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kees@pilot out00:07
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robert_ancellDoes anyone know how to add a package to a packageset?  I've got edit_acl.py but not sure how to use it01:29
james_wrobert_ancell, I think you may need to be in ~techboard or something to do that01:31
broderrobert_ancell: you e-mail either the TB or DMB01:31
robert_ancelljames_w, I thought that might be the case :)01:31
robert_ancellbroder, cheers01:32
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didrocksgood morning07:22
abhinav-dch -i always puts "low" as the value of urgency field in the changelog. what if the bug was triaged as "wishlist" on launchpad ?07:30
micahgabhinav-: we don't really bother with urgency in Ubuntu07:31
micahgabhinav-: here's an explanation of valid values and what Launchpad does with it though: https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/BuildScores07:32
abhinav-micahg, ok thanks. also, I am working on tomcat6-user package. do I need to use submittodebian as well ?07:33
abhinav-I mean I have the patch ready07:34
micahgabhinav-: using submittodebian to send patches adds some tags as to the origin of the patch which is helpful to track07:34
pittiGood morning07:37
didrocks@pilot in07:59
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abhinav-ttx: ping08:05
ttxabhinav-: pong08:06
pittididrocks: ooh, happy piloting08:07
dholbachgood morning08:07
abhinav-ttx: i have the patch ready for the tomcat6 wishlist bug. I was confused about the changelog entries for it08:07
didrockspitti: thanks :)08:08
ttxabhinav-: cool, maybe propose the branch ?08:08
abhinav-I see the other entries in the debian changelog file , all of them say "unstable" but running dch -i by default adds "maverick"08:09
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* nixternal hugs dholbach 08:44
* dholbach hugs nixternal back08:44
dholbachhow are you doing? :)08:44
nixternaldoing good. trying to find out if persia is ok08:44
dpmhi mvo, good morning! Do you think you could have a look at bug 690270? It seems some translations are not being loaded in Traditional Chinese08:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 690270 in Aptdaemon "Translated String (zh_TW) Not Showed within aptdaemon" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/69027008:44
nixternalhow about yourself dholbach, how you been?08:45
dholbachexcellent - thanks08:45
mvohey dpm08:47
dpmhey :)08:47
mvodpm: how strange08:48
dpmyeah, it's weird, it seems to work for other languages08:48
c2tarunwhy I am getting this error while submitting bug? http://pastebin.com/LhRsYjHQ09:17
weaselis it possible to get the code/setup behind http://mirrors.ubuntu.com/mirrors.txt?  elmo?09:36
wgrantweasel: The files are generated by Launchpad, but I'm not sure if the GeoIP magic is available anywhere.09:40
mvoweasel: hello, afaik its part of launchpad itself, maybe worth asking in #launchpad ? but I guess there is some additional magic in apache for the per-country caching and redirecting09:40
weaselgenerating the per-country files is the easy part :)09:40
weaselhow mirrors.txt is actually implemented is the interesting one09:40
lifelesspretty sure its just a reverse lookup on geoip into the country files lp maintains09:42
pittiScottK: hey, how are you?09:42
lifelessdisclaimer: I haven't looked to see ;)09:42
pittiScottK: did you notice that I have some questions for you in bug 712554?09:42
ubottuLaunchpad bug 712554 in jockey (Ubuntu Natty) "Unable to install Broadcom drivers from live session" [Medium,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/71255409:42
mvoweasel:  salgado did most of the work on this irrc (but he is currently not online afaict)09:43
weaselok, thanks09:45
weaselI guess I'll just reimplement it for now :)09:46
mvoheh :)09:46
cjwatsondpm: done09:48
dpmthanks cjwatson09:48
cjwatsonpitti: casper /cdrom> I would prefer to leave as many of the workarounds for that in place simultaneously as we can - defence in depth09:48
pitticjwatson: ok09:49
sorenHas anyone heard from persia this morning?09:51
cjwatsonNafallo: that rootflags should have been added automatically.  I'm interested in why this didn't happen; let me know when you're around to debug with me09:51
