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bonnyhow do i update google chromium on lx terminal01:35
Unit193"sudo apt-get update" then "sudo apt-get install chromium" without quotes01:39
bonnyok thnx01:39
bonnythankyou unit01:40
bonnywould i do that for any web browser01:41
bonnyit still says i need to update it01:42
Unit193sudo apt-get update then sudo apt-get upgrade to update all programs01:47
bonnydo i press enter after sudo apt-get update01:47
amin2511chromium-browser --version01:52
MrChrisDruifIsn't chromium-webbrowser installed by default? (Chromium is some kind of game ;))01:53
amin2511sudo apt-get update01:56
amin2511sudo apt-get install chromium-browser01:56
amin2511isn't it ?01:56
Unit193Yeah, my bad01:57
bonnyi need to upgrade the whole system so im listening to unit right now01:59
bonnyi mean upgrade watever there is needed to be upgraded02:00
amin2511sudo apt-get update02:01
Unit193"sudo apt-get update" then "sudo apt-get upgrade" then "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade"02:01
amin2511 than sudo apt-get upgrade02:01
imacalcuttI already have 10.10 installed, but would like to test 11.04. If I install them side by side on my computer will I be able to boot either one when starting my computer?02:04
bonnyyep thats what i did but i did this sudo apt-get update then sudo apt-get upgrade02:05
bonnyimacalcutt what distro do you use02:05
imacalcutti am using lubuntu 10.1002:06
bonnywell are u installing 11.o4 from live cd02:06
imacalcuttI understand that 11.04 is not stable, but I would like to test it02:06
bonnywell i think there is a choice of installing them side by side02:07
bonnyand it gives u a choice at the beginning i think02:07
imacalcuttIf I install them side by side I will be able to boot either one02:07
EricR2427imacalcutt: yes02:07
bonnybecause i have peppermint and lubuntu on this computer and i can select which one at the begining02:07
imacalcuttI want to keep the 10.10, but also wanted to test 11.0402:08
bonnyu can do that imacalutt02:08
imacalcuttI understand02:08
imacalcuttthanks for the help02:08
bonnyok good :)02:08
imacalcuttI am using an older machine, will it slow down my machine02:09
bonnywat year is it02:09
Unit193You wouldn't be running both at the same time02:09
imacalcuttno not running both at the same time02:10
bonnyit will work just fine if its 200602:10
imacalcuttthanks again02:10
bonnymy computer this one is 200302:10
imacalcuttits taken me a long time to find a program that will work well on my machine02:11
imacalcuttI don't want to mess up what I have02:11
imacalcuttappreciate the help02:11
bonnywell if u want u can try puppy linux and maybe peppermint i found those two good peppermint is almost the same as lubuntu02:11
bonnybut easier to use02:11
bonnyno problem just come back straight here if you need help02:13
imacalcuttI am kind of new at using at this, so I appreciate the wisdom02:14
bonnyNo problem02:15
bonnyso am I02:15
bonnythe funniest thing is that im only 1002:15
Unit193Puppy has it's own channel that may help you more if you look into it #puppylinux02:19
bonnyyep units right like i mentioned u should check out puppy02:26
bonnyhow do i install google chrome not google chromium on lx terminal02:54
Unit193bonny: http://www.ubuntuupdates.org/ppa/google_chrome02:54
gilirwolfpack, if you can't reproduce a bug with natty alpha :13:45
gilir1) Add a comment to explain this13:45
gilirin the bug report13:45
gilir2) ask the user to try with a new natty iso13:45
gilir3) set the bug status to "Imcomplete"13:45
wolfpackgilir: Should I ask him to update the pcmannfm package ?13:47
gilirwolfpack, I need to update LXDE PPA first13:47
gilirwolfpack, after, you can add a comment that he can test with a newer version of pcmanfm using the LXDE PPA13:48
wolfpackThe version of pcmanfm reported is 0.9.7 and repository has 0.9.8. Is it available for maverock also ?13:51
