HorizonXPi'm trying to change some ubuntu one preferences, but it's giving me a gnomekeyring.IOError when I run ubuntuone-preferences from the commmand line via SSH00:00
Cody3290I don't have a box. Mentioned earlier that I "borrow" internet from a neighbor00:00
ElvewynHoly crap, I'm not running any anti virus OR a firewall, am I safe? I heard linux is harder to break into...00:00
b0g4nk1dah. Do u leech the connection with WiFi?00:00
Jordan_U!virus | Elvewyn00:01
ubottuElvewyn: Antivirus is something you don't need on !Linux. except where files are then passed to windows computers (perhaps using samba), See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus00:01
Cody3290Yes, I am using wifi00:01
Jordan_U!firewall | Elvewyn00:01
ubottuElvewyn: Ubuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo | GUI frontends such as Firestarter/Gufw (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE) also exist.00:01
b0g4nk1d@Elvewyn Linux is fairly hard to break into, you don't need an antivirus but a firewall certainly helps if you want one00:01
b0g4nk1d@Elvewyn Firestarter is a good choice00:01
Cody3290ufw is already installed00:01
Cody3290I thought I needed to download it.00:02
ElvewynI was thinking about getting a hardware one, in case I buy more PC's. Mine's anncient00:02
b0g4nk1dit comes preinstalled with ubuntu @Cody329000:02
Cody3290Does it have a GUI, or should I check out that "firewall configuration" program too?00:02
Cody3290I'm not that good with the terminal (yet)00:02
Slayeram using Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, and all of a sudden am unable to play Youtube videos, I get the message adobe flash plugin has crashed.. Pls help00:03
droboleElvewyn: I guess a virus wouldn't be able to do much without root access, once it has, AV wont help you :p00:03
b0g4nk1dtry the GUI frontend - ufw on my system appears to be some sort of iptables manager daemon00:03
b0g4nk1di did man ufw00:03
ElvewynI've only been using ubuntu for a month or two...00:03
Cody3290a month or two, and you only just realized you neglected to install a firewall/AV?00:03
b0g4nk1dI use KlamAV00:04
Cody3290That's one of the first things that I do when I get a windows computer (not that it does me any good)00:04
ElvewynNo, but I though I didn't need it.00:04
b0g4nk1dfor antivirus00:04
HorizonXPcan anyone help me with running ubuntuone-preferences via the command line? I keep getting a gnomekeyring.IOError00:04
red2kicElvewyn: You don't need it.00:04
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ElvewynPhew, good.00:04
droboleElvewyn: Unless you are responsible for a CIA database it not worth it to worry about00:05
droboleare you?00:05
ElvewynOH... CIA, nevermind..00:05
ubottuAntivirus is something you don't need on !Linux. except where files are then passed to windows computers (perhaps using samba), See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus00:05
ElvewynHe's said that before...00:05
brisis there a way to list the ports I want to allow / deny in ubuntu?00:05
bilighello, does someone know a friendly hacker community for NOOBS00:06
b0g4nk1d@bris man iptables should do the trick00:06
red2kicI'd pass viruses to my friends. Serves them right for using inferior product. :)00:06
b0g4nk1d@bilig http://www.icodeviruses.com/00:06
Cody3290lol, red00:06
drobolebilig: how do you define "hacker"?00:06
biligb0g4nk1d thanks00:06
ElvewynJust enabled my firewall...00:07
Cody3290could I get arrested if i infect all the computers in my school to print 500 copies of the troll face as a senior prank?00:07
ElvewynI think so...00:07
ElvewynOr at least fined.00:07
brisCody3290 you could get arrested without doing anything00:07
red2kicInks are expensive.00:07
brisyou do the math00:07
biligdrobole, someone that knows the weaknesses of systems and can efectively exploit them to gain access00:07
boldfilteris there an nvidia driver for 11.04 yet?00:07
mickster04Cody3290: arrested, it depends what the policy is on your network usage00:07
PolahCody3290: They might not take it up with the police if you're lucky but you'd certainly get in trouble with the school.00:07
droboleCode3290: depends what country u r in00:07
Cody3290could I get incarcerated/tried and convicted, is what I meant.00:07
mickster04Cody3290: it may count under misuse of compouters act?00:07
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!00:08
ElvewynMy ATI card is so old, it doesn't have a driver D:00:08
mickster04Jordan_U: good point00:08
red2kicCody3290: You probably will be confined to stay back for 10 more years.00:08
b0g4nk1d@Cody3290 it wastes a shitload of paper - and yes, one student in my school got expelled for printing 50 copies of explicit novels on the library photocopier00:08
ElvewynAnd I don't know how to install the X.org RadeonDriver D:00:08
droboleCode3290: ouch00:08
b0g4nk1d@Cody3290 it's not worth it to try00:08
PolahCody3290: Probably not. Fined at most for vandalism/damage to resources/something along those lines00:08
bastidrazorElvewyn: in synaptic search for radeon00:08
PolahAlso detentions00:09
Cody3290I'll settle with getting back at my piano teacher for all the petty disrespectfulness he's doled out to me over the years.00:09
boldfilters there an nvidia driver for 11.04 yet?00:09
bastidrazorElvewyn: more than likely it is xserver-xorg-video-radeon00:09
Jasonn!natty boldfilter00:09
Jasonn!natty | boldfilter00:09
ubottuboldfilter: Natty Narwhal is the codename for Ubuntu 11.04, due April 28 2011 - Help and support (only) in #ubuntu+1 - Natty is unstable and is not intended for production systems.00:09
b0g4nk1d@Cody3290 what you gonna do to him?00:09
Jordan_Ub0g4nk1d: Cody3290: And anyone else in this conversation: This channel is for Ubuntu support only. Please move this discussion elsewhere like #ubuntu-offtopic00:11
schala1How do I remove an old Linux kernel? I was prompted to update to 2.5.27 from 2.5.22 but it still kept 2.5.22 around00:11
bastidrazorschala1: in synaptic search for linux-image and uninstall00:11
aeon-ltdschala1: uninstall/remove it in synaptics, though people keep some in case of breakages00:11
marlow59schala1:  look on Synaptic and remove them00:12
Cody3290Ah, sorry jordan00:12
Cody3290My mind tends to wander.00:12
schala1thanks everyone, I'll do that00:12
Elvewynxserver-xorg-video-ati is already installed, but I don't understand why it doesn't seem to help much with 3d acceleration...00:12
Cody3290Did anyone answer my question about the ufw GUI?00:12
ubuntu_useris root:www-data correct for all files/folders in /var/www ?00:13
tomasm-i just got a new computer with an NVIDIA GeForce6100PM-M2 chipset and i'm noticing on the installer that there's a terrible flickering almost constantly...is this normal and will it go away once better drivers get installed?00:13
pookywhat's the quickest way to enable remote desktop sharing? If I only have access via ssh, without X11 forwarding.00:14
biligany irc channel about hacking?00:15
tjholowaychukany reason ubuntu is just a shell on boot?00:15
tjholowaychukinstead of the desktop00:15
PolahYou're booting in maintenance mode?00:15
PolahOr you didn't install a gui00:15
mickster04tjholowaychuk: you broke it?00:16
tjholowaychukit was working haha00:16
drobolebilig: you mean cracking or kernel development?00:16
PolahDoesn't mean it's working now00:16
claviceps_tjholowaychuk: installed the graphics drivers yourself?00:16
biligdrobole: cracking00:16
vonokinSomeone ping me please00:16
drobolebilig: hmm I would know any good ones00:17
aeon-ltdvonokin: err why?00:17
vonokinaeon-ltd, just testing.   Thanks.00:17
Jordan_Ujfbouchard: How does it "die"? If it freezes can you post a picture of the last messages?00:17
biligdrobole, ok thanks anyway00:18
drobolebilig: np00:18
vonokinaeon-ltd, once more.....00:18
dendi installed the new ubuntu, but i'm having a problem. i am now installed apache.  but i can not change the folder authority. http://imagebin.org/index.php?mode=image&id=142060 screenshot. example, root directory can not enter or i can not enter lost-found directory00:19
tjholowaychukhmm it's working now that i have the usb stick back in00:19
scottnycguys i have some serious issues, my installation of open office disappeared and when trying to install i get an error message that reads This error could be caused by required additional software packages which are missing or not installable. Furthermore there could be a conflict between software packages which are not allowed to be installed at the same time.00:19
tjholowaychuknvm its just prompting for install00:19
PolahDend: You're not supposed to be able to access them. They're for the root account only00:19
scottnycthe title of the error is Package dependencies cannot be resolved00:20
PolahDend: You can change file permissions or owners using sudo chmod or sudo chown, but the only way to access lost+found is to log onto the root account, which you don't really want to do00:20
dendwww directory can not enter or i can not enter00:20
meowskianyone know where i can download GCC(gnu compiler collection) for linux?00:20
dendsudo chmod www true?00:21
dendor sudo chmod root ?00:21
LjL!compile > meowski    (meowski, see the private message from ubottu)00:21
bastidrazormeowski: build-essentials00:21
drobolemeowski: gcc.gnu.org00:21
dendchmod: 'www''nýn access permissions are changed: Operation not permitted00:22
dendsudo chmod 777 www00:22
ElvewynMy firewalls default is now to deny all incoming connections. Screw you h4ckers! :D00:23
tron101elvewyn what happend ?00:24
Cody3290Won't that mess with downloads or updates?00:24
scottnycare there any other wordprocessors other then openoffice that read .doc files?00:24
ElvewynThe coolest part of switching to linux for me, is the file system. No more defragging!00:24
EvilPhoenixElvewyn:  remember to allow RELATED,ESTABLISHED connnections :P00:24
EvilPhoenixin the inbound00:24
ElvewynCody3290: I'll just change the rules when I do.00:25
itaylor57scottnyc: libre office00:25
=== marcelo is now known as Guest15170
schala1oh, one other question. Is it advisable not to use /usr/local when installing self-compiled software?00:25
itaylor57scottnyc: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2011/01/new-ppa-makes-installing-libreoffice-on-ubuntu-easy/00:25
meowskibastidrazor, once i install build-essentials, where can i find gcc?00:26
dendnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ?00:26
droboleubuntu's rock solid stability is great for engineers00:26
bastidrazorschala1: use ~/bin unless you want everyone to be able to use it. /usr/local/bin is safe for self-compiled programs00:26
dendpooltable hi00:26
dendhow are you dude00:26
mickster04scottnyc: i think libre office might?00:27
tortoise710.04.2 amd64..... upgraded via 'alternate' iso, NO internet, NO upgrade manager..... seemed to go well... but, upon booting up today, i am unable to get beyond a blank screen and flashing cursor..... both the live cd and the alternate cd HANG at the choices menu after the language screen..... the old 10.04 cd will boot up, but shows little square boxes for any letters...... How might i fix this problem?00:27
schala1okay because it says I don't have permission to modify it00:27
bastidrazormeowski: just type gcc00:27
dendubuntu vs plan900:27
pooltablehow do i fine where a program is located on the hard drive?00:27
ElvewynWill the ATi fglrx driver work on cards from 2001?00:27
meowskibastidrazor, on terminal?00:27
droboleubuntu vs hurd...00:27
mickster04pooltable: usually you don't need to know that?00:27
aeon-ltdpooltable: whereis nameofapp00:27
bastidrazormeowski: yes.00:27
denddrobole u use plan9?00:27
schala1and I'm the sole user of this PC00:27
Jordan_U!ot | dend drobole00:27
ubottudend drobole: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!00:27
pooltablei do00:27
mickster04schala1: try sudo <command here>00:27
scottnycok thx00:28
meowskibastidrazor, it says no input files when i type gcc?00:28
denddrobole u chat00:28
droboledend: does it even work? is it free as in free beer?00:28
mickster04pooltable: for why? maybe we can explain a way around needing to knlw that info?00:28
dendyes beer00:28
alphonsoanyone know of a nooby way to try out gnome3?00:28
Jordan_U!guidelines | dend00:28
ubottudend: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines00:28
bastidrazormeowski: right, you have no clue how to use gcc then. read the manpage. man gcc00:28
skullboywhere is the script that starts gdm with the system00:28
pooltablei running desmume like to know where that save file is at ?00:29
bastidrazorskullboy:  /etc/init.d/gdm00:29
pooltablelike to run fire fox 4 any way ??00:29
mickster04pooltable: look where the games are. it usually uses the same folder00:30
ubottudeb is the Debian package format, also used by Ubuntu. To install .deb files, simply double-click (in Ubuntu) or click (in Kubuntu) on them to start the GDebi utility.00:30
drobolebastidrazor: isn't it /etc/X11/default-display-manager that actually starts it?00:30
pooltablemickster04 still new here in home folder i do not see games?00:31
mickster04pooltable: how do you play the games?00:31
alphonsomickster04: what game do you want to play?00:32
mickster04pooltable: you must go file>open game> then the file is here?00:32
mickster04alphonso: not me00:32
pooltablemickster04 for the appulation drop down bar00:32
Cody3290Will my graphics card work better if I download a driver made for it instead of using the one that came with the install?00:32
bastidrazordrobole: /etc/init.d/gdm is the script that starts the whole process.00:32
mickster04pooltable: ? so you can access games? it will usually tell you where the games are held?00:33
pooltablecody3290 download the driver the one on the cd/dvd might be out of date00:33
runawayhackerI'm using ubuntu 10.10 x64 with latest kernel. everytime I reboot I have to reinstall nvidia driver00:33
mickster04Cody3290: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade in terminal00:33
runawayhackeranyone else have this issue?00:33
alphonsoi've been getting that00:34
pooltablemickster04 what do i click to get that info ?00:34
alphonsowhich nvidia card do you have?00:34
drobolerunawayhacker: only in aptosid lol00:34
runawayhackergeforce 21000:34
runawayhackerin 10.04 I would only have to do it when a new kernel came out00:34
mickster04pooltable: uhm there should be a drop down above the list of games, it has the folder name in it already, click on that an it should show you where it is (ie all it's parent folders)00:34
alphonsorunaway: i've been getting the same thing with an old ati driver00:34
alphonsorunaway: what version of ubunto do you have?00:35
tomasm-man this screen flickering on the install is driving me nuts (NVidia GeForce6100)... how do i get it to go away?00:35
ubottuTo install a Java runtime on Ubuntu on 10.04 LTS and newer, see http://tinyurl.com/2ffg7cc -  For the Sun Java products and browser plugin, search for the sun-java6- packages in the !partner repository on Lucid (which must be enabled), or !multiverse repository on older releases.00:35
runawayhackeralphonso : I'm using latest official driver too00:35
ubottuCanonical's partner repositories provide packages a location for software vendors to publish applications. The repo itself can be added by running this in a !terminal: « sudo add-apt-repository "deb http://archive.canonical.com/ $(lsb_release -sc) partner" »00:35
alphonsoruanawayhacker: have you tried removing some of the packages associated with the driver but not the driver itself?00:35
runawayhackeralphonso : such as?00:36
alphonsorunawayhacker: not sure b/c i don't have your card... but for ati there is a catalyst control center00:36
quietonenone of my cron jobs ran last night and I haven't found a clue as to why. It is like the machine was asleep. Does the mode show up in a log?00:36
alphonsorunawayhacker: when i remove it, re-booting seems to be more reliable.00:36
runawayhackeralphonso : one time I did do a cleanup one time of everything - including open source drivers00:37
bastidrazorquietone: /var/log/syslog should show if cron ran or not.00:37
alphonsorunawayhacker: no luck, huh?00:37
runawayhackeralphonso : problem still persists00:37
=== JEEBcz is now known as JEEB
runawayhackeralphonso : it's not a BIIg deal just annoying as hell00:37
alphonsorunawayhacker: i hear you - it has been annoying me for awhile.  i figured it was because i have a legacy vid card00:38
alphonsorunawayhacker: but i think yours is a bit newer00:38
\shareSo I mounted and DVD image in /media/dvd but ejecter tray doesnt show it. And it shows the USB pen drive.  Why is that?00:38
runawayhackeralphonso : pretty sure it is00:38
pooltablestill no luck00:38
runawayhackeralphonso : none the less, it is still a problem.00:38
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alphonsorunawayhacker: yes, i'm about to upgrade to an ati hd so hopefully that will fix it for me.00:39
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest23919
runawayhackeralphonso : I've had a lot of bad luck with ATI GPUs, that's why I switched to NVIDIA. I wish you luck00:39
runawayhackeralphonso : at least in Linux with ATI00:39
alphonsoruanwayhacker: thanks, i'll need it - i'm invested in ati now.  maybe i'll have to switch up, though.00:40
runawayhackeralphonso : cool. good luck. I'm out00:40
rnigamHello Everyone please look at this thread and help me out: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=10542465#post1054246500:40
droboleati shouldnt be a problem though00:40
YadiraGuys i dont have the colose,minimize,colse bar on any window i open00:40
meowskiin terminal, the only way to run a c program is to insert "./a.out"?00:40
quietonebastidrazor, thx. my user crontab didn't run nor did the shutdown script in /etc/crontab today. Where do I look or read next?00:40
Yadirai dont have title bar for anything00:40
muelliYadira: that's weird indeed. Could you run "metacity --replace" just in case..?00:41
johnjohn101is there a package for couchdb 1.0.2 for 10.10?00:41
muellijohnjohn101: check http://packages.ubuntu.com00:42
itaylor57meowski: a.out is the default output from gcc, you can make the executable name whatever you want00:42
meowskihow do i change the name itaylor57?00:42
muellijohnjohn101: doesn't look like there's 1.0.1 package. So you might just go ahead and package it :)00:42
itaylor57meowski: you will get better support in ##c00:42
muellimeowski: man gcc ;-)00:43
kdogwhy is it that certain apps like the software center and the image viewer don't have "quit" and just "close"? Seems like bad UI, the windows look the same.00:43
drobolemeowski: gcc -o hello hello.c00:43
tron101someone got a sec to help a noob out?00:44
joshua__ubuntu keeps telling me I have 0 space but I made the partiton 15GBs when I created it...what wrong please help I'm new to this00:44
muelli!ask | tron10100:44
ubottutron101: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)00:44
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)00:45
muellijoshua__: hm. can you open a terminal and run "df -h" for us and pastebin the output to, say, pastebin.com?00:45
bastidrazorquietone: i don't have any crontab ninja skills.00:45
joshua__k one second00:45
tron101im tryin to install android sdk on unbuntu but terminal keeps telling me no such directory00:45
Jordan_Ujoshua__: Do you have a lot of video/pictures/music? Have you installed a lot of extra software?00:45
droboletron101: what command are you trying to run?00:46
alphonsois anyone else having trouble installing gnome3 using the apt line: ppa:gnome3-team/gnome3 ???00:46
tron101im followin this forum00:46
tron101im stuck at00:46
quietonebastidrazor, nonetheless you are being a great help. I also looked at pm-suspend.log and my machine did suspend itself. Still don't know why...00:46
itaylor57tron101: maybe this link will help http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2011/01/new-ppa-makes-installing-libreoffice-on-ubuntu-easy/00:46
tron101$ cd ~/android-sdk-linux_86/tools00:46
muellitron101: I'd rather follow official instructions and not any random post. especially forums...00:46
itaylor57tron101: wrong link sorry00:47
ActionParsnipalphonso: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:gnome3-team/gnome3; sudo apt-get update    not work ok?00:47
droboletron101: ~ is a shortcut for you home directory00:47
tron101where do i find these instructions00:47
itaylor57tron101: i meant this link http://developer.android.com/sdk/index.html00:47
joshua__no I havn't installed any extra's yet...I downloaded the ATI drivers but when I run the installer it tells me I have 0 free space left. it doesn't give me the option to choose an install location either.00:47
droboletron101: check if the android... folder is in your hime dir00:48
ActionParsnipjoshua__: run:  sudo apt-get clean    also remove openoffice and you wil free up a tonne of space00:48
tron101so home infront of ~ wont work00:48
Yadiramuelli:) It work fine that command,first when i run it work butn when close terminal it disapperar again,so i restart a Mualaa00:48
sk_is there a way to move an panel to another location, and/or screen?00:48
itaylor57tron101: and that is the official instructions00:48
alphonsoactionparsnip: this is what i'm getting:00:48
tron101ok thx00:48
alphonsoruanwayhacker: thanks, i'll need it - i'm invested in ati now.  maybe i'll have to switch up, though.00:48
alphonso: Failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/gnome3-team/gnome3/ubuntu/dists/lucid/main/binary-i386/Packages.gz  404  Not Found00:49
alphonsoE: Some index files failed to download, they have been ignored, or old ones used instead.00:49
droboletron101: yes it will work if the android... folder exists in your home folder00:49
\shareis there any application in ubuntu to convert MB to GB etc?00:49
=== Guest25292 is now known as ardchoille
pooltablegnome 3 test how ?00:49
milamber sk_ what do you mean by panel? the panel should be visible on all desktops00:49
pooltableor use00:49
ActionParsnipalphonso: there is no lucid ppa on that server: http://ppa.launchpad.net/gnome3-team/gnome3/ubuntu/dists/00:49
psusi\share, umm... the calculator?00:50
\sharepsusi: but for this.00:50
ActionParsnip\share: in what output?00:50
psusi\share, huh?00:50
\shareActionParsnip: a tool to convert KB to MB MB to KB GB to KB .00:51
alphonsoactionparsnip: that is the server that the apt line seems to want to use.. not sure how to re-direct it00:51
chibihogoshinoanyway i can switch bluetooth profiles ?  like from headset to audio sync when i get a call and then back ?00:51
psusi\share, yea... use the calculator and multiply or divide by 102400:51
SX486so, this question doesn't particularly pertain to ubuntu, but BasicLinux 3.5, I just don't know where else to go for help..00:51
\sharepsusi: thats not what I want.00:51
psusi\share, then what do you want?00:52
\sharepsusi: read above00:52
nameless`SX486: don't ask to ask, just ask00:52
ActionParsnip\share: http://egret.net/kb__mb.htm00:52
pooltable /share what do you want?00:52
\shareActionParsnip: yeah I know that site lol I would like a tool (offline)00:52
sk_milamber: so I have the default panel on a screen. I want to move it to another location, like on top instead of at the bottom; but ultimately to another screen without having to repopulate the a new panel with all the same buttons. Is this possible?00:52
psusi\share, what do you think I was answering?00:52
alketHi, I just installed Firefox RC from mozilla daily ppa, after 20min my computer froze and i rebooted, but now it is promting me for password (even though i set it to autologin) and it is not recognising my password ??00:52
ActionParsnipSX486: its based on slackware, try a slackware channel00:53
iso3how do i determine what user a program is running under00:53
nameless`\share: can't you just use your head to divide or multiply per 100 ?00:53
muellialket: maybe it just hibernated or so and asks you to unlock the screen..?00:53
\sharenameless`: cant you just shut up00:53
ActionParsnipalket: boot to root recovery mode and reset your password there with:  passwd foo     replace foo with your username00:53
muelliiso3: i.e. ps aux | grep $program00:53
Cody3290Is there a program to make softwarecenter download more quickly, or is there a way to make it download multiple files at once?00:53
SX486Ok, so I'm on BasicLinux 3.5 and you can run X11R6, but there is no desktp so all of the X apps have to be run from one of the other terminlas (usually CTRL+ALT+F2), but I can't execute any of my apps beause I don't know what to say for display.00:53
psusiiso3, ps u00:53
nameless`iso3: ps, top, htop00:53
ActionParsnipCody3290: use torrents00:54
alketmuelli: no, i rebooted several times then00:54
alketActionParsnip: how can i do that ?00:54
Cody3290I meant from within the Software Center. I know how to torrent >.<00:54
alphonsoactionparsnip: so are you saying I can ignore that error?00:54
Cody3290Speaking of torrents: Is uTorrent better t han the one that comes with ubuntu?00:54
droboleSX486: try 000:54
nameless`\share: i'm just asking, give a little bit of context, is it for a bash script ? C program ? command line tool ? try to think a little bit before insulting anyone00:54
ActionParsnip\share: could make a script I guess00:54
ActionParsnipalket: hold shift at boot00:55
Cody3290By which i mean "Transmission BitTorrent Program"00:55
Cody3290Client, rather00:55
bastidrazorCody3290: transmission or even deluge blows uTorrent out of the water00:55
SX486And I only run it because it runs on my 48600:55
Cody3290Got it.00:55
ActionParsnipalphonso: there isn't support for Lucid on the PPA you added.00:55
\sharenameless`: that wasn't a insult sorry if you got offended00:55
milambersk_: in 10.04 the panel default is the top. when you switch workspaces the panel should be the same. to change the properties right click on the panel and then properties00:55
ActionParsnipSX486: its offtopic here, ask in a slackware channel00:55
pooltableqbittorrent use here00:55
alketActionParsnip: Shift is not working ?00:56
ActionParsnipalket: hold it as soon as the system starts to boot, before the boot splash00:56
pooltablealket nedd a new keyboard?00:56
SX486ActionParsnip: Do you know of a Slackware channel?00:56
visual1cei have my default browser set to google chrome in preferences -> preferred applications but for some reason, firefox is opening when i click on a link00:57
Jordan_USX486: ##slackware00:57
nameless`SX486: /j #slackware00:57
alketActionParsnip: pooltable : I tried again, it is not working00:57
ActionParsnipSX486: #slackware would be a safe bet.....00:57
ActionParsnipalket: what is the output of: lsb_release -d    please00:58
mickster04visual1ce: that may be linked to the program the links are in, if you are clicking them in say xchat, it may well have it's own preferences for that00:58
alketActionParsnip: I can't login, but my release is Ubuntu 10.1000:58
pooltablealket what  key?00:58
visual1ceevolution but even just .desktop url files00:58
Cody3290When I scan for drivers, it tells me "No proprietary drivers are in use on this system."00:58
IrreducibilisHow to use pure-ftpd? I dont understand the documentation00:59
ActionParsnipalket: shift will show grub, as soon as the system POST beeps, hold shift and don't let go00:59
IrreducibilisAnd like, I can access it, but it shows no files00:59
Irreducibilisshouldnt it show my home directory00:59
Cody3290Filezilla is easier to use00:59
drobolewhats the best IRC client for gnome (except irssi)00:59
Irreducibilisdrobole, Xchat00:59
ActionParsnipdrobole: there is no single best app for anything00:59
nameless`drobole: xchat, i guess00:59
Cody3290personally, drobole, I use chatzilla which is an addon for firefox00:59
ActionParsnipdrobole: in any OS00:59
drobolenot xchat-gnome?00:59
Cody3290I find it more extensible than Xchat00:59
ActionParsnipdrobole: none and all are best01:00
IrreducibilisCody3290, but filezilla isn't a server01:00
skullboyhow do i startx via gdm01:00
pooltablechatzilla here01:00
Cody3290There is a server and client versions, if I'm not mistaken01:00
droboleSome are bad though01:00
alphonsoactionparsnip: blasted I didn't upgrade to 10.10 b/c i heard they were going away from gnome - i didn't want to lose it.01:00
Cody3290drobole: if you want something simple to use, use Xchat01:00
ActionParsnipdrobole: your question is as intelligent as: "what is the best coloutr of the rainbow?"01:00
alketActionParsnip: No its not working with shift, this is the third time im trying01:00
IrreducibilisIsn't there a GUI ftp server for linux?01:00
Cody3290I guess he's asking for people's favorites01:00
alketpooltable: what do you mean with "what key" ?01:00
Cody3290or what we reccoment01:00
ActionParsnipalket: if you are using grub2 which is default in maverick, you hold shift to see the grub menu01:01
skullboyhow do i startx via gdm01:01
droboleActionParsnip: Your wrong01:01
Cody3290reccomend, rather01:01
bastidrazorskullboy: you don't01:01
alketActionParsnip: So the chances are that I got malicious content by Mozilla Daily PPA ?01:01
visual1ceya just checked again - preferred browser is set to google chrome but when i click on a html attachment or .desktop url file firefox opens the page01:01
droboleActionParsnip: Your reply is recursively correct for any question01:01
ActionParsnipdrobole: its not, there is no single best app for anything. Each app has different abilities. Not all users requirements and tastes are identical so there will NEVER be a best01:01
pooltablealket what key is not working when you press it?01:01
IrreducibilisHow to use pure-ftpd? I dont understand the documentation and when I access it, no files show up when it says its supposed to show my home01:02
alketpooltable: Shift of course as ActionParsnip suggested01:02
ActionParsnipdrobole: so no, it only applys to "best" questions01:02
skullboybastidrazor: i mean how do i get the x session to use gdm01:02
visual1cewell chrome/chromium is always better than firefox :P ff is clunky takes a heap of memory and its interface takes up way too much real estate01:02
campeei prefer ff01:02
Cody3290i like firefox o.o01:02
CoNFuS3Danyone know why flash crashes so much on ubuntu?01:02
droboleActionParsnip: You know I cant deny that01:02
Irreducibilisfirefox has better/more addons01:02
ActionParsnipCoNFuS3D: possible conflict of plugins01:03
campeeCoNFuS3D: the newest version of flash crashes frequently on all platforms.01:03
pooltablesorry did you tray caps lock then key then caps lock off?01:03
visual1ceive never liked ff... its interface has always peeved me01:03
campeeCoNFuS3D: it's a known issue with Adobe.01:03
CoNFuS3Doh, that sucks then01:03
Cody3290Oh, Irreducibilis: http://filezilla-project.org/01:03
campeeCoNFuS3D: instead of closing your browser just try reloading the page. that tends to fix it.01:03
visual1cechrome is so much faster01:03
skullboyCoNFuS3D: what version are you runing01:03
Cody3290Filezilla has a server, but it's for windows only01:03
IrreducibilisCody3290, It says the server is windows only01:03
ActionParsnipdrobole: i know, hence why its a useless question. If youcan constrain it some with things you want the client to do then it is an intelligent question01:03
CoNFuS3Dof flash, or ubuntu?01:03
Cody3290So run it through wine?01:03
IrreducibilisI only care about the server part01:03
campeeCoNFuS3D: http://www.linuxjournal.com/content/flash-102-found-be-crashy01:03
Cody3290Run it through wine?01:03
IrreducibilisWine? I'd rather have a native solution.01:04
visual1ceit does have some advantages though - like when i use firefox to chat here it plays a noise when someone addresses me01:04
ActionParsnipCoNFuS3D: try flash 10.301:04
visual1cenot in chrome01:04
ActionParsnipCoNFuS3D: its beta and I havent tested it fully yet but seems ok01:04
visual1cebut webchat loads so much faster in chrome01:04
skullboyCoNFuS3D: what version are you runing01:04
IrreducibilisAnd I was hoping someone could just help me with pure-ftpd01:04
Cody3290True, native is always nice01:04
CoNFuS3Dflash version 10.201:04
Cody3290But this is the wrong channel, technically01:04
droboleActionParsnip: In that case I'd rephrase to "Which gnome IRC clients are bad"01:04
ActionParsnipCoNFuS3D: if your OS is 64bit then you can try the 64bit flash ppa01:04
Cody3290#ubuntu-offtopic would be better01:04
JdGordonany ideas why klogd will refuse to start if i have the / on a usb disk (the same filesystem works fine from a nfs mount). "start-stop-daemon: Unable to start /sbin/klogd: Permission denied (Permission denied)" permissions are fine though01:05
IrreducibilisIs there even anyone in there who can help?01:05
ActionParsnipdrobole: none are bad, some have fewer features but if they give what is required then they are not bad are they01:05
Cody3290There might be.01:05
alketActionParsnip: I can log in with Ctrl+alt+ F1 with my current password , how can I kill the login screen ?01:05
nameless`drobole: flipping a stupid question doesn't make it intelligent :)01:05
skullboyjdgordon: sudo01:05
Cody3290Never know unless you ask.01:05
v3ctorIrreducibilis: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PureFTP01:05
Cody3290Or wait long enough for someone to help you in here01:06
JdGordonskullboy: sudo is not needed in the boot script...01:06
ActionParsnipalket: I'd grab another keyboard, or try the other shift button#01:06
Jordan_Udrobole: If you insist on getting peoples opinions join #ubuntu-bots and ask "what is the best irc client">01:06
JdGordongnome is also refusing to start, dont know why... * Starting GNOME Display Manager...                                                  [fail]01:06
pooltableis it the sso login?01:07
ActionParsnipdrobole: why not try a few for YOURSELF and evaluate. You are using an OS which promotes freedom and choice, yet you wade into an irc channel and ask strangers what you should use. Smacks of Microsoft don't you think??01:07
droboleJordan_U: A bad client is a client with bugs and lacking userfriendlyness. I just didnt care to spell it out01:07
twiztidhey all, so wats the news on the 2d unity QT working with compiz???01:07
skullboyjdgordon: ohh right so what is the prob again01:07
Jordan_Udrobole: Your question is not going to be answered here. Please accept that and move on.01:08
ActionParsnipdrobole: userfriendliness is entirely tangiable from user to user. One person's easy is another person's hard01:08
droboleActionParsnip: I'm not convinced you know who you are taking to either tbo01:08
twiztidi have would like to try out unity on my maverick install but am wondering how well it plays with compiz?01:08
skullboyjdgordon: ohh right so what is the prob again01:08
tjholowaychukk so I re-installed, restarted, and I still end up in the tty :(01:08
JdGordonskullboy: trying to boot this ubuttu FS from a usb key (it works fine booting from NFS).01:08
ActionParsnipdrobole: it doesn't matter who you are as it doesn't affect the fact that you are asking questions which cannot be answered due to too many factors01:09
droboleActionParsnip: I got many interresting answers01:09
ActionParsnipdrobole: great :)01:09
skullboyjdgordon: ext4????01:09
visual1cedrobole is a troll man01:09
LegndarySnake1st time ubuntu user01:10
LegndarySnakethis os rocks01:10
Cody3290Me too, lol01:10
JdGordonskullboy: filesystem came from untarring stright to a clean ext3 partition as sudo01:10
visual1cecongrats legendary and cody01:10
visual1cedon't you feel all warm and fuzzy?01:10
Cody3290Does it count? I've been usingit for over 4 hours01:10
tomasm-is there anything extra i need to do to get mp3 and avi files working in ubuntu? i'm installing the 'restricted-extras' package now... anything else?01:10
Cody3290They should work already01:10
drobolevisualice: so asking which IRC client ppl here think is best is really that unforgivvable?01:10
LegndarySnake@visua1ce yes it is quite toasty01:10
Cody3290Mine are working fine o.o01:10
nameless`tomasm-: it should work out-of-the-box01:10
visual1ce4 hours... i'd say ur ubumtu virginity has officially been broken01:10
Cody3290I feel soiled now01:11
GringoStarHi, I'm using ubuntu 8.10, I was trying to install my video driver (nvidia 96) but my kernel was not up to date so during reboot DKMS is trying to auto-install but can't find the kernel 2.6.34 (I'm still using 2.6.30) My question is If I install the newest kernel would it work or I need to install the older 2.6.34.X and what should be the last number (not specified by the nvidia driver)?01:11
pooltabletomasm a player like vlc01:11
Cody3290yet somehow, clean, at the same time01:11
Cody3290It's an odd fealing.01:11
Cody3290feeling ,rather.01:11
ActionParsniptomasm-: if you install vlc and gnome-mplayer it will pull in a tonne of codecs. You can also add the w32codecs package from medibuntu repo to maybe get what you need01:11
JoniiHey, do you guys know what's the in-depth linux guide named?01:11
ActionParsnipGringoStar: intrepid isn't supported anynmore in any way01:11
skullboyjdgordon: ok so ur trying to boot ubuntu off a flash drive???01:11
Jordan_U!manual | Jonii01:12
ubottuJonii: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/01:12
JdGordonskullboy: yes01:12
JoniiThere was this one guide that was supposed to teach you all there is to know about linux, but I lost the url01:12
pooltableany have a usb 3.0 drive if so what are the read wright speeds?01:12
GringoStarThanks anyway...01:12
ActionParsnipJonii: I don't think there is enough web space to contain ALL linux can do01:12
skullboyjdgordon: live or non live01:12
ActionParsnip!EOL | GringoStar01:12
ubottuGringoStar: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades01:12
JoniiActionParsnip: that was still what the front page promised. I think it was some few hundred pages of heavy text01:13
skullboyjdgordon: live or non live01:13
JoniiWritten mainly for Debian01:13
Cody3290How do I enable my firewall again?01:13
JdGordonskullboy: I have a fully working filesystem which was booted over NFS. I tarred it and untarred it to the usb disk and fixed the kernel boot command to mount the usb instead of nfs, gnome and klogd wont start, nothing else has changed from the working configuration01:14
ActionParsnipJonii: read the manpage for mencoder, imagine the possibilities just by that one command01:14
