annaCan someone recommend a client other then rhythmbox for streaming radio to my linux?00:53
annaWould use songbird but it has been discontinued.00:54
dj_ribale^I agree00:54
annaWould Guayadeque stream radio or does it just do local music?00:55
dj_ribaleClementine is good too if u like amarok based player00:55
annaWould Guayadeque stream radio or does it just do local music?01:04
aveilleuxanna: Since it uses the gstreamer framework, I assume it can capture online streams. Let me do some digging.01:06
aveilleuxanna: http://guayadeque.org/forums/index.php?p=/page/using_radio01:07
annaSweet thank you Aveilleux. Also Alphur I switched off Linux Mint to Maverick Meericat Ubuntu and had no install or boot issues. Thank you for the advice, it was much appreciated.01:12
alphuranna, that's great, hope you get things working the way you want01:13
annaI got my printer working for the first time ever on linux. I have always had such a hard time with these HP printers and Linux.01:14
aveilleuxanna: Simply install the hplip package and you should be all set01:14
annaHow do you guys do the red text responses like that?01:19
aveilleuxanna: I place your name somewhere in my response and it highlights you. If you said "aveilleux" it would notify for me and draw my attention.01:20
aveilleuxexample anna01:20
charlie-tcaMy turn to ask questions. Can anyone/someone tell me how to install from usb flash drives?01:25
aveilleuxcharlie-tca: install Ubuntu?01:26
charlie-tcaI can't seem to get it to work from a usb drive01:26
aveilleuxcharlie-tca: Have you tried using unetbootin?01:26
charlie-tcaI want to be able to use these drives I wasted money on01:27
aveilleuxcharlie-tca: You can always reformat the drive after you're finished. There's nothing stopping you from that.01:27
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JackyAlcinecharlie-tca, I'm actually running off a USB stick at the moment, but either the Startup Disk Utility in Ubuntu or UNetbootin should work.01:32
yax51how do I remove a program that is install in /sys?03:07
duanedesignhello yax5103:14
yax51duanedesign: hello03:14
duanedesignyax51: what are you trying to remove?03:15
iggy19yax51: if you installed it with a package manager (synaptic or apt, say) you should be able to remove it with the same.03:15
yax51asusg50oled daemon, and no I didn't install it with such...03:15
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iggy19yax51: stumped me03:17
holsteinhow was it installed yax51 ?03:17
duanedesignyax51: did you use: make, make install?03:19
yax51holstein: downloaded the .tgz from asusg50oled.sf.net, unzipped it, and ran make, make install03:19
yax51duanedesign: yes03:19
holsteinis there uninstall info in the readme?03:20
holsteini guess if you track down where everything went, and remove it...03:20
iggy19yax51: you are now seeing the power and glory of using a package manager03:22
duanedesignyax51: if you still have the directory where you installed from try03:22
duanedesignmake uninstall03:22
duanedesignif the make file does not have uninstall, maybe try the read me file03:22
duanedesigninstead of make install, use checkinstall. Then the package manager will be aware of the program and make removal easier03:24
yax51ok, checkinstall asks for a decription03:29
yax51so I write a decription for the package, and I get this message: /usr/bin/checkinstall: line 1198: description-pak: No such file or directory03:30
duanedesignyou need to install the checkinstall package03:31
yax51iggy19: amen!!03:31
duanedesignsudo apt-get install checkinstall03:31
yax51duanedesign: I did, sudo apt-get install checkinstall03:31
duanedesignoh i see, it is getting an error in the checkinstall file03:32
yax51The package documentation directory ./doc-pak does not exist.03:33
yax51Should I create a default set of package docs?  [y]:03:33
duanedesignit is supposed to create a  description-pak file03:35
duanedesignif one does not exist03:35
duanedesigndid you call checkinstall with sudo?03:36
yax51yes, get the same message03:36
yax51so I would cd to the directory I want removed correct?03:37
yax51then checkinstall?03:37
duanedesignyou would use checkinstall inplace of make install when installing03:37
duanedesignthat would make the package manager aware of the package and make uninstalling easier03:38
duanedesignnot sure it would help now. More of a for future reference03:38
holsteinnot something you can run recursively though03:38
