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rnigamHello Everyone please look at this thread and help me out: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=10542465#post1054246500:38
hallynkim0: packages built in ppa00:52
* hallyn out00:53
thesheff17_rnigam: I just ran your vmbuilder command on my machine...it worked with no problems....it looks like it is isolated to maverick.00:54
thesheff17_I would suggest putting the debug level really high for libvirt or using lucid.00:55
thesheff17_I can't find anything on the web that has that same error.00:55
rnigamtthanks thesheff1701:00
rnigamthesheff17: could you do a virsh --version on your machine and tell me which version of virsh and libvirtd is running01:03
thesheff17_rnigam: I built maverick w/ lucid as the underlying os....so strange that doesn't work for you on 10.10  my version is: 0.7.501:03
rnigamthsheff17: I see. how can i change the debug level? and how will that help?01:06
thesheff17_rnigam: first check out /var/log/libvirt/qemu/vmName.log and see if there is anything else in there that will give you more info about virsh start not working01:07
thesheff17_rnigam: /etc/libvirt/libvirtd.conf contains the log level stuff.01:08
thesheff17_rnigam: I'm just shocked that no one else has that error...usually google gives me the answer pretty quickly...maybe the debug level will give you/us more insight into what is wrong.01:09
rnigamthesheff17: qemu: could not open disk image /root/vmimages/mav-vm2/ubuntu-kvm/tmpBYvUD4.qcow2: Permission denied01:14
rnigamthis is from the logs01:15
thesheff17_rnigam: can you paste your xml01:15
thesheff17_pastebin the xml from /etc/libvirt/qemu/vmName.xml01:15
thesheff17_rnigam: are you using an SELinux kernel?...just looking on google for some fixes.. what does ls -la   /root/vmimages/mav-vm2/ubuntu-kvm/tmpBYvUD4.qcow2 say...is that file even there?01:20
rnigamthesheff17: heres the xml :  http://paste.ubuntu.com/578124/01:21
thesheff17_rnigam: looks good.... you are using virsh start as root correct?01:23
rnigamand yes thatmfile is present there.01:24
rnigamactually that file gets created when i run the vmbuilder command01:25
rnigamthe qcow2 disk file01:25
thesheff17_rnigam: right I just wanted to make sure it is getting created correctly...my permissions on my files is -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 1238958080 2011-03-05 13:30 /mnt/vm/vm021/ubuntu-kvm/tmpqyXQXh.qcow201:25
thesheff17_does yours match that?01:26
rnigam-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 627376128 2011-03-09 14:20 tmpBYvUD4.qcow201:28
thesheff17_/etc/libvirt/qemu.conf contains username to run the service as...can you check that this is root.01:29
rnigamyou mean the userid variable?01:31
thesheff17_I have user = "root" and group = "root"01:32
rnigameverything in that file is commented out and hence default values are being used. I am not sure what defaults are. LEt me make those changes in mine and try again ! it might take some time to get back.01:32
rnigamare there any other flags in that file turned on for you?01:33
thesheff17_rnigam: yea yours might be a little...since mine in lucid.01:33
rnigamother than user and group?01:33
thesheff17_rnigam: that is the only thing that isn't commented out in that file...you aren't running SELinux kernel are you?01:34
rnigamno se linux01:35
thesheff17_rnigam: ok...not sure what it could be...permission denied should not happen if you running it as root.01:37
thesheff17_rnigam: to just test try just doing chown 777 filename and see if it will start.01:37
rnigamya i am recreating a vm again to check if anything changes after changing those options !01:38
rnigamthesheff17: In case i forget, thanks so much for all the help.01:43
thesheff17_rnigam: np....I know how hard it is to find help for virsh/kvm sometimes.01:44
thesheff17_rnigam: not that I have helped much :)01:44
rnigamthesheff17- Great news.. you helped me enough02:00
rnigamit works02:00
rnigamturns out those two variables needed to be set in /etc/libvirt/qemu.conf02:01
thesheff17_rnigam: excellent02:01
thesheff17_rnigam: I'm on vacation next week but if that is the default problem you/I should file a bug for it.02:02
rnigamman... I thought this was the easiest part. Yes we must file a bug02:02
rnigamtheres another bug that we need to file... or rather a request for a patch02:03
rnigamwhen we undefine an image... it doesnt remove the qcow2 files and doesnt free other resources.02:04
rnigamit would be great if we can achieve that with undefine rather than doing manually !02:04
rnigamthesheff17: what do you think about the request? please comment !02:05
thesheff17_rnigam: I would love that as well02:12
thesheff17_rnigam: my python script does it for me...basically just have a huge wrapper around vmbuilder & virsh.02:12
zulsmoser hallyn: the lxcguest scripts work perfectly on the uec images02:27
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tc2k11could anybody help me a with postfix issue?03:44
tc2k11i'm having issues send email to a particular domain where it always times outs when there is an attachment03:50
Roxyhart0somebody know how to upgrade samba in ubuntu? i tried with apt-get upgrade samba but is doesn work03:57
EvilPhoenixRoxyhart0:  define "upgrade" because the repositories are not always cutting-edge up to date04:01
Roxyhart0i have samba 3.4.5 and I want to upgrade to 3.5.x04:02
Roxyhart0as I am having problems with windows 7 clients and aparently samba 3.5.x solve it04:02
