OmegaWhat's with all the drama on the blags?01:51
TheMusoIs it at all possible to launch unity without the panel service getting run?02:11
TheMusoHrm looking at the code, doesn't seem like it.02:15
jbichaI'm trying to fix a bitesize bug but I'm not really sure how to build unity-place-applications to test my changes, anyone online to help?03:39
LLStarksi'm a sad panda. unity panel really needs custom icon support. dropbox, xchat, etc need it.05:52
RAOFIn the launcher?06:01
LLStarkswell, i'd like the xchat thing to wiggle if i get pinged06:02
LLStarksbut i was thinking more along the line of applet-like icons06:02
LLStarksand yes, i know applets are impossible06:02
LLStarksor so i've heard06:02
LLStarks*applet-like icons in the traditional panel positon06:03
=== _LibertyZero is now known as LibertyZero
* RAOF would quite like a system-monitor applet-y thing; you could do that by pushing icon updates if you wanted to.06:12
kenvandinehey kvalo07:11
kvalokenvandine: good evening. you are up late :)07:12
didrocksgood morning07:22
kenvandinekvalo, uploaded07:23
kenvandinegood morning didrocks07:23
kvalokenvandine: wow, this late? thanks a lot07:24
kenvandinekvalo, no worries07:24
didrockshey kenvandine07:24
* kenvandine rejects ted's merge proposal07:26
didrockskenvandine: how do you feel? I'm sure you always feel good rejecting ted's merge proposal :)07:27
kenvandineindicator-datetime released today and is actually much buggier07:28
kenvandinei am surprised to say that... it was pretty buggy already07:28
* kenvandine isn't going to sponsor this07:28
kenvandinewell time for bed, good night all!07:29
didrockssee you kenvandine!07:34
kvalothis morning indicator-datetime was claiming that it's thursday07:47
didrockskvalo: it's because you stil have a lot of work to do! ;)07:48
didrocksthat's a trap ;)07:48
kvaloah :)07:48
elriclHello,I am getting this bug http://pastebin.com/Z8qhp0wv , when I am trying to update Natty.Any ideas?08:09
MacSlowhey there folks08:15
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=== API is now known as Guest10841
=== MacSlow is now known as MacSlow|lunch
elriclHello.I just read the alt f2 article on omgubuntu and updated my natty.No alt f2 dash.Any ideas?11:34
njpatelelricl, did you log out/log in?11:44
elriclFound the problem,my mirror was laggin behind,downloading from the main.11:45
njpatelcool, hope you like it :)11:45
elriclI am sure I will.12:11
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elricl_Still.Installed all updates.Rebooted a coupe of times,still no alt f2 love.12:52
=== elricl_ is now known as elricl
jporsini_kenvandine, poke?12:52
elriclany ideas? njpatel12:52
njpatelelricl, open ccsm and look at unity plugin, does it have the "run a command" option bound to Alt+F2?12:53
elriclnope,not even a run command.12:54
elriclwait a sec.I think I did something stupid.Let me come back a little later.12:55
njpatelheh, okay :)12:57
njpatelfwiw it sounds like you have an old unity12:57
njpatelyou should have 3.6.612:57
njpateland the very latest unity-place-applications12:57
njpatel( 0.2.38-0ubuntu1)12:58
elriclI think i am running my own build of old unity12:58
elriclpulling from bzr now12:58
elriclI think i am running my own build of old unity.rebuilding now.12:59
njpatelelricl, are you building into a non /usr directory?13:00
elriclto /opt13:00
njpatelbecause you'll need to cp the latest .place files from /usr/share/unity/places/13:00
elriclfollowing http://askubuntu.com/questions/28470/how-do-i-build-unity-from-source.13:00
njpatelinto /opt/share/unity/places13:00
elriclOk,will do that.13:01
aruizkenvandine, I just did another release that fixes the crashes13:07
=== evilvish is now known as vish
elriclnjpatel: Love the alt f2. :)13:16
njpatelelricl, heh, awesome! didrocks is the man!13:19
elriclOk.Now my turn.Am gonna fix atleast one bug this weekend.13:22
Cimidbarth_, njpatel I'm here (if you read the mail)13:40
njpatelCimi, hey13:40
Cimiloicm, too13:40
njpatelCimi, had a question re: scrollbars13:40
Cimithx to android tethering13:41
Cimiover wifi13:41
njpatelCimi, is the "orange" going to be made into showing on overlay only?13:41
Ciminjpatel, ?13:41
njpatelCimi, or is the colour going to be adjusted to make it less striking?13:41
njpatelCimi, the overlay scrollbar is a bit too visible right now, it stands out13:41
Ciminjpatel, it is base[SELECTED]13:43
Cimican be easily adjusted13:43
njpatelCimi, maybe it needs to be shaded? I might play around if I hve some time, I'll stop bothering you right now, though :)13:43
Cimiyou mean brighter?13:44