duanedesignyax51: do you have the original folder you downloaded?03:39
duanedesignif you cd into that directory and run  'sudo make uninstall'03:40
duanedesigndoes anything happen?03:40
yax51make: *** No rule to make target `uninstall'.  Stop.03:40
duanedesignyeah they did not include an uninstall rule03:42
duanedesignyax51: might see if the read me has any suggestions for removal03:43
holsteinbut you should be able to look and see what all went where03:43
holsteinand rm it al03:43
yax51whats the command for remove directory?03:45
iggy19yax51: rmdir03:46
iggy19be careful not to trash things your system needs!03:47
holsteinyeah, i would look around for a file that says what went where03:47
yax51of course! just trying to remove the asus oled saemon03:47
iggy19yax51: someone wiser than myself may be able to make the following command more useful (this one is going to produce a ton of output), but maybe it'll yield something useful.  It would be great to be able to sort the output by date, which would let you nail all the files changed at the time you ran make install.  Commands to try: "sudo ls / -alR |grep 2011-03-10 >/home/<uname>/Desktop/ChangedFiles.txt" should give you a file of all f03:59
yax51thanks I'll look into into it, but I may not be that wiser someone, as it is I barely know what I'm doing04:01
yax51as for the removal of the program I gave up, I was really just trying to so a fresh install. and revert all changes back to default...but it's not that important04:02
yax51and my sister made cheesecake!04:04
iggy19yax51: sounds like all is good in the world04:05
yax51yup, now just need ot learn to modify a .class file, change the command so that my oled display can show my GPU temp ;)04:06
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yax51ok so that problem I was having earlier?04:22
yax51I think I figured out what was going on04:22
yax51what I thought was part of the asusg50oled program, turns out is the driver for my asus oled display...04:23
yax51fancy me trying to remove the driver for the very thing I am trying to work with!04:24
iggy19I figured asusg50oled *was* your display driver.  Just since it had the phrase "oled" in it.04:29
yax51ok heres another question is there a way to run Nvidia X server from the terminal?04:38
JackyAlcineI usually ran, xinit.04:51
bioterrorand dont you forget to add something to .xinitrc04:52
yax51basically what I am trying to do is run the GPU temp in Nvidia X server within the terminal04:52
yax51I could use nvclock, but nvclock doesn't want to work with my oled daemon...although it should04:53
JackyAlcineWhat is Ground Control used for?05:10
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yax51_anyone know anything about remote desktop?08:30
yax51_I found a tutorial to connect via windows, and it works, however I should be able to control my desktop right?08:31
bioterrorI would suggest VNC08:31
bioterror!vnc | yax51_08:32
ubot2yax51_: VNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX08:32
yax51_cool thanks!08:39
yax51_I havent tried !freeNX yet, but I was able to connect via my windows machine, but I have no control, like I should, and the screen is all messed up08:51
yax51woot woot!!09:56
yax51got it figured out!!09:56
yax51now I can access my computer remotely!!09:57
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johnny77I'm having trouble with chromium and flashplugin. I installed flashplugin-nonfree. If I play a video in YouTude it's b/w and messed up a little. But if I pop out the video in it's own window it plays corectly. Any ideas?13:23
bioterrorjohnny77, is your system 64bit?13:24
johnny77bioterror: nope.13:25
bioterrorI have to say weird13:26
johnny77bioterror: I can get it to play so it's not a big deal, but I thought if someone had an idea.13:27
bioterroris it just youtube?13:27
bioterrorhow about vimeo?13:28
johnny77i'll check.13:28
bioterrorthat video for example ;)13:28
johnny77bioterror: it's a little choppy.13:30
johnny77it's not a smooth movie. Is it supposed to just from frame to frame?13:32
bioterrorwhat does top say for your CPU usage?-)13:33
johnny77bioterror: it was almost 90%13:34
bioterroryou need faster computer for vimeo ;)13:34
bioterrorbut vimeo had colors13:34
duanedesignjohnny77: might look at lovinglinux's blog http://www.webgapps.org/flash/issues-and-solutions13:37
johnny77ok, thanks. I gotta run for a few bbl.13:38
Dangr_I listen to ESPN radio via their streaming Flash player... but it crashes after about 15 minutes... any suggestions to make Flash not suck so much?14:33
