em1how can i monitor the status of linux hardware, best in java02:54
em1im em06:55
em1iforgot myname06:56
em1mypassword forgot06:56
em1anyone know it pls tellme06:56
em1imeans em, but em106:57
em1i just want to monitor the system, including soft and hard, must i wathc/proc?09:09
em1surely i wouldnt write hands of bash scripts, i prefer to do with java, ok?09:09
DutchyShould sun-java6-jdk still be available on ubuntu 10.10 ?22:03
DutchyI am having a crashing JVM with Eclipse and I am running openjdk, could that cause the problem?22:04
Dutchy(JVM exit code 1)22:04
Dutchybut sun-java6-jdk had no installation candidate22:05
bmaheDutchy, did you activate the partner repository?22:05
Dutchypartner repository, as in sources.list entries?22:07
Dutchyoh, that's something new then22:08
bmaheit has been there for a while :)22:08
DutchyI see a comment in the sources.list file about it22:08
melow01quick question... I need to install java on Ubuntu 10.04, can someone help me with this?22:09
DutchyI think when I installed this machine it didnt exist yet :p22:09
melow01Do I need to add something to my sources.list?22:09
DutchyHmm, I think I've selected the sun jdk now and Eclipse still crashes22:33
Dutchyquite frustrating22:33
DutchyI might have to resort to netbeans instead22:33
bmaheDutchy, Make sure you haven't installed extra weird plug ins22:34
bmaheDutchy, and worst case scenario, open a bug :)22:34
Dutchyhmm, I only installed the maven integration22:35
Dutchyquite too frustrated now to debug it22:37
Dutchysecretly hope it's all fixed tomorrow :p22:37
bmaheDutchy, you could try mv ~/.eclipse ~/.eclipse.bak22:43
bmaheand rm -rf ~/.m2/repository22:44
bmaheand see if a bare eclipse still crashes22:44
Dutchysounds like a good idea22:48
DutchyI will remember that when I try again tomorrow :)22:49

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