atpa8aso generally... how can i run sysv scripts only after *all* of the network is up?..01:52
Keybukchange the "start on" line of /etc/init/rc-sysinit.conf02:01
Keybukif you want to just wedge something, you can do02:02
Keybukecho start on WHATEVERINDICATESNETWORKINGISUP and starting rc-sysinit02:02
Keybukthat will wedge rc-sysinit from starting until "WHATEVERINDICATESNETWORKINGISUP" happens02:02
Keybukecho start on WHATEVERINDICATESNETWORKINGISUP and starting rc-sysinit >> /etc/init/rc-sysinit-networking-wedge.conf02:02
atpa8ahello again03:19
atpa8aneed an insight... how can i make sysv scripts run only after all the networking is up?03:19
jab_doacan i somehow start a job on two different conditions? i want to use the one or the other. eg on rc2 stopped or on a signal13:15
tohavaQuestion, when I tell upstart to restart a process, what exactly does it do?17:30
SpamapStohava: restart stops then starts the job, but does not reload its configuration (so any changes to the job file will not be recognized by a restart)20:31

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