SymmetriaLOL looking at how fast we're synching sourceforge05:49
Symmetriaits a rather impressive speed now05:49
Symmetriawe finally managed to get the initial sync speed up05:49
Symmetriain the last 7 hours we did just over 700gigs :P05:49
nlsthznhey all... Natty is getting more stable by the day (and has gotten some new icons too...) 05:53
SymmetriaI just want this sync to hurry up, fastttttter06:04
nlsthznSymmetria: it will never be fast enough :)06:05
Symmetrialol, well, its doing better now at 100+gigs an hour than it was when it first started at 3gigs an hour06:05
nlsthznslightly better :D06:06
* nlsthzn waves @ sakhi 06:24
* Symmetria kicks rsync, FASTER DAMMIT06:42
Symmetriait only did another 80gigs while I was driving to work :( 06:43
linuxboydrive slower07:06
Symmetriaroot@mirror:/home/syncuser/sfmir# du -hsm07:09
Symmetria936268  .07:09
Symmetriaheh changed the sync to focus on one letter at a time (the sourceforge repos are divided into a - z, then at a second level 0-9 and a-z again, so concentrating on A now, then will do b etc etc at top level07:25
Symmetriamakes it easier to track exactly how far you are percentage wise07:25
Symmetriasync speed for sourceforge is up to almost a gigabit/second09:32
nlsthznwow... got to love your job/hobby09:39
nlsthznstill syncing?16:02
Symmetriaheh yeah16:16
Symmetriawe've done 3 terabytes since last night16:16
Symmetriaooops 3.4 terabytes16:16
Symmetriaof which 2.4 terabytes has come down since 10am16:16
Symmetriaso its moving decently :)16:16
rodemireHi guys, i just wanna find out. Has anyone used the Cell C router with Ubuntu?16:17
Symmetriaso I have archives a - e and x - z, f currently downloading, so 9 of 26, more than 30% of the way done now17:10
Symmetriafinally found out how big this mirror actually is17:32
Symmetriawe've done 3.5 of 14 TB 17:33
Symmetriasourceforge gonna bring the mirror live18:55
Symmetriawith partial set18:55
Symmetriaand let it figure out whats on there as it goes18:55

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