rick_h_hmmm, my checked back for pycon is exactly 50# according to my scale00:38
rick_h_and that's the limit00:39
snap-lfun fun. :)01:10
snap-lFull house. We've got 8 folks here01:11
greg-grick_h_: holy cow, you packed a lot :)01:11
Blazeixwooo chc01:11
greg-gsnap-l: nice!01:11
rick_h_droidgreg-g yea, mics, stands, second laptop01:11
Blazeixwow, it took me about 10 seconds to write 'wooo chc'. The wireless is somewhat lacking.01:12
rick_h_droidmoved 4 # of power adapters to backpack01:12
snap-lrick_h_: Sheesh, it's like backpacking. :P01:15
rick_h_droidi'm the over prepared type01:16
greg-gthat ain't my style of backpacking :)01:16
rick_h_droidtwo laptop power adapters, spare batteries, etc01:16
rick_h_droidcould get awsy with less , but what if xxx happens01:17
Blazeixgah, rick_h_droid's profile picture just showed up in my google results.01:18
Blazeixhe apparently shared jquery mobile on twitter, so his picture shows up next to the results now.01:19
rick_h_droidlol, i'm everywhere! !!01:19
snap-lmic delivered01:22
rick_h_snap-l: woot, thank you sir01:26
rick_h_greg-g: bookie work, party part01:57
snap-lparty party02:11
greg-grick_h_: w00t! :)02:13
rick_h_yea, some virtual CHC02:13
rick_h_greg-g: crap, had wanted to chat before I left oh well02:13
rick_h_looks like sprints might die off after a day/two02:13
rick_h_so bookie si going to be getting a lot of love after the weekend02:14
greg-grick_h_: oh, people you shold talk to: Asheesh Laroia (paulproteus) of Creative Commons (past) and OpenHatch. Also, Will Kahn-Greene (willkg) of Participatory Culture Foundation (Miro), and Chris Webber (cwebber) of Creative Commons02:18
greg-gthey will all be at PyCon and they're good people02:19
rick_h_oh, awesome02:19
greg-gtell them I sent you and they'll buy you a drink for having to deal with me02:21
greg-grick_h_ / snap-l wow, thanks guys for the kind words about my blog post in the lococast02:29
rick_h_greg-g: :) thanks for the material to chat about02:37
greg-gand dang, nice words about me in general02:37
* greg-g blushes02:37
rick_h_just remember that when we kill you interview style :P02:38
greg-ghaha, jerks, softening me up so you can eviscerate me02:50
snap-lI prever the term vivisection.03:31
greg-galright, UGJ announcement sent and blogged. That's good for the evening.04:03
wolfgergreg-g: "spectacular upgrade"? Are you drinking the Canonical brand kool-aid?12:16
* wolfger pokes the channel with a stick12:38
* rick_h_ stabs pack with a giant ray gun12:43
wolfgerHey, isn't somebody here from Milan? jrwren?12:43
* wolfger tries to picture rick_h_ wielding a giant ray gun... and *poking* with it instead of shooting it....12:43
wolfgerThat's just a bizzarre mental image12:44
brouschno, giant ray gun is his pet name for his … bah, nevermind12:50
brouschhah, anyone read shuttleworth's blog post today?12:52
brousch"We handle that very well, I think, though occasionally some muppet calls Kubuntu the blue-headed-stepchild etc etc"12:52
brouschnixternal the muppet!12:52
rick_h_ok, time to shut down and pack up12:54
rick_h_see you all on the mobile side12:54
brouschbreak a leg!12:56
wolfgerhave fun, rick_h_13:09
wolfgerIf nixternal's a muppet, he must be Animal13:09
* wolfger goes off in search of Shuttleworth's blog post13:10
snap-lHappy Birthday, jcastro!13:13
snap-lHave fun, rick_h_ !13:13
greg-gwolfger: hey man, its the official announcement, I'm trying to get attendees :)13:18
brouschi was surprised to see a thanks from wolfger :P13:22
brouschwho, i just realized there's a business card on my desk, and the guy's last name is "Woltjer"13:22
wolfgerI love the way I try to file a bug on Launchpad that xxx doesn't work, and it helpfully suggests that my bug might be a duplicate of yyy doesn't work and zzz doesn't work13:24
wolfgerWoltjer? How odd.13:28
wolfgerAnother bug filed13:28
