openiduser315hi dis is ankit i m new can any 1 explain me how can i be the loco team member03:57
mhall119good lord, not even 3 minutes?04:01
YoBoYgood morning07:56
dholbachgood morning08:07
Pendulumhi mhall119 12:34
nigelbI think I moved one level of geekiness when I had to zoom out of terminal because irssi wouldn't display all the windows :p12:34
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mhall119your terminal has zoom?13:18
nigelbmhall119: gnome terminal has zon13:24
nigelber zoom13:24
mhall119well how 'bout that13:26
mhall119learn someting new every day13:26
nigelbmhall119: i learned it by mistake today :p13:28
nigelbmhall119: instead of ctrl + 0, I hit -13:28
nigelband I was like, "oh, perfect!"13:28
Pendulummhall119: congrats :)13:42
cjohnstondont tell him that!!!13:43
* czajkowski would like to curl up and sleep now please 13:49
mhall119thanks Pendulum 13:51
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dholbacheffie_jayx, your birthday? :)14:25
effie_jayxdholbach:  yepo14:42
effie_jayxreleased version 3.114:42
effie_jayxor 31 spins around the sun14:42
* dholbach hugs effie_jayx14:44
dholbacheffie_jayx, HAPPY BIRTHDAY14:45
dholbacheffie_jayx, the mixtape was the least I could do14:45
bitri have a problem with my internet connection14:45
effie_jayxthanks shall listen to it now while at wrk14:45
effie_jayxdholbach: tanks again14:46
effie_jayxdholbach: about cordnation with packages14:46
effie_jayxpackage training14:46
dholbachah yes14:46
bitri've got an atheros AR242x14:46
effie_jayxI amgoing to read the docs and prepare topics to discuss14:46
dholbacheffie_jayx, sweet14:46
effie_jayxbitr: you can chc the #ubuntu channel :)14:47
dholbacheffie_jayx, send a mail with what you found to the team mailing list14:47
dholbachthat'll hopefully start discussion again14:47
effie_jayxdholbach: cool14:47
effie_jayxdholbach: you vid sessons are cool14:47
* dholbach hugs effie_jayx14:47
effie_jayxmore relazed than the youtube vids14:47
effie_jayxdholbach: keep at it14:47
dholbachI hope I'm not too dull :)14:47
bitris this the wrong channel for me?14:47
effie_jayxthe main idea is ok. the thing is not to expect to much interaction at first :)14:48
effie_jayxbut as people get a hang of it it flows fine14:48
effie_jayxthe idea of bring a problematic ackage and we can discuss is good14:48
dholbachbitr, the people in #ubuntu are just in there to help14:48
dholbacheffie_jayx, thanks for the encouragement14:49
bitrplease post me here the link to go there14:49
bitrthank you14:49
effie_jayxbitr: sure14:50
effie_jayxbitr:  just type "/j #ubuntu"   without the "14:50
effie_jayxwelcome to irc too :P14:50
bitrthank you14:50
effie_jayxjono: mr bacon, hope you are doing fine this morning ,i am currently spamming your inbox, lease don't hate me.14:51
effie_jayxjono: It is about a video for FLISOL :)14:51
effie_jayxOne minute to say hi14:51
jonoeffie_jayx, I promise I will get it done real soon - I am shooting for todasy14:51
jonoeffie_jayx, apologies for the delay14:52
effie_jayxno problemo14:52
effie_jayxbitr: did you get in?15:02
effie_jayxdholbach: I did send you video requet for flisol to din't I?15:03
effie_jayxI know I don't have to spam you. :D15:04
dholbacheffie_jayx, you did15:05
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* dholbach takes the dog for a walk15:05
dholbachsee you in a bit15:05
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salvadhorhi, is anybody remember how to use 'magic key' - i've one to change CNAME for our loco page, but can't remember where to find script which allows to use it...19:19
nhandlerI don't think I ever got a response the other day. Would a member of the LoCo Council be willing to change ~locoteams-approved and ~locoteams to be Delegated teams so that loco teams can be set to 'open' again?22:18
czajkowskinhandler: I dont think it was a question that could just be a yes or a no on irc tbh 22:19
czajkowskinhandler: also wiht that its a lp issue not us changing things around to make things open 22:19
nhandlerczajkowski: LP added the 'delegated team' setting in response to the big ML discussion, which appears to be exactly what we were wanting22:20

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