pleia2btw: http://ubuntu-news.org/2011/03/10/wiki-ubuntu-com-upgrade-update/05:57
pleia2so maybe maybe in 2 weeks the wiki shall rise again05:57
Sysiso, have the default applications all been decided, and do we have any space on installation disk? i've talked about adding pavucontrol earlier already, bu i think not in correct place15:24
charlie-tcaGood morning15:24
charlie-tcayes, default apps have been decided15:25
Sysiit's a bit weird that we have pulseaudio and only control to it is volume control in xfce4-mixer15:26
Sysibut of course people needing it can install it later15:26
charlie-tcaIt is also weird that I have never installed that and still get sound?15:27
Sysiwell you have that sound control :P15:30
Sysihum, does switching soundcard from xfce4-mixer work for pulseaudio?15:31
charlie-tcaI seem to be in minority too, I think, when it comes to getting sound to work without pavucontrol15:31
charlie-tcaI only have one soundcard15:31
Sysii don't use pulseaudio at all15:31
charlie-tcaI use it, because it allows sound from virtualbox machines and the hardware at the same time15:32
charlie-tcaochosi: from #xubunru17:04
charlie-tca<halaszvarig> I just finished a google chrome theme matching the new greybird xubuntu look: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/djhdibfheaidnhfnhhnmdngcmjpicpkn17:04
ochosicharlie-tca: hm, the guy isn't there anymore17:07
ochosicharlie-tca: looks nice, anyhow, greybird has a chrome/chromium style included, so no need for an external theme17:08
charlie-tcaJust wanted to pass that on to you17:10
charlie-tcaHe came and announced and left17:10
ochosiwell i guess in a way that's rather positive feedback :)17:11
charlie-tcacopy is flattery!17:11
ochosii might not be able to attend tonight's meeting as i'm currently ill17:11
ochosiand i need to rest again soon17:11
charlie-tcaOkay, take care of yourself17:12
ochosii just wanted to check whether tonight the *final* decision about the wallpaper is taken17:12
charlie-tcahopefully, to give the artist time to change anything needed17:12
charlie-tcabut we will see17:12
ochosiok, so let me quickly pass on my artwork news to you for the meeting17:12
charlie-tcaDo we have any new logos to check out?17:13
ochosii looked into that with knome, there's a problem with how the new panel handles the menu-icon17:13
ochosii filed a bug about it upstream17:13
ochosithe new app-menu button is always scaled down to square size17:13
ochosiso there's not much room for improvement over the current icon17:14
ochosii'd suggest we stick to it17:14
knomecharlie-tca, i probably can't attend the meeting today, and my wallpaper proposal is not finished. is it a catastrophe?17:14
knomewell, i'm going to submit what i have now.17:14
charlie-tcaWe gave what, 4 months or so notice this time?17:15
charlie-tcaochosi: okay17:15
charlie-tcawhat else do we have?17:15
knomewe have what, this thing called life ?17:15
charlie-tcaThat's fine17:15
ochosicharlie-tca: in other artwork news: greybird is now fixed to theme gdm17:15
ochosiand i improved the xfce4-notification style so that it's more contrasty17:15
ochosiand easier to see17:15
ochosialso: there has been a new release of the elementary icons upstream as promised and that includes quite a few fixes for us17:16
ochosii submitted many patches to them17:16
charlie-tcaWhat did we decide on the Education icon?17:16
ochosinothing just yet17:16
ochositbh i didn't get what the final point was in "freedesktop-icon-spec vs. freedesktop-menu-spec"17:17
ochosibut i can add an icon for it in elementaryXubuntu17:17
charlie-tcaWe only have about two weeks left now to make these things happen17:18
ochosii think we might be able to slim that down a bit, since much of what it contained is now in upstream as well17:18
ochosii know17:18
ochosiright, i guess that's about it for artwork atm17:20
charlie-tcaokay, I will pass that stuff along17:20
charlie-tcaget some rest?17:20
ochosibtw, about the wallpapers, i'd be happy if it were something not just grey or blue17:21
ochosii submitted to green photos myself that i like a lot17:21
charlie-tcaYeah, me too. But I think we can ask for a change to them, too17:21
charlie-tcanon-photos can always be changed a bit, right?17:22
ochosisure, also photos can be changed17:22
ochosianyhow, to be honest there are quite a lot submissions that i don't like...17:22
charlie-tcaI kind of like http://www.flickr.com/photos/57470087@N03/5297409903/in/pool-uawt-717:24
charlie-tcaand the balloons17:24
mr_pouitNot sure I'll be on time for the meeting (I'll be either 20 min late or 20 min too early ;-).17:27
charlie-tcaWell, that is a pickle17:27
charlie-tcahm, could be a real short meeting, now17:28
charlie-tcamr_pouit: Did you have a choice or two on wallpaper?17:29
mr_pouityeah, the one from knome, and possibly a second one, with a man flying with an umbrella17:32
mr_pouit(I don't have the url right now)17:32
charlie-tcaI see the umbrella one17:34