njpatelit's a bit too bright13:44
kenvandinearuiz, great13:45
kenvandinehey jporsini13:45
Ciminjpatel, I'm not bothered for you, I'm angry because internet down means no killzone on PSN for the weekend13:45
jporsinikenvandine, hello! I have put the debdiff, and I have also create a bzr branch and ask for a review from you. I never do that, so I hope that I did not make too much mistakes13:46
kenvandinejporsini: no worries13:46
kenvandinei'll review that sometime this morning13:46
jporsinikenvandine, nice! that's really not urgent13:47
njpatelCimi, heh13:47
kenvandinejporsini: what was the bug number again?13:47
jporsini_kenvandine, bug #73284813:48
ubot5Launchpad bug 732848 in liferea (Ubuntu) "Feature request: add unread items count in the Unity Launcher entry" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73284813:48
kenvandinejporsini_, thx13:48
kenvandineseb128, i didn't upload indicator-datetime last night, it was much buggier than the previous version :(13:49
seb128kenvandine, but there was only a few commits?13:50
kenvandinei think karl will be back today, so maybe we can get some other fixes in too13:51
elriclHello.Do i have to logout and login each time I make a change to unity code and rebuild it ?14:06
kenvandineronoc, ping14:08
kenvandineronoc, i have experiencing something rather odd right now...14:10
kenvandineevery few seconds my sound indicator icon turns red and then back to white14:10
kenvandinei assume pulse dying and restarting...14:11
ronockenvandine, hmmm that is a mute blocking state14:17
ronockenvandine, is your sound muted ?14:17
ronocand are you playing music ?14:18
kenvandineit has stopped now14:18
kenvandinefor about 10 minutes though, ever few seconds it seemed to change14:18
ronockenvandine, if you are muted and something tries to play something tries to play audio (sound effects, or music or whatever) that state will be fired14:19
artfwoelricl, no, it's enough to just run compiz --replace with a proper PATH14:20
DaekdroomHm. unity --reset doesn't reset the launchers.14:25
ronockenvandine,sorry can see what I'm doing now, don't know if that made sense14:28
ronocso the mute blocking state is triggered when the device is muted but something tries to play out through that that sink (device)14:29
ronockenvandine, just need todo  some merging and a little test and then I'll roll up14:30
vishDaekdroom: bug 73157814:32
ubot5Launchpad bug 731578 in unity (Ubuntu) "unity --reset-icons is needed to restore default launcher icons" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73157814:32
DaekdroomThank you.14:33
kenvandineronoc, oh... maybe it was blinking while i was having a chat in empathy and it was playing sound for messages received14:38
kenvandineinteresting, never noticed that befreo14:38
ronockenvandine, yeah its looks a bit odd if you don't know what its for14:38
ronockvalo, time for a review ?15:01
kvaloronoc: can it wait 30 mins or so?15:03
ronockvalo, was hoping to release soon15:04
ronockamstrup, about ?15:04
kvaloronoc: ok, I'll do it now then15:05
ronockvalo, thanks15:05
kvaloronoc: approved with my usual nitpick about commenting out code :)15:07
ronockvalo, oh thanks, I keep forgetting to delete my commented stuff, well spotted, will fix15:08
ronockvalo, I comment out debugs just in case i need them again15:11
ronocsave me having to write them in again15:11
ronocif i were to delete them15:12
kvaloronoc: then I suggest a compile time flag to enable them15:14
kvaloronoc: eg. is_debug() or whatever you like15:14
ronockvalo, at some point if had an ide that would work consistently i would do this15:15
kvaloronoc: it's easy to do and makes code a lot easier to maintain. I strongly suggest to do it. I can even do it for you if you want :)15:21
ronockvalo, okay cool15:21
=== m_conley_away is now known as m_conley
lamalexjcastro, the bookmarks toolbar pops up when you go to make a new tab15:28
jcastrowhat do you mean?15:29
lamalexre: your post15:31
lamalexyou say you dont want to get rid of the bookmarks toolbar15:31
lamalexbut it comes back when you do new tab anyway15:32
lamalexit's so nice15:32
jcastrooh dude!15:32
jcastroI've never seen that before!15:32
lamalexit's the best feature of chrome15:32
lamalexha that might be hyperbole :P15:32
lamalexbut you know15:32
nmarquesdidrocks, ping15:39
jbichaI posted a branch which I believe fixes bug 732981 can anyone help review it?15:46
ubot5Launchpad bug 732981 in unity (Ubuntu) "Application sections dropdown is not alphabetized" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73298115:46
