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* jcastro taps the mic17:25
jcastro2 minutes until Q+A with Marjo Mercado (Ubuntu QA Manager)17:29
jcastrook marjo's having xchat problems17:30
jcastroso one minute17:30
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jcastro(We'll give it another minute for the stragglers to join)17:31
jcastroOk so welcome everyone17:31
jcastroto Ubuntu Q+A with QA manager Marjo Mercado17:31
jcastroand his team17:32
jcastromarjo_: why don't you guys introduce yourselves17:32
jcastroand then let me know when you can start taking questions!17:32
marjo_jcastro ack17:32
marjo_hi folks17:33
marjo_i'm Marjo Mercado and I'm the ubuntu qa team manager17:33
jcastromarjo_: can you explain it is what your team does?17:35
marjo_the ubuntu qa team is responsible for a couple of major areas17:36
marjo_1) Bug Management17:36
marjo_2) Testing17:36
marjo_bug management involves bug triage, reporting for both released and development versions17:37
marjo_testing includes SRU (stable release updates) and development releases, too17:37
hggdhQUESTION: There are people (myself excluded) who would like to see Ubuntu as a rolling distribution. Much like Gentoo.  What's the QA's position on this?17:40
marjo_hggdh: obviously this would impact the way we do testing and how to ensure quality17:43
marjo_the beauty of the cadence we currently have is it allows for good planning to ensure quality on a predictable basis17:43
hggdhozone702> QUESTION: Will there be support for Gnome in future versions of Ubuntu?17:45
jcastroI can answer that17:46
jcastroGNOME continues to ship GNOME17:46
jcastrocurrently, for Natty since there is a transition between GNOME2 and GNOME3 if you want the "GNOME3" experience with gnome shell you will need to use a PPA17:47
jcastrobut we expect for Oneiric that the transition will be more sorted and we can ship more of a GNOME3 stack17:47
marjo_jcastro: thx; from a qa point of view, we continue to test GNOME, so no change there17:48
jcastro<Ipox123> QUESTION: How is the work on natty going?17:50
marjo_lpox123: quite well as far as QA is concerned; we've been creating lots of automated tests for both desktop and server17:52
hggdh<JFo> QUESTION: Is is possible to get a broad idea how you guys plan testing versus community ISO testing. I'd be interested in the relationship of internal versus external. :)17:53
marjo_JFo: broadly speaking, there's really not much difference17:54
marjo_since all of our ISO testing is with the community17:55
marjo_JFo: did i answer your question?17:55
marjo_JFo: where things are different is the community has access to a broader set of HW types and configurations (compared to internal)17:56
* hggdh goes and add his personal interest: of course, the more community-performed tests, the better: many different hardware, more chances of issues17:56
marjo_hggdh: +117:56
hggdh<BigWhale> QUESTION: How is with regression testing? You mentioned automated tests, what things do they cover? I assume that it is hard to test everything especially things  that were developed by 3rd party developers.17:57
marjo_BigWhale: you're right17:57
marjo_our current automated tests for desktop are trying to ensure that natty works very well and provides an excellent user experience17:58
marjo_and for our automated server tests, we want to ensure high reliability in several server configurations17:59
marjo_both are run on a daily basis, so we're able to detect regressions very quickly18:00
marjo_furthermore we run regression tests for the SRU (stable release updates) for packages and the kernels (2 week cadence)18:00
hggdh<Griever> QUESTION: Does the Ubuntu QA Team test upstream package, such as GNOME? And after you find a bug, do you report it to the upstream developers or Ubuntu developers?18:01
marjo_Griever: the ubuntu QA team focuses our testing on ubuntu packages18:02
marjo_after we find a bug, we do the bug triage and assign to ubuntu devs and upstream bugs, as appropriate18:03
marjo_we do upstream bugs we find18:04
hggdhas an addendum, we would like more people building pure upstream packages, and testing them *for* upstream. For example I use to build coreutils and weechat18:05
hggdh<EvilPhoenix> QUESTION: When newer kernels, packages, etc. are incorporated into 10.10 or newer, such as gcc-4.5, why are such updates to newer repositories not backported to the LTS build(s)?18:05
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marjo_EvilPhoenix: can we get back to you on that? (not a straight-forward answer)18:12
hggdhthere are some issues here: some packages have heavy interdependencies. For example, GCC: if we update GCC, we will have to rebuild & retest *all* dependend packages18:12
* hggdh goes to answer18:12
hggdhand this means -- again on this GCC example -- pretty much everything18:13
hggdhso there are limits on what we can upgrade. There is always the SRU (Stable Release Update) for specific issues18:13
hggdh<BigWhale> QUESTION: How about writing some a general QA guidelines/manual for developers so that they would help with the testing. Perhaps even with unit testing. In the long term, an application could get 'Ubuntu QA approved seal'.18:14
marjo_BigWhale: great idea; that's been one of the biggest challenges from a testing point-of-view18:14
marjo_some teams have unit testing done but they don't always carry over well into the functional and integration testing areas18:15
marjo_but in general, i like your suggestion; thx18:15
jcastromarjo_: ooh I have a question!18:18
jcastromarjo_: Can you go into some detail on how your team gets a bug fix from an upstream or a contributor and how that gets shipped to users18:18
jcastrolike I see tags like "regression testing" and things like that18:18
jcastroand how your team works with for example a desktop engineer to get that fix out18:19
marjo_jcastro: yes, we use tags to indicate bugs of specific interest so that we can focus the bug triage18:20
ClassBotThere are 10 minutes remaining in the current session.18:20
marjo_the bug squad team takes care of the initial triage to determine which team and or engineer a bug should be assigned to18:21
marjo_then we make sure to follow up with the team and/or engineer to ensure timely resolution18:21
marjo_we apply this same process whether the bug is for a released version or one in development18:22
marjo_as far as verification of fixes is concerned, it depends on whether the bug is in an SRU or in development18:23
marjo_if it's in an SRU then we use our SRU verification process18:23
marjo_if it's in development, then we make sure to verify the fix as soon as a new package is available and we can also check through the ISO testing at release milestones18:24
jcastro<BigWhale> QUESTION: Would QA benefit from a longer release cycle? :>18:24
ClassBotThere are 5 minutes remaining in the current session.18:25
marjo_BigWhale: that's a tricky question, but let me try18:25
marjo_BigWhale: a longer release cycle would benefit QA because it would allow more time for more testing18:26
marjo_but as you would probably agree to, a longer release cycle also means more time to put more features and updated packages in18:26
marjo_therefore, the benefit is reduced IMHO18:26
jcastrothat about wraps it up18:27
jcastromarjo_: where can people find out more information about QA?18:27
marjo_and send us email at: ubuntu-qa@lists.ubuntu.com!18:28
marjo_thanks everyone! great questions! i appreciate your time and interest in QA!18:29
jcastrothanks everyone for participating!18:30
ClassBotLogs for this session will be available at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2011/03/11/%23ubuntu-classroom.html18:30
marjo_jcastro: thx for setting this up!18:30
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