james_whave there been discussions that anyone is aware of about changing UDS scheduling again this time?01:24
james_wwe're currently discussing some changes to the way we do our planning in Linaro, and if there are going to be changes for UDS I would like to factor them in now01:25
AlanBelljames_w: what sort of changes?06:54
jonohas anyone heard from peria?07:08
nigelbno :(07:08
nigelbAnyone canonical has his phone number?07:08
jonohe is safe07:09
jonowho is else is based in Japan?/join #ubuntu-jp07:14
dholbachgood morning08:07
dpmgood morning all08:09
dpmmorgen dholbach08:09
dholbachhey dpm08:09
jonook, I posted on my blog about what to do with the Tsunami, arrival times, put it on planet Ubuntu and GNOME and posted to all Ubuntu FB groups08:10
jonoand tweeted08:10
jonoif it help save one life, this is worth it08:10
jonoheaded to bed, night all!08:10
jonoif you folks can check in our with community members in Japan and the affected areas, I would appreciaste it08:11
jononight all!08:11
nigelbmorning dpm, dholbach, kim0 :)08:16
kim0morning everyone o/08:16
kim0was catching up on this tsunami thing08:16
dholbachhi nigelb08:18
czajkowskianyone heard from folks in the locos/boards that are being effected over in Japan11:34
nigelbjono said peria was okay.11:34
nigelbI suppose he called.11:34
duanedesignmorning friends12:13
Pendulumhi duanedesign12:14
kim0morning duanedesign12:16
nigelbmorning duanedesign, Pendulum :)12:17
duanedesignPendulum: have a second?12:18
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james_wAlanBell, e.g. the way blueprints have to be named to get scheduled13:21
james_wwe changed from tracks to themes last time13:21
vishhuh! we have a http://piratepad.net/14:28
popeybeen around a while, that one14:41
jonohey all14:52
dholbachhey jono14:53
jonohey dholbach14:55
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czajkowskijono: ello15:44
jonohey czajkowski15:45
czajkowskijono: you free ?15:45
jonoczajkowski, now?15:46
jonoI am for a few mins, don't have too long though15:46
czajkowskiwell in the next hour15:46
czajkowskicould give you a ring as we missed our call the other evening15:46
jonoczajkowski, give me a few mins to respond to a bug and then I will ping you15:47
czajkowskijono: grand job15:47
jcastrojono: are you going to be affected by the tsunami or are you inland?15:51
jonojcastro, I *think* we are OK15:51
jonoI think if anyone gets hit it will be SF and Oakland15:51
jonobut the reports are that it is not going to be a huge problem here, with limited evacuations15:52
jcastrooh that's right, you moved15:52
jonoI think we should be fine15:52
jonoI think our old place would have been fine too15:52
jonoczajkowski, sorry, I am not going to be able to chat16:17
jonoI have to get on a call16:17
czajkowskijono: no worries shall poke you monday16:17
czajkowskijono: tis grand really16:17
duanedesignnigelb: made a little progress on the Parental Control wiki page https://wiki.ubuntu.com/duanedesign/sandbox16:22
jcastrojono: JohnLea needs to chat with you asap16:37
jonojcastro, call is now16:37
jonojcastro, on a call now, will ping later16:37
Technovikingjcastro: ping16:46
jcastroTechnoviking: on a call, but I'm in and out16:46
Technovikingjcastro: If you have some common asked questions about Unity, I would love to put them in my next Ubuntu User Q7A article16:47
dpmhave a great weekend all!16:48
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dholbachok my friends17:15
dholbachI call it a day17:15
dholbachhave a great weekend everyone17:16
dholbachbig hugs to you all17:16
cjohnstonbye dholbach17:16
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JFohggdh, tell me to shut up in there if I am in the way :)17:36
hggdhJFo, you are never in the way (figurativelly speaking, of course)17:38
hggdhbut I *have* been blocked from the barman before by you, and it was a major block17:39
JFoI apologize for such things :-)17:39
JFoI would never get between a man and his beverage on purpose ;)17:39
JFoman or woman that is17:40
JFobut I do make a good roadblock17:40
jcastrowell, not roadblock JFo18:41
jcastromore like a plow18:41
jcastrowhen he zombie apocalypse comes I'm going to strap you on the front of my truck with a chainsaw.18:41
JFojust one? I'd like at least 2 ;)18:42
jcastroJFo: you've seen zombieland right?19:01
jcastroyou're like woody harrelson in that movie19:01
JFojcastro, :)19:34
JFosorry was OTP19:34
komputesjcastro: http://uds.ubuntu.com/participate/sponsorship/21:16
komputesjcastro: bottom says <!---21:16
komputesThe deadline for sponsorship closes on 8th September 2010.21:16
komputesjcastro: also will there be a way for us to check the sponsored folks and vote this time around?21:16
AlanBellvote on what?21:21
czajkowskikomputes: vote for people to get sponsored?21:29
AlanBellkomputes:so you found an old date *inside an HTML comment block*21:34
komputesczajkowski: yep21:34
AlanBellI don't think many people will be viewing the source and getting confused by that21:34
komputesAlanBell: the comment block is displayed on the page, it shouldn't be21:34
AlanBellin what browser?21:35
komputesAlanBell: if it was just in the source then it'd be ok. FF on Lucid21:35
komputesAlanBell: might be cuz its wiki21:35
pleia2yeah, I see it too21:35
AlanBellhmm, so do I, but not in chromium21:36
AlanBell<p><!---<br />  doesn't get parsed correctly as a start comment in firefox21:37
AlanBellit isn't wiki, it is wordpress, the HTML looks right in the chromium source browser21:37
AlanBellthat is worth fixing21:38
AlanBellthere will be no vote on people getting sponsorship, that is a decision made inside Canonical about who they want to spend their money on bringing to UDS21:38
popeykomputes: community members dont vote on UDS attendance21:39
AlanBelleveryone is free to attend21:40
doctormoAlanBell: especially if they pay themselves ;-)22:51

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