rooferdavenew to compiling get this error at end (almost the end) :http://pastebin.com/FTfHhJQY ..could u give me a little help how to solve?00:22
GrueMasterNot sure what you are trying to do based on that info, but I would guess you are trying to build an android kernel?00:24
rooferdaveyes i am sir00:29
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alfpersia: Everything alright with the tsunami? Did it affect the are you live in?09:48
ogra_he said he's ok in another channel09:50
alfogra_: good, thanks09:52
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ppisatiericm_: did you use an ATX power supply for Casper?12:54
ograsigh, the serial console bits are harder than i though12:54
ograand oem-config-debconf seems to start wherever it likes ... randomly on serial or tty112:55
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MartynHas anyone heard from persia?15:10
MartynI tried calling him, but most major infrastructure is down.15:11
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alfJesseBarker: I have been trying to build some applications using the imx EGL/GLES2 headers and I noticed that, in contrast to the Mesa ones, they don't reference the X11 types16:03
NCommanderthe "joys" of building the mono stack by hand :-/16:16
Nekoalf, no shit ;)16:18
NekoEGL is meant to be agnostic16:18
alfNeko: sure, but they latest KHR headers has support for X11 in eglplatform.h16:20
alfNeko: (tentative)16:20
alfNeko: I just wasn't sure if I can rely on that16:20
alfNeko: and by support I mean "typedef Display *EGLNativeDisplayType;" etc16:22
Nekoit's an opaque pointer either way16:32
NekoI'm looking at the possibility of updating the EGL headers.. we just updated to fix missing GLchar and the glTexImage2D prototype among a few other minor changes that happened in the last year or so16:33
Nekobut EGL uses the public header internally so changing stuff tends to break builds and make behaviors subtley different16:33
ogragetting oem-config to run on serial any other tty exists seems impossible16:58
ogra*while any16:59
Nekoalf, bugs noted, the image stuff we knew about since a long time, the implementation inside is broken except for some common fringe cases, but not proper behavior18:42
Nekoto be honest we've been reluctant to touch it while there was nothing to really test it with :D18:42
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kgilmerhi hrw22:52
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