cyberangerchibihogoshino: it is time to get a bot that does more than listen I thin10:35
cyberangerbut the cost of a clock is minimal, usually ships with the computer ;-)10:35
chibihogoshinoclock ?10:45
cyberangerlast message, 02:09 am, !time10:55
cyberangera clock is the simplest of programs, guantreed to be right at least twice a day10:56
cyberangerand I have to admit, much simpler than an IRC bot10:56
chibihogoshinoi was marking how long it was that this channel would be silent11:08
cyberangerand at two am, bad time11:49
cyberangerfour hours of sleep11:49
chibihogoshinosleep ?12:42
wrstgood morning12:56
cyberangerchibihogoshino: 2am to 6am, granted I'm not most people, but most people would be asleep13:04
cyberangermorning wrst13:04
wrstcyberanger: good morning13:05
chibihogoshinoi guess13:13
chibihogoshinooh hi chan13:13
cyberangerwrst: how's it going?13:17
wrstgoing well cyberanger, you?13:17
cyberangerchibihogoshino: I sleep when I hit the bed, how long I sleep varies too much, hence not most people13:18
cyberangerwrst: even pokes fun at that from time to time ;-)13:18
cyberangerwrst: not too bad13:18
chibihogoshinome too13:18
cyberangerweather clears further, then it'll be better13:18
chibihogoshinoi think i slept for a hour last night13:18
cyberangerlast night was odd, perhaps 8 or perhaps zero13:19
cyberangerwoke up so much, kinda hard to call what it really was13:19
chibihogoshinoi hate when that happens13:20
chibihogoshinoid rather be up than drifting13:20
chibihogoshinoor surfing the dream scape13:20
cyberangerwasn't drifting, which would have been a little better13:20
cyberangerit was down and up, abrupt13:20
chibihogoshinooh damn..13:20
chibihogoshinothats worse13:21
cyberangeryeah, adreline kick in the process, higer heart beat13:21
cyberangerfine in under 5 minutes, but annoying process13:21
chibihogoshinoany dreams ?13:23
cyberangernone, probally 8 years or so since the last13:24
cyberangerwell, regularly that is13:25
cyberangera few since, but easily heads south13:31
cyberangerchibihogoshino: you and I, we seem to be the bit of the group that just has that weird sleep routine (or lack of)13:50
chibihogoshinoi have no routine at all for sleeping13:52
chibihogoshinosometimes i sleep for 20 hours and sometimes i sleep a hour a night13:52
cyberangersame, and allways seem to wake up before 6am13:53
cyberangerat some point in the night13:53
cyberangerI may fall back asleep, might not13:54
chibihogoshinoi hate that when i dont have a job.. i still cant sleep in13:56
cyberangerlol, that isn't necessarlly bad, allows you to spend time working13:57
cyberangerand proving you get up early13:57
chibihogoshinoi have nothing to work on tho ..13:58
cyberangerfunny thing is, for me I'll wind up nights, try and stay up all day, so I'll sync back up13:58
cyberangerand wake up at 2am or somthing, curse in an empty room after a few hours trying to sleep13:59
cyberangerwind up right back on nights13:59
cyberangerwhen I'm working that doesn't happen (easy to prevent at least)13:59
cyberangerhey Xpistos13:59
cyberangerchibihogoshino: so yeah, no logic at all, some friends have that too, but with mortar fire at night, patrols in the day, it's expected14:00
cyberangernot expected in me14:00
Xpistoshey yal14:02
chibihogoshinocyberanger: past life memories14:03
cyberangerhey Xpistos how's it going14:04
wrstXpistos: i think you were asking about natty (11.04) ?14:04
cyberangerchibihogoshino: you mean that was your life before?14:04
XpistosI wanted to know  if it was safe for me to install natty right now?14:05
chibihogoshinocyberanger: the reason for yours now14:05
Xpistosmy system is acting to goofy and I need a fresh install14:05
wrstXpistos: useable, not perfect but making strides with every upgrade, but I don't know :)14:05
Xpistoswhat version are they on?14:05
Xpistosbeta what?14:05
wrstfor me Xpistos it works pretty good14:05
wrstits alpha 3 Xpistos14:05
cyberangerchibihogoshino: I've never been near a mortar though14:06
chibihogoshinonot in this life14:06
Xpistoswhen is the official release day14:07
Xpistoscause I am installing like the next day14:07
Xpistostoo many issues with my 10.04 install right now and I want a freash start14:07
cyberangerchibihogoshino: buddist just isn't common in TN, even with my zen leanings, I didn't catch on14:09
Xpistosok here is another question. I want a 'landscape-esq' program to manage the computers on my network. Any suggestions?14:12
