lostsonso is everyone keeping track of all the ubuntu controversy and if so what do you think ?00:48
FireCrotchlostson: well, I, for one, hate the chosen name for 11.1000:49
FireCrotchMost of the controversy doesn't affect me too much, since I use KDE00:49
h00kI'm not sure what the attendence is going to be like tonight01:45
h00kohey, welcome01:57
twopoint718I saw your email.01:57
twopoint718Yeah, I have been following the news, almost forgot.01:57
h00kYeah, me too ^.^01:57
h00kubuntuWi-Guest: Greetings01:58
h00kdouglasawh-work_, dwhitfie, exigraff, FireCrotch, greppy, jrolland-ubuntu, lostson, mikeputnam, ripps, ubuntuWi-Guest, ubuntulo1, watertonian, anyone else around for the meeting?01:59
FireCrotchh00k: I am here02:00
h00kFireCrotch, cool.02:00
h00kprey2god3: hello02:00
h00kubuntuWi-Guest_:, hello02:02
h00kGuests, you can change your nickname by typing /nick newnamegoeshere02:02
* exigraff raises hand02:02
h00kSo, I wanted to talk about Release Parties. Since the last meeting we had, people exclaimed they wanted some things going on around the state.02:04
=== ubuntuWi-Guest_ is now known as lemming465
douglasawh-work_h00k: oh, I forgot02:04
douglasawh-work_I'm at work02:04
h00kdouglasawh-work_: no problem02:04
h00k:) Good to see you02:04
h00kSome may ask, "What is a release party?02:04
lemming465WI film festival fans should buy a souvenir t-shirt; it features a narwhal02:05
h00klemming465: that's actually pretty awesome02:05
prey2god3I would have02:05
lemming465the timing is certainly right02:05
lemming465Is 11.04 a good release to widely push?  There is a lot of half-baked stuff going in, I think.02:06
h00kRelease Parties are whatever you make of it.  We had one in Superior, which had a lot of fun turnout, Madison invited me down for one,02:06
h00kUsually a social gettogether, some people bring their hardware to show off, meet new people, etc02:07
FireCrotchlemming465: it's still in Alpha right now. Of course stuff is "half-baked" at this time02:07
lemming465how many of us are running the alpha?  I have it on two laptops02:07
h00kI am02:07
h00ktwo laptops, one netbook02:07
FireCrotchI haven't touched it yet02:07
h00kSo, I am going to have one in Rhinelander sometime next month, I don't have a date hashed out yet.02:08
h00kAnyone else have any plans?02:08
lemming465I've seen some visual artifacts, and the menu's are a little weird.  being at alpha3 is better than half-way between.02:08
h00kFor instance, here was my article for Karmic Koala Release party plans: http://anthonyrhook.com/blog/2009/10/20/ubuntu-karmic-koala-release-party/02:09
h00kand the aftermath: http://anthonyrhook.com/blog/2009/11/08/release-party-success/02:09
h00kIs anyone else interested with one in their area?02:13
h00kFor geographic reference: http://goo.gl/MZDRU02:13
h00kDid I scare everyone away?02:18
exigraffwatching wiunion stuffs in several hundred windows, sorry about that02:19
h00kI figured.02:19
h00kWe can reconvine next week02:19
exigraffmight be better...02:19
h00kIf anyone has anything else, let me know, mailing list, my email, etc02:19
h00kI am usually pretty reachable02:20
h00kyotux: I was just deciding to reconvine next week :-)02:20
lemming465see you all next week02:20
yotuxSorry had to put my children to bed02:20
h00kIt's okay, no problem, don't be sorry02:20
prey2god3I'm here, but this is my first time so i'm just trying to get an idea what this is02:21
yotuxhook:  I will not be here if we meet next week02:21
h00kprey2god3: well, welcome02:21
yotuxI'll be in Milwaukee for Sulcom com events02:21
h00kyotux: alright - If you have anything regarding release parties or ideas, feel free to email me or share it with the mailing list02:21
yotuxokay will do that,  I am running Natty at present looks diff02:22
h00kprey2god3: we don't have meetings terribly often, but people expressed interest in doing more things with more people02:22
h00kprey2god3: whereabouts in the state are you?02:23
prey2god315 mins from the Dells - briggsville,wi02:23
h00kprey2god3: ah, cool. Welcome. How did you hear about us?02:23
prey2god3google searching "ubuntu wisconsin"02:24
h00kprey2god3: cool, I'm glad it was easy to find, anyway.02:25