* wolfger slowly rebuilds Launchpad karma13:28
wolfgerof course, it just makes me sad13:30
wolfgerto see how many bugs I'm subscribed to are *STILL* sitting there in an open state13:30
jcastrothanks snap-l!14:02
wolfger@shuttleworth: just drop Gnome and give more love to your blue-headed step-child. :-p14:05
wolfgerhappy bday, jcastro14:05
greg-gjcastro: what are you doing for your birthday? (and Happy Birthday!)14:10
jcastrothanks guys!14:11
jcastrogreg-g: coming to U-M!14:11
jcastromy wife sponsored a rib of a basilisaurus for the U-M Whale exhibit14:11
snap-lruh roh... better watch out U-M14:11
snap-ljcastro: Oh that's awesome!14:11
jcastroso we get to go see it at a party before the exhibit opens14:11
jcastroand meet real paleontologists, etc.14:11
snap-lYour buddy, Paleo Joe?14:12
greg-gjcastro: rock!14:13
wolfgerUgh. DST starts this weekend.14:16
snap-lwolfger: And nobody has come out to abolish it14:16
wolfgerI really !@#$%^&* hate DST14:16
snap-lI'm very disappointed that I don't have the change that I can believe in14:16
snap-lI believe it's time to abolish DST.14:16
wolfgersnap-l for president!14:17
wolfgerRussia recently decided to move to DST permanently. Which is just as good14:17
wolfgerI don't care what time it is, I just want to keep flip-flopping twice a year.14:17
wolfgerholycrap, PainBank is in the house.14:35
wolfgerCHC road trip? http://drupal.txwikinger.me.uk/content/inaugural-open-data-waterloo-region-codefest-saturday-march-12-201115:14
jrwrenif ya'll had to guess when FF4 would come out, when would you guess?15:21
jrwrenwill IE9 be out before FF4 ?15:21
jrwrenjcastro: thanks for htat techcrunch interview15:21
jrwrenrick_h_: if you meet Chris Webber, get his autograph and ask him to introduce you to some women. ;)15:22
wolfgerjrwren: FF4 is shipping with Natty... ;-)15:23
jrwrenwolfger: great info.15:23
jrwrenwolfger: default in natty?15:23
wolfgerI don't know if that qulifies as "coming out", though... It seems to still be a beta version.15:24
wolfgerbut it's deemed stable enough for Canonical15:24
jrwrenits RC2 even.15:24
wolfgerah, ok15:25
jrwrenbut IE9 comes out in a week, so I guess IE9 will ship first.  if you would have asked me a year or two ago if FF4 would be out before IE9 I would have said "6mo before"15:25
jrwrenis it me or has FF4 taken forever?15:25
jrwrenChrome has shipped like 5 versions in the time it has taken to go from 3.5 to 4 for FF15:25
wolfgerYoung products do tend to ship lots of versions in shorter time than older products do15:26
wolfgerI think the time between FF4 and FF5 will be longer yet.15:27
wolfgerand it's also worth noting that there's no real metric there15:28
wolfgerOne browser might go from  v1 to v2 while another goes from 3.5.11 to 3.5.12 with the same number of improvements15:29
jrwrenwolfger: yes, that is very noteworthy15:53
jrwrenwolfger: plus, chrome, while young, has the age of webkit with it. They get to stand on some mighty shoulders. Yet google is given lots of credit.15:53
greg-gjrwren: I'm confused about the chris webber comment :)15:53
jrwrenmaybe not too much credit. V8 is damned cool.15:53
jrwrengreg-g: Chris Webber was a NBA player. One of hte Umich Fab5 IIRC15:54
jrwrenpop culture talked about him dating Tyra Banks years ago when Tyra was hot and awesome and not dumb and annoying like she is now.15:54
greg-gjrwren: ahhhhhhhhhhhh15:54
greg-gsports references usually go right over me15:55
brouschjcastro: awesome present from your wife. i was a docent a lab assistant at UMMA all through college16:01
snap-lI would have never thought of that at all16:01
jcastrobrousch: I seriously mulled docenting at the detroit zoo16:02
jcastrobut didn't want to tie into a multi year commitment16:02
brouschah, i got to do it as work-study16:02
brouschgot paid ;)16:02
jcastrojrwren: google's also committing more code to webkit than anyone else right now16:02
