kwwiimoin moin10:37
coz_hey guy10:42
thorwilgood morning!10:55
kwwiihey kids, how's things?10:55
coz_thorwil,  hey guy10:55
coz_kwwii,  hey guy10:55
kwwiiheya coz_, thorwil10:56
thorwilall good10:56
kwwiigood to hear :-)10:57
kwwiisaw that the timezone bug was finally fixed ;-)10:57
thorwilthe timezone in germany still has a DST bug10:59
thorwilbut i guess it's marked wontfix10:59
kwwiiDST bug?11:00
kwwiiall of germany has the same DST, not sure what the problem could be11:00
thorwilthe 1 hour back and for is the bug ;)11:00
kwwiihehe, not sure why they would mark that won't fix11:10
doctormoThey have bots now that mark bug automatically. To cause maximum distress and suffering.11:12
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coz_hey all17:19

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