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skaetapw, JFo - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ReleaseTeam/Meeting/2011-03-11 available a bit earlier - still working through the A3 testing reports, so a few more updates may happen tomorrow.05:30
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smbbjf, I just changed my mind on that CVE. I think that anon_vma_chain does not exist in Hardy and Karmic09:40
bjfsmb, i've not applied it, go ahead and do what you feel is right09:41
smbbjf, Yeah, just wanted to avoid you to grab it as you were the second acker09:41
smbbjf, I would feel the right thing is to have the submitter actually test compile it. :)09:43
smbbjf, He's probably sitting somewhere close to you09:43
sconklinsmb: good guess, I'll figure this out09:43
bjfsmb, yes, he will be beaten09:43
smbbjf, Beating is not needed. You have to use the flakey coffee machine. Which I heard can be enough punishment 09:45
sconklinsmb: good idea. I'll use the coffee machine and then look at it09:46
smbsconklin, Cool. I guess that one line just slipped in. It was not part of the original patch but part of the context.09:46
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sconklinsmb, bjf - Revised (and test built) patches for Hardy and Karmic CVE have been mailed10:52
smbsconklin, ack. should be ok now10:56
phillips321hi all10:59
phillips321has anyone got a guide to getting 2.6.38 on 10.10?10:59
diwicsconklin, when is next deadline for upload to maverick SRU?11:19
sconklindiwic: there is no real deadline, patches put on the -next branch will go into the next upload. I expect that the next Maverick upload will be late next week11:20
diwicsconklin, cool, thanks.11:21
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rishiHey guys, I think the natty-lts-backport that is there in the kernel-ppa breaks my Ethernet. I have nVidia MCP61 Ethernet chip.12:03
rishiIs this known?12:03
rishiI can help with debugging, bug report, etc..12:03
rigvedrishi: patience. maybe someone might be able to help.12:05
rishirigved: Yeah, no problem. :-)12:06
ogratgardner, poke15:18
tgardnerogra, hmm?15:20
ogratgardner, can we have .38 as default for omap4 ?15:20
tgardnerogra, yep, was just waiting for Tobin to pull the trigger.15:20
amitkogra: it works?15:21
* amitk is pleasantly surprised...15:21
ogratgardner, i think he answered the mail thread on monday or so ;)15:22
ograamitk, the BSp kernel from agreen15:22
amitkogra: right..15:22
tgardnerogra, OK, I'll get it started building.15:22
ogratgardner, thanks :)15:23
amitktgardner: y'all going to ELC, I noticed15:23
tgardneramitk, yep15:24
amitkwill see you there in a few weeks then15:24
tgardneramitk, indeed. I'm back from London this Sat, then off to SFO 3 weeks later.15:25
amitktgardner: aah, kernel sprint?15:25
tgardneramitk, yeah, new guy sprint.15:25
* amitk needs to plan a trip to london soon15:26
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tseliotmjg59: is there an equivalent for acpi_video_register() (acpi/video.h) in linux 2.6.32? I'm trying to get a backlight with poulsbo17:10
tseliot*backlight device17:11
lbordaHi guys20:13
lbordaanybody comfortable with bonding with arp monitoring AND bridge? 20:15
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rydberggreetings, i wonder if someone can explain this, running latest stock kernel: "cat /sys/module/*/srcversion | sort | uniq -c"20:37
rhuddusaforgive if this isn't the correct place to ask this. i upgraded from linux-image-2.6.32-29-virtual linux-image-2.6.35-25-virtual and now any ipsec ah & esp packet with wire size > 304 does not decrypt accross the wire.  i see encrypted packets transmitted and then received, but then they are lost.  if i switch back to 2.6.32, packets decrypt fine.  any ideas who to track down my missing packets? ifconfig doesn'20:52
rhuddusat show any errors. 20:52
rydbergit seems to have occurred between 2.6.38-4 and 2.6.38-520:59
rydberg... and it is still present in 2.6.38-6, and still present in mainline.21:15
rydbergdkms packages will fail to install roughly 50% of the time because of this, for instance21:17
rydbergtimg, have you seen anything about this?21:20
JForydberg, they are in London this week, so likely off getting dinner somewhere.21:21
rydbergoh, i see21:21
rydberghey, jfo :-)21:21
JFohey rydberg :)21:21
rydbergill dig further on lkml to see if i find anything21:21
JFook, I'd be interested in what you find, from a purely informational aspect.21:22
rydbergsure thing21:22
rydbergto confirm the problem, all one needs to do is run that line above, and see that some line has a number different from 1 in the first column *nudge nudge*21:24
BenCrydberg: Is that really a problem, or just not what you expected?21:42
rydbergexpect that dkms packages compare srcversions and end up not installing the new version because it looks like the old one?21:43
rydberghonestly, i dont know what the assumptions around srcversion are, but it sure seems likely that they all should be unique, and so they were, up to recently (checked in maverick too)21:44
BenCrydberg: What I'm asking is if the srcversion being the same for two things is really a bug or not21:44
BenCWhat two modules share the same srcversion?21:44
rydbergi understand, i can't say for sure, other than there being little reason for it otherwise21:45
BenCWhat modules have the same srcversion would be a good data point21:45
rydbergany modules - please try it out, the line is cat /sys/module/*/srcversion | sort | uniq -c21:45
BenCNone of the ones on my system have the same21:45
BenCso I'm asking you since you can reproduce this "issue"21:45
rydbergwhat kernel version are you running?21:46
rydbergcnd confirms this problem also21:46
cndrydberg, ugh, dragging me into another problem :)21:46
rydbergyes, this is between 2.6.38-4 and 2.6.38-5 ubuntu versions, somewhere in the 2.6.38-rc series21:47
BenCRight, so check yours and tell me which modules share the same srcversion21:47
rydbergit seems random, and completely unrelated stuff, like i2c_piix4 and joydev, k10temp21:49
rydbergim going to bisect this on mainline git now, its not an ubuntu issue it seems21:50
BenCIs it random on the same boot, or different between boots?21:50
rydbergsame number occuring between boots21:50
rydbergyou can look it up on the internet and get hits :-)21:50
rydbergthere is one of them21:50
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