EvilPhoenixwhich version of ubuntu server?04:03
EvilPhoenix10.04? 10.10?04:03
Roxyhart0not 9.1004:03
EvilPhoenixdidnt say 9.1004:04
EvilPhoenixi said 10.1004:04
Roxyhart0but i read the version 10.04 still come with samba 3.4.504:04
EvilPhoenix10.04 has samba 3.4.7 on it from what I can tell04:04
EvilPhoenixlemme check my 10.10 system04:04
EvilPhoenix10.10 has samba 3.5.4 on it04:05
EvilPhoenixis upgrading your distribution an option?04:05
Roxyhart0maybe, but is could be risky as I am running file server here...04:06
Roxyhart0also I am not sure if 10.10 has so much bugs?04:07
EvilPhoenixI cant vouch for it as i stick with LTS releases (and never use samba)04:08
EvilPhoenixalthough FYI, you should always keep backups even when you arent upgrading your system04:08
patdk-lapI guess samba isn't in backports?04:08
EvilPhoenixpatdk-lap:  didnt see it in there04:09
EvilPhoenixand out of curiosity... patdk-lap, do you support the use of backports updates in a production system?04:10
patdk-laproxyart0, you do know you have like only a month left before 9.10 is dead?04:10
EvilPhoenixoh that too04:10
patdk-lapEvilPhoenix, depends04:10
patdk-lapsome things yes, most things no04:10
patdk-lapbut for something like that, I would just download samba from backports and install04:11
EvilPhoenixRoxyhart0:  you should probably consider upgrading anyways, what're you using right now, 9.10?  you should definitely upgrade the distro (MAKE BACKUPS FIRST) because its going to die very soon (end of life)04:11
Roxyhart0yes i need to do...but what is the version supported, is not 10.04?04:12
patdk-lap10.04 will be supported for 4more years04:12
EvilPhoenixthe version that has 3.5.x samba is 10.1004:12
patdk-lap10.10 will be for another year04:12
EvilPhoenixits also supported (and recent, as well as stable from what I can tell)04:12
patdk-lapmost of my samba servers are 10.0404:13
Roxyhart0well I will try to update at least to 10.0404:13
patdk-lapone is still 8.0404:13
EvilPhoenixRoxyhart0:  FYI, 3.4.7 is whats in the 10.04 repositories04:13
Roxyhart0but i know there are someway to install samba 3.5.x in 10.04 ...but i dont know the procedure04:13
EvilPhoenixRoxyhart0:  to get 3.5.x, you'll need 10.10, as I dont see 3.5.x in the repos (including backports)04:13
patdk-lapwhat about 3.4 doesn't support win7?04:13
EvilPhoenixRoxyhart0:  possibly compiling from SOURCE04:13
EvilPhoenixwhich is a pita04:13
patdk-lapI haven't had any issues with windows 7 and my samba's04:13
Roxyhart0i didn time ago samba 3.4.5 for ubuntu 9.0404:14
EvilPhoenixRoxyhart0:  but i'll betcha patdk-lap knows more about samba than i do, you should talk to him04:14
Roxyhart0but i dont remeber how04:14
Roxyhart0patdk, what version of samba and ubuntu do you have?04:15
patdk-lapRoxyhart0, ask something I didn't just answer04:15
Roxyhart0you said about your ubuntu verison, but what is the match with your samba versions and are all of them working with windows clients for printing? as my problems is sharing printers04:19
patdk-lapmy samba version is whatever is in ubuntu 10.0404:19
patdk-lapand I haven't had an issue printing04:19
patdk-lapthe wife and me both used a printer via samba in win704:20
patdk-lapat work, I use a win2003 machine for a print server04:21
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Roxyhart0somebody know how to install a patch file?05:15
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_Neytiri_i am having a issue settign up a iscsi target on my ubuntu server, i dont know where i went wrong but i cant get my esx host to find the server07:57
_Neytiri_http://www.howtoforge.com/using-iscsi-on-ubuntu-9.04-initiator-and-target i used that tutorial to setup the target07:57
uvirtbotNew bug: #732458 in squid (main) "package squid 2.7.STABLE9-2.1ubuntu4 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 100 (dup-of: 732314)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73245808:26
jibeljamespage, hi08:57
jamespagejibel: good morning08:57
jibeljamespage, i'll push an update of usit for desktop testing. I set the version number to ppa15 in the changelog ?08:58
jibelactually, 1.0-1~ppa1508:58
jamespagejibel: thats good08:59
jibelI'm asking this because last time you updated it but I don't know why08:59
jamespageI updated because for some reason that I can't remember your merge proposal version conflicted with the latest release in the PPA09:11
jamespage~ppa15 is OK09:11
jamespage(~ppa14 is currently published)09:11
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lnx-usrAny kvm virtualisation guru's in here?10:00
Jeeves_Guru is a big word :)10:01
lnx-usronly 4 letters.....10:02
lnx-usrAnyway, I've been wanting to give spice a try10:02
lnx-usrIs there an easy way of doing this on ubuntu10:02
twbI'm not sure simulation of electrical circuitry is what people normally mean by "virtualization"10:03
lnx-usr@twb SPICE is a "new" high end remote protocol designed to work with kvm virtual geust systems10:04
lnx-usr2d acceleration and stuff like that10:04
lnx-usrIt's really good, i've tested it about 2 years ago and it was working great then.10:05
lnx-usrso I'm not talking about spice-ng10:05
twb"2d acceleration"?  As in, a GUI?10:05
lnx-usrHardware assisted 2d playback10:06
twbVMs shouldn't have a GUI any more than the dom0 should10:06
lnx-usrtwb are you really going to asume you know every use case?10:06
twbOnly the important ones10:07
lnx-usrSPICE is mostly designed to host virtual desktops10:07
twbdesktops are lame, too10:07
