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shady__guys where can i find my config files?00:12
shady__i wanna delete them to restart kde00:12
james147 shady__you user config files are in your home directory (they are hidden, and begin with a . )00:12
james147shady__: "mv ~/.kde ~/kdebackup"  << run that in a terminal and it will move them to kdebackup (so you can restore them if you need to00:13
shady__james147 how to unhide the files?00:18
james147shady__: alt+. in dolphin, "ls -a" in a terminal...00:19
shady__james147: thanx man00:21
shady__thanx man00:21
katsrcare there any DPI issues in Firefox for Kubuntu 10.10?00:23
Mase_wkkatsrc: what kind of issues ?00:25
Mase_wkcurrently using firefox in 10.10 and it works fine for me00:25
katsrcMase_wk: i'm getting really tiny fonts on Firefox than on KDE desktop00:28
scanis it intended that I cannot access my Wastebin in kde?00:28
james147scan: no00:28
scanonly says "malformed url: trash:/" no matter which way I try to get to it00:30
Mase_wkkatsrc: probably not a dpi issue, think you will find it's GTK font sizes. If you use the GTK-qt engine you can get it to use the same fonts as KDE00:31
Mase_wkor you can set it manually.00:31
katsrcMase_wk: thanks for the tip, i'll give it a try00:32
katsrcstrange why kmozillahelper isn't installed by default on Kubuntu.00:33
james147katsrc: probally because firefox isnt installed by default ^^00:34
katsrcMase_wk: it was using gtk-qt engine, it was a dpi settings in about:config for Firefox, it was set to -100:35
katsrci had to set it to 0, now it works00:35
Mase_wkok cool.00:35
katsrcjames147: there's a specially installer script for Firefox, it should install it.00:35
james147if you installed it form the menus then yes..00:35
james147... or at lease some kde-firefox intergration :p00:36
katsrcit's a good feature for Kubuntu00:37
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ladynikon_hi all01:40
ladynikon_sorry didnt notice this was the support channel. shoud have only spoken over in the offtopic channel01:43
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zetheroois this the right place to ask about the netbook edition?01:57
zetherooI installed an application and need to edit the command of the shortcut ... how do I do this?01:58
ladynikon_zetheroo: right click on the shortcut and select properties02:03
zetherooladynikon_: there is no such option02:06
ladynikon_is this an icon?02:06
zetherooladynikon_: yep ...02:07
zetherooladynikon_: the closest thing I get in the right-click menu is "Configure Search and Launch"02:07
ladynikon_when i right click on my icons02:07
zetherooladynikon_: are you using Netbook Edition?02:07
ladynikon_maybe thats the problem. i am using the full edition.  I am sorry.02:08
zetherooyeah ;)02:08
zetherooit's a real pain :P02:09
ladynikon_zetheroo: maybe try in #ubuntu and see if anything knows anything02:09
ladynikon_unless tere is a ubuntu-netbook channel that i dont know about02:09
zetheroothey will throw me out02:09
ladynikon_i guess i am full of uselessness tonight02:10
macozetheroo: what are you trying to change?02:10
macoladynikon_: is this the ladynikon i know?02:10
ladynikon_maco: indeed02:11
ladynikon_:) hi02:11
zetheroomaco: the command associated with the shortcut02:11
ladynikon_maco: there can be only one.02:11
macoubuntu-netbook and kubuntu-netbook are different. nowadays, kubuntu-netbook doesnt exist. its just that plasma-desktop or plasma-netbook are autoloaded depending on resolution02:11
zetheroomaco: ok ... but that's not helping much :P02:13
macozetheroo: now you make me wonder whether the menu is *still* hardcoded...02:13
macoi know it was hardcoded at a time02:13
macoi hope it's changed...02:13
zetheroomaco: so your saying it may not be possible to change the command for a shortcut?02:14
Daskreechmaco: can you swap to netbook and see?02:14
macoDaskreech: i'm on netbook....02:14
macozetheroo: the bit about ubuntu-vs-kubuntu was for ladynikon_ ;-)02:14
macoDaskreech: itd be more of "pull the source code and see"02:15
zetheroooh I see02:15
macobut the hardcoding... it couldnt possibly have included every .desktop file02:15
zetheroowhy could it not be as simple as right-click ... doh02:15
Daskreechthat's what I'm thinking02:15
ladynikon_maco: your not in offtopic :(02:15
macoladynikon_: #kubuntu-offtopic?02:15
Daskreechzetheroo: Might be worth a quick trip to #plasma ?02:16
ladynikon_i dont want to get in trouble for OT talking in here02:16
macooh i have an idea02:17
macomake a .desktop file02:17
macoand change .kde/share/config/plasma-netbook-appletsrc to point to your new desktop file?02:17