sorenlifeless: After the earth quake?09:52
lifelesssoren: I hear (2nd hand) that he is fine09:52
janimosoren, in the arm channel Cody said he's glad to hear he's ok so probably yes09:52
sorenlifeless, janimo: Great, thanks guys.09:52
bdrungdidrocks: will you sync portaudio19 too?09:57
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didrocksbdrung: I'll have a look at remaining syncs in a few minutes09:57
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ttxlifeless: re:voters email, your suggestion should work, thanks!10:08
abhinav-ttx, I proposed the branch for merging. however I don't know how to use submittodebian10:19
ttxabhinav-: I'll pick it up when I fix the other in Debian.10:20
abhinav-ok thanks :)10:20
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abhinav-fta: ping11:08
apwpitti, do we still have a way to specify pm-utils quirks?  or did the halsectomy kill those11:39
pittiapw: we do, they moved into pm-utils proper11:39
pittiapw: see /usr/lib/pm-utils/video-quirks/*11:39
pittiapw: they are similar in spirit to the old hal fdi rules (i. e. match on DMI vendor/product etc.), just look a little different in syntax11:40
apwpitti, excellent thanks11:42
pittiapw: did you see the linux powerpc failure due to an internal compiler error? (http://launchpadlibrarian.net/65965812/buildlog_ubuntu-natty-powerpc.linux_2.6.38-6.34_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz); is that being discussed already?11:52
pittiogra, didrocks: ubuntu-netbook-default-settings and ubuntu-netbook-efl-default-settings packages want to go to universe now; should we just remove them completely?12:01
pittiScottK, Riddell: likewise, kubuntu-mobile-default-settings -> demote or kill?12:01
dokopitti, seb128: component-mismatches:12:01
doko o gnome-user-share: gnome-user-share12:01
doko   [Reverse-Recommends: gnome-bluetooth]12:01
pittidoko: just re-promited12:02
dokoahh, ok12:02
pittidue to a mis-merge the recommends was lost12:02
pittiit was added back12:02
pittidoko: openoffice.org-gcj also promoted (transitional package for upgrades)12:02
dokopitti: if the mythbuntu/ubuntustudio guys are in the release meeting today, could you address libconfig an dbus-c++? not sure if I'm online. there are two bug reports for it12:03
pittidoko: I guess they won't join, but if they do, I'll bring it up12:04
ScottKpitti: Demote.12:06
pittiScottK: together with qmf/qtmobility then?12:06
ScottKpitti: I believe so.12:06
pittiScottK: ok, thanks; re-promotion is cheap anyway, in case we'll need it back12:06
ScottKI know we're trying to get Kubuntu Mobile out of Main, so this fits the overall goal.12:06
Davieypitti, I'll be there.12:11
Davieydoko, bug 730760?12:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 730760 in libconfig (Ubuntu Natty) "[MIR] b-d for libffado" [High,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73076012:13
Davieyand bug #730759 i guess.12:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 730759 in dbus-c++ (Ubuntu Natty) "[MIR] b-d for libffado" [High,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73075912:13
dokoDaviey: yes12:14
Davieydoko, What are you asking from us?  You want someone to take the action that mterry pointed out, or?12:15
dokoDaviey: yes, or demotion of libffado12:15
Davieydoko, I don't know how else people do audio over firewire...  so scared to break peoples things.  But remember both mythbuntu and ubuntu studio build from universe anyway, so we don't care if it's main or universe.12:16
dokoDaviey: then find out what uses libffado in main, and disable it?12:18
Davieydoko, ok12:20
Davieylooks like jack.12:23
sconklinpitti: Martin, could you please copy the Lucid linux-fsl-imx51 kernel from our PPA to -proposed?12:25
didrockspitti: for me it's ok, but check with ogra if they still uses some part of the settings12:36
StevenKpitti: Should we NBS out the parts of OO.o that can be culled, or leave it as one bit lump until everything can go?12:44
didrocks@pilot out12:48
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ograpitti, put them to and leave them in universe, i think there are some people having intrest in them12:51
ograjhunt_, around ?12:52
* ogra is desparate with an upstart script12:57
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pittiogra: ack13:33