lnx-usrHigh performance 2d graphics using a remote protocol10:07
twbDunno what's wrong with NX-compressed X1110:08
lnx-usrA lot10:08
lnx-usrIt's an "in guest" protocol10:08
lnx-usrthat means it's a service running inside the guest10:08
twbSo what you're saying is that your VMs are not only GUIs, but they're not unix GUIs10:09
pnunnlnx-usr: sounds intersting.. we use KVM here for servers, but are looking at pushing into desktops..10:09
lnx-usrNo thats not what I'm saying, allthough it's true... ;-)10:09
twbIs bind9 still best practice for hosting ones domains?10:10
twbI'm going through the debtags list and stuff like maradns sounds interesting10:10
lnx-usrAnyway, I'm implementing Desktop virtualisation systems based on vmware view a lot10:10
lnx-usrI'd like to be able to give my customers the choice of using ubuntu, kvm with spice10:11
twbvmware can FOAD.  I wasted the best part of a week trying to make SCO4 work with it.10:11
lnx-usrI can't right now10:11
lnx-usrWhat vmware system?10:11
pnunnlnx-usr: be interested to hear how you go with this. Doesn't seem to be much in the way of software on the link you gave.10:12
twbUnforunately, it was vmware-server.  We weren't confindent esxi could be tricked into working with our existing backup infrastructure.10:12
lnx-usrWhy would you use SCO  anyway10:12
twblnx-usr: because the shitty ERP system was written for it twenty years ago10:13
lnx-usrVMware server is not the way to go10:13
twbIt's like saying "why are banks still using AIX"10:13
lnx-usrKind of like saying "why use desktops..."10:13
twbCustomers should FOAD, too10:14
lnx-usrAnyway, what does your backup system look like10:14
lnx-usrend users should FOAD.....10:14
twbIt's basically cron, ssh, lvcreate --snapshot and rsync10:15
lnx-usrThat wont work on vmware esxi10:15
twbNot without buggerizing around with undocumented vmware calls10:15
lnx-usrWhere are the vmdk's stored?10:16
twbin the dom010:16
twbesxi is just a broken linux dom010:16
lnx-usrNope, esxi is not linux10:16
lnx-usresxi has it's own kernel10:17
twb"Up through the current ESX version 4.1, a Linux kernel is started first,^[5] and is used to load a variety of specialized virtualization components, including VMware's 'vmkernel' component."10:17
joschitwb: esx != esxi10:17
lnx-usrAlmost no linux userspace anymore10:17
lnx-usrAs I understand you are not using central storage10:17
twbThey only have ten users10:18
twbThe server is the centralized storage10:18
joschitwb: esx is (was) a rhel based hypervisor. esxi doesn't run the linux kernel anymore10:18
lnx-usrIt's like saying Netware is DOS because dos is booted first10:18
twbjoschi: hum, I thought the only difference was esxi's dom0 didn't have a shitty GUI10:18
lnx-usrOnly the console system was based on Linux10:19
lnx-usrThis made it easier for vmware to implement userspace stuff10:19
joschitwb: no, they actually strapped the linux parts away10:19
lnx-usrNow most things moved to vmkernel space10:19
lnx-usrMy advice would be this: Use vmware esxi, use SAN storage (even if it is something like Nexenta, ubuntu with iscsi target or freenas), mount the vmware vmfs filesystem via iscsi on your backup server and backup from there10:21
twbThat sounds way too "enterprisey" to me10:22
lnx-usrthen use esxi with the vma10:23
twbWhere "enterprisey" means "expensive and crap"10:23
lnx-usrOr move to KVM, headless Virtualbox or Xen. But please don't use vmware server10:23
twbvmware-server doesn't work on 10.04 anyway10:23
twbI can't remember why, I think it was a problem with the NIC going spastic10:23
lnx-usrVMware server is the crappiest product vmware ever made10:23
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twbI'd have used kvm but it makes sco koops10:24
lnx-usrI use ESXi, vsphere and workstation on a daily basis. And I mostly like them.10:24
twbYeha but you also like GUIs10:24
lnx-usrYeah, I also use KVM quite  a bit, never liked xen tough10:25
twbI like kvm and lxc best10:26
twbBy 12.04 LXC will be kickass10:26
twbMaybe LCR will even be ready10:26
lnx-usrnew to me10:27
twbMaybe it's CXR10:27
lnx-usrsorry, they must not have a gui yet10:27
twbLinux Checkpoint/Restart10:27
twbAllows you to suspend and resume arbitrary processes/process groups, maybe move them between hosts10:27
lnx-usrMust be a stupid project, I don't see screenshots..... ;-)10:28
lnx-usrKind of like "live migration for applications"10:29
lnx-usrSounds awesomely cloudy googly like10:29
twbWikipedia actually directed me to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Application_checkpointing10:29
twbBut for LXC, it would mean the ability to migrate domUs between hosts (and suspend them prior to restarting the dom0) without needing to emulate a full computer (a la kvm)10:33
lnx-usrless overhead is always better.10:33
twbLXC is about as efficient as a chroot10:34
twbBut it's a lot leakier than kvm at the moment10:34
twbNeeds more work in the kernel10:34
lnx-usrbtw TWB, if I where you I'd look into using ESXi with the "Vmware vSphere 4.1 command line interface"10:35
lnx-usrIt's a commandline interface you can install on a linux system and use it to script esxi10:35
twbI'm not really interested in vmware until they start using copyleft licenses10:36
lnx-usrWell I guest I'm going to have to build SPICE myself10:37
twbckpt.wiki.kernel.org is what I was thinking of10:37
lnx-usrYeah I found that to10:38
lnx-usrI'm going to eat now10:38
lnx-usrNice talking to you10:38