prey2god3i'm not really looking to meet anybody and be social, I like ubuntu, i like open source - I'm looking to contribute somehow and am looking for support to get better at using it02:25
yotuxprey2god3:  I live in Portage just so you know02:25
h00kprey2god3: respectable, cool.02:26
h00kprey2god3: What kinds of things are you looking for as far as contribution? Do you code? Write? Design?02:26
h00kthere are a ton of ways to contribute02:27
twopoint718I know MadLUG has discussed having a release party in Madison.  We will probably talk about it on the mailing list.02:28
h00ktwopoint718: Cool, I did see that02:28
prey2god3I don't code besides doing small edits, i can make websites in joomla, i am knowledgeable with computers02:30
prey2god3much more comfortable using windows though02:31
twopoint718prey2god3: that can change... :)02:32
dwhitfiejust got home. twopoint718 is right about the release party in Madison...how that will end up looking is anyone's guess02:32
prey2god3The thing that finally got me to stick to ubuntu was i figured out i could have a seperate partition for my media so i iddnt loose my shit evertime i had to reinstall after f*cking something up02:32
twopoint718I've found partitions to be more "lightweight" in linux.  You can mount something that's on a separate disk and not have to really think about it.02:34
dwhitfieok, not to get us off track, but I don't see how Windows is any worse about mounting stuff and partitions...only it doesn't see it's own partition tables as often as Linux does...that's a different issue though02:35
prey2god3huh... im talking about during the install with 3 partitions- root, swap, and media02:36
prey2god3so i screw something up, i reinstall and dont format media02:36
twopoint718that's the idea :)02:37
dwhitfieprey2god3: right those are called C: D: E: drives in Windows02:37
dwhitfiewe do it on every Windows machine we deploy at work...well, the desktops02:37
dwhitfiejust saying02:37
h00kexcept mounting a seprate /home is easier with fstab02:37
h00kif you want to throw that on a separate drive02:38
twopoint718...or on a NFS/AFS network filesystem02:38
dwhitfieprey2god3: talking about contributions, there are code sprints and such.  Did h00k mention those at all?02:38
h00kdwhitfie: negative02:38
twopoint718Just out of my own curiosity (ignorance) what's the biggest category of help that's needed?02:40
h00kthat's a very good question02:40
dwhitfiethat's just to get people started, not an answer to a specific question02:40
dwhitfietwopoint718: I would assume that depends on who you ask. :)02:40
twopoint718dwhitfie: oh, I figure.  I was just wondering what the general shape of the need is out there.02:42
h00kI don't know if if I linked this, I'm quite distracted: http://www.ubuntu.com/community/get-involved02:42
dwhitfieright now I think it's up in the air with the "half-baked ideas"02:42
dwhitfieI'd imagine for the 11.04 release just test, test, test with Unity is the most important thing02:43
h00kThat's what I'm doing02:43
dwhitfiemy natty machine died...like, it won't turn on.  Not sure why but I think it has something to do with me screwing with the heat sink02:44
h00kdwhitfie: is it going through POST?02:44
dwhitfieh00k: it's not doing anything02:45
h00kprey2god3: if you do end up getting involved in any projects, let us know ;) and we can try to assist somehow02:45
prey2god3ill do that02:46
h00kprey2god3: can I assume you're on the mailing list?02:46
h00kprey2god3: we have a Facebook group, Identi.ca group, IRC channel,02:46
h00kStatus.net instance (http://ubuntu-wisconsin.org/status02:46
dwhitfieh00k: he's in the IRC channel, silly02:47
h00kdwhitfie: NO YOU ARE02:47
dwhitfiethat is also true02:47
prey2god3yeah, and its my first time since like high school...02:47
dwhitfieh00k: so, what's the plan for the release party...tabled?02:48
h00kdwhitfie: yeah, until we can get some more people next week02:49
h00kit...uh...seems to be a distracting night.02:50
dwhitfieis there capital footage somewhere?02:50
dwhitfieI'm too sick to be down there at 34F02:50
h00kis what I'm currently listening to02:50
h00kthey're panning between different feeds02:50
dwhitfieugh... I forgot to upload the video from the MadLUG presentation02:52
