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cjwatsonstieg: what boot parameters are you using?09:38
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cjwatsonstieg: oh, never mind, you're using ubiquity not d-i10:10
cjwatsonstieg: somebody else mentioned the same regression, it's in my queue to look at.  In the meantime, I suspect that if you replace console-setup/layoutcode with keyboard-configuration/layoutcode (NOT keyboard-configuration/layout), and similarly for variantcode or modelcode if you have those set, then that should work around it10:11
cjwatsonooh ooh ooh10:48
cjwatsonI think I may have found the root cause of the second part of why wubildr's failing10:48
* ogra sighs12:51
ograso oem-config-debconf seems to randomly like to come up on tty1 or the serial console, there seems no way to tell it to always start on serial12:51
cjwatsonev: could you please upgrade your Wubi build system to grub-pc 1.99~rc1-3ubuntu4 once it's available, and do an updated build of Wubi? You might as well update to Wubi r205 at the same time.13:23
cjwatson(copy of https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubiquity/+bug/693671/comments/22)13:24
ubot2Launchpad bug 693671 in grub2 "wubi install will not boot - phase 2 stops with: Try (hd0,0): NTFS5" [Critical,In progress]13:24
cjwatsonev: sorry, make that 1.99~rc1-3ubuntu513:28
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stiegcjwatson: Thanks for the reply.  I will give it try and let you know.18:01
stiegcjwatson: That seems to have done it; I no longer get the prompt.  If there is already a bug tracking the issue on LP do you know what it is offhand?21:48
stiegcjwatson: Specifically adding "ubiquity       keyboard-configuration/modelcode        string  SKIP" is the fix21:59
stieghrmm... now it seems that I am hitting the last message about install being complete and needing a reboot.  I currently have 'd-i finish-install/reboot_in_progress note' in the preseed file as well.22:22
stiegBy the way, I sent an email to the ubuntu-installers list but never received a response (it was waiting for admin approval).  I assume you got it since you (cjwatson) got it since you mentioned stuff about my preseed file but it would be good to know if it made it or not22:24

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