twbLXC and Linux-CR are lightweight enough that I expect e.g. a smartphone to put each "app" in its own container, and to suspend/resume them individually.10:51
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sabgentonllutz: do you think I need an equivalent to wireless-mode    managed11:43
sabgentonthe guide doesn't mention it11:43
sabgentonopps wrong channel11:44
kim0hallyn: just tested the new ppa code. Here are the findings12:42
kim0- win7 seems to work well with vnc12:42
kim0- once installed qxl drivers, windows seemed to have become a bit unstable (crashed a couple of times)!12:43
kim0- I cannot connect using spicec at all "Warning: Invalid mode"12:43
kim0- I just found out about http://www.spice-space.org/download/gtk/ .. a gtk client, unsure how it compares to spicec!12:44
kim0hallyn: that's all, if that client is the official or better one, perhaps if you can build it, I'll try connecting with it as well12:44
\shhmm...how do we attack the problem that authbind (which is used by tomcat6) still doesn't support ipv6? eventually this patch could help us here: http://toroid.org/ams/etc/authbind-ipv6-support12:55
kim0hallyn: someone on #kvm mentioned to check this patch http://www.mail-archive.com/kvm@vger.kernel.org/msg50244.html13:01
zulhallyn: new lxc uploaded13:18
hXmisn't possible to execute files in a webdav server?13:21
hallynzul: cool, thx.  have you tested it?  (IIUC it will break current configs)13:27
zulno i havent had a chance to13:27
hallynkim0: we already have that patch.  without that, kvm locks up when using qxl13:28
kim0hallyn: ok good .. what about that new client thing13:31
hallynis that what people said to use?13:32
kim0well people are not too responsive13:32
hallynok.  i *was* going to build spice-qemu as a separate package today.  Do you think testing the new client is more urgent?13:32
kim0hallyn: I think so yeah, since currently spicec is not connecting at all13:33
kim0at least in my case13:33
hallyngot some unrelated testing to do, but I'll go retest my current packages right now, and then try out that new client.  bbl13:33
kim0hallyn: spice people confirm spice-gtk is the thing to use, spicec is legacy they say14:12
eagles0513875hey guys i wanna create a new user cuz the place that is hosting my vps seems to have enabled root :(14:12
eagles0513875how exactly should i add the user too the sudoers14:12
eagles0513875do i add it like roots setup User ALL=(ALL)  ALL ?14:13
RoAkSoAxmorning all14:20
zularrgh stop snowing14:20
sorenzul: I'm not.14:20
RoAkSoAxDaviey: howdy! hey I resubmitted the eucalyptus-branch against the one in ubunut-virt14:20
zulsoren: yes you are14:20
eagles0513875zinser: qhey guys question14:21
eagles0513875guys how do i add a user to the sudoers file14:21
DavieyRoAkSoAx, rockin'14:21
eagles0513875do i add it like roots setup User ALL=(ALL)  ALL ?14:21
eagles0513875or just add the user to the admin group14:21
DavieyRoAkSoAx, We'll get that uploaded today.14:21
RoAkSoAxDaviey: awesome. thanks14:22
smoserRoAkSoAx, thank you for fixing that.14:26
RoAkSoAxsmoser: glad to help ;)14:27
hallynkim0: ok.  sorry, i got a bit side-tracked by email backlog.  off to create teh package soon.  (hopefully before i'm pulled away by calls)14:32
kim0hallyn: I tried building it locally ( but gave up) I just had to sed 's/celt051/celt/' in the configure script, if that's helpful to you14:49
hallynkim0: that's actually troublesome.14:59
hallynprobably means there will be more changes to do, mirroring the ones made in spicec to handle higher version of celt15:00
progre55hi guys. is it possible to specify a system-wide alias for a hostname? just like you'd map an IP address in /etc/hosts, but I need to map a long domain name to a shorter alias, and afaik, I cannot do that in /etc/hosts15:03
jkgyou probably want a 'search' line in /etc/resolv.conf15:04
progre55jkg: oh, let me try that, thanks15:05
RoAkSoAxzul: howdy!! when you have the time, tell me what you think about bug #73161615:08
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 731616 in cobbler "koan crashed with ImportError in __main__: No module named koan.app" [Low,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73161615:08
zulRoAkSoAx: yeah i saw that last night ill merge it15:08
RoAkSoAxzul: ok awesome. I'm also looking at the yum thingy and we also need python-ethtool (though apparently someone's already working to get it in debian: http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=549323)15:09
uvirtbotDebian bug 549323 in wnpp "RFP: python-ethtool -- Python bindings for the ethtool kernel interface" [Wishlist,Open]15:09
evilsushianyone seen this error before ? http://pastie.org/private/igmpcadl4txerf2kpequa15:10
RoAkSoAxevilsushi: try sudo service apache2 restart15:11
zulRoAkSoAx: if you want to take care of it ill upload it for you15:11
evilsushierr i was in a deleted directory from a cron job15:12
RoAkSoAxzul: yeah I'm gonna look at it today15:13
zulRoAkSoAx: k thanks15:13
smoserhallyn, ping15:29
smoseryour comment in bug 723361 doesn't make sense15:29
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 723361 in libvirt "Apparmor security unavailable" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72336115:30
smoseryou said "Information was provided as new bug 723361 (which I've marked as a dup of this)."15:30
smoserah. never mind. the duplicate info is correct though. the comment is just wrong15:30
uvirtbotNew bug: #732645 in clamav (main) "package clamav-freshclam 0.96.5 dfsg-1ubuntu1.10.04.2 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73264515:32
