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smoserjmgalloway (who is now away): euca-describe-availability-zones verbose00:49
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xavicampaHi! When you install a UEC node controller on a machine without vt extensions, the installation warns you that VMs won't be accelerated. I read somewhere that instances actually won't boot up. Is this true? Does it depend on hypervisor (xen, kvm)? Thanks.15:23
kim0xavicampa: kvm requires VT cpu, otherwise it won't boot. You can switch hypervisor to "qemu" (unaccelerated) which is horribly slow, but can get you by for testing15:25
xavicampakim0, that answers my question, thanks!15:25
kim0your welcome :)15:25
wftlDoes anyone know what the Amazon EC2 market share is compared to RackSpace (yes, it's a Eucalyptus vs OpenStack question).15:26
kim0ec2 is huge as a cloud provider15:26
kim0openstack is quite new, and very impressive15:26
wftlkim0: someone told me that RackSpace/OpenStack calls itself the 'second largest cloud services provider' but I was kind of wondering how far behind EC2 the 'second largest' might be15:30
kim0I don't know the answer to that15:30
wftlThe largest cloud is without a doubt, Google, but that doesn't make them the largest cloud services provider.15:30
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navanjrmy windows instance never gets past pending.  I think it is because it expects my bundled image to be using a scsi drive.  and qemu-kvm fails when trying to run a windows image with if=scsi17:25
navanjrdo i need to fix my qemu-kvm issue? or do i need to get UEC to launch my instances with if=ide17:26
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crazedhow do you get ubuntu to use a hostname handed out by dhcp?22:21
crazedi'm running a cloudstack environmnet, just realized my images boot up using the hostname of the instance i used to create the image22:21

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