macokludge :(02:18
macoladynikon_: because im in #ubuntu-offtopic, and it's sexist enough that i dont need yet another OT channel :P02:18
ladynikon_ok ill talk to you thre02:18
ladynikon_in fact im leaving here02:19
zetheroovery quiet in #plasma02:26
Daskreechmaco: what's the lure to hang out there then?02:35
macoDaskreech: i have friends in there. and i'm an op now, so i can whack people who get too bad. usually after a few days they learn what's not ok and calm down02:36
macothe last week has been amazing flood of new people who need to be sassed into behaving02:36
Daskreechha ha02:41
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westywine crashes when trying to run in terminal. it gives out about 10 "no protocol specified, goes on saying cant create window no driver could be loaded, make sure your xserver is running04:56
westydoes it either trying to load a program or do winecfg gives the same error, but i can open the gui wine04:58
epicenterHowdy :) I was curious if someone could help me with something. I am trying to install Win7 but have no drives to do it (USB is out of the question). I have an ISO on my hard disk; how do I configure Grub to add the ISO to the boot selection list? Thank you! :)05:07
valorieepicenter: you can't add an ISO to grub05:10
valorieyou need to install win7 somewhere, and then point grub to that install05:10
valoriehave you thought of installing it virtually instead?05:11
ubottuThere are several solutions for running other operating systems (or their programs) inside Ubuntu, while using the native CPU as much as possible: !QEmu (with !KQemu), !VirtualBox, !VMWare, as well as !WINE and !Cedega for Windows applications05:12
ieatkawfishHello all. I can see my itouch in amarok, but it claims (incorrectly) that there are 0 tracks. How can I fix this?05:12
valorieyou can query ubottu if any of those sound interesting05:12
valorieieatkawfish: what KDE version?05:13
ieatkawfishvalorie: 4.5.105:13
ieatkawfishvalorie: with amarok 2.3205:13
valoriethis might help: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone#Amarok05:14
valoriealthough in general, you just have to wait until Amarok finally gets it read05:14
ieatkawfishvalorie: says it got fix in kde 4.6 so now waiting needed... except for the time it takes to upgrade. Thanks for the link!05:17
valoriedang it05:19
valorienot fixed in 4.6, in fact quite the opposite05:19
DaskreechDoes it work in banshee? or is it a library issue?05:24
valorieI don't know anyone running banshee in KDE05:27
valorienot saying it doesn't happen, but they aren't coming into #amarok05:27
Daskreech I know but Amarok and Banshee both use the same library to read ipods and ithings right?05:28
BentFranklinTwice tonight on different systems I tried to apt-get and got authenticationerror.  Does that mean apt is not sure the repositories are authentic?05:30
Daskreech can you give back the error message?05:31
BentFranklinWARNING: The folllowing packages canno be authenticated:  ....05:31
BentFranklinSo I didn't install05:32
Daskreechoh yes that's correct05:33
Daskreechdo you know the package names?05:33
Daskreechwell duh05:33
srinixhi to all , I have prblm in setting wlan in my laptop , how can i set it ?05:33
Daskreech they are the ones following that message05:33
valorieDaskreech: I have no idea about the libraries used05:34
DaskreechBentFranklin: try apt-cache policy packagename to see where the yare coming from05:34
srinixDaskreech: Hi,05:34
BentFranklinthey were a bunch of stuff to install mailtuils05:34
DaskreechBentFranklin: probably from a ppa then05:35
srinixDaskreech:  I have prblm in setting wlan in my laptop , how can i set it ?05:35
BentFranklinUnable to locate mailtuils05:35
srinixno networks are detected ,05:35
Daskreechsrinix: laptop?05:36
BentFranklinThe other time was installing perl-m3 libraries05:36
Daskreechsrinix: is the wifi killswitch off?05:37
DaskreechBentFranklin: apt-cache policy05:37
srinixwifi is on05:37
Daskreechdoes sudo iwscan work?05:38
BentFranklinDaskreech: apt-cache policy mailutils gives "W: Unable to locate mailutils"05:38
DaskreechBentFranklin: apt-cache search mailutils05:39
srinixyaa, it is working and i typed iwlist scan05:39
srinixNo scan results are showed05:39
Daskreechis your hardware detected?05:39
Daskreech ifconfig shows your adaptor?05:39
srinixEthernet controller : Broadcom corporation Net link BCM5787M Gigabit Ethernet PCI Express (rev 02)05:40
srinixEthernet controller : Atheros Communications Inc. AR5001 Wireless Network Adapter (rev 01)05:40
srinixMy lspci output05:40
Daskreechok :)05:40
Daskreechbut do you see it in ifconfig05:40