jibelSpamapS, good morning, is bug 732314 on your radar  ?16:05
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 732314 in squid "package squid 2.7.STABLE9-2.1ubuntu4 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 100" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73231416:05
SpamapSjibel: I saw it last night before passing out.. reading now16:06
SpamapSoh darn it16:07
SpamapSthats because squid doesn't use dh_installinit16:07
SpamapSjibel: fix forthcoming.. thanks for pointing it out16:07
zulsquid is evil16:07
SpamapSlifeless: cover your ears! ;)16:08
zulwell that packaging is evil16:09
zulkees: ping who do i nag about the lxc MIR?16:10
uvirtbotNew bug: #732665 in samba (main) "[FFE] Update Samba to 3.5.8." [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73266516:13
jibelSpamapS, thanks for fixing it16:14
SpamapSzul: yeah, it seems to try to maintain compatibility a little too hard.16:18
jdstrandhallyn: fyi, I marked 723361 as a dupe of 545795. It seems that the reporter doesn't understand how the driver works, but that the main problem is that the USB device doesn't work. 545795 is fixed in maverick but the reporter is using lucid. 545795 has a workaround for the usb issue16:19
hallynjdstrand: cool, thanks for the info16:35
hallynjdstrand: smoser: honestly I don't know what happened with that bug, or why I ended up marking it a dup of itself.  I swear there was nother bug# involved where the info actually sat :)16:35
smoserhallyn, there is.16:36
smoserand it is marked as a duplicate16:36
smoser(look at the duplicates)16:36
hallynsmoser: waht i mean is i don't know why i did that wrong the first time16:36
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keeszul: what's the bug # for the lxc MIR?16:44
zulkees: one sec16:44
zulkees: 72720016:44
* kees checks16:45
keeszul: can you target it to natty? then it should show up in the MIR queue for mterry to assign.16:47
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zulkees: sure16:47
RFlemingGreetings and salutations.16:55
RFlemingWith processes (in ps auwx) showing as (SERVER), is there any way to find out what the command-line switches were?16:56
RoAkSoAxScottK: howdy!! I have a python packaging question. I'm packaging a python-ethtool. During the build it shows that it is creating <BUILDROOT>/python-ethtool/usr/local/lib and during install W: dh_python2:95: Python 2.7 should install files in /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/. Did you forget "--install-layout=deb"? http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/578435/ . Howver, the resulting binary obviosly has the correct paths. http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/578436/17:27
SlybootsIs there a easy way to see what services my server is actually running17:46
Dans326can anyone here tell me how to switch php from an apache module to cgi mode17:48
patdk-wkDans326, you do know cgi will be dog slow?17:57
patdk-wkbetter go with fastcgi17:57
smoserjamespage, do you know how i can see the java console in firefox ?17:57
smoseror anyone else17:57
Dans326yea I know its slow but trying to make a dev server match a live server I have no control over17:59
patdk-wkapt-get install php5-cgi18:02
patdk-wka2dismod php518:02
Ryan_LaneI'm trying to make an apparmor policy for memcached, and memcached fails to start because setrlimit is restricted. I can't seem to find a way to allow the process to use setrlimit unrestricted. is this possible?18:06
Ryan_Laneit looks like I can enforce a stricter rlimit only18:06
Ryan_Lanespecifically, apparmor is denying setrlimit(RLIMIT_NOFILE, {rlim_cur=20000, rlim_max=20000})18:10
jdstrandjjohansen: ^18:14
jjohansenRyan_Lane: if the profile has a rule setting the rlimit, then it becomes controlled, and the task can only change the rlimit to a value <= what is specified in the profile18:15
zulSpamapS: need a little help?18:15
jjohansenRyan_Lane: if you want to allow the task to change its rlimit, you can raise the value in the profile, and or remove the "set rlimit" rule, and reload the profile18:17
Ryan_Lanethe profile doesn't have it set18:17
Ryan_Lanemaybe base or nameservice does...18:17
SpamapSzul: w/ what?18:17
SpamapSneeds some testing and an upload18:18
zulSpamapS: yep18:18
* SpamapS is headed to the dentist.. bbiab18:18
RoAkSoAxSpamapS: good louck18:18
jjohansenRyan_Lane: hrmm, you shouldn't be getting a reject message from apparmor unless the profile has it set some where.  It doesn't mediate rlimits unless they are specifically set (or there is a bug)18:19
Ryan_Lanememcached fails to set the ulimit when its profile is enabled, and doesn't fail when it is disabled18:20
jjohansenRyan_Lane: can you see if apparmor_parser -p </path/to/profile> dumps output?18:20
jjohansenRyan_Lane: -p is used to dump the profile after include processing etc, so you get a flattened profile18:21
Ryan_Lanejjohansen: apparmor_parser: invalid option -- 'p'18:21
jjohansenRyan_Lane: well I can give you an older or newer parser with it enabled, unfortunately it got disabled for a release or two18:22
RoAkSoAxzul: ok so I just package python-ethtool bug I don't yet know the status of debian bug #54932318:22
uvirtbotDebian bug 549323 in wnpp "RFP: python-ethtool -- Python bindings for the ethtool kernel interface" [Wishlist,Open] http://bugs.debian.org/54932318:23
RoAkSoAxzul: what do you think we should do?18:23
