digirakI wanted to work on the gimp bugs16:58
digiraki guess i could help with some triaging16:58
macogimp has their own irc server:  irc.gimp.net16:58
digirakna #ubuntu-bugs told me u guys had adopted the gimp bugs for bug hug day16:59
macooh...thatd be bcurtiswx16:59
macoim a kde person ;-)16:59
digirakmaco: hahaah ;)16:59
digirakhey bcurtiswx: would you be looking for some bug help?16:59
bcurtiswxdigirak, i'm cooking lunch, but I can help you in a little while.  Meanwhile pick a GIMP bug you want to work on17:00
digirakbcurtiswx: sounds good17:00
bcurtiswxdigirak, which bug have you chose?17:14
* bcurtiswx runs while he can17:14
digirakI guess id do that large file-gimp crashj17:28
digiraki managed to reproduce that17:28
bcurtiswxwhats the bug #?17:32
digirakBug #40831717:32
lubotu1Launchpad bug 408317 in gimp (Ubuntu) "Gimp freezes and makes whole system lagging when opening large file" [Medium,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40831717:32
bcurtiswxdigirak, OK, so the reason it's incomplete is that there's still information required in order to help the devs fix it.  Do you see that this is?17:38
digirakwhat kind of info are u looking at?17:39
bcurtiswxwhat does pedro request?17:39
digirakoh ok u want a backtrace?17:40
bcurtiswxwell, i don't.. bug the bug report does17:40
bcurtiswxsince you can reproduce the issue, you can provide this information17:40
digiraksounds good17:40

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