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Fudgeanyone able to tell me what the text installers like?07:16
elkyreasonably intuitive07:23
* nisshh refrains from commenting about how annoying GUI's are07:24
head_victimFudge: if you're not overly confident there should be some walk throughs online to help you along08:20
blahdeblahFudge: It's almost identical to the Debian installer, if you've ever used that08:58
blahdeblahTo me, it's just 2nd nature, but i understand some people get confused by some of the blank spots that can actually be selected by the keyboard.08:58
elkyah yeah the selecting of stuff can be annoying. the space bar is your friend09:08
Fudgeif I can get through the bsd isntallers itt should be a brease 09:52
blahdeblahI can't understand why anyone uses BSD, unless they have exceptionally high standards for firewall clustering, in which case they should use OpenBSD with carp & pf sync.10:13
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