zulRoAkSoAx: upload it and then we can sync it from debian if it gets done18:23
Ryan_LaneI'm just going to ignore apparmor for memcached right now18:23
RoAkSoAxzul: alrgiht. gonna ask FFe then first18:24
jjohansenRyan_Lane: which OS release?18:24
Ryan_Laneit was working properly in hardy18:24
zulRoAkSoAx: k18:24
jjohansenRyan_Lane: okay, if you want you can send me the profile and I'll see if I can replicate18:24
Ryan_Lanejjohansen: ok. sec18:24
Ryan_Lanejjohansen: http://pastebin.com/2c3YH2L518:25
jjohansenokay thanks18:26
RoAkSoAxzul: could you review it first though?18:27
zulRoAkSoAx: sure18:27
RoAkSoAxzul: do you want me to upload it to chinstrap or revu?18:27
zulchinstrap please18:27
_Neytiri_is anyone here familiar with using Ubuntu as a iSCSI target. i cant seem to get my initiators to connect18:29
_Neytiri_http://www.howtoforge.com/using-iscsi-on-ubuntu-10.04-initiator-and-target i used that tutorial to set up my target and iam useign vmware esxi as my initatior18:31
_Neytiri_i have 2 2tb drives /dev/dsb and /dev/sdd18:32
RoAkSoAxzul: done! Please, also note this warning "W: dh_python2:95: Python 2.7 should install files in /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/. Did you forget "--install-layout=deb"?", which I can't figure out why, but if you do let me know. More info here:http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/578435/18:33
zulSpamapS: done18:36
_Neytiri_Target iqn.2011-03.net..pandpra.eywa:iscsi.1 OutgoingUser       Lun 0 Path=/dev/sdb,Type=fileio       Lun 1 Path=/dev/sdd,Type=fileio18:38
_Neytiri_that is my ietd.conf file18:38
patdk-wkcomment out outgoing user18:39
patdk-wkand you shouldn't use fileio for a block device18:39
_Neytiri_ok so it should be a blockio ?18:39
patdk-wkif using a block device yep, should perform better, but doubt it's the cause of any *issues*18:41
_Neytiri_ok thats done18:42
_Neytiri_i am still got getting the drives to show up on my initiator18:43
_Neytiri_patdk-wk, any idea what could be causin git?18:49
patdk-wkcausing what?18:49
patdk-wkyou never even said you had a problem18:49
_Neytiri_my initiators to not be able to connect18:49
patdk-wklet along what the problem is18:49
patdk-wkerror message?18:50
_Neytiri_no messages what so ever18:50
patdk-wkI distinctly remember vmware throwing up messages if it can't connect18:50
_Neytiri_it might be connecting but the drives are not showing up18:51
patdk-wkdid you format them?18:51
patdk-wkmaybe you need to go back and read the esx manual18:52
patdk-wkit won't *auto* showup18:52
patdk-wknot in esx18:52
hggdhsmoser, do we have an EC2 image for the karmic proposed?18:52
_Neytiri_it doesent even show up under he storage adaptar18:52
patdk-wkunder storage adaptors, select the iscsi adaptor you configured18:53
patdk-wkit should show each iscsi target18:53
_Neytiri_there not showing up there18:54
_Neytiri_targets 018:54
patdk-wkclick properties18:54
patdk-wkconfigure, enable18:54
patdk-wkthen on the dynamic discovery page type in the ip of your iscsi device (or dns name)18:55
smoserhggdh, use http://uec-images.ubuntu.com/server/karmic/20110308/18:55
patdk-wkit's all in the esx manual, really simple18:55
smoserthe 20110310 has the non-proposed18:55
_Neytiri_i did18:55
smoseryou can ssee such things by looking at the 'kernel-info' files there18:55
patdk-wkif it can't find anything, then iscsi isn't runnin on your host18:55
_Neytiri_rescan shows nothing18:55
patdk-wkdid you restart the iscsi daemon after you edited that config file?18:55
patdk-wkmine is very simple config18:56
_Neytiri_it seemed simple whats why i dont know what i did wrong18:56
patdk-wkTarget ign:1998-02.com.example:esx18:57
patdk-wk  Lun 0 Path=/dev/vg/iscsi,type=blockio18:57
patdk-wkand is all18:57
patdk-wkand yes, I just added a new target to my esx install to test it18:58
_Neytiri_well tiem for lunck this has to weait18:58
hggdhsmoser, thank you19:05
RoAkSoAxzul: is kickstarting working in cobbler? http://me.roaksoax.com/Screenshot.png19:39
RoAkSoAxi get that error19:39
cavefishi've got a question: I want to virtualize an Windows XP client on a Ubuntu Server 10.10 ... is there a way to do this without installing the X environment.20:05
elb0w`So funny thing, apt-get install vsftpd. Then a /etc/init.d/vsftp start yields  * MySQL is not running20:06
ivokscavefish: yes20:06
ivokscavefish: kvm and libvirt are your friends20:07
cavefishOke thank you mate!20:07
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ScottKRoAkSoAx: There is (IIRC) a fixup that moves it out of /usr/local, but it's better you add install-layout=deb so it doesn't have to save you.20:20
RoAkSoAxScottK: I have --install-layout=deb and it still shows the warning20:23
ScottKRoAkSoAx: Can you pastebin your debian/rules?20:24
RoAkSoAxScottK: http://paste.ubuntu.com/578505/20:24
ScottKRoAkSoAx: What happens if you make line 14 dh_install?20:27
* RoAkSoAx checking20:28
RoAkSoAxScottK: ah!! now there's no warning. Thanks for that...w ouldn't have guessed it xD20:29
* RoAkSoAx wonders why he didn't think about that20:30
ScottKRoAkSoAx: dh_auto_install was trying to build that package again.20:30
RoAkSoAxScottK: I see. So, when overriding dh_auto_install should we always use dh_install rather than dh_auto_install againa, or this is just a particular case?20:31
ScottKRoAkSoAx: Dunno about always, but usually.20:32
ScottKI can't think of a case you wouldn't though.20:32
RoAkSoAxAlright. I'll keep that in mind for the future. Thanks :)20:33
