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airkTopic typo? Should it not be 11.04.02?13:40
jibelprimes2h, hi,14:25
jibelprimes2h, I reviewed the fix, here is the laptop summary I get with the testing dataset http://paste.ubuntu.com/578357/14:26
jibelprimes2h, looks good14:26
jibelbut it would probably have been easier to generate the report with on single sql query and relying on the active milestone rather than splitting the milestone name.14:27
jibelbut well, that's lot of changes for little benefit.14:27
primes2hHey jibel:14:28
primes2hjibel: you mean the single laptop report page?14:30
primes2hjibel: like this one? http://laptop.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/laptop/Natty/2803414:32
jibelprimes2h, I mean the laptop summary page: http://laptop.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/laptop14:33
jibelthere is code like $releasename=substr($milestone->title,0,strpos($milestone->title," "));14:35
jibelpushed to an array14:35
jibelthe used to do a like and find the milestone back14:35
jibelbut nevermind.14:35
primes2hjibel: in fact, I needed to do that because I want that milestones about final releases (e.g. Lucid or Natty when ready)  stay on the tracker together with active dev milestone.14:36
jibeloh okay.14:38
primes2hjibel: so in that table you'll have, e.g,  Lucid (referred to final release) and Natty  (Beta1)14:38
primes2hjibel: in fact you can use the tracker to test final releases also.14:39
primes2hand all (stable and dev) are reported on the summary14:39
jibelprimes2h, understood14:40
jibelprimes2h, any other fix, typo, comments, complaints ... before I merge it ? ;-)14:41
primes2hjibel: the fix about last bug is just a line, when I tested locally I hadn't so much data reported about ISO tracker so I didn't catch it.14:41
jibelprimes2h, same here I'm so used to see all the releases at once that I didn't see it.14:42
primes2hjibel: we are starting to test the tracker itself within our Italian testing group, I was wondering if it is worth opening to whole testing team14:43
primes2hBeta milestone is coming in 3 week and time is not so much.14:45
primes2hI mean "beta 1"14:46
primes2hMoreover, we are also thinking about creating a LP laptop team with a dedicated ML in time for the announce of the new tracker. What do you think?14:49
primes2hjibel: I mean "LP laptop testing team"14:50
primes2hjibel: about other fix, typo ecc., I think it should be ok now, but it's probably better to wait 2/3 days of testing in case we face other issues15:06
jibelprimes2h, sorry, was on the phone.15:56
primes2hjibel: n.p.16:09
jibelprimes2h, a laptop testing team on launchpad and opening the tracker to a wider community is a good idea.16:18
jibelprimes2h, the fixes will be online early next week, starting from there we can start announcing the availability of the tracker.16:19
primes2hjibel: about opening to a wider community I was talking about testing the tracker itself for 2/3 days to find bugs in it, but in fact there is not much time left I see.16:25
primes2hjibel: Tests done by our group should be enough.16:27
primes2hjibel: there is already one done and seems to be ok.16:28
primes2hjibel: just to explain better, the table you find in the report is intended to keep track of all milestone tested, one for column.16:31
charlie-tcajibel: Can we have the screen-reader install on the tracker for the beta116:38
primes2hjibel: as follow: http://img845.imageshack.us/i/schermatai.png/16:38
primes2hjibel: ok about LP team and ML, I'll go on, thank you.16:50
jibelprimes2h, thanks to you. I did the merge but didn't request the publication to the server, let me now when you think you've received enough feedback.16:51
jibelcharlie-tca, sure, can you file a bug against the project ubuntu-qa-website and assign it to me. Indicate which products you want to add this test case to.16:56
primes2hjibel: just a last thing. after testing the tracker itself, the fake milestone needs to be deleted, not just hidden, otherwise it appears on the report. That's because I had just 3 milestone status to choose about that, testing, released and hidden.16:56
charlie-tcajibel: thanks, will do16:57
primes2hso I needed to have a milestone that wasn't on the tracker (e.g. Alpha 1) when testing Alpha 2 but that would appear in the report16:58
jibelprimes2h, ack.16:59
primes2hHidden status is the only one that fit this need16:59
primes2hjibel: a last thing, what about a dedicated ML along with LP team? is it worth or it's better to rely on ubuntu-qa ML?17:24
primes2hjibel: this is "really" the last thing for today, sorry for boring you ;-)17:26
jibelprimes2h, np :)17:27
jibelprimes2h, the advantage of relying on ubuntu-qa is that you'll directly benefits of the subscribers to this ML17:27
primes2hjibel: I agree.17:27
primes2hjibel: can I specify the LP team as a part of the ubuntu-qa in the description?17:30
primes2hI mean as an official project17:31
primes2hand link it in some way to ubuntu-testing17:31
primes2hmmh, I could add it as a team in the Ubuntu Testing Team itself17:33
jibelprimes2h, it was discussed and accepted at UDS, so it's already an official project part of the Ubuntu testing effort. Now the laptop testing team should be a subteam of the broader Ubuntu testing team. ubuntu-qa includes QA activities as a whole, not only testing.17:40
primes2hjibel: sure, thanks for the confimation. :-)17:43

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