artfwojbicha, I think you should have proposed it for merging in the trunk15:52
artfwoit helps the devs to review by showing a diff between your branch and the parent branch15:53
jbichaok, done15:54
jbichaI thought I needed to put someone as reviewer but I guess it can fill that in automatically15:54
jcastrojbicha: if you just propose it it plops into the queue15:55
jcastroand then we poke people to review the queue15:55
jbichathanks and can anyone else confirm bug 732978 ?15:55
ubot5Launchpad bug 732978 in unity (Ubuntu) "Find Media Apps & Find Internet Apps doesn't point to the right category" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73297815:55
jcastrosigh, I keep mixing up my windows when maximized on 2 screens15:56
jcastroso I keep closing the wrong one15:56
jcastrojbicha: here's what they look like: https://code.launchpad.net/unity/+activereviews15:58
jporsinijbicha, I reproduce with unity-2d if it helps15:58
jbichajporsini, which bug?15:58
jporsinijbicha, 73297815:59
kenvandinejporsini: i can reproduce that15:59
nmarquesguys I need some help with a small problem with nux :/15:59
nmarquesUnity is crashing on me... this is the output from gdb I could get16:00
nmarquesthe strange thing is that the file it fails to get is actually on that location, and doesn't seem to be corrup16:01
jbichajcastro, mine is actually at https://code.launchpad.net/unity-place-applications/+activereviews but same idea16:02
jcastrooh whoops, I should keep an eye on those16:03
kenvandinenmarques, that isn't the cause of the crash16:10
kenvandineit just doesn't have enough debug info16:10
kenvandineoh, maybe i am wrong16:11
=== bdmurray_ is now known as bdmurray
nerochiaro_is there any launchpad project for the "commands" place in unity ?16:29
nerochiaro_and if not should i just report bugs against it in unity ?16:30
tsniemanHey there. I had a question about what route I should go about to post an idea concerning the indicators? I posted it on Ubuntu Brainstorm a while back and got nice feedback, not sure where to go from there.16:31
danyRnerochiaro_: I think commands place is bounded to the unity-applications-place in LP16:32
nerochiaro_tsnieman: probably reporting a bug should do be the next step, i suppose16:32
nerochiaro_danyR: ok, thanks16:33
tsniemannerochiaro_: Thanks.16:33
ronockenvandine, sorry for delay with that16:40
ronockenvandine, will upload today if you are happy with it (today being Friday after all)16:41
kenvandineno worries16:44
kenvandineshould be low risk16:44
kenvandinei would be more hesitate to upload a big dbusmenu change today :)16:44
ronockenvandine, makes sense, mainly bug fixes, rewind and fast forward should also be working16:45
ronocjust hold either button down for more than 0.8 of a second and it will start to skip in that direction16:46
and471mpt, ping16:49
aruiznjpatel, hey there17:10
njpatelaruiz, hey dude17:11
* njpatel realises gnome-settings-daemon just crashed17:11
njpatelaruiz, sorry, had some system issues17:17
aruiznjpatel, heh17:18
aruiznjpatel, so, I'm hunting hackers without a hackergotchi on PGO17:18
coz_hey all17:18
aruiznjpatel, you are on my list!17:19
njpatelaruiz, oh nose17:19
njpatelI'll have to find a pic17:19
=== MacSlow is now known as MacSlow|break
aruizjust send me a high res picture, I'll do the work17:19
njpatelCool, will do over the weekend :)17:19
aruiznjpatel, cheers!17:19
LLStarksoh jeez17:23
LLStarksi was just looking for him17:23
LLStarksborderless ambiance looks amazing17:23
LLStarksnjpatel, the resize corner needs to be more visible though17:24
njpatelLLStarks, yeah, and also less visible in certain situations (terminal)17:25
LLStarkson an lcd, it can be invisible at certain angles17:25
kenvandinearuiz, your not going to tell njpatel his head isn't good enough?17:29
kenvandinethat is what i was told by the former planet maintainer :)17:29
njpatelbloody Jeff ;)17:29
kenvandinehe just said "your head isn't good enough for pgo"17:29
njpatelWas I scaring away the public?17:29
kenvandinethen disappeared for 2 weeks17:29
LLStarksnjpatel, resize corner falls under light-themes or another package? wanna file a bug.17:30
njpatelLLStarks, gtk17:30
\shdear unity devs, how can I start more then one terminal from the unity launcher icon bar? ;)17:30
njpatel\sh, middle-click on the launcher17:30
njpatel\sh, even better, submit a patch to gnome-terminal that adds "Open new window" to the quicklist :)17:31
aruizkenvandine, hahaha17:31
kenvandinenjpatel, i tried that with g-t17:31
LLStarkserr, which gtk17:31
kenvandinetheir command line option to open a new tab doesn't work17:31