Cody3290just type "ufw" in my terminal?01:14
LegndarySnakeubuntu manual01:14
LegndarySnakei shall learn soon enough!01:14
pooltablejonii does this help http://www.linux.com/learn/new-user-guides/34658-everything-you-never-wanted-to-know-about-linux-maintenance01:15
iflemaCody3290: sudo ufw enable   OR   sudo apt-get install gufw    for a gui01:15
skullboyjdgordon: what boot loader are you useing on the flash drive01:16
LegndarySnakenow Im thinking I should have partioned my windows pc instead of put ubuntu on an external01:16
LegndarySnakeim ashamed01:16
JdGordonskullboy: u-boot... this is an arm board01:16
Cody3290iflema: thank you01:16
JdGordonwhich is irrelevant because the filesystem is the only thing that was moved, same kernel loading01:17
skullboyjdgordon: try syslinux01:17
twiztidUbuntu 10.10 | 2.6.35-27-generic | ATI Radeon X1300 512MB AGP4X |        *intermittent screen flickering*  any known workarounds? already checked power saving options and once heard of possibly using a polling option? but at the time didnt have a kernel version that utilized polling options... theres gotta be a way to fix this flickering :-[01:17
skullboytwiztid : is ur drivers installed01:18
skullboyjdgordon: try syslinux01:18
twiztidyup, compiz is beautiful and glx gears is smooth01:18
datavirusetis there some way you can use to guess the password of a user in only one command?01:19
skullboytwiztid : is ur drivers installed01:19
datavirusetis there some way you can guess*...01:20
twiztidskullboy: for the video card?01:20
skullboytwiztid : obiously01:20
nameless`dataviruset: you want to get the password of a ubuntu user ?01:21
twiztidskullboy: compiz effects are perfect and glx gears are smooth... the kernal is on kernal mod setting...01:21
twiztidskullboy: openGL glx dock is smooth and works perfectly with compiz as well01:21
datavirusetnameless`: no, i want to authenticate a user by using the output of a command :p01:21
skullboytwiztid : when has this started01:23
pooltablewow all most time for 11.04 to be out01:23
twiztidskullboy: since i fresh installed 10.10 from 10.0401:23
twiztidskullboy: its been 5 months01:24
cryptopsywhat's a good renaming tool?01:24
mickster04dataviruset: you wanna research authentication in bash. ask in #ubuntu-offtopic for starters01:24
inside-out-bunnycryptopsy: mv01:24
cryptopsyi want it to automatically remove chars ike !$()!$ and turn them to space01:24
cryptopsyinside-out-bunny: no01:24
twiztidskullboy: the same version is on my dell laptop and compiz is on and updated everything but no flickering01:24
inside-out-bunnycryptopsy: perl01:24
dbgsterI'm on W7, virtualbox and Ubuntu, how do I make it so my mouse isn't stuck inthe window?01:24
cryptopsyinside-out-bunny: no there's already renaming tools01:25
inside-out-bunnycryptopsy: yes, mv01:25
dbgsterto make it seamless01:25
n2iHi all!01:25
nameless`something like    output | su -l user :)01:25
skullboytwiztid : did you try install from disk01:25
cryptopsyn2i: yes?01:25
bastidrazordbgster: you would need the virtualbox additions01:25
n2iI have a trouble, please help!01:25
mickster04inside-out-bunny: yeah that won't do the changing of character automatically will it01:25
twiztidskullboy: no from usb01:25
inside-out-bunnymickster04: grep/perl + mv01:26
cryptopsyn2i: mount it from the command line01:26
nameless`cryptopsy: rename01:26
dbgsterbastidrazor, guest additions?01:26
n2iNautilus unable to mount01:26
cryptopsyn2i: sudo mount /dev/yourdrive /yourdestination01:26
n2icryptopsy: :(01:26
cryptopsyn2i: what?01:26
skullboytwiztid : you did not do it via update01:26
ActionParsnipn2i: what is the output of: groups     please01:26
overcluckercryptopsy: rename does 's/foo/bar/' substitutions01:26
skullboytwiztid : ???01:26
dbgsterWhen the vbox guest editions is mounted, how do I get to the folder?01:26
nameless`cryptopsy: man rename01:26
twiztidskullboy: nope, fresh install of maverick meerkat01:26
dbgsterdouble clicking on the file doesn't work as it wants admin rights01:27
ActionParsnipn2i: also please give the output of:  lsb_release -d   thanks01:27
n2iNautilus auto mount to /media/*** nomarlly01:27
bastidrazordbgster: yes, you can ask in #vbox for more info.01:27
n2iDescription:Ubuntu 10.04.2 LTS01:27
ActionParsnipdbgster: I always turn of the guest, set the ISO to be mounted at boot and use that01:27
twiztidskullboy: i ALWAYS do a fresh install of the latest stable release01:27
ActionParsnipn2i: and the output of:  groups01:27
=== cryptopsy is now known as aborticide
n2in2i adm dialout cdrom plugdev lpadmin sambashare admin01:28
pooltabletwiztid wow that must take some time reinstall all programs01:28
ActionParsnipn2i: if you run: gksudo nautilus     can you mount it ok?01:28
visual1cei have some buttons below the screen of my laptop... i'd like to get them working... when i click on them in keyboard shortcuts nothing happens so im assuming that the system knows nothing about them01:29
visual1cehow can i get these working?01:29
aborticidevisual1ce: why don't you check their properties and see what they point to01:29
twiztidpooltable: its actually very quick and easy... takes no longer than an hour01:29
recognoscovisual1ce: that would be fair to assume that01:29
visual1cehow do i check their properties aborticide?01:29
n2iActionParsnip: sudo nautilus: nautilus doesnt list partitions in sliderbar :(01:30
aborticideright click on them01:30
recognoscovisual1ce: are there drivers for your laptop from the manufacturer?01:30
pooltabletwiztid can you tell me how or what you do i might want to do that?01:30
visual1cefor windows yes01:30
recognoscovisual1ce: are there generic drivers for them?01:30
nameless`n2i: if you want your partitions to be mounted, you might want to get a look to the /etc/fstab file01:30
aborticidenameless`: there's no point doing that if he uses an automounter01:30
recognoscovisual1ce: googled laptop model number and linux?01:31
twiztidpooltable: i just setup my usb stick to be bootable and i install said OS thats on it to my system01:31
visual1celunch bbiab01:31
=== dejan_ is now known as autoexec|bat
aborticidetwiztid: the boot use flag is not required for linux01:31
=== autoexec|bat is now known as keyns
=== keyns is now known as dejan_
pooltabletwiztid older computer here i need a new one to d that01:31
n2iBut I dont wanna it automount at bootup01:32
twiztidaborticide: KMS??? cause ya, no i dont have anything other than 'out of the box' and advanced compiz installed01:32
ActionParsnipn2i: no, gksudo nautilus    do NOT use sudo with nautilus01:32
pooltabletwyztid send a step by step to shaggyeightball@gmail.com thanks01:32
aborticideno matter how advanced you like your linux, the boot flag is not required for th elinux partition01:32
n2iI wanna mount a partition with auth as 9.1001:32
n2iActionParsnip: nothing change :-/01:33
twiztidpooltable: how old? cpu... ram...?01:34
twiztidaborticide: what do you mean?01:34
aborticideit will be bootable with it01:34
pooltabletwiztid 5 years old01:34
pooltabletwiztid dell 8400 2GB ram that why i went to ubuntu i have a bad sector on hard drive and computer is also old01:36
twiztidaborticide: sry you lost me about the 'bootflag' i just used ubuntu's native usb setup so i can install from my usb stick whenever wherever...01:36
Cody3290Ok, so i install the ufw gui01:36
Cody3290it tells me "Suggested packages:01:36
Cody3290  menu-l10n"01:36
Cody3290How do I get that, and should I at all?01:36
bastidrazorCody3290: that is a package. just install it.01:37
nameless`Cody3290: a simple GUI for the firewall is firestarter01:37
pooltabletwiztid was thinking of adding one more GB or ram01:37
n2iI logout and relogin: nautilus can mount now01:37
n2iWhat is this problem?01:37
Cody3290i already did the ucwg install or whatnot01:37
aborticidetwiztid: you said you set up your usb stick to be bootalbe and install said OS to it. The only think you can do before installing an OS is to partition it01:37
aborticidethe installer makes the filesystem01:37
=== rcmaehl_fallback is now known as rcmaehl
Cody3290"sudo apt-get install gufw for a gui"01:37
nameless`Cody3290: yes sure, it's just another alternative01:38
AnubArackanyone else is having trouble with Transmission 1.3.0 ? it "grays out" (unresponsive) for nothing and way too frequent01:38
Cody3290speakinf of which, where cna i access that gui?01:38
twiztidpooltable: ok ya thats sufficient ...   http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/download01:38
red2kicAnubArack: #transmissionbt (if I remember it correctly).01:38
Cody3290found it*01:39
AnubAracknope, red2kic  ... empty01:39
Cody3290You can ftp it too01:39
red2kicAnubArack: #transmission ?01:39
Cody3290its much faster01:39
aborticideis it possible to automatically change backgrounds in ubuntu01:39
twiztidaborticide: i think u misunderstood: i boot my pc to the usb, and it, in turn, installs ubuntu 10.10   as many times as i want...01:39
aborticidei want to see a picture of a cat, and then i want to see a picture of a dog, oscillating every second01:39
=== Guest23919 is now known as DarkDevil
etfbIs there a terminal that doesn01:40
aborticidetwiztid: no i didn't misunderstand you01:40
aborticidei can parse english, thank you01:40
mickster04\aboit is possible01:40
o2oowho knows some UML drawing tools in ubuntu ?01:40
mickster04aborticide: yes it is possible01:40
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest32906
twiztidaborticide: so 5 months ago, 10.10 came out, i installed it FRESH, and have been trying to figure out this flickering problem ever since...01:40
aborticidemickster04: but how?01:40
aborticidetwiztid: what flickering problem?01:40
ActionParsnipAnubArack: you can get 2.22 from https://launchpad.net/~transmissionbt/+archive/ppa01:40
Cody3290What's the difference between Incoming: Reject and Deny?01:40
o2ooHi, who knows some UML drawing tools in ubuntu ?01:40
mickster04aborticide: uhm i'll google you a link habg on01:40
Elitestatusneed some help with blacklisiting the r8187 driver01:40
nameless`o2oo: dia01:40
aborticideo2oo: yea apt-cache search UML01:40
etfbIs there a terminal that doesn't "steal" keys like Ctrl+PgUp?  I want to use Emacs inside the terminal (ie not the X or GTK version) but a bunch of keys never get through, or get turned into gibberish.01:40
o2oonameless`, thanks01:41
aborticidemickster04: well i'd like to have it change between a cat and a dog at 60Hz, 1/60th of a second01:41
twiztidaborticide: thats why im here...  screen flickers every 5 seconds or so01:41
Elitestatuscan somebody help me please?01:41
pooltabletwiztid i have the 10.10 iso all ready now what?01:41
mickster04aborticide: http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/5-wallpaper-changer-apps-for-linux/01:41
aborticidetwiztid: oh its a DRM problem, switch to older version or alpha01:41
mickster04aborticide: wait what?!01:41
ActionParsnipAnubArack: it supports all curretly supported releases01:41
mickster04aborticide: would you een notice?01:41
aborticidemickster04: its an experiment in transience, i want to see if the cat becomes the dog, or the dog becomes the cat01:41
Elitestatuscan some one help me blacklisiting an driver?!!?!?01:42
twiztidaborticide: DRM problem? could you explain a little bit?01:42
AnubArackActionParsnip, tnx, looking into it right now01:42
aborticideElitestatus: hey its pretty easy to blacklist a driver01:42
ActionParsnipElitestatus: run:   echo "blacklist name" | sudo tell /etc/modprobe.d/myblacklist.conf01:42
AnubArackdidnt know the one that came with 10.10 was so old01:42
mickster04aborticide: ok well try looking at making a video at 60fps then using that as your wallpaper, i dunno if they are compatible things to do but i know that each can be done :p01:42
twiztidpooltable: look at step two on the link i sent you01:42
ActionParsnipElitestatus: just change 'name' to what you want to blacklist01:42
aborticidemickster04: i was hoping i wouldn't have to learn how to create videos01:42
red2kicCody3290: Reject -- Reject all incoming packets01:42
aborticidether must not be an transition between the two pictures01:42
=== lance_ is now known as lance--_--
ActionParsnipElitestatus: and change tell to tail01:43
ActionParsnipElitestatus: typo01:43
aborticidemickster04: also i need it to be the background, because i have to do work while my screen flashes cats and dogs01:43
ActionParsnipElitestatus: change it to: tee01:43
aborticidewell maybe we can set a video as the background01:43
red2kicCody3290: Deny -- Allow all incoming packet -- but report as reject all incoming packets.01:43
ActionParsnipElitestatus: it's tee01:43
aborticideive dont this before, but it was complicated, i had to set weights for all the windows01:43
red2kicCody3290: Something like that. :o01:43
mickster04aborticide: if it's a proper test then you need a decent amount of effort for it01:43
ElitestatusActionParsnip: can you pm me a sec mate01:43
Cody3290red2kic: Repot as reject? To me, or to the person/server sending the packets?01:43
twiztidaborticide: what do you mean by drm problem?01:44
aborticidemickster04: it has to be subconcious, since i had a pet cat, it may bias our experiment01:44
ActionParsnipElitestatus: echo "blacklist name" | sudo tail /etc/modprobe.d/myblacklist.conf01:44
aborticidetwiztid: well that depends what you think 'problem' means01:44
ActionParsnipElitestatus: sure01:44
aborticideits not worth fixing it01:44
pooltabletwiztid i will have to look for mu usb tomarrow got to go t bed now01:44
aborticideyou save much more time just trying different configurations and versions of things01:44
pooltablebut thanks01:44
mickster04aborticide: our?01:45
red2kicCody3290: From what I'm reading. It looks like "Deny" is ignoring the packets where "Reject" will reject the packets -- The sender would know the packets got rejected as opposed to no responsive.01:45
mickster04aborticide: ok, so make a video, and set it to play in vlc in wallpaper mode, how about that01:45
aborticidemickster04: well i figure i'll report back to you every couple of hours and let you know how it goes01:45
red2kicCody3290: You ask a girl out for a date. She rejected you. You acknowledge it.01:45
aborticidemickster04: ah yes 'wallpaper mode' that's a way to do it01:45
red2kicCody3290: You ask a girl out for a date. She deny "ignore" you. You aren't sure.01:45
aborticidei'm pretty sure no means no when it comes to women01:46
mickster04aborticide: you still need the video though01:46
twiztidaborticide: have you heard of a polling option that goes in the linux command line as a work around? at the time i didnt have the kernel that supported the option01:46
aborticidemickster04: yes, i have no idea how to make the video, but can VLC play gifs?01:46
mickster04red2kic: nice analogy01:46
aborticidetwiztid: a lot of the time this doensn't fix htings and causes another problem01:47
mickster04aborticide: hum, dunno try downloading one and putting that thru vlc01:47
sougata_Hi everyone01:47
aborticidemickster04: well what about the cat and dog?01:47
aborticidei've even made sure both creates are the same color01:47
mickster04aborticide: oh so you made aa gif already?01:47
mickster04aborticide: just try it01:47
aborticidemickster04: well i know it'l work, but i don't have VLC instlaled now01:47
aborticidei've used wallpaper mode before01:47
aborticidein fact i first learned about it in ubuntu01:48
mickster04aborticide: ok, well i dunno if it can, that's all, what happened when you set the gif as the background01:48
nameless`aborticide: you want to test your gif ?01:48
Cody3290THank you, red2kic01:48
aborticidenameless`: yes, but i don't have VLC installed, the problem is if VLC can play gifs, not if it can play gifs as background mode01:48
aborticideit can play anything as wallpaper that it can play in normal mode01:48
aborticideand my background mode i mean wallpaper mode01:49
mickster04aborticide: did you try just setting the gif as a background?01:49
aborticidei dont have VLC installed right now, its ubuntu live01:49
mickster04aborticide: you can install it on a live cd but just don't restart :p01:49
aborticideis it true that sox has an ID3 renaming capablity?01:49
mickster04aborticide: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=48563901:50
ActionParsnipaborticide: you can install vlc in the livecd if you want as long as you  have enough ram01:50
mickster04aborticide: i haven't read it but it may be useful to you01:50
aborticidemickster04: my browser 'midori' isn't working well in ubuntu, its crashing at webkit library01:50
aborticidewhat do you think of chromium web browser?01:51
twiztidlast call:  fresh install of 10.10 runnin on a 2ghz cpu with 1.2gb ram and a 512mb ati radeon x1300 agp4x video card... all default install plus advanced compiz (runs smoothly) but *intermittent screen flickering* anyone with any suggestions?01:51
mickster04aborticide: i use it all the time :D01:51
SimonPHOENIXhow can i make home/username directory files invisible for other users?01:51
androidbrucehey guys where is the #gnome channel?01:51
mickster04SimonPHOENIX: they are inaccessable to other users/ isn't that enough?01:52
recognoscoaborticide: me too. good browser. lacks features. but good engine.01:52
mickster04androidbruce: irc.freenode.com?01:52
iso3i'm trying to setup a firewall; if anybody knows why my script doesn't work i'd appreciate a look01:52
mickster04recognosco: what features?01:52
androidbrucemickster04: is #gnome the channel?01:52
SimonPHOENIX<mickster04> yes01:52
mickster04androidbruce: iunno, i guess so :p01:52
recognoscomickster04: a lot of things what is granted in firefox01:52
mickster04recognosco: i was asking for details, pm?01:53
aborticiderecognosco: you use midori too?01:53
recognoscomickster04: google? firefox vs chrome01:53
aborticidehow can i set the time with 'date' ?01:54
IdleOneandroidbruce: the official #gnome is on irc.gnome.org01:54
nameless`SimonPHOENIX: make the folder unreadable01:54
psusiaborticide, did you try reading the man page?01:54
SimonPHOENIXnameless`, how?01:55
nameless`SimonPHOENIX: make /home unreadable01:55
nameless`SimonPHOENIX: with chmod01:55
ActionParsnipaborticide: http://www.gentoo.org/doc/en/handbook/handbook-x86.xml?part=1&chap=5    has a good example01:55
mickster04recognosce yeah mostly they say that chrome is faster lighter etc? it may not have as many extensions but then most people don't mind01:56
nameless`SimonPHOENIX: /home is rwxr-xr-x that is to say 755, so you just have to chmod 311 to drop the r01:56
recognoscomickster04: i like FF because of the extensions, but it is heavy01:57
axillai just accidently deleted my top bar with all of my navigation on it01:57
axillahow do i get it back?01:57
iRabbitAnyone find a sure fire solution to the NVIDIA GeForce GT 230M driver issue with 10.10? Was working fine until I ran an update 2 weeks ago01:57
recognoscoaxilla: you have reinstall ubuntu01:57
IdleOneno you don't01:58
\sharerecognosco: bs01:58
bastidrazor!resetpanels| axilla01:58
ubottuaxilla: To reset the gnome panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »01:58
SimonPHOENIXnameless`, after that if im user1 i can not see files user2 ?01:58
\sharerecognosco: if you dont know dont sayanything :s01:58
mickster04!panel | axilla01:58
recognoscoaww c'mon people. i was trying to pull his leg?01:58
SaT[A]NiCi'm bored01:58
IdleOneaxilla: open a terminal and enter: gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel01:58
bastidrazoraxilla: type the command ubottu gave you in a terminal01:58
\sharerecognosco: but you didnt know the correct answer ..01:58
mickster04!panels | axilla01:58
ubottuaxilla: To reset the gnome panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »01:58
mickster04ah oops01:59
axillathanks Idle01:59
\shareif someone asks something i dont know I wont say "reinstall ubuntu"01:59
recognosco\share: of course.01:59
n2iThanks all!01:59
mickster04\share: i think anyone with a little common sense would know that reinstall ubuntu is nothing other than a tongue-in-cheek responce01:59
ActionParsnip\share: its a windows mentality. Most issues can be resolved but if they start taking weeks then a reinstall is not unreasonable02:00
recognoscomickster04: you should be my advocate.02:00
IdleOneActionParsnip: obvious troll is trolling.02:00
mickster04recognosco: heh02:01
ActionParsnipIdleOne: sometimes02:01
geoffmccjust a general question. cant find answer to. If after install but before choose nvidia in additional drivers, what driver is being used?02:01
mickster04geoffmcc: vesa02:02
ubottuvesa is the default video driver if X can't find a better one. Also see !x02:02
\shareWhat is the command to show dvd writer capabilities?02:02
\sharecant remember02:02
geoffmccthank u. i was searching awsa and alsa keept comming to mind and i knew that wasnt it02:02
mickster04geoffmcc: they are audio :D02:02
Elitestatusffs why doesnt the dam driver stay blacklisted?!?!?!?02:03
BlackCoffeehello everybody.can anyone help me please,what's the correct way to run bootinst in a terminal?02:03
SimonPHOENIXnameless`, i did it and i can not see usernames, but if i know username i can open it anyway02:03
Elitestatussomeone help me blacklist an driver please?!?!?02:04
\sharedammit i cant rember02:04
BlackCoffeebootinst not running,help please02:04
BlackCoffeeit says command not found...02:05
tron101y is permision denied when i try to place a file in home?02:05
ElitestatusSomeone please help me blacklist a driver02:05
Logan_!repeat | Elitestatus02:05
ubottuElitestatus: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/02:05
Elitestatusi have searched ffs02:06
KalmicOn that...02:06
ubottuTo blacklist a module, edit /etc/modprobe.d/my_blacklist and add « blacklist <modulename> » to the end of that list - To explicitly load modules in a specific order, list them in /etc/initramfs-tools/modules and type « sudo update-initramfs -u »02:06
Logan_!ffs | Elitestatus02:06
ubottuElitestatus: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.02:06
\shareI cant burn a DVD-R and can burn DVD+R. I need to know if I dvd writer supports it. How do I know the capabilities from the terminal02:06
sougata_Elitestatus, echo blacklist <driver> | sudo tee -a /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf02:06
battlesI'm new to this software and don't know my way around it yet.  What I'm wanting to do is disable the need to enter a password everytime you install or change something02:06
\sharebattles: you should not.02:07
ActionParsnipsougata_: that'll need quotes02:07
\sharebattles: thats why linux is secure. you can change the timeout though02:07
sougata_ActionParsnip, :-)02:07
battleshow do I change the timeout02:07
\sharebattles: default timeout is 10 minutes02:07
\sharebattles: w802:07
\sharebattles: sudo visudo02:08
\sharetype that in terminal02:08
sougata_ActionParsnip, there should be something for hacker to do :-)02:08
ActionParsnipsougata_: well its gonna add useless stuff to the file :D02:08
\sharebattles: it will open it in nano then use the arrows to find the line that says Defaults        env_reset02:08
AnubArack\share, are you reffering to the "key" icon in the notification area?02:09
battlesok found that02:09
\shareAnubArack: what?02:09
sougata_ ActionParsnip yes02:09
hiexpohola all02:10
\sharebattles: now go to end of that line and add timestamp_timeout=X               (X is the number in minutes you want)02:10
AnubArack\share while it's in the SU state it has a key icon in the notification area02:10
Logan_!es | hiexpo02:10
ubottuhiexpo: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.02:10
\sharebattles: use the arrows to naviagte02:10
\sharebattles: in the end should like this Defaults        env_reset,timestamp_timeout=1002:11
hiexpoLogan_, i am not spanish lol   > but give you that that was quick02:11
Logan_hiexpo: haha, sorry02:11
\sharebattles: you just change the number of timeout 10 minutes is the defaut and that is a lot of time........ I use 1 minute.02:11
HabstinatFor some reason something related to the bottom application switching bar crashed, and now I can't switch between apps via the bottom bar. Rebooting didn't fix it. Any ideas?02:11
battleslike I said I'm new to this so do I need a space between or and underscore between reset and the added text?02:12
\sharebattles: then you hit ctrl+o and hit enter to save it02:12
\shareno battles02:12
ActionParsnipHabstinat: right click panel -> add item -> window list02:12
tertl3this channel is soooooooooooooooo busy!02:12
gpledmy nvidia card died, so i swapped it out with a new ati Radeon HD 435002:12
ActionParsnip!panels | Habstinat or this02:13
ubottuHabstinat or this: To reset the gnome panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »02:13
\sharebattles: like this > Defaults        env_reset,timestamp_timeout=1002:13
gpledx seems to be having trouble now02:13
hiexpoHabstinat, what bottom switching bar you mean the task bar on the bottom or something like docky02:13
Logan_tertl3: thanks Mr. Obvious :P02:13
gpledis their something i should do, to get my graphics working better?02:13
ActionParsniptertl3: yep, its the official channel for Linux's fastest growing distro ;)02:13
HabstinatActionParsnip: Thanks, that fixed it.02:13
ActionParsnipgpled: install the proprietary driver is one02:14
tertl3ActionParsnip, you have a point :P  I like Ubuntu a lot02:14
tertl3it just works :)02:14
gpledActionParsnip: done02:14
battlesok thank you02:14
tron101y is permision denied when i try to place a file in home?02:14
hiexpothats all that matters is that it works :002:14
ActionParsniptertl3: i find its ok if I use minimal and build up. I'm loving xpud too :)02:14
ElitestatusGuys, i have blacklisted the driver, but it just keeps on getting loaded?02:14
\sharebattles: I advise you leave it the default timeout which is 10 minutes or reduce it....02:14
tertl3ActionParsnip, what is xpud?02:14
endafyhow do I force Ubuntu to see my LCD display?02:14
ActionParsnipgpled: then use the ati settings thingy (I don't know what its called as I don't buy ATi) and tweak02:15
Logan_!info xpud | tert1302:15
ubottutert13: Package xpud does not exist in maverick02:15
ActionParsniptertl3: go find out02:15
battlesI'll take that under consideration02:15
battlesthank you for you help02:15
endafyI am literally going out of my mind02:15
tron101good its not just me!02:15
Elitestatusguys why is my r8187 driver keep on loading when its blacklisted?02:15
tertl3ActionParsnip, interesting02:16
endafyGraphics:  Card nVidia C61 [GeForce 6150SE nForce 430] X.Org 1.9.0 Res: 1360x768@63.0hz02:16
endafy           GLX Renderer GeForce 6150SE nForce 430/PCI/SSE2/3DNOW! GLX Version 2.1.2 NVIDIA 260.19.06 Direct Rendering Yes02:16
sacarlsontron101: maybe it the path you are getting the file to put into home that's the probem?02:16
hiexpotertl3, http://www.xpud.org/02:16
endafythe monitor needs to be set @ 1600x90002:16
Elitestatuscan somebody help me with the driver problem please?02:16
sougata_Elitestatus, echo blacklist b43 | sudo tee -a /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf02:16
mickster04Elitestatus: patience is a virtue02:16
sougata_Elitestatus, sorry02:16
sougata_edit /etc/rc.local02:17
tertl3a web based OS really makes a lot of sense these days02:17
iRabbitAnyone find a sure fire solution to the NVIDIA GeForce GT 230M driver issue with 10.10? Was working fine until I ran an update 2 weeks ago02:17
Logan_!ot | tert1302:17
ubottutert13: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!02:17
sougata_modproble -r <driver>02:17
Elitestatussougata_: i have allready done that02:17
Elitestatusit keeps on loading02:17
endafyiRabbit: are you having the same issue as me? where you cant get a proper resolution?02:17
tertl3anyone tried the Chrome OS?02:17
Logan_tertl3: offtopic02:18
iRabbitendafy, I get forced into CLI on boot02:18
sougata_Elitestatus,  you have edited /etc/rc.local02:18
endafytertl3: this is a support channel02:18
Elitestatusyeah i have and done the blacklist.conf02:18
endafytertl3: try #ubuntu-offtopic02:18
iRabbitendafy, with the following error: [9.822966] [drm] nouveau 0000:01:00.0: couldn't find matching output script table02:18
sougata_Elitestatus, no please edit /etc/rc.local02:18
endafyiRabbit: yup, you have to go in and manually edit the xorg.conf file02:18
iRabbitendafy, to what?02:19
sougata_Elitestatus, and inside that file add modproble -r <driver>02:19
Elitestatushow do i open it in the terminal?02:19
rnigamHow do I file a bug report for qemu.conf issue in maverick? I have never filed a report before !02:19
geoffmccanother vesa question. When installing ubuntu is everyone using this driver or are some cards given a different driver?02:19
sougata_sudo gedit /etc/rc.local02:19
jrib!bug | rnigam02:19
ubotturnigam: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs - Bugs in/wishes for the IRC bots (not Ubuntu) can be filed at http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots02:19
Elitestatussougata_: i have allready added the driver too it before02:20
endafyiRabbit: see my PM02:20
endafyit is a quick fix but it gets you to X02:20
Elitestatussougata_: modprobe -r r8187 it was allready added...02:20
iRabbitendafy, I can boot to failsafe graphiocs mode one time02:20
endafyit is in /etc/X11/xorg.conf02:21
endafysudo nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf and paste what I put in your PM into it, and nothing more02:21
endafydelete the entire contents of it and paste that02:21
sougata_Then too its loading , actually /etc/rc.local contains those links that are executed after you boot into any runlevl02:21
endafyit will work02:21
Elitestatusis the driver like impossible to black list?02:21
sougata_Elitestatus, I am not sure why its loading02:22
endafyBUT it wont load any proper resolution it gives some messed up ones like 1024x768 and 1360x76802:22
endafyyou know the default vanilla ones02:22
Elitestatusanyone know how i stop the r8187 drivers and let the newwer drivers kick in?!?!?02:23
sougata_Elitestatus, you have to reboot after doing that02:23
sk_is it dangerous to add a repository from an gonome-look source? or any online source for that matter?02:23
Logan_Elitestatus: please stop repeating yourself02:23
Elitestatussougata_:  i have rebooted02:24
sougata_Elitestatus, did you reboot ?02:24
ActionParsnipElitestatus: you could add in /etc/rc.local  to remove BOTH drivers, then load the one you wantr02:24
sougata_ActionParsnip, I just said him that :-)02:24
ElitestatusActionParsnip: well its not even removing the ones i want atm02:24
jribsk_: you trust your system to the keeper of that repository02:24
sk_jrib: I am looking to download a new theme; I suppose a gnome -look.org source ought to be, or should I just download the theme and manually install?02:26
ElitestatusLogan_: i just want some help with the drivers02:26
Logan_Elitestatus: no kidding :P02:26
endafyI swear to God, after this update it messed up my system02:26
endafyyall need to fix this annoying issue02:26
endafyand quick02:26
ElitestatusLogan_:  apparently the r8187 are old02:27
jribsk_: it's probably ok as long as gnome-look is only providing themes and not libraries and such02:27
Cody3290Is there an ubuntu games channel?02:27
sougata_Elitestatus, just do a,  modprobe -r r8187 ; lsmod | grep r8187 . Is it showing something ?02:28
bc81hi.  can someone please explain to me what in the world this VLC developer is talking about when he says, "Kill the Ubuntu Volume Control"?02:28
Elitestatussougata_: its says the module is not found02:29
Logan_Cody3290: #ubuntu-gaming02:29
Cody3290thank you02:29
=== Diceman__ is now known as Dice-Man
sougata_Elitestatus, that means the module is not loaded any more02:29
Elitestatussougata_:  it has to be because its still loading on airmon-ng02:30
sk_jrib: here is the link to the themed site. It is the highest score gtk 2.x theme. http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php?content=134123&forumpage=902:30
sougata_Elitestatus, :-) , may be because of some other module .02:30
Kalmicbc81: I'm guessing he means kill gnome-volume-control; 'killall gnome-volume-control'02:31
Cody3290doesn't seem like there's very many people02:31
sougata_Elitestatus, just find out what modules you have to remove. I am sure there is nothing wrong in the way you are removing it02:31
mickster04Cody3290: netslpit perhaps?02:31
bc81Kalmic: gnome-volume-control: no process found   (do you have this process running by default?)02:31
Elitestatussougata_:  how would i found out?02:31
nezZarioCan I access netbsd (just need read) ffs partitions with ubuntu?02:32
=== Guest30618 is now known as sloopy
sk_jrib: are there any libraries in that PPA?02:32
Kalmicbc81: Interesting. That was just a guess; since i'm assuming he meant that that program is capturing the keys. try 'ps aux | grep volume' '02:32
jribsk_: should be ok, see: https://launchpad.net/~nikount/+archive/orta-desktop  You still place trust in the author but well you can read the source if you are paranoid :)02:32
twiztidaborticide: !!!!!!02:32
sougata_Elitestatus, what is the thing you are trying to diable ?02:33
twiztidaborticide: found a fix, it was just posted 6 days ago!02:33
mickster04lol, it's all going horribly wrong :p02:34
twiztidaborticide: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-video-ati/+bug/665233?comments=all   post #7 and #802:34
ubottuUbuntu bug 665233 in xserver-xorg-video-ati (Ubuntu) "Ubuntu Maverick with ATI RADEON screen corruption" [Undecided,New]02:34
bc81Kalmic: http://paste.ubuntu.com/578146/  seems to be referring to physical volumes (disks?)02:34
Elitestatussougata_: the r8187 driver02:34
Jordan_UnezZario: I believe so. Are you having a probelm doing it?02:35
twiztidso if anyone has screen flickering on you 10.10... a fix is here:  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-video-ati/+bug/665233?comments=all02:36
ubottuUbuntu bug 665233 in xserver-xorg-video-ati (Ubuntu) "Ubuntu Maverick with ATI RADEON screen corruption" [Undecided,New]02:36
x3cionHi, I've a Samsung N150 Netbook and I can't adjust the brightness of the screen, even though, I added the voria repository. I run Maverick. Anyone any idea?02:36
sougata_Elitestatus, Linux is a micro kernel. Drivers are loaded dynamically as modules. So if you remove the modules . They are supposed to be removed02:36
nezZarioJordan_U: no problem, can't find a thing about it02:36
sougata_*sorry not micro  kernel02:36
Logan_rww: you're both away and opping? :P02:36
Jordan_UnezZario: Look for "UFS" support rather than "FFS".02:36
rwwLogan_: no02:36
Logan_!ffs | Jordan_U02:37
ubottuJordan_U: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.02:37
rwwLogan_: some times I do, though, so... ;P02:37
rwwLogan_: FFS is a filesystem.02:37
sougata_Elitestatus, I guess I am not sure how to solve your problem02:37
UnguidedHello All! Im a newb at linux. Has anyone used webmin to adminster ubuntu server?02:37
Logan_rww: watch your language :P02:37
sougata_Elitestatus, some will help you02:38
Logan_!webmin | Unguided02:38
ubottuUnguided: webmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system.02:38
rwwLogan_: The language rules are subordinate to common sense ;P02:38
=== jumpaholic is now known as spiderworm
distantewhat's up?02:38
Logan_!ot | distante02:39
ubottudistante: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!02:39
UnguidedLogan: is there something similar to webmin that a newb can use to get an ubuntu server up and running quickly?02:39
mickster04Logan_: harsh?02:39
Logan_mickster04: no02:39
mickster04Logan_: has he been around a while then?02:40
Logan_Unguided: some alternatives are listed here: http://alternativeto.net/software/webmin/02:40
sk_jrib: reading lengthy code could be an issue, but I want to put a different theme on ubuntu. is the only site with an existing repository the link-site from the appearance preferences?02:40
Logan_mickster04: don't think so02:40
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UnguidedLogan: Thanks.  I'm a strong auditory/visual learner. does anyone know of any podcasts I can use to learn ubuntu linux please?02:41
twiztidanyone have screen flickering problems with 10.10???02:41
jribsk_: I don't know what you are asking now.  But it should be ok to use the ppa, I would use it on my desktop system if I was interested in the theme02:42
x3cionUnguided: despite the unsupported status of webmin, i used it successfully on several ubuntu servers. you should try it out before judging it, unlike others.02:42
phaedoUnguided:  You can always search youtube, someone might have posted what you search for..02:43
Unguidedx3cion: thanks for the advice.02:43
ActionParsniptwiztid: what video chip are you using?02:43
inside-out-bunnycan someone suggest a cluster job management system that doesn't suck? (ie, not sun grid engine)02:43
twiztidActionParsnip: ATI Radeon X1300   R515 i believe02:44
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ActionParsniptwiztid: tried a higher / lower refresh rate?02:44
KimLarouxUhm, Was it here I read people saying Flash crashed on their browser? It just happened to me too, first time ever... Any light on the issue?02:44
aromanhey, I'm working on an ubuntu based linux distro. When I change /etc/lsb-release to be custom to this distro, it breaks most of apt/package management. It tries to look for repositories with the name of my distro, not with maverick. However, if I use "maverick", other things do not display correctly. How can I fix this?02:45
ActionParsnipKimLaroux: use a pastebin to give the output of: uname -a; lsb_release -a; dpkg -l | grep flash; dpkg -l | grep swf; dpkg -l | grep gnash      Thanks02:45
twiztidActionParsnip: oh sorry, I was wanting to spread the news about a fix for new ubuntu 10.10 installs causing 5 to 10 second screen flickering that was posted 6 days ago and COMPLETELY fixed it ANNND effects to still work! =) Apparently it affects quite a few people and so post #7 and #8 from https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-video-ati/+bug/665233?comments=all solves it!!! so happy now!!! =)02:47
ubottuUbuntu bug 665233 in xserver-xorg-video-ati (Ubuntu) "Ubuntu Maverick with ATI RADEON screen corruption" [Undecided,New]02:47
RealDumhaloo all02:47
ActionParsniptwiztid: nice :)02:48