BentFranklinDaskreech: Oops I had made a typo.  Policy says:  it is from intrepid/universe packages.05:40
DaskreechBentFranklin: for proposed?05:41
srinixifconfig shows my eth0 lo and wlan005:41
Daskreechsrinix: ok that's good05:41
srinixDaskreech: What may be the prblm ? I am using kubuntu 10.1005:42
DaskreechHidden SSID?05:42
srinixwhat is hidden SSID ?05:42
DaskreechI'm not sure I never use WifI05:42
DaskreechThe Wifi network can hide itself05:43
srinixI switched on it already05:43
Daskreechand you just see no networks when you click scan?05:44
Daskreechthe one time I used a laptop and had that probelm the wifi switch was off05:44
BentFranklinDaskreech: I just wondered if other people were having the same problem, ie, maybe the repo's certificate got borked.05:45
DaskreechOther than that I don't really have a lot of experience with wifi05:45
DaskreechBentFranklin: Certainly possible05:45
srinixokay , Thanks :)05:45
DaskreechBentFranklin: are you actually on intrepid?05:45
BentFranklinOn that machine, yes.  It's legacy and I'm going to migrate some stuff and turn it off.05:46
ubottuUbuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex) was the ninth release of Ubuntu. End Of Life: April 30th, 2010. See !eol and !upgrade for more details.05:46
Daskreechit's been dead for a year they might have let the certificates on it dir05:46
BentFranklinAll my good machines are 10.405:46
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noaXesshi all09:23
noaXessa cusomter of mine has this problem: if he plugin a usb stick, the stick will be automounted as root... so the user has no access to the usb drive..09:24
puvigood morning09:32
devilfunkanybody feel like helping me out?09:59
devilfunkfor the so many'th time i can't browse the web10:00
devilfunkbut as you can see my internet is up and working10:00
devilfunkit's working again... hope it stays this way... it never does long enough10:04
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miccan somebody help with establishing my connection?10:14
rorkmic: is it a wifi card?10:17
micno its mobile broadband10:18
rorksorry I can't help you with that. Please specify some details (like card, provider, what have you tried?) and maybe someone else can help. The channel can be pretty quiet at the moment though.10:20
micrork: thanks though, its a usb mobile broadband modem .....maybe u can direct me to a site?10:22
rorkmic: don't you have a brand and type, you may find it with using `lsusb` in a !konsole10:23
micrork: alcatel x20010:24
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grawcho_mic: are you using kubuntu ? try opening your networkmanager settings and looking in the mobile broadband tab. dose the machine recognizes your usb device ?10:51
N|ghtWo|fwhen i start a specific app from comand line i get this: "Bus::open: Can not get ibus-daemon's address.", however it works fine when clicking on the icon10:53
N|ghtWo|fthe problem is i must start it from the console10:54
N|ghtWo|f*must* is too strong. i would like10:54
N|ghtWo|falso this "Bus::open: Can not get ibus-daemon's address. "10:55
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utentegianluigifabrizio de andre12:15
zyhey guys i upgraded to kde sc4.6 using the ppa.. now my kwin plugins are gone.. how do i reinstall them?12:40
zyis there a package for it?12:40
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BluesKajhi folks14:45
mndoyesterday night i tested the lastest natty alpha and the oxygen theme for gtk don't work as good as the screenshots from kde.org14:45
mndoany thoughts?14:45
BluesKajmndo, ask in #ubuntu+1, and this is kubuntu not ubuntu14:46
mndoBluesKaj, thank, i did forget about #ubuntu+114:47
BluesKajmndo, it's alpha after all , kde.org might be showing maverick , not natty14:48
mndonot that matter but the iso i tried was from kubuntu :)14:48
BluesKajwell, i do prefer kde to the other desktops due to all the probs with gnome and unity etc lately14:49
mndoBluesKaj, i am using maverick (using the kubuntu ppa) and i have the same problem14:49
mndoanyone, on my wau to#ubuntu+1.. thnx14:49
* BluesKaj passes genii-around a strong java14:57
genii-aroundBluesKaj: Thanks, much appreciated!14:59
BluesKajstrange that I can smb theuthe workgrp to wife's W7 pc , but when I try to add a network folder using "windows network drive" , I get the "unable to connect to server" message . I was able to do so on maverick , but not on natty15:03
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rolandwhere is firefox'es plugins folder?15:21
mndoroland, .mozilla/firefox/<profile id>/extensions15:23