njpateloh, did it not work?17:31
LLStarks*gtk package17:31
\shnjpatel: argl...that's really difficult with a two button touchpad ;)17:32
njpatelkenvandine, but new window does, right?17:32
kenvandineno new ones17:32
njpatel\sh, it'll be a right click option soon :)17:32
kenvandinei wanted one for opening a new tab17:32
\shnjpatel: great...17:32
kenvandinethere is a flag for that17:32
kenvandinebut it seems to get ignored17:32
njpatel\sh, Ctrl+Alt+N if you have it focused17:32
njpatelah, that sucks17:32
\shnjpatel: that's my problem ;) I don't have all terminals always focused I just need a fast way to open new terminals ;)17:33
elriclTry Ctrl + Alt + T17:33
njpatel\sh, Ctrl+Alt+T17:33
\shoh damn...yes the old shortcut17:33
elriclnjpatel: Is asking a new window patch worthy? I can just change the destop file right?17:34
\shnjpatel: thx for getting my head straight :)17:34
njpatelelricl, you can, but we want it for all users right17:35
njpatel\sh, heh, np :)17:35
* \sh is now waiting that the world explodes when the worlds reads a crazy idea of mine about being more apple then wanted ;)17:36
elriclnjpatel: Lets say I wanna write that patch,what file should I be modifying?17:36
njpatelelricl, /usr/share/applications/gnome-terminal.desktop17:37
njpatelelricl, let me find the instructions, hold up17:37
kenvandine --window works, but --tab opens a new window too17:37
njpatelelricl, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Unity/LauncherAPI#Quicklists the "static quicklists" section17:37
elriclnjpatel: Yeah,i actually played around it a while17:37
njpatelunity probably needs a restart as I doubt it's looking at the files17:38
elriclnjpatel: I am just confused,how to write a "patch" for this.17:38
njpatelelricl, oooh17:38
njpatelelricl, just add the new file to a bug, I'm sure the maintainer can patch it for you. Otherwise you'll need to aptch the packaging17:39
njpatelalso, it might be nice just to get it in upstream too17:39
didrocksKaleo: around?17:40
didrocksKaleo: you confirmed bug #733371, I can't reproduce it17:41
ubot5Launchpad bug 733371 in unity-2d "The commands place entry doesn't allow to run commands with arguments" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73337117:41
\shnjpatel: is it possible to have this dbusmenu thingy also showing the menu in an appindicator ?17:41
njpatel\sh, yep, that's how it works17:41
didrocksalt + F2, type "zenity --question" works there17:41
and471kvalo, hey, we are on OMGUbuntu :) http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2011/03/indicator-network-is-looking-good-in-natty17:41
and471kvalo, the toggleswitch looks good :)17:41
elriclHey,I just read that there would be a Q & A section for new unity every friday,can anyone temme which channel?17:41
\shnjpatel: so my idea which just appeared on planet is not so far from reality...17:42
* njpatel looks17:42
kenvandinethose omg guys pick stuff up quick17:43
\shnjpatel: don't hate me or kill me or kick me ;)17:43
Kaleodidrocks: let me have a look17:43
elriclHey,I just read that there would be a Q & A section for new unity every friday,can anyone temme which channel?17:43
Kaleodidrocks: ok, I can17:43
Kaleodidrocks: maybe it's something we do in Unity 2D?17:44
njpatel\sh, your working around the launcher....I already hate you! ;)17:44
Kaleonerochiaro_: ^17:44
njpatel\sh, no, it's not off, you might want to look at libbamf to help you get the app information17:44
njpatel\sh, though I'm wondering what the exactly problem is that your trying to solve17:44
njpatel(maybe we can still fix it as other users might have the same issue)17:45
didrocksKaleo: hum, do you support url activation?17:45
Kaleodidrocks: what's that?17:45
didrocksKaleo: it's the only thing I can think of17:45
didrocksoh oh17:45
nerochiaro_Kaleo: what ?17:45
didrocksKaleo: what does pressing enter do in unity 2D?17:45
Kaleodidrocks: right now, nothing17:45
LLStarkswow... that was a bad unity crash. compiz decorator died and my lvds went color crazy when i tried to alt-sysreq-k.17:46
didrocksKaleo: isn't what the bug is about? :)17:46
Kaleodidrocks: no17:46
Kaleodidrocks: ah17:46
Kaleodidrocks: I see17:46
didrocksKaleo: so, you click on the first item?17:46
Kaleodidrocks: you are correct sir17:46
didrocksKaleo: the first item corresponds to the entry17:46
Kaleodidrocks: what should happen when hitting enter?17:46
LLStarksat any rate, i was wondering if connman is making the cut for natty.17:46
didrocksKaleo: activating right now the first entry of the first group17:47