mr_pouitand the packaging/dev report, nothing much: uploaded new greybird, fixed a few default settings' issues, and blacklisted a few indicators in xfce4-indicator (e.g. indicator-appmenu, we don't want it)17:34
mr_pouitoh, also fixed a crash in xfce4-terminal, and patched xfce4-settings to solve the long standing bugs wrt sticky keys17:36
charlie-tcaeven better17:36
mr_pouitI have to leave now, maybe I'll make it on time ;-)17:37
ochosiah, one note on the reboot/logout issue: it also happens with the logout-window that is called from the menu17:37
ochosiso it's really something independent17:37
ochosinot depending on the session-menu or any othre panel plugin17:37
charlie-tcabut does it happen if you remove session menu completely, and use the action buttons ?17:37
ochosiit does17:38
Sysihappened to me17:38
charlie-tcaAll my restart/shutdown issues disappeared with session menu, and they were there no matter what else I did17:38
charlie-tca<mterry> Hello!  I'm doing some work on indicator-datetime, and it's preference dialog now covers the same functionality as time-admin.  It also has controls for indicator-datetime.  So for Ubuntu the Product, I want to not have time-admin, but I'm assuming it would still be useful for xubuntu?  Do you guys use indicator-datetime?17:40
charlie-tcamr_pouit: ^ ^17:40
charlie-tcaXubuntu community meeting in #ubuntu-meeting in 10 minutes. Everyone is invited to attend. Agenda is at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Meetings17:51
micahgcharlie-tca: aren't you an hour early?17:51
ochosiyeah, just thought the same :)17:51
charlie-tcaThat's wrong, isn't it?17:51
micahgcharlie-tca: date -u17:51
charlie-tcaXubuntu community meeting in #ubuntu-meeting in 70 minutes. Everyone is invited to attend. Agenda is at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Meetings17:52
charlie-tcaSorry for the confusion17:52
charlie-tcaSo, If I held the meeting an hour early, can I make it a shorter meeting?17:57
knomeno, we'll file an appeal to the community council :P17:58
charlie-tcaMaybe you would make it if it is earlier?17:59
charlie-tcahm, appears Technical board gets the room first17:59
knomedoesn't really matter. i shouldn't be here now either, but i'm forced to work with inkscape on windows 200017:59
cody-somervilleknome, http://princessleia.com/journal/?p=406418:05
knomeyeah, ETA 2 week starting next week.. in the canonical schedule that means it's ready 2014!18:07
charlie-tcalooks like a good thing to me18:09
cody-somervilleyea, lets be positive for once even if knome might be right :P18:09
charlie-tcaknome might be wrong, and it will happen before natty releases, too!18:10
knomecharlie-tca, can we move the wp issue to first on the agenda??18:22
charlie-tcaI can put it after the old business18:24
knomebetter than nothing, i guess18:27
knomeA draft for Xubuntu Natty wallpaper including green and blue colors blurred so the wallpaper stays on the background. Designed to work well with the Greybird theme.18:32
charlie-tcaWhy did that get under emunkki instead of in the pool as it's own submission?18:34
charlie-tcaHow many different places do we have submissions for this?18:35
charlie-tcaI should be able to look at http://www.flickr.com/groups/uawt-7/pool/ and see every submitted wallpaper, it seems that is not possible?18:36
* micahg is missing the title bar now18:37
knomecharlie-tca, it *is* submitted to the pool, just reload the page18:38
charlie-tcaThank you18:38
knomecharlie-tca, that's just how flickr is.18:38
knomecharlie-tca, it first shows the author when you go to any photo page18:39
charlie-tcaoh, I am sorry18:39
charlie-tcaHeads up, I am proposing we put the top 5 wallpapers in backgrounds, for the users to have for the entire release18:42
micahganyone lose their title bar in the latest updates?18:43
charlie-tcawhat title bar, in the windows?18:43
knomecharlie-tca, okay for me, but we still need a default ;]18:43
micahgI have the menus, but no title bar now18:43
charlie-tcamicahg: Alt+F2, xfwm4 &18:43
Sysi& is not actually needed with xfrun418:44
micahgcharlie-tca: ah, thanks, you know what happened18:44
charlie-tcaprobably had all windows that were open at shutdown piled on top of each other in workspace 1, too18:45
micahgwas playing with unity 2d18:45
charlie-tcamicahg: I get that everytime I restart with the "session menu" installed in the panel18:48
charlie-tcaXubuntu community meeting in #ubuntu-meeting in 10 minutes. Everyone is invited to attend. Agenda is at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Meetings18:51
charlie-tcaI got it right this time, didn't I?18:51
knomethough it was 9 minutes18:51
charlie-tcabut I usually start one minute late18:52
knomecharlie-tca, suggestion: if we get to choose the five best, let's upload those and leave artists one week to finish off the designs and let's decide the default one week from now?19:32

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