twiztidso anyone that freshly installed 10.10 and has a  5 to 10 second screen flickering the fix is 6 days old!!!02:48
sk_jrib: thank you! as a curiosity question, how many repositories do you link on you cpu? what ones? how do you check them? do you read their code? (could I check with you to verify repositories that are concerning?) Do you give control of your system to any repository you add?02:48
twiztidActionParsnip: thx ;)02:48
KimLarouxActionParsnip, http://paste.ubuntu.com/578148/02:48
elitestatusthe dam driver is still being loaded, this is so annoyin!02:48
speedrunnerG55hi, did chromium get fixed yet?02:48
tukumwould 32 bit ubuntu run beter on 64 bit?02:49
UnguidedIm looking for a windows home server alternative. Any suggestions?02:49
KimLarouxspeedrunnerG55, what's broken on it?02:49
tukumhaving slove ishue with 64 bit02:49
tukum3g ram02:49
speedrunnerG55i cant wach youtube videos02:49
regiboa noite02:50
tukumdoes anyone know?02:50
ant_I'm a complete noob to ubuntu and I'm having trouble booting.  I'm getting a busybox error and then it "drops to a shell".  Does this sound familiar to anyone?02:50
regialguem falando portugues?02:50
phaedoit's really not that much of a huge difference yet, tukum...  Well the last I read on it.02:50
rwwregi: /join #ubuntu-br02:50
tukumbut would it run smother?02:50
rwwtukum: unlikely02:51
KimLarouxspeedrunnerG55, I've had many problems with that too... sometimes they stay blank, sometimes flash won't start... and today it crashed while loading... is that what you get too?02:51
tukumim using intergrate 512 mb video memeroy02:51
rwwdepends what's causing your "slove ishue", I guess.02:51
tukumthe windows wave efect is glichy02:52
rwwchanging architectures won't change that.02:52
rwwgetting a decent graphics card would.02:52
tukum1g video card?02:52
rwwyours being integrated is more of a problem than the memory size02:53
tukummmm i got a old 252mb video card02:53
tukumsomthin like that02:53
phaedotukum: desktop or laptop ?02:53
kenesishelp plz? i need a link to the linux script that has a popup with the text of a pm or ping like windows does02:54
haydenhow can you get hydra GTK version in ubuntu?02:55
tukumwhy would intergrated be a ishue?02:55
rwwtukum: because they're crap at 3D acceleration. same reason they underperform for gaming.02:55
kenesisoh i was talking about xchat02:55
kenesisi forgot to mention02:55
kenesisxchat script to have popup with text like the windows icon02:56
haydenhow can you get hydra GTK version in ubuntu?02:56
tukumrww : even if you could get a 1gb intergraded motherboard?02:56
RadiobuzzHi all, I'm having a complicated issue... I'm currently on a Ubuntu live-cd and I need some help02:56
ActionParsnipkenesis: which client, most have it built in02:56
Guest24580i am the one that abused ubuntu one's cloud servers02:57
haydenRadiobuzz: what can we help u with?02:57
Guest24580i used them to ddoss.02:57
neiztukum: i don't believe they make integrated cards that large02:57
phaedographics cards won't make a big different unless you are just playing games, really.02:57
kenesisActionParsnip, for linux? im just usin xchat02:57
Radiobuzzhey Heyden02:57
rwwphaedo: or want silly effects in compiz. which they do.02:57
Radiobuzzok, here goes:02:57
tukumthats why i said if you could02:57
Radiobuzzi have several partitions on my pc02:57
RadiobuzzI have OpenSuSE and Windows 702:58
ActionParsnipkenesis: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xchat/+bug/26717602:58
ubottuUbuntu bug 267176 in xchat (Ubuntu) "Tray Balloon" [Undecided,Fix released]02:58
Radiobuzzgrub was on the suse partition and it all worked good02:58
phaedorww: true, i forget about compiz... I try to keep mine simple.02:58
speedrunnerG55yes that is waht i get02:58
ActionParsnipkenesis: install the package named and it should work02:58
davideHi, Running 10.04.   I'm trying to change the boot order in grub.  I've edited /etc/default/grub to show GRUB_DEFAULT=4 which is the position I want to boot(the 5th position).  I've run sudo update-grub.  This however does not change the grub settings at all.. it stays on the default 1st position.02:58
tukumalright well whats the best brack graphics card that would work with ubuntu and windows?02:58
JasonnIs there a way i can make my computer run faster?? Im in xubuntu 10.1002:58
speedrunnerG55KimLaroux ?02:58
Radiobuzzhowever I've just installed Ubuntu on a new partition, it asked me where should it install grub so I told it to install it on SuSE's partition02:58
Radiobuzzevidently it was a mistake because when I boot my pc I get nothing... no error, nothing, just a black screen02:59
Cody3290I'm trying to install games from playdeb.net, it tells me to configure the repository by "Go to System-Administration-Software Sources, Third-Party Software tab,"02:59
phaedotukum: nvidia usually has been support in linux than ati graphics02:59
Cody3290I cannot find what it is asking me to do.02:59
Radiobuzzthe partitions are all there and grub is still on SuSE's partition but it's not booting02:59
phaedobeen... better*02:59
KimLarouxspeedrunnerG55, what do you usualy do when flash won't load?02:59
tukumalright thanks02:59
speedrunnerG55ughhh i dont know02:59
speedrunnerG55i would reload the page03:00
speedrunnerG55but nothing works03:00
speedrunnerG55it happens all the time03:00
xiamxis there any Baobab-like Disk usage analyser for console?03:00
haydenreinstall ubuntu in the same partition that you put it in last time, but put grub in ubunti03:00
KimLarouxI usualy remove everything the follow the bare url... things starting with & and then it loads03:01
haydenfrom the live cd obv..03:01
atpa8acan i remove/disable upstart?..03:01
Radiobuzzok, but will it recognise my suse and win7 partitions?03:01
Radiobuzzplease keep in mind that win7 is not installed on a primary partition03:01
haydenyes it will. i garantee it. i have had the same problem on a dell mini 10 netbook and i got it working fine.03:02
haydenRadiobuxx do you want my email for any further help?03:02
Radiobuzzok, great, I will try it! thanks a lot! if something goes wrong I'll be probably be back03:02
Radiobuzzthat'd be great!03:02
haydenhpdogtags@gmail.com ;)03:02
speedrunnerG55KimLaroux ?03:03
Radiobuzzgot it, thanks a lot!!03:03
speedrunnerG55doing what?03:03
haydenno problem :)03:03
KimLarouxspeedrunnerG55, just reloading, basictly... I wish it was fixed03:04
KimLarouxAnd flash crashed again03:04
SimonPHOENIXhow to run gnome window like sftp://username:pass@domain to open window from terminal?03:05
speedrunnerG55ughh with me. i can hear the videos playing but i can NEVER see then no nmater what i do03:05
meanmay I ask a question ? what different between netbook edition and others?03:05
speedrunnerG55ohh when they are playing on an embeded player it works just fine03:06
speedrunnerG55so i think youtubes new player is incompatible03:06
speedrunnerG55and for somereason flash isnt updating03:06
rebirthwhat is the path?03:06
meanhey,is there someone help me out03:08
blackshirthelo mean03:08
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)03:09
meanhelo :)03:09
phaedomean: netbooks are basically used for internet browsing, e-mail, etc...03:09
airtonixphaedo: or anything03:09
tensorpuddingis there any way to block a contact in empathy?03:10
blackshirtmean: can you describe more detail your problem ?03:10
kenesisis there a way to remove the app tray on the left of netbook remix? sorry i didnt reasearch it yet03:10
phaedoairtonix: can't really play high intensive graphic games on netbooks, though.03:10
airtonixphaedo: i can03:10
phaedoairtonix: what netbook do you have?03:11
airtonixphaedo: hp mini 31103:11
ActionParsnipkenesis: do you mean the large icon bar?03:12
rebirthwhat is meant by "add something to the path"03:12
kenesisyeah ActionParsnip03:12
airtonixrebirth: it means append a path to the $PATH environ variable03:12
phaedoairtonix: oh, okay.  what games can you play?03:12
airtonixrebirth: research the ubuntu help page on environment variables03:12
ActionParsniprebirth: PATH is a list of folders searched by the interpretter for commands when you type a command. You can see the current list with:   echo $PATH03:12
meanphaedo:is there  any features cut down?03:13
kenesisi wanna just use cairo dock  not this ugly thing to my right03:13
ActionParsnipphaedo: try urban terror, or penumbra03:13
tensorpuddingit's really obnoxious that this game gave me a ring of slaying but not a single usable weapon by d:1003:13
airtonixphaedo: does it matter? the point is a netbook isn't some kiosk that only deals with the most basic of user operations.03:13
ActionParsnipkenesis: log off, log into the normal desktop and it won't run. You are currently in the unity desktop03:13
Cody3290Does anyone here know which periodic table program is the best to use for a student in AP Chem?03:13
Cody3290I see quite a few in the Software Center, and though I'm more than willing to test them all, I'd like to narrow down my choices.03:13
kenesishmm ill give it a shot03:14
kenesisthanks again03:14
DiamondciteI use.. a netbook as my main work station at the office, also runs a VM for basic tasks which need windows, runs Warcraft III and Diablo 2 and Starcraft (simple games =P), and it is used for programing.03:14
ActionParsnip!info gperiodic03:14
ubottugperiodic (source: gperiodic): periodic table application. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.0.10-5 (maverick), package size 125 kB, installed size 464 kB03:14
Diamondcite(Netbook for me is runnning on an atom N270)03:14
Cody3290I wast hinkin that. It looked the most intuitive03:15
Cody3290Thanks, ActionParsnip03:15
phaedoairtonix: yes, true03:15
Cody3290Great. I've got all the programs I wanted lined up, time to play some AssaultCube03:16
Cody3290That's one of the best FPS for linux, in my opinion03:16
cryptopsyis ubuntu endorsed by a group of people?03:17
* jamesdean77 ( NoNameScript 4.22 :: by greeny & mute :: www.nnscript.com :: www.esnation.com )03:17
DiamondciteWhat do you mean endorsed?03:17
kenesishey ActionParsnip i dont like the desktop edition as much. is this the only way?03:17
rwwjamesdean77: nobody cares about your nns version :\03:18
ActionParsnipkenesis: you can use unity, or the classic desktop03:18
jjay2435hi everybody03:18
jamesdean77LOls sorry about that03:18
ActionParsnipkenesis: you can customize the regular desktop more03:18
cryptopsyDiamondcite: well i mean like how people get together and do things in that certain way03:18
cryptopsylike an institution that certifies it03:19
ziesemerHow can I view the source of a man page using man?  (I have a <programName>.8 file in a source distribution, but it never seems to be "installed" anywhere.)  I.E., how can I just get "man" to open a file by name (instead of all the path searching, etc.)?03:19
ActionParsnipcryptopsy: canonical maybe?03:19
Diamondcitecryptopsy: Canonical the company is behind ubuntu core development, along with community contributions03:19
cryptopsyno those guys are just the devleopers03:19
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kenesisActionParsnip, unity is the netbook one?03:19
cryptopsyokay that's like saying IBM endorses the thinkpad, it doesn't make sense03:19
jjay2435since a few days, I've got some problems with my Ubuntu 10.04 updates. I can't reach http://ppa.launchpad.net/http/ppa/ubuntu/dists/lucid/main/binary-i386/Packages.gz03:20
cryptopsyits like saying obama elected himself by endorsing himself03:20
Diamondcitecryptopsy: If you are talking about a figure head.. I have no idea ^_^03:20
rwwcryptopsy: Is there an Ubuntu support question somewhere in here?03:20
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ActionParsnipkenesis: its default in natty, but the normal desktop is available03:21
ActionParsnipcryptopsy: try using a different word03:21
ActionParsnipcryptopsy: endorse usually means, back or support.03:22
kenesisActionParsnip, im on a netbook so i get a bit of xtra space and i like the layout of the app menu, i just dont like the app tray03:22
cryptopsyyea but endorse doesn't mean technical support03:22
kenesisi like it more than the desktop03:22
ActionParsnipcryptopsy: dell put ubuntu on their systems, if thats what you mean...03:22
cryptopsyActionParsnip: yea that's one form of endorse, but not really since it was optional03:22
cryptopsyand most people chose windows03:23
ActionParsnipkenesis: you can boot to regular desktop and add what you like03:23
SoulPropagationSo my hard drive says it's full even though du -x / says it's only using 90gb (on a 250gb drive). df says /dev/mapper/***********-root has 2.1mb free... where's the other >100gb going and how can I get it back?03:23
josh_ritgeris there a command to reset all settings pertaining to my mouse/touchpad, something went wrong and it wont scroll now now matter what I do03:23
cryptopsySoulPropagation: hey this is answered gazillion ways on google03:23
ActionParsnipcryptopsy: just because its optional doesn't make it any less03:23
=== paijo is now known as blackshirt
cryptopsyActionParsnip: no, but getting offended makes you less03:23
kenesisActionParsnip, lol i know you said that. but how would i get all the feature from the netbook one that i like03:23
tc2k11hi, if i wanted help for postfix on ubuntu, where would i ask03:24
ActionParsnipcryptopsy: don't tell users to websearch without giving some help. Technically EVERY question can be answered using research03:24
Gentdoes is there a really up to date PPA for gnome3 / gnome-shell?03:24
cryptopsyActionParsnip: no this is one of those common ones like 'how can i see CPU usage'03:24
ActionParsnipcryptopsy: when was I offended?03:24
HalfAWolfHow do I print above 1200 pixels per inch ?03:24
cryptopsyActionParsnip: you changed the question about endorsement to about ubuntu not being less03:24
HalfAWolfI'm all set up with a new HP Photosmart Premium C310a03:24
ActionParsnipcryptopsy: people ask a range of questions in here dude03:24
cryptopsyi never said it was less because dell sells more machines with windows on it03:24
HalfAWolfThe drivers on Ubuntu 10.10 worked, but I updated them from the hplipopensource.com website in an attempt to get full resolution printing.03:24
ActionParsnipcryptopsy: no, I meant less endorsed just because its optional03:24
HalfAWolfIf I go to printer properties, under "Job Options" there is a "printer-resolution" field under the advanced options, it contains the text "(unknown IPP tag)" and I've tried changing it, but when I press apply, it gets set back to (unknown IPP tag).03:24
cryptopsyyou felt the need to take the conversation in that direction03:24
ActionParsnipcryptopsy: keep the context in mind and what I say will make sense03:24
josh_ritgerhow do I reset my mouse settings to defaults03:24
HalfAWolfI had the same 1200 dpi limitation with the HP Officejet 6500A that we bought and returned (didn't like the colour rendition of its photo printing), so I am guessing that's the default limit Linux uses when it doesn't know what it should be.03:24
Cody3290how do I use a .install file?03:25
HalfAWolfThis printer is supposed to be able to do 9600 x 2400 dpi for colour prints, how can I get Ubuntu to let me?03:25
cryptopsyActionParsnip: you can't even say its less endorsed because of that, windows has a longer history03:25
ActionParsnipCody3290: what sort of file does: file     say it is, the file extension tells you very little in ubuntu03:25
rwwcryptopsy: My apologies, it appears that when cleaning up my bans, I accidentally removed the one you requested.03:26
Cody3290it says plain text document03:26
ActionParsnipcryptopsy: ctually Linux was released 2 years prior to Windows03:26
Cody3290I'm trying to install numptyphysics03:26
Cody3290thewebsite gave me a .install file03:26
ActionParsnipCody3290: what does the top line of the file say?03:26
* ActionParsnip was wondering when s/he'd leave03:27
ActionParsnipCody3290: can you pastebin the file if it's not huge03:27
Cody3290How do I do that?03:28
Cody3290just copy-paste?03:28
Cody3290It's only 8 lines, including blank lines03:28
rwwCody3290: to http://paste.ubuntu.com/ or a similar site, not here, yes.03:28
ActionParsnipCody3290: www.pastie.org     copy the content of the file and paste it there03:28
SoulPropagationSo my hard drive says it's full even though du -x / says it's only using 90gb (on a 250gb drive). df says /dev/mapper/***********-root has 2.1mb free... where's the other >100gb going and how can I get it back? (Re-asking now that cryptopsy is gone >.>)03:28
DiamondciteSoulPropagation: How big is that particular partition?03:29
HalfAWolfCan anyone help me?03:29
HalfAWolfHow do I print above 1200 pixels per inch ?03:29
Cody3290Ahh, i have another question as well as the .install one03:29
Cody3290When i try to install GPeriodic, i get "Requires installation of untrusted packages"03:29
Cody3290and it won't let me install03:30
DiamondciteSoulPropagation: So in "df -h" is 221G 90G 2.1M ?03:30
SoulPropagationno 221G 210G 2.1M03:30
DiamondciteThat 10G is reserved space03:30
b0g4nk1d@cody3290 what won't install?03:30
DiamondciteOriginally the Ext filesystem reserved 5% of a partition for system critical tasks.03:30
SoulPropagationRight but du -xh / gives 86G /03:31
Cody3290"GPeriodic is a small X/GTK+-based program which allows you to browse through a periodic table of chemical elements, and view somewhat detailed information on each of the elements. 118 elements are currently listed."03:31
DiamondciteSoulPropagation: If you want that space back.. you can use tune2fs to change an option I think.. But I won't recommend such an action on your system drive.03:31
DiamondciteSoulPropagation: Also things done with sudo can temporary ignore running out of space by using that reserved space.03:32
SoulPropagationDiamondcite: I don't mind having 5% reserved. I'm wondering why du -x says / is only using 86G, but df says / is using 21003:32
bob__693Cody3290: GPeriodic has an error in melting point of Neon03:33
SoulPropagationWhere's the other 115GB going?03:33
DiamondciteSoulPropagation: I'm not sure what the -x option means.. (checks man)03:33
SoulPropagation-x means ignore my usb hdd03:33
Cody3290I'll try one of the other periodictales then03:33
SoulPropagationsingle filesystem03:33
HalfAWolfCan anyone help me?03:33
HalfAWolfHow do I print above 1200 pixels per inch ?03:33
DiamondciteSoulPropagation: No idea.. I tend to do something like... df -h /home to check one partition03:34
ActionParsnipHalfAWolf: what printer make and model?03:34
mrdebuntuwhen is libroffice comign to ubuntu 100403:34
ubottuUbuntu bug 1004 in Baz (deprecated) "UI request: baz mkdir" [Medium,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/100403:34
HalfAWolfHP Photosmart Premium C310a03:34
ActionParsnipmrdebuntu: you can have it now if you like?03:34
HalfAWolfThe drivers on Ubuntu 10.10 worked, but I updated them from the hplipopensource.com website in an attempt to get full resolution printing.03:34
HalfAWolfIf I go to printer properties, under "Job Options" there is a "printer-resolution" field under the advanced options, it contains the text "(unknown IPP tag)" and I've tried changing it, but when I press apply, it gets set back to (unknown IPP tag).03:34
mrdebuntuActionParsnip: it needs to be in the depots03:34
ActionParsnipHalfAWolf: grab the latest hplip and it may help03:34
HalfAWolfI had the same 1200 dpi limitation with the HP Officejet 6500A that we bought and returned (didn't like the colour rendition of its photo printing), so I am guessing that's the default limit Linux uses when it doesn't know what it should be.03:34
ActionParsnipmrdebuntu: you mean repos...03:35
mrdebuntuyes depots03:35
craigbass1976I've got an crm question...  What's out there besides sugar; something in the repos.  I've hunted and haven't found one yet.  Basically I want to set up an email filter, like I do in thunderbird, and then be able to keep ongoing  notes on each of the addresses I set up filters for.03:35
ActionParsnip!repo | mrdebuntu03:35
ubottumrdebuntu: The packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/project/about-ubuntu/components - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories03:35
Diamondcitemrdebuntu: We use software repositories... though software deposits would be interesting too.03:35
HalfAWolfActionParsnip I updated them from the hplipopensource.com website03:35
ActionParsnipmrdebuntu: its a REPO (short for repository), not a depot03:36
ActionParsnipHalfAWolf: i see, hmmmm03:36
slash0megacan someone help me install sun java03:36
Cody3290the heck...?03:36
SoulPropagationDiamondcite: I think LVM resizes the swap on the fly so maybe my minecraft server has gone bananners and ate all my space?03:36
Cody3290All the period table programs I try to dl give me the same popup03:36
ActionParsnipmrdebuntu: if you remove openoffice completely, you can then run: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:libreoffice/ppa; sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install libreoffice03:36
Cody3290"Requires installation of untrusted packages"03:37
DiamondciteSoulPropagation: I have never used LVM so I cannot answer, my swap is a fixed size..03:37
ActionParsnipCody3290: can you run: lsb_release -d; sudo apt-get update    and give a pastebin of the output03:37
craigbass1976slash0mega, I've got a method I've used, but it might not be quite right.  Can you pm your email to me and I'll email you a .odt I've got on the subject?03:37
mickster04Cody3290: if you get them from the repos just accept it?03:37
slash0megacraigbass1967: i forgot how to pm....03:38
BlackWebHey would anyone know how to install templates using ubuntu 8.1003:40
ActionParsnipBlackWeb: 8.10 isn't supported anymore03:40
ActionParsnip!EOL | BlackWeb03:40
ubottuBlackWeb: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades03:40
hiexposlash0mega, start typing there name and complete with tab03:40
Cody3290ActionParsnip: http://www.pastie.org/165418203:41
BlackWebI downloaded the ubuntu-8.04 template and its directions say to paste it into /vz/templates/cache03:41
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BlackWebYa still in the process of upgrading but last time i upgraded then had a problem with my sound and network driver03:41
ImprovHey all; is there an easy way to configure a system running Ubuntu 10.10 to do NAT+DHCP?03:42
DiamondciteBlackWeb: Consider trying 10.10 in a liveCD before upgrading then?03:42
BlackWeblast version i tried was 9.10 and 10.04 and ran into a03:42
ActionParsnipCody3290: ok can you give a pastebin of: gedit /etc/apt/sources.list      thanks03:42
ActionParsnip!8.10 | BlackWeb03:42
ubottuBlackWeb: Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex) was the ninth release of Ubuntu. End Of Life: April 30th, 2010. See !eol and !upgrade for more details.03:42
BlackWebalright but as far as downloading a installing templates then do i have to install another program03:42
sougata_slash0mega, sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jdk03:43
ActionParsnipBlackWeb: it's nearl 12 months dead03:43
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Diamondcitebtw.. what are templates? ^_^03:43
BlackWebya saved all the program packages need to upgrade03:43
ActionParsnipBlackWeb: yes you will need to install a supported release. I suggest Lucid or later as Karmic and hardy die next month (Hardy on the desktop, server will still be supported)03:44
noremorse1anyone have experience joining ubuntu to an active directory domain... i am having some difficulties03:44
ImprovIs there a quick and easy way to configure a system running Ubuntu 10.10 to do NAT+DHCP?03:44
Cody3290ActionParsnip: http://www.pastie.org/1654186 no, thank you for helping >.<03:44
jmwpcI need help with a wireless card. My Vaio has a switch to turn the internal card on and off, it's kind of flakey so I am trying to use a pcmcia card (linksys wpc54g). Ubuntu will only recognize the linksys card when the internal card is switched on.03:44
BlackWebI noticed that on some distributions i tried then if you right click on screen it gives options like create shell documents and ubuntu 8.10 then it says no templates installed03:44
BlackWebso downloaded templates for 8.04 cause wasnt any for 8.10 and wondering how to install them03:45
phaedonoremorese1: lookup Likewise03:45
mrdebuntuis there a reason icons would be corrupt with straight lines when booting into desktop with ati, but the logging out and restarting x fixes them03:45
sporedihow do i check that which are file are in use and which files are copyed /used in memory03:45
noremorse1phaedo... i am a bit more advanced than that03:45
ActionParsnipCody3290: try changing server in software sources03:45
BlackWebon the internet it just says to copy the downloaded file to /vz/template/cache but dont know what its talking about03:45
noremorse1and i am all the way there... i am just getting a message that it cannot see the domain controller03:45
noremorse1but when i run net ads lookup dc03:46
noremorse1it pulls all the DC info03:46
ActionParsnipImprov: dhcp / dns can be handled by dnsmasq03:46
ActionParsnip!ics | Improv03:46
ubottuImprov: If you want to share the internet connection of your Ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetConnectionSharing - You may also use !firestarter: http://www.fs-security.com/docs/connection-sharing.php03:46
DiamondciteBlackWeb: What are these templates for? office documents? Selective file types? Cookie cutters?03:46
BlackWebOpenVz is that a program i need to install templates03:46
ImprovAction: Thanks!03:47
BlackWeblike shell documents and things like that, I've used other distributions that are like that but ubunt 8.10 isnt when i go to create document after i right click says no templates installed03:47
Cody3290ActionParsnip: I'm not sure what you mean...?03:47
haydenin windows with CMD you can type ipconfig to see ur ip\DNS name and soforth, anything similar to that in ubuntu?03:47
HalfAWolfHow do I print above 1200 pixels per inch ?03:48
BlackWebmainly just a little nicer, setup is what i'm hoping to get setup03:48
HalfAWolfCan anyone help me?03:48
ImprovHalfAWolf: Ask your question, don't ask to ask :)03:48
BlackWebI'ved download a template at http://wiki.openvz.org/Download/template/precreated03:48
HalfAWolfImprov: I did ask my question03:49
haydennoremorse1, allright thanks :)03:49
noremorse1phaedo: i can resolve by hostname and ip... and i went so far as to define my DC in the /etc/hosts03:49
noremorse1but it still will not see the DC03:49
BlackWebbut starting to wonder if i need Openvz is what its starting to look like in order to install03:49
BlackWebthe templates03:49
DiamondciteBlackWeb: Open a terminal please, when you ls /vz do you see anything?03:49
HalfAWolfImprov: I said How do I print above 1200 pixels per inch ?03:49
BlackWebwhich have no clue about openvz or what it actuall does03:49
DiamondciteBlackWeb: If you have no idea what it does... why are you trying it ^_^03:49
ImprovHalfAWolf: With the right printer and software configuration, it should be possible; I'd verify the printer and then look at your print driver.03:49
PhobixHey all, I have a quick networking question.03:50
HalfAWolfI'm all set up with a new HP Photosmart Premium C310a03:50
HalfAWolfThe drivers on Ubuntu 10.10 worked, but I updated them from the hplipopensource.com website in an attempt to get full resolution printing.03:50
HalfAWolfIf I go to printer properties, under "Job Options" there is a "printer-resolution" field under the advanced options, it contains the text "(unknown IPP tag)" and I've tried changing it, but when I press apply, it gets set back to (unknown IPP tag).03:50
BlackWebjust says ls: cannot access /vz: No such file or directory "and tried running as sudo"03:50
HalfAWolfI had the same 1200 dpi limitation with the HP Officejet 6500A that we bought and returned (didn't like the colour rendition of its photo printing), so I am guessing that's the default limit Linux uses when it doesn't know what it should be.03:50
HalfAWolfThis printer is supposed to be able to do 9600 x 2400 dpi for colour prints, how can I get Ubuntu to let me?03:50
Phobixso I am trying to get synergy going on two ubuntu machines03:50
Phobixnot having great luck03:50
Phobixwhen I go to places>network03:51
BlackWeblol, just want to get the templates installed and after downloaded the 8.04 templates have no clue on how to use or install them and openvz is looking like what i need03:51
Phobixthey dont see each other03:51
ImprovBlackWeb: Do you know what OpenVZ does?03:51
Phobixbut I can ping them via terminal, but not network tools03:51
b0g4nk1dgot a bit of a question myself03:51
BlackWebNo, is it a program to install templates03:51
ImprovOpenVZ is not a program to install templates.03:51
b0g4nk1dhow do i list all the packages I have installed on my computer by installation dates?03:51
ImprovGo lookup OpenVZ on Wikipedia; it is used to virtualise Linux instances.03:52
Diamondcite..Blackweb Those templates are to be placed at the specified folder /vz/cache/templates and it should just show up the next time openvz starts... isn't it?03:52
BlackWebmainly trying to install templates cause on some distributions then when i right click on screen and create document other distribtuions have alot of options and my 8.10 just says no templates installed03:52
Phobixanyone in here running synergy on ubuntu?03:52
ActionParsnipb0g4nk1d: /var/log/dpkg.log   may help03:52
DiamondciteBlackWeb: Right click where?03:52
ActionParsnipPhobix: what is it?03:52
PhobixActionParsnip: I cant get the client to see the server at all03:53
craigbass1976If my jre lives in /usr/java, how do I get that in my path to run programs with it?03:53
b0g4nk1dthanks - what format are the dates in for the logfile03:53
b0g4nk1di need to grep for a certain date03:53
Phobixin fact, I cant really get the two computers to see each other at all03:53
haydeni want to be able to acsess my bell roughters software. like go to my web browser and type in the ip and stuff. anyone know how i can get that ip in ubuntu?03:53
ActionParsnipPhobix: can you ping the remote system?03:53
PhobixI can03:53
BlackWebon blank screen, but ya that directory isnt there, but need to install the openvz folder, which wasnt sure before but i'll give it a try and test it out03:53
Phobixby name and IP03:53
HalfAWolfCan anyone help me?03:53
HalfAWolfHow do I print above 1200 pixels per inch ?03:53
ActionParsnipPhobix: and can you telnet to the synergy socket?03:53
Cody3290It's fixed03:53
Phobixbut only via terminal using .local03:53
Cody3290though  Idon't know how o.o03:53
ActionParsnipCody3290: swwt :)03:54
ActionParsnipCody3290: did you change server?03:54
PhobixActionParsnip: thats a bit above my head tbh =/03:54
Phobixtell me hwo and I will try it03:54
ActionParsnipPhobix: socket == IP + port number03:54
PhobixI see03:54
Phobixso from the client try to telnet into the server socket?03:55
Elitestatushey guys03:55
Cody3290I typed it all in the wrong window03:55
Cody3290No, i didn't do anything03:55
Cody3290<Cody3290>didn't press or change anything, it just started working again03:55
Cody3290<Cody3290>I got GPeriodic installed03:55
Cody3290<Cody3290>Melting point of neon isn't a very big deal, I'm never gonna use it in my classes, so..03:55
Elitestatusi've reformated ubuntu, seeing if itl work with my alfa03:55
FloodBot1Cody3290: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.03:55
ActionParsnipPhobix: so if you install a telnet client you can run: telnet hostname port      does it connect?03:55
DiamondciteBlackWeb: Try /var/lib/vz/template/cache03:55
Cody3290Pleh, sorry.03:55
Phobixlet me install it real quick, hold on03:55
DiamondciteBlackWeb: I am not sure if this is relevant to you, http://www.howtoforge.com/installing-and-using-openvz-on-ubuntu-8.1003:56
BlackWebalright one sec, cause ya wasnt sure if i needed to install openvz but i"ll try it03:56
Cody3290Next question! How do I use "tarballs"03:56
ElitestatusActionParsnip: do you think itl reconise the alfa without installing the same driver from the website?03:56
ActionParsnipPhobix: seems to use port 24800 by default03:56
Cody3290and what is the difference between tar.gz and  tar.bz203:56
HalfAWolfI have another question while I'm in here... do packages that you download, then install in the terminal, show up in the package manager, or any other list?03:56
ImprovCody: They're compressed using different compression software.03:56
Improv.tar.gz is compressed with gzip, .tar.bz2 is compressed with bzip203:57
Lasivianare there any common viruses floating around that I should be concerned about in .deb files? thanks03:57
ActionParsnipCody3290: they both start life as .tar but are compressed differently, gzip for .gz and bzip for .bz203:57
PhobixActionParsnip: yea03:57
Phobixits really strange though03:57
ImprovCody: Gnu tar can compress/decompress both .gz and .bz2 files03:57
ActionParsnipPhobix: so it connects with telnet?03:57
PhobixI can ping them, but I dont see the machines, or anything in my places>network03:57
ActionParsnipImprov: so can unp ;)03:57
HalfAWolfI had installed a copy of vmware a couple months ago, and configured it, but by the time I got a system image to actually use with the thing, it says it's no longer correctly configured03:57
Improvtar xjf decompresses .tar.bz2, tar xzf decompresses .tar.gz files03:57
Phobixno, it doesnt03:57
BlackWebDont have that directory on system, so I'll try installing openvz and see if that helps03:57
Cody3290Great, so, how do I use them?03:58
macoLasivian: anyone can make a deb file and put it up on the internet, so use caution when getting them from random people.  the ones in the ubuntu repository, however, are made by a small set of people who have spent a long while building trust within the community until they finally were voted upon by one of the developer membership boards and given upload access03:58
ActionParsnipCody3290: Improv: you can decompress both without having to remember that junk with:  unp filename03:58
DiamondciteBlackWeb: Why install openvz.. what do you want to do...03:58
HalfAWolfI looked up the problem, and it looks like it might be some buggyboo with vmware that will make me reconfigure every time I use it, so I thought I'd try a fresh install03:58
itai1hi, i installed openvpn and been using the vpn once in a while with no problems, starting today i cant acess the internet WITHOUT using the VPN, it must have changed some of my config files but I dont know where to start , can anyone help?03:58
ActionParsnipCody3290: unp is optional so you will need to install it, it will also handle zip, tar and other archives03:58
Cody3290Example: Current Predicament: I download AssaultCube. It gives me "AssaultCube_v1.1.0.4.tar.bz2"03:58
HalfAWolfbut I want to make sure the old one is cleanly removed first03:59
Improvunp is probably Ubuntu-specific; it's probably better to use software common to all Unices so your knowledge is more portable.03:59
Cody3290Now what do I do with that file?03:59
Lasivianmaco: yeah, this isn;t from the repository, that's why i'm cautious :)03:59
HalfAWolfand I'm not sure how to do that if it's not in synaptic Package manager03:59
ActionParsnipImprov: oh absolutely, but if a tool is available, why not use it03:59
macoLasivian: you can view the contents in Ark or File Roller03:59
BlackWebtrying to install the downloaded templates but the directory the site told me to place it after download doesnt exist03:59
ActionParsnipImprov: i'm sure ubuntu-restrivted-extras isn't in any other distro....03:59
ImprovCody: What ytou do with the tarball depends on what is in the tarball :)04:00
GaryDBlackWeb: what are the templates for?04:00
ImprovYou can put anything you want in a tarball.04:00
inquiryqueueCody:  A tarball (ending with .tar) is a bunch of files stuck together.04:00
Cody3290How do I install it?04:00
muCan anyone tell me where Ubuntu stores the synaptics configuration file? There does not seem to be a /etc/X11/xorg.conf or anything04:00
ActionParsnipCody3290: what is the filename?04:00
inquiryqueueCody: Are you trying to install a tarball or unp?04:00
PhobixActionParsnip: I am windows guy, is there an equivalent to workgroups in ubuntu? like domain? I am unsure of how to setup a network with ubuntu04:00
Cody3290I am trying to install AssaultCube04:01
HalfAWolfDo packages that you download, then install in the terminal, show up in the package manager, or any other list?04:01
Cody3290.tar.bz2 is the filename04:01
HalfAWolfI had installed a copy of vmware a couple months ago, and configured it, but by the time I got a system image to actually use with the thing, it says it's no longer correctly configured04:01
HalfAWolfI looked up the problem, and it looks like it might be some buggyboo with vmware that will make me reconfigure every time I use it, so I thought I'd try a fresh install04:01
ImprovCody: Any good answer to your question might be kind of involved.04:01
HalfAWolfI looked up the problem, and it looks like it might be some buggyboo with vmware that will make me reconfigure every time I use it, so I thought I'd try a fresh install04:01
ActionParsnipPhobix: if you edit /etc/samba/smb.conf you can change the workgroup of a system04:01
HalfAWolfbut I want to make sure the old one is cleanly removed first04:01
Cody3290You're welkcome to query me if you'd like to help ^>^04:01
Phobixright, I checked those04:01
Phobixthey are the same04:01
Phobixon both machines04:01
BlackWebon some distributions then when you click on a blank screen then highlight create document then other distributions have options like creat shell document and etc" and on my 8.10 then it says no templates installed which i tried just googling and downloaded some templates but starting to think that I downloaded something totally different04:01
daweefolkhey has anybody been able to log into the ubuntuforums website using elinks?04:01
GaryDHafAWolf: they do if they are .deb packages. the will show in synaptic04:02
Logan_Cody3290: you received a reply on #freedesktop-games :P04:02
ActionParsnipCody3290: cd ~; wget http://archive.getdeb.net/install_deb/playdeb_0.3-1~getdeb1_all.deb; sudo dpkg -i ./playdeb_0.3-1~getdeb1_all.deb; rm ./playdeb_0.3-1~getdeb1_all.deb04:02