\shnjpatel: actually I would like to have something like the old style "tasklist" from fvwm...I do have really a lot of apps running on one desktop (don't use multi desktop stuff, sadly) and I want to get my app back in the foreground as fast as possible.. and having the launcher mostly not on the left side, a simple indicator would help me to find my apps again, and eventually having a textual reprsentation of the app running with opened documents17:47
didrocksKaleo: we need to refine though so that ensuring the model is synce17:47
Kaleodidrocks: ok, so that's not related17:47
Kaleodidrocks: to test we click on the first result17:47
didrocksand it doesn't launch?17:47
Kaleodidrocks: nope17:47
Kaleodidrocks: maybe we do something wrong17:48
Kaleonerochiaro_: are you following this?17:48
didrocksKaleo: can you check the model contains as the first entry: unity-runner://<command> ?17:48
Kaleodidrocks: on it17:48
didrocksKaleo: I bet there is something in your dbus implementation17:48
njpatel\sh, interesting17:48
nerochiaro_Kaleo: so it works in unity with arguments and not in unity-2d ?17:48
Kaleonerochiaro_: right17:48
njpatel\sh, how many apps? have you seen the <Super> N shortcuts for the launcher?17:49
Kaleodidrocks: (unrelated question, removing window borders from the theme breaks Unity 2D badly visually and I suspect classic GNOME with metacity as well, is that known?)17:49
nerochiaro_Kaleo: ok, but i will have to go out in 20 minutes or so17:49
njpatel\sh, I use them extensively now to move to an app. doing the key-combo twice gives your window spread of the application windows17:49
\shnjpatel: yes...but it doesn't help me, somehow...normally I have more then 20 terminals (gnome/terminator) and quite a lot of browser windows open...17:49
didrocksKaleo: no. The design team should be aware of this as they manage the package17:49
didrocksKaleo: you can point it's also an issue with the fallback (No effect)17:50
Kaleodidrocks: right17:50
didrockswhich is the first experience with nvidia card17:50
njpatel\sh, aah, okay, I think I understand the use-case17:50
Kaleodidrocks: who should I ping?17:50
Kaleodidrocks: rather, who uploaded the change? :)17:50
didrocksKaleo: let me see who uploaded the theme17:50
njpatel\sh, I'm going to think about it over the weekend....there has to be something better than an indicator :)17:51
didrocksKaleo: sladen is the maintainer17:51
Kaleodidrocks: hmmm, actually "zenity --warning" and then clicking on the first result works!17:51
\shnjpatel: well, it just came back to my mind, how apple was/is doing that for their apps, having the finder menu..(and I'm not an apple fanboy!!)17:51
Kaleodidrocks: I must have been clumsy!17:51
Kaleodidrocks: ok17:51
Kaleonerochiaro_: ^17:51
didrocksKaleo: waow? are you playing with the args? :p17:51
Kaleonerochiaro_: actually "zenity --warning" and then clicking on the first result works!17:52
njpatel\sh, right, I don't mean to comment on your post, I meant to add something in Unity that can take care of that use-case17:52
didrocksKaleo: the only thing that doesn't work right now is <if the first result isn't synced yet> and <if the command should be launched in a terminal>17:52
njpatel\sh, I think the designers + developers are very heavy tab users so we haven't come across that situation17:52
Kaleodidrocks: by synced you mean at the dee level?17:53
nmarqueskenvandine, sry, I was out for a while, got something to attend to17:53
nerochiaro_Kaleo: here the dash just hides but i see no zenity popup17:53
Kaleonerochiaro_: are you running from trunk?17:53
\shnjpatel: forget about the post...it was just a quick shot of something I had in my mind...20 minutes hack, taking more time to find the necessary bits and pieces for appindicator ;)17:53
didrocksKaleo: right, that the first item entry isn't updated in unity{3,2}D (the term)17:53
njpatel\sh, heh :)17:53
didrocksnmarques: did you restart the place after upgrading?17:54
nmarquesdidrocks, I haven't upgraded yet17:54
nmarquesdidrocks, it's still nux 0.9.30 and 3.6.217:54
didrocksoupss, nerochiaro_ ^^17:54
\shnjpatel: actually a good practice to do dive back into dbus magic ;)17:54
Kaleodidrocks: understood17:54
didrocksnmarques: ok, not that old :)17:54
Kaleodidrocks: thanks and sorry for the noise17:54
didrocksKaleo: no worry ;)17:54
nmarquesdidrocks, I'm packaging the new version now17:55
didrocksnmarques: excellent, package the new places version as well :)17:55
njpatel\sh, heh, you should check out dbusmenu, it underpins a lot of unity and all the indicators17:55
nmarquesdidrocks, stupid question, is places required ?17:55