rolandmndo: that's the place I should copy flash library?15:24
mndoroland, sorry, i send you the extensions folder :S15:27
mndoroland, /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/15:28
BluesKajroland, having probs with flash, to see if it's installed , do about:plugins in the FF addressbar , if there' no flash installed then open a terminal and do sudo apt-get install flashplgin-installer15:28
BluesKajerr flashplugin-installer15:29
rolandBluesKaj: last time i tried it downloads 32bit flash15:29
rolandi have the 64bit version of the plugin, and need to extract it to the right location15:30
BluesKajroland, have you recentluy upgraded or did a clean install ? if so then do , sudo apr-get install kubuntu-restricted-extras , that should install the proper java and flash apps for your system15:31
rolandok, got it working15:31
rolandextracted it to  /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/15:31
* BluesKaj curses his bifocals , wrong keys..15:32
BluesKajroland, which kubuntu version are you running ?15:32
roland10.10 with backports15:32
BluesKajthen kubuntu-restricted-extras should have installed the proper 64bit flash15:33
rolandi haven't installed it15:33
rolandthe restricted extras15:34
BluesKajit did on my 64bit maverick pc15:34
rolandthis is my work computer, trying to keep onlt absolutely necessary stuff15:34
BluesKajyou should have as soon as the install was completed , it's not included by default due to legalities , so a seperate install is required15:35
BluesKajwel, you're gonna need java sooner or later too, so kubuntu-restricted-extras is a must15:37
BluesKajpiecemeal installs can cause dependency problems with java and flash15:38
rolandBluesKaj: i have java6 already15:38
rolandsun version15:39
BluesKajfine , I hope it works for you15:39
rolandBluesKaj: what is piecemeal?15:41
BluesKajindividual installs of apps , rather than grouped apps chosen by the devs15:43
BluesKajBBL, stuff to do and errands to run15:43
rolandBluesKaj: well I use many apps which are not in the repositories anyway, so I don't see a problem there15:44
peter_do you know some program to view 3d movies?15:44
StFShello... what's the correct way of updating to 11.04? can I change all the "maverick" to "natty" in /etc/apt/sources.list yet?15:47
genii-aroundStFS: Install update-manager-core if it's not already. Then: sudo do-release-upgrade -d15:49
BluesKajStFS, no, open a terminal and do, sudo do-release-upgrade -d , that command will upgrade your maverick OS to natty15:55
BluesKajor do what genii-around posted, StFS15:56
BluesKajgenii-around, that update manger core seems to be iffy from what I've seen... it freezes some upgrades15:57
rolandwhats  new in natty?16:02
ubottuNatty Narwhal is the codename for Ubuntu 11.04, due April 28 2011 - Help and support (only) in #ubuntu+1 - Natty is unstable and is not intended for production systems.16:05
BluesKajroland, default kde 4.6 for one16:06
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rosco_yhow do I stop kopete from loading automatically when I log in?17:47
nate___how do I install katapult.tar18:25
rorknate___: decomress the tar and look for a reame with instructions, typically README or INSTALL (open with kate)18:26
nate___it says cd to the directory containing the source file I tried but it says it's not a directory18:28
rorkwhere did you download the file?18:30
rorkyou can also goto the directory in dolphin and click Tools > Open Terminal (Shift + F4)18:31
rorkcan you !pastebin `ls -l` (all lowercase L)18:32
nate___I don't have dolphin18:32
rorkthen which filemanager do you use?18:33
nate___oh nvm it is dolphin sorry noobie18:34
rorkno problem18:34
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nate___when I ./configure it says no such file or directory18:39
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rorkcan you !pastebin the output of`ls -l` (all lowercase L) so we can see what's in the directory?18:40
nate___patebin event not found18:41
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.18:42
rorkso in the command type `ls -l` and copy-paste the results into the pastein and give us the address so we can have a look18:42
rorkyou're not in the right directory, type `cd katapult-` then use `ls -l` again to see whether configure is in that directory18:47
nate___I see that configure is in there18:50
rorkthat looks good indeed, 8th row so now you can do `./configure`18:50
rorkbut why are you trying to build Katapult? It looks to me it's some kind of KDE 3 think and I'm not sure it works well in the current kubuntu's18:51