Cody3290I was just saying hi04:02
ActionParsnipCody3290: then visit: http://www.playdeb.net/updates/ubuntu/10.10/ and you can easily install LOTS of games :)04:02
Cody3290Yes but the one from that website is not the most updated ones04:02
ActionParsnipCody3290: i recommend urbanterror04:02
macoNarradorBR: you'll get more help by actually asking a question04:03
kisukeNarradorBR: what do you need?04:03
NarradorBRjoin vampire04:03
ElitestatusActionParsnip: will my alfa work, i have reformated ubuntu04:03
HalfAWolfGaryD: Nope, tar.gz04:04
mrdebuntuwhich final fight do you like04:04
Cody3290ActionParsnip: I already have the playdeb stuff04:04
GaryDBlackWeb: so you are trying to right click your 8.10 desktop and create a shell document...only to be told that there are no templates installed?04:04
Cody3290I'm trying to install it from a file :(04:05
Cody3290Nobody even has a link to instructions? x.e04:05
GaryDHalfAWolf: i'm not sure, but i don't think so.04:05
inquiryqueueCody: I'll find a link for you. Hold on.04:05
HalfAWolfGaryD: Do you know if there is a reliable way to completely remove programs you've insstalled without synaptic?04:06
PhobixActionParsnip: do I have to port forward when its two local computers?04:07
PhobixI dont right?04:07
Phobixand how do I check that that port isnt being blocked by something04:08
inquiryqueueCody:  There are several ways people install software. One is with the package manager interface, and then there are ways to install things from files.04:08
inquiryqueueHere is a link to instructions for installing from tarballs:  https://help.ubuntu.com/7.04/add-applications/C/install-file.html04:08
GaryDHalfAWolf: if you install packages from source, then you will have to run the uninstall script provided with the package. if there are any bits and pieces left over, then you will have to remove them manually. if i am wrong someone will speak up.04:08
ImprovPhobix: You can use "lsof -i tcp" to find out what network ports are open.04:09
Cody3290thank you inquiryqueue04:09
bc81hi.  can someone please explain to me what in the world this VLC developer is talking about when he says, "Kill the Ubuntu Volume Control"?  thread here: http://forum.videolan.org/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=86524&p=29187504:09
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ImprovPhobix: Note that if you do that, they might be listed by number or by servicename.04:09
Improvbc81: I would guess "killall gnome-volume-control" ?04:09
bc81Improv: gnome-volume-control: no process found   (do you have this process running by default?)04:10
HalfAWolfGaryD: As luck would have it, I kept my original installation download for vmware, but I don't see any uninstall stuff there04:10
Improvbc81: Ahh, not sure then04:10
Phobixperfect, thank you Improv04:10
Cody3290Do i have to use the terminal?04:10
Phobixhow do I open a specfic port?04:10
Cody3290Can't ido the equivilant t hing in the gui?04:10
ImprovPhobix: You don't open it; you run software that opens it.04:10
Phobixok, can you point me in the right direction?04:11
ImprovPhobix: Unless you're talking "opening your firewall to let software use it"04:11
Phobixwell, this is a fresh install04:11
Phobixno firewall should be going04:11
ImprovPhobix: Describe more of what you're trying to do.04:11
inquiryqueueIf you have a tarball, I know you can use a terminal. Someone else suggested something else (un something?) that should be a graphical interface.04:11
PhobixI am trying to use synergy04:11
Phobixbut the client cant see the the server04:11
Cody3290ok thank you04:11
Phobixbut I can ping them04:11
Phobixits weird04:11
ImprovPhobix: Are they on the same network?04:11
Phobixone is .100 the other is.10104:11
ImprovPhobix: I don't have a lot of experience using Synergy; you might get better advice from someone else debugging that.04:12
Phobixthe documentation says I need to make sure 28400 is open04:12
Phobixhow would I do that?04:12
ImprovPhobix: Oh, it probably is, but if you like, do "lsof -i tcp | grep 28400"04:12
muCan anyone tell me where Ubuntu stores the synaptics configuration file? There does not seem to be a /etc/X11/xorg.conf or anything...04:13
GaryDHalfAWolf: what version of ubuntu are you running?04:13
HalfAWolfGaryD: 10.1004:13
PhobixImprov: what did that do?04:13
temu: xorg.conf is no longer needed04:13
ImprovPhobix: It looks to see if anything has that port open04:13
ImprovIf there's a process, then it's using it04:13
GaryDmu: do you mean the synaptics touch pad, or synaptic package manager04:13
ImprovOtherwise, it's free for Synaptic.04:13
ActionParsnipte: no true, it is in some cases04:13
Phobixok, so nothing returned04:13
Phobixdoes that mean no?04:14
ImprovThat means it is free for use by the instructions you referenced.04:14
temu: xorg.conf is used if it is there but is not necessary.04:14
ImprovBy the processes used by the instructions you referenced I mean04:14
FivewaysI'm getting ready to download the newest version of ubuntu because I can't find my iso anymore, any reason the 32-bit version is listed as "recommended"?04:14
temu: What are you trying to fix?04:14
FivewaysCan't remember if I saw that there before or not, haha04:14
rwwFiveways: because it works on both 32-bit and 64-bit computers04:14
muGaryD: Synaptics touch pad04:15
teFiveways: A lot of reasons... it's complicated.04:15
mute: I'm trying to replicate the synaptics configuration that Ubuntu uses by default for my X.org configuration in Arch04:15
FivewaysSo if I just planning on using it on my 64-bit boxes then theres no reason I shouldnt get x64? Or is it one of those situations where the 32-bit version is probably more hassle-free in the long run?04:15
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Elitestatushey guys, great news its got the proper driver working, but i've got the -1 channel problem????04:15
teFiveways: Yes, hassle-free is a good way to put it.04:16
Elitestatusanyone help me with my problem?04:16
muFiveways: 32-bit is recommended because you can use 32-bit on 64-bit systems but not the other way around. x64 is no more of a hassle.04:16
GaryDHalfAWolf: look for uninstall script "vmware-uninstall.pl" somewhere on your disk. probably at /usr/bin/vmware-uninstall.pl04:17
sougata_Elitestatus, so you finally remove the driver ? :-)04:17
Elitestatusanyone know my problem?04:17
Elitestatusim getting the -1 channel problem now04:17
sougata_Elitestatus, and how did you do that ?04:17
FivewaysThanks guys04:17
Elitestatusi had to reformat04:17
FivewaysI'm guessing this isnt the channel I talk about Fedora 12 in either huh? ;)04:18
teWhat is the -1 channel problem?04:18
teFiveways: Not really.04:18
GaryDmu: what are you trying to accomplish?04:18
Elitestatuswhere it sticks to channel:-104:18
craigbass1976Fiveways, 12?  eghads, I remember 1...04:18
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muSo, uh, any word on where Synaptics touchpad config file is stored?04:18
premis there any place i can found the whole list of ubuntu contributors..region wise..?04:18
jrib!synaptics | mu04:18
ubottumu: For a comprehensive Synaptics Touchpad guide, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticsTouchpad04:18
teElitestatus:  Talking about wifi?04:18
muGaryD: I'm trying to replicate the synaptics configuration that Ubuntu uses by default for my X.org configuration in Arch04:18
Elitestatusyeah te04:18
ActionParsnipFiveways: fedora is offtopic here04:18
muI've checked the wiki, thanks.04:18
Fivewayscraigbass1976: 1? I think 4 was the farthest back I remember. I've been using ubuntu for a while but havent tried 10.10 yet so I'm excited to04:19
FivewaysActionParsnip: I was joking, I apologize :)04:19
jribmu: but the wiki answers your question04:19
ActionParsnipFiveways: its cool04:19
teFiveways: Ubuntu is on-topic  ;-)04:19
muI'll check again since you imply my answer is found there04:19
FivewaysI work for the ISP here in town and people always call me when their routers don't work04:19
ActionParsnipFiveways: install openssh-server and setup a portforward ;)04:19
mujrib: It mentions a configuration file path?04:20
ElitestatusActionParsnip:  do you know how to fix the -1 channel problem?04:20
mujrib: Because I am not seeing anything but how to use some GUI to configure Synaptics, which is definitely not desired...04:20
FivewaysI ask them...the box that's not working, what does it say on it? Netgear? Oh ok...how do you expect me to help you?04:20
ActionParsnipElitestatus: no idea, sorry04:21
FivewaysAnyone using ubuntu through the windows installer?04:21
ActionParsnipFiveways: have they turned it off and on? ;)04:21
ActionParsnipFiveways: god no!04:21
Logan_!anyone | Fiveways04:21
ubottuFiveways: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.04:21
FivewaysLogan, there's no other questions :) I was just curious04:22
muI love how this channel can manage condescension and dismission simultaneously04:22
jribmu: wow. be patient.04:22
Logan_!attitude | mu04:22
ubottumu: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines04:22
muSo I'm probably blind or stupid, but I'm not seeing anything on the wiki about this...04:22
GaryDmu: look in /usr/lib/X11/xorg.conf.d04:22
jribmu: because I'm trying to reply to you.04:22
FivewaysLogan has the bot commands on lock :)04:22
mylistohey everyone04:23
mujrib: Sorry, I assumed you had ignored me.04:23
muGaryD: Checking that now04:23
mylistoI've got something weird happening with my system....04:23
FivewaysActionParsnip:  I ask people that and they're like "I'VE TRIED IT ALREADY!" and I'm like "No you haven't, your modem has been online for 142 days"04:23
jribmu: *sigh* it definitely used to.  Sorry about that.  Anyway, on current ubuntu one can either use xinput or /usr/lib/X11/xorg.conf.d04:23
mylistoWhen I try to watch a .mov file that I recorded on my digital camera today it starts to play, but only goes a second in and stops04:23
Logan_Fiveways: haha, believe me, I've used ubottu commands one too many times :)04:23
xwinHi all, I got vsftpd.conf question.  I can't figure how to get around this at ftp login...  500 OOPS: cannot change directory:/home/ftpuser04:23
Logan_mylisto: which video player are you using?04:23
mechanisthello everyone: how it is possible that gparted sees my partitions, while the ubuntu installation program doesn't, and the windows seven one too?04:24
mujrib, GaryD: /usr/lib/X11 does not contain an xorg.conf file; This is 10.10 Netbook by the way.04:24
mylistomovie player04:24
A1killercan someone help me with my bcm4318 airforce one wireless card i cant use it to connect to anything and i would like to. But im able to scan for wireless networks and see them. Oh and none of the guides on the forums have helped me to get the card working.04:24
jribmu: pay close attention to what we wrote :)04:24
Logan_mylisto: I would try VLC, unless someone recommends otherwise04:24
GaryDmu: you are looking for the synaptics configuration file there.04:25
mylistologan_: I just got a "failed to connect stream: Too large"04:25
Logan_mylisto: yeah, try VLC04:25
jribmu: in the xorg.conf.d directory there should be some file with synaptics in its name04:25
muthere are four directories in /usr/lib/X11/ and none are xorg.conf.d04:26
jribmu: what version of ubuntu?04:26
ActionParsnipmylisto: install w32codecs from medibuntu as well as ubuntu-restricted-extras04:26
mu10.10 Netbook04:26
syn-ackd packrat04:26
ActionParsnipmylisto: also pulling down gnome-mplayer will install some decent codecs (plus it rocks)04:26
=== syn-ack is now known as Guest88364
jribmu: /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/ my fault04:27
m3lvinIs there a place where I can find out about issues that might come up while migrating? I've never tried upgrading ubuntu between releases but I really don't feel like reinstalling as this is a remote server, I'm trying to go from 9.10 to 10.0404:27
RoastedHas anybody used Ubuntu with LTSP? I'm curious about changing the login screen of the thin client systems so it can be better adapted for classroom use.04:27
GaryDmu: my bad too. jrib is right.04:28
muAlright, I see the configuration file. That is the entirety of Ubuntu's configuration for synaptics?04:28
ActionParsnipm3lvin: it varies unfortunately, some people report no issues, some have nightmares04:28
jribmu: dpkg -L xserver-xorg-input-synaptics  will list what files the package provides04:29
mechanisthello everyone: how it is possible that gparted sees my partitions, while the ubuntu installation program doesn't, and the windows seven one too?04:29
temechanist: What exactly is the descrepency?04:30
mujrib: Alright, but I'm not logged in to Ubuntu at the moment so that'll have to wait. Thanks for the help.04:30
temechanist: What does sudo fdisk -l  show you?04:30
jribGaryD: I think /usr/lib/ was correct pre-10.1004:30
temechanist: sudo fdisk -l  | pastebinit   #And send us a link.04:30
m3lvinActionParsnip: Shouldn't atleast the server distributions be "safe"? this is a minimal install that has mysql, apache, postgresql and not much else04:31
=== jay is now known as Guest58246
mechanistte: mercy04:32
=== Guest88364 is now known as syn-ack
mechanist(thank you in french004:33
A1killercan someone help me get my bcm4318 wireless card up and running i am able to see networks and try to connect but it hangs at getting the ip04:33
mylistoactionparsnip: how do I download the w32codecs?04:34
teA1killer: If the signal is weak, it may not be able to receive IP info.04:34
A1killerthe signal is at 90% and the laptop is right next to the ap04:35
A1killerlike less then 1 foot away since its connected to it right now through an ej45 cable04:35
teA1killer: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx04:36
=== Logan_ is now known as Charlie_Sheen
A1killertried that wiki it doesnt help in anyway04:37
temechanist: What's wrong?04:37
ActionParsnipmylisto: sudo wget --output-document=/etc/apt/sources.list.d/medibuntu.list http://www.medibuntu.org/sources.list.d/$(lsb_release -cs).list && sudo apt-get --quiet update && sudo apt-get --yes --quiet --allow-unauthenticated install medibuntu-keyring && sudo apt-get --quiet update; sudo apt-get -y install w32codecs04:37
ActionParsnipmylisto: I assume 32bit OS04:37
teA1killer: Get another wireless nic.04:37
mylistoactionparsnip: how can I detect if its 32bit or 64 bit?04:38
ActionParsnipmylisto: uname -m04:38
ActionParsnipmylisto: i686 == 32bit      x86_64 == 64bit04:38
lemonhall1I got a ubuntu LVS, and IIS+ASP.NET....04:38
lemonhall1I got a ubuntu LVS, and IIS+ASP.NET....,the LVS slow down every postback page times... It's network configtion? or some thing esle??04:39
mylistoyep 32bit04:39
mylistothose terminal commands, can I paste them all at once?04:39
accelis there a way to say: reload module snd-hda-intel with new configs? (debugging ubuntu 10.10 sound on mac mini)04:40
sougata_mylisto: sudo apt-get install totem gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly04:41
sougata_mylisto, runs most of the suff04:41
ActionParsnipmylisto: yes, its one big command :)04:41
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=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest99264
ActionParsnipsougata_: what about good and bad?04:42
bbpipelx /quit04:43
sougata_ActionParsnip, well not much of a choice when things are desperate04:43
ActionParsnipsougata_: true04:44
sougata_ActionParsnip, do you code for ubuntu04:44
needlezhey anyone know how to access a chat which i was banned from??04:46
sougata_ActionParsnip, please don't take offence, was just curious .04:46
bbpipelxneedlez: change the nick04:47
needlezkk, yea i guess i could do that04:47
rwwneedlez: on freenode?04:48
ActionParsnipsougata_: none taken, I just use cli a lot and make real basic scripts to make life easier ;)04:48
needlezrww: yea got kicked from aircrack-ng channel04:48
rwwneedlez: PM the relevant operator and ask nicely. ban-evasion is a violation of freenode network policy and may result in a k-line,04:48
needlezfor shooting my mouth off04:48
ActionParsnipneedlez: you can ask about it in #freenode04:48
jiltdili open terminal go to edit-->profile preference-->title and command  and ticked the option run a custom command instead of my shell; after doing this when i want to ope n my termianl it always splashes and gets vanished how to get rid of this?  http://img806.imageshack.us/content_round.php?page=done&l=img806/4992/screenshot1fgy.png    see this i have had done that04:48
rww#freenode will say what i said ;P04:48
needlezkk thanx04:49
ActionParsniprww: forgiveness exists though :)04:49
sougata_ActionParsnip, you are good in what you do, I guess that is what matters. :-) . happy Hacking .04:49
ActionParsnipsougata_: i try, every day is a school day. Thanks too btw :D04:49
lemonhall1I got a ubuntu LVS, and IIS+ASP.NET....,the LVS slow down every postback page times... It's network configtion? or some thing esle??04:50
mechanistte: are you still there?04:51
=== wmpedersen is now known as wmpedersen|sleep
mechanistte: the command pastebinit was not installed, dunno why, but this is the result:04:52
jiltdilany answer to my problem?04:52
=== MTecknology is now known as MTeck-InPain
Charlie_Sheen!repeat | jiltdil04:52
jiltdili open terminal go to edit-->profile preference-->title and command  and ticked the option run a custom command instead of my shell; after doing this when i want to ope n my termianl it always splashes and gets vanished how to get rid of this?  http://img806.imageshack.us/content_round.php?page=done&l=img806/4992/screenshot1fgy.png    see this i have had done that04:52
ubottujiltdil: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/04:52
jiltdili open terminal go to edit-->profile preference-->title and command  and ticked the option run a custom command instead of my shell; after doing this when i want to ope n my termianl it always splashes and gets vanished how to get rid of this?  http://img806.imageshack.us/content_round.php?page=done&l=img806/4992/screenshot1fgy.png    see this i have had done that04:53
aaron11Hello every one.04:53
GaryDjiltdil: a is not a command.04:54
=== sergio is now known as Guest93755
jiltdilGaryd; but i write there "a"04:54
jiltdilGaryD:now the terminal is not opening04:54
GaryDthat custom command is meant for a command you want ran when you start the terminal. give me one sec and i will try to find the answer.04:55
jiltdilGaryD: ok thanx04:55
aaron11Wow, its quiet here.04:56
temechanist: Ok, so you have 5 partitons.  Which ones are you not seeing from other reports?04:56
GaryDjiltdil: what version of ubuntu are you running?04:56
jiltdilGaryD:10.10 x_86 -64bit04:56
jukjiltdil: try also to change when command exits drop menu04:57
mechanistte: none of the partitions are shown in the installation manager04:57
perceval_necesito ayuda sobre impresoras hp04:58
maco!es | perceval_04:58
ubottuperceval_: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.04:58
mechanistvery funny: I've never known to have this partition: /dev/sda2            5100       24792   158184022+   f  W95 Ext'd (LBA)04:58
perceval_en ubuntu 9.1004:58
jiltdilGaryD,juk:i tried like this to open terminal alt+F2  and typed xterm but now i don't know what to do04:58
mechanist* knew04:58
saintbasilI edited the path in my .profile, now how do I get it to implement the change?04:59
temechanist: Well, you have one swap, one linux and 3 ntfs partitons, and so what? the install says you have no partitions?  Or is it saying you have no "free space"?04:59
jukjiltdil: no, you seemed surprised that it vanishes, i tlod to see what it does as command exits04:59
bbpipelxgenelyk: si puedes mandar sms por mail al estilo numcel@operador-cel para hacer lo que quieres puedes utilizar mailto05:00
temechanist: /dev/sda2 is the extended partition, (actually it conisits of sda5 sda6 and sda7)05:00
jiltdiljuk: plz explain i m not geeting u05:00
=== Damianz_ is now known as damianz
GaryDjiltdil: one more sec, please05:01
aaron11jiltdil, What are you trying to accomplish?05:01
mechanistte: ok05:01
jiltdilaaron11: i open terminal go to edit-->profile preference-->title and command  and ticked the option run a custom command instead of my shell; after doing this when i want to ope n my termianl it always splashes and gets vanished how to get rid of this?  http://img806.imageshack.us/content_round.php?page=done&l=img806/4992/screenshot1fgy.png    see this i have had done that05:01
buckymechanist, It's an extended partition. An extended partition is just a container for other partitions, your next partition is /dev/sda505:02
temechanist: sda5 sda6 sda7  are logical partitions sda1 and sda2 are primary ones.  sda2 is the extended partition which contains sda5 sda6 an sda705:02
saintbasilI added PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/MATLAB/bin/ to my .profile, saved it, but shell still can't find the matlab file. help?05:02
jukjiltdil: sad reality05:02
mechanistte: when the partition dialog comes out, from the installation manager, there is only blank space, and no enabled buttons05:02
aaron11jiltdil, Wow, you know a is not a command?05:02
temechanist: So what exactly do you want to do?05:03
ChikokishiDoes anyone here have experience with gEDA Schematic?05:03
mechanistinstalling ubuntu05:03
jiltdilaaron11:yes i know it i did it by mistake i know a is not a command?05:03
temechanist: ... wipe everything and install Linux?05:03
aaron11jiltdil, Did you try Alt-F2 gnome-terminal?05:04
jiltdilaaron11:but now how to resolve this situation?05:04
mechanistte: are you telling me this is the only possible solution?05:04
trismsaintbasil: .profile is only sourced for login shells, so you need to log out then back in (or just . ~/.profile)05:04
sougata_jiltdil, cd ~/.gconf/apps/gnome-terminal/profiles/Default05:04
jiltdilaaron11: i have tried alt+F2 and then typed here xterm it opens terminal05:04
temechanist: NO, I'm asking what it is that you want to do?05:04
sougata_and check if there is something in the xml that specifes custom command05:04
aaron11jiltdil, gnome-terminal?05:04
aaron11jiltdil, You see05:05
temechanist: What do you have now and what do you want to have when your done?05:05
jiltdilaaron11: same output splashes and vanished05:05
mechanistte: I just wans that in that dialog at least one partitions comes out, so I can install ubuntu05:05
aaron11jiltdil, You left the "exit terminal after command exits" option on. Thats whats happening05:05
sougata_jiltdil, I mean not through terminal05:05
mechanistte: have you in mind what dialog I'm talking about?05:06
sougata_press ctrl+alt f205:06
temechanist: I'm assuming you are talking about the install program showing you options for re-partitioning your drive.05:07
sougata_then when you again want to come back to X , press ctrl + alt + f705:07
temechanist: Do you now have a Linux install that runs?05:07
sougata_or otherwise you can use the file browser to see that file05:07
jiltdilsougata:actually m on virtual box so alt+ctrl+F1-F6 didn't open05:08
mechanistte: at the moment I got only the live cd05:08
temechanist: what are you doing with the ntfs partitions?  what do you use them for?05:08
aaron11jiltdil, Why dont you reinstall gnome-terminal05:08
mechanistte: in there are stored vital files, gigas of my works in games and personal stuff05:09
GaryDjiltdil: try using gconf-editor to change the values back for the terminal.05:09
RoastedHas anybody used Ubuntu with LTSP? I'm curious about changing the login screen of the thin client systems so it can be better adapted for classroom use.05:09
temechanist: So you want to save and keep sda5 sda6 and sda7 ?05:09
jukjiltdil: why dont you blow the f* computer with bazooka05:09
sougata_jiltdil, GardyD is correct05:09
mechanistte: I just wanna know why the installator doesn't see any partitions, and this both in ubuntu and in seven05:09
aaron11jiltdil, Yes use gconf-editor, i see the custom command option there05:10
mechanistte: the irony is that gparted sees partitions without any issue05:10
trismjiltdil: all you need to do is hit alt+f2, type: gnome-terminal -x /bin/bash and then fix your profile options05:10
aaron11jiltdil, apps ---> gnome-terminal ---> Profiles ---> default05:10
temechanist: Windows 7 does not see Linux partitions, (does not have capability to read them so ignores them).05:11
mechanistte: windows 7 doesn't see those ntfs partitions, neither05:11
RealOptyhow can i switch from pulseaudo to alsa? i think this will make my HDMI audio work.05:12
aaron11:P what a looser, didnt even say bye and thank you.05:12
RealOpty^- plz05:12
temechanist: So where is windows 7 installed?05:12
mechanistI've TRIED to install it05:13
mechanistbefore trying ubuntu05:13
sougata_aaron11, win7 etiquette :-)05:13
mechanistI got a virus that messed up something, and from that moment nothing worked05:14
temechanist: Oh, you were trying to isntall window 7 but was unable to?05:14
aaron11sougata_, Lol!05:14
mechanistte: yeah05:14
mechanistte: so I though to try with ubuntu05:14
mechanistsince it is my hidden winning cart05:14
=== Swish[\] is now known as Swish
temechanist: Ok I see.  Well you can install Linux on the sda1 partition (using the sda3 partition as swap).05:15
LorgonJortleDoes anyone know of a JWPlayer channel, or a place I can get help with it?05:16
mechanistte: oky oky05:16
jiltdilsougata:sorry [ower cut05:16
aaron11LorgonJortle, try #jwplayer05:16
jiltdilpower cut sorry05:16
mechanistte: BUT... how can I install linux, if the installation does not see my hard drive?05:16
saintbasilI editted my .profile to include a new path, but it did not take even after reboot. Is this statement correct? PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/MATLAB/bin/ (the address is correct)05:17
mechanistte: do you need of a screenshot?05:17
sougata_jiltdil, my bad . :-) . Apologies05:17
LorgonJortleaaron11, Aye. I did, but there's nobody in there.05:17
temechanist: Yes05:17
mechanistte: ok, let me take it05:17
aaron11LorgonJortle, Then ask your question here05:17
LorgonJortleaaron11, Alright. Thanks.05:18
ubottuwebmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system.05:18
aaron11jiltdil, For a second I thought you became windows ;D05:18
jiltdilaaron11: no05:19
jiltdilaaron11: :)05:19
aaron11jiltdil, Ok, where are u05:19
jiltdilright now here05:19
LorgonJortleI've uploaded an .ogv file and setup JWplayer on my site. When I view it in Chromium, it works just fine. If I view it in Firefox, however, it says there was an error, or it couldn't find the file. I've had multiple people on Windows tries it, too... none of them had it working. The link  is as follows: http://jyrangames.com/VideoTutorials/UnderstandingLOGL_GLib.h05:19
aaron11jiltdil, Did you fix it?05:19
saintbasilHow do I permanently add to my PATH in lucid?05:19
jiltdilaaron11: not yet05:19
jiltdilaaron11: help plz05:20
aaron11jiltdil, Ok then do as I said, sudo gconf-editor05:20
jiltdilaaron11: where i to type this05:20
aaron11terminal ofcourse.05:20
LorgonJortleI'm sorry. This is the appropriate link: http://jyrangames.com/VideoTutorials/UnderstandingLOGL_GLib.html05:21
jiltdilaaron11: terminal is not opening05:21
teLorgonJortle: You can use mplayer or vlc.  (I prefer mplayer). Tell your windows users to try vlc.05:21
aaron11jiltdil, You have xterm right05:21
jiltdilaaron11:yes ok m doing05:21
LorgonJortlete, So you recommend just ditching JWPlayer?05:21
oraqolhey guys05:21
oraqolquick question05:21
aaron11!enter | oraqol05:22
ubottuoraqol: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!05:22
GaryDjiltdil: press alt+F2 and run the command gksudo gconf-editor05:22
craigbass1976Is there a calendar app I can get that will let me enter 31 days worth of tasks regardless of what date they fall on?05:22
aaron11GaryD, I was about to say that :(05:22
oraqolok got it.  so I can't seem to add anymore isos to the startup disc creator in 10.10.  there are four of them in the history that ive burned before, but now i cant add anymore.  is there a way to clear the cache or something?05:23
aaron11jiltdil, Then go to apps ---> gnome-terminal ---> Profiles ---> default. Then change settings there05:23
teLorgonJortle: Or gxine... but that one.. I dono, I can't even get it to come up in gxine.  So I dono...05:23
LorgonJortlete, Alright. Thanks for the suggestions.05:24
teLorgonJortle: Oh I don't know.  I don't even know what JWPlayer is.  Never used it.05:24
aaron11jiltdil, Uncheck use custom command i think.05:24
teLorgonJortle: You're going to have to ask someone else about this one.   I'm not able to access it at all.05:25
=== syn-ack is now known as Guest93257
GaryDjiltdil: also remove the custom command05:25
jiltdilaarno11:thanx it works05:25
jiltdilGaryd:thanx it works05:25
aaron11jiltdil, glad to hear that05:25
oraqolok, wait, i just cleared the cache, but i still cannot add any isos that are not ubuntu.  the iso im trying to burn is CentOS i think.  can disk creator burn other linux distos other than ubuntu?05:25
GaryDlol...aaron11: you beat me to the punch that time!...jiltdil: no prob05:25
GaryDoraqol: you want to use unetbootin05:26
LorgonJortleaaron11, Do you know of a way to make JWPlayer work in the other browsers with my OGV file?05:26
=== Guest93257 is now known as syn-ack
oraqolok cool.  thanx, ill try that.  if it doesnt work ill be back in a bit for more suggestions.  thanx again guys!05:26
aaron11LorgonJortle, No, wth is JWPlayer?05:26
ImprovHey all; if I'm having a system that names its wireless device eth0 and wired device eth1-eth0, is there an easy way to fix that?05:27
LorgonJortleaaron11, Do you have an alternative suggestion for a player?05:27
mechanistte: http://digilander.libero.it/maxath/Screenshot.png05:27
aaron11LorgonJortle, VLC?05:27
LorgonJortleaaron11, So, after installing VLC, I'd just navigate to the location of the video file on the website and it'll play it?05:27
aaron11LorgonJortle, I think, I dont know much about that.05:28
Improvthe 70-persistent-net.rules has two entries for the wireless card (same Mac), one listed as using the bc43-pci-bridge and the other using wl as the driver.05:28
ImprovI tried removing one of those but something put it back in05:29
LorgonJortleaaron11, Hmm. I just tried that, and all it did was download it, not play it. Thanks for the help anyway though. :)05:29
aaron11LorgonJortle, k.05:29
GaryDLorgonJortle: i get this error from the video. The video could not be loaded, either because the server or network  failed or because the format is not supported:  http://jyrangames.com/VideoTutorials/UnderstandingLOGL_GLib.ogv05:29
ActionParsnipLorgonJortle: gnome-mplayer05:29
LorgonJortleGaryD, Yeah, that's what most people get. You're using FF, I'm guessing?05:29
sougata_Improv, you are in the right place :-)05:30
Improvsougata: I would be delighted to have eth0 as the wired interface name and wlan0 as the wireless.05:30
LorgonJortleActionParsnip, I was looking for (ideally) something on the server's side, so that my Windows users can view it easily, too.05:30
mechanistte: the screenshot is there05:30
mechanistte: http://digilander.libero.it/maxath/Screenshot.png05:30
ActionParsnipLorgonJortle: mediatomb05:30
midnightryder2Can someone tell me where I can find a fax modem to download to use with efax-gtk? I am using Ubuntu 10.10.05:30
LorgonJortleActionParsnip, I'll look it up. Thanks.05:31
ActionParsnipLorgonJortle: or just share the folder with samba then let them access it and stream that way....05:31
UnguidedCan anyone direct me to an ubuntu distro that can replace windows home server?05:31
sougata_udevadm info -a -p /sys/class/net/eth005:31
teLorgonJortle: Is this a video that YOU are trying to share?05:31
ActionParsnipUnguided: ubuntu-server05:31
LorgonJortlete, It's my video that I've uploaded onto my website, yes.05:31
ActionParsnipUnguided: depends what the server is foing....05:31
Improvsougata: That gives the mac address of the wireless device on eth005:32
aaron11LorgonJortle, You want to play that video?05:32
sougata_Improv, http://reactivated.net/writing_udev_rules.html ( ctrl + F ) lan . I leave you the hacking05:32
UnguidedActionParsnip: Im a newb to ubuntu and think Im going to have problems administering from the command line. Any way around that to get started quickly?05:32
Improvsougata: I'll take a look. Thanks05:32
LorgonJortleaaron11, I'd like it to play in other browsers, yes. It works fine for me in Chromium, but fails for all others, it seems.05:32
temechanist: Click on the /dev/dsa105:32
GaryDEveryone: LorgonJortle wants for you to be able to watch his video on his site.05:33
red2kicUnguided: Administer what?05:33
sougata_Improv, yw.05:33
aaron11Unguided, What do you want to accomplish?05:33
teLorgonJortle: How long of a video is it?  (Time wize)?05:33
LorgonJortlete 18 min05:33
aaron11LorgonJortle, I think its related to browser plugins.05:33
teLorgonJortle: Why don't you just share it via youtube?05:33
teLorgonJortle: You can embed it from youtube on your website05:34
LorgonJortlete, Time constraints + quality.05:34
UnguidedI currently run windows home server and want to get rid of it. It backs up my computers every night, file server, print server, and remote access05:34
ActionParsnipUnguided: just install the desktop OS then and install your server apps on it, this is also fine05:34
ActionParsnipUnguided: ubuntu can do all that easily05:34
GaryDLorgonJortle: it seems ogv is not supported. lucky it plays in chromium...probably because of ffmpeg...check here. http://www.longtailvideo.com/support/jw-player/jw-player-for-flash-v5/12539/supported-video-and-audio-formats05:34
UnguidedActionParsnip: ok. thanks05:35
teLorgonJortle: Like this:  http://trryhend.startlogic.com/   (Just an example)05:35
aaron11LorgonJortle, Ummm... there was a website that allows long videos. I just dont remember it.05:35
=== sabayonweb_87561 is now known as bouchard
mechanistte: do you read me?05:36
LorgonJortleaaron11, The problem with putting it onto a hosting site is that it'll like have to be converted to FLV... and I don't want to lose much quality, since it has a lot of text people have to read and it blurs easily with a format conversion.05:36
needlezfind it funny that im banned still from the site, what a jerk05:37
aaron11LorgonJortle, Did you make that video?05:37
LorgonJortleaaron11, It's my video, yes.05:37
aaron11LorgonJortle, It works ok on opera05:37
aaron11lemmy try firefox05:37
GaryDLorganJortle: why not use flowplayer? it should suport ogv. http://flowplayer.org/index.html05:37
mechanistte: http://digilander.libero.it/maxath/Screenshot.png05:38
LorgonJortleGaryD, I'll check it out. Thanks.05:38
GaryDLorganJortle: no prob...hope it helps.05:39
LittleRedanyone know if nvidia cards recognized in 11.4?05:39
cutiyarwhile compiling it say cannot find freetype-config ?05:39
=== dcat_ is now known as dcat
LorgonJortleaaron11, Any luck with fF?05:39
aaron11LorgonJortle, It doesnt support ogv.05:40
RoastedHas anybody used Ubuntu with LTSP? I'm curious about changing the login screen of the thin client systems so it can be better adapted for classroom use.05:40
LorgonJortleaaron11, Firefox, or JWPlayer?05:40
teLorgonJortle: Here is the way david miller does it, (maybe you can get a clue from his usage). See:  http://dave.frop.net/introduction_drupal_screencast05:41
LorgonJortleAh, so even if I use Flowplayer, if FF doesn't support it...05:41
Jordan_ULorgonJortle: Firefox and Google Chrome should support OGV out of the box.05:41
temechanist: yea, Did you try clicking on /dev/sda1 ?05:41
LorgonJortleJordan_U, That's what I though.05:41
LorgonJortlethought, even.05:41
needlezis there another channel for aircrack-ng??05:42
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teLorgonJortle: Firefox supports ogv05:42
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest98830
Jordan_Umechanist: Can you pastebin the output of "sudo parted -l"? I think there is a problem with your partition table.05:43
cutiyarwhats mean by this while compiling http://pastebin.com/WZD3ppxA??05:43
GaryDLorganJortle: check this page out at jwplayer suport too. http://www.longtailvideo.com/support/forums/jw-player/setup-issues-and-embedding/14857/basic-question-mp4-and-ogv05:44
teJordan_U: http://digilander.libero.it/maxath/diocane.txt05:44
mechanistte: where you see sda1 in the picture???05:44
mechanistI see only sda05:44
mechanistJordan_U: right05:45
=== dominic349028 is now known as dominic-wong
mechanistjordan there it is http://digilander.libero.it/maxath/diocane.txt05:45
GaryDLorganJortle: the problem is not the browsers. it is the way you are using the player.05:45
mechanistyou meand parted -le05:45
mechanist* -l , not fdisk -l...05:46
temechanist: /dev/sda  (not /dev/sda1)05:46
Jordan_Umechanist: I'd specifically like the output of parted -l as it uses the same libraries as used by the Ubuntu installer. But looking again it's not actually following the symptoms of a problem with the partition table. For the entire disk not being listed the problem is often with left over raid metadata.05:47
temechanist: Click on /dev/sda05:47
cutiyarany can answer plz?05:48
GaryDcutiyar: invalid pastebin id05:48
nbros652is there a log file that I can check to see what05:49
nbros652Is there a log file that I can check to see what connections are coming into my computer?05:49
cutiyarGaryD, http://pastebin.com/WAGLvbxw05:50
tenbros652: What connections?05:50
nbros652te: I have a log server set up, and a router that doesn't specify what port it uses for logging and doesn't allow me to specify a port.05:51
tenbros652: netstat -pantu05:51
GaryDcutiyar: seems like you don't have lcms installed.05:51
mechanistJordan_U I've done it05:51
tenbros652: And so what do you want to find out?05:51
mechanistcheck this file again05:52
AnubArackanyone know how I can get Vuze 4.6 in the Software Center?05:52
mechanistJordan_U: http://digilander.libero.it/maxath/diocane.txt05:52
cutiyarGaryD ,its third time ask me to install package05:52
nbros652te: it only shows current connections05:52
nbros652te: the router doesn't stay connected and therefore doesn't show up05:53
Jordan_Umechanist: I see no problems there. Was this drive ever part of an array?05:53
tenbros652: And so what exactly do you want to find out?05:54