gilirwolfpack, 0.9.7 is in official repository, 0.9.8 is only availabel if you enable LXDE PPA : https://launchpad.net/~lxde/+archive/ppa13:52
wolfpackOk. Thanks :)13:53
gilirnot all users have its enable, and it's not mandatory to have it to use Lubuntu :)13:53
YorvykHi all,17:06
YorvykAnybody else having problems with time out errors when using launchpad and Lubuntu 11.0417:08
wolfpackYorvyk: Can you elaborate your problem a little more ?17:09
ubot5For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.17:17
uminohi guys18:13
uminocan someone tell me how to get new window themes with lubuntu ?18:13
szczuryou mean window borders?18:19
uminoyeah .. like putting a darker, more ubuntu like theme on the bright lubuntu default theme18:21
szczuralso take look at http://gnome-look.org/index.php?xcontentmode=100&PHPSESSID=b550a6802f72dbcb551d3340073c0b2818:22
uminook ... thats where i get the themes but how do i install them ?18:22
szczuryou can dowhnload the theme you like18:22
szczurand unpack it to .themes folder in your home folder18:23
uminowhat if there is no such folder (hidden stuff is visible)18:24
szczurthen you have to create it18:24
uminook ...18:25
uminoah ... so much for the colors but i still got this ugly mint-greenish window tops18:27
kristian-aalborglubuntu kernel = ubuntu kernel?18:28
uminoi guess18:28
kristian-aalborgalso, hi18:29
kristian-aalborgI can't see why it shouldn't be, but nice to know18:29
szczurumino, you can change window borders with Openbox configuration manager18:31
uminolxappearance ?18:31
uminoah no ...18:32
uminook ... that was the stuff i was looking for ..18:32
uminohave a nice day18:36
YorvykAnybody know how to remove the 'window title bar' globally.19:41
mark76Have you tried ctrl alt b?19:53
GaryDHow can I use xserver-xorg-video-nv instead of xserver-xorg-video-nouveau?20:18
Yorvykmark76, Yes, I was hoping there was a config file I could edit20:18
mark76I'm pretty sure openbox has config files20:27
GaryDSorry. I am running 11.04 by the way.I can't install nvidia-173 like I normally do because of the missing dependency issue. I would like to be able to see the objects on the screen.20:28
YorvykGaryD, You'll probably have to create and xorg.conf.20:30
Yorvykmark76, there is, and there appears a to be a way to do it but I'm having problems understanding it. (.config/openbox/lubuntu-rc.xml)20:32
stlsaintYorvyk: hey could you point me towards the lubuntu wiki page20:32
GaryDYorvyk: I tried killing X and running Xorg -configure as root, but got errors. Failed to create configuratoni file or something. I tried to uninstall nouveau, installing nv, and rebooting, i got the black screen of death. So I looked for a command to change which driver is used, and could find nothing. how can I create the xorg.conf?20:33
Yorvykstlsaint, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu20:34
stlsainthaha i thought it was something else20:35
YorvykGaryD, I could never get that to work20:40
YorvykGaryD, I'm not sure if the following works any more but worth a try.20:43
YorvykGaryD, sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg20:44
GaryDdid nothing as far as i can tell.20:46
bioterrorhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/Documentation/FAQ there you have guide20:48
bioterrorsection 2.6.20:48
bioterroroh, I have it wrong, should say lxdm, not gdm :D20:48
bioterrornow it's right and correct20:49
Yorvyk'sudo Xorg -configure' is the command I never remember but I can remember 'sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg'20:52
GaryDI'll try. If it doesn't work, I will reinstall again and come back again. Thanks.20:53
bioterrordid you install again?21:15
Yorvykbioterror, thanks for that FAQ it solved my remove title bar problem.21:16
GaryDNo good. Still a gray screen, and no xorg.conf file in root or /etc/X11/. I still got the error of not being able to create xorg.conf.21:18
bioterroryou need to stop LXDM21:19
