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* genii-around slides txwikinger a coffee15:09
txwikingerIs the announcement on the loco site ok?15:09
genii-aroundtxwikinger: Yup, is fine! I just went and added in that I'm attending with 2 guests actually15:10
txwikingerI need to make our  announcements too :D15:10
genii-aroundAre you guys doing anything in Kitchener?15:11
txwikingerYes we will have a release party on 30 April and a global jam event on 2 April15:11
txwikingerTomorrow we have an open data code fest15:12
genii-aroundHeh. I noticed the UBB petition there15:14
txwikingerWell.. if nobody does anything Parliament does what it wants15:18
dscasseltxwikinger: I'm getting the "Only site administrators can create new user accounts." error when I try to log into the website now. :/15:19
dscassel(via OpenID)15:19
txwikingerDid you try to login without OpenID?15:19
dscasselIf I set my password, I've forgotten it.15:20
dscassel(The password I would have set doesn't work)15:21
dscassel"Request new password" gives me an access denied as well.15:21
BluesKaj, pretty useless15:21
dscasselA little frustrating, yes. :)15:21
txwikingerYeah.. I have the same15:23
txwikingerlet me make some changes15:23
txwikingerdscassel: Try now OpenId15:25
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