wolfgerGoogle ftw16:17
wolfgerdoes Chrome/Chromium have NoScript yet?16:17
wolfgerOr any other means of preventing clickjacking or other hostile scripts?16:17
jrwrenjcastro: I didn't know google was committing much to webkit. TY for htat info.16:19
jrwreni imagine its all html5 support?16:19
jrwrenpretty cool that apple and the rest of us all get to benefit from all that.16:20
jcastrojrwren: old but http://techcrunch.com/2010/02/06/google-apple-webkit/16:21
jrwrenanyone know where to see a more recent webkit-who output graph?16:25
wolfgerWhy is PETA against pigeon racing? I just don't get it.16:45
wolfgerOh, nevermind. Better question is: why do I care what PETA thinks? :-p16:46
snap-lAnd there's your answer.16:48
snap-lugh, seems that Wordpress 3.1 grabs sidebar RSS feeds and doesn't cache the results like it used to16:57
snap-lso the identi.ca group feed that I had on the side of openmetalcast is slowing things down16:57
snap-lstrange that it isn't doing the same for decafbad.net, though16:58
snap-lAny opinions on this?17:13
snap-lBah, n/m, it's the X100e.17:13
jcastrogreg-g: any luck on the firefox accell stuff?17:15
greg-gjcastro: none17:15
jcastrosnap-l: yeah that's the crap version before the one I got17:15
greg-gI even tried install mesa and forcing it to use that, nothing17:15
greg-goh, good, then he leaves17:15
jjessejust catching up on feeds after traveling, does Mark write posts to get flamed?17:16
snap-ljjesse: I think he's damned if he does, damned if he doesn't17:18
snap-lI would not want to be mark for a day17:18
jjesseme either17:18
snap-lunless I got to decide the Unity direction17:18
jjesseMark could say 1+1 = 2 and people would be pissed at him for it17:18
snap-lin which case, sign me up17:18
jjessewow 52 comments so far and no reference to hitler yet, i'm disapointed :)17:21
wolfgerI still say Canonical should stop supporting Gnome and go another direction. Since Gnome clearly doesn't want their help (and *cough* sucks).17:36
wolfgerman... tough to stir this crowd up today.17:39
wolfgerI'm losing my touch?17:39
Blazeixthe problem is Mark wouldn't say "1+1=2". He'd say "It's time to rethink math. We're getting rid of addition. Who needs it?" :D17:42
Blazeixwolfger: now _that_ is a proper troll.17:43
jjesseas a kde guy i've enjoyed all the fedora posts about how gnome3 sucks and you should use kde or lxde instead17:49
wolfgerI'm trying to use xmonad, but it doesn't work at all on Naughty :-(17:54
wolfgerHa! Just read a quick tutorial on xmonad, and it might not be broken after all... :-p (was planning to read tutorial from within xmonad so that I could follow along, but apparently if you don't know how to use it, you'll never figure it out on your own)18:26
_stink_xmonad... i think that was one i didn't try.18:27
wolfgerI'm used to minialist wm's not having a start button of any sort, but usually you can bring up a menu with a right click or middle click, or even a left click on the background18:28
wolfgerxmonad says "throw your mouse away"18:28
wolfgermod-p to launch dmenu18:29
wolfgernot intuitive in the least18:29
_stink_oh yes.  i use stumpwm, ratpoison's better cousin.18:29
_stink_the mouse must die.18:29
wolfger_stink_: what did the poor little mouse ever do to you?18:30
_stink_make me realize that i need 3 hands to use it and the keyboard at the same time18:31
* wolfger tries to remember a time (outside of MMORPGs) when he wanted to move the mouse around while simultaneously typing....18:35
_stink_your solid logic will not sway me!18:35
wolfgerI'm looking for a window manager that simultaneous doesn't require and doesn't hate the mouse18:41
wolfgerThe mouse is nice for getting things done single-handedly.18:42
BlazeixI think resizing windows often requires you to press keys while mousing18:42
