buddha-juicehey iheartubuntu1, MarkDude00:33
iheartubuntu1anti new world order posters are UP all over CSULA :)00:34
buddha-juiceer, okay00:35
buddha-juiceif you're against the nwo, does that mean you are for the owo?00:35
iheartubuntu1whats the owo00:35
iheartubuntu1im against someone watching over me. im against genetically modified foods, im against government sponsored terror00:36
iheartubuntu1so whats up00:38
iheartubuntu1thats a big reason why i gave markdude non GMO open pollinated seeds. so companies like monsanto cant control us00:39
iheartubuntu1my connection is not working?00:44
akkI see you (on my way out the door).00:45
iheartubuntu2whats new seidos00:51
iheartubuntu2are you goign to change your launchpad name now00:51
buddha-juiceowo = old world order :)00:54
MarkDudeiheartubuntu2, one of the subjects we talked about at Scale was genetically modified food00:54
buddha-juicei'm not sure what is defined as "genetically modified".  most food is bred to be more domestic, like bananas00:55
buddha-juicei'm not sure how they're able to modify the genes of food without utilizing artificial selection00:55
iheartubuntu3thanks markdude01:09
iheartubuntu3jamiedmattingly how did that Ubuntu Hour go the other night?01:26
jamiedmattinglyit was ok just me and grantbow but we had fun01:26
iheartubuntu3awesome. very exciting to hear about a new one!01:27
pleia2heading downstairs to the SF one soonish01:27
jamiedmattinglygot in trouble for having my laptop at work today01:29
jamiedmattinglycant use it during day anymore :(01:29
jamiedmattinglythere was alot of down time so i stayed busy01:30
buddha-juicei used to work on my novel during my lunch break01:30
jamiedmattinglywe got a new book keeper shes on everybodys tail. 'i dont pay you for that!!'01:31
iheartubuntu3is your novel finished?01:31
iheartubuntu3im stuck atq150 pages and havent touched it in a year01:32
iheartubuntu3where am i adding in a new Ubuntu Hour?01:33
iheartubuntu3and then add event?01:33
pleia2yeah you can add from that page01:34
iheartubuntu3and i will add one before every time?01:35
iheartubuntu3or can i set it reoccuring01:35
pleia2add every time01:35
pleia2there is a "copy event" option that makes it a little easer01:35
pleia2just copy and change the dates01:35
iheartubuntu3can i go in and edit an even after i create one? (i dont have an announcement page yet)01:36
iheartubuntu3and location info is editable?01:41
iheartubuntu3:) ty01:41
pleia2welcome :)01:42
pleia2ok, heading downstairs now01:45
iheartubuntu3strangley it used my old openid info01:48
iheartubuntu3strangle me01:48
pleia2yay, 2 of us here now!02:05
buddha-juicepleia2: and now?02:19
pleia25 of us02:20
buddha-juiceholy smokes!03:06
MarkDudeWhy the batman exclamation?03:07
buddha-juiceit wasn't a batman exclamation03:15
buddha-juiceoh, cuz' she said there's 5 now03:16
buddha-juiceat the SF ubuntu hour MarkDude03:16
MarkDudeThat is cool- I was hoping to make it there- maybe next time03:19
buddha-juiceyeah, i was hoping to make it too03:25
buddha-juicemaybe when someone at noisebridge makes a transporder03:26
MarkDudeOr giant catapult in your location- and I can arrange a giant catchers mitt- Bugs Bunny style03:27
MarkDudeJust need to calibrate it correctly03:28
buddha-juicei don't get what is so holy about toledo04:23
MarkDudeThe fact it is not Cleveland :P04:30
iheartubuntuwhich would you go for? a 2.0ghz single core Celeron OR a 1.6ghz Dual Core Atom 330. both with 4gb of ram.17:59
buddha-juicei'd go with dual core18:10
buddha-juicei don't know much about atom's though :P18:11
buddha-juicenot even, hydrogen :D18:11
* iheartubuntu is looking int a ZaReason computer for his dad18:23
iheartubuntuso right now the Ubuntu Hour in Pasadena is going to be once a month. Is this not often enough? The Ubuntu Hour wiki says "once a week or every other week"18:41
pleia2eh, do them as often as you can, the SF one is only monthly18:42
pleia2one per month is better than none :)18:43
akkWeekly is probably too often unless you have a lot of people trading off, or a handful of super-dedicated people.19:05
iheartubuntufor some reason my launchpad is logging in to the events page as my old launchpad name, not my new one. any way to update this>19:08
iheartubuntuwonder if the wiki launchpad and the launchpad are somehow different19:09
iheartubuntuhmmm. my launchpad acct i use for wiki is somehow different than the launchpad i use to sign into canonical (i think)19:12
iheartubuntuthis is too much at 11am :)19:12
MarkDudeiheartubuntu, after talking to you yesterday- I had to go outside and garden19:17
