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OmegaHey MadnessRed.19:44
OmegaHow're you doing?19:45
MadnessRednot bad19:45
OmegaI'm alright too.19:46
OmegaI'm just waiting for Muscovy, so we can get the domain pointed at the new website19:46
Omegaif you add   ubuntutour.org to /etc/hosts you can see it :)19:47
MadnessRedyou sure about that ip?19:49
OmegaYes, you need to add it to your hosts file though/19:54
MadnessRedok, cos if you view it directly you get a different site19:54
OmegaThere are multiple sites hosted on it, so the server sends you to a different one depending on what you requested20:20
MichealHWhats all that about? :P20:22
OmegaWut? I don't understand.20:22
MichealHubuntutour.org is now on your hosting or?20:22
OmegaNot yet20:22
OmegaThe host is up, the domain isn't pointing to it yet20:22
OmegaAlso, we have bzr on it, and the website as a brach so we can push new changes to it20:23
Omegaand revert changes too20:23
OmegaMichealH: How's the beta site going?21:11
MichealHIm trying to get it going, but as the site has been down and I cannot develop in the state the site is in.... :/21:11
MichealHIf you get what I mean21:12
OmegaI do21:12
OmegaHmm, can you use bzr?21:12
MichealHSure I can21:12
OmegaWhat about we set up a branch of the website and that the server keeps pulling from that?21:13
MichealHSure that can work21:13
OmegaOr we can make the server itself the source, but I haven't done that before21:13
MichealHI also need to finish off the SII website :/21:13
MichealHI can alternate21:13
MichealHOmega, I could have a FTP, like before21:14
OmegaI've already got the website as a branch, and I like this method more, we can always revert if we make a mistake21:18

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