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vexhai. I get a timeout error when trying to copy a few (5+) packages from a ppa01:11
vex(Error ID: OOPS-1896P15)01:11
micahgwgrant: ^^ bug 57545001:12
ubot5Launchpad bug 575450 in Launchpad itself "Archive:+copy-packages nearly unusable due to timeouts" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/57545001:12
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* wgrant waits for the OOPS to sync.01:19
wgrantI think I have found our poppy problem.01:44
wgrantJust by reading cron mail.01:44
wgrantA suspicious launchpad_main transaction was killed at the time logging stopped...01:44
wgrantAnd indeed, there was a 9 day old poppy transaction on mawson.01:44
lifelesscan we do the gpg checking via xmlrpc ?01:45
wgrantWe'd have to expose a new interface.01:45
wgrantBut we could.01:46
lifelessit might be unrelated01:46
lifelessbut I want less things talking to the db, not more01:46
wgrantI will check its transaction management and see about exposing fingerprint checks on xmlrpc-private01:47
lifelesswgrant: the total data is small - the changes and dsc files, right01:47
lifelesswgrant: best would be an lp API01:48
wgrantlifeless: Well, it could give them to LP, or it could get the fingerprint from the files itself and ask xmlrpc about it.01:49
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dbarth__hi, i'm still trying to solve launchpadlib issues here10:22
dbarth__i've generated a new auth. key for my hudson builder bot10:23
dbarth__and installed it in .cache/launchpadlib/bzr-builder10:23
dbarth__but it seems my jobs are still stuck on "logging into launchpad"10:23
jporsiniHello, is it normal to have no error (not even an error email), when upload to ppa with a not registered pgp key? It takes me 1 day to understand that it was the reason that the upload does not work :/10:23
wgrantjporsini: If it's not signed then we don't know who to email. We'll be rolling out a new upload server soon that checks that and reports the error before the upload finishes.10:25
jporsiniwgrant: it was signed but with a key which was not registered on LP10:26
wgrantjporsini: Right, but we don't have a verified email address for that key.10:26
wgrantjporsini: We can't just send it to the key's primary UID, since that can be easily forged. And we don't want it to be a spam vector.10:28
jporsiniwgrant: right, I understand the problem that it can cause for sending an email10:28
jporsiniwgrant: maybe it is possible to do a roundtrip with the server to validate the key before or after the upload and let dput display a warning/error?10:30
wgrantjporsini: Right, that's what the new upload server does. But it's not deployed yet.10:31
jporsiniwgrant: ok, that's good news! thanks for the information!10:31
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jelmer_is there a procedure for requesting upgrades for vcs imports? As a ~vcs-imports member I don't seem to be able to request them using the web UI, even for those imports that are owned by ~vcs-imports.12:32
StevenKjelmer: Hi! I believe the process is to open a question asking for it and the LOSAs perform it. But I am uncertain.12:44
jelmerStevenK: Thanks, I'll give that a try. I was hoping there was an easier way without taking up precious LOSA time.12:46
maxbIt seems like we should ask for the clicky-button to be allowed for ~vcs-imports members12:47
mabacHi. Does anyone know of any issues with the staging and qastaging environments at the moment? I have been getting http 500 errors the past six hours and I just noticed that there are no problems with production.13:30
mabacI am using launchpadlib by the way and try to get build records.13:30
mabacMaybe this helps? http://paste.ubuntu.com/578823/13:30
deryckmabac, is this something that has been working until now?13:39
deryckmabac, looking at the OOPS report I see:  "AttributeError: 'SimpleViewClass from /srv/staging.launchpad.net/st' object has no attribute 'status'"13:40
mabacderyck, Yes it did work yesterday with the same code.13:41
mabacActually it's intermittent and now that part worked and it crashed later on instead.13:42
deryckhmmm, not sure then.  maybe something changed with the web service since yesterday.13:42
mabacOk. This time I got an AttributeError for another call.13:42
mabacI'll try to avoid testing against staging today and hope for the best on Monday. :)13:43
mabacIf it helps this is the latest OOPS-ID I got: OOPS-1896STAGING14513:44
deryckmabac, I see lazr.restful was updated yesterday.  maybe related, but not sure.13:48
deryckbenji, any ideas if this could be related ^^ ?13:48
wgrantI suspect it's failing to render a timeout error, but I'm not really sure.13:48
benjideryck: I'm on a call at the moment, I'll be able to look in about 10 minutes.13:49
deryckbenji, ok, thanks.13:49
deryckwgrant, ah, yeah.  that's a possibility.13:50
deryckespecially if it's a moving error.13:50
wgrantIt's intermittent, and that API is known to be timing out.13:50
wgrantTrying locally...13:50
mabacIt does seem to setall13:51
mabacstall for a while at times.13:51
wgrantYeah, it's failing to render a timeout error.13:52
wgrantWorks in lazr.restful 0.17.2, breaks in 0.17.413:53
mabacAha. Timeouts does explaing my issues today.13:54
wgrantWorks in 0.17.213:56
wgrant0.17.*1*, dammit.13:56
wgrantRegression in 0.17.213:57
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flacostesinzui: do we have a working contact this team feature?14:25
sinzuiAre you asking If I can use the "Contact this team" link to contact the admins or members? I think so14:26
flacostesinzui: will this send an email to all members of the team?14:36
sinzuiflacoste: ^14:37
sinzuias the page states, if you are not a member, you are contacting the admins. If you are a member, you contact everyone14:37
sinzuiflacoste: compare https://launchpad.net/~canonical-ux/+contactuser to https://launchpad.net/~registry/+contactuser14:39
flacostesinzui: thx14:39
benjideryck, wgrant: the call took longer than I expected, but it looks like you figured it out15:00
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htorquehello, everyone! can i somehow prevent the "* Auto build." changelog entry when using a recipe to build a source package (bzr dailydeb project.recipe ...)?17:20
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maxbhtorque: No. It is necessary for the recipe builder to add a changelog entry so that it can specify the appropriate autobuild version string17:42
htorquemaxb: already thought so. thanks! :-)17:42
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jcsackett /clear18:47
benji /recharge paddles18:47
jcsacketthehe. that was supposed to clear out my scrollback. second one worked, not sure why the first didn't. :-P18:48
benjileading space18:48
jcsackettah, missed that.18:49
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EvilPhoenixis anyone able to help me understand the uploading to a PPA?23:42
EvilPhoenixi've created a package using the methods described by the Ubuntu packaging guides, and the console says it uploaded to the PPA, but its not showing any changes on launchpad23:43
EvilPhoenixoop nevermind seems i failed in the changelog file for the package >.>23:52

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