Blazeixif you're using the alt+click method18:42
wolfgerI don't want to have to set my beverage down to open a term window (alt-shift-enter on xmonad)18:42
_stink_i just hate moving my hand to and from the mouse.18:43
_stink_whether or not the use is simultaneous18:43
wolfgerok, I *could* hit those three keys with one hand, but it might give me muscle cramps18:43
wolfgerI can see hating the mouse when it comes to productive use of the computer, but for leisure use, the mouse rules18:44
BlazeixWise of you to bring this point up when rick_h_ isn't paying attention :)18:44
wolfgermouse in one hand, drink/keyboard/phone/whatever in the other18:45
_stink_yeah, i think rick_h_ would hate on me for not being rabid enough in my mouse hatred18:45
wolfgerI'm sure rick_h_ will read his log when he arrives at pycon18:45
wolfgerand craft a new Rick's Rants around me18:45
MilyardoI find that mouse shortcuts are helpful when reading documents, instead of writing them18:47
Milyardomostly because I tend to read with my cursor18:47
snap-lI'm hoping rick_h_ is actually on a plane18:47
snap-lHIs tweet at 11:05am seems to state otherwise.18:47
wolfgerAnybody got physical access to rick_h_'s computer? Let's install a wm based entirely upon mouse gestures. :-D18:48
wolfgerDoes anybody actually like/use mouse gestures? I've always thought that was the dumbest thing in the world18:48
snap-lI personally getest mouse gestures18:49
snap-lthat's one level more than detest18:49
MilyardoWe can replace his keyboard with a left handed mouse for mutli-cursor gestures!18:49
wolfgerUsing a mouse with a virtual keyboard and swype could be awesome18:49
_stink_ColonelPanic001 is a mouse gesture lover.18:49
* wolfger waits for ColonelPanic001 to confirm or deny.18:54
Blazeixthe only place I like gestures is on my android phone.18:54
Blazeixand those gestures are simple, like 'swipe up to open menu' and 'swipe down to open notification are'18:54
snap-lhttp://blog.pythonisito.com/2011/03/allura-open-source-forge.html <- SF has open-sourced their beta platform18:55
wolfger_Gah. Stupid webchat...18:56
wolfger_interesting. Did a search for perl-based wm's and got nothing... searched for python-based wm's and saw that Circus WM was started in 2002, and apparently was instantly forgotten about.19:11
Blazeixqtile is a pretty popular python wm. I think it's still pretty young, though.19:13
jjesseyay for time change on sunday19:14
* wolfger_ shoots jjesse19:22
wolfger_anybody else in favor of time change?19:22
Scott_firebetawhy can't they set clocks forward 1 hour permanently?19:33
brouschthat would be useful change, which all politicians are against19:34
jcastronixternal: what's up muppet?19:41
nixternalaccording to hunch.com/muppet I am most like Animal & Cookie Monster, who just happen to be 2 of my favorites19:43
jjessei'm cookie monster19:45
nixternalyeah, i would love to find out how they figured that. one test i took said i was beeker. no fuckin' way i am beeker19:45
wolfger_LOL @ jcastro19:52
snap-lRoyal Oak Review has a story about a guy that accidentally discharged his shotgun while cleaning it19:58
snap-lmanaged to shoot his TV19:59
snap-lwhich leads me to believe that the military should use televisions as shielding in armed conflict19:59
snap-lapparently all guns want to do is shoot your television.19:59
nixternalwas bristol palin on it by chance?20:00
snap-ldidn't say20:00
greg-gwow, a zing from Ryan Paul: A platform bogged down by infighting has no future. The Linux desktop has marginalized itself. Too much ego and not enough actual progress.20:04
greg-goh, and to be followed up by: Future of Linux in consumer space is commercial mixed-source forks like webOS/Android. GNOME is going nowhere. I switched to a Mac this week20:05
greg-gsay hello to the author of "Open Ended" on Ars20:05
brouschmmmmm, mac20:07
