MutantTurkeyJonathanD: was it you who was talking about FOSSCON a while back?01:52
MutantTurkeyare you involved in that?01:53
JonathanDI'm the organizer.01:53
JonathanDWe just took the 2011 event site live today.01:53
MutantTurkeyhow does one go about getting a booth?01:53
MutantTurkeytable, whatever.01:54
JonathanDGive me a cheeseburger.01:54
MutantTurkeyok i can do that.01:54
MutantTurkeyJonathanD: other than that?01:54
JonathanDMutantTurkey: jonathand@fossevents.org, let me know who it's for, what you need, what you expect, etc.01:54
JonathanDIf it's for a group, it's free but we'd appreciate a contribution towards costs.  If it's a business, we can negotiate something.01:55
MutantTurkeya group.01:55
MutantTurkeyi bet we could chip in off of our own donations01:55
JonathanDWe don't need a lot, but I do need to actually rent these tables :)01:56
JonathanDand we're not charging attendees.01:56
MutantTurkeyhow many people attended last year?01:56
JonathanDbout a hundred. That was at RIT.01:57
JonathanDI think we might have higher counts this year given the convenience for many round here.01:57
MutantTurkeywhere is it this year?01:57
MutantTurkeydid we settle on a exact location?01:58
JonathanDBasekamp (basekamp.com)01:58
MutantTurkeyI'll email you the rest of the details, gotta clear it with the project leader and talk to some people though01:58
JonathanDSounds good.01:58
MutantTurkeyokay thanks for the info!01:58
JonathanDNot a problem :)01:58
JonathanDThanks for the interest!01:58
pleia2I'll come do an ubuntu california booth!01:58
JonathanDpleia2: sweet!01:59
JonathanDWill it be sunny in your booth?01:59
pleia2actually I think my trip this year will be in october, not july :(01:59
JonathanDbah :P01:59
JonathanDmaybe we should do a camping trip in october :P01:59
pleia2maybe too cold then02:00
JonathanDdepends on what part of october.02:00
SpaZZoiDhwy whats up everyone03:01
SpaZZoiDis no one on or in a diff room?03:10
SpaZZoiDor is everyone trying to hack me lol03:10
SpaZZoiDwell ill try back later, just wanted to know how to get involved03:12
SpaZZoiDman i havent used irc in forever03:12
SpaZZoiDdont even remember any commands03:12
SpaZZoiDsee ya03:12
EvilPhoenixforgive the fact that 95% of IRC is idlers, and the other 5% arent in just one channel03:13
EvilPhoenixSpaZZoiD:  also, freaking out and spazzing like you are doing doesnt help at all03:13
MutantTurkey_anyone use x11 forewarding?16:42
ChinnoDogHow long have I been missing? hubbard fell off freenode.16:43
MutantTurkey_I don't know i just got here16:43
MutantTurkey_@seen ChinnoDog16:43
PennBotMutantTurkey_: ChinnoDog was last seen in #ubuntu-us-pa 12 seconds ago: <ChinnoDog> How long have I been missing? hubbard fell off freenode.16:43
teddy-dbear2011-03-09T16:32:01  <ChinnoDog> There is one for UbuntuOne music, but I don't use that 2011-03-09T17:05:05  *** ChinnoDog has quit IRC16:48
teddy-dbearthat was yesterday^^16:49
ChinnoDoghmm. I see. I've been missing awhile.16:50
jedijfMutantTurkey_: i have...what's the issue?16:52
PennBotDon't ask to ask, just ask! :P16:52
jedijfbut now i'm going to nom, sooooo16:53
MutantTurkey_jedijf: sorry16:55
MutantTurkey_performance is just super crappy16:55
MutantTurkey_i think it maybe montco's network16:55
JonathanDWho wants to go camping this year?16:55
MutantTurkey_spring break :D16:59
rhpot1991MutantTurkey: I have in the past17:15
* rhpot1991 plans on camping in the middle of the Susquehanna river again17:15
andrewnext to the statue of liberty?17:17
ChinnoDogWhen did they move lady liberty to the Susquehanna?17:42
jedijfwho took my lighter?17:42
rhpot1991andrew: I went by there17:42
rhpot1991camped further down the river17:43
andrewChinnoDog: http://www.google.com/images?q=susquehanna+statue+of+liberty17:48
PennBotTitle: susquehanna statue of liberty - Google Search (at www.google.com)17:48
rhpot1991thats a very rocky area too17:48
rhpot1991especially when the river is low17:48
ChinnoDoglol. What is that doing there?17:55
rhpot1991ChinnoDog: its a "miniature" replica17:59
andrewA 25 ft (7.6 m) tall replica sits on the ruins of the late Marysville Bridge (erected on a platform (pier)) in the Dauphin Narrows of Susquehanna River north of Harrisburg. The replica was built by a local activist Gene Stilp on July 2, 1986; it was made of venetian blinds and stood 18 feet (5.5 m) tall. Six years later, after it was destroyed in a windstorm, it was rebuilt by Stilp and other local citizens, of wood, metal, glass and fiberglass, t17:59
andrew(source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Replicas_of_the_Statue_of_Liberty)18:00
PennBotTitle: Replicas of the Statue of Liberty - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (at en.wikipedia.org)18:00
PennBotTitle: Dauphin Narrows Statue of Liberty (at wikimapia.org)18:00
jedijfandrew: aren't you the resident woot checker? how could you not alert us to the chumby......damn you21:16
JonathanDit's ok21:18
JonathanDI bought them all21:18
andrewjedijf: Because if I did, it would be in the form of a wtf21:27
rhpot1991what the heck is a chumby21:30
andrewrhpot1991: see woot21:39
rhpot1991andrew: I saw it, was more of a "what is the point of this thign"21:41
JonathanDit's your chum.21:42
rhpot1991seems to do things that my phone already does, and I don't have to pay more to get another piece of hardware21:43
jedijfrhpot1991: just something else to play with22:03

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