GaryDcutiyar: you need the development packages. look here. https://github.com/mm2/Little-CMS05:54
soreauWhat is with apt-get upgrade failing because it wants /var/run/dbus/system_bus_socket http://pastebin.com/Ftdma27U from chroot05:55
nbros652te: what port the router communicates on05:55
cutiyarGaryD, i installed it from synaptic?05:55
mechanistte: I've clicked on it, and nothing happened. LOL05:55
GaryDcutiyar: nevermind that...sorry05:55
GaryDwrong link05:55
UnguidedIm a strong auditory/visual learner. Does anyone know of any podcasts for ubuntu?05:56
joshua__Is there a PDF reader for ubuntu that lets you place bookmarks?05:56
nbros652te: but the communication isn't established and maintained from what I can tell. It must come through only when there is an update, and then it disconnects.05:56
mechanistJordan_U: what you mean for "array", in this specific case? I've only one hard disk, subdivided in four partitions05:56
mechanistno, five.05:56
tenbros652: Still not sure what your getting at....???     nmap  ?05:57
GaryDcutiyar: you so need the development version of lcms...it is in the package manager. i am on ubuntu 10.10 and the package name is liblcms1-dev05:57
joshua__mechanist, how the heck is the one without it the default!?!05:57
tenbros652: tcpdump05:57
ActionParsnipUnguided: http://ubuntupodcast.net/05:57
mechanistjoshua__: what???05:57
joshua__mechanist, oh you weren't talking to me05:58
cutiyarGaryD, iam installing it now drom synaptic05:58
cutiyarGaryD, iam on 10.10 too05:58
UnguidedActionParsnip: Thanks again for the help.05:58
GaryDcutiyar: cool. that should fix it05:59
mechanistJordan_U: what you mean for "array", in this specific case? I've only one hard disk, subdivided in five partitions05:59
kevin_anyone know why rhythmbox with pulseaudio (default config in ubuntu 10.04) stutters hard 2,3 times per min?05:59
renagadexxAt the risk of sounding extremely retarded, how can I (If I can) configure Nautilius to give me an address bar instead of Breadcrumbs? A typable address bar?06:00
GaryDLorgonJortle: any success?06:00
Jordan_Umechanist: The only reason that I know of for Ubuntu's installer to ignore a drive is when that drive appears to be part of an array whose type the installer does not understand.06:00
nbros652te: here's what I've done. I've gone into the router configuration page. It has a place to enter the ip address of a serve on which to store logs. I set up rsyslog to receive the log data, but I don't know what port to set in the rsyslog.conf file.06:01
LorgonJortleGaryD, I'm installing FlowPlayer now. I had to make some tea.06:02
tenbros652: Oh, I see... ok, well not sure... It doesn't even suggest what type of service to use to accept the log files?06:02
nbros652te: Unfortunately, it doesn't. It's a Chinese router and all it has is a blank for an ip address. Doesn't hint at whether it uses udp or tcp and says nothing about the port.06:04
mechanistJordan_U: if you mean array of partitions, well I just have three ntfs, one ext4, one swap, and the Windows 7's installation manager too doesn't see the hard disk06:04
GaryDLorganJortle: cool. let everyone know how it goes...i gotta go.06:04
mechanistJordan_U: but GpartEd does, that's what I can't explain.06:04
tenbros652: what is the make and model of the router?06:05
GaryDg'night or g'mornin ... whichever it is to you!06:05
nbros652te: and I can't specify my own port because there input box has a character limit... Volans VE156006:05
Jordan_Umechanist: No, you don't currently have an array, but this disk may have previously been part of one, or there may be some other reason that something that looks like raid metadata might be on the drive.06:05
tenbros652: It doesn't suggest ftp or anything?06:05
Jordan_Umechanist: Try booting with the "nodmraid" kernel parameter. To do that press any key within the first 5 seconds of boot and press F6 to get a menu of options, check the nodmraid option.06:06
mechanisthell, this sounds serious then06:06
Jordan_Umechanist: No, not serious at all (if this is what's happening).06:06
nbros652te: Nothing. I have a check box for starting the system log service, one for enabling sending logs to a server, and an input box for an ip address, and that's it.06:06
mechanistJordan_U: I just have the live cd06:06
Jordan_Umechanist: I am referring to the LiveCD boot.06:07
mechanistonce I have booted with the nomraid, what I have to do?06:07
Jordan_Umechanist: If that is what was causing the problem then the installer should now show the disk.06:08
mechanistI run to try ir06:08
tenbros652: Maybe it will do an anonymous ftp?06:08
cutiyarwhats wrong with it ?http://pastebin.com/CKSPLe4g06:08
AnubArackhow can i get mono ? on 10.1006:08
nbros652te: I think I got something back from the tcpdump... IP > UDP, length 61606:09
teYou could specify port 21 and set up ftp server that will accept anonymous ftp (That's about all I can think of but just guessing)06:09
tenbros652:  is the router?06:10
nbros652te: yeah06:11
=== DouglasK is now known as DouglasKAway
tenbros652: So who is ?06:11
cutiyarplz http://pastebin.com/CKSPLe4g?06:11
nbros652te: my log server06:12
tenbros652: I really don't know....06:12
holmsermy wired ethernet port stopped working, not sure how to go about fixing it06:12
soreauIs there a way to say 'apt-get remove *2.6.32-29*' ?06:12
kevin_Anyone know good alternative to pulseaudio?06:14
nbros652te: thanks anyway06:15
Lindahow can i get back the title bar from system,is not showing06:15
ndxtghi! I write a program that runs on Ubuntu. The whole system will be burned into a CD so that when the PC boots the CD, the program runs. I'm gonna sell this CD. Is it legal? Do I have any license issue with Ubuntu? thanks06:15
Lindanot a single windows have a titlebar06:16
zachIn addition to pulse audio there is also alsa and ESD on Ubuntu.06:16
Lindai donnt have the minimize,maximize,close buttons06:17
holmserndxtg, read up on the GPL.06:17
zachby downloading the textreader.deb package available at dotdeb.com you can change to one of the other audio types in the options menu.06:17
mechanistJordan_U: no way, same issue than before: in the partition dialog of the installation manager nothing comes out06:19
Lindahow can i restar pannel06:19
mechanistanyway: for me, by now, it's time to go on the bed06:19
Lindaim missing my close,minimize,maximize06:19
Jordan_Umechanist: Very odd. Could you submit a bug report?06:19
mechanistnope because im not registered06:19
Chilaquilesis there any good IRC client for ubuntu?06:20
mechanistbut i smell something fishy about the hard drive06:20
mechanistsince it gave me the same error with the seven package06:20
Chilaquilesis there any IRc client that is almost exactly as mIRC?06:20
mechanistand this after getting a virus on xp06:20
MadpilotChilaquiles, try Xchat.06:20
KB1JWQChilaquiles: xchat perhaps.06:20
MadpilotChilaquiles, not xchat-gnome, which is an abomination. ;)06:20
ChilaquilesI've tried it already06:20
mechanistChilaquiles: surely it's kvirc06:20
Chilaquilesoh which one then?06:20
mechanistxchat is text-only06:21
ChilaquilesMadpilot: which one then?06:21
mechanistkvirc has all the grapghic interface06:21
AnubArackmechanist, no it's not06:21
CoNFuS3Dso does xchat06:21
AnubArackxhcat has UI06:21
CoNFuS3DI'm on xchat right now :P06:21
MadpilotChilaquiles, there's both xchat and xchat-gnome; xchat is awesome. xchat-gnome is neutered.06:21
AnubAracki ment to say GTK06:21
mechanisttoo many years behind then :)06:21
Chilaquilesprobably I've tried gnome06:21
mechanisttime do adjourn06:21
AnubArackanyone here uses Vuze?06:23
ChilaquilesI like kvirc but I don't like the way it has the windows on the left side06:23
zachwhat is Vuze06:23
mechanistAnubArack it's alot better kvirc06:24
AnubArackVuze is a torrent client06:24
holmseranyone feel like helping me troubleshoot my ethernet card?06:24
mechanistChilaquiles: maybe you can configure them, just as in mirc06:24
ChilaquilesI wanted to know if there is any mIRC client that has the windows the way windows does, on the bottom06:24
teholmser: what is wrong with it?06:24
holmserIt stopped working06:24
mechanistotherwise, you can also run mirc under wine06:24
Chilaquilesmechanist: that really sucks06:24
mechanistso that it works under linux too06:24
AnubArackTransmission is failing on my setup so I have to use Vuze (deluge fails even worst)06:25
mechanistI tried and it worked06:25
Chilaquilesbecause wine sux06:25
MadpilotChilaquiles, xchat is fairly configurable; you can move the various subwindows around06:25
Chilaquilesis very unstable06:25
Chilaquilesyou always see errors that you don't have any idea where they came from06:25
holmserIts strange, when I check it with ifconfig, it only shows an ipv6 address, no ipv406:25
Chilaquilesand sometimes you click buttons and they don't work, etc.06:25
mechanistthe only two programs i managed to make working under wine was mirc and notepad >=D06:25
teholmser: ifconfig06:26
Chilaquilesnow I'm getting pissed of with openoffice06:26
mechanistso wine remained the same, from the past years when I left it06:26
teholmser: what do you get from the output of ifconfig ?06:26
ActionParsnipmechanist: spotify works well, as does postal2 and doom306:26
teholmser: Does it say anything about it> eth0  ?06:26
Chilaquilesis that true that linux need antivirus now mechanist_06:26
mechanistanother windows applications porter?06:27
ActionParsnipChilaquiles: libreoffice is an alternative (although not hugely different), or you can use web apps like zoho office06:27
MadpilotChilaquiles, antivirus for linux? waste of time.06:27
holmserthats my ifconfig output06:27
mechanistI agee with Madpilot06:27
mechanistit's very useles06:27
ActionParsnipnot if you run a samba file server with windows clients06:27
ChilaquilesMadpilot: it says on the internet that noe there are 1000 threats for linux06:28
Chilaquilesabout 100006:28
MadpilotChilaquiles, in labs, or in the wild?06:28
Chilaquilesin the wild06:28
holmsereverything comes with source code, lol!06:28
Chilaquilesthats what Kaspersky says06:28
Madpilotrly? cite plz06:28
AnubArackmechanist, unless you have the habbit of making sudo timeout in 999999999999999999 minutes + install/run all sort of unverified scripts06:28
holmserI would love to see those comments in the code06:28
mechanistActionParsnip> mechanist: spotify works well, as does postal2 and doom306:28
ActionParsnipmechanist: indeed :)06:29
mechanistthis spotify seems interesting06:29
Chilaquileshttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linux_malware Madpilot06:29
mechanistit supports all the winzozz applications too?06:29
teholmser: How about:   sudo  ethtool eth006:29
ActionParsnipmechanist: i dont gots a paid account yet and you need paid to use linux client06:29
mechanistwhat the hell06:29
ActionParsnipmechanist: how do you mean 'aplications'?06:29
StepNjumpHi actionparsnip06:30
mechanistI mean such as winamp, word,photoshop,flash designing06:30
StepNjumphow are you06:30
ChilaquilesMadpilot: there is a list of virus, worms and trojans if you are interested06:30
Chilaquilesfor linux06:30
CoNFuS3DI am please Chilaquiles06:30
Chilaquilesso, it seems like linux is not as stable as it was06:30
holmserte: http://pastebin.com/LTHPrC0206:30
ActionParsnipmechanist: depends on version and wine version. Winamp you can use xmms206:31
halpbatmancan someone explain to me direct install to usb vs persistent usb install?06:31
ActionParsnip!appdb | mechanist06:31
ubottumechanist: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help06:31
holmsereverything seems to be in order te, I'm confused06:31
MadpilotChilaquiles, "not as stable as it was" is relative. Still vastly safer and easier to admin & secure than Windows06:31
teholmser: So this machine is, in fact, connected to the internet?  Yes?06:31
ChilaquilesCoNFuS3D: I just cited the page06:31
holmseryes, but through wifi right now06:31
CoNFuS3Dlol, I cant read... thanks06:31
mechanistwhy you speak me of winamp now, while just a momenta go you spoke about that fantastic spotify?06:31
ChilaquilesMadpilot: what about Mac?06:31
teholmser: Is the ehternet port connected to anything?06:32
ActionParsniphalpbatman: you can use a tool to put the install ISO on USB. Changes will not stick. Or you can create a persistant install on USB and yuo updates and changes will retain between reboots06:32
MadpilotChilaquiles, no clue. Never owned a Mac, hardly ever used them.06:32
StepNjumpactionparsnip: Hi. Would you know how to download the display drivers for my Acer netbook. I think you once helped me with that but unfortunately, I fried my old netbook!06:32
halpbatmanActionParsnip: so direct full install to usb is the same as persistent install?06:32
holmserte: yeah, it's plugged into my router right now, but for some reason I can't get it to show up06:32
ChilaquilesMadpilot: yes it can be relative but from lets say 90% secure that was before now is 50% secure06:33
halpbatmanActionParsnip: http://mintarticles.com/read/operating-systems-articles/how-to-install-portable-linux-ubuntu-on-a-bootable-usb-flash-drive-from-sun-virtualbox,13641/06:33
teholmser: Is this a laptop?06:33
Chilaquilesso, still is becoming insecure06:33
SchalaIs it common for Ubuntu/Wubi to trigger Startup Repair when booting back into Windows?06:33
holmserI've checked my /etc/network/interfaces about 5 times06:33
holmserte: no, desktop machine06:33
ActionParsnipStepNjump: what model?06:33
CoNFuS3DChilaquiles, it also says "most have become obsolete" :P06:33
ActionParsnipStepNjump: have you asked the channel?06:33
geoffmcchas anyone seen or been affected by install failing (black screen) with nvidia card latley?06:34
StepNjumpNo actionparsnip. I haven't asked yet06:34
StepNjumpI will06:34
ActionParsniphalpbatman: ive never heard of direct full install06:34
teholmser: And you want it to conect via hard wired connecton?06:34
AnubArackSchala, no. you just didn't let it boot one time and it self-diagnosed that it has a problem (just select boot normaly)06:34
ActionParsnipStepNjump: mention the netbook model06:34
holmserte: exactly06:34
Schalait seems either Ubuntu is touching my Windows system, or Windows is suicidal about coexisting with Ubuntu06:34
MadpilotChilaquiles, the rise in popular, easy-to-use Linux versions like Ubuntu was always going to lead to an increase in attacks. I'd say "50% secure" is gross scaremongering, though.06:34
Schalaoh I see06:34
AnubArackI'm on wubi too and never got it06:34
teholmser: sudo apt-get install wicd06:34
ActionParsnipMadpilot: i've been saying that, mac used to be the same06:34
=== MTeck-InPain is now known as MTecknology
ChilaquilesCoNFuS3D: and others are appearing06:35
danielhey idk if this is the wrong place to ask this but anyone seen a ubuntu theme that resembles the android honeycomb or gingerbread06:35
Gorilla_No_Bakalol daniel06:35
halpbatmanActionParsnip: so I'm trying to figure out the difference between what this guy is doing  "http://mintarticles.com/read/operating-systems-articles/how-to-install-portable-linux-ubuntu-on-a-bootable-usb-flash-drive-from-sun-virtualbox,13641/" and a persistent install06:35
AnubArackdaniel, google ?06:35
halpbatmanActionParsnip: what he's doing is he installed full ubuntu from CD directly to usb drive06:36
ActionParsnipdaniel: like this: http://images.intomobile.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/Android-Honeycomb.jpg06:36
SchalaOkay well thanks. I think I'll wait for my new drive before getting Ubuntu again though.06:36
Gorilla_No_Bakadaniel:  apt-get install ginger-bread theme06:36
teholmser: (Wicd - Wired and Wireless Network Connection Manager06:36
=== mRy is now known as Guest85162
Schalahopefully will be soon because I love what Ubuntu offers but Windows is still a necessity06:36
ChilaquilesMadpilot: I still wonder why people compare more Linux vs Windows but I don't hear Linux vs Mac very often06:36
ActionParsniphalpbatman: not sure, could ask in #vbox06:37
danielGorilla_No_Baka, beggars cnt be choosers but is there a honeycomb one i like the blue better06:37
halpbatmanActionParsnip: k thx06:37
MadpilotChilaquiles, because Mac is also a minority system; Windows is the grossly insecure one of the trio, and also the largest target.06:37
danielActionParsnip, yeh but a theme for ubuntu06:38
ActionParsnipdaniel: http://www.99cblog.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/city.jpg   is the wallpaper06:38
ChilaquilesMadpilot: you're right is a minority system but I have seen that the half of maybe more in my university use macs06:38
AnubArackChilaquiles, plus osx and linux have a common root and many similarities06:38
ChilaquilesMadpilot: so, I wonder how long it would take for mac to overtake Windows monopoly06:39
mrdebuntumacs have i3 intel now06:39
teholmser: Once wicd is installed, you will need to log out and back in again in order for the interface to become visible on the screen.  After logging back in again, you'll see a little icon in the bar that has what looks like one monitor in front of another.  Click on it to change from one connection to the other - to choose what device to use for a network connection.06:39
AnubArackChilaquiles, at the prices of macs .... never06:39
ChilaquilesAnubArack: do they come from the same source?06:39
Gorilla_No_BakaChilaquiles:  they only have to lower their prices and they will overtaken them in about one month06:39
MadpilotChilaquiles, ask Mr. Jobs. This is kind of getting off-topic for #ubuntu, though. Non-tech support should really be moved to #ubuntu-offtopic06:40
WauraudonI'm running a CLI install of Ubuntu, and I'm trying to replace tty1 with an interactive script using dialog. The problem is, sometimes boot messages continue to display after tty1 is initialized, causing my menu to not display. Any ideas?06:40
ActionParsnipte: wicd also has a cli interface with wicd-curses so is great for servers :)06:40
ChilaquilesAnubArack: but I think Mac people know that their prices are not competitive right now, but I'm sure they will lower the prices as they see an increment in their sales06:40
teActionParsnip: Very good.  Thanks for info.06:40
vsk_ram21any posibility of using 32bit repo in a 64 bit system.?06:40
teActionParsnip: I mostly just use it on my laptop.06:41
ChilaquilesGorilla_No_Baka: I agree with you 100%06:41
cfeddeWauraudon: one common way to run UI on systems like that is to direct the UI to one of the alternate screens06:42
syn-ackvsk_ram21, They're one in the same06:42
Wauraudoncfedde: Using another tty?06:42
syn-ackvsk_ram21, May I ask why you think you need a 32 bit application on your system?06:43
=== Guest98830 is now known as DarkDevil
holmserte: seems to be working now06:43
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest48611
vsk_ram21syn-ack:i need to use back-track repo which currently supports only 32 bit...06:43
teholmser: Very good.06:44
holmserstrange that wicd would see it but not network manager06:44
eossanyone here know php06:44
CoNFuS3Dmay I suggest #php eoss06:44
syn-ackvsk_ram21, Backtrack as in the Distribution or Backports?06:44
teholmser: Oh well...06:44
holmseranyone know how I would go about changing the default network manager to wicd?06:44
mrdebuntuholmser: install wicd and purge network manager. why are you doign in06:45
teholmser: I think you just did.06:45
holmserwhat is really pissing me off is that I wasn't able to do it from the command line06:45
temrdebuntu: holmser Yea just uninstall network-manager, right?06:45
mrdebuntuyou typically consider wicd in an openbox environment. network manager suits gnome fine.06:46
ActionParsnipholmser: just install wicd and reboot, then remove network manager06:46
FrozenFireIs there any way to verify the integrity of an official mirror? I suspect that my local(-ish) mirror is serving corrupted packages.06:46
sqwertleI've installed BT4 using the tutorial found at: http://tolearnfree.blogspot.com/2009/07/how-to-install-backtrack4-using-grub-of.html . I seem to be still having a problem with BT4 being read only, I'm not sure what to do about that, and for some reason Ubuntu is giving me an error saying that it can't mount ubuntu, but skipping the mounting process allows it to boot normally as though it's trying to mount some secondary filesystem that06:46
sqwertleis just a copy, not too sure.06:46
ActionParsnipsqwertle: backtrack isn't supported here06:46
teholmser: apt-get --purge remove network-manager06:46
holmserI tried ifconfig eth0 down, then edited my /etc/network/interfaces then putting it back up06:46
holmserwhat does the --purge flag do?06:47
sqwertleActionParsnip: What about my Ubuntu question? Aside from that it's not particularly BT4 it should be fstab related.06:47
nbros652te: the port from tcpdump was the one I wanted. Thanks06:47
eossCoNFuS3D, i tried there they all seem to be asleep =[06:47
holmserobviously it purges something, but what?06:47
ActionParsnipsqwertle: check:  dmesg | less    and see what is going on06:47
vsk_ram21syn-ack: i need to add some packages from backtrack repo06:47
CoNFuS3Dwell... #ubuntu isn't really the place for php :P06:47
teholmser: but I don't think it would matter if you didn't uninstall it.  Not sure really if it would make a difference.  Probably best to uninstall it though.06:47
ActionParsnipsqwertle: for ANY backtrack issues ask in the backtrack channel06:48
=== Charlie_Sheen is now known as Brain_S
tenbros652: very well.06:48
syn-ackvsk_ram21, I'm trying to figure out what you mean by backtrack repo... Are you talking about the distribution or what?06:48
MadpilotFrozenFire, switch to the main archives, for starters. Check Launchpad for reporting repo issues06:48
holmsermight I suggest using backtrack on a USB drive for ease of disposal.06:48
edwardwell that's my hopes and dreams of a friday shipment of my mbp dashed.  EOB and it hasn't appeared from customs blackout yet :(06:48
danie114after i insert a thumb drive how do i remfort it the only options i see are eject and safley remove drive06:48
syn-ackActionParsnip, Am I safe to assume that that vsk_ram21 guy means the Distro?06:48
FrozenFireMadpilot: Every new install I do would have problems. I'd like to know whether the issue is the mirror, or something I'm doing.06:49
sqwertleholmser: I plan on using it slightly long term, the installation seems to be more useful atm.06:49
cfeddeWauraudon: you'll probably notice that when you hit <alt><f2> you get a new console?06:49
tedanie114: You want to re-format it?06:49
FrozenFireI just did an install where the package lists were so severely corrupted on a clean install that I had to wipe them and re-update.06:49
danie114te, yeh sorry06:49
tedanie114: What is wrong with the filesystem that is on it now?06:49
=== Brain_S is now known as FarkingBish
vsk_ram21syn-ack: i just need to use some packages in BT repo like adding repo like opera , google etc..06:50
ActionParsnipsyn-ack: not sure06:50
holmserdanie114, go to system, administration, gparted06:50
meanhow about the UCloner for backup ubuntu?06:50
MadpilotFrozenFire, have you looked on Launchpad or the main ubuntu site for info on who runs your local mirror?06:50
syn-ackvsk_ram21, I'm now fairly certain you have no idea which repo you're talking about06:50
holmseror "gksudo gparted" from CLI06:50
Wauraudoncfedde: I notice that, that's how I log into the system to edit the script or run other commands, but the UI on tty1 is configured using /etc/init/tty1.conf using respawn, so if it doesn't display properly the first time, I can't get it to work06:50
syn-ackvsk_ram21, Most of those apps can be found in the Partners repo and even google, who has their own safe repo to add and use.06:51
holmserwhat is the best option for creating a network login setup in linux?06:51
danie114te, its not working right i installed ubuntu on it and it didnt boot right with my computer but i used another one and it worked fine i just wanna fix it06:51
FrozenFireMadpilot: Will do. Was just hoping there was an independent means of comparing the package lists or package checksums to a "clean" version without a bunch of scripting.06:51
teholmser: what do you mean, network login setup?06:52
cfeddeWauraudon, you are saying that you start your ui script in the /etc/init/tty1.conf file?06:52
Wauraudoncfedde: yea, it replaces the login on tty106:52
MadpilotFrozenFire, not AFAIK. Another case of "that's never broken for me, so I don't know how to fix it"...06:52
syn-ackvsk_ram21, And to be quite blunt with you, we don't really assist with non-supported repos.06:52
LorgonJortlete, Does that work for you? http://jyrangames.com/VideoTutorials/UnderstandingLOGL_GLib.html06:52
cfeddeWauraudon why not put it in say tty2.conf or 3?06:53
holmserte: I have 4 ubuntu installs going right now.  I would like to have a central server to log into that verifies my credentials06:53
Wauraudoncfedde: It has to display as soon as the system is finished booting, is there a way to make tty2 or 3 the default tty?06:53
vsk_ram21syn-ack: leave abt supporting non-supported repos..any ways for configuring synaptic or apt to use a 32 bit repo.?06:53
holmserI don't need my home directory and such to move with me, although that would be a nice perk06:53
cfeddeWauraudon: maybe... let me do some research.06:54
cfeddeWauraudon: I used to do something like that on SCO back in the oldendays.06:54
holmserI guess I'm looking for something similar to an Active Directory setup te06:54
tedanie114: http://www.slax.org/get_slax.php?download=tar  Simply unzip it to your USB device and run bootinst.bat (or bootinst.sh) to make it bootable.06:54
Wauraudoncfedde: Do messages from the boot process only spill over onto tty1 or all of them?06:55
ActionParsnipholmser: could use openldap06:55
tedanie114: After you re-format it vfat...06:55
holmserActionParsnip, googling now...06:55
cfeddeWauraudon: iirc they go where syslog sends them.06:55
AnubArackoh man, i love compiz06:55
tedanie114: sudo fdisk -l06:55
StepNjumpHi guys, I would like to install the display drivers for my new Acer Netbook D255-1268 (runs on dualcore N550).  So far, the only thing I have tried is to run the Additional drivers wizard found in the systems menu. Any ideas?06:56
teLorgonJortle: Nope.  Just shows a green box in the upper left corner.06:56
syn-ackvsk_ram21, Check your manpages next time. http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/lucid/man1/dpkg-architecture.1.html06:56
holmserActionParsnip, that looks like a perfect solution, thank you06:57
LorgonJortleWhat the Hell... FlowPlayer didn't work at all. So I tried fooling with JWPlayer. It turns out (right on the site) that it DOES support OGV... so I'm not sure what's going wrong there. Man, I've no idea.06:57
okaprinarjayaanybody active users of GTK+ here?06:58
Wauraudoncfedde: I already changed kernel.printk in /etc/sysctl.conf to 3 4 1 3 to suppress warnings about automount that were appearing over top of my dialog UI06:58
Wauraudoncfedde: That was one problem solved :p06:58
syn-ackokaprinarjaya, I'd say that anyone running Ubuntu is.06:58
vsk_ram21syn-ack: thank u06:58
danie114te, its taking forever to download 7 mins left06:59
okaprinarjayasyn-ack: i mean a GTK+ developer :)07:00
brontoeeeLorgonJortle, jwplayer will switch to html5 mode, flash wont support ogv itself07:00
okaprinarjayai need to know reporting tools in GTK+07:00
brontoeeeLorgonJortle, dunno about flowplayer07:00
holmseranyone have any recommendations on a good linux administration book?07:00
StepNjumpHi guys, I would like to install the display drivers for my new Acer Netbook D255-1268 (runs on dualcore N550).  So far, the only thing I have tried is to run the Additional drivers wizard found in the systems menu. Any ideas?07:00
okaprinarjayahello satya07:01
satyaPlease see this thread. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1703988&highlight=ssl+error07:01
mrdebuntuStepNjump: that should work. what are you getting when you activate recommended?07:01
LorgonJortlebrontoeee, JWPlayer works great for me in Chromium, but everyone else I talk to is unable to view it (they're on Windows). Any ideas?07:01
satyaokaprinarjaya: hi07:01
LorgonJortleAlso, JWPlayer doesn't work for me in  FF.07:01
teLorgonJortle: Here is a portion of the code from Dave's page:  http://pastebin.com/czRY4xQq07:01
phaedoholmser: what are you looking to do in linux?07:02
okaprinarjayasatya: do u know reporting tools / widget in GTK+?07:02
NotTooDumb3can you please help me with this mkimage error? http://pastebin.com/5MhuSVSz07:02
StepNjumpmrdebuntu: nothing comes up unfortunately07:02
holmserphaedo, I want to learn it.  Really learn it.  Down to the nuts and bolts.07:02
mrdebuntuStepNjump: do you have nvidia video?07:02
satyaokaprinarjaya: i dont know.07:02
tedanie114: Did you re-format it?07:02
LorgonJortlete, I've the same exact code now (trying it without JWPlayer) and it still works in Chromium, but not in FF.07:02
StepNjumpMrdebuntu. I'm to quite sure. I could check the specifications07:03
brontoeeeLorgonJortle, windows, as ie users? you will need some additional formats, or use flash compatible format exclusively07:03
danie114te still waiting for the download07:03
mrdebuntulet me check07:03
mrdebuntuStepNjump: have you ran update manager first?07:03
soreauHow can you upgrade lucid to maverick using only cli?07:03
LorgonJortlebrontoeee, They've all been using FF.07:03
holmserphaedo, I've been running it exclusively for the last 5 years, but now I want to get down and dirty.  I was thinking about trying a LFS install07:03
_skplsoreau: sudp apt-get dist-upgrade07:03
brontoeeeLorgonJortle, then ogv should work with <video> tag or with jwplayer configured to switch to html5 mode07:04
mdorrellserver chat.stlondemand.com07:04
soreau_skpl: That returns no packages upgraded07:04
phaedoholmser, oh okay, well I don't know any books right off the top of my head... but you can always search google for whatever you might want your server to do07:04
soreau_skpl: 0 upgraded07:04
StepNjumpmrdebuntu: yes, I ran the update manager07:04
LorgonJortlebrontoeee, JWPlayer doesn't switch automagically?07:04
Wauraudoncfedde: Adjusting a setting for klogd seems to be the way to do it but I'm not sure what exactly to do07:04
_skplsoreau: oh, nm then07:04
brontoeeeLorgonJortle, i dont follow it for like two generations now, i think my scripts are still using version 4.1 or something like that07:05
mrdebuntuStepNjump: is there an issue with your display?07:05
brontoeeeLorgonJortle, also i almost exlusively use h264 in mp4 containers07:05
holmserphaedo, I would eventually like linux sys admin to be my job07:05
LorgonJortlebrontoeee, It's weird, I added the Java code to play OGG videos if HTML5 fails so that FF might work, but it's not failing, it's just not working. The HTML5 video starts to load, and then craps out, so it never gets to the flash video.07:05
brontoeeeLorgonJortle, ok, now iam confused, can u pastebin your logic to some place, how it should work, how it is working?07:07
holmserLorgonJortle, let me get this straight, you're trying to embed a video on a web page encoded in OGV?07:07
LorgonJortleholmser, Aye.07:07
phaedoholmser, i would start looking into linux certifications07:07
tyrezahello there07:08
phaedoholmser, maybe a few good books will surface in the search07:08
tyrezais there anyone there ?07:08
holmserI have been, but I much prefer what I like to call "organic learning"07:08
LorgonJortlebrontoeee, Check the source (CTRL+U) for this: http://jyrangames.com/VideoTutorials/UnderstandingLOGL_GLib.html07:08
holmsercertifications are great, but they are no match for hands on learning07:08
tyrezawell, i got small question : how to change the hostname on a ubuntu machien ?07:08
LasivianI'm trying to delete a program entry in the gnome panel menu, it's not showing up when I edit, and it's not showing up in applications.menu, where else should I look? thanks07:08
LorgonJortlebrontoeee, Also, does that load for you?07:09
StepNjumpmrdebuntu: no, not really other than that the FXs are all grayed out in the Visual appearance ! Visual effects07:09
phaedoholmser, this is true, yet if you get your CCNA and know enough about linux then there is your job07:09
phaedoalso the CCNA is a very respected cert07:09
danie114te, ok so the program just finished downloading now what07:10
mrdebuntuStepNjump: hmm ok. it may be a newer intel graphics chip.  the intel driver is typically automatically installed and features 3d effects in linux07:10
danie114btw this drive is a HP v100w USB Flash Drive07:10
tedanie114:  unzip it to your USB device and run bootinst.bat (or bootinst.sh) to make it bootable.07:11
satyaPlease see this thread. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1703988&highlight=ssl+error07:11
Fermat618Hello world!07:11
StepNjumpmrdebuntu: The main reason that motivated me to try to download new video drivers is because my mouse is very quick to go all over the place when I type.. In one forum, someone was suggesting to download new video drivers (I don't see what the reason for doing so is)07:11
holmserphaedo,  my issue is that most of those certs give you the how, not the why07:11
holmserI need to know the why07:11
tedanie114: Did you re-format it?07:11
holmserI'm already A+ and N+ certified07:11
arlanderanyone: does anyone know the full-form of SSP, I saw some books under t0rr3nts with name SSP In Action07:12
danie114te, not yet thats what i dont know how to do07:12
phaedoholmser, that is when you search for the why... which sometimes isn't answered07:12
StepNjumpMrdebuntu: Here are my specs: Display: 10.1-inch (1024 x 600) 200-nitere TFT LCD07:12
StepNjumpChipset: Mobile Intel NM10 Express07:12
StepNjumpGraphics: Integrated Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 315007:12
holmserI was thinking about getting their linux+ cert, but it looks like a joke07:12
brontoeeeLorgonJortle, this is mess with js, java, flash and html5, you will have to isolate each and see if it works or not, or find some less messy method07:12
recognoscoargh. grading assignments sux.07:12
phaedoif you want to be a linux admin07:12
mrdebuntuStepNjump: all right. well, i will research your particular model and see i find anything. as far as i know, the driver should automatically work for intel, sans some newer chipset models.07:12
W43372Is there anybody here who knows anything about acer netbooks?07:13
brontoeeeLorgonJortle, also you will need to add some mime tags for ogv video to server i belive07:13
cryptodirawhere does one get the authentication keys for the Opera browser?  so that the upgrade manager will do its job..10.10 amd/6407:13
brontoeeeLorgonJortle, it doesnt work on ff or chromium here07:13
phaedoCCNA, will give you the knowledge for networks (how to setup, etc.) then linux is what you need to learn just by testing stuff out on your own07:13
cryptodiraor conversely, how do you tell the upgrade manger to ignore Opera?07:13
LorgonJortlebrontoeee, Hmm... alright. I'll get to the JWPlayer docs and see if I can get it more properly setup.07:13
phaedoi took a linux class in college and they don't really teach much...  basic commands07:14
recognoscophaedo: what sort of linux class?07:14
brontoeeeLorgonJortle, why jwplayer if your format of choice is html5 related?07:14
StepNjumpMrdebuntu: Like you say, maybe it's too recent... Would you have a work around for preventing mouse to go all over the place whilst typing?07:14
mrdebuntuStepNjump: what about the mouse settings? have you experimented with changing acceleration there?07:15
arlanderSSP ?07:15
LorgonJortlebrontoeee, You think it'd be fine to stick with HTML5 and OGV?07:15
phaedoi forgot the name of the class, but all we did was learn how to make a few scripts, and little small things07:15
recognoscophaedo: undergrads usually take a system programming class using the the famous textbook - advanced unix programming. other things - they have  to pick up themselves.07:15
dancrew32hey I'm testing something with an irc commandline client. can someone type my nick real fast please?07:16
brontoeeeLorgonJortle, yes, with single dropdown to download if video tag or ogv is not supported07:16
phaedorecognosco, very true...  i have learned more myself than from that class.07:16
StepNjumpMrdebuntu: I don't know exactly what happens but my mouse goes all over the place at times.. Windows close and open... I don't really know if it's due to the mouse or something else... Sometimes I will see my mouse pointer go all over the place really quick!07:16
dancrew32hilight dancrew3207:16
dancrew32crap, sorry07:16
recognoscophaedo: but that textbook is great for reference07:16
LorgonJortlebrontoeee, Alright. I'll get on that then. Thanks.07:17
brontoeeeLorgonJortle, the supereasy way is just a direct link to ogv file, some will then download, some will open in browser07:17
LorgonJortleNo doubt.07:17
phaedorecognosco, nowadays a google search is faster than thumbing through a book, but that is just my opinion07:17
brontoeeeLorgonJortle, and its not messy07:18
LorgonJortleYeah. :P07:18
recognoscophaedo: but reading a book cover to cover gives a better understanding of the whole subject. google searches are good, but they are for solutions to problems at hand. for theory, we need the text.07:18
ActionParsnipStepNjump: is it a sony laptop?07:19
phaedorecognosco, true, i just consoled old documentation earlier tonight to help someone07:19
brontoeeeLorgonJortle, <a href="videos/video.ogv" target="_blank">click for ogg</a>07:19
W43372I need some advice on setting up a partition07:19
phaedorecognosco, learn to crawl before you can run ... ;-)07:19
LorgonJortlebrontoeee, Yeah, that's simple enough. :P07:19
StepNjumpMrdebuntu: Conservatively, I disabled the scrolling feature under mouse settings and flagged disable touchpad while typing  but that doesn't seem to make a difference. When I say I have problem with my mouse, I should have referred to it as the touchpad. Sorry. No! It's an Acer netbook.07:19
overcluckerthe only two things i got out of my linux college course were swatch, and logrotate07:20
cryptodirawhere does one get the authentication keys for the Opera browser?  so that the upgrade manager will do its job..10.10 amd/6407:20
recognoscophaedo: i agree. unix administration is more of an experience thing. it comes of age.07:20