bioterrorsudo service lxdm stop21:19
bioterrorthen you can create xorg.conf21:19
GaryDI ran both commands. Xorg -configure and dpkg-reconfigure-xserver-xorg.21:19
GaryDI did stop lxdm.21:20
bioterrorwhat's the error message then21:20
GaryDNumber of created screens do not match number of detected devices. Configuration failed.21:21
GaryDOK...for some reason, when I tried the mv xorg.conf.new /etc/X11/xorg.conf I got an error saying no such file exists. However, I just looked in pcmanfm, and the file is there. i am now copying it to /etc/X11. There are Screen0, Screen2 and Screen3.21:27
GaryDshould I remove lines 3 and 4 and the corresponding lines of code at the bottom for each screen?21:30
bioterroryou have two displays and two graphics cards?21:31
GaryDAs far as I have known I have one display and one graphics card. that is the problem.21:33
GaryDCan I just remove the second one from xorg.conf?21:34
bioterroryou should have screen0 and card0 ;)21:35
GaryDI will modify it real quick..21:36
GaryDDoes this look right? http://pastebin.com/qU3UeDs621:39
YorvykGaryD, it looks a lot better than the first one.  I would stick with vesa first and if /when the Xorg.conf works change to nv21:47
GaryDok. Thanks. I'll go try that.21:47
YorvykLubuntu Unity any one? http://imagebin.org/14245321:48
bioterrorI have to say this: I dont like that pastel blue theme21:52
YorvykI'am not a fan of blue but, it is innocuous and doesn't cause problems on CRT's.22:03
bioterrorproblems on CRT's? :D22:04
YorvykThere are a lot still in use and on most the colour balance is out.  Even on old LCD monitors as well.  Blue seems to work better.22:10
YorvykGaryD, any luck22:12
GaryDNo good. Both vesa and nv allow plymouth to load clear as day, but after that black screen. i can't even use ctrl+alt+F1, I changed it back to nouveau, and it is still the same as before. Why would plymouth load clearly now, but not the desktop?22:13
YorvykIt doesn't sound like the video driver to me then.  What do the logs have to say?22:15
GaryDThe only errors in the log is that the fonts directories don't exist, as far as I can tell. Should I pastebin? I have the one for vesa, as i tried it first and after nv before I went back to nouveau.22:22
GaryDCould it be an issue with lxdm?22:26
GaryDthis is in the lxdm config file under [server]. # arg=/usr/bin/X -nr vt1. not sure if this has anything to do with it.22:27
GaryDit is commented out, though.22:27
Yorvykargh indeed22:32
GaryDXorg log - http://pastebin.com/8ULxa2vA22:32
GaryDfor vesa.22:32
GaryDBTW...I thank you for helping me with this.22:38
GaryDDo you think installing nouveau-firmware will clear up my screen using nouveau? Not sure what the firmware is for.22:44
Yorvykno idea what the firmware does, never heard of it.22:48
GaryDMy video card is nvidia NV36 GeForce FX Go570. on all other lubuntus, nv worked just fine and nvidia-173 worked jut fine as well.22:50
GaryDnouveau has never worked.22:50
GaryDsorry...GeForce FX 570022:51
YorvykSorry GaryD my machine came to a grinding halt load average: 3.99, 5.27, 2.74 every thing was trying to use the cpu22:56
GaryDDid it come back alive?22:59
GaryDWell, I appreciate it. I have to go, now. I will mess with it later. If I can't get it working, I will go back to lubuntu 10.10.23:03
YorvykWhat resolution is your screen23:03
YorvykIt seems to think it's either 800x600 or 1024x76823:05
YorvykTry http://pastebin.com/556Xh3UC when you have time, i'll be around tomorrow.23:07
GaryDI will try it now. I have a minute.23:07
GaryDLet me restart to see if it works. BRB23:09
GaryDNo Good.23:19
GaryDYorvyk: I will have to test other things later, I guess. Thank you for all your help23:20
GaryDYorvyk: Have a great day!23:20
YorvykOH!  I'll have anothe rlook at the log and let you know tomorrow if I find any thing.23:20
GaryDCool. Thanks23:20

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