cyberangermakes sense actually considering how much of this life has been that way (and the boarding schools didn't help)14:12
cyberangerXpistos: I thought landscape was only servers, not desktops14:12
cyberangerso what is it your aiming to manage14:12
Xpistosno, you can install it on a server14:12
Xpistosor on a desktop rather14:13
cyberangeryes, but can it truely manage a desktop14:13
Xpistosit actually makes it easier to manage my wife's comptuer14:13
Xpistosmore or less14:13
cyberangerok, so it's code is geared for both, mostly14:13
cyberangerum, I'm config file, cron job and ssh loyal, what's the goals14:14
cyberangerdoes her computer roam14:14
cyberangerand what are you wanting to manage14:19
cyberangerapt-get, samba, avahi?14:19
Xpistosyesterday all of a sudden her flash up and quit14:20
cyberangeroh, well that's flash14:20
cyberangernot sure how to really automate that14:21
cyberangerwrst: what can webmen manage on a desktop14:22
cyberangerXpistos: I would think an apt cronjob would handle updates, if you keep her off betas14:23
cyberangerbut not much you can do with flash14:23
cyberangerkill the browser and restart, worst option14:24
cyberangeror kill flash and restart, better, but rarer14:24
wrsthmm cyberanger webmin is good, pretty much everythign updates the whole deal14:24
Xpistosnope had to reinstall flash14:24
wrstXpistos: what do you need to manage?14:25
cyberangerXpistos: so, sudo apt-get purge/remove flashplugin-installer && sudo apt-get install flashplugin-installer14:26
Xpistosjust basics, updates, logs, NFS anti-virus and firewall14:26
cyberangerfirewall is easy for a true non-mobile desktop setup your describing14:27
cyberangernothing is  listening but dhcp14:27
cyberangerand your router is NAT'd and firewalled14:27
cyberangeras for AV on linux, rarely utilized, you could cronjob her home I suppose14:28
cyberangerbut not sure what you'd catch that'd get her, if she can't install14:28
cyberangerupdates I cronjob, and ssh into later to apply them14:28
cyberangersudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get -d dist-upgrade (and later run sudo apt-get dist-upgrade to apply them, after checking for issues)14:29
cyberangerwould that work for you?14:29
cyberangeryou could further automate it, with minute risk14:29
Xpistosit would help yes14:29
Xpistoshow do you check for issues14:30
cyberangerwill you be on later tonight?14:30
Xpistostonight my daughter is in a singing competition here in town14:30
Xpistosbut I will revisit this with you later.14:30
Xpistosjust curious14:30
cyberangerok (was gonna pull a blog off my desktop for a step by step)14:30
Xpistosfirst up is I have to redo my network setup14:31
cyberangeras for issues, usually I'm lax for checking on my own rigs14:31
cyberangerbut usually google the packages14:31
cyberangerones I know cause me more issues than most (firefox, chrome, flash, openoffice, top 4)14:32
XpistosI have one Modem/wireless router that keeps messing up so I want to use it only as a modem and then use a different netgear wireless router for my other stuff but not sure how to disable to wireless router part of the modem14:32
cyberangera combo, ouch14:33
cyberangerhonestly, it might not be doable14:33
XpistosI know it is, it is just access from outside is the potential problem14:34
cyberangersome have replaced it for just a regular modem, others move it on a rarely used subnet and gave the new router a static assignment, and shove it in a DMZ14:34
Xpistostelling the modem to port forward to the rouder14:34
cyberangerand generate the biggest wpa2 key possible, kinda aiming to make it worth hell14:35
chibihogoshinohmm.. this isnt beeping when someone says my name14:35
cyberangerDMZ being a step below port forwarding usually, but this case, dual firewall and all, yeah14:35
cyberangerwith the strong wpa2 key making it true desperation if they get through14:36
cyberangerchibihogoshino: shame, client?14:36
cyberangerXpistos: locking down a network is simple, in your case, just a home lan14:37
cyberangerthe automation of ubuntu, for a desktop, don't put her user in the sudo group (hence no root) and then between that and strong wifi and firewall14:38
cyberangerand maybe some cron'd bash scripts, should be reasonably hands off14:39
cyberangerchibihogoshino: hrm14:39
Xpistosi don't know how to setup crons either. I have to do that in the next few weeks.14:39
cyberangerchibihogoshino: open a terminal and launch alsamixer in it, put all max and check for mute14:40