didrocksnmarques: no, you can remove them17:55
didrocksit's just updated only when you restart unity17:56
nmarquesdidrocks, I haven't packaged them as our zeitgeist stack isn't really implemented officially17:56
didrocksok :)17:56
sladenKaleo: I'm sure the instigator of the change (mark), the implementor of the change (njpatel) and the upload of the change (sladen) would all love to have a solid report of the (in)sanity of 0px borders.  I even opened a bug #733233 just in-case anyone might need to add such feedback!17:56
ubot5Launchpad bug 733233 in light-themes (Ubuntu) "Increase shadow area to 45 pixels (but not grip area)" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73323317:56
kenvandineronoc, uploaded17:57
njpatelsladen, Kaleo As mentioned originally, fallback mode and unity2d will need some magic there17:57
\shnjpatel: jepp.I'm already reading the sources ... but somehow I'm the api documentation17:57
Kaleosladen: I don't think that bug report describes at all the issue17:57
ronoc kenvandine, brill thanks17:57
Kaleosladen: metacity does not have shadows and needs borders17:57
Kaleosladen: that's the issue17:58
Kaleonjpatel, sladen: question: why upload something we know is partly broken?17:58
njpatelKaleo, I wasn't expecting it to be uploaded today but I don't think it's an issue. We can test it on the main setup, it's alpha17:59
njpatelIt also is a beautiful way to ensure it does get fixed17:59
Kaleonjpatel: I disagree, uploading broken things is the best way to ship an incomplete product18:00
njpatelKaleo, if there was no way to revert, yes18:00
njpatelKaleo, but thankfully there is18:00
Kaleonjpatel: let's revert right now then18:00
njpatelKaleo, let's not, let's try and fix it18:00
njpatelNot that I have *any* control of this18:01
sladenKaleo: you need to clearly document the issues on the bug report before we can act on it :)18:01
Kaleosladen: let me open a bug report18:01
sladenKaleo: I opened a bug report specifically before uploading so that it could be linked it18:01
sladenKaleo: it's the same one I pasted above:  https://launchpad.net/bugs/73323318:02
ubot5Ubuntu bug 733233 in light-themes (Ubuntu) "Increase shadow area to 45 pixels (but not grip area)" [Undecided,Fix released]18:02
Kaleosladen: this bug report does not describe the issue18:02
Kaleosladen: but I can definitely link the new bug to that one18:02
sladenKaleo: it's the same one where I copied the relevant bits of the otherwise super-secret decision on an internal list18:02
sladenKaleo: so that there would be a public documentation of where the request came from and when18:03
Kaleosladen: I understand that18:03
Kaleosladen: did Mark expect to change the behaviour for Metacity users?18:03
Kaleosladen: has it been said to him that it would?18:04
njpatelKaleo, I raised the concern in my first post18:04
sladenKaleo: obviously if you can document technical grounds why we should do something else, then we can act on those18:04
njpatel"If you guys like it too, can we make something like this default for18:04
njpatelUnity? My main concern is in 2d mode (no Compiz magic), but maybe we can18:04
njpatelhave a fallback for that one, or the resize grip would do..."18:04
Kaleonjpatel, sladen: I suppose part of the issue is that I was not included in that discussion18:04
sladenKaleo: and if we do this publicly on the bugtracker it's also clear what we're responding to18:04
njpatelKaleo, design list18:04
njpatelyes, publis18:05
sladenKaleo: right, and this is the problem with private decisions like this.  Which ... is why I moved it on to a bug report, and linked to that /before/ uploading18:05
Kaleosladen: that's a sane move18:05
Kaleoso, I am going to create the bug report and link to it18:11
Kaleowho is going to fix it?18:11
DaekdroomWho knows.18:11
njpatelKaleo, I think we can do something to metacity to make it work, should be easily enough patch, will speak to sam about it18:14
njpatelKaleo, but if you can subscribe me to the bug, much thanks18:14
njpatelhave a good weekend all!18:15
Kaleonjpatel: will do18:15
Kaleonjpatel: thanks18:15
kvaloand471: nice :) good work andy!18:29
Kaleosladen: https://bugs.launchpad.net/light-themes/+bug/73343118:29
ubot5Ubuntu bug 733431 in unity-2d "Windows lack borders: visually unpleasant and leaves only one option to resize" [High,Confirmed]18:29
and471kvalo, hehe, I didn't tip them off :)18:29
Kaleosladen: thanks for the explanations, I hope that will move things forward18:29
Kaleosladen: just attached a screenshot18:30
kvaloand471: I think we can thank jcastro for that :)18:31