MarkDudeStill doing it today- already spread like 5 gallons of coffee grounds19:18
* MarkDude likes alternating coffee and miracle gro19:18
MarkDudeHave some more gooseberries I planted, chives, basil, the tomato seeds from you-19:19
MarkDudeAlso some beets- just so I can tell people I have mad beats19:19
buddha-juicegardening?  cool.19:19
MarkDudebuddha-juice, yep19:19
buddha-juicei think sliced bread is overrated19:20
MarkDudealready had a hummingbird say hello19:20
buddha-juicei just ate a bolillo19:20
buddha-juicethere was a hummingbird yesterday19:20
buddha-juicei dunno, it just wasn't very sublime19:20
iheartubuntubeets do well down here19:27
iheartubuntumy cabbage is doing great right now19:28
iheartubuntubeets carrots potatoes all do pretty good here. cucs very good19:28
iheartubuntucalifornia section UPDATED: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Hour19:29
MarkDudeThe little jiffy pot greenhouse I got works well19:31
MarkDude1st year I have ever planted seeds in Feb- hella stoked to see em grow19:31
iheartubuntur u growing them indoors first19:35
iheartubuntulast year i had tomato seeds i did outdoors and then got a freak rain and ruined all my seedlings19:36
iheartubuntureally pissed me off too :)19:36
* MarkDude says it is not the biblical baby- it can be divided19:37
iheartubuntuthis year im doing them in small seedling starter squares19:37
MarkDudeHave most of the plants outside- have enough inside I have my bases covered19:37
buddha-juicei am feeling quite endarkened this day19:59
iheartubuntuand word on the next ubuntu banner countdown?20:00
pleia2not yet20:00
buddha-juicewhat about for my spirit guide?20:01
buddha-juicei thought eating that chili would do it...but it doesn't look like it was strong enough20:01
* iheartubuntu is working on his next countdown idea20:02
iheartubuntushould i just monitor http://www.ubuntu.com/community/countdown20:02
buddha-juicei'm "working on" too many ninjas20:04
buddha-juiceinbetween the giant waste of time that is irc20:04
iheartubuntuIRC = i rarely create20:05
buddha-juiceha-sob ha-sob20:05
buddha-juicelife = i create but nobody cares20:06
MarkDudeIRC is a tool20:09
MarkDudeI have some really greeat friends due to it20:09
MarkDudemet hem here - deal with them in person now20:09
MarkDudeBut, YES, dont let technology interfere with real life :)20:10
iheartubuntui notice there was no maverick countdown page . one for karmic and lucid though (unless it got moved)20:10
iheartubuntumet markdude lyz seidos philip nhaines jdeslip jbermudes erichammond darkwingduck akk all here20:12
MarkDudeYep iheartubuntu20:12
iheartubuntu10+ great people20:12
MarkDudeI was SUPER resistant to IRC at 1st20:12
MarkDudeI may not make it to SELF this year- I can still keep in touch with them on IRC20:13
iheartubuntuakgraner met at the ubuntu user booth20:14
MarkDudebuddha-juice, Buddha went everywhere *searching* and working on trying to find Enlightenment, he did not find it until he became tired, and just sat- under a tree20:14
iheartubuntuim missing someone from SD20:14
buddha-juicewhat up MarkDude?20:21
buddha-juicei guess i'm not tired enough yet20:21
buddha-juicei was going to sit under the weeping fig today20:22
buddha-juicethe figless fig20:22
buddha-juiceperhaps the very tree that Jesus cursed20:22
buddha-juicebut the ground was wet20:22
buddha-juicei have no real life20:23
buddha-juicereal life is just as vapid as irc20:23
buddha-juiceif not more so20:23
buddha-juicelet me go to a coffee shop and stare at the meatcages20:23
buddha-juicei just read an article on how incorporating may be better than marriage20:24
buddha-juiceabsurdity abounds20:25
iheartubuntuincorporating can be helpful. you may consider becoming an LLC :)20:28
buddha-juiceoh no, not another one20:29
buddha-juicequanta technology, llc20:30
buddha-juicei don't have a girlfriend20:30
buddha-juicei am not sure if that's good or bad, really20:30
buddha-juicei think like 80% of the blogs i follow are garbage20:30
buddha-juicefor me, anyway20:30
buddha-juicei just read them faster20:31
iheartubuntuwe should do an ubuntu hour together and see how it goes20:31
buddha-juicedon't forget...*DEAD* ones20:32
buddha-juiceyeah, lakewood or something20:33
buddha-juicei should go to csula tonight20:33
iheartubuntuwhat color is buddha-juice anyways? have you figured that part out?20:33
buddha-juiceso that i can pretend i am useful20:33
iheartubuntuim not going to be there tonite actually20:33
buddha-juicei think it is green20:33
