evilvishSarvatt: hey o/ 02:14
evilvish <Sarvatt> I remember him saying his rv515 was freezing on .3802:15
evilvishSarvatt: i think i'v narrowed the issue down to kernel .35 , either due to  drm/radeon/kms: add missing copy from user (or) (drop after 2.6.35) drm/radeon/kms: add ioport register access (or) Add support for the ATIF ACPI method to the radeon driver02:17
evilvishbut this random X freeze is really not being easy to catch :s02:17
RAOFAah, cargo-culting x86-64 assembler.04:19
RAOFIt's the way of the future :(04:19
* tseliot got "Transfer aborted. Data connection closed" when uploading a package to a PPA...15:05
Sarvatttseliot: try using upload.ubuntu.com instead of ppa.launchpad.net as the fqdn in ~/.dput.cf?15:07
tseliotSarvatt: wouldn't this make my package end up in Ubuntu?15:09
Sarvatti used to get that a lot from ppa.launchpad.net and switched mine over15:09
tseliotthanks for the tip :)15:09
Sarvatttseliot: launchpad might have just gone read only?15:11
Sarvattthought i read a mail about maintenance today15:12
SarvattStarts: 09.00 UTC 10th March 201115:12
SarvattExpected back by: 10.30 UTC 10th March 201115:12
tseliotyes, I read that email too15:12
Sarvattwonder if they meant EST instead of UTC lol15:13
Sarvattnah its up15:13
tjaaltonyeah it was down earlier15:13
SarvattRAOF: forgot to bump debian/videoabiver so all the drivers with old xsfbs in ubuntu-x-swat/ppa think they need abi 916:31
Sarvatt(good thing we staged that in a PPA eh?)16:33
tseliotthat was the idea ;)16:34
tjaaltonchanges were not pushed to git, so hard to review them16:35
tjaaltonthough it's a bit late to complain about that :)16:36
codemagicianbjsnider, hi. I'm still getting crashes using the Nouvea drivers17:15
codemagicianbjsnider, i get an error in the logs "Detected GPU lockup"17:16
bjsnidercodemagician, are you starting to believe you made a bad choice of video cards?17:29
codemagicianbjsnider, i thought you had the same card?17:32
bjsnideri have the same gpu, but a different card17:32
codemagicianbjsnider, do you think its hardware related or software?17:33
codemagicianor maybe something is corrupt with my install17:33
bjsnideryes to all 317:34
codemagicianwhat's the best approach to solving this17:34
soreauSarvatt: ping?17:35
Sarvattsoreau: heya, whats up?17:36
soreauThere is a bug in xorg-edgers repo that breaks xv on r3-5xx cards. Installing ddx master manually fixes the issue.17:36
soreauThe problem is that there is a colored pattern of green and pink when playing xv video in any player17:36
soreauNo, 10.1017:37
soreauI have this issue ob rv350 and someone else has it on x60017:37
Sarvattdropped maverick in there because I can't keep up with the updates on top of work so it hasn't been updated in quite some time :(17:37
soreauAw :/17:37
Sarvattsounds like it was fixed upstream in the ddx though17:37
soreauYea upstream is fine17:37
Sarvatti'll update it real quick17:38
soreauIs there any way we could update it at least until natty official release?17:38
soreauThank you Sarvatt 17:38
soreauBut, I thought all these updates were automated ..17:40
Sarvattthey can't be automated anymore for maverick and earlier because the packaging has changed so much in natty17:41
soreauOh wow17:41
soreauYea a lot of stuff is changing17:42
soreau *cough*unity implemented with compiz*cough*17:42
Sarvatthmm, it might not even have built for longer than I thought on maverick, what version are you using?17:47
soreauSarvatt: version of what?17:50
Sarvattthe last few uploads of it on maverick failed to build17:51
soreauI have master currently installed..17:51
soreaulet me see what's in the repo17:51
soreauii  xserver-xorg-video-ati                 1:6.14.99+git20110214.a9a59717-0ubuntu0sarvatt2~maverick17:52
Sarvattsoreau: ok new one uploaded, hopefully it works!17:54
* soreau tries17:55
soreauSarvatt: I see no updates with apt-get update/upgrade 18:04
soreaufrom xorg-edgers18:04
soreauDoes it take awhile?18:04
Sarvattyeah probably 45 minutes or so on average18:06
Sarvattlooking now18:06
Sarvatti386 should be published but amd64 just started building18:06