* jcastro looks innocent!18:31
and471ah :)18:31
jcastroand471: if you could just answer people's questions in the comments that'd be a win.18:31
and471kvalo, I think we can let him off because all the comments seemed positive :)18:31
OmegaAlright, I'm going to install liferea then :)18:31
and471jcastro, ah sure I will try :)18:31
jcastrooh who fixed liferea for the launcher?18:31
jcastroDBO: around?18:32
Omega(I dunno, I am just getting tired of checking every blog manually)18:32
DBOjcastro, yes18:33
jcastroDBO: got time to review branches?18:33
jcastroit'd be nice to get these 2 new folks in before the weekend18:33
DBOjcastro, not right now18:33
Omegawoohoo unity update \o/18:33
OmegaCan anyone point me to where I can see a changelog?18:34
jbichaOmega, try https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity and just click the View Full Changelog link in the top right corner18:37
and471jcastro, I answered all the GUI stuff, but I shall leave the network technology comments to kvalo in case I embarrass myself :)18:37
OmegaThank you, brother.18:37
Omega(or sister)18:37
jbichano problem, Launchpad has a lot of features but sometimes it's difficult to find the feature you want18:38
kvaloand471: thanks a lot. I'll answer myself tomorrow, need to get some fresh air now18:39
kvaloand471: btw, outstanding work with the toggleswitch! it was extremely easy to adapt it to the network menu18:40
and471kvalo, ah I am glad to hear it, I wasn't able to see it yet because I am not on natty, but you made it fit really well!18:40
kvaloI'm just ashamed how I implemented my making a copy of the code, but I didn't have much time18:40
=== jporsini is now known as jfi
kvaloand471: I just changed the background color for the active part and made ypad smaller. it was so easy that even I could do it ;)18:41
and471kvalo, no need to be ashamed, we will (hopefully) move to Gtk.Switch for GTK3 so there is no use spending too much time on it18:42
kvaloand471: yeah, that was exactly the excuse I was telling myself18:43
kvalobut now I need to go, talk to you later18:43
kenvandinearuiz, lo-menubar uploaded19:08
aruizkenvandine, nice!19:09
aruizkenvandine, we are >< this close to have something decent19:10
nmarquesunity 3.6.4 breaks build with:  http://susepaste.org/7888003419:14
nmarquesanything I'm missing ? :/19:14
kenvandine/usr/src/packages/BUILD/unity-3.6.4/src/PanelTray.cpp:34:62: error: 'gtk_window_set_has_resize_grip' was not declared in this scope19:18
kenvandinenmarques, you need the resize grip patch for gtk2 i suspect19:19
kenvandine044_grips.patch in the ubuntu gtk package19:19
nmarquesok... adding it ;)19:21
kenvandinethat isn't new, but maybe unity didn't require it before19:22
nmarqueskenvandine, yeap, I didn't got it in my gtk2 cause there was a change it the other patches would be merged with the openSUSE gtk stack19:23
nmarquesVincent not gonna like this for sure ;)19:25
nmarqueskenvandine, was this patch reported to upstream?19:28
kenvandinei don't know the status of that patch19:29
kenvandineit got merged upstream in gtk319:29
kenvandineand we have a backport of it for gtk219:29
tedgHey kenvandine!19:30
tedgAre all the Europeans out drinking?  Is it safe to come out?19:31
nmarqueskenvandine, cool, then we have a greater chance of Vincent letting this one slide in. I'm looking at the backport and making the necessary changes to integrate it on our GTK2 stack. should be cake. Going to report this for Vincent for review. Thanks for the info.19:36
danyRI just noticed, how do I lock my screen in unity?19:39
OmegaWhoa, the invisible borders are so beautiful.19:40
jfiDanRabbit, ctrl+alt+l19:40
jfidanyR, , ctrl+alt+l19:40
DanRabbitjfi: ?19:41
jfiDanRabbit, sorry for the noise, bad completion, I wanted to reply to danyR not to you19:41
DanRabbitah no worries19:41
danyRjfi: that was the old way. now I don't seem to be able to do it, either with that keystroke or through session indicator20:04
htorquedanyR, no real help, but it works fine here20:23
danyRhtorque: strange. I don't even get the option in the session indicator.20:30
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OmegaI like this last update a lot.20:33
OmegaI'm enjoying my tiny unity :)20:34
kenvandineseb128, if we ever get a new release of indicator-datetime to upload20:52
kenvandineit has a launcher for the preferences dialog20:52
kenvandinewhich means we don't need the g-s-t one20:52
kenvandinethey even have the same name, so you can't tell them apart in the launcher20:52
seb128ok, mterry opened a bug about that yesterday, replacing the g-s-t capplet20:53
