ogradebian/oem-config.oem-config.upstart defines "start on starting oem-config-debconf" but that doesnt seem to work at all (nor does an app called oem-config-debconf exist), do i have to do anything special to get upstart to fire it up in console installs ?14:47
ogra(thats bug 732576 btw)14:47
ubot2Launchpad bug 732576 in ubiquity "oem-config-debconf does not start on preinstalled images" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73257614:47
ograhmm, in fact oem-config-debconf is completely empty (apart from changelog and copyright files) where is the oem-config.oem-config-debconf.upstart file supposed to go ?14:56
superm1ogra, http://paste.ubuntu.com/578378/ that fix it?15:02
superm1the upstart job should have been in oem-config-debconf.  didn't realize that debian/rules was explicitly only installing one job though15:02
ograheh, yeah, that might be it15:02
superm1also seems the file might need to be oem-config-debconf.oem-config.debconf.upstart too15:04
ograyeah, to land in the right package15:07
superm1at least to make sure the job is working properly before the next upload, can you manually nudge it into place on your system and see?15:09
ograwill do, (after meeting)15:11
CIA-7ubiquity: superm1 * r4564 ubiquity/debian/ (3 files): Install oem-config-debconf properly. (LP: #732576)15:40
ograsuperm1, so i tested and faced an additional problem16:57
ograsuperm1, we dont install dbus in the preinstalled cmdline images, oem-config-debconf has dbus as starting condition in its upstart job, it either needs to depend on dbus if thats really needed (i wouldnt know why) or drop the dep in the upstart job16:58
* ogra posts that to the bug17:03
ogracjwatson, do you see any reason why oem-config-debconf requires a running dbus ?17:04
ogra(or ev ^^^)17:04
stiegMorning.  I am trying to setup a non-interactive install on natty alpha 3 using a preseed file.  The only think keeping this from working is the keyboard layout selection box keeps popping up.  Can anyone offer any advice on how to get past this?17:44
stiegThe same preseed file works on Ubuntu 10.10 so I am wondering if there may be some sort of regression in ubiquity.  If there are any logs/files people might need let me know and i will post them on a paste bin and provide a link17:47
CIA-7ubiquity: superm1 * r4565 ubiquity/debian/ (changelog oem-config-debconf.oem-config-debconf.upstart): Don't trigger oem-config-debconf on dbus.18:32
ograsuperm1, thanks !18:33
superm1ogra, sure np18:33
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stiegAnyone in here worked with preseeding on Ubuntu 11.04 recently?  I am encountering a problem where I cannot complete an automatic install because the keyboard layout prompt screen keeps appearing regardless of what I put in my preseed file.22:29
stieganyone?  Bueller?22:31

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