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UBuxuBUand 8.9 quake has rocked the coast of japan!09:33
UBuxuBUif anyone here lives in hawaii please seek high ground the psunami will hit hawaii in less than 90 minutes09:40
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mgariepygood morning everyone13:16
Roasted_I followed this link to edit my login screen - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EdubuntuFAQ - and ran the 3 sudo commands (the cp -r, rm, and ln -s listed there). It says above it, you can modify the artwork. Which artwork am I modifying? Like which directory? Can I just drag/drop images in it and will they auto apply as the background to the login screen?17:11
Roasted_What's the command to run to "update" LTSP to use my new theme?17:56
Roasted_of course alkisg would join the second after I asked a question :P17:57
Roasted_if I may...17:58
Roasted_What's the command to run to "update" LTSP to use my new theme?17:58
Roasted_ah that's it?17:59
Roasted_I thought it was something else17:59
Roasted_I'm somehow hanging at TFTP at the PXE boot menu and it times out now17:59
Roasted_oh boy17:59
Roasted_it worked prior to me trying to change my theme18:00
Roasted_alkisg, I have a ? for tftpd-hpa18:13
Roasted_not really sure why this file decided to tank for no reason...18:14
Roasted_little scary18:14
Roasted_buuut then again my IP changed. that's probably why18:14
Roasted_alkisg, what was the massive command that redoes EVERYTHING over again? I'm at the gray screen AGAIN with trying to customize the login screen and I'd like to run that command again. IT was really lengthy but worked if I recall.18:30
alkisgRoasted_: there are logs for the channels, both for #edubuntu and for #ltsp18:31
alkisgIt was ltsp-build-client18:32
Roasted_alkisg, I'm not sure where logs are saved, and since I am in IRC on 3 different operating systems I have no clue where to sift through them.18:32
Roasted_my apologies18:32
alkisgOn the web18:32
alkisgFor ltsp: http://www.nubae.com/logs/18:32
Roasted_I had no idea of that18:32
alkisgFor edubuntu: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/18:32
Roasted_Is there by chance a half decent bit of documentation about changing hte login screen?18:33
Roasted_I followed the edubuntu section 4 times and each time it failed.18:33
alkisgI don't know, I never looked for that docs. What do you want to change, just the png background?18:33
alkisgOr something more?18:33
Roasted_just the png background.18:34
alkisgThen an easy way is to replace the current one18:35
alkisgAnd just do it again if ltsp is ever updated (don't think so)18:35
Roasted_I was told I have to run update-image after I change them out.18:35
Roasted_and each time I do it comes back with an all gray background18:36
Roasted_am I supposed to run those 3 commands in the edubuntu FAQ18:36
alkisgCan you post the png you use somewhere?18:36
alkisgE.g. to imagebin?18:36
Roasted_halfway down I ran those 3 commands18:36
Roasted_are htey unnecessary?18:36
Roasted_alkisg, I can, let me dig it out of my email18:36
alkisgThe "correct" (tm) way is to make your own theme18:37
alkisgThe easy way is to change the existing one18:37
alkisgSince the correct way failed for you, I suggest the easy one18:37
alkisgSo no, they're not necessary18:37
Roasted_okay, let me try without those commands and see what happens18:37
Roasted_another gray screen18:56
Roasted_is it even POSSIBLE to change this18:56
mauro__hi there19:45
mauro__Problem change background with csh script:csh script dosen't work on crontab (i mean the programs run but in the end I can't se the gnome bacground change)19:45

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