twopoint718wiseye.org is the like Wisconsin C-SPAN02:56
h00kRegardless of what side anyone is on, this is history.03:00
prey2god3whats history besides a pack of lies...?03:04
* mikeputnam joins later03:09
h00kmikeputnam: ohi!03:09
h00kmikeputnam: you didn't miss much, we're going to have it next week03:09
h00kmikeputnam: it's...er...distracting in Wisconsin03:12
mikeputnamgoing to be a crazy situation in wisco for a while03:16
twopoint718mikeputnam: yeah, I think so.03:17
mikeputnami assume there will be some strikeage in the near future03:18
h00kIt appears that way.03:18
mikeputnamand some more hammering of state workers as the gridlock starts03:19
h00kwhich may or may not include a family member who may or may not be a County worker that is a Corrections Officer03:19
h00kIf the strikes happen, I mean.03:20
mikeputnambad economy further muddies things03:20
mikeputnamweakens the position of the unions03:20
mikeputnamat some point, feeding your family/keeping your home is more important than even political stances03:21
twopoint718Politics reminds me of a Nomic http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nomic03:25
twopoint718where even changing the rules of the game is a valid move in the game03:25
lostsonupdate-manager -d lets see what happens13:56
h00klostson: good luck :)14:43
lostsonits still running15:15
lostsonhopefully i can get nvidia working15:16
h00klostson: nvidia is working alright here, occasionally minecraft hoses it up for some reason15:20
h00kjava/ ?15:20
dwhitfiemy resolution is messed up on my external monitor. I think I have an ATI card15:27
dwhitfieyep 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc M64-S [Mobility Radeon X2300]15:27
dwhitfiewtf Firefox will not connect to anything15:37
h00kUnity is behaving quote well on 2 monitors with me16:00
h00kquite, rather16:05
uberushaximusThere's riot gear in the capitol16:09
h00kI saw that on Twitter...16:10
h00kLuckily they haven't had to use it yet16:10
uberushaximusclosing the building after yesterday is pretty insane16:13
lostsonwell upgrade finished time to restart oh boy16:19
h00khe said, 2 minutes late.16:21
lostsoni thought this big bar on the right you could hide it16:33
dwhitfieon natty?16:33
dwhitfiewhen I had natty, I never got the bar...which I thought was odd16:34
dwhitfieI should just pop that drive in another computer16:34
dwhitfieI bet this other machine doesn't take SATA drives though16:35
lostsonAlt+F2 does not give a run dialog that is not good16:40
lostsonahh so its a buried setting16:43
lostsonso you can make it autohide16:45
lostsonalt+f2 is gone though16:46
lostsonjust no easy way to lauch an application at all16:46
dwhitfieany suggestions on what I could use as a fake phillips screw driver?17:25
dwhitfieas anticipated, not SATA :(17:29
dwhitfiethanks for that intok!17:49
dwhitfiedoes anyone know how the VA in Madison works? I've heard they are state employees, but that doesn't make a lot of sense to me17:50
intokWant to see what Hartmann has to sy about it17:51
intoksince the milwaukee channels are so heavily biased toward Walker17:52
dwhitfieI've found four links to UW physicians that work at the VA, but don't know who pays them17:56
intokradio show is starting soon, theres a web feed http://www.thomhartmann.com/18:00
h00kI'm learning a lot from this read: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/65418:11
h00kregarding Unity and Gnome18:14
h00kand rejected APIs and stuffs18:14
dwhitfieI bet Scott Walker uses Windows!18:15
* h00k facepalms18:15
dwhitfieI couldn't resist after h00k's clarification18:15
dwhitfieit would have been pretty hilarious if you were learning a lot about Wisconsin from Shuttleworth's site18:15
h00kI could probably somehow draw up some drawn-out concurrency/analogy18:16
dwhitfieoh, talk to @fabsh and I bet he can help you with that18:17
h00k"I bet Scott Walker uses Windows!" was pretty hilarious18:17
* h00k saves that line18:17
intokdwhitfie for the lol http://www.thomhartmann.com/blog/2009/07/how-did-bill-gates-become-welfare-queen-copyrights-patents-trademarks18:21
h00kdwhitfie: so, are you guys talking about a pizza/something for Natty's release?18:22
