nhandlerSorry for the late notice, but I might be late for the meeting tomorrow (possibly 45 minutes). I'll toss some items on the agenda and I will be more than glad to discuss them and answer any questions when I show up02:06
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akgranerpleia2, no word yet...can we just add it to the planet like other blogs are?15:55
pleia2akgraner: we have a meeting scheduled for 20 minutes from now, is it ok to push up an hour (nhandler can't make it just yet)22:38
pleia2and everyone else too :)22:38
akgranerjust ping me when everyone is around23:08
akgraneras you can see I was late as well :-/23:08
pleia2will do23:09
nhandlerThanks a lot guys, and sorry for messing up the schedule23:54
holsteinnhandler: thats it, you're fired ;)23:55
pleia2akgraner: still about? meeting time!23:56
pleia2it's ok, I was neck deep in a new server deployment at meeting time anyway23:56
pleia2(ongoing, but I'm not slacking, my server is rsyncing!)23:57

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