cryptodiraor conversely, how do you tell the upgrade manger to ignore Opera?07:20
W43372stepnjump: What kind of acer netbook do you have? I just bought one today and I'm putting 10.10 on it right now07:20
phaedorecognosco, most servers run unix07:20
recognoscophaedo: ...07:21
mrdebuntuStepNjump: ok07:21
phaedorecognosco, i thought you said when it comes to age... sorry07:21
bryhoytIf I use dd to create a harddrive image of my 160Gb drive (/dev/sda), and I only have about 10Gb of actual data on the drive, can I get away with dd'ing only the first 10Gb, assuming my data is not fragmented, or would that never work in any situation?07:22
StepNjumpIt's the one that they have for sale there at Costco W43372., The Acer D255-1268 model (black color). It works well W43372 but it would benefit a lot from fine tuning it (I have some instructions somewhere.. If you want I could email you the link) and an extra 1GB would be very good.07:22
recognoscobryhoyt: i recently dd'ed a 250gb disk - it took 30 hours07:23
W43372stepnjump: the email is eldonkr@gmail.com; go for it. When you were installing did your drive have 3 different ntfs partions on it?07:23
bryhoytrecognosco: that's exactly why I want to try cutting down07:23
holmserIs it just me, or is dropbox just fancy rsync?07:23
recognoscobryhoyt: but to answer your question, no. i don't think so.07:23
ChikokishiWhat is the difference between Synaptic and Software centre?07:24
StepNjumpMrdebuntu & mrdebuntu: If the touchpad disabled whilst typing were to work properly, it would be great. Seems to be a bug from Ubuntu. Might want to report it07:24
Athenont/give athenon87 4 6407:24
bryhoytholmser: yes, but try explaining rsync to your grandmother ;-)07:24
brontoeeeChikokishi, synaptic is sexy and fast, while software center is also there07:24
StepNjumpW43372, yes I believe so.. The normal C partition, the recovery partition and I forget what the other one came up as... If you want I could check using fdisk here07:24
StepNjumpIt was 3 or 4 partitions, yes07:25
W43372stepnjump: Mine has a 14gb part, a 104mb, and a 236gb. I want to keep windows and the recovery partitions, So I need to know which two to leave alone, I'm assuming the two smallest but I don't want to be wrong07:25
swazzyQ I can't see my wally icon on the panel so i can change my picture's around.07:25
Chikokishibrontoeee, so Software centre is synaptic for people who like windows type stuff?07:25
StepNjumpW43372 What I have done is I downloaded a free partition manager from download.com and resized the main C partition to allow 100GB for Linux use formated in EXT3 FS. The install was very easy after that.07:26
bryhoytrecognosco: what if I reduce the /dev/sda1 partition size to  < ~10Gb (with say gparted), can I get a good image of /dev/sda by copying only the first ~10Gb (plus a few Mb just to be safe)? I.e. is all the partition table, mbr, etc etc stored at the start of the drive?07:26
brontoeeeChikokishi, windows doesnt have a concept of central repos, so what do you mean?07:26
overcluckerChikokishi: I haven't seen a package manager like that on windows yet07:26
W43372stepnjump: I'm assuming that the two smallest partitions are windows and the recovery, right?07:27
ChikokishiI mean.. like the way it works07:27
recognoscobryhoyt: that would be a more feasible solution. reduce the size. dd it.07:27
phaedomaybe he meant it's more gui-ish07:27
overcluckerChikokishi: ah, it is a bit simple07:27
Chikokishilike in ubuntu a lot of stuff is run in terminal, where as in windows a lot of the 'same' stuff is run in control panel07:27
ChikokishiYeahh Gui ish07:27
=== jsurfer_ is now known as jsurfer
phaedothat will be in the dictionary soon...07:28
brontoeeeso synaptic is less guiish then software center? :)07:28
bryhoytrecognosco: Thanks. Do you know for certain it would be reliable, or could I still be shooting myself in the foot? This is a production system, so kinda important for me not to create latent problems.07:28
ChikokishiMaybe... lol07:28
StepNjumpW43372: yes you want to resize your 236GB to let's say 100GB size for Ubuntu use via Windows 7 using a free partition software. That way when you will try to install Ubuntu with your USB key, it will be very clear which partition to reformat in EXT4. No confusion to have there.07:28
Chikokishiwhoknows.  Long story short im trying to get Geda to work like Pspice.07:28
cryptodirai am looking at 'mark all upgrades' in synaptic.... it wants to remove VLC, but not upgrade or replace it... is VLC not supported for 10.10 amd/64 ?07:28
Chikokishiand so i was trying to decide between using syna and software centre07:29
mrdebuntucryptodira: it is supported07:29
StepNjumpW43372, well one of the two is def. the recovery but the other one I wouldn't know. No, it's not the windows. Windows actually resides on your 236GB partition07:29
cryptodiramrdebuntu,  then why would it want to remove it for upgrades?07:29
mrdebuntucryptodira: i dont know. i just use apt in terminal to apt-get upgrade07:29
brontoeeeChikokishi, you can use both for various tasks07:29
recognoscobryhoyt: an dd copy of 10gb will bring back that 10gb only. so stuff that you add later, will be lost when your restore the backup. i think rsync is the smarter way to go.07:29
=== Swish[\] is now known as Swish
anarchistum default ubuntu install, installs both.07:29
W43372Then what is that 14 GB partition?07:30
W43372stepnjump: Then what is the 14gb partition of the largest one is windows?07:30
StepNjumpCan somebody tell me what the bash command is to be used in order to list all partitions on my sda1?07:30
Chikokishibrontoeee ah ok.  You wouldnt happen to know anything about Geda and Pspice would you? lol07:30
cryptodiramrdebuntu, hmmmm.... ok, Thank You.07:30
brontoeeeChikokishi, nope07:30
bryhoytrecognosco: I'm trying to clone the entire system for multiple hands-free installs, so just copying files wouldn't work. I need to make sure the MBR and partition table are all intact07:30
mrdebuntucryptodira: someone else here may know the answer07:30
ChikokishiOk thanks!07:31
StepNjumpIf someone tells me how to list my partitions in the bash shell, I will let you know my friend07:31
recognoscoStepNjump: fdisk -l /dev/sda107:31
tyreza how to change hostname ?07:31
FloodBot1tyreza: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.07:31
recognoscobryhoyt: then dd is the way to go.07:31
halpbatmancan you acces ext4 from windows or os x?07:31
bryhoytrecognosco: great, thanks07:31
tyrezahow  to change hostname ?07:32
StepNjumpok thanks a lot recognosco. Let me check that W4337207:32
ActionParsnipStepNjump: sda1 is a partition. You can see partitions on sda with: sudo parted -l07:32
recognoscotyreza: edit /etc/hostname07:32
recognoscotyreza: also edit the entries in /etc/hosts07:32
tyrezathat's all ? recognosco07:32
StepNjumpthanks actionparsnip07:32
tyrezathanks a lot07:32
tyrezalet me check07:33
anarchistStepNjump: try df -hx tmpfs07:33
recognoscotyreza: that's what i do.07:33
ActionParsniptyreza: run: gksudo gedit /etc/hosts   and gksudo gedit /etc/hostname07:33
anarchistStepNjump: or less /etc/fstab07:33
W43372Stepnjump, I'm mainly a ubuntu user, I don't like seven two much, I just want to keep it around on a small partition to mess around with and give up most of the laptop to using ubuntu07:33
=== Swish[\] is now known as Swish
recognoscoanyways, i hate grading assignments07:34
ActionParsniptyreza: once BOTH are open you can change the files for the new hostname (case sensitive). Save the files and reboot07:35
tyrezaworking thanks a lot ActionParsnip & recognosco07:35
W43372stepnjump the thing on the install screen is telin gme that /dev/sda1 (the 14gb) is the vista loader and sda2 104mb is the 7loader and sda3 is blank07:35
spaceninjadoes anyone know how to export pdf's with a4 size in openoffice?07:36
tyrezaan other question, what kind of file we got on /usr/sbin ?07:36
ActionParsniptyreza: you need to change both or the OS cannot resolve its own name to and sudo will not work07:36
recognoscotyreza: system binaries, for users07:36
=== mRy is now known as Guest22299
tyrezayes i know i done and working, ActionParsnip07:37
recognoscotyreza: i.e. symtem tools that will be needed after booting up the OS07:37
ActionParsniptyreza: just a handy fyi :-)07:38
StepNjumpW43372: http://paste.ubuntu.com/578216/07:38
W43372StepNJump: Hold the phone, I think I found a simple solution; the option to 'install alongside exsisting OS' looks like it will let me install without breaking anything07:39
tyrezawell, i have to run  ten command similar like that /usr/sbin/apps, can i simply create a script to do the same thing07:39
riz0nIs anyone familiar with procmail?07:40
recognoscotyreza: don't understand your question07:40
StepNjumpsda1 is 14GB, that must be the recovery partition. sda2 is only 105MB, must be the boot partition (I guess), sda3 is 131 GB, that's my Win7 (very slow using 1GB with this computer, not worth it. I kept it because the kids like it)07:40
riz0nI have an email account I would like to configure where it will forward all incoming messages to another account, but retain the messages in its inbox for review by those who log directly into the account.07:41
StepNjumpW43372, yes I think that's what I used.. either that or advanced07:41
=== satya___ is now known as satya
StepNjumpsorry I forget07:41
W43372StepNJump: Sorry to have made you do all the work, that other option had me drag a slider to allocate space07:41
ActionParsniptyreza: sure make a script with the commands you run and you can do them all with one command :-)07:41
StepNjumpW43372, did you format your future linux partition using a partitioner software from Win7 previously?07:41
tyrezathis is what i have to run : http://paste.ubuntu.com/578220/07:42
StepNjumpW43372... ah that's it..07:42
tyrezahow to script that one ?07:42
StepNjumpthat's what I did in the end.. you are right07:42
StepNjumpDoesn't look like a slider at first!07:42
W43372StepNJump: No, I didn't do anything other than run the intiial set up and type in a name and pw for 707:42
recognoscotyreza: google "linux shell scripting"07:42
StepNjumpW43372 so I partitionned in Win7 for no reason at all!07:42
dspace_how to configure freeradius on ubuntu?..07:43
tyrezaok understand07:43
ActionParsniptyreza: make a text file with that in07:43
StepNjumpW43372, so that's it... the partitions are 1-Win 7, 2-boot and, 3-recovery07:43
tyrezaunderstand, thank you very helpful to be07:43
W43372StepNJump: Exactly, the partitioning tool in the install would have done the same thing you did with the windows software07:43
=== Guest48611 is now known as DarkDevil
ActionParsniptyreza: then add this as line 1:   #!/bin/bash07:44
StepNjumpW43372, I was surprised that Maverick didn't request for me to create a swap partition though. I wonder if it even did by itself!07:44
v4nelleanybody with ubuntu and floola?07:44
StepNjumpoh yes it did.. sda707:44
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest32393
W43372StepNJump: I would assume so.07:44
StepNjump3GB worth07:44
StepNjumpW43372, yep, I just overwrote all this work for nothing!07:45
tyrezayes, i know that ActionParsnip, actually i got a script like that to ssh on my machine, i simply wanna know if possible to do same thing with that command that's all, if yes i will do the same thing07:45
recognoscoStepNjump: i think automated partitioning does an LVM with swap and blah blah07:45
ActionParsniptyreza: save the file as whatever you like then rightclick the file -> properties and mark it executable07:45
W43372StepNJump: Thanks for the help anyway, go 'head and send me that email you wanted to send, other than that I'll let the install handle itself an dget back to my homework07:45
recognoscoActionParsnip: you got to let him learn how to fish...07:46
dspace_how to configure free radius on ubuntu?...07:46
=== arlander is now known as waspin
ActionParsniptyreza: hehe sorry. Yeah sure dude. Script the world07:46
dspace_pls help me...07:46
recognoscodspace_: did you try the freeradius documentation?07:46
StepNjumpW43372, I will try to remember to email you when I can access my data from my old HDD from my previous acer that I toasted by trying to fix the power connector (I must have not grounded myself properly before opening the computer). I found a very nice page that explains in detail what to do to speed up your netbook. It's quite impressive the kind of speed you can get out of your netbook after maximizing it using these commands...07:46
ActionParsniprecognosco: show them how its done once though07:47
StepNjumpW43372 ok very good... I will. Time for me now to go to bed07:47
okaprinarjayaany tool like http://jasperforge.org/projects/jasperreports in GTK+ ?07:47
=== Inumedia_ is now known as Inumedia
W43372StepNJump: few more questions actually07:47
Chipzzzspaceninja: I think if you format your pages in A4, the pdf export will come out that way automagically07:47
=== syn-ack is now known as Guest55551
StepNjumpactionparsnip: btw, I sort of found a workaround for my mouse.. I temporarily disabled the mousepad as normal click...07:48
recognoscodspace_: i did a freeradius setup at home and my family members started complaining about the complexity of adding friends etc. so went back to WPA2-Personal :(07:48
ActionParsniprecognosco: s/he'll be pulling in Marlins in no time07:48
StepNjumpI might open a ticket at Ubuntu on the other function there that doesn't seem to be working much (disable touchpad whilst typing)07:48
ActionParsnipStepNjump: groovy07:48
W43372StepNJump: 1. Does your SD slot work when you're in Ubuntu? and 2 are there any features that work in windows that don't work in ubuntu? IE when you're in windows and hit capslock a thing flashes on the screen to let you know that you pressed a button since there's no lights on the keyboard07:48
StepNjumpW43372, if you find a way to activate the special FXs, please kindly let me know?07:49
spaceninjaChipzzz, I've solved it, it was my locale in tools->option->languages. It was set to US which automatically makes US letter sizes when I export it07:49
StepNjumpIs there a way here on irc to leave a message to a registered nick who happens to be not logged in?07:49
recognoscoActionParsnip: i deny looking at codes and talk about algorithms only with pen and paper when students come asking for help. if they write the code and debug themselves, they learn the most. (TA job)07:50
StepNjump43372 the sd slot.. mmm didnt try that yet. Good question. let me check now07:50
riz0nStepNjump type /msg memoserv help07:50
ActionParsnipStepNjump: W43372: on omgubuntu therd is a guide on caps/num lock indicators for gnome panel07:50
recognoscoActionParsnip: that's what, i learnt, helps them the most in the long run.07:50
cutiyari erased my disk in make startup disk and show this mesg http://pastebin.com/F81XjJTE07:50
W43372StepNJump what do u mean special fxs?07:50
StepNjump43372, figured you must have bought yours at costco as well07:50
\shareHow to use new .gtkrc-2.0 without logout?07:51
ActionParsniprecognosco: true07:51
StepNjumpok tnx riz0n07:51
StepNjumpw43372, is your nick registered here on irc?07:51
W43372StepNJump: I got mine at walmart, and I don't know07:51
\shareDo I really nick to logout and login to use new settings in .gtkrc-2.0 ?07:51
ActionParsniprecognosco: tbh i'm tired so went for quick and dirty07:52
StepNjumpW43372 special effects. You'll see that when you go to appearance, you should be able to turn on the special effects in the last tab to the right. However, my options are all grayed out07:52
StepNjumpW43372. What model do you have?07:52
recognoscoActionParsnip: i picked the easier solution - google "linux shell scripting" LOL!07:53
W43372StepNJump: The vid card in the laptop might not be fancy enough for it07:53
W43372StepNJump, have you tried the FN keys in Ubuntu yet?07:53
StepNjumpMine is a D255-1268 (the new N550 dual core processor). Only paid 300$ at Costco. Pretty good deal. Just 50$ more than the one they had at Target (single processor N450)07:53
ActionParsnipStepNjump: or you may need tweaking for 3D acceleration07:53
\shareneed to logout is stupid07:54
fairuzI changed the date using sudo date -s "03/10/2011 08:53:00"07:54
W43372StepNJump: I'm pretty sure ours are identical07:54
fairuzit changed the date07:54
StepNjumpW43372, yes you might be right on the vid card or it might just be too recent a vidcard. Yes the FN key works on turning on and off the wifi.. that's the only one I have tried so far07:54
fairuzbut when i reboot , it changes back to old date07:54
ActionParsnipStepNjump: if you run: lspci | grep -i vga     you can use the output to find guides07:55
fairuzhow to make it permanent? =)07:55
W43372StepNJump, if one of them works they probably all do07:55
recognoscofairuz: is it the date it is changing or timezone or time?07:55
W43372Thanks for the help, I really do need to make an attempt at doing this homeowkr though07:55
StepNjumpw43372, caps lock.. no way to know other than by experimentation07:55
Chipzzzfairuz: does it think it's in a different time zone?07:55
_Neytiri_i am having a issue with setting up a iscsi target on ubuntu07:55
fairuzChipzzz: how to check that07:56
fairuzrecognosco: time and date07:56
recognoscofairuz: is your motherboard date/time proper?07:56
_Neytiri_i dont know where i went wrong bt i cant find the storage with my esx host07:56
StepNjumpF6 works, F3 works F7 works, F8 works07:56
StepNjumppretty darn good07:56
fairuzrecognosco: I'm running ubuntu on a evaluation board, so no idea about that either07:56
nezZariouhm, .. what would be a good way to recursivly copy a whole directory via FTP?07:56
nezZariowget seems to fail,07:56
StepNjumpOh thanks parsnip. Let me try that. I'll post the output on the paste07:57
nezZario'ftp' can 'only retreive files'07:57
fairuzrecognosco: so date -s wont work?07:57
recognoscofairuz: maybe it is being reset to motherboard settings everytime it resets07:57
StepNjumpah, it's just one line: 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation N10 Family Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 02)07:57
fairuzrecognosco: hmm not good to me07:57
recognoscofairuz: get it to sync with a time server maybe?07:57
StepNjumpYak! Intel videocard... very low, very low...!07:58
Chipzzzfairuz: how much is it off when it reboots?07:58
recognoscofairuz: and automatically so after you reboot, everytime?07:58
fairuzrecognosco: wait i check07:58
StepNjumpW43372, be careful cz the dual cores are a new thing, only available in N550 processors from what I have read07:58
StepNjump1.5 GHz processors07:59
technocpwhere can I download latest stable Ubuntu 11.0407:59
W43372ok, I'm back again with a quick question. How do I make this netbook boot to my Ubuntu installation by default instead of presenting me with a boot menu?07:59
recognoscoi can't stay up all night anymore. getting older.07:59
technocpwhere can I download latest stable Ubuntu 11.0408:00
recognoscotechnocp: 11.04 is not latest stable yet.08:00
recognoscoit is not april yet.08:00
technocpok dear I know but the most stable say the recent alpha or beta release08:00
recognoscotechnocp: i think the RC is out08:00
YerushalmiHey folks, I just reinstalled Ubuntu, with my home directory on a 16 GB SD card and my root directory on my internal 3G hard drive. But after running update manager and everything I've bumped right up to my maximum hard disk space. Is there any "light" hard-disk version of Ubuntu, or, alternatively, what mount points should I put on the SD card that would minimize internal-hard-drive space usage?08:01
recognoscoor beta08:01
recognoscoi think i recall there wont be rc for natty08:01
recognoscobeta to final08:01
fairuzrecognosco: its jan 20 2011 13:18 -.-08:01
Jordan_UYerushalmi: Why do you have / on a different drive?08:02
recognoscofairuz: jan 20?!08:02
fairuzrecognosco: yes08:02
YerushalmiJordan_U: It's more that I have /home on a different drive. Because I thought, correctly, I wouldn't have enough space on the internal drive for it.08:02
recognoscofairuz: i am lost. maybe someone else can help.08:02
Chipzzzfairuz: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuTime08:02
YerushalmiJordan_U: Turns out I don't have enough space on the internal drive for the rest of the installation as well :p08:03
Jordan_UYerushalmi: Why not have everything on the SD card?08:03
recognoscofairuz: but syncing with NTP might be a good idea? did you try that yet?08:03
fairuzrecognosco: ok i will try08:03
fairuzChipzzz: ok ty08:03
Chipzzzfairuz, recognosco: sometimes if it's too far off, it won't sync08:04
YerushalmiJordan_U: That was my original install. I did the reinstall because the SD card appears to be a bit corrupted so I can't trust it with system data.08:04
Jordan_UYerushalmi: But you don't care about losing your personal data?08:04
recognoscoChipzzz: then a simple shell script will have to do08:04
W43372ok, I'm back again with a quick question. How do I make this netbook boot to my Ubuntu installation by default instead of presenting me with a boot menu?08:04
YerushalmiJordan_U: I don't really have anything of importance there, no.08:05
YerushalmiJordan_U: I mean, I'll try again, obviously, delete everything and reinstall to the SD card. But I think in my two-month-long experiment trying to teach Ubuntu to use an SD partition as swap I kinda killed its read/write capabilities08:06
Chipzzzrecognosco: do you know if he is using the desktop or commandline?08:06
technocpplease help friends I have been downloading from cdimage.ubuntu.com but not yet been able to download the correct image. all my downloads are not usable at all.08:06
recognoscoChipzzz: he was using "sudo date -s"08:06
StepNjumprecognosco, sorry for not getting back to you earlier. I just saw your message. yes you must be right on autopartitionning. This is a great feature for newbies like me08:07
recognoscoChipzzz: but it's fair to assume command line at all times, eh?08:07
Jordan_Utechnocp: What os / software are you using to download?08:07
YerushalmiJordan_U: It's either that or I just have to hope that my missing desktop and random disconnection problems were merely caused by having the computer for a year and a half.08:07
Chipzzzrecognosco: that'd be my guess08:07
technocpubuntu 10.1008:07
YerushalmiJordan_U: If the former, I have to buy a new SD card...08:07
=== dani is now known as Guest17038
technocpI am using wget in ubuntu 10.1008:08
Guest17038algien me puede ayudar08:08
Guest17038dani@dani-TW8-SW8-DW8:~$ apt-get install -f08:08
Guest17038E: No se pudo abrir el fichero de bloqueo '/var/lib/dpkg/lock' - open (13: Permiso denegado)08:08
Guest17038E: Imposible bloquear el directorio de administración (/var/lib/dpkg/), ¿es superusuario?08:08
FloodBot1Guest17038: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.08:08
recognoscoStepNjump: i do manual. one for /home and one for /boot and one for /08:08
StepNjumpI ordered a Wifi USB dongle F5D8053 Belkin for this box here... I can't wait to have the microwave oven a little bit further away than from my lap... not good at all for health!08:08
Jordan_UYerushalmi: Do you mind using experimental software like btrfs? It will give you IO errors when there is data corruption rather than things silently failing.08:08
StepNjumprecognosco, oh yes, why is that? sorry I'm new sort of, on ubuntu08:09
recognoscoStepNjump: using LVM is a great practice as well08:09
StepNjumpwhat is LVM08:09
Jordan_Utechnocp: Try using zsync, it will use whatever you have and fix just what's missing / corrupted.08:09
YerushalmiJordan_U: Is there no way I can simply scan the SD card for unusable parts on the disk or something? Find out if there really is a problem?08:10
recognoscoStepNjump: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Filesystem_Hierarchy_Standard08:10
StepNjumpOh thank you very much. I will read that recognosco08:10
recognoscoStepNjump: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Logical_Volume_Manager_(Linux)08:10
WauraudonI'm writing a script that prompts the user for many things on a CLI install of Ubuntu. I'm considering switching from dialog to zenity. Is it practical to start a basic xterm so zenity can function on a CLI machine?08:11
technocpi am downloading zsync from synaptic08:11
AnubArackhow can i make windows spawn closer to the middle of the screen ? They always go for the top corners :(08:12
StepNjumpSuggestion to all Netbook and laptop users! CANCER AWARENESS: Get yourselves a wifi USB dongle that you can hook up on a USB cable extension... As a ham radio operator for over 20 years, I can tell you that Radio Frequency DOES cause cancer! Beware and act accordingly!08:12
technocpjordon_u would you propose using any options with zsync or just zsync and download location is enough08:12
StepNjumpOk gents, good night to all and thanks for all your help..08:13
ChipzzzWauraudon: I read recently that it's generally frowned upon to run an xserver on a server08:13
Chipzzz'nite StepNjump08:14
WauraudonChipzzz: It's a CLI install of Ubuntu for space reasons, but it's not a server machine. dialog's file select prompt is a little non-user-friendly08:15
Jordan_Utechnocp: zsync -i /path/to/previously/downloaded/file.iso http://some.com/url08:15
StepNjumptnx Chipzzz night!08:15
ChipzzzWauraudon: then it sounds like a good idea to me :)08:16
WauraudonChipzzz: What would I need to just get zenity working from the CLI? (xterm?)08:16
ChipzzzWauraudon: I've never done it but I'd assume not much more than the xserver & ssh08:18
SoulPropagationso I have like 200-400MB free on /dev/mapper/#####-root but du is showing 86GB (out of 223GB) used... where's that other ~136GB going?08:18
pepsifestercan anyone point me to someone who is knowledgeable about the interaction between ubuntu and Teamspeak3?08:18
Chipzzz(or xterm if you're at the machine)08:18
recognoscoSoulPropagation: i think the rest is inside /dev/null or something!08:19
recognoscoSoulPropagation: j/k08:19
SoulPropagationrecognosco: at this point I'm okay considering that a valid option08:19
recognoscoSoulPropagation: open up parted and see your disk08:19
WauraudonChipzzz: xserver and xterm?08:20
mistformHow goes it?08:20
recognoscoSoulPropagation: try fdisk -l08:20
AbuBadrhi there08:21
ChipzzzWauraudon: & gtk08:21
=== anomie is now known as Guest7269
AbuBadris there an easy way to install java to chrome?08:21
ArachonHey there. I was wondering if it is possible to re-size a partition whilst the OS is running?08:22
recognosco AbuBadr: just install jdk and see how chrome reacts08:22
mistformI have a microphone input problem with Teamspeak. anyone know if it's the soundcard or where to fix?08:22
_jesse_Arachon: I wouldn't resize any active partitions, but you can unmount and resize others08:23
recognoscoArachon: i do not think so. you will need a livecd.08:23
_jesse_Arachon: otherwise, boot up a LiveCD08:23
AbuBadrrecognosco, from the package manager?08:23
recognoscoAbuBadr: yeah, sure. anywhere.08:23
Arachon_jesse_: Right, so nothing like the Windows disk manager then? Bother.08:23
SoulPropagationrecognosco: the only thing that looks weird is reports of "Disk /dev/dm-# doesn't contain a valid partition table" (dm-0 and dm-1)08:23
ilearomani nu sunt pe aici oare?08:23
_jesse_Arachon: well there is, it's called GParted, but it's a little dangerous to resize active partitions08:24
recognoscoSoulPropagation: ummm. i am lost.08:24
Arachon_jesse_: How so?08:24
_jesse_Arachon: could lead to file corruption08:24
ArachonHm, ok,08:24
_jesse_however improbably that case08:24
_jesse_I wouldn't risk it08:25
ileaif you have windows in dual boot try easeus partition master08:25
ileaits free and its easy08:25
ArachonIs that due to the ext3 file system (seeing as, once again, Windows manages it), or is it irresponsibility from Microsoft's side (allowing the disk manager to re-size active partitions, despite the risk)?08:25
_jesse_Arachon: fwiw I wouldn't risk resizing an active partition in windows either08:25
ArachonOh well, I guess that answered my questions, thanks.08:26
_jesse_Arachon: np, I mean considering how easy it is to spin up a LiveCD and do it there when they are all unmounted; I would just do that08:26
ileaeaseus partition master can see all partitions even ext3 and408:26
WauraudonCipzzz: I have xterm running but it's in the upper left corner of the screen, not fullscreen08:27
pepsifesteri am having problems with audio capture using a program.  anyone have any sugestions?08:27
Arachon_jesse_: Yeah, I'm just a bit lazy sometimes :P08:27
ileaany romanians here to chat with?08:27
_Neytiri_Disk /dev/md0 doesn't contain a valid partition table08:27
_Neytiri_how do i fix that08:27
recognoscoArachon: i don't think you can't resize the boot partition when you're running the OS. linux or windows. correct me if i am wrong.08:27
ChipzzzWauraudon: are you at the machine with the x-server or remote?08:28
evilvish!jp | zenmai08:28
ubottuzenmai: 日本語の場合は #ubuntu-jp または #kubuntu-jp を参照して下さい08:28
WauraudonChipzzz: at the machine. Running startx opens what I believe is xterm. Running xterm directly results in ""Can't open display" though08:28
Arachonrecognosco: According to this certification training I'm doing, it is fully possible to resize an active partition in Windows 7, at the very least. It may not be a great idea, but it seems to be possible.08:28
zenmaithank you08:28
recognoscoArachon: good for M$08:29
ileawhen runing windows and easus partition master the linux partition is inactive and you can resize it08:29
mistformArachon: possible, likely. Practical, not really haha08:29
Arachonmistform: Fair enough08:30
Burritossrsizing partition with gparted is easy and mostly safe been there done this08:30
lariousaaron are you there08:30
CoNFuS3Dwhat certification are you doing Arachon?08:31
ChipzzzWauraudon: what happens when the window is open & you type "xeyes"?08:31
recognoscoi don't know of any other windows certifications08:31
ArachonCoNFuS3D: 70-680 Windows 7... It's like one of the most basic08:31
CoNFuS3Doh cool08:31
WauraudonChipzzz: it works, the eyes are in the upper left corner though08:31
r0berthi there08:32
inad922Is there any way to get a not so dumbed down installer with ubuntu 10.10? I would like to make a software raid 1 which seems impossible with the installer08:32
ChipzzzWauraudon: you can't move the window (or is there no window)?08:32
tycableHello, I have a problem, that is when I connect to ipv6 network, I mean it has no ipv4, I can't have its DNS, and if I add 'nameserver ###' to /etc/resolv.conf, when ping6 ipv6.google.com, it still tells me unknown host.08:32
recognoscoinad922: use mdadm after you've installed it?08:32
r0berti am currently running 9.10 - will i be able to upgrade in the forseeable future? => i run a geforce 3 ti200 and nee to have 3d-support, so a working nvidia-driver is required08:32
WauraudonChipzzz: No window, it's just a black screen with a prompt in the upper left corner, but the 'window' appears to only take up maybe 1/4 of the screen in the upper left corner08:32
tycableand the network manager will overwrite /etc/resolv.conf08:33
_skplthat's your recovery console08:33
_Neytiri_does anyone know the hex ocde for the etx 4 file system08:33
SoulPropagationfound my problem. my backup (over smb from a different box) was writing to /mnt/(USB hard drive name here)/... even when there wasn't anything mounted there. Any way to prevent this?08:33
tycablecould someone help me?08:33
inad922recognosco: Does that actually work? I set up the system on 1 disk and then mirror/copy everything after the install?08:34
mistformtycable, your blandness requires no response08:34
Sweetsharkinad922: you could install on one partition, leaving the others out. After the install you can move stuff and change the mountpoints. Thats what i did.08:34
mehdi_wat lib should i install for this ?08:34
mehdi_checking whether lua_newstate() is in liblua... checking for lua_newstate in -llua... no08:34
inad922ok I try that Sweetshark08:35
ChipzzzWauraudon: try this... go back to the terminal & type "export DISPLAY=:0.0", then start your xsession08:35
hudson_I've suddenly lost remote desktop, and want to reinstall the package from synaptic. But what is it called?08:35
tycablemistform, sorry I don't understand, for I'm not an Englishman.08:35
inad922Just 1 more question. Does the boxee package work fine on ubuntu? The source is quite messed up and I just quit mending it..08:35
mistformtycable ask your question instead of "can you help me". if someone is able, they will respond. if not. wait and ask again08:36
recognoscoinad922: btw, does the alternate installer have the RAID option? i think it does. with manual option.08:36
WauraudonChipzzz: Same thing, Though I suppose it's not a major issue since zenity appears normally above the terminal, with no window borders though08:36
inad922recognosco: How can I get the alternate installer?08:36
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tycablemistform, ok thanks, I will describe it more carefully.08:36
=== mRy is now known as Guest36834
recognoscoinad922: from a mirror.08:37
inad922recognosco: Could you give me a URL?08:37
recognoscoinad922: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/RAID1%2BLVM -- for RAID after installation (with LVM)08:37
inad922Thanks recognosco08:37
ChipzzzWauraudon: you might look into Xnest... I think it only needs an xserver to run08:38
recognoscoinad922: how  to setup RAID with alternate installer - http://kuparinen.org/martti/comp/ubuntu/en/raid.html08:38
_Neytiri_how do i format a partition in ext408:38
lundtoris there any way to set the java environment per user session?08:38
ethereticHello, I have trouble burning audio CDs from FLAC files. Tried with Gnomebaker, k3b and Nero 4. Data disks burns fine. What am I missing?08:38
recognoscoinad922: http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/alternative-download08:38
ghisenAnyone experienced with dual monitors? I'm stuck with xinerama and no composite. And because xinerama does not work you cant use things like say, Docky etc. (I'm on ATI)08:39
tycableHi, how to add DNS to /etc/resolv.conf to avoid being overwrite by network-manager?08:39
lundtorand not use the sudo update-ajav-alternatives since it changes it globally, which is not desiret08:39
inad922Thanks recognoso. I guess you really helped me out here.08:40
ghisenIs there any way you can keep the xinerama effect and still get composite to work?08:40
jjp_tycable: network-manager HAS TO control resolv.conf. Either you should not use network-manager or set in its config the relevant DNS parameters, I think. Otherwise, you may try to set resolv.conf immutable08:40
DiverdudeHello. On http://www.livescore.com/ does anybody know what FT means? I is written in the left side of almost all rows in the result08:41
WauraudonChipzzz: If I try to start zenity from CLI, I get 'cannot open display :0.0', I'm assuming because there is no xserver running?08:42
ChipzzzWauraudon: you would have to start the xserver first08:43
DECAmay i ask i use virtual box ,,,, and windows xp how i add a usb ?08:43
DECAat the settings tab all i see is com ports08:44
tycablejjp_, thanks, seems that if I have NM installed, but I don't use it to connect network, though I set the DNS to resolv.conf, I cannot ping6 ipv6.google.com08:44
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lundtorDiverdude: FT = Football Tycoon. You should really try to Google things08:45
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almoxarifehow do I pipe a wanIP:port to lanIP:port?08:45
tycablejjp_, I connect to an ipv6 network which donot support ipv408:45
Diverdudelundtor, huh football tycoon?? Are yousure...what on earth is that?08:46
axscodehttp://pastebin.com/A3Q5rpDx <-- any help on this, live directory was a mount from sshfs but some kind of error i killed the process of sshfs08:47
yeswanthif i want to go to manual page of stapprobes(3stap) what is the command should i use ?08:47
ethereticAnyone help with audio CD burning isssue?08:47
Diverdudelundtor, ?08:48
recognoscoalmoxarife: by using a NAT setup08:48
recognoscoalmoxarife: http://www.infocellar.com/networks/ip/nat-pat.htm08:49
recognoscoalmoxarife: once you know what to do, use iptable for doing what you want to do. but be careful.08:50
tycableHi, if I have Network Manager installed, but I don't use it to connect an ipv6 network, though I set the DNS to resolv.conf, I cannot ping6 ipv6.google.com08:50
iszakHow do I enable remote desktop via CLI on ubuntu?08:51
iqpietheretic: whats your issue?08:51
iqpii have only 5 minutes08:51
almoxariferecognosco: I think I mis-stated it, I need to access an wanport via lanport08:51
ethereticiqpi: Audio CDs won't burn regardless of software used. Data DVDs burn fine.08:52
yuleranyone else having desktop redraw and speed problems with the 2.6.35-27 kernel?  I've reverted back to 2.6.35-25.  I'm using 10.10 with an NVIDIA 6200 video card?08:52
recognoscoalmoxarife: i do not understand. explain in details or tell me in simpler words, what exactly is going on and what you're trying to do.08:53
iqpiwhat software do you use?08:53
obengdakohelp guys i kind of broke my system i no longer gets my Huawei modem E153 recognised in modem mode by network manager, this happened after i  installed wader-core and betavine connection manager but uninstalling them does not solve  the situation , any help08:53
ethereticiqpi: Gnomebaker, k3b, Nero 4.08:53
jukiszak: x11vnc08:53
mehdi_packages for this? No package 'dbus-1' found No package 'edbus' found No package 'ehal' found08:53
iszakjuk, abit more detail?08:54
Chipzzztycable: many routers won't do ipv6... are you behind one?08:54
iqpiHave you try brasero?08:54
shivaprakashhow can i find serial no of a drive in ubuntu08:54
juk!detail | iszak:08:54
juk!tail | iszak:08:54
ethereticiqpi: it wont't run at all. Deinstalled it.08:55
\shareubottu: you are not intelligent08:55
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)08:55
almoxariferecognosco: there is a site that dumps data that I want, but the software I have only listens on local ports, I need to trick the software qgis into making the call to the local address but then have the data from the wan08:55
iqpiBut, what are you trying to burn? a compilation of songs? a CD audio to another virgin CD?08:55
