopey: I meant summit18:57
AlanBellQR code to the pad URL on the paper that gets printed and stuck to the doors would be cool18:57
popeyetherpad is broken on safari mobile18:57
jcastroAlanBell: oh man18:57
popeysummit i care less about :)18:57
Davieyjcastro, admins used to always hae the edit view18:57
jcastroDaviey: yeah18:57
nigelbfinally, something broken on iphone that popey does admit to.18:57
* nigelb runs. Fast.18:57
jcastroAlanBell: I think just a QR code on the root summit.ubuntu.com/uds-whatever is fine18:57
jcastroand that subs people to the schedule18:57
jcastrocjohnston: want me to try it?18:57
cjohnstonjcastro: if your interested, the fix can be put into the branch...18:58
cjohnstonwant your opinion of the speed... should it be slower, if so, what speed18:58
jcastrowelll, I can inline the thing right in the div right?18:59
jcastrothe speed=100018:59
jcastroit looks like I can18:59
popeyhahah nigelb I said unnamed device ;)18:59
* jcastro tries it18:59
popeyoh, damn, i said safari18:59
cjohnstonbut when we push the next theme update, it will be erased18:59
nigelbpopey: hahaha :D18:59
cjohnstonwhich i about have another theme update ready18:59
jcastrooh ok18:59
jcastrocjohnston: I have no opinions on the sliding of the photos, whatever you all think is best18:59
cjohnstondont leave me in charge :-P19:00
AlanBellwow, most things are broken on mobile safari!19:00
jcastrocjohnston: then just do what laura says, shrug19:00
cjohnstonthats worse :-P Hopefully cztab isnt around19:00
cjohnstonthanks jcastro19:01
cjohnstonjcastro: any objection to bug 70939519:01
ubot2Launchpad bug 709395 in ubuntu-community-webthemes/light-wordpress-theme "uds.ubuntu.com needs the use the Ubuntu font" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70939519:01
cjohnstonI'll take that as a no19:02
AlanBellthat isn't the ubuntu fone19:02
AlanBellit is lucida grande19:02
evilvishhuh, ubuntu fone19:02
evilvishwouldnt be a bad idea ;p19:03
cjohnstonugh.. thats the wrong bug..19:03
cjohnstonthat bugs already fixxed19:03
nigelbI think there is a Kubuntu fone.19:03
cjohnstonsorry.. jcastro any objection to bug 73237319:03
ubot2Launchpad bug 732373 in ubuntu-community-webthemes/light-wordpress-theme "Add Global Menu to uds.ubuntu.com" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73237319:03
cjohnstonthats the one i meant19:03
* AlanBell goes to poke at bug 70939519:03
ubot2Launchpad bug 709395 in ubuntu-community-webthemes/light-wordpress-theme "uds.ubuntu.com needs the use the Ubuntu font" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70939519:04
jcastrook so which menu is this19:04
jcastrothe orangeish ones or the ones top right on planet?19:04
cjohnstontop right19:05
cjohnstonUbuntu.com Community Support Partners19:05
jcastroyeah that would be slick19:05
cjohnstonwhich those links should be changing soon19:05
* jcastro nods19:05
cjohnstonok.. great.19:05
cjohnstonThanks jcastro19:05
jcastroare the contents of that menu maintained in one place?19:05
jcastroor is it just one more thing to update on each site?19:05
cjohnstonone more thing.. im working with the team to make it one19:06
cjohnstonlike an include19:06
* jcastro nods19:06
AlanBellso is the lack of ubuntu font on quite a lot of uds.ubuntu.com now a content issue rather than a css issue?19:07
jcastro<-- late lunching, be back in 4519:08
cjohnstonno luinch for you19:09
Davieynigelb, Are you sure your undefined fix has landed?19:10
Davieywhat was the commit id?19:10
cjohnstonAlanBell: its an issue of not being pushed yet19:10
cjohnstonthe font was only half way implemented19:10
nigelbDaviey: hang on.19:10
cjohnstoni added the fix yesterday19:10
cjohnstonjust waiting for some more code to be ready to push live19:10
nigelbDaviey: oh hell, missed the title.  I caught the undefined in the email19:12
nigelbDaviey: let me quickly fix this19:12
JFowait, is it written in python? ;-P19:15
nigelbjava and scala19:15
PiciI got the joke ;)19:15
nigelbugh, github now confuses me19:15
nigelbdo I pull from actual origin, i.e. the project's master so my fork is uptodate19:16
nigelbor is there a clicky to make my fork up-to--date19:16
nigelbDaviey: ^^19:16
nigelbOooooooh, btw, good laugh with Riddell about the muppet thing19:17
Davieynigelb, I think rebasing your branch against trunk is always a good idea, but providing it is a small change - the commit should be safge regardless19:17
DavieyJFo, Funny you say that... there is a python style etherpad project, but not open source aiui.19:17
nigelbDaviey: I have to add a new remote to the trunk and do this right? I can't find a clicky.19:18
Davieynigelb, I have NFI :)19:29
nigelbDaviey: lolz19:29
Daviey<-- not a big githib user.19:29
nigelb<-- big github user and still has NFI.19:30
JFowhile I simply have NFI about most things19:32
popey\o/ NFI club19:34
doctormoduanedesign: pong20:06
nigelbDaviey: OMG, ok. Finally.20:32
nigelbDaviey: its *NOT* a bug20:32
Davieynigelb, a config option :)20:32
nigelbDaviey: Right.20:33
nigelbDaviey: I spent a while trying to get up-to-date code and then figure out where that change happens :p20:33
nigelbDaviey: go fix it :P20:33
Davieynigelb, yeah, i'm using a legacy config file20:34
nigelbcan't you just use the new one?20:34
nigelbDaviey: is it possible to run it while making changes?20:35
nigelbactually, while creating the theme.20:36
nigelbomg, its jorge's birthday20:39
nigelbjcastro: HAPPY BIRTHDAY20:39
nigelbDaviey: investigation done.20:41
nigelbDaviey: can be done in theme.20:41
nigelbA little bit of JS magic and we can work it out.20:42
nigelbDo you want that worked into a new Ubuntu theme?20:43
Davieynigelb, nah, KISS20:51
Davieynigelb, I can change some stuff without restarting20:51
Daviey... but not everything20:51
nigelbDaviey: :)20:53
Davieynigelb, Ideally - this should be generic theme that can be committed upstream20:54
Daviey... and eventually, perhaps the default theme for the etherpad ubuntu packages :)20:54
nigelbDaviey: ah, in that case we can go the plugin way for what you asked earlier.20:58

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