buddha-juiceno pretending for me then20:34
iheartubuntuevery second thursday of the month im doing the ubuntu hour in pasadena... starting next month, not tonite20:34
iheartubuntui had already made plans for tonite motnhs ago unfortunately20:34
buddha-juiceno worries20:34
iheartubuntucompletely out of my realm (acting class)20:34
iheartubuntuim always challenging myself like that20:34
iheartubuntualthough, dont think i will ever skydive :)20:35
buddha-juicesky diving is lame20:35
buddha-juicechopping off a limb, now that's an extreme sport20:35
MarkDudeTwo letters if you would listen to my advice buddha-juice20:38
MarkDudeJust be for a bit20:38
MarkDudestuff will sort out20:38
buddha-juiceall right MarkDude, thanks for that.20:38
MarkDudeabsurdity DOES abound, so does beauty- look more for the happy- the crappy is always out there20:39
buddha-juice5 letters is my retort- cease20:39
buddha-juicewhen the tree casts a shadow, i will sit under it for as long as possible20:40
* MarkDude is rooting for you dude. I gave up most of the friends i had a few years ago- they were too negative- you have a fresh start at the moment- many people want that more than anything20:40
buddha-juiceother people's misery doesn't really make me feel better20:40
buddha-juicebut i appreciate your intention20:40
buddha-juiceD.C. is Coruscant20:49
* MarkDude is saying where you are has value20:49
buddha-juicequalitatively, perhaps20:50
MarkDudeCan always be worse- can always be better20:51
buddha-juicemmm hmmm20:53
buddha-juicei just had an idea20:53
buddha-juicei'll read my short story20:53
MarkDudeReading is fun20:54
buddha-juicemy stuff is particularly fun to read for me20:55
* MarkDude will talk to you later Sir- Im heading to Saxbys20:55
* buddha-juice waves fare well20:55
MarkDudeHey I was wondering if You could see if Bhikku would let me interview him about social media20:56
buddha-juicebest way to find out is to ask him yourself20:56
MarkDudeI think his perspective would be great- and I would like to put it on the GK site\20:56
buddha-juiceassuming you have his facebook20:57
MarkDudeOk, well I was just thinking you might enjoy setting it up20:57
MarkDude\I do20:57
buddha-juicei would rather get out of the way of efficiency20:57
MarkDudeI figure seeing what his deal is- as far as if he would be interested20:57
buddha-juiceif i was his assistant or something, or somehow more connected, then it might be a good idea20:58
buddha-juiceyes, why have a middle man when one is not necessary?20:58
buddha-juiceunless you are too busy to find out if he is interested in doing an interview20:58
buddha-juicein which case i will do it on your behalf20:58
MarkDudeAssistant? You pointed him as a teacher, Its not some business deal :)20:58
MarkDudeI am soooo busy it is silly20:59
buddha-juicehe is not officially my teacher20:59
MarkDudenot your ;)20:59
buddha-juicenot officially, whatever that means20:59
buddha-juice"You either do it, or die, and death is not an option."  said the Sergeant critically to the Lieutenant.21:00
buddha-juice    He usually didn't speak to his superiors this way, but the Sergeant also wasn't the type to hold back when he knew he had to speak the truth.  This was probably the reason why he stayed a sergeant.  But it suited him.  He didn't have the ambition for rank or even power.21:00
MarkDudeWell it sounds like fun - the idea of being a Danish DR then choosing his path sounds very interesting- when I have the time - I like talking to people that have interesting stories that they live21:00
buddha-juicehe isn't all that accessible21:01
buddha-juiceyou would have as good a chance at getting his here as myself21:01
buddha-juicehe posted an interesting video, where he took a poisonous snake out of the dwellings there in Sri Lanka21:01
MarkDudeIf you would try - I would greatly appreciate it21:01
buddha-juicesure, i'll send him an email21:02
buddha-juiceif i had known you were too busy to do it yourself, i would have just done it, incidentally21:02
MarkDudeThe context is that GK wants to help people- that is done in many ways- the way he does FB to spread his message is cool21:02
MarkDudeWell ty21:02
MarkDudeIt is been a bit of a task for me to ask folks for help- It has been drawn to my attention that I should do that more.  :)21:03
buddha-juicewell, don't be angry if i say no ;)21:07
buddha-juiceemail sent21:07
buddha-juicehe may likely ignore it.21:07
buddha-juicehe has ignored other messages21:07
MarkDudeWell ty either way - ttyl21:09
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