ograhmm, probably someone else knows, i have a serial getty i only want to run if oem-config isnt running ...13:33
ograstart on (runlevel [23]13:33
ogra          and stopped oem-config-debconf)13:33
pittiStevenK: I already cleaned it up13:33
ograis what i have now13:33
ograthat works fine as long as oem-config is actually installed13:34
ograbut indeed once i uninstall it the condition of "stopped oem-config..." can never be fulfilled13:34
ograhow does one handle app deps in upstart jobs for apps that er being uninstalled13:35
cjwatsonrearrange - perhaps, for instance, you can have oem-config-debconf be 'start on starting your-serial-getty-job'13:38
cjwatson(presumably as one of a set of or-ed conditions)13:38
cjwatsonwill need some care of course13:38
cjwatsonthat's just one possibility, intended to illustrate that you can do things other ways.  it may not work as stated13:38
ograwell, i tried to replace the and with or but i end up with both runningy on the serial tty indeed13:39
cjwatsonScott's recent series of upstart blog posts may be helpful13:39
ograi'll try to rearrange and indeed i dont want to fiddle with oem-confis job13:40
cjwatsonthere's nothing necessarily wrong with fiddling with that if it's the right way to achieve your goal13:40
ograbut i might break other setups13:40
cjwatsonobviously care is required :)13:40
ograi.e. you might want it to start on tty1 while still having a serial console13:41
oubiwanncjwatson: we've got someone in the community who has proposed a patch for utouch that adds support for building rpms... the patch seems fairly intrusive, and I wanted to get your take on things13:41
oubiwanncjwatson: in particular, what sort of accommodations are generally made for rpm support?13:41
cjwatsonoubiwann: what sort of accommodations are they asking for?  I assume it's more than just a spec file13:41
oubiwanncjwatson: https://bugs.launchpad.net/utouch-geis/+bug/73282913:42
ubottuUbuntu bug 732829 in utouch-geis "No rpm spec support." [Wishlist,Triaged]13:42
cndcjwatson, I'm guessing the patch is a little malformed, it shouldn't be removing m4/libtool.m413:43
cndand his other spec file proposals for other packages don't remove any files13:43
cjwatsonwell, firstly, it's not desperately unusual for people to add spec files to projects; IMO it's up to the project whether they want to accept the burden of maintaining that kind of thing13:43
cjwatsonI suspect that he ran autoreconf on a system without libtool installed, or something13:43
cjwatsonthose file removals seem extraneous13:43
cndcjwatson, I suppose we're looking for best practices guidance, if you feel comfortable giving any here13:44
cndwe're not rpm gurus :)13:45
oubiwanncnd: well, I think he just did, more or less13:45
cjwatsonI don't really have any :)13:45
oubiwann"it's not desperately unusual for people to add spec files to projects; IMO it's up to the project whether they want to accept the burden of maintaining that kind of thin"13:45
cjwatsonjust an opinion based on what I've seen; there isn't much consistency13:45
oubiwanncjwatson: thanks, man -- that's exactly the sort of thing we were looking for :-)13:45
cjwatsonI do feel that people who are expecting to follow a model of finding spec files in every project are probably onto a hiding to nothing, given how many projects don't ship them13:46
cjwatsonbut that's their problem I suppose13:46
cjwatsonI think if I were you I would look for an ongoing commitment to maintaining the spec file, rather than just a patch13:46
cjwatsonunless you're happy to test it on new versions13:46
oubiwanncjwatson: right, that makes sense13:47
oubiwanncjwatson: thanks again!13:49
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kenvandine@pilot in14:12
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Davieydoko, ubuntu studio is now aware of the bugs, and they are trying to come up with a solution, there will be representation at the meeting14:19
sconklinpitti: Martin, could you please copy the Lucid linux-fsl-imx51 kernel from our PPA to -proposed?14:20
pittihey sconklin14:21
sconklinHi Martin14:21
pittiok, in a bit14:21
pittisconklin: hm, the changelog in http://launchpadlibrarian.net/66051409/linux-fsl-imx51_2.6.31-608.25_source.changes looks a bit broken14:21