nate___checking for Qt... configure: error: Qt (>= Qt 3.2 and < 4.0) (headers and libraries) not found. Please check your installation!18:53
nate___oh I just heard it's a good program18:53
nate___oh well maybe I won't run it but thanks for your help18:54
rorkyou may try ofc, it's a free world and I was just wondering18:55
nate___what is a good program to install in kubuntu 9.10?18:55
genii-aroundTo do what with?18:56
nate___cause mayhem jk18:56
Peace-nate___: http://nowardev.wordpress.com/usefull-link-for-kubuntu-and-multimedia-stuff/what-you-would-want-to-do-on-startup-multimedia-side/18:57
rorktypically when you're compiling you'll get a number of errors and have to install packages. e.g. libqt3-headers sounds like the right package for you now18:57
nate___well I'm trying to get the 3D box to work on compiz fusion but it's only half working18:57
nate___thanks peace18:57
rorktypically what I install are graphics drivers, Yakuake (a terminal client), Akregator (a rss/atom reader), Kaffeine (multimedia player),Amarok (music player) and the medibuntu repository (codecs and dvd)18:59
rorkgot to go, have fun using kubuntu and good luck if you have to compile something19:02
nate___thanks rok19:02
liddellI'm having this bug I run into all the time where I reboot after a crash and my network displays as "Unmanaged" after that. In trying to fix it I seem to have deleted my nm-system-settings.conf file. Is there a command to recreate it, or would one of you helpful people post the contents of yours so I can manually transcribe it? Thanks!19:36
Peace-liddell: i guess try reinstalling the package19:43
maexbin neuer kubuntu user19:56
maexkann mir wer mi wlan helfen hab das schon die ganze nacht versucht19:57
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munzirHi, It seems I had bad sectors on the hard drive and when I try to copy data, system crashes, what are my options now?20:52
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DarthFrogmunzir: I'd suggest you backup your personal data then replace your hard drive.20:55
DarthFrogmunzir:  An unreliable piece of hardware is best used as a boat anchor.20:55
somekoolhi there ! anyone else with broken knetwork manager? I can't connect to my wireless20:56
somekoolno mattter what20:56
munzirDarthFrog: the problem is I don't know how to back it up. cp and rsync won't work. i need a way to copy the good sectors and skip bad sectors20:59
DarthFrogAre you trying to copy or rsync to the same failing drive?21:02
munzirDarthFrog: of course no. I am trying to copy to another healthy drive21:04
DarthFrogWhat happens when you try to rsync?21:06
munzirDarthFrog: let's say I did rsync -av /baddrive /healthyhd, either the command just waits like this for ever without copying any thing or after some time the whole system crash with lots of strange errors21:09
DarthFrogWhich drive is your boot drive?21:09
DarthFrogAnd what partition is your /home on the bad drive?21:10
munzirDarthFrog: I am booting from sda5 I think which has no problem but my home partition which is sda6 is the culprit so I cannot copy hda6 contents21:11
DarthFrogTry this: Boot from a Live CD.  then: "sudo -i" "mkdir /mnt/disk &&  mount /dev/sda5 /mnt/disk && cd /mnt/disk" "dd if=/dev/sda6  of=home.iso"21:21
DarthFrogAnd use a partition on a healthy hard drive, other than sda, if you can.21:21
DarthFrogIf that works, that'll give you an ISO image of your /home partition in /.  You could then try mounting that ISO image and see if you can read the files there.21:23
DarthFrogBut if sda6 has bad sectors, then the drive is on its way to total failure.21:24
FloridaGuyhttp://releases.ubuntu.com/    ....isent what i want...i want to choose the location i download from22:14
FloridaGuyanyone here22:17
sithlord48there are always ppl here22:18
sithlord48do you need help ?22:18
FloridaGuysithlord48: http://releases.ubuntu.com/   ..... i want to be able to choose my mirror.....not where there telling me to download from22:22
sithlord48thats  abit hard to find.. its kinda  in the small print.. somewhere , let me see if i can find you a link22:22
FloridaGuysithlord48: i found it22:25
sithlord48FloridaGuy: ok good cause i wasn't lol22:25
FloridaGuybeen painting some crapy walls today..so my eyes are about gone22:26
morticumi heard unity is worse than gnome 3's shell...true or not?22:38
morticumi'm wondering whether i should switch to shell or unity22:39
morticumor i might just move to kde's netbook flavor....recommendations?22:39
morticumok, great. i shall switch to...22:40
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majsterhello ;)22:54
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