RoAkSoAxhallyn: howdy! Do you know by any change if there's any reason whye PXE Booting a KVM/virt-manager instance would result in not being able to find a root filesystem if the disk is using virtIO instead of IDE?20:52
hallynRoAkSoAx: that sounds familiar.  It might be a known bug20:52
hallynwhich i think soren filed20:52
* RoAkSoAx looks20:52
hallynfor some reason it's not in my bugs.otl file20:54
RoAkSoAxyeha can't find any20:55
hallynRoAkSoAx: oh, pxe.  His was different I think.  you say it works when you use ide?20:58
hallynRoAkSoAx: what is your full cmdline?20:58
RoAkSoAxhallyn: /usr/bin/kvm -S -M pc-0.14 -enable-kvm -m 512 -smp 2,sockets=2,cores=1,threads=1 -name natty-pxe -uuid 0e9133db-924d-4b6c-efda-e07910ea2369 -nodefconfig -nodefaults -chardev socket,id=charmonitor,path=/var/lib/libvirt/qemu/natty-pxe.monitor,server,nowait -mon chardev=charmonitor,id=monitor,mode=readline -rtc base=utc -no-reboot -boot nc -drive file=/media/vm1/natty5.img,if=none,id=drive-ide0-0-0,format=raw -device ide-drive,bus=ide.0,uni20:59
hallynRoAkSoAx: what if you add 'boot=on' (and maybe 'index=0') to the file=/media/vm1/natty5.img spec?21:01
RoAkSoAxhallyn: with the command above it's installing normally. let me get you the command with virtIO21:01
RoAkSoAxhallyn: ok, this this it fails: /usr/bin/kvm -S -M pc-0.14 -enable-kvm -m 512 -smp 2,sockets=2,cores=1,threads=1 -name natty-pxe2 -uuid 36bc2185-3dad-246c-2506-7ab226bdab47 -nodefconfig -nodefaults -chardev socket,id=charmonitor,path=/var/lib/libvirt/qemu/natty-pxe2.monitor,server,nowait -mon chardev=charmonitor,id=monitor,mode=readline -rtc base=utc -no-reboot -boot nc -drive file=/media/vm1/natty6.img,if=none,id=drive-virtio-disk0,boot=on,form21:06
oneseventeenI'm trying to set up a MySQL server to be connected to remotely, I've set it to bind-to the correct IP but still am not allowed to connect remotely.21:07
oneseventeenI'm assuming this is a user permissions thing, but wanted to double check if there was something else that was common21:07
thesheff17_oneseventeen: you want to make sure your comment out #bind-address           =
thesheff17_oneseventeen: then you have to create a remote user GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON *.* TO 'monty'@'%' IDENTIFIED BY 'some_pass' WITH GRANT OPTION; % means the user can connect from anywhere.21:11
hallynRoAkSoAx: mind you it is possible that the bios simply works with ide as backup and not with virtio.  But your cmdline still seems weird - can you try with if=virtio,index=0 in the last bit?21:11
oneseventeenthesheff17_: thanks!21:12
oneseventeenthat worked perfectly, I can now connect remotely.21:12
Guest98139good evening21:13
GeekyAdamhi all. getting a padlock_sha error on boot of my server and it halts. gonna paste to pastebin.21:13
Guest98139i have a question about x-forwarding via ssh and using screen the same time21:13
Guest98139is it possible to x-forward a program which is running on a server and detach an later reattach it?21:14
GeekyAdamGuest98139: this might help: http://www.vanemery.com/Linux/XoverSSH/X-over-SSH2.html21:14
Guest98139thanks geekyadam, i will try i right away21:15
guntbertGuest98139: and you want to look into gnome screen  (for detaching,...)21:18
Guest98139gnome screen? i do not have a windowmanager on my server21:19
guntbertGuest98139: its text only :-), and it GNU screen (silly me)21:20
Guest98139isn't it possible to run the application without that bloat?21:20
Guest98139i mean, of course i can run the application with ssh user@server -X21:21
Guest98139but i would like to de- an reattach later21:21
Guest98139and this does not work with plain screen and ssh -X21:21
Patrickdkif you want that, you will need like xvnc21:21
guntbertGuest98139: I was really talking about a text only solution for detaching/reattaching21:21
Guest98139thanks guntbert, i know that a lot of people use irsi like that21:22
guntbertGuest98139: :)21:22
dravekxi have a phpbb forum. When an admin adds a module from inside phpbb, the ownership is set to user:user instead of user:www-data. how do i fix that?21:27
ivoksthat sounds like a correct behavior21:31
ivoksand you can't make user to change permissions to a group he's not part of21:32
Guest98139or is there a command line client for 'direct connect' aka dc++?21:32
ivoksand you really don't want www-data to own any .php file on your server21:32
dravekxivoks, /var/www is user:www-data. When I copy files and folders via SFTP it also defaults them to user:user. Is that normal?21:34
ivoksdravekx: of course21:35
ivokswww-data shouldn't be owner of any page21:35
ivoksif you give rw permissions to www-data user on, let's say, joomla, you can be sure that your page will get defaced21:36
ivokswww-data runs apache service21:36
ivoksthat user should only have read permissions on files in your web page21:36
ivoksexcept for the files that people upload21:36
ivokssmart CMS systems don't upload files over HTTP; they usually provide FTP/SFTP option for uploading21:37
ivoksgreat example is wordpress or joomla21:37
ivokseven drupal supports upload over FTP21:37
dravekxivoks, ahhh. :) thx.21:37
ivoksdirectorires that www-data usually has rw permissions are something like cache and temporary21:38
ivoksdon't ever give www-data rw permissions on your page21:39
ivoksi can't stress that enough :)21:39
ivoksand if you have multiple clients on your server, always chroot them21:40
dravekxivoks, so secure-wise, it should be root:root or user:user almost always.21:40