pittisconklin: there's no tracking bug for this, just one bug fix?14:22
sconklinyes, that's right14:22
dokopitti: if this is the only concern, please ignore, currently all builds in natty breaking java fail because of this. we need the kernel on the buildds14:23
pittiit just won't appear on the sru report, so if I overlook it for -updates, please pokeme14:27
holsteini have a question about a couple bugs14:33
ubottuUbuntu bug 730759 in dbus-c++ (Ubuntu Natty) "[MIR] b-d for libffado" [High,Incomplete]14:33
ubottuUbuntu bug 730760 in libconfig (Ubuntu Natty) "[MIR] b-d for libffado" [High,Incomplete]14:33
holsteinwould someone have a minute to help me understand how to help with these?14:33
holsteini have a few pings out to MIR team members :)14:34
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holsteindidrocks: ping15:06
didrocksholstein: hey15:07
holsteinyou have a minute in regards to an MIR issue?15:07
ubottuUbuntu bug 730759 in dbus-c++ (Ubuntu Natty) "[MIR] b-d for libffado" [High,Incomplete]15:07
ubottuUbuntu bug 730760 in libconfig (Ubuntu Natty) "[MIR] b-d for libffado" [High,Incomplete]15:08
didrocksholstein: hum, quite busy there, as mterry did the first review, I'll propose waiting on him15:08
Davieypitti, would you be able to look at bug #732759 FFe (NEW for universe)?15:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 732759 in Ubuntu "[FFe] [needs-packaging] python-ethtool" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73275915:09
holsteinthe issue is, im attending a meeting in a bit15:09
holsteinand im not sure what all of it means15:09
holsteinBUT it is proposed taking libffado out of the repos15:09
holsteinwhich would be bad for ubuntustudio15:09
Davieyholstein, *no*... demoting it to universe.15:10
Daviey(which means JACK can't build against it)15:10
holsteineither way, apps will not be built with firewire support15:10
holsteinout of the box15:10
didrocksholstein: you mean, you don't know what a symbols file is?15:11
holsteindidrocks: right15:11
holsteinim a musician15:11
didrocksok, let me find some doc15:11
didrocksok, doko is the reporter15:11
didrocksholstein: let doko handle the packaging bits then, we'll figure it out :)15:11
holsteindidrocks: ok, thanks :)15:12
holsteinis this something doko is aware of?15:12
didrocksI think he received the emails for that MIR15:12
holsteindidrocks: OK15:12
didrocksand he should have seen the hilights there :)15:12
holsteindidrocks: I C15:13
holsteinthats who i wanted to talk to about it15:13
holsteinand wasnt able to find a nick15:14
didrocksyeah, you have it now :)15:14
holsteindoko: seems i should have pinged you over here instead of in -meeting15:46
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mdzpitti, setting techboard as the owner of ubuntu-release seems to be causing release team traffic to go to technical-board@16:17
pittimdz: I thought teams had an explicit contact point16:18
mdzpitti, https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-release says "No contact email [set]"16:19
mdzpitti, should it be ubuntu-release@lists?16:19
pittimdz: right, so I'd assume it would just go to the members, as before16:19
mdzpitti, adding techboard as owner seems to have also made it a member and administrator16:20
mdzmaybe I should just deactivate it/16:20
pittiit seems utterly hard to prevent getting spammed just by setting up proper team structures *sigh*16:21
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mdzyes, and hard to predict what the effect of a change will be16:21
pittimdz: setting the contact point explicitly would then cause a lot of ML moderation traffic on that list, so nothing is won with that16:21
mdzpitti, I deactivated TB as a member, let's see what that does16:22
mdzit's still the owner, so no perms should change I think16:22
pittimdz: ah, so it's an owner, but not a member? that makes more sense anyway16:22
* pitti flushes the moderation queue now16:22
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pittimdz: we're still getting the merge request mail, but my .listadmin.ini rejects them automatically, so it doesn't really hurt any more16:23
* pitti pats discard_if_subject16:28