bjsniderSarvatt, is 1.10 in natty yet?18:09
Sarvattnot the final 1.10 nope18:10
bjsniderwhat's the delay?18:10
Sarvattneeds a FFe and testing18:12
Sarvattit's ~50 packages, not that minor of an upgrade or anything18:12
bjsniderwell, it's an alpha distro18:13
SarvattRAOF: can you push your xserver 1.10 stuff to git when ya get a chance?18:13
Sarvattthat doesn't stop the world from ending whenever people can't upgrade for an hour :P18:14
Sarvattlooks like I need to disable pageflip on my HD 5770 for unity to work too18:31
Sarvattoh hmm, it's working after a vt switch and back18:31
Sarvattthats only with xorg-edgers, archive is fine18:33
Sarvattwow what the heck, https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/259219 is affecting software-center now?18:37
ubot4`Launchpad bug 259219 in software-center (Ubuntu Natty) (and 3 other projects) "Broken TLS support in libGL.so (affects: 50) (dups: 13) (heat: 148)" [High,Triaged]18:37
Sarvattsoreau: any luck? i'll try to keep ati in maverick up to date, its mesa and libdrm causing all the headache18:59
soreauSarvatt: I take it you haven't been glancing in #radeon18:59
Sarvattoh nope, good to hear19:00
soreauSarvatt: It's working fine now here too19:00
soreau(I knew it would, after this update)19:00
soreauThanks again :)19:01
Sarvattshould just backport xserver 1.10 to maverick and pull in all of the changes so it can be updated at the same time, hmm.. it will mess with so many components I have no clue about like utouch though19:04
jcristausoftware-center uses GL?19:43
Sarvattunity backtraces sure are fun to read http://sarvatt.com/downloads/gdb.txt21:03
Sarvatterr.. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mesa/+bug/73280921:45
ubot4`Launchpad bug 732809 in mesa (Debian) (and 1 other project) "mesa update to 7.10.1-0ubuntu1 breaks ipython matplotlib (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Unknown,New]21:45
jcristauthis seems insane.21:46
RAOFSarvatt, jcristau: Not insane; libGL has just been accidentally working for ages.22:00
RAOFI'd wager that's bug #25921922:00
ubot4`Launchpad bug 259219 in software-center (Ubuntu Natty) (and 3 other projects) "Broken TLS support in libGL.so (affects: 111) (dups: 17) (heat: 214)" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/25921922:00
RAOFAs far as I can tell, anything that's been dlopening libGL since about mesa 7.0 has been working by accident.22:02
jcristauand you're saying not using initial-exec doesn't fix it?22:03
RAOFI can't seem to get gcc to *not* build a TLS_STATIC library.22:04
RAOFman gcc suggests that PIC should do the trick, but it doesn't appear to.22:07
jcristauwhat's TLS_STATIC?22:07
RAOFThere are two TLS models; static and dynamic.  Static is for when you can guarantee that all your symbols will be avaliable at program start time, and does all the TLS initilaisation an allocing there.22:09
RAOFDynamic is more dynamic, and works with (among other things) dynamic loading.22:09
Sarvattwhy now? talloc removal?22:09
RAOFWell, we're _noticing_ it now becaues libGL now links in libstdc++, which also has some TLS.22:10
RAOFAs you see from that bug, it's always been broken for people using libstdc++ & libGL dynamically.22:11
jcristauright, ok22:12
jcristauand does TLS_STATIC flag show up?22:14
jcristauadd 'where' in that sentence22:15
RAOFYeah, in the output of readelf.22:15
jcristauah, DT_FLAGS22:15
RAOFLoooks like the final mesa build I kicked off actually built with TLS and without TLS_STATIC.22:15
jcristau  FLAGS                0x000000000000001222:15
RAOFNow, to remember precisely what I did there :/22:15
jcristauand 0x10 is DF_TLS_STATIC.  ok.22:15
RAOFIt appears that throwing -fpic in addition to -fPIC at gcc actually causes it to *not* build TLS_STATIC libraries.22:18
* RAOF verifies this with another build22:23
RAOFAh, good.  And a quick check of the other libraries in /usr/lib finds mesa libraries as the only ones with TLS_STATIC in DT_FLAGS.22:27
RAOFOk.  So, I'm wrong.  It's not gcc's fault, I've just missed some assember somewhere.23:33

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