shivaprakashhow can i find serial no of a drive in ubuntu08:55
iqpisorry man, i have to leave, i will back in one hour08:56
ChikokishiI downloaded a program from software centre and installed it, but it does not show up in the applications menu, how can i find it and add it to the menu?08:56
recognoscoalmoxarife: you can setup an SSH tunnel. google that.08:56
ethereticiqpi: Single flac file/flac from toc.08:56
Chipzzzalmoxarife: make a quick proxy08:56
tycableChipzzz, yes, my college now has a network which has only ipv6, and I have to connect to it to access the internet.08:56
ethereticshivaprakash: System > Administration > Disc utility.08:58
recognoscoshivaprakash: sudo hdparm -i /dev/sda08:58
cryptodirawhat have i broken on the install of 10.10 amd64 over 10.04.2 amd64 that causes grub to list 3 different kernels with their attendant recovery modes.... and that only the oldest will boot (2.6.32-29) -- that one ONLY after running the recovery mode and killing the power right after the last script runs... then booting and choosing it.... ????08:58
shivaprakashthank you08:58
recognoscoshivaprakash: use -I instead of -i08:59
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r0berti am currently running 9.10 - will i be able to upgrade in the forseeable future? => i run a geforce 3 ti200 and nee to have 3d-support, so a working nvidia-driver is required09:00
recognoscor0bert: worried about backward compatibility?09:01
r0bertrecognosco: worried, that i wont be able to play anymore <:09:02
r0bertmy research so far: 11.04 will feature x-server 1.9 for which a working nvidia-96 should exist - is that correct?09:03
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recognoscor0bert: i don't know specifics, but if it worked for 9.10 - you should be able to make it work with 10.10 or 11.04 for that matter. maybe will need some tweaking.09:04
ileaevery time i start the computer i have to enter the password to conect to the internet, what can i do to stop that?09:05
r0bert9.10 uses an older x-server09:05
r0bertso your answer does not suffice09:05
DJJeffubuntu 11 moving away from gnome?09:05
r0bertDJJeff: no, it is still gnome09:05
recognoscoDJJeff: is it? to KDE4.6?09:05
\shareI like gnome09:05
\shareilea: you need to add a password to gnome keyring09:06
\shareilea: alt+f2 and type seahorse09:06
recognoscoi like KDE09:06
recognoscoit is pretty09:06
\shareI dont like it09:06
ChikokishiI installed a program called Gerris Flow Solver, and i am trying to make a launcher for it, but i do not know the name of the executable file... how can i find it?09:06
ethereticAnyone use blu-ray for backup?09:06
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frybyehow to install 10.10 on a box with nvidia 240 - not even the live cd can be used o-o-t-box because  on loading the screen is just a frozen mess..?09:07
r0bertChikokishi: u could use the terminal: dpkg -L packagename09:07
ethereticChikokishi: terminal > locate gerris09:07
r0bertit will give u a list of alle the files in the package09:07
\sharefrybye: it sounds like a RAM issue09:07
Chikokishii dont know the package name either...09:07
frybye- the same with 11.04 alfa3/daily iso09:07
ChikokishiI just installed it from Software centre, and there is no launcher for it on my apps menu so im trying to add one.09:08
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »09:08
frybyethe box has 4GB ram - what would be the problem there?09:08
Chipzzzfrybye: recovery console/failsafe video09:08
\sharefrybye: and the cpu?09:08
ethereticChikokishi: terminal > update-menus ?09:09
frybyehow does one du that with a desktop live cd... cpu is a phenom-2 x3 x 3.10GHz09:09
Chikokishietheretic no command found09:10
Chipzzzfrybye: I've never tried it but if the live cd boots from grub, you can press space while it's booting & get to that09:10
frybye\share: I hear there are issues with nvidia graficcards in general.. a previous installation of ubuntu had worked on the same machine when updated from older versions but re-installing from cd doesent wanna work.09:10
recognoscoChikokishi: locate gerris09:10
ethereticChikokishi: what operating system are you on?09:10
\sharefrybye: are you using an alpha version?09:11
Chipzzzfrybye: sorry... not space... shift09:11
cryptodirawhat have i broken on the install of 10.10 amd64 over 10.04.2 amd64 that causes grub to list 3 different kernels with their attendant recovery modes.... and that only the oldest will boot (2.6.32-29) -- that one ONLY after running the recovery mode and killing the power right after the last script runs... then booting and choosing it.... ????09:11
Chikokishirecognosco, nothign happened09:11
\shareChipzzz: cat /etc/issue09:11
recognoscoChikokishi: shudo apt-get install locate09:11
recognoscoChikokishi: mlocate gerris09:11
frybyetwo things.. I have tried 10.10 and really want to go for 11.04 alpha3/daily but the results are exactly the same with both..09:11
gennadGuys how can I address to a user by his nickname using Pidgin? I mean nickname<semicolon>. Sorry, I'm a newby in IRC and Pidgin09:12
sougata_cryptodira: nothing09:12
ethereticChikokishi: works fine here.09:12
\sharegennad: /query nickname?09:12
frybyeChipzzz: and from the menu after using shift during boot there is a gui with option for safe video or use command line - if so - how?09:12
Chikokishirecognosco, sudo apt-get...  seemed to do something.  Is the small print words below the name of the package in software centre the address for terminol?09:12
cryptodirasougata_, surely that is not the normal boot behaviour for 10.10    ?09:13
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Chikokishietheretic: chikokishi@Sakura:~$ update-menus09:13
recognoscoChikokishi: i am falling asleep, sorry. nothing going through anymore.09:13
Chikokishiupdate-menus: command not found09:13
sougata_cryptodira: when you update those enries are added09:13
Chikokishirecognosco, go to bed lol09:13
sougata_read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto09:13
desturrrhi i was looking for a dual screen manager like ultramon in windows09:14
desturrrdo you have any idea is there any program for ubuntu09:14
r0bertChikokishi: u could use the terminal: dpkg -L packagename09:14
desturrrto manage dual screen09:14
r0bertit will give u a list of alle the files in the package09:14
sougata_cryptodira: removing them is also simple :-)09:14
cryptodirasougata_,  ok.... why is it that only ONE will actually boot.... and then only after trying the recovery choice first?   this happens every time i powerdown for the day and then start back up.09:14
Chikokishir0bert, im not exactly sure what the package name is. =(09:15
desturrrultramon for ubuntu, how can i find one?09:15
Chipzzzfrybye: if you get a grub menu, you just follow the prompts...09:15
sougata_cryptodira:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto09:15
frybyeChipzzz: ok - this is all for at home - now at work - will try later.. thanks..09:15
Chipzzzgl :)09:16
desturrrdudes, do you know any program like ultramon, for ubuntu09:16
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* linux_probe wonders what an ultramon is, sounds windowsy09:16
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desturrryes , i recently passed to ubuntu09:17
jiltdilcan we change the name ubuntu to any other name as we login the name Ubutu with dots09:17
Chikokishihttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=284511 desturrr09:17
desturrrit is a manager for dual screen09:17
linux_probeahh :)09:17
desturrrokey, i have already seen that solution09:18
desturrrthanks :)09:18
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Chikokishidesturrr, ah im sorry. Did it help?  Im not sure otherwise =(09:18
linux_probei cannot think of anything09:18
desturrrit is kind of tricky09:19
desturrrbut i will go on with this solution09:19
desturrrthere is none09:19
desturrrtake care09:19
jnlsnl_Hi, I compiled wine from source. Now i want to remove wine, and i go to the folder and do "sudo make uninstall"... works! NOW, how can i make sure every single trace of wine is destroyed and gone baby gone :)?09:20
Sonnejnlsnl_, unfortunately that's as much as you can do - next time try avoiding installing by those means09:20
Sonnejnlsnl_, any specific reason why you compiled wine from source?09:21
jnlsnl_Sonne yes I had to compile to make a old game work09:21
Sonnedid you have to patch something?09:21
jnlsnl_patch dident work09:22
iszakcompiling from source is what ballers d09:22
jnlsnl_so had to manually add the line09:22
jnlsnl_and im a noob :P09:22
romankrvHi. I use ack-grep and i want to use like: #ack-grep (      But it not work09:22
Sonnejnlsnl_, i shall teach you of apt-get source!09:22
Sonnejnlsnl_, try apt-get source wine09:22
linux_probesometimes source just isn't new enough09:22
cryptodirasougata_, Thank You for the grub link.... while very informative (except for portions not accessible) it does not appear to address the issue of hanging.09:23
Sonneit gets you package-able sources, then you can throw a "debuild -us -uc" and it will build patched debian packages09:23
jnlsnl_Sonne Yeah i was about to do that, but i would like to make sure all traces of my old wine was completely gone09:23
ChikokishiOk, i have installed a program, but i cant find a launcher, nor can i find the name of the executable... help?09:23
Sonnejnlsnl_, you have to trust the makefile, try making .deb packages every time you can from now on09:23
SonneChikokishi, what program is that and how did you install it?09:23
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sougata_cryptodira: Happy you read :-)09:24
ChikokishiSonne Gerris flow solver, through the software manager09:24
Chikokishisoftware centre*09:24
Chipzzzcryptodira: have you looked through the logs to see if there is anything helpful?09:25
lightaChikokishi, do you know the name of your program ? did you try alt+f2 programname ?09:26
cryptodiraChipzzz, what an Excellent Idea, no i have not, but will do so... Thanks!09:26
AutonomiserHi there all is there anyway to setup a xp install usb stick from ubuntu?09:27
SonneChikokishi, there are several binaries in that package09:27
Chikokishilighta no i do not.  I simply clicked install, it said it was installed, and i cant find it anywhere. Iv tried searching my computer for Gerris and Flow Solver, but i get no hits.09:27
SonneChikokishi, http://packages.ubuntu.com/maverick/i386/gerris/filelist - those starting with "/usr/bin" are programs you can launch - find the one you think it's the good one and launch it with Alt+F2 or by opening a terminal and typing it09:27
Sonneyou'll most likely want to launch "gerris2D" or "gerris3D"09:28
ChikokishiSonne, everythign i try says "missing FILE"09:29
dhabAnyone know which logs to look at for a possible ssh attack?09:31
jpdsdhab: /var/log/auth.log09:31
DNXtry: sudo grep sshd /var/log/auth.log09:32
lightaAutonomiser, I was looking for this a while ago best anwser was at #windows did you take a look there, I'll try to find links again09:32
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AutonomiserThanks lighta I will look into it09:35
Guest82033hi ppl09:35
\sharehi Guest8203309:35
Guest82033how can i change mi nick ?09:35
lighta./nick name09:36
Guest82033oh ty.09:36
\shareit0s ugly09:36
Guest82033./nick kam1kaze09:36
lightawithout the .09:36
\sharenow he leaves09:37
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lightaoups :(09:37
lightashould have said before I guess09:37
\share /quit kam1kaze09:37
ubottuPlease don't use "LOL" and "OMG" and so forth on a regular basis. This is IRC, not IM, and using those lines on their own is not required, and it is rather annoying to the rest of the people in the channel; thanks.09:37
jiltdilhaving i3 processor with 3gb ram and having core2 duo procesor with 4gb ram which will work faster?09:37
\sharepsycho_oreos: how do you LOL at IRC?09:37
jiltdil\share:very funny09:38
lightawhat's your application jiltdil ? I'd said i3 first guess otherwise09:39
ChikokishiIm trying to start a program and it wont start... Iv installed it, uninstalled it, and reinstalled it again and it still doesnt work.09:39
oliver_Autonomiser, dunno if it works but check this out http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2010/07/easily-create-a-multiboot-usb-stick/09:39
\shareChikokishi: what is the application?09:39
Emerlinghi, i need help, how setting Evolution  my count @ubuntu.com09:40
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lightahe left oliver_ wanted to gave him http://reboot.pro/forum/22/09:40
Chikokishi\share Gerris Flow solver.  I installed it using Software centre, and again using terminal.09:40
jiltdillighta: i ask in general use of way09:40
weiajiltdil: in "general use" you won't notice the difference09:40
Chikokishi\share the launcher in not on the application menu, and trying to launch the bin programs from terminal have no effect09:40
\shareChikokishi: go to System > Administration > log viewer then open that program09:41
\shareor start from terminal09:41
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lightawell processing and memory aren't same thing09:41
jiltdilweia: so if core 2 duo processor with 4gb is faster or i3 with 3gb09:41
jiltdilweia:ram matters or not/09:41
weiajiltdil: wait. in general, firefox eats all your ram. so go with more ram09:41
romankrvhow to find character ( by ack-grep ?09:41
ChipzzzI've read (& thought it to be intuitively correct) that the third core is fairly useless09:42
oliver_lighta, sometimes people are just too funny :D ask for something and then leave :D09:42
Chikokishi\share if i try to start from terminal using "gerris2D" "gerris2D3" or "gerris3D" (all three of which are in the usr/bin) it says "missing FILE"09:42
\sharefirefox eats a lot of ram thats for sure09:42
remshello everybody!09:42
\shareChikokishi: type gerris and hit tab to autocomplete09:42
Chipzzzhello rems09:43
lightaso let see this that way jiltdil firefox eat ram instead chrome process (he open a new process for each onglet)09:43
Chikokishi\share it gave me the same three options that i just mentioned.09:43
lightasee what I mean with application need ?09:43
jiltdillighta: ok09:44
EmerlingIi need help, how setting Evolution  my count @ubuntu.com09:44
SonneChikokishi, i'm sorry i had to go away for a bit - how's your problem going?09:44
Chikokishi\share:chikokishi@Sakura:~$ gerris; gerris2D   gerris2D3  gerris3D; chikokishi@Sakura:~$ gerris2D; gerris: missing FILE09:44
Sonnewhy would you do that?09:45
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ChikokishiSonne, i was instructed to type gerris, then hit tab so that i can see all files with gerris as the base.  Then i tried to open one of them.. and it didnt work09:46
ChipzzzChikokishi: you might have to type the full path (i.e. "./gerris203", "/usr/share/gerris203", or whatever)09:46
Sonneahh, so that was the copy/paste of the tab...09:46
ChikokishiSonne, yes that is the direct input/ outputs.09:46
SonneChikokishi, apparently, gerris has no graphic user interface, and can only be used by command line - which might be the reason why you couldn't see it in the menus09:47
ChikokishiChippzz ill try09:47
jnlsnl_Sonne what was wine apt get install command again? i just did a tutorial on serious system cleaning :D09:47
Sonnejnlsnl_, apt-get source wine09:48
newbie101Hi all; In command line, if I connect to a network through ssh and there are a number of servers in the network, how do I view all the applications being run on all them simultaously through command line09:48
jnlsnl_Merci <309:48
Sonnedo it on a fresh and clean directory09:48
Sonnethis will only download and unpack the debian sources for that software09:48
remsi have problem, i try to install a package but when i type "./configure", it says to me http://www.heypasteit.com/clip/UJ9 ... but when i type apt-get install tcl8.5 tk8.5 on the terminal it says to me that this is already the version installed! erggg/// any idea? :)09:48
jnlsnl_Sonne what version will it download? why not just use the ubuntu software center09:48
EmanonOK, so I need to know how to create an md5 sum from a string of text, NOT A FILE.09:48
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Sonnerems, when you have to compile things that need libraries, you  need the -dev versions09:49
Sonnerems, which means installing tcl8.5-dev, tk8.5-dev, etc09:49
ChikokishiSonne, gerris is a program that gives 3d models of fluid flow, and there are screenshots of it on the internet.  So i think its just me doing somethign wrong.09:49
remsohh, yeahh!! okk Sonne thanks09:49
remsi forgot it09:49
jukEmanon: echo test | md5sum09:49
Sonnejnlsnl_, because it will download the sources, not the package - and will download the same version as the packages09:49
Emanonwhere test is the string i want to hash juk?09:49
SonneChikokishi, i can assure you it has no graphic user interface. you have to supply a file to it, and it will create another file with the graphs09:50
jnlsnl_Sonne i dont want the source this time, i just want a normal installation of wine:-)09:50
SonneEmanon, echo -n "string" | md5sum09:50
newbie101I.e how do i view cpu usage of all the servers on the network at the same time through command line09:50
Sonnejnlsnl_, in this case, just go with the software center - OR use the wine PPA09:50
ChikokishiSonne, really?  Ok ill do more searching. Thanks09:50
jnlsnl_Sonne oki, thank you09:50
Sonnenewbie101, give a try to mssh09:50
ileahow can i have a nice big clock on the desktop like in windows 7 for example?09:51
newbie101Sonne: I need a command for the command line09:51
EmanonThank you. You know if there is a gui version of that? On any platform whatsoever? cause I have been unable to find one. Just need it to generate decent recoverable passwords.09:51
Sonneilea, while i was reading for some reason i missed the "L" in "clock"...09:51
newbie101something like "top"09:51
SonneEmanon, i know of no guis for that, it's not that hard to perform though is it? :)09:52
newbie101so I dont have to check all the servers idivualy09:52
ileaa clock sorry if i writed bad09:52
EmanonNot on Linux it isn't (and i know this is ubuntu help) but it would be nice to be able to do it windows side too.09:52
MashugaUbuntu 10.10 64bit.. Trying to find out if there's a 64bit version of the java sdk, need to feed an app about 4-5gbs of ram.09:52
Sonnenewbie101, mssh opens a big window split with all your servers command lines, and you can type on all of them simultaneously - give it a shot09:52
EmanonI'll use it ubuntu side only if it's only available there.09:52
ChipzzzEmanon: you could write a php version of it in a single line09:52
SonneEmanon, there's plenty of websites around that make you do that09:53
newbie101Sonne: thanks09:53
Sonneilea, try searching around for "gdesklets"09:53
EmanonI know, and I don't want web based ones. I just want to click an icon type some text and get some text back. At least ubuntu has a command line option though.09:53
SonneEmanon, i'm afraid i don't know any programs that do that09:54
SonneEmanon, however on linux you can make it yourself quite simply09:54
ileathanks i found gdesklets09:54
forceflowEmanon: echo -n <string> | sha1sum09:54
EmanonTheres like 2000^10 Web based ones and all the people that write them seem unaware that there are already too many to count. Thanks for the help all.09:55
EmanonGuess I'll do it from a live disk to make my keys and whatnot.09:55
MashugaSo no ideas on 64bit java sdk?09:55
SonneEmanon, give me a second09:55
jnlsnl_Sonne I installed wine the usual way, then purged wine and deleted all traces in my applications menu, then i compiled wine from source. Now i have removed wine and installed from software center again, but no entrys in my application menu  this time :(09:55
Sonnei'll write you a little script09:55
forceflowEmanon: echo -n <string> | sha1sum09:55
StepNjumphi guys, I cannot read my SD card using my netbook. Can anyone tell me how to mount it?09:55
Sonnejnlsnl_, try purging everything first... apt-get --purge remove wine.*09:55
EmanonThank you forceflow Sonne and juk. And thanks in advance for that script Sonne.09:57
StepNjumphi guys, I cannot read my SD card using my netbook. Can anyone tell me how to mount it?09:58
jukEmanon: people not doing stuff only for you to appreciate09:58
SonneEmanon, http://pastebin.com/hQn6Pqtt09:58
Sonnesave that as something.sh, make it executable, run it09:58
EmanonMight even be able to run that with the unix tools in windows.10:01
MashugaI'll just wait then.10:01
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jnlsnl_Sonne ok did your command - next install from software center ?10:01
=== \share\ is now known as share_\_
Sonnejnlsnl_, aye10:02
Sonnei advise you to use wine ppa though, if you haven't already10:02
jnlsnl_ok ty10:02
lightaStepNjump, can you read SD partition with fdisk ?10:02
jnlsnl_Sonne would you recommend the (beta release)10:02
kazoodoes Ubuntu support Automatic Install?10:03
Sonnekazoo, what do you m ean by automatic?10:03
kazooeven for Ubuntu server?10:03
share_\_kazoo: manual and automatic partition10:03
share_\_I dont think so10:03
kazooNot partitions10:03
MashugaIs there a 64bit build of java sdk?10:04
dr0idhi, what does "stdin: is not a tty" mean ?10:04
kazoomy server computer has a cracked screen, so i can't install OS's via GUI state, but does it have it so Ubuntu install's file's w/o me having to do anything except run the automatic installer10:04
kazooand it will install all the files to the comptuer.10:05
ChipzzzMashuga: http://java.sun.com/j2se/1.4.2/install-linux-64.html10:05
Sonnekazoo, you mean unattended then, it shohould be supported - never did it on ubuntu though10:05
MashugaChipzzz, thank you, appreciate it.10:05
share_\_kazoo: so you want to install automatically and use the computer without monitor via ssh?10:05
Sonnejnlsnl_, beta release?10:05
StepNjumplighta: thanks for getting back to me... I think fdisk is not installed. I try fdisk -l and nothing happens10:05
share_\_how do you configure ssh in first place?10:05
gencomchange your sequence boot loader10:05
dr0idanyone ? "stdin: is not a tty" ?10:05
=== emanuel is now known as Guest27970
lightaah you need to do this command with sudo to see something StepNjump sudo fdisk -l10:06
=== share_\_ is now known as share_\_it
Chipzzzshare_\_it: ssh doesn't need much config but there are files in /etc/ssh if you want to mess with them10:07
StepNjumpOk lighta, I did what you said and posted the echo http://paste.ubuntu.com/578261/10:08
StepNjumplighta, I don't think it's there10:08
share_\_itChipzzz: yes but he needs to type the password while installing ubuntu server10:08
taranhow to download a software from authorised HP server?10:08
StepNjumplighta, even lsusb doesn't show it10:08
share_\_itkazoo: how the hell you install ubuntu without monitor10:08
Chipzzzshare_\_it: that's a problem :p10:08
Sonnekazoo, http://www.debuntu.org/how-to-unattended-ubuntu-network-install10:09
share_\_itkazoo: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1179982&highlight=install+headless+server10:09
Sonnekazoo, http://www.ubuntugeek.com/unattended-ubuntu-installations-made-easy.html10:09
lightaah yeah :( look so I think it should show as sdb or something like this, does you reader recognize with ubuntu ? first try ?10:09
Sonnefirst two results for "ubuntu unattended" on google :010:09
lightataran, try wget10:10
taranlighta: ok10:10
waspinanyone:anyone: I have 4 files with Part1.rar, Part2.rar, Part3.rar -- BlaBla, how to extract the content ?10:10
lightaStepNjump, all hardwar fine ? are you sure your reader have drivers ?10:11
gencomwith 7zip maybe ! ->Waspin10:11
kazoowaspin unrar Part1.rar10:11
Chipzzzwaspin: extract the first & the rest should be done automagically10:11
Sonnewaspin, unrar x Part1.rar actually :)10:11
kazooforgot about x10:12
kazooI'm use to openbsd10:12
StepNjumplighta: I'm new to ubuntu. What do you mean? Do I need to download the drivers?10:12
kazooi don't have sub cmd10:12
lightanice word automagically =)10:12
Chipzzzlol ty10:12
waspinExtract from Desktop: Output: Could not create the archive10:12
waspinArchive type not supported.10:12
Sonnewaspin, try ---> file Part1.rar10:12
kazoowaspin: sudo apt-get install unrar10:12
lightaStepNjump, I think your reader isn't recognize yet, did you read something from there yet ?10:12
kazoowaspin: sudo apt-get install rar unrar10:13
StepNjumplighta, no it's a new netbook10:13
StepNjumplighta, never used it yet10:13
waspinkazoo: Works10:13
waspinkazoo: I am surprised as to why extracting from desktop didn't work10:13
waspinkazoo: anyways thanks to everyone10:14
lightahmm I'd take a look at manufacter website to see if there no drivers for this reader StepNjump was sold with 7 OS yeah ?10:14
lightawhat's your netbook ?10:14
kazoogo into termail10:15
kazooterminal *10:15
dv-what do I need to run to get sound working when I run an environment other than gnome/xfce/kde?10:15
FloodBot2kazoo: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.10:15
kazoonever mind10:15
Chipzzzdv-: alsa10:15
StepNjumplighta, yes Win7 32 bits... I guess it's a new model so it's possible not everything is supported yet on Ubuntu?10:15
gencomI think you can install ubuntu 10.04 LTS10:16
lightaone biggest linux issue are drivers because some manufacturer are... so yeah basically no StepNjump10:17
gencomWith my old Notbook it works10:17
dv-Chipzzz: running alsactl init says no soundcards found10:17
StepNjumplighta.. yes I understand your '...'10:17
StepNjumpgreedy bastards!10:17
lightaxd =) well what's your model I may take a look to see if I can't found it10:18
Chipzzzdv-: what kind of box?10:18
=== share_\_it is now known as \share
dv-Chipzzz: a netbook with an Intel Corporation 82801I (ICH9 Family) HD Audio Controller10:18
gencomStepNjump : Googalise your model with ubuntu keywords !10:18
jiltdili want to make tar of a directory "as" that is on desktop so i used a command tar -cvf  ~/Desktop/as    and i want to copy this in /media/Data how to this within a single line what is the extra command that i have to add in it to do so?10:18
dv-Chipzzz: It worked before in gnome... I think gnome-session runs something that initialized sound10:19
jiltdilsorry tar -cvf as.tar ~/Desktop/as10:19
Sonnejiltdil, tar cvf /media/Data/as.tar ~/Desktop/as10:19
StepNjumpgencom yes ok... well lighta I found the driver page from the OEM however, how do I compile this windoze stuff in Ubuntu terms?10:19
=== javlinux is now known as crallion
mechanarchyHi guys. Ubuntu (livecd at the moment) isn't detecting either of my internal SATA drives, and I'm not sure why this is. Any ideas?10:20
=== crallion is now known as crallionx
lightaI'd say tar -cvf as.tar ~/Desktop/as & rsync ~/Desktop/as /media/Data jiltdil10:20
dv-mechanarchy: how are you checking?10:21
mechanarchy@dv-: blkid and ls /dev10:21
Chipzzzdv-: gnome uses pulseaudio (ugh)... to get it working with alsa, take a look here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=66110210:21
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DJJeffa major issue with ubuntu 10.10 was using samba to fileshare with windows VISTA/7 will that be fixed in 11.04?10:22
shomonwhat would be a better choice than pulseaudio, Chipzzz ?10:22
StepNjumplighta.. I downloaded the drivers from OEM, is it the .inf file I need?10:22
ChipzzzI've had a lot less trouble with alsa10:22
lightathere I don't know much StepNjump you should ask someone else for this, aren't there any for linux ?10:22
SwedeMikeDJJeff: discussions regarding 11.04 is best to be had in #ubuntu+110:22
shariq_I am getting problem10:23
StepNjumplighta, of course not! I have a feeling Microsoft forces the OEMs to sign an agreement with them thus forcing them to keep all their drivers proprietary between MSFT, AAPL and themselves.. That's probably how they keep the control of the market share10:23
lighta!ask | shariq_10:24
StepNjumpJust a guess10:24
ubottushariq_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)10:24
shariq_iftop command shows me the bandwidth consumption but i was unable to block it via iptables10:24
ChipzzzStepNjump: sounds like a pretty good guess to me10:24
shariq_all traffic it RX packets going to IP
StepNjumplogical Mr. Spock10:25
shariq_how can i know which process is generating the traffic10:25
lightayes StepNjump that why driver is a main issue, but there often some free one to remplace those, especially if your hardware is common10:25
StepNjumpMy guess is that it will get harder and harder to find drivers10:25
StepNjumpBut there will be new lines of computers that will be built specifically for Open source OSes10:26
shariq_Please tell me the command from where i can see which process has consuming bandwidth right now10:26
StepNjumpeh! that's a good idea! Let,s start a new corporation guys! lol10:26
StepNjumpI always wanted to be rich!10:26
StepNjumpand old computers will retain their resale value longer10:27
lightalol StepNjump well hardware change fast so you must work hard to release source for all, anyway this should be discuss at offtopic my guess10:28
StepNjumproger that10:28
mechanarchySo does anyone have any ideas why ubuntu might not be recognising my SATA drives?10:28
jiltdilhow to hardlink this tar -cvf /media/Data/as.tar ~/Desktop/as suppose i want it to hardlink with a directory ram on desktop10:29
StepNjumpI love Ubuntu though.. I wish all my hardware would be fully compatible and I would so fast phase out Windozed10:29
StepNjumpGenerally guys, which drivers are *usually* most compatible with Ubuntu? WinXP, Vista or Win 7?10:31
icerootmechanarchy: no driver for the controller can be one reason10:31
guckihow can i get aufs working with ubuntu 10.10? aufs-tools seems missing?10:31
mechanarchyiceroot: How can I check and resolve this?10:32
jiltdilhow to hardlink this tar -cvf /media/Data/as.tar ~/Desktop/as suppose i want it to hardlink with a directory ram on desktop10:32
SonneStepNjump, unless we're talking wifi cards, all windows drivers are just as incompatible10:32
Sonnejiltdil, you can't hardlink over different filesystems10:32
icerootmechanarchy: you dont have /dev/sdX? which should be your drives. is it a fakeraid?10:32
StepNjumpSonne... ok thanks (U speak .fr?)10:32
Sonnenope sir10:33
Sonnei only speak .uk and .it :)10:33
StepNjumpk, cuz your nick means 'he rings' in french! lol10:33
mechanarchyiceroot: I have /dev/sda sda0 and sda1 corresponding to my SSD but I do not have an sdb or sdc corresponding to either of my two HDDs.10:33
guckino one using aufs? :(10:33
SonneStepNjump, it also means "Sun" in german, but thanks for the update :D10:33
jiltdilSonne:thanx i learn this it means we only can do hardlink within a single filesystem10:33
icerootmechanarchy: the bios sees the drives?10:33
Sonnejiltdil, yep10:34
mechanarchyiceroot: Yes.10:34
StepNjumpOh.. we are both learning something new10:34
bullgard"Gajim 0.13 transmits one's own avatar to the communication partner, while Gajim 0.14 does." True or wrong?10:34
StepNjumpSonne will rise up here soon.. I love Ubuntu so much can't go to bed grrrrr10:34
SonneStepNjump, where are you from? o_O10:34
mcnesium_i cant get my scanner to be recognized by ubuntu on vbox 4.04 even thogh vbox has connected to it, see http://i.imgur.com/uM5Om.png10:35
mcnesium_it did work a couple of days ago, but i did an update of vbox as well as a kernelupdate of ubuntu, so i dont know which caused the problem10:35
mcnesium_any ideas in this channel?10:35
mechanarchyiceroot: Some googling suggested the places that the SATA cords on the motherboard are connected to is an issue, but I can't move mine without losing the SATA3 channels.10:35
icerootmechanarchy: hm, i would search at google with the controllername and the kernel-version if the controller is supported with the kernel, if not, you dont see the drives10:35
StepNjumpSonne: I grew up in Montreal Canada but now I am stuck in Denver, CO, you?10:35
icerootmechanarchy: ah ok10:35
SonneStepNjump, italy as you might have guessed.. 11:35 here :)10:35
llutzbullgard:jabber-chat at gajim@conference.gajim.org10:35
=== mRy is now known as Guest24180
mechanarchyiceroot: Googling says either move the SATA connections around or set AHCI in the BIOS, so I'll try both of these. Thanks for your help :)10:39
mcnesium_ok now it does work, seems like i have to wait a couple of minutes until lsusb finds that scanner10:40
mcnesium_nevermind then10:40
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oliver_why does  adding a ubuntu repo require && sudo apt-get update on the same line ... somehow sudo apt-get-repository (source) doesn't work10:42
FloodBot2HyperHoRse: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.10:42
iflemaHyperHoRse: ask the question on oneline....10:42
HyperHoRseiflema: http://pastebin.com/ZBw52SRy10:44
razz1what is the admin usrname/password for cups, I thought it was the system username/password ??10:44
dv-I don't get it. If I run aplay -l in tty1 it lists my sound card, if I run it in gnome-terminal in X it says no soundcard. I've already uninstalled pulseaudio, what's next?10:44
awantiHi, earlier when i shout down my system its shouting down within a minute. But from last day its hanging10:45
iflemaHyperHoRse: ask the question here not via pastbin, on one line. Pastebin for large info/data10:45
HyperHoRsetrying to install codeblocks10:45
=== Guest24123 is now known as DarkDevil
HyperHoRseit says in software centre that i need to repair10:45
HyperHoRsesudo apt-get update does nothing10:46
sabgenton'auto wlan0'  'iface wlan0 inet dhcp'  'wireless-essid ...'  'wireless-key ...'  'wireless-mode ...'          is not geting wpa2 up for me10:46
sabgentonAm I misssing somthing?10:46
HyperHoRsewhat is the next step10:46
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest17601
HyperHoRsehow do you get qualified at ubuntu10:47
sabgentonworks find with wpa_supplicant10:47
llutzsabgenton: you'll need to setup wpa-supplicant10:47
aaron11HyperHoRse, Qualified?10:47
HyperHoRseso what is wrong with ubuntu10:47
sabgentonllutz: what do I do?10:47
aaron11HyperHoRse, Nothing?10:47
sabgentonIt works if I run it directly10:47
HyperHoRsethen why wont codeblocks install10:47
aaron11HyperHoRse, Where are you getting it from? USC?10:48
HyperHoRsesoftware centre10:48
HyperHoRseubuntu desktop edition10:48
Chipzzzdv-: try lspci & see if it sees the hardware... then lsmod & see if it loaded the driver10:48
sabgentonllutz: setup in /etc/network/interfaces or set it up in some other config10:49
HyperHoRseOperating Systems Are Hard.10:49
oliver_why does apt-get repository  path   require  && apt-get update      and doesn't work as standalone  ?10:49
llutzsabgenton: aren't those wireless-* wep/wpa only? don't you need to configure /etc/wpa-supplicant.conf for your wpa2-networks?10:50
tycableHello, once I set proxy in the Network Proxy and Chrome, but now I don't know how to remove it, the environment has http_proxy=, even I unset it, open another terminal, it's still there, and now I cannot update my software unless through the proxy.10:50
llutzsabgenton: http://wiki.debian.org/WiFi/HowToUse10:51
HyperHoRse Software Centre Sucks.10:51
HyperHoRseFix it.10:51
HyperHoRseFix unity too thats a piece of crap.10:51
cablopthis is dissapointing10:52
* juk angry users bunt10:52
HyperHoRseIts true.10:52
cablopi set my system language to english, but this thing keeps showing me some things in spanish10:52
overcluckeri installed codeblocks 3 hours ago, no trouble, and that was through software centre10:52
HyperHoRsefrom a user perspective.10:52
cabloplike the Ubuntu Software Center10:53
HyperHoRselet us modify not be restricted.10:53
cablopwhy the Ubuntu Software Center is showing me application names and descriptions in spanish?10:53
cablopand the interesting thing is i have o spanish package installed10:53
* juk revolutione10:53
DaghdhaDoes ubuntu has ssh server installe dby default?10:54
th0rDaghdha: no10:54
icerootDaghdha: only the server-edition10:54
DaghdhaI ask, because i tried to connect and failed, then installe one.10:54
HyperHoRsethe end users win. and you will always have haters.10:54
cablopi checked the env settings, thereś no LC_xx in spanish!!10:54
DaghdhaOh good, coz i later found my local firewall was preventing a connect10:54
llutz!ot | HyperHoRse10:54
ubottuHyperHoRse: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!10:54
tycableHello, once I set proxy in the Network Proxy and Chrome, but now I don't know how to remove it, the environment has http_proxy=, even I unset it, open another terminal, it's still there, and now I cannot update my software unless through the proxy. So, how to deal with it, please?10:54
erUSULcablop: are you sure?10:54
cablopso i think gnome somehow is ignoring the env variables and doing what it wanted10:55
sabgentonhmm they show  wpa-ssid wpa-psk I was using  -key -essid10:55
cablophow can i be sure? erUSUL10:55
sabgentonllutz: I allready have wpa-suplacant installed if thats what you mean10:55
cablopi opened a terminal and typed env... no LC_ variable there10:55
bullgardllutz: I managed to join. --  Thank you very much for your help.10:55
sabgentonit works too10:55
Daghdhashould i install the openssh blacklist?10:55
erUSULcablop: that you do not have any packages for spanish... « dpkg -l | grep "\-es" »10:56
llutzsabgenton: so check your wireless-* statements. afaik, that has to be "wpa-*" in /etc/network/interfaces to get it working10:56
sabgentonoh ok10:56
erUSULcablop: onli LANG is set usually10:57
DannyButtermanHi there. I can't print except at startup, with my HP laserjet P1566. Hplip reports a communication error10:57
llutzsabgenton: another example how to configure: http://www.linuxconfig.org/setup-wireless-interface-with-wpa-and-wpa2-on-ubuntu10:57
sabgentonllutz: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WiFiHowTo does not show wpa-x10:57
DannyButtermanSomeone to help me troubleshoot my printer error ?10:58
cabloperUSUL: yes, only lang shows up if i do env in gnome-terminal10:58
llutzsabgenton: correct, but that works with WEP/WPA only, not WPA210:58
ChipzzzDannyButterman: is that a usb device?10:58
cabloperUSUL: the dpkg list shows  results, how to know what it is installed or not?10:59