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ScottKogra: Any objection if I go ahead and upload Qt building against gcc4.5 tonight or tomorrow (figuring not to do it now so GrueMaster has some time to test)?16:33
GrueMasterTest?  What do I need to test one it?16:34
ScottKGrueMaster: We're waiting to hear if the runtime neon detection works.16:35
ScottKIt's allegedly on your TODO.16:35
GrueMasterAh.  Ok.  Hmmm.  I'll have to set up a dove to test it.  And some apps that specifically hit areas that use neon optimizations if available.16:36
GrueMasterI got side tracked with other High P issues.16:36
ograGrueMaster, mumble is easiest16:38
ograGrueMaster, has only a small set of deps and will immediately SIGILL on startup if it doesnt work16:38
GrueMasterSigh.  Server & desktop are out of drive space.16:38
cndjdstrand, new package libgrip has been sitting in the new queue since monday16:39
cndI was wondering what needs to be done to get it approved16:39
jdstrandcnd: I need to start processing the new queue. I plan to later today16:40
cndjdstrand, ok, thanks!16:40
cr3hi folks, working on a plymouth bug so I want to bisect the package. after branching lp:ubuntu/plymouth, I try to debuild but get an error about a missing orig.tar file, should I be running a command other than debuild?16:46
kklimondacr3: bzr bd will make a tarball for you16:49
cr3kklimonda: if I bzr revert'ed, it will make that tarball based on the files in the project rather than the latest revision, right?16:51
hallyncr3: 'bzr bd -S' is i believe the better way to create source pkg from bzr16:51
hallynoh, sorry16:52
kklimondacr3: I'm not sure, I kinda just do the stuff and it works :)16:52
hallyncr3: I'm not sure, but apart from satisfying curiosity i'd just bzr unbind and bzr checkin, and then it'll definately use the local16:52
kklimondabut I always commit changes before bzr bd16:53
cr3kklimonda: I rarely work from reverted revisions, first time bisecting a package16:55
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kenvandine@pilot out18:01
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thinktuxQUESTION: Why are we not being prompted during install with the option on setting password on Grub ? It is quite sad that a fresh install of Ubuntu is more insecure than Windows`98 on that point.18:09
ionWORD IN ALL CAPS: if you have physical access to the box, all security measures are more or less meaningless.18:10
thinktuxyes, that is true. But making it so easy to invoke Runlevel 1, post-install is just wrong.18:13
NCommanderdirecthex: ping, how long until we see mono 2.10.1 in Debain experimental/sid?18:15
directhexNCommander, i have no idea. it's all blocking on meebey, who is having a hard time at work at the moment so is short on debian time18:16
NCommanderdirecthex: is there a straightforward way I can drop 2.10 into a chroot and test to see if banshee still works. My attempts to build it from scratch more or less fell on their face18:17
NCommander(as in build the entire mono stack up to banshee)18:18
NCommanderI run into the problems with mon-addins18:18
NCommanderand issues like this:18:18
NCommanderMethod not found: 'System.Threading.Monitor.Enter'.18:18
NCommanderSystem.MissingMethodException: Method not found: 'System.Threading.Monitor.Enter'.18:18
directhexNCommander, http://apebox.org/wordpress/linux/370/18:20
directhexNCommander, follow that for a parallel mono, which will use system libs. then just check the banshee script in /usr/bin to see how it's calling mono18:21
NCommanderdirecthex: do I have to worry about an ABI skew or something?18:23
directhexonly when building mono apps18:23
NCommanderdirecthex: so I can install 2.10, and test the current banshee. That helps a lot18:24
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Keybukjhunt_: you just totally /msg'd and ran, didn't you?18:52
soreauTrying to use a live persistent usb but every single package I install tries to setup the kernel, update initrd etc but fails and takes a long time doing it. Is there a way to tell it to forget about kernel upgrades altogether?19:20
beunosoreau, I guess you could pin the kernel package?19:21
soreaubeuno: Not sure, how can I do that?19:22
beunosoreau, this is probably not the right channel to get ubuntu support  ;)   google apt pinning19:24
soreauOk thanks for the hint19:24
