ejvmust not be that stable00:07
GoldenAny palm beach area folks interested on working on some led projects .. eventually going to do some simple robotics but want to start out with basic ic stuff00:25
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mhall119why are people so impatient on IRC?00:40
maxolasersquad_hOur SLA isn't quite as good as they expect.00:51
mhall119what? we offer 9 sixes, isn't that industry standard?01:20
maxolasersquad_hThis Oil Rush game is pretty fun.01:26
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jck77morning !14:44
* munz officially renames quickbooks to crapbooks15:21
maxolasersquadCan anyone give me a regex that will match oasis_[A-Za-z0-9]* but does not match oasis_billing?19:44
maxolasersquadnm, I got something that works good enough.19:49

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