ivokswith read permission for other users21:40
ivoksthat way a security hole in your web application won't allow attacker to overwrite php files21:41
ivoksdownside is that your configuration file, that containes database connection configuration, will be readable by anyone21:42
ivoksthat's why you should chroot your users :)21:42
ivoksno, making that file owned by www-data is not good idea; i've seen joomla websites defaced cause the attacker was able to write into that file :)21:43
ivoksbest approach would be fcgid21:44
ivoksok, that's it... good night ;)21:44
GeekyAdamhi all. getting a padlock_sha error on boot of my server and it halts. http://paste.ubuntu.com/57852321:58
Jinxed-Has anyone found advantages of using Net-SNMP vs OpenNMS ?21:59
jmedinaI never used opennms, what is for?22:00
Jinxed-it is supose to be "enterprise grade network management"22:01
Jinxed-100% open source22:01
jmedinaohhh, well I know nagios for that which supports snmp22:02
RoAkSoAxzul: is cobbler-web disabled but default or something?22:29
RoAkSoAxi mean, not working out-of-the box22:29
hallynkim0: will that was more painfal than it should have been, but spice-gtk finally compiled locally, now I'm pushing it to ppa.  (it'll likely be awhile before it gets built there)22:31
* kim0 feels guilty :)22:31
kim0why does it have to be that hard22:31
* kim0 hugs hallyn 22:31
kim0hallyn: can u throw the deb somewhere I can easily grab22:32
hallynyeah i'll put it on people.canonical, one sec22:32
hallynkim0: http://people.canonical.com/~serge/spice-gtk-debs.tgz22:33
kim0thnx grabbing22:34
hallynnote i said it compiled.  i didn't run it :)22:34
hallyni based on devzero's pkg so will send the debdiff to him22:35
hallynit's be nice if we can sync all with him22:35
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hallynbut i he was happy to apckage a separate older celt-0.5.1, i wasn't, which is why my pkgs diverge22:35
hallynanyway, off to clear my head and think about how to package spice-qemu22:35
kim0hallyn: I can't spot any binary in there22:36
hallynzul: lxc update seems to be working for me.  old containers don't work, as expected.  i should probably see if i can come up with a fix for that22:36
kim0only /usr/lib/stuff22:36
hallynkim0: yeah, hm22:37
hallynoh.  haha22:37
kim0hallyn: docs mention "spicy"22:37
kim0a cli tool22:37
hallyni had to rename the client package (bc it conflicts the one from spicec)22:38
hallynbut i didn't rename the debian/spice-client.install22:38
hallynkim0: gimme 5 more mins22:42
kim0sure thingie22:43
hallynkim0: http://people.canonical.com/~serge/spice-gtk_0.5-1ubuntu2-debs.tgz22:47
hallynthis time there are 'spicy' and 'snappy' binaries22:48
hallynwhatever those are22:48
hallynok, out for a walk, back in awhile22:48
oneseventeenis there a best practice for setting up a website in Ubuntu-Server?22:49
oneseventeendo I just put my default website at /var/www/ or should I create a new site and disable the default?22:49
kim0hallyn: initial testing looks good :)22:52
_Neytiri_patdk-wk,  you still here, i managed to get the drives to shw up now in vm-ware but i get the error: unable to read partition information from this disk23:00
nertilanyone knows about mysql on ubuntu?23:10
air^nertil: what about it?23:11
nertili dont know my mysql username and password23:11
nertilhow can i reconfigure mysql ?23:11
oneseventeenI'm setting up a webserver and can't remember how to set permissions so all members of a specific group have read/write access to certain folders.23:12
oneseventeenI know it has to do with chmod, but there was a flag I remember seeing at one point to say "apply this to new folders as well"23:12
jmedinaman chmod23:12
sabgentonHi, how do I enable the power off button do do a shutdown23:12
air^nertil: http://ubuntu.flowconsult.at/en/mysql-set-change-reset-root-password/23:13
air^first hit at google.23:13
sabgentononly use that method if you have nothing open to the public internet23:17
sabgentonit opens your system for  a second23:18
sabgentonwell untill you flush privs23:18
SlybootsHow.. "safe" would it be to run some web-services behind Apache with Basic Digest auth over SSL23:31
guampais there a problem with seahorse not importing a ssh private key? it says "invalid file format". the key is a valid one though23:39
guampait only isn't named "Id_rsa", i use more than one key23:39
hallynkim0: excellent23:46
guampanm found it. had to install seahorse-plugins23:48
kim0hallyn: yeah, it's working great so far :) with pv qxl drivers, all good. Still cant get sound out, but that's another story, I'll dig into it later. You're awesome ;)23:49
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* hallyn dances a little jig23:50
hallynkim0: what's the sound issue again?  Is it windows + 64-bit qemu-compatible sound drivers?23:50
kim0hallyn: I'm running 32bit win7, with ac97 card, windows update could find and install drivers for it23:51
kim0but I'm just still not hearing anything23:51
hallynwith libvirt?23:51
kim0started via virt-manager yes23:52
hallyni don't even know how /dev/audio perms get handled nowadays23:53
kim0hallyn: it's pulseaudio!23:54
kim0hallyn: another annoying thing, while guest cpu is idle (0%), host has kvm process eating 25% with fans spinning23:55
kim0I wonder if that's acpi/apic...etc related23:55
hallyn(just to make sure) you don't get that without spice?23:56
kim0let me try23:58
kim0hallyn: which vga should I test with ? cyrrus ?23:59

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