brodersoreau: you could just install directly onto the usb drive instead of using the persistent live usb stuff19:30
soreaubroder: I tried to do that but the live cd did not show the usb node as an option in gparted19:32
soreauActually, I'd like to install it though because the usb stick is 8GB19:32
soreauand I'd like to be able to upgrade the kernel etc19:32
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GrueMasterogra, ScottK:  Mumble appears to work on Marvell Dove in a chroot of natty.  Took a while, as I had to install tightvnc and a bunch of other stuff.20:42
ScottKGrueMaster: Cool.  I guess we can mark that done.20:42
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jdstrandcnd: fyi, accepted22:05
wright_hi.. i just found serious bug in ubuntu22:35
wright_is this the right place to report it?22:36
broderwright_: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs22:38
wright_thanks.. but this one is so serious that it need instant repair.. if i report there, it might be weeks that they even read it22:40
broderwright_: Always start by filing a bug in Launchpad22:41
slangasekwright_: you can tell us here what it is, but the bug report should still be filed in launchpad22:41
wright_i found a bug what allows user to view hard drive files with sudo and this all can be done in startup22:43
wright_before you even need to give your user name and password22:44
wright_ok.. i will do that22:44
wright_sorry my bad engilsh22:45
slangasekbased on that limited description I suspect you've encountered intended behavior rather than a bug, but when you have the bug report opened please point us to it22:48
wright_probably becouse of my bad english i found only "Report and amend bugs using the email interface". Is this the right place. Hope not becouse i dont understand anything how to report it right.23:10
Ampelbeinwright_: type 'ubuntu-bug' in a terminal23:11
Ampelbeinwright_: it should guide you through some questions to report an issue23:11
wright_damn.. when i press other problem it gives me.. i try to translate this.. you must give package or PID id23:14
wright_..feeling so stupid23:16
wright_can i write it here.. that someone can report it, couse i dont know how23:18
slangasekwright_: ok, go ahead and tell us about the bug23:19
slangasekas I said, I suspect it's not a bug at all, in which case there's no need for us to torture you with the bug filing interface :)23:19
wright_i had a mount problem with my external hard drive (it did not mount right) so i add it to /etc/fstab. I unplugged the external hard drive and start computer, Ubuntu loads and give me an mount error. Press "S" to skip or "M" to mount manually. When i press "M", i get in command promt with sudo and i can do anything. And all this was before i even need to set username and password.23:28
slangasekwright_: the package to file this against is 'mountall'; I'm trying to reason through if this is actually a bug or expected23:29
slangasekbecause the behavior is somewhat configurable23:30
broderslangasek: i'm digging through the code to see what it's doing currently, but should it possibly be dropping into runlevel S?23:31
wright_ok. thanks23:31
slangasekwright_: so when you tell mountall 'M', it triggers /etc/init/mountall-shell.conf which calls /sbin/sulogin.  sulogin has configurable behavior; if the root user has no password, it can't *prompt* for a root password and drops you directly to a shell23:32
slangasekthis is documented in the sulogin(8) manpage23:32
slangasekif you want to require password authentication, your root account must have a password set23:32
wright_no.. i have root pass23:32
slangasekso when you type 'su', you can enter a password and it works?23:33
wright_do you mean type su in this "bug" or normally in command promt?23:34
slangasekin a command prompt23:34
slangasekwright_: if you run 'sudo sulogin', do you get a "Give root password for maintenance" prompt?23:35
wright_yes i do23:36
slangasekbroder: well, it's not supposed to be dropping into runlevel S23:36
slangasekwright_: ok, please file a bug against mountall with 'ubuntu-bug mountall'.23:36
slangasekand when it asks for information, include this information about the behavior of su and sulogin on your system23:36
wright_ok.. i do that23:37

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