_stink_how has the Linux desktop not made enough progress?20:07
snap-lApparently he's tired of waiting.20:08
brouschwaiting for what?20:08
greg-ghe doesn't say, other than "progress"20:08
snap-lFor whatever it was that he thought he was getting from OSS.20:08
_stink_yeah.  i'm not a zealot but that is garbage.  like OS X is the bastion of progress?20:09
brouschthe biggest problem i have with linux is stuff (drivers) breaking on new releases. the thing i like most about osx is that the os and hardware are made for each other, and stuff doesn't break every 6 months20:09
snap-lWell, to be fair, Mac is a very nice platform if what you're looking for is consistency.20:10
snap-lAll of the applications fundamentally work the same way20:10
snap-lthose that do not do not last very long.20:10
snap-lI think the pendulum of OSS taking over the world is moving back20:11
nixternali wouldn't say it is moving back, but it isn't moving forward either. the same stuff going on now has gone on numerous times over the years20:12
snap-lAnd I think it's because GNOME and Ubuntu are trying radical changes while leaving the desktop space in flux.20:12
nixternalwhen suse sold out, it happened20:12
snap-lnixternal: Suse, Nokia20:12
snap-lthere's a rumor that Red Hat may be up for sale20:12
nixternalwhat i find funny, is all of the panic from those events, and all of the 'this or that is going to happen', never happened20:13
snap-lI mean, it's getting a little bleak out there because companies are not able to make a lot of money.20:13
snap-lnixternal: Most of the people who prognosticate this shit have very limited world-views20:13
nixternalso true20:13
snap-lthere's only a handful of folks that I trust to make that kind of statement20:14
snap-lbecause they've been in the trenches for so long20:14
brouschlinux is dead! long live android!20:14
snap-ljzb is one of them20:14
nixternali kind of see why jcastro snapped about 5 years ago with his 'fuck it, i am going back to windows' rant. step back away from the community for a while and watch it, it looks far worse than it really is20:14
jcastroexcept now if you say "fuck it I'm going mac" everyone thinks that's awesome20:15
snap-lIt's true, though20:15
jcastro"I'll show you, I'm leaving this single digit marketshare crap for ... oh wait, another single digit marketshare crap..."20:15
snap-lIt's like saying you're ceoming a buddhist20:15
brouschthey don't think it's awesome, but i think they understand why20:15
nixternalstill i think mac is freakin' horrible. i hate everything about it usability wise, but i guess that is linux' fault since that is what i have been pretty much raised on20:15
jcastro"I'm sick of the drama, I'm going to move to a platform ... oh wait, they invented platform drama..."20:15
jcastro"oh wait, I'm just an asshole"20:15
jcastrothose are the three steps20:15
nixternaljcastro: according to the latest mac is almost double digit now. i think either a high 8 or 9% :D20:16
Scott_firebetawhy is apple stock over $400 while Microsoft is sitting around $25?20:16
nixternalScott_firebeta: microsoft has split a million times, apple refuses to do so20:16
snap-lScott_firebeta: because Apple has a more developed mobile platform than Microsoft.20:16
snap-land that's where the money is20:17
nixternalthey think that if their stock is at $400, they will only get serious investors, whereas every mom and pop in the world owns microsoft stock20:17
snap-land the myriad of stock splits.20:17
nixternalit used to be about volume, but it seems apple & microsoft trade at about the same volume these days20:17
nixternalberksher hathway is a perfect example of this20:17
snap-lThat and you get a Microsoft stock certificate with every new PC purchase. ;)20:18
nixternalberksher is currently trading at about $13,000 a share20:18