DannyButtermanChipzzz: yes it is10:59
Doodiehow to connect to wifi from terminal? I get '.....sleeping error'10:59
erUSULcablop: dpkg -l | grep '^ii.*-es'10:59
tycableHello, once I set proxy in the Network Proxy and Chrome, but now I don't know how to remove it, the environment has http_proxy=, even I unset it, open another terminal, it's still there, and now I cannot update my software unless through the proxy. So, how to deal with it, please?10:59
k10hey will ne body help me abt backtrack here10:59
HyperHoRseubuntu linux is growing pretty slowly.10:59
th0rcablop: are the menus and such in spanish or the software descriptions? It might be the repos you are using are supplying info in spanish10:59
cabloperUSUL: they say rc... not ii, so not installed10:59
llutz!backtrack | k10 no10:59
ubottuk10 no: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux), Ultimate Edition10:59
bazhangk10, in #backtrack-linux NOT here10:59
HyperHoRsei thought it would grow faster.10:59
erUSULtycable: check in ~/.bashrc10:59
cablopth0r: mmm interestng, let me check it11:00
bazhangHyperHoRse, take the chit chat to #ubuntu-offtopic please11:00
cablopth0r: nope, sources are appointing to Main Server11:00
tycableerUSUL, I checked it, but there is no 'proxy' this word.11:01
DannyButtermanChipzzz : it is a usb device, then what's your advice ?11:01
erUSULtycable: ~/.profile ? /etc/environment ? /etc/bash.bashrc ?11:01
bazhanglolle, dont paste here if not related to ubuntu support11:02
sabgentonllutz: does wpa1 work with wpa-x configs?11:02
lollebazhang: Ok11:02
llutzsabgenton: idk, i never used wpa1, sorry11:02
tycableerUSUL, ok, I will go to check them one by one. thanks, wait for me.11:02
=== Krabbe is now known as krabbe
sabgentonetheir way https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WiFiHowTo should be showing that11:02
ChipzzzDannyButterman: It sounds like the device is going to sleep after a period of inactivity & not being detected when it wakes up... I don't know what to do about it, though... looking around for some clues11:03
cabloperUSUL: no LC, just lang variable and it is language, no spanish pack installed, local zone is UTC... any clue?11:03
cabloperUSUL: i mean, it is language=en11:03
erUSULcablop: nope sorry :S11:03
tycableerUSUL, oh, yeah, it's one in the /etc/environment, thanks very much. Let me have a try.11:03
erUSULcablop: should be LANG=en_GB.UTF-8 or so11:04
llutzsabgenton: the part "Encryption" only refers to WEP in that howto11:04
DannyButtermanChipzzz: that's exactly what I thought. Do you own the same printer and experiment the same issue ?11:04
W43372I'm trying to move contents of computer A to Computer B through the Public folder on computer A. I can mount the folder on computer B, but it won't let me move or view the files because 'I don't have permission'. What do I do?11:04
erUSULcablop: what happens if you launch the ubuntu software center from terminal ?11:05
th0rcablop: what part of software center is in spanish? The menus at the top of the window? Or just the description and such?11:06
cablopi have this env variables LANG=en_US.utf8, GDM_LANG=en_US.utf8, i have no LC_xxx variables, there's no spanish pack installed, time zone is UTC, but some applications like Ubuntu Software Center keep showing information in spanish, if i install language packs firefox starts to show menus and messages in spanish too11:06
sabgentonllutz: I guess nobody cares to suport  the interfaces script with wifi now when theres  grafical self  contained wifi managers11:07
cabloperUSUL: yes they, re LANG=en_US.utf8...11:07
cablopth0r: yes, the descriptions, the menus are ok...  by now11:07
W43372I'm trying to move contents of computer A to Computer B through the Public folder on computer A. I can mount the folder on computer B, but it won't let me move or view the files because 'I don't have permission'. What do I do?11:07
th0rcablop: the descriptions are not translated by the system. LANG would set the menus and such...that is why if you install the spanish language pack the menus in firefox change. The software descriptions are, if I remember correctly, downloaded from the repos11:08
iqpicablop: have you tried to restart the session?11:09
oliver_why does apt-get repository  path   require  && apt-get update      and doesn't work as standalone  ?11:09
cablopiqpi, yes many times, iḿ suffering of it from yesterday11:09
cablopth0r: i think you are right, but i'm using the main server, not any latinamerican or spanish one11:09
sabgentonoliver_: apt-get what?11:10
erUSULcablop: can you check the menu entry for USC ?11:10
erUSULcablop: edit menus11:10
ChipzzzDannyButterman: I have a usb printer that I have yet to try since my escape from window$ and I notice that the driver loads but after a while, the usb bus ignores the printer...11:10
oliver_sabgenton, :D  apt-get-repository11:10
llutzsabgenton: thats sadly true, networkmanager wherever you look, pointless bloated stuff in most cases.11:10
th0rcablop: yes, but I think you are spinning your wheels looking at LANG and such. I think you should look at why you got the wrong info from the repos11:11
cabloperUSUL:  menus are in english... what else to check?11:11
sabgentonllutz: so dum11:11
erUSULcablop: echo $LANGUAGE11:11
cablopth0r: right... maybe they're sending me info based on my time zone or counry?11:12
sabgentonoliver_: I don't have that command11:12
th0rcablop: sweden, right?11:12
cabloperUSUL: en11:12
ChipzzzDannyButterman: Sorry it's not much help but there seem to be issues with the usb bus & sleep modes... I thought this might be one of them...11:12
erUSULcablop: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/software-center/+bug/56059111:12
ubottuUbuntu bug 560591 in Ubuntu Translations "Wrong language shown in Ubuntu Software Center" [Low,Triaged]11:12
cablopth0r: nope, colombian11:12
sabgentonoliver_:  apt-get-repository: command not found11:13
erUSULcablop: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/software-center/+bug/43460111:13
ubottuUbuntu bug 434601 in software-center (Ubuntu) "needs to store the language of the cache" [High,In progress]11:13
sabgentonis that a real command?11:13
buschwuschherro, i'm in the process of looking for equilavents for my osx software, since i'm going ubuntu. can you guys recommend me a good irc client w/ a GUI?11:13
th0rcablop: then yes, might be country based....but check the link erSUL just sent11:13
erUSULcablop: from the las bug « sudo /usr/share/software-center/update-software-center »11:13
oliver_sabgenton, damn i'm messing up a bit :D        add-apt-repository11:13
erUSULcablop: they say it is a workaround11:13
W43372Computer A has things in it's shared folder I need on computer B. I mount that share on computer B, but when I try to move the files it says i don't have permission, what do?11:13
cabloperUSUL, th0r : i'm checking itr, thanks... maybe it is a coincidence the wrong language is spanish, maybe unrelated to lang settings11:13
Chipzzzbuschwusch: I like xchat11:14
phaedrabuschwusch, you can try xchat11:14
DJonesbuschwusch: The irc client thats normally used with a gui is xchat or xchat-gnome which is a bit more a cut down version)11:14
sabgentonoliver_:  add-apt-repository: command not found11:14
cabloperUSUL: hehe, dirty workaround, but maybe it will do the trick11:14
buschwuschxchat i know, didn't like the style on osx, but gonna check it out again for sure :)11:14
k10no one is rplying on bakctrack-linux11:14
Chipzzzbuschwusch: irssi runs in a terminal but it's nice too11:14
buschwuschyeah i know irssi11:14
buschwuschfor now a want software w/ a GUI11:15
sinisterstufsabgenton, what version of Ubuntu do you use?11:15
sabgentonoliver_: if you type the first part of your command then press tab it will show the rest of the command or more comand options11:15
bazhangk10, be patient, it has nothing to do with ubuntu11:15
oliver_sabgenton , then your ubuntu is messed up11:15
llutzk10: backtrack is offtopic here11:15
sabgentonsinisterstuf: 10.0411:15
buschwuschcan't wait to finally use apt-get update11:15
sabgenton server I might add11:15
overcluckerbuschwusch: I tried smuxi, and found it decent, though i'm back to irssi11:16
oliver_sabgenton, its  the normal ubuntu add repo command       add-apt-repository ppa://...........11:16
sinisterstufsabgenton, maybe apt-add-repository is for 10.10 or is it not a problem?11:16
dr0idanyone ? "stdin: is not a tty" ?11:16
buschwuschok, thanks overclucker11:16
W43372I can access the files in other shared folders on computer a from computer b,, just not Public11:16
erUSULdr0id: what command gives that error?11:16
sabgentonoliver_: what version of  ubuntu do you have11:16
cablopmmmm... it would also helps because the USC is showing me some PPAs that are not currently in this system... nor packages from them11:16
oliver_sinisterstuf im the one wondering why i can't just  add the repo      with           sudo add-apt-repository ppa://.......11:17
sinisterstufoliver_, and what Ubuntu version do you use?11:17
oliver_sinisterstuf  and update as second step      sudo apt-get update11:17
oliver_sinisterstuf, sabgenton     ubuntu 10.1011:17
cabloperUSUL: that worked, thanks!11:17
buschwuschwow, smuxi looks sleek11:17
sinisterstufoliver_, do you get errors when you try to update?11:17
sabgentonsinisterstuf: do you have 10.10?11:17
erUSULcablop: no problem11:18
th0roliver_: adding the repo just puts the repo link in the list, apt-get update actually contacts the repo and gets the software info11:18
sinisterstufsabgenton, yes, I have 10.1011:18
oliver_th0r, but  why can't I  just add the link to the repo and execute the update on a new line ... why do i have to combine it with    && sudo apt-get update11:18
sabgentonok mabye thats why I dont' have it11:18
buschwuschis there an alternative to filezilla, something sleeker/simpler?11:18
th0roliver_: you can do them separately....it isn't necessary to do them on one line11:19
sinisterstufoliver_, you don't have to11:19
oliver_th0r, well it gave me an error like failed to read from launchpad....11:19
th0roliver_: just leave out the &&11:19
sabgentonoliver_: so if your run apt-get update first by itself and then later run the command in question it doesn't work?11:19
oliver_th0r , but when i combined them it worked flawlessly11:19
erUSULbuschwusch: Places>connect to Server?11:19
sinisterstufsabgenton, I think so, although you I don't think you can install add-apt-repository, I think it's part of the apt package or something11:19
W43372Computer A has things in it's shared folder I need on computer B. I mount that share on computer B, but when I try to move the files it says i don't have permission, what do?11:20
oliver_sabgenton, why the update before the add-apt-repository11:20
buschwuscherUSUL: i know how to use filezilla, i just want something better looking, like transmit, which is what i use under osx11:20
oliver_sabgenton makes  no sense to me11:20
sinisterstufoliver_, no. the steps are, add the ppa, update the repository, install the package11:20
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sinisterstufoliver_, after you do the add-apt-repository you do the apt-get update && apt-get install whateveryouwant11:22
sabgentonoliver_: Well apt-get update  updates your package  list so apt might not run if there was a corruption in your packagelist11:22
oliver_sinisterstuf, hmm well it all worked fine  just when i tried     sudo add-apt-repository ...  (i would have run the sudo apt-get update afterwards) alone i got an error but when i run           sudo add-apt-repository... && sudo apt-get update        it worked11:22
erUSUL!info gftp11:22
ubottugftp (source: gftp): X/GTK+ and console FTP client. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.0.19-2ubuntu1 (maverick), package size 53 kB, installed size 84 kB11:22
aLeSDhi all11:22
sabgentonsee your point11:22
sinisterstufoliver_, so... what is actually the problem right now?11:23
sabgentonI agree with sinisterstuf11:23
oliver_sinisterstuf, i'm just asking why i need to combine  them and can't run seperately11:23
sinisterstuf...i forgot how ubottu works11:23
sabgentonoliver_: I wouldn' have thought it nessaary ethier11:24
oliver_sinisterstuf, did some google  research but haven't found an answer yet .. :D11:24
sabgentona comand doesn't care about what command is run after it11:24
sinisterstufoliver_, saying that you can't run them separately implies that now you can no longer do sudo apt-get update, is this true?11:24
sabgentonwell unless it's a pipe11:24
sabgentonnot &&11:25
cablopmaybe this is offtopic... but i receive suggestions, i want a program able to track task and TODO lists but able to sync them online, but keep an offline copy, i'm trying taskcoach, but... it is hard to sync11:25
oliver_sinisterstuf, thats what  i  run first        sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-mozilla-daily/ppa11:25
cablopth0r and erusul, thanks, software list was rebuilt and it is in the correct language now :)11:25
greppycablop: todo.sh + dropbox11:25
oliver_sinisterstuf, Error reading https://launchpad.net/api/1.0/~ubuntu-mozilla-daily/+archive/ppa: HTTP Err was the answer11:25
erUSULcablop: you're wellcome11:25
greppycablop: todo.sh from http://todotxt.com/11:26
sinisterstufoliver_, and if you manually add the ppa to your sources.list and add the key, does it work then?11:26
cabloptodo.sh?, tel me see11:26
oliver_sinisterstuf, yeah yeah works all but just not seperatley11:27
oliver_sinisterstuf, funny .. though not a problem .. just a questions why :D11:27
Symmetriahrm, whats a reasonable disk write speed in a modern machine on a raid 5 array11:27
dr0iderUSUL: hey, I did a git clone, and got that11:28
dr0idthough the cloning was successful. but I want to know what that means11:28
erUSULdr0id: usually terminal amulators are connected to (pseudo) tty's so is stdin stdout and stderr ...11:29
sabgentonoliver_: yeah sounds weird to me11:29
sinisterstufoliver_, I just copied your sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-mozilla-daily/ppa and it worked fine for me… for you it doesn't…11:29
Ja23Hello! Maybe you can help me? My Problem:11:30
Ja23Using DiskCreator I made a bootable usb drive with Ubuntu, when I run it on my computer there is no option for running it as a LiveCD, only for fixing an existing version of Ubuntu or for installing a new one11:30
lightaJa23, wich iso did you took ?11:31
Ja23I also redownloaded and tried again, just in case11:32
erUSULdr0id: but really dunno what the error is about... maybe some program was pied to less or something without specting it11:33
=== iqpi_ is now known as iqpi
lightahmm yeah strange, did you md5 it to check it out first ?11:33
cablopgreppy: interesting, but a little bit geeky, hehe11:33
cablopbut i like the idea i can merge things in a single text file11:34
greppycablop: you're on IRC and using linux :P11:34
lightayeah most thing geeky here11:34
Curly_QHello there Greppy. How are you today?11:34
cablopgreppy: hahaha, nice one, you got me11:35
Curly_QGreppy, I figured out the VNC issue. It is working now.11:35
Ja23Hello! Maybe you can help me? My Problem:11:36
Ja23Using DiskCreator I made a bootable usb drive with Ubuntu, when I run it on my computer there is no option for running it as a LiveCD, only for fixing an existing version of Ubuntu or for installing a new one11:36
Curly_QI am using x11vnc right now from a remote Windows box.11:36
volveringhello i have an problem on my pc, i have installed win7 and ubuntu on diff partitions but on the boot screen when i choose win7 to boot it dosent start coz seams the partition is unmonted and if i mount it from ubuntu disk utility it dosent keep mounted when i re boot the pc.. any help?11:37
cablopJa23: it seems it depends on what did you used to create that LiveCd... did you used the alternate CD?11:37
Curly_QI set up Xchat in which is what I am talking with you right now.11:37
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cablopvolvering, it seems you changed partition places before installing windows11:38
Ja23cablop: I used the 10.10 desktop version, AMD6411:38
volveringcablop, i first installed windows and then  ubuntu11:39
aLeSDwhere I canhow to set ssh server to use the current user passwd to login ?11:39
schnuffle!dualboot | volvering:11:39
ubottuvolvering:: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot11:39
cablopvolvering, this is the right order, but if you moved or created new partitions...11:39
Curly_QThe only two downfalls with this is that the typing is slow and and the response time or latency is not as fast as I would like it to be. I read there is a compression mode for VNC.11:39
volveringcablop, the pc have 2 hd .. in the first i installed win and on the second ubuntu.. if i ceck on disk utility on ubuntu i can see the hd where win is installed is unmounted11:40
schnuffleCurly_Q: FreeNX is a good alternative when you have only small bandwidth11:40
Curly_QOverall, UltraVNC for Windows and X11VNC for Linux works great.11:41
volveringschnuffle, !dualboot | volvering:11:41
volveringbash: !dualboot: event not found11:41
Curly_QSchnuffle, I will take a look at that. Thanks.11:41
Steristquick question, what is a "LBA" flag on a filesystem?11:42
cablopwhat is your exact problem, volvering ?11:43
schnufflevolvering: see what ubottu told you !dualboot is a command for the channel robot11:43
erUSULSterist: is a caracteristic of the disk afaik. Logical Block Addressing11:43
dewwSterist: stands for logical block addressng.11:43
Ja23Hello! Maybe you can help me? My Problem:11:44
Ja23Using DiskCreator I made a bootable usb drive with Ubuntu using 10.10-desktop-amd64.iso, when I run it on my computer there is no option for running it as a LiveCD, only for fixing an existing version of Ubuntu or for installing a new one11:44
sabgentonllutz: do you think I need an equivalent to wireless-mode    managed11:44
dewwi think it's some trickery to allow larger disks to work without being constrained by the older cylinder head sector scheme11:44
sabgentonthe guide doesn't mention it11:44
Curly_QSchnuffle, have you used putty with UltraVNC? Do I just enable putty and run UltraVNC on top of it for tunneling?11:45
rishiAm I the only one having problems connecting/downloading from the repositories? apt-get update, apt-get install are taking ages.11:45
cablopvolvering, you don't need to mount any partition to be able to mount windows11:45
cablopthey behave appart... maybe thereś a problem, and the problem is you maybe deleted the bootloader of windows 711:45
cablopi mean the mbr11:45
aguitelrishi, change mirror11:45
iqpivolvering: if you have 2 hd, you have to install grub on the hd that is configured in bios to boot11:46
rishiaguitel: I changed from us.xxx to fi.xxx. (I am in Finland, btw)11:46
elFidelrishi: i noted that aswell during the last weeks- mirror-change was a good solution11:46
Ja23Can I create a liveCD from a DVD-RW?11:46
rishiaguitel: Not much help till now.11:46
rishiaguitel: What are you using?11:46
schnuffleCurly_Q: es I have, you must activate remote portforwarding to use it: http://martybugs.net/smoothwall/puttyvnc.cgi11:46
elFidelrishi: i guess there is more then 1 mirror in your country11:46
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lightaSterist, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Logical_block_addressing11:47
brverghi why is that whenever i sign to this channel, i get the message "Couldn't look up your hostname"11:47
SteristerUSUL: do you know if LBA would cause recognition issues with some devices?11:47
dewwbrverg: that's a server side message. your ip isnt resolving to a hostname and vice versa. no big deal11:47
erUSULSterist: maybe if the bios is too old?11:48
Curly_QSchnuffle, thanks for the link. I am reading it now.  ;)11:48
Ja23Hello! Maybe you can help me? My Problem:11:48
Ja23Using DiskCreator I made a bootable usb drive with Ubuntu using 10.10-desktop-amd64.iso, when I run it on my computer there is no option for running it as a LiveCD, only for fixing an existing version of Ubuntu or for installing a new one11:48
lightawith device you mean harddrive yeah ?11:48
Ja23Does anyone know how to fix this? or if I could use a DVD to make a live CD?11:48
aguitelrishi,in software sources under system administration11:49
aguitelrishi,open it11:49
brverg<deww> ok thx... lately my internet connection seems to abnormally slower than before. i contacted the network provider but nothing is wrong...11:50
bastidrazorbrverg: someone is leeching your wifi?11:51
brverg<bastidrazor> how do i ensure that? btw i use dsl cable11:51
aguitelrishi, in the fist tab it say:downloading for.... choose other mirror and then best mirror11:51
lightaJa23, any support can make liveUbuntu11:51
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schnufflerishi: or the number of wifi networks in your area raised11:52
bastidrazorbrverg: do you have a wireless router?11:52
theprototypeWaddup ya'll =) . . anyone know how i can look at the source from a .sh file ??11:52
theprototypei renamed to .txt with no joy. (i am a noob)11:52
schnuffletheprototype: open it in a editor11:52
brverg<bastidrazor> no11:53
rigvedJa23: you can use a DVD to create a LiveCD, but I do not know about your USB Live System problem. just curious, do you get a screen (with black background) and a list of options (like repair and install etc.)11:53
rishiaguitel: schnuffle: There is an outside chance that the Natty kernel backport for Lucid that is available from kernel-ppa has broken my Ethernet.11:53
bastidrazorbrverg: then you 'ensured' it well. :|11:53
* rishi keeps poking11:53
DJonestheprototype: I would have thought it was just nano filename.sh in a terminal or right click on the file and open with gedit11:53
theprototypeschnuffle any recommended editors? somehow this scrip is "trial" version, and i wanna take a look at it. I found it here http://fadzilmahfodh.blogspot.com/11:54
rigvedrishi: Natty support is available on #ubuntu+1. but i do not think that they provide support for backports11:54
brverg<bastidrazor> speaking of that, my mozilla browser crashes if i open more than one tab of youtube at a time... something wrong with my flashplayer?11:54
aguitelrishi, you want to install another kernel from ppa?11:54
Ja23Hey rigved, when I boot from my usb I first get to choose my language, then the next screen has the options like repair and install, but the background Is purpley I think11:54
theprototypeschnuffle if you look at that script, it would be nice if u can tell me if it will actually do what it sais it will11:55
schnuffletheprototype: gedit is alright11:55
rigvedJa23: then it's proper. i don't know what's causing this problem. maybe someone else can help you11:55
bastidrazorbrverg: run firefox from a terminal and see why it crashes.11:56
brverg<bastidrazor> if you don't mind, what is it i need to type in terminal in order to run firefox...?11:57
lightatheprototype, isn't this just aircrack utility ?11:57
bastidrazorbrverg: firefox11:57
schnuffletheprototype: the file i a binary and not a h script11:57
=== erkan^2 is now known as erkan^
theprototypelighta yes its a script for aircrack so i dont have to  type a lot. They just got it as a "Trial" script and im suspicious11:58
theprototypeschnuffle how would i open a binary file ?11:58
wewehi guys11:59
theprototypeschnuffle well i'll look that one up i guess11:59
wewei have some question11:59
schnuffletheprototype: if you really want to open it, use a hex editor11:59
lightaopen to read what on ? that reverse engenering you have tool for this but depend on langage ot always possible to reverse it11:59
Curly_QSchuffle, is the considered the loopback address for tunnelling?11:59
theprototypeschnuffle yea i just google searched and reading the wiki on binary files thats what it said =D12:00
brverg<bastidrazor> ok... i've opened firefox via the terminal, now what shall i do? repeat what i did with firefox earlier?12:00
rigvedtheprototype: type in the terminal - file filename.ext12:00
schnuffleCurly_Q: not really12:00
bastidrazorbrverg: yes.12:00
schnuffleCurly_Q: it's a coice12:00
Curly_QIt seems like a bypass address for the loopback.12:00
Pumpkin-everything in is loopback12:01
weweif i wanna run a program as root ?12:01
wewehow can i do it12:02
Curly_QPumpking nice explanation.12:02
popey!sudo | wewe12:02
ubottuwewe: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo12:02
theprototyperigved thanks didn't know about that12:02
schnuffleCurly_Q: they use to avoid conflicts12:02
Curly_QSchnuffle, that makes sense.12:02
rigvedtheprototype: did that help?12:02
=== Juo_ is now known as Juo
wewebut i need it always like when i run it12:03
wewecan i do as permission ?12:03
Curly_QI use VLC viewer and in Windows XP pro VLC sets up its own .hosts file due to the fact that VLC is a server for video.12:03
theprototyperigved well i'm going to use a hex editor to look at it. but im not sure if my knowledge is extensive enough to decide if its trustworthy. it sais i wont need a dictionary for aircrack and WPA using that script, seems a bit far fethced12:03
scyteWat search engine do you guys use, I dont want to use google anymore!12:04
theprototypescyte google with proxy switcher12:04
schnufflewewe: you can use setuid but you should know what you're doing cause it's a potential security risk12:04
rigvedtheprototype: ok. glad to help12:04
scytetheprototype I wil google proxy switcher to find more information about it12:04
wewei used GNS3 but the most feature it does work when i run it as root12:05
theprototypescyte well, i think proxy is strictly windows, but basically route your traffic to look like your in a different country/city to get different results12:05
theprototypescyte sorry, proxy switcher*12:05
scytetheprototype i got foxyproxy with bt4 rc2 installed i am running a live usb12:05
scytetheprototype would that do the same job?12:06
theprototypescyte pretty much. depends on what kind info u put in there12:06
theprototypescyte slow search results the further u get away from home or higher the ping12:06
theprototypescyte of course12:06
theprototypescyte hops w/e12:06
weweso if there is any command that i can do it once and the program work always as root12:06
scytetheprototype ok thanks12:07
bastidrazorwewe: what command?12:07
ejcwebHow would I go about updating from 10.04 to 10.10? I assumed that it might happen automatically as part of the normal updates.12:07
bastidrazor!upgrade | ejcweb12:07
ubottuejcweb: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade12:07
lightasudo apt-get dist-upgrade12:07
bastidrazorlighta: that will not change distro versions12:08
lightaah sry =)12:08
wewei used GNS3 and all feature work perfectly on root so i need any command that can be do it once and the GNS3 work as root when i run it12:08
schnufflewewe: yes there is but as I told you, be sure you know what you do: chown root <program> && chmod u+s <program>12:08
wewethe command should be in root mode , right ?12:09
schnufflewewe: yes12:09
theprototypescyte np hope it helped =)12:09
* Magizian^xx^ is here to help individuals that want to run a bbs w/ntsh&unix shell on UBUNTU (see pic) http://magizian.dyndns.org:20080/img/ntsh.jpg12:10
Daghdhato slow12:10
theprototypeugh. Anyone know how i would get the code out of a binary file by viewing it with GHex ?12:10
theprototypei just want to look at it like it was while it was in txt format12:11
DaghdhaYou need a dissasembler12:11
volveringiqpi, grub is insstalled12:11
theprototypeDaghdha any recomendations for ease of use ?12:12
Magizian^xx^Btw, you can try the bbs/shells via telnet://magizian.dyndns.org:2002312:12
Daghdhait's hard12:12
lightatheprototype, I think aircrack would have been faster12:12
schnuffletheprototype: I aggree with lighta12:12
exilerunning maverick, suddenly none of my daemons (including sysklogd) are starting on reboot. networking also down for same reason. initctl lists them all as stop/waiting. initctl start rc gives "failed to start". any ideas?12:12
bastidrazorMagizian^xx^: don't advertise12:13
theprototypelighta lol yes. but i want to run scripts. i end up having to do this a lot ending with a LOT of typing which is no biggie but if a script exists i'd like to use it, and i'm not familiar with scrips at all12:13
jribexile: what changed since last time they did run?12:13
theprototypelight i know this is getting in to programming which is totally friggin COOL12:13
Magizian^xx^I'm offering help setting up a bbs and shells in ubuntu.. not advertising.12:13
exilenfi, nothing pertinent in /var/syslog12:13
Magizian^xx^Giving a picture and demo.12:13
lightabut just do a .sh script ? put your command there so you'll have your fast and simple12:13
schnuffletheprototype: but the file isn't a scipt it's a binary12:13
Magizian^xx^most haven't considered it.12:13
weweschnuffle: i did it , but it does not work as root12:14
Magizian^xx^Do YOU know how to?12:14
bastidrazorMagizian^xx^: this channel is not for bbs/shell toying.12:14
schnufflewewe: what does not work, show a ls -l <program>12:14
theprototypeschnuffle yes i'm sorry. lol i knows it binary (thanks to you), do people put files in binary to prevent people from easily looking at the "code" or whatever ????12:14
kaloidAuguem do Brasil ae?12:14
Magizian^xx^..Cause I shouldn't get shit on for helping ubunt users setup services..12:14
Elitestatushey guys12:14
DJones!br | kaloid12:14
ubottukaloid: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.12:14
wewechown root GNS3.desktop && chmod u+s GNS3.desktop12:14
lightawell disassembling interesting too but hmm maybe more complicated then writing a bash script in my opinion12:14
jribMagizian^xx^: thanks, but it's better to wait for someone to actual ask a question about it first :)12:14
Magizian^xx^..you troll.12:15
wewethis is the command i did12:15
schnuffletheprototype: mostly a binray resilts from using C/C++12:15
wewei did it in root mode12:15
Magizian^xx^question about it? look at the pic.. thats new stuff..!12:15
Magizian^xx^+old stuff.12:15
DJones!ot | Magizian^xx^12:15
ubottuMagizian^xx^: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!12:15
weweso i need to restart ?12:16
jribMagizian^xx^: this channel is for answering questions asked by users.  If people just posted interesting articles without anyone in particular asking about it it would be chaos.  So please refrain from doing so in the future.  I appreciate your enthusiasm, but that's not how this channel works12:16
Magizian^xx^no shit Djones.. quit shitting on me for helping ubuntu users setup bbs services.. bandwagoneer.12:16
kaloidi need help12:16
schnufflewewe: show a ls -l GNS3.desktop12:16
exileps -aux shows nothing but init, ttyp0 and bash, where do i find upstart logs?12:16
kaloidmy amsn do not connect12:17
lightatheprototype,  I used REC once was fine not perfect but fine http://www.thefreecountry.com/programming/disassemblers.shtml,12:17
bastidrazorMagizian^xx^: by all means.. cursing gets your point across much better.12:17
* Magizian^xx^ is here to help individuals that want to run a bbs w/ntsh&unix shell on UBUNTU (see pic) http://magizian.dyndns.org:20080/img/ntsh.jpg (test) Btw, you can try the bbs/shells via telnet://magizian.dyndns.org:20023 12:17
DJones!ops | Magizian^xx^ Spamming12:17
ubottuMagizian^xx^ Spamming: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, bilalakhtar, Jordan_U, or rww!12:17
ElitestatusDoes anyone know how to fix the fixed channel mode: -1????12:17
wewe-rwSrw-rw- 1 root root 196 2011-03-09 01:12 GNS3.desktop12:18
DJonesThanks jrib12:18
weweit is now work as root ?12:18
exileno one knows what to do if sysklogd isnt starting on boot? i dont even know how to troubleshoot12:18
theprototypelighta thanks for the headstart12:18
schnufflewewe:  .desktop is not binary, paste the conntent of te file to pastebin12:20
schnuffleexile: dmesg12:20
theprototypelighta thanks for the head start12:20
weweschnuffle,  so i need to go tot it's file and do the command again12:21
exileschnuffle, its blank12:21
exileeven after restart12:21
lightayou welcome12:21
schnufflewewe: so how do you start your app12:21
wewei save it as file in OPT and i put shorcut in Desktop12:22
exileon the plus side i've learned a ton on how linux boots, on the negative i cant get anything to start except manually12:24
devkhadkacan i pause phptorec recovery process, and continue next time from the same point onward12:24
schnufflewewe: so you do the commands on the binary you ut in /opt12:24
jribexile: what changed since last time they did run?12:25
Curly_QSchnuffle I read the Smoothwall page. Is it necessary to have a 3rd box as a smoothwall server? Will do the tunnelling without a 3rd box?12:26
exilewish i knew, there's nothing pertinent in /var/log/syslog, last message is about cron being killed by TERM. this is on a remote unattended server, just a whole lot of --MARK-- since then, then nothing as sysklogd didnt start after a reboot12:26
jribexile: can you start it manually?12:27
schnuffleCurly_Q: you only need your box and the box yu want to connect to, nothing more12:27
exileyes, but it won't catch anything on boot12:27
schnuffleCurly_Q: and of course te remote box needs ssh enabled12:27
Curly_QOK thanks. Schematic diagram mentions a 3rd box.12:27
jribexile: how do you start it munually?12:28
weweschnuffle, i did it in the file but still it dose not work12:28
schnuffleCurly_Q: it was the first hit from google, mybe I should lookup a better example12:28
schnufflewewe: can you be more precise about what is not working?12:28
Curly_QI am actually logged in with SSH. No that was a good example. I am sure I can find stuff on it. I appreciate you pointing me in that direction.12:29
exilejrib: /etc/init.d/sysklogd start (also tried via initctl start rc, which fails)12:29
jribexile: ok, so we should figure out why it fails with initctl12:29
DECAheeeeeelp :)   how to restore main top panel if you delete it ???12:29
exilei'd love to know where that's logged to12:29
schnuffleCurly_Q: the important part is that you use remote portforwarding12:29
exilebut upstart doco is very vague12:29
bastidrazor!resetpanels  | DECA12:29
ubottuDECA: To reset the gnome panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »12:29
wewei have some topology that does work as root when i run it the program from terminal , so i need the program always work as root12:30
Curly_QSchnuffle, that was the lesson I gathered from this. I appreciate it.12:30
sacarlsonhow do I get a history of what was installed with synaptic sorted by time?12:30
DECAubottu let me try12:30
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)12:30
Curly_QAt least I finally got the thing running.12:30
schnuffleCurly_Q: FreeNX uses ssh by default to connect12:30
DECAubottu : thank you man12:31
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)12:31
bastidrazorDECA: you're welcome :)12:31
Curly_QThat's good to know.12:31
DECAwhere is a place with all that comand ?12:31
DECAcommands ???12:31
schnuffleDECA: you meanthe robot commands?12:32
exilejrib, do you know where to find the logs from initctl? upstart is vague at best, indicates it should be logged to syslog :<12:32
bastidrazorDECA: http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi12:32
jribexile: I don't.  I'll see if I can find more info.  Is there a reason you're using sysklogd though?12:33
DECAbastidrazor :   thank you  man12:33
exilecame by default12:33
bastidrazorDECA: you're welcome.12:33
exilejrib: i have klogd in /etc/init.d too12:34
jribexile: what ubuntu version?  I seem to have rsyslog on all my systems12:35
DECAbastidrazor : do you also lknow how to enable a usb at virtual box ?12:35
exilemaverick, but it was a VPS'd image12:35
exilejrib, i can try apting it but i'm worried about making this more complicated even12:36
jribexile: no need, I was trying to understand the situation12:36
bastidrazorDECA: if you installed the virtualbox-OSE version from the repo's then USB's will not work. you will have to install the version from virtual box's website.12:36
DECAohhh iseee12:36
DECAyes i did that12:36
schnuffleDECA: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox/USB12:36
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jribexile: are you logging to a remote host?12:37
DECAtrhank you schnuffle12:37
bastidrazorand i did not know the OSE version had a fix. good to know,12:38
schnufflebastidrazor: haven't tried it12:39
bastidrazori prefer vmware, so i have not tested the fix either.12:39
jribexile: also, start trying http://upstart.ubuntu.com/wiki/Debugging to get more info on what is happening12:39
schnufflebastidrazor: I prefered vmware but moving to ESXi/KVM12:40
bastidrazorschnuffle: more features? better support?12:41
Curly_QSchnuffle, when doing an apt-get to install FreeNX, how often do you use sudo apt-get update ?  And what about the sudo aptitude install freenx   ?12:41
schnuffleCurly_Q: aptitude is the recommended way of installing it unites apt-get and apt-cache and has better dependency resolution12:42
exilejrib, yes12:42
bastidrazorCurly_Q: i personally apt-get update before i do anything else. uptodate package lists are important.12:42
Dr_WillisCurly_Q:  you 'sudo apt-get update' every time you add/remove repos.. or want to refresj the package listings.12:42
jribexile: yes, it's logging to a remote host?12:42
exilejrib, yes i'm on a remote host - no grub12:42
Dr_WillisIm not sure aptitude is really that recommended any more..  but some people perfer it..12:42
schnuffleCurly_Q: Before I install a package I do a aptitude update, just to be sure to have the actual package list12:42
Curly_QI see. It is almost like a windows updater.12:43
bastidrazori thought aptitude was being phased out in the later versions of ubuntu?12:43
Dr_WillisCurly_Q:  the apt update system  works MUCH better then windows update ever did12:43
Dr_Willisbastidrazor:  its not installed by default any more./12:43
jribexile: did you setup sysklogd to log to a remote host?12:43
bastidrazorDr_Willis: i guess no better way to phase out then not include.12:43
schnufflebastidrazor: really, hmm any reason for that?12:43
bastidrazorschnuffle: no idea why they would drop aptitude.12:44
exilejrib: nope, and i've seen that google result already :P (ps, i appreciate the help)12:44