Dangr_Right now I'm using FireFox as my primary browser... I haven't tried Chrome at all... don't know if that makes a difference14:34
holsteincant hurt to try it14:34
holsteinsudo apt-get install chromium-browser14:34
Dangr_holstein: Sorry wandered off my computer. I have chrome already, just haven't loaded the page in it :P I'll give that a try now.14:56
Dangr_holstein: isn't chromium the developer builds and Chrome the official release? I get the terminology confused since I don't give much thought to Chromium typically14:57
ubot2Factoid 'gnomepanel' not found14:57
holsteinDangr_: chromium is in the repos14:57
holsteinmakes it easy to install14:58
Dangr_holstein: Ahhhh OK I see, cool thanks didn't know that14:58
holsteinnot that installing chrome is really all that hard14:58
Dangr_lol true14:58
bioterrorchrome has flash and spyware bundles, chromium doesnt14:58
bioterrorthose are the differences14:59
holsteinyeah, theres an extra package for chromium14:59
holsteinfor mp3 playback and all that14:59
Dangr_bioterror: Hm, didn't know that either. Would that make Chrome a bit better at handing, lets say, Flash as opposed to Firefox?14:59
bioterrorit just makes G happy14:59
bioterroras they know what kind og ads to show you15:00
bioterroronce you insta.. chromium and all needed files by using apt-get, you dont have to worry about things15:02
Dangr_That's good to know too. I just use flash for YouTube and ESPN Radio when I can't get to a TV so I don't use it a whole lot15:03
* bioterror is a typomaster 2k15:03
bioterroryeah, flashs only function for me is also mvids from youtube and some akward swf/flv files ;)15:04
bioterroryou dont need flash with chroimium for youtube15:05
Dangr_ahhh yeah, I haven't been by there in a while, I should check that out again15:05
Dangr_I also noticed Apple.com has been using HTML5 for a lot of things now15:05
Dangr_that have that "Flash" feel :P15:05
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johnny77bioterror: I just tried to opt-in on the html5 for youtube.com after disabling the flash plugin and it says a plugin is missing.15:09
bioterrorill check when I get to home, or to my parents later15:11
bioterrordaughter decided we should spend our weekend at my folks15:11
bioterrorso ill be a little less in here answering to your trivial problems15:12
JoeMaverickSettjohnny77: sudo apt-get install chromium-codecs-ffmpeg-extra15:13
JoeMaverickSettjohnny77: that is for chromium-browser btw.15:16
johnny77JoeMaverickSett: thanks! At some point I'll be able to help as often as I myself need help. :)15:19
JoeMaverickSettjohnny77: :)15:20
JoeMaverickSettrock on! ;)15:20
bioterrorjohnny77, html5 worked for me15:56
bioterrorjohnny77, http://ricecows.org/youtube-html5.png15:59
johnny77bioterror: i got it working now. thanks15:59
jerk_hey there..... I just need to know whether it's normal for a lot of options to show up on my boot menu every time update my ubuntu 10.04?18:07
charlie-tcajerk_: if there was a kernel update, yes18:08
charlie-tcait will add two entries each time18:08
jerk_yeah.. that's it18:09
jerk_one is marked "recovery mode"18:09
jerk_but the thing is... now there are about six or seven of these... and can I trim down the list some?18:10
wolfpackyes you can18:13
wolfpackjerk_: There are 2 ways wither remove the old kernels completely or to just remove the entries18:14
jerk_could you please tell me how to do both?18:15
wolfpackjerk_: For first option 1) Open synaptic manager and check the old kernel headers and mark for complete removal. Please take care while choosing the kernel18:21
wolfpackjerk_: For more help check this : http://www.liberiangeek.net/2010/07/remove-kernel-ubuntu-10-04-lucid-lynx-grub/18:21
jerk_will do18:22
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bioterrorgunndawg, long time no see21:45
gunndawghey hey21:45
gunndawgyeah I have been away21:45
gunndawgwhats goin on?21:45
gunndawgbioterror, gotta see if I remember how to use ubuntu again, lol21:49
DarkwingDuckHeh... I haven't used gnome side of ubuntu in years21:52
gunndawgDarkwingDuck, what do you use ?21:59
gunndawgoh ok22:09
gunndawgI need to get back into the swing of things here on linux and get my development going again22:10
gunndawgI kinda got sucked into Starcraft 2 :(22:10
gunndawggreat game btw ;)22:13
gunndawgoops, wrong button22:15

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