nixternalsnap-l: really? i never paid attention to the paperwork, it is always the first thing that gets thrown out :)20:18
snap-lnixternal: Should read the license more carefully.20:19
jrwren$400/share v. $25/share is meaningless.20:22
jrwrenlearn about market valuations20:22
jrwrenits not evan a valid question.20:22
jrwrenand its definitely NOT about volume.20:22
Scott_firebetaso there are less total shares of Apple?20:22
jrwrenlook it up20:23
jrwrenbut their marketcap is similar IIRC20:23
snap-lIt's because jrwren can't even use his shares as expensive tissue paper to wipe away the tears of sadness over Windows Phone 720:23
jrwrenoh no.20:23
jrwren319 v. 213 marketcap for AAPL v. MSFT20:23
jrwrenwhat shares?20:24
jrwrenwhat sadness?20:24
snap-ljrwren: There there... the pain must be excruciating for you20:25
jrwrendon't even know what you are talking about :)20:25
jrwrentroll harder.20:25
nixternaljrwren: marketcap is all about volume, if it weren't, then wallstreet would be far more mad than it already is20:26
brouschtroll smarter, not harder20:26
snap-lwell, because Apple has provided their investors over 300% of a reason to invest with thim since 2007, while Microsoft is slowly costing folks money.20:26
nixternalmarketcap is the only regulation that has worked thus far for wallstreet20:26
snap-lie: Apple makes people money. Microsoft makes people use Visual Studio20:27
jrwren" marketcap is all about volume"  <-- i don't even know what this means.20:27
jrwrenmarketcap isn't a regulation, so that is a nonsensical statement20:28
nixternalmarketcap, aka market capitlization is where they take the size of a company, shares outstanding, and share price, put it all together to create a necessary measurement, which just happens to be in volume (which i think they picked because they had no idea wtf volume meant in the old days)20:29
rick_h_[6~[6~[6~[6~[6~[6~[6~woo! made it to the hotel20:30
rick_h_man, now they want $12 a day for internet20:30
nixternalsnap-l: how does apple make people money and microsoft doesn't? if that were true, then microsoft wouldn't be damn near 90% of the market20:30
snap-lnixternal: I can't answer everything, man20:30
jcastroalmost a year old20:30
jcastrobut worth a read20:30
rick_h_ruh roh, what are we chatting about?20:31
nixternalrick_h_: Microsoft Michigan LoCo Team20:31
jcastrorick_h_: nothing, just snap-l's typical apple fanboism. :p20:31
nixternalyeah, I am moving there just to be a part of it <320:31
snap-lrick_h_: Segphault made a post that he's no longer using Linux as a desktop20:31
rick_h_snap-l: yea, saw that one20:31
nixternali am not using linux as a desktop either20:31
nixternali am using linux as an os and tool :p20:32
snap-land that turned into a Microsoft stock vs. Apple stock argument20:32
jrwreni didn't say I didn't know what marketcap was. I said I don't understand your statements :p20:32
nixternaljrwren: don't feel bad, either do i ;p20:32
nixternal4 years of fighting to finish an mba will do that to you20:32
jrwreni can tell, since you did follow up and define marketcap incorreclty :)20:32
snap-lrick_h_: And of course I tied it in to the developments with GNOME and UNity.20:32
jrwrenoh shit, you are an MBA and can't define marketcap?20:33
nixternalwell i didn't give it a true definition20:33
rick_h_yea, well that seems to be part of his issue20:33
nixternali wasn't going to read from wikipedia and make it sound like it was my definition20:33
jrwrenmaybe we are using different definitions of volume?20:33
nixternali just gave a quick mumbo-jumbo on it, i could always elaborate and go way in depth, but that is more for a face-to-face chat with a cognac and stogey20:33
jrwreni hear volume and think an hours, days or weeks volume, as in the number of shares traded in that time period.20:34
