BiosElementWelp, I think it's a safe bet that gnome/ubuntu tensions have reached an all-time low >.<00:22
BiosElementShame gnome folks don't have a code of conduct, because it appears they need one >.>00:24
Cheri703Anyone who lives near a microcenter want to visit mansfield between now and monday?03:24
canthus13damn... I'm a good cook. :)03:45
Unit193And I don't even get any...03:45
Unit193How is SHellium working out for you?03:47
canthus13Unit193: I really don't use it.. I'm just in there for the conversation, mostly.  I occasionally use it for connectivity testing.03:47
Unit193in the room?03:48
Unit193I didn't go in there, I was looking at your cloak then googled (sounds like a cool service! too bad they are closing registrations)03:50
canthus13Shellium closed registration?03:52
canthus13Huh. shows how much I pay attention. :)03:52
Cheri703Unit193: do you know about tomorrow?04:04
Unit193Friend is taking me04:06
Cheri703to ubuntu hour?04:08
Cheri703I meant skywarn04:09
Unit193Ah, since I'm not positive, I be guessing no04:15
Unit193(SSH Issues)04:15
Unit193I told hospital friend, don't think he be coming04:21
Cheri703no worries04:21
Cheri703other guy might stop by if he can04:21
Cheri703(mailing list guy)04:21
Unit193Just telling you the info since you're the headmaster04:22
Cheri703good to know :)04:23
Cheri703long shot question: anyone have a b&w nook they want to give to a good home? :D04:32
canthus13yer funny.04:32
Cheri703my eyes get tired really fast when reading long documents on netbook...stupid because I can internet all day, but...still04:33
Cheri703so I want the non-backlit thing04:33
Cheri703I want one, but not enough to not pay rent :)04:33
canthus13Cheri703: Beat up some hipster at starbucks and take theirs.04:36
Cheri703hipsters would likely have ipads though04:36
Unit193I'll take the iPad if you don't want it :)04:37
canthus13Cheri703: You could sell the iPad and buy 2 nooks.04:37
Cheri703there IS a barnes and noble in town...might go poke at a nook when I go to office max04:37
canthus13And the older nooks are prolly hitting eBay now, what with the color nook being out.04:37
Cheri703they're still selling the b&w one04:38
Cheri703e-ink vs lcd04:38
Cheri703full android on the color04:38
Cheri703I'm always fascinated by things listed on ebay for higher than they cost new...04:39
Cheri703or even the same price04:40
Cheri703hmmmmmmmm http://cgi.ebay.com/Barnes-Noble-NOOK-E-Ink-Ebook-Reader-WI-FI-HotSpots-/110659156598?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item19c3ccba7604:44
Unit193I take it there isn't any U-H things I can help you with? (or other random things)04:45
Cheri703uhm, not at the moment04:46
Cheri703you wouldn't happen to have a network cable tester?04:46
Unit193No, but I did see and oldish one at the place I "work"04:48
Unit193canthus13: Know of bshellz.net or any other good shell services?04:49
canthus13Never used 'em.  I use my server for most shell stuff.04:51
BiosElementAnd in 15 years, I fear this will be marked the beginning of the end for the internet as we know it: http://thehill.com/blogs/hillicon-valley/technology/148513-net-neutrality-repeal-clears-first-hurdle04:53
Unit193New to looking at computer parts, doesn't this look good? http://cgi.ebay.com/AMD-Athlon-64-X2-4600-2-4-GHz-ADO4600IAA5CZ-Proce-/200583952428?pt=CPUs&hash=item2eb3bc382c20:44

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