czajkowskiairurando: were you looking for me the last day09:07
airurandoHi czajkowski09:07
airurandono big thing really09:08
airurandoJames Sweeney of Limerick City Council responded to my mail re: natty CDs09:08
airurandowas looking for a few current CDs09:09
airurandoI only had 3 10.04 left09:09
airurandohe was happy with that09:10
czajkowskigreat stuff09:11
czajkowskisee there is plans to try and hold a Limerick UGJ09:12
airurandohopefully infoturtle can pull it off09:13
czajkowskiwell I think he needs to talk to synet09:14
czajkowskiwould help get people involved09:14
czajkowskiand also sort out a room for him09:14
czajkowskimoonpie: ping09:15
airurandoczajkowski: he he . there was a funny typographical error in your last mail to the ubuntu-ie mailing list10:14
* airurando was going to write a funny response10:14
airurandobut then thought he who is10:14
airurandobut then thought he/she who is without sin cast the first stone10:15
airurandothats not me10:15
infoturtleczajkowski: can you recommend someone to get onto about finding people who'd be interested in a Limerick UGJ, I checked UL sknet like you recommended and am just getting in contact with someone via mail now, anyone else you might know?14:08
czajkowskiinfoturtle: ask davem or moonpie in here14:18
infoturtledavem or moonpie, ye guys know any place other than UL's skynet to contact about getting interested people for a Limerick Ubutnu Global Jam?15:07
ebelinfoturtle: email on ubuntu-ie mailing list, or ILUG mailing list?15:08
ebeldon't forget boards.ie aswell15:08
infoturtleI did the ubtun-ie on but the ILUG and boards are a good idea!! I'll get on it!15:08
daveminfoturtle: there's a limerick open source meetup group (check meetup.com) and also there's a new hackerspace but I dont' have any details apart from that15:09
infoturtlethanks davem I posted on the Milklabs facebook page, might just do it on their mailing list too15:10
davemthats the one15:13
ebelspam lots of places15:16
infoturtleI always feel guilty spamming tough, but, when in rome.....15:17
tdr112infoturtle: are you looking for a venue ?15:20
tdr112post to the milklabs mailing list is your best way to contact them15:20
infoturtle^^, just did that there15:22
infoturtlegoing to do the cork hacker space now15:22
infoturtleI will be looking for a venue if people want the event down here, if not I'll be happy to go to the Dublin one15:22
tdr112we should be hosting the dublin one in tog , i will know for sure by the weekend15:24
infoturtleclassy, if theres a show of interest here then I'll find a place, I have 3 places I can ask. I don't know the set up for dates tho, is it a one day event or a weekend or how's it work?15:26
ebelinfoturtle: don't feel guilty about telling people that you're helping to run an event that they will get great benefit and fun from.15:28
ebelinfoturtle: format is mostly up to you. :) The global event is all weekend. In the past in dublin we've mostly just did a one day event15:29
infoturtlegood point there ebel , it's kinda hard to judge for it isn't it, supose one day would be the format to follow15:30
ebeldepends on how much work you wanna put in :)15:30
infoturtletrue again, well see, if I get 10-20 might make it two days, but if the numbers are interested then it'll be one or no days, I'm only hoping for about 5~6 people to come15:32
infoturtlethat would be loads15:32
infoturtlewell not loads but enough15:32
czajkowskisomeone else replied15:34
infoturtleto the mailing list? haven't gotten it yet?15:37
czajkowskiah he only mailed me15:42
czajkowskihugo mulqueen15:42
infoturtlehe's interested? why the hell did he just mail you about it????15:43
czajkowskiinfoturtle: I assume he hit reply and not reply all by accident15:44
infoturtleoh ya, makes scene15:46

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