androidbrucehow goes it guys 19:38
MarkDudeGreat- androidbruce how are you?19:41
MarkDudeWhen are you folks planning a geeknic? LFNW?19:41
androidbruceyeah i would guess so 19:59
androidbrucei am def planning on going for at least one day 20:00
seattlegauchoMarkDude: planning for Saturday, but it depends on what else I have going on20:06
MarkDudeStill trying to make it there20:06
MarkDudeDepends on if I get sponsored20:06
seattlegauchoit's a ~2hr drive from Seattle, no need to get sponsored for me :)20:08
seattlegauchomaybe I should present20:08
seattlegauchocool! they have lightning talks this year20:08
androidbruceseattlegaucho: present?20:30
androidbruceseattlegaucho: i'm stoked about the gnome talks, 20:30
* androidbruce is a big gnome fan 20:30
seattlegauchoandroidbruce: we recently implemented a new snmp agent for mysql @ work ... I thought it'd be fun to present and share the snmp part, which was way easier than I thought21:05
seattlegauchobut I'm presenting @ the MySQL UC a week earlier, so I don't know if I'll have the time to prepare for both21:06

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