h00kdown in Madison?18:23
dwhitfiewe aren't talking yet18:23
dwhitfiebut I suppose we should be18:23
h00kon bad terms, 'eh?18:23
h00kwe're not talking anymore!?!18:23
dwhitfieI didn't say anymore18:23
h00k</lame joke>18:23
h00kI know, it was dumb, pretend this isn't logged.18:23
h00kI'm going to talk with jtravenick about potentially using a hotel lobby/conference room for a get-together18:24
dwhitfieI've got a ton of personal stuff I need to get done but hopefully I can spend some time on that today since I'm at home trying to recover from crud in my chest18:25
h00kno rush18:25
dwhitfieso, let me get on that and then I will try to get something started on the steering committee list18:25
dwhitfieor...you could send something out if you wanted18:25
h00kyeah, I was thinking about it, but I feel bad because I'm not physically down there, but I'll throw something in today18:25
twopoint718dwhitfie: do you need anything from me on this?18:31
dwhitfieat the moment we just need to discuss.  Last year we did the pizza in May.  ITT has never had a problem with food before, so I don't think it will be a problem.  We had talked to Jason about doing May18:32
dwhitfiebut I don't think he'd mind doing it later18:33
dwhitfieof course, it could happen at Sundance18:33
dwhitfievery irritating that this still isn't fixed in Maverick: http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-1126269.html18:43
twopoint718Between being a cheap-skate on computer hardware and not investigating, I don't think I've ever had 3d support in linux18:44
dwhitfietwopoint718: the problem is not 3D support18:46
dwhitfiethe problem is widescreen monitors dont work18:46
dwhitfieit looks like it is fixed in Natty, but I have no metacity bar...and also no unity18:47
twopoint718I guess I only read the first few items.18:47
dwhitfieI dont understand why I dont have unity18:47
dwhitfietwo different machines...same model, to be clear18:47
dwhitfietime for a reboot to see if I just fixed it19:00
dwhitfieI wonder how long it will be until we move to T400s at work...and I wonder if they have similar issues19:06
dwhitfiethey also have ATI cards19:06
dwhitfieIm guessing it will be at least a yeaer19:07
dwhitfiewhen the next LTS is rolled out19:07
h00kdwhitfie: you may want to try removing .gnome2, .gconf, .gconfd from your ~, I've had that fix some odd issues with Unity19:16
h00kdwhitfie: note, .gnome2, .gconf, .gconfd may hold some settings for things, they will be reset19:16
h00kI've blasted .config also, but it reset some settings like Chromium stuffs, but I was able to live19:18
dwhitfieh00k: I wonder if I uninstalled it at some point and just didn\t remember it.  I just apt-get install unity and it installed a bunch of stuff19:19
dwhitfiemaybe it needed to be updated.  we shall see19:19
h00klostson mentioned no alt+f2 unity, unity 3.6.4-0ubuntu1 just hit repos with this fix LP: #58029519:21
h00kAnd by hit repos, I mean was accepted.19:25
dwhitfieh00k: the F2 issue did not appear to just be in unity, as I had the problem, but that\s besides the point19:27
h00kI wonder how many aliases douglasawh has19:38
douglasawhugh. Chromium has the gnome theme bar19:39
douglasawhh00k: well, there's a different one for each computer....more-or-less...but 3, I assume19:39
h00kdouglasawh: you mean the top theme? You can check/uncheck "use system title bar and borders" by right clicking on the tab bar19:41
douglasawhmust have reset with an update19:42
h00kIt is now version 10.0.648.127 (76697) Ubuntu 11.0419:43
douglasawhthat's what I've got19:45
h00klostson just quit linux :(20:09
douglasawhbecause of ALT+f2?20:12
douglasawhhe knows he can run GNOMEdo, right?20:12
h00kNo, I sent him an identica notice about the fix, he just said he's not going to bother, just threw win7 on his laptop, after 10+ years of linux he had enough" :(20:14
h00kI'm hoping it was something in frustration and not permanent20:14
h00kI said I still hope to see him around, he's welcome in the community20:14
douglasawhit's an alpha still, right?20:21
h00kHe said he may go back to xubuntu today :D20:24
douglasawhthere's going to be a lot of that, I think20:34

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