seb128not sure we need a launcher if you can open it from the indicator20:53
kenvandineno.. you can't always20:53
kenvandineyou can hide the whole indicator now20:53
kenvandineso getting rid of the g-s-t ones seems best20:54
LLStarksnjpatel, another nitpick. the download popup in firefox has its search bar obscured somewhat by the resize corner.20:54
kenvandinejporsini_, good work on liferea21:27
jporsini_kenvandine, thanks!21:32
jporsini_kenvandine, I wonder if I should remove the count when closing liferea or not21:32
kenvandinei didn't change any of your code, but i modifed it a bit21:33
kenvandinetake a look21:33
kenvandineyou should hide the count when it goes to 0 though21:33
kenvandinethat was my only code wise feedback i had21:33
kenvandineyou should also hide it on dispose too21:34
jporsini_ok, what should be nice probably is to be consistent with other application21:34
kenvandinestill pushing21:34
jporsini_is there some guideline?21:34
kenvandinenot that i know of21:34
kenvandinebut it doesn't make sense to display a 0 there21:34
kenvandinejust hide it21:34
kenvandinethat is what we did in empathy and xchat21:35
kenvandineand evolution21:35
jporsini_even 0 is an information21:35
kenvandinenot to me... i see it as noise21:35
jporsini_ok, so if the choice of evolution and IMs, the best is to be consistent21:35
kenvandinethe lack of a number means i am good :)21:35
kenvandineyeah, just do a set visibiltiy to false on 0 and on shutdown21:36
kenvandineother great21:36
jporsini_yes, easy21:36
kenvandinethe changes i made are packaging related21:36
kenvandinesince liferea uses patches instead of inline changes21:36
kenvandinei pushed your changes into debian/patches/libunity.patch21:36
kenvandinejust to be consistent with the package21:36
kenvandinei prefer inline myself21:37
jfiI don't understand what you mean by "uses patche instead of..."21:37
kenvandinea separate patch file21:37
kenvandinein the debian/patches/ dir21:37
jfiOo I miss this point21:37
kenvandinejporsini_ had made the source changes in the source branch21:37
kenvandinewhich works fine21:37
kenvandinebut then you have a mix of changes in the source branch and patch files that get applied at build time21:38
jfikenvandine, yes, I was not aware of this 'patch' possibility, that's the first time I submit somethink:)21:38
kenvandineno worries21:38
kenvandineso you should be able to look at the branch i pushed and see what i changed21:39
kenvandinebzr merge  lp:~ken-vandine/liferea/fix-for-bug-73284821:39
kenvandinethen bzr diff21:39
kenvandinefor the record though, it doesn't look like you really need to hide the count when you quit21:40
kenvandinebut it just seems like the right thing to do for me :)21:41
kenvandinei won't reject it either way21:41
jporsini_still a choice, the point is to be consistent:)21:41
kenvandinei am going to upload it as is so people can start testing it21:41
kenvandinejust propose it to me again when you hide the counter21:41
jporsini_yes, I will to all changes this weekend, for the moment I am busy to do fix for my real job:)21:43
kenvandineyup, no rush :)21:43
kenvandinethx for the great work!21:43
jporsini_thx for the review!21:43
kenvandinejporsini_, oh, actually not going to upload this yet :)21:47
kenvandinewe need to get the release team to approve it21:47
kenvandinejporsini_, so after you get that change done, lets get the release team to approve it21:48
jporsini_kenvandine, ok, what is the process for this step? Do I need to do something?21:49
kenvandinejust subscribe ubuntu-release to the bug21:49
kenvandinebut first let me review the last change21:49
kenvandineso there isn't a bunch more back and forth or anything21:49
kenvandinethis kind of makes me want to use liferea again :)21:50
jporsini_kenvandine, I have reviewed your changes, it is just about moving changes to a 'patch', right?21:52
jporsini_ok, so to resume:21:53
jporsini_1) turn unvisible the counter when unread item == 021:53
jporsini_2) turn off the counter when the application is closed21:53
kenvandineand 2 isn't very important...21:54
jporsini_yes and it is impossible to implement it in all cases21:54
jporsini_if liferea crash.... no way:)21:54
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jbichakenvandine: why is your extension not named libreoffice-globalmenu ?22:32
jbichanm, I guess there was already a bug about that22:50
danyRDBO: Is Software Center really going to have Unity integration as it's in the spec (I just read it! :D) ?23:27

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