nixternaljrwren: exactly, our definitions of volume, what we were taught in school, doesn't necessarily make sense in regards to wall street. that is the confusing crap that i failed to come to grips with for the first 2 years of business schooling. made me realize i picked the wrong damn degree too :)20:34
nixternalthat and if you didn't cheat you weren't going to be an mba grad20:34
jrwrenhow is that not a valid definition of volume?20:35
nixternaloh, i didn't see your comment before my last. volume in the trading world is all about how much is in the till and how much is leaving the till (ie. how full is the till), which is controlled/regulated/looking for the right word, in regards to market capitalization20:37
nixternalthink i should have proofed that last line before hitting enter, as i got lost using the word till so many times20:37
jrwreni think i see what you mean.20:38
nixternalreuters has good information on this stuff, and so does bloomberg. so if there is a day you feel like blowing your head off, don't. read those first, then blow your head off :)20:38
nixternalit is the most boring shit in the world, and i can't believe i shelled out so much money in an attempt to learn that crap, when i should have been doing computer science instead. thankfully market shit was only a semester and a half20:39
rick_h_snap-l: I think segfault has been kidnapped20:39
rick_h_finished identica and now linux20:39
jrwrennixternal: i understand the relation now.20:40
jrwrenI'd never considered it.20:40
jrwrenits not boring at all, its how our world works.20:41
jrwrenbut why shell out money for anything. you could just use your library card ;)20:41
nixternalit was all about that paper, the mba moniker...or really, all about the money20:42
jrwrensince the numbers I deal with are never large enough for volume's relation to marketcap to matter, I'd never considered it.20:45
jrwrenalthough I do own some low volume trusts that can effect liquidity. I should pay more attn to that20:46
nixternalprobably more important if you are day trading. if you learn how it all moves then you can tell yourself when a market is becoming bullish or bearish and not wait for that guy on cnbc to tell you after the stock market closes for the day20:47
snap-lrick_h_: Same here20:55
snap-lI think we need an intervention20:55
rick_h_heh, I don't blame him. He's becoming a fan of the closed software20:55
snap-lI think we've all been there20:56
rick_h_and for what he does, it's not like he does a lot of stuff where you want that server as much like the desktop/dev environment stuff20:57
rick_h_most of his articles come out of VMs anyway20:57
brouschi love having all 3 OSes available on the same machine in VMs20:58
rick_h_man, thi shotel sucks20:58
brouschrick_h_: shouldn't you be out mingling by now?20:59
rick_h_waiting for my roomy to arrive so I can give him a key20:59
rick_h_and catching up on tons of work email20:59
rick_h_man, you leave and suddenly emails go nuts21:00
rick_h_http://twitter.com/#!/markramm/status/45907183665291264 awesome21:00
snap-lrick_h_: Yeah, I saw that. :)21:01
snap-lWelcome to the big leagues. :)21:01
brouschawwwwwwww, how sweet21:05
brouschall it needs a picture of you and mark ramm hugging21:05
snap-lbrousch: be areful what you wish for21:05
brouscha christian side hug of course, so your pythons don't touch :P21:07
snap-lI totally could have left that image alone21:07
brouschyou're welcome21:08
_stink_is 'areful' a typo for 'careful' or 'arseful'?21:16
snap-lWhatever you were planning to do with arseful, knock yourself out, and leave me clean out of it.21:19
_stink_i was trying to set up brousch.21:23
brouschi went over the line with pythons. i don't need to leap into arseful21:25
brouschsnap-l: did i send this to you yet? http://portal.friendika.com/21:33
snap-lYou might have21:33
snap-lBad command or filename22:24

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