cyberangerXpistos: that's not too hard, It wasn't the simpliest thing for me to learn it's time syntax14:41
cyberangerand if your just wanting apt up to date, we're talking once a day when asleep (3am?)14:42
cyberangermaybe only every sunday, or just keeping apt's sources up to date, and downloading packages to be appled later, manually (to check for issues)14:43
cyberangerthere's options, and I can guide you through that14:43
cyberangerthe one thing that confused the daylights out of me, was actually simple, if you know, you allways want one full blank line at the end14:44
cyberangeror it will not launch your cron script (I presume it's a polite way to disable a script, or an old error checking method, never knew why they did that for sure)14:45
cyberangerXpistos: are you wanting to handle your network first?14:46
Xpistosthe modem/router keeps loosing wireless connection so if I don't get that fixed first I am going to break something and my wife is going to hurt me14:48
XpistosPlus I think I is cause problems with skype and that is a no no with recording the podcast14:48
cyberangerheh, if it's already at that point break IT, then tell her a power surge caused it to look like a brick smashed it, followed by a sledgehammer and a semi14:50
cyberangernot sure how a surge could look that bad, but I'll worry about that later ;-)14:51
cyberangerthe added latency with skype should be minimal, but present14:51
cyberangera line would be better, but maybe unrealistic14:52
cyberangerpersonally, I use skype as a last resort14:52
cyberangerand I mean last14:52
cyberangerbut if it14:59
cyberangers the tool you use, it needs to work15:00
cyberangeror be replaced with something that will, and wifi seems to cause a little issue in any choice15:00
cyberangerheading out, will bbl to chat15:20
wrstyes Xpistos116:36
wrsterr yes Xpistos!16:36
cyberangerwho was in here looking at 1tb 2.5 HDD's?18:17
chibihogoshinocyberanger: ^^18:34
cyberangerchibihogoshino: seems some 1.5 and 2TB showing up18:34
chibihogoshinoyeah i saw those..18:35
chibihogoshinoits crazy now18:35
cyberangerunfortunately not cheap (well, worse than 1TB, which still aren't real cheap)18:35
chibihogoshinoi could have 4tb in here18:35
chibihogoshino90 bucks for 1tb isnt bad tho18:35
wrst90 bucks didn't used to get you a GB :)18:35
chibihogoshino2.5 too18:35
cyberangerlong overdue if you ask me, 3.5's have been out for too long, to still be waiting on 2.518:36
cyberangerand for 1TB it's double, still off scale for the amount of market time18:36
chibihogoshinopeople i guess dont want that much on a laptop18:36
wrstXpistos: alpah 3 of natty seems to be much much improved, broadcom wireless is totally screwed up but that's the biggest thing i have found so far18:36
cyberangerwrst: and you don't need linux for that, winblows will doo18:37
wrstlinux for what?18:38
wrstcyberanger: ^18:38
cyberangeryour broadcom issues18:39
Xpistosbroadcome is the deal braker18:39
wrstwell beleive it or not it "just works" with win 718:39
wrstnever had an issue with ubutnu just something with the new kernel i'm sure it will be fixed before final release18:40
wrstXpistos: you can however use the firmware cutter and you will be find18:40
wrstjust don't use jockey to install the broadcom driver18:40
cyberangerwrst: how's jockey failed you?18:47
cyberangerdid you have a selection of drivers and pick the best one18:47
wrstjockey hasn't but the driver it installs has failed me and it doesn't give the option for the firmware cutter any moer yet the package exist all part of the alpha experience :)18:48
XpistosT-Mobile is going to be sorry they messed with the wrong person19:01
wrstXpistos: having fun yet?19:01
Xpistosoh hell yeah19:01
XpistosI just wrote a script that will post all the chat logs I have from t-mobile in their chat19:02
Xpistosend with " NOW GET ME A DAMN SUPERVISOR!"19:02
XpistosI may have to change that19:02
Xpistoshaving some trouble sending as x@ae from gmail any tips?20:12
wrsthmm it has always worked, what happens?20:12
Xpistosit says it is sending, but I don't recieve it and the webmail doesn't so it as sent from ae20:13
wrstchibihogoshino: i'm liking the way unity is startingto stackup23:44
wrstsorry chibihogoshino meant to send that to chris4585 :)23:44
wrstchris4585: i'm liking how unity is starting to stack up  :)23:44